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Review #1, by AlexFan 

27th October 2013:
The fluff, it was so beautiful! As you can maybe tell, I enjoy James/Lily fluff a lot. But damn, that was a lot of arguing going on! I suppose they all argue thought and it would be impossible to stop.

James is so sweet though! Going to all of that trouble to cook dinner and the picnic even though he's dead tired and he should be sleeping. If you could order a James online, I'd be doing that right now.

And he's just so mad at Lily for the werewolf thing and for relieving him of his Head duties when she was only trying to help with the latter. I think he would've been secretly relieved not angry about that. For one week he doesn't have to worry about extra work or something like that.

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Review #2, by M 

1st July 2013:
This chapter wasn't crappy.

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Review #3, by Sophie 

28th August 2012:
I adore this story and taob which made me cry TONS! Please please PLEASE write more!

Author's Response: The new chapter is now up! You must have been about half an hour too early for it m'dear :)

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Review #4, by Wonderful Fantasy 

21st August 2012:
I can't wait for your next chapter! Great work ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! The next one is now in the queue :)

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Review #5, by Anon 

15th August 2012:
I love this story and TAOB! I don't think I can think of the Marauders any other way now. Mary was the perfect character for Sirius! I need more Lily and James now, since Mary sort of, well, you know... Died. (Is it weird that I cried at that part?) I just keep waiting for Sirius to finally smile when Mary's mentioned or for him to remember how happy he was then! Gosh, I'm rambling now. UPDATE QUICKLY PLEASE! :)

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Review #6, by Ellie_Fieldyy 

5th August 2012:
this is amazing! i am seriously an impatient person, so please could you hurry up and update soon! i've never had to wait to read a book before :O hehe, seriosuly though, it's amazing!

Author's Response: I'll do my best! Got quite a few stories to juggle, but hopefully it won't be too long. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by TheBattleOfHogwarts 

30th July 2012:
I liked the whole messing with the chronology bit - it was cool. But it was sad because the chapter ends happily but that's in the PAST and in the PRESENT it's miserable! Speaking of which, Lily and Sirius??? How could James think that? Also, Sirius is being such a bloody jerk!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I think the whole mix of happy and sad was the reason why this worked. More on the whole James lark in the next chapter :)

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Review #8, by LittleWelshGirl99 

27th July 2012:
Hello there, a million word author person, you! So I think the last time I reviewed this story it was at about 300 reviews (I saw that mention by the way and squeed :P Juts thought you'd like to know that I've reverted to all-caps LWG once again! Woo!) And wow, 140 reviews later, I am back!

Ok, firstly, never fell the need to apologise for fluff! Fluff is supreme, fluffiness makes me happy :D Unforgivably cute stories are so huggable.

But anyway, I really liked the chronology of this chapter actually- it was really original, and added a lot of depth to the plot. It was almost liek we could see two sides of a coin at the same time- sickeningly adorable Lily&James, and an annoyed James&Lily on like, the worst and most awkward date ever.

But how can James even think Lily likes Sirius? NO! NOT HAPPENING. YOU SMELL :P

But aww, the last scene was lovely.

Heehee, I feel all light and bubbly after reading this.

Hope you're having a nice holiday ;)

-LWG x

Author's Response: Hey there LWG! Awh, you know I love your reviews! But, well, the review counts been shooting up alarmingly lately - I can barely keep up. It's great, obviously :D

I liked having everything flick from good to bad the way it did it felt, well, I enjoyed writing it a lot...

Oh, James doesn't reallly really think that but, well, i guess they'll be more on that in the next chapter.

Thank you! I was having a lovely holiday and it was nicer still to come home and find lovely reviews like this waiting for me :D

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Review #9, by Lillover 

26th July 2012:
Hey Ac ! Great story great drama it was the best story created around Lily in a long time you know hoje some stories are really crazy? Well I thinl you put our feet on the ground! Thank you for the gift! And if you doubt me look Št. The feedback this story has had xoxo

Author's Response: Awhh! thank you very much for such a lovely review. I like to think this story has a believable air of the dramatic about it so im glad you think so too! Yhis was a lovely review that really made my day :)

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Review #10, by MaryOlivia 

26th July 2012:
Update soon please! I favorited it and all, i seriously love this story! Its so well written and kinda depressing as well, but i still love it! You make me kinda hate and really love Lily at the same time, i think im sort of like her haha. Update asap please! Great story! :D xxx


Author's Response: This is very high on my list of things to update, so hopefully it won't be so long