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Review #1, by ads 

25th December 2013:
when Remus married Tonks, I was so confused about how they could possibly be together. I really didn't see them as a couple. You, however, have manged to change my mind completely. In your story I can finally see the love between them.

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Review #2, by marauder5 

20th April 2013:
I absolutely love Tonks and Remus together! They're both funny and adorable. I was so sad when Mrs Darby asked if one bedroom would be enough. They should have been with Teddy, and then they would have needed another one..

I love reading about them together, as we don't get to see too much of it in the HP books. You're portrayal of their relationship is perfect! Although, this makes me worry about Tonks' future. It would be so cruel if they went through all this, if they bought a new house and settled in, and she'd end up dying. What would it do to Remus??

Author's Response: Tonks/Remus is one of my favorite ships, second only to Romione. :) I'm so proud of them for making the most of their new life. Lily is Tonk's parallel in many ways, as they've both left their sons behind on Earth. But Tonks is attempting to move on whereas Lily still isn't ready to accept that she's dead and no longer a mother. :(

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by maskedmuggle 

14th February 2013:
So interesting! These chapters that you have in between the action filled rounds are chapters I find really intriguing.. it really makes me wonder why you've written them and makes me think all the more about the characters and the life they're now 'living'.

Ahh Remus/Tonks are so perfect here, and I feel like I can really believe in their relationship - you portrayed it so well and they're so sweet to each other! I also feel really quite curious about what Lily Potter knows!

Another great chapter.. forever envious of your characterisation skills and the way you can portray someone so absolutely right, if you know what I mean.. ♥

Author's Response: The duels were exciting to write, but the real meat is in the in-between chapters where I get to show how people are getting on with their lives. Or afterlives, rather. :P

Tonks and Remus are rebuilding their lives in a way that some of the other characters who've been here for a lot longer still haven't learned how to do. Even though Tonks is in the tournament and wants those 24 hours, she's slowly preparing herself to let go of Teddy. She can't thrive here if she's still got her heart on earth, after all. Voldemort has fallen, the war is over, and her son has a bright and prosperous future now. Even though they can't witness it, they made that possible.

Aww, thank you. :) ♥ That is so lovely to hear.

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Review #4, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! I loved seeing Remus and Tonks like this. It was nice to see them moving on from dying and actually start living again normally - as much as they can, anyway!

Author's Response: Tonks and Remus realize that even though they miss Teddy more than anything, they can't afford to fall to pieces like Lily did. They've got to move on now or else they risk never, ever moving on. It's so hard but I'm proud of them for beginning to forge a new life.

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Review #5, by Akussa 

2nd January 2013:
Hi! I had a couple minutes and decided to continue reading this story. Once again, I'm amazed at how easily I can get back into it everytime.

First, I loved the article at the opening. The idea that there is such a mystery and superstition around round 3 and its loosers is great. I can't wait to see who will be eliminated and if this will happen for real (although you did say it happends in the next 200 years, right? are you planning on having a sequel? trilogy? to help me know what'll happen??).

I really love Remus and Dora's relationship. They are so in love and you can feel it just by reading how you describe them, their behaviors and choice of words when they adress each other. I'm so pleased that you have them finding some peace together. During their lifetime, they didn't have the chance to enjoy each other and you give them that and I find that wonderful.
That being said, you better not kill Dora otherwise, I'll be really, really sad! Remus has had enough to deal with!!

All in all, a really great chapter. I enjoyed every second of it and the part where Dora thought about Teddy and her mom was so touching, it made my heart weap. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi! Sorry for taking so long to answer this. D: I'm so backed up on review responses and am just now getting around to clearing them. Sometimes I just really suck at staying on top of things.

Haha, the superstitious six is just a myth perpetuated for the sake of having something to talk about. Since life in Cliodna's Clock gets so monotonous, they have to make up stuff to maintain interest.

I'm so pleased that you could feel Dora and Remus's love here. They're one of my favorite ships. ♥ They had such a short time together during their life, like you said, so here they're trying to rebuild. They miss their son terribly, but they're aware that they have to begin to move on. I'm so proud of Tonks for being strong enough to do so. So if she /does/ end up losing the Devil's Duel, at least she'll leave her husband with a few more memories of her beforehand. :')

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
i also forgot to say that you are super devious in basically eliminating all the more generally unliked characters (i.e. Rufus, Peter, Snape, as well as Lily for her ruthlessness) early on, meaning that's someone 'good' must pass on to the next next life (and still betting on colin). Unless it's Crabbe, but I don't think he'll last long.

Oh man I was actually fearing for the superstitous six until it was like 'six percent' and i guffawed.

DO I SPY FLUFF C: internal screaming at cute house-hunting. Baww, Lily's guilt, I rather feel for her in these times because the duels have changed her, but it's frightening to be aware of it at the same time. 13 times.

lololol: opted to chat about inappropriate topics with the awareness that none of it was being listened to.
and again: "Have you ever seen a round chimney before?Ē/ďNope,Ē he lied. YOU ARE SUCH A GOOD HUSBAND.

HAHAHA TONKS YOU ARE A TERRIBLE NEGOTIATOR. THANK GOD REMUS IS THERE ďIíll remember to feed the dog,Ē Remus interjected before Mrs. Darby could grow alarmed.

i am so happy and smiley and happy ♥ Remus looking at the MOON C:

Author's Response:
Your eyes are like jello
with hamburger hands
shoes of marshmallow
On the moon there's no France


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Review #7, by jellylegs2066 

18th July 2012:
Hey :)

First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope you have a great day :D

Second off, I love this chapter! It might possibly be my favourite one, mainly because it completely focuses on my favourite couple. You write Remus/Tonks unbelievably well- better than any other portrayal of them I've read. Remus is my favourite character in HP, and whilst I'll read anything that so much as mentions his name, I really love reading a fic which captures his character well, and yours certainly does. It's part of what originally encouraged me to read this fic.

"Sometimes I forget to feed them"-- I love this line. It's just /so/ Tonks. Similarly, her little strop because the guy didn't value Remus enough as a professor-- in canon, Remus is so quick to be dismissive of himself, he sort of needs Tonks, who can defend him when he's not going to himself, even if he doesn't really need it.

The line about the fireplace also stuck in my mind-- it's a beautiful line, and just seems so canon even though it isn't. I want a house with a fireplace stained green from floo powder.

Also, the fact that the shed moves is brilliant. I love this universe you've created that you obviously know so well, and how quirky it is-- it's a completely unique after life, and easily the best concept of an after life I've read.



Author's Response: Thank you for the happy birthday wishes! I had a very lovely day. :)

Hooray, a Remus/Tonks shipper! They're one of my favorite pairings as well. I like what you said about Remus sort of needing Tonks there to defend him because he's so down about himself and easily believes it when people criticize or judge him. He's his own worst critic, but Tonks sees more good in him than he sees in himself, so she's always there to build him back up again.

I would love a fireplace stained green from floo powder, as well. :)

I'm so happy you like this afterlife! And thank you very much for reading and reviewing. I appreciate it greatly. :)

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Review #8, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th July 2012:
When the clock strikes ten and two, no one shall sleep. At eight, they must count the friends they keep. Midnight is no friend to its parallel, six; and four is an hour for mavericks.

^ I really liked that. Man, you have such a way with imagery. No, with words. You just amaze me as each chapter goes on.

I was captivated by this entire chapter and to be honest I don't read Remus/Tonks stories. I don't know why I don't...well I care for the pairing but I just don't want to read their end I suppose. With this story you too gave them a future. Teddy isn't the only one that is lucky.

We are too.

The entire house sounded magical. My favorite part of the chapter though was Tonks and the news article in the beginning. I thought the article was funny, reminded me of some silly news ones you see in papers like The Onion and what not.

I thought Tonks was the best thing about this chapter though. The way she realized tiny things about the house, they way she tried to barter and stick up for her husband with his profession. I loved when she was thinking about Teddy and the diamond rings possibly on his mobile. That was a really strong and lovely image. It was heartbreaking but at the same time heartwarming.

I can't wait to meet their dog and to find out more about Lily. Did Olivander try to compete in a duel and Lily beat him? That's what I'm thinking anyway.

Author's Response: Hi, Deeds! So excited to see you back here again!!

Baww, I don't read a lot of Tonks/Remus, either, and it's probably for the same reason. It's like how I don't commonly read Marauders era because it's so sad to see them all die one by one. It's kind of like post-Potter therapy to be able to write their futures here, to see that they're all still alive and okay, or at least most of them are.

Hee, The Onion. I rather enjoy papers like that. ^ ^

Yep, Ollivander and Lily competed in the Devil's Duel in the year before this one, and he lost. :(

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by cazvalleygirl 

9th July 2012:
Hello :)

First let me apologise for my extremely late review, and say what a lovely chapter this is! Iíve been neglecting Hpff due to decorating my home, but the wallpapers up, the paint brush has been firmly put back in the shed and so here I am and I have two chapters left to read, yay : )

I use the word ďlovelyĒ because this chapter heavily featured Tonks and Remus, and there is something lovely and believable about the way you write them as characters and as a couple. I feel so much empathy for Tonks; as a mother and as a wife I really would hate to be in her shoes. Of course her first priority like any mother would be her child and so I totally understand why she has HAD to enter the races. But then what about Remus; he could be left wifeless and childless if Tonks loses the final duel. Of course Teddy would join him in time, but itís possible he would be an old man by that point and much older than Remus. Itís an odd concept to grasp, a child older than its parent and I can see more clearly now how James Potter must be feeling. Especially because he died so young, he was barely an adult himself and we know Harry lives to be well into his late thirties.

Anyway, Iím not going to ramble on in this review, you know the drillÖItís amazing! And I have chapters to read : ) x

Author's Response: Hi!! Lucky you, decorating. That sounds like fun. ^ ^

Tonks and Remus is one of the pairings that I think about more as a pairing than separately while I'm writing this story. Like when I'm writing James and Lily, they're more of separate entities, in my brain at least, than Tonks and Remus. Maybe it's because Severus managed to sneak in between James and Lily and throw a wrench in things.

I have no idea what I would do if I were Tonks. As a wife and mother myself, it would be devastating, leaving my little one behind. If I arrived in Cliodna's Clock just before the races were to begin, I think the temptation would be too much to resist and I would end up signing up for it. However, if I came to Cliodna's Clock months and months beforehand and was already beginning to heal and get over my grief by the time the races rolled around, I might be able to see with more perspective how signing up would not benefit me in any way.

It's a tough thing to think about.

Thank you for coming back to read and review! :)

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast 

30th June 2012:
TONKS IS A GONER. Okay, so I absolutely LOVED this chapter, but I can't help but think that Tonks is going to die. I mean, here she is all happy and such, settling into a nice pretty house and getting her afterlife together until BAM she's dead. Is that going to happen? I know you're not going to tell me, but I really hope it doesn't.
But anywho, I love your characterizations of Tonks and Remus; they're so true to the books and really wonderful to read!
So lucky for me, the next chapter is already out so I'll see you on the other side!


~Jess :D

Author's Response: lol I can't respond to much of this review, but I love hearing your thoughts and theories! Tonks should be on her toes. -shifty eyes-

I'm glad you like the Remus/Tonks bits! They're an adorable pairing. I love writing them. ^ ^

Thanks for stopping by, Jess!

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Review #11, by Ardeith 

25th June 2012:
I love how you write Tonks and Remus! They're both so great and their relationship is so sweet. (It makes me wish you'd write a whole Remus/Tonks fic!) When I saw you'd posted an a new chapter and I realized it wouldn't be another round of the Duel, I was vaguely disappointed. But then I got into this and your beautiful writing... Yet another thing that's great about this story and you -- you can write both action/adventure and lovely little moments like this.

But the ominous beginning with the newspaper article and the suggestion that the Superstitious Six losers (love that name!) go mad. You asked who I am rooting for.well, I looked at the brackets and realized I'd be so upset if anyone from Victus goes mad or gets killed (and I guess someone will get killed). On Mortuus, I guess I'd have to be for Colin. Oh, is that his picture of Orla floating around! Don't make me care more for him, too! :-)

Thanks for this story!

Author's Response: If I had Tonks/Remus plunnies, I wouldn't be against writing them; I very much like that pairing. However, their story is the kind I would rather read than write, because I'm selfish like that and I enjoy the instant gratification of speeding through a story instead of hammering away at my own keyboard. If you ever find a really canon Tonks/Remus, be sure to notify me! I'd love to give it a read. :)

As there are only three duels left, if I posted them all one right after another there would only be three chapters left of this story. As it is, there will be 31 chapters, so the ordinary chapters vastly outweigh the duel ones. I hope you don't mind!

Your theory about the picture will come to light in the next chapter, if you pay close attention. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by WitnesstoitAll 

23rd June 2012:
Here I am at last!! Gah, I swear that everytime I sat down to try to read this something came up that needed taking care of. Anyway, this wasa lovely chapter!! It read like a love story andslkdjfaoi my heart had so many feels through the whole thing. You've really brought life to the pairign of Remus and Tonks, and I love it so, so much.

I didn't quite believe it when I got to the end of the chapter, and realized that this chapter was one long scene... that Tonks and Remus were the only characters /really/ featured here... it was gorgeous. Everything about it -- the house (AND THE DOG, TONKS, YOU BETTER REMEMBER TO FEED THE DOG! I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET IT), to the circular fire place and the timeline windows, the children playing on the street catcalling at Remus as he kissed her -- everything was so quaint and dlksjfapoiew I don't even know what to say about it.

I think this chapter did an important thing. Tonks finally really accepts that she's dead, and that they gave Teddy a future. This was a big step for her, and I'm so proud that she took it. Reading about everything she imagined her mum doing back on earth was heartbreaking. Typically, I'd say... at least she can lean on her husband, but he's dead too. JKR certainly has a talent for completely decimating people's lives. Poor, poor andromeda.

Oh, and since I nearly forgot... That newspaper article was very intriguing and I can't wait to see what you do with it. I certainly hope the sixth doesn't go mad!!

lsdkjfoiew this was so brilliant and you are so brilliant, and everytime I read your writing, I remember why I fell in love with FF to begin with.



Tonks made one big step towards acceptance. I think it's easier for her than for her fellow newcomers, in a way, because she has Remus with her. She's had a month to adjust to the fact that she's dead, and now she's recognizing that she has no choice but to move forward. I'm proud of her, too. It would be a scary move, putting down roots by getting a house of their own. Omg JKR plays everyone's heartstrings like a guitar, I'm pretty sure. I'm rereading Deathly Hallows and I've got all these renewed feels.



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Review #13, by pennyardelle 

21st June 2012:
Love having a story where I'm so eagerly anticipating the next chapter! :D

The article at the beginning about the "Superstitious Six" was so neat. I love how you're very carefully and skillfully introducing all this uncertainty about the Duel--I don't really know what to believe at this point, but I'm eager to find out. I feel like it's going to be important to how this story unravels.

Tonks seemed very well-characterized in this chapter today, with her assertiveness about the house and confidence that she had made Remus fall in love with her by "unyielding willpower".

This part was brilliant:

"I didn't see a garden shed on our way in."

"That's because it's on Fortescue's roof today. You can probably expect it to return in three days or so."

I don't know how you come up with these things, but you are wonderfully creative.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: The uncertainty is definitely starting to creep in at this point in the story. In my head, it's something that goes mostly ignored by people who aren't currently in the tournament; and even those who are in the tournament sort of forget about it after the tournament is over, just because it's an unsettling thought and inconvenient to be reminded of. So the new people are going through those initial stages of not completely understanding their surroundings and trying to figure it out.

I love writing Tonks, so I'm glad she stood out in this chapter! I like her relationship with Remus; it feels like they have a very good understanding of each other.

Haha, the shed on Fortescue's roof. Can you imagine waking up and finding your house sitting on top of someone else's house?

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by patroni 

20th June 2012:
I love the idea that the house is alive, if not sentient; that it can 'move' to a different address, and parts of it can detach themselves and disappear to other houses for a bit. Ingenious!

And Remus' box of letters: so totally believable! I mean, of course your writing style is great (or have I not managed to convey this is my thousand-word reviews?) but it's your ideas and your attention to detail that blow me away. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: you think and write in such a way that the stories you tell can't not be true. So modify your disclaimer; you're writing canon. :)

Author's Response: Everything shifts and moves; it's my favorite part of Cliodna's Clock. It also serves to remind residents that even if they own something, they still sort of have to share it because their stuff disappears to other people's houses all the time.

Aww, thank you for your kind praise!! And I'm glad you liked the bit about Remus's letters. He's such a private man and he went for so long without giving into his feelings for Tonks, so he must've purged his feelings somewhere. I imagine that Tonks would have been very smug indeed when she discovered them. XD

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

20th June 2012:
Awww! I love Tonks and Lupin! They really are adorable! Really loved this chapter ^.^ Brilliant!

Author's Response: Thank you! So glad to hear it. :) Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #16, by peppersweet 

20th June 2012:

madness after round three? D: I never considered what would happen to the people who entered but didn't make it to the final round~

lupin and tonks :3 I love them. tonks and colin are fo realz my favourite.

still love the surrealism of this world. they're so chill like, oh, the shed's on fortescue's roof today, sorry.

;A; I think my sympathies lie with tonks and colin because, well...tonks has teddy and colin was so /young/ and it just isn't fair for either of them and weep weep weep all the feels.

eee that last paragraph. EEE. that was a picture colin took of orla with his new camera, amirite? I bet I'm wrong. but I want to be right. I mean, rite.

another fab chapter. more emotions. more feels. more creys. eep. I love this ♥

Author's Response: JULIAR ♥

-strokes wisdom beard- Yarr, your point about Tonks and Colin is a good one. Poor Tonks only had a month with Teddy and imagine if she could give him something permanent...I think that would bring her a lot of peace. And baww, Colin was so young and naive and brave. Such a little Gryffindor. FEELS 5EVER~

If you pay close attention, the origins of the picture will be confirmed very soon. :3


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Review #17, by TenthWeasley 

20th June 2012:
JUMPING ON THIS LIKE A BOSS~ I may or may not have been stalking the archives all morning and refreshing more times than normal, but itís worth ittt. ♥ ONWARDS, NOW, BECAUSE I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

And this is one of those chapters where it looks like Iím going to have to expound upon and nearly worship your descriptive prowess again, because I am just sitting here glowering at my screen (figuratively, in case anybody walks by, but still) because itís pretty much unfair that youíre allowed to describe things the way you do. I canít even begin to pick out just how gorgeous some of your lines were. The fireplace especially was one that caught me:

it was made from small, smooth white stones and the luminescent pink underbellies of seashells, all melded together. The interior and hearth had been stained a glittering green hue from centuries of Floo powder use. -- THAT IS SO GORGEOUS. And somehow, I feel like you must have known, even subconsciously, that I'd like thinks like that. (And if not, well, you might let me have that moment anyway. :3) Gahh, I am literally stewing in jealous feelings right now. I want this house to exist because I want to live in it, because you made it sound so, so beautiful. And thereís a sort of ache in me now because itís so beautiful. And you made it happen.

This is the best Tonks/Remus portrayal Iíve ever read. And granted, Iíve not read a lot of them (which Iíve told you before, no doubt) but you do something with them that I was just commenting on in reviewing Amandaís one-shot this morning. And itís that you make them real. They are people swimming in a sea of a place populated by characters, and thatís a tough and yet impressive distinction. The fact that youíve nailed it so well here just speaks to your talent, and I think thatís one of the reasons that your story is as popular as it is: Everything you write, we as readers know what you mean because weíre there.

Lulz, the rambles. Are you tired of them yet? Because that switch is permanently stuck in the Ďoní position. ♥ I CANNOT HELP BUT LIST YOUR PRAISES DESPITE THE FACT THAT YOUíVE READ IT ALL BEFORE. And the fact that the number of chapters you have left to write is in single digits -- not okay at all. At all. But then Iím even more excited to see whatís coming next for you, and of course I have other things from you to bide my time with. :3


(P.S. Don't kill Cedric. I mean it.)

Author's Response: Your reviews are going to kill me.


YAY YOU LIKED THE HOUSE. ♥ And eeep, the fireplace, I /did/ think you might like that! Or at least I hoped so. I would totes live in that house, too. It seems that we are forever stewing in jealous feelings because of each other's work and I suppose that's a good thing, because it's a back-and-forth inspiration process.

Okay, just beside myself now because of your Remus/Tonks praise. I REALLY LOVE WRITING THEM, CAN I JUST SAY, because they are perfect for each other and I wish that JKR had devoted a teensy bit more time to chronicling their relationship, and bargh they were barely shown in DH and bargh again. So many people dislike this pairing but I'm starting to get very attached to it. SO IT'S BRILL TO HEAR THAT YOU LIKE MY PORTRAYAL OF THEM, YAY AGAIN.

Pfft I will never be tired of your rambles. And wow, I have most of chapter 21 and some of chapter 23 written, and all of 22, and I have the epilogue written, so that's like seven and a half chapters left to write. :O



P.S. :3

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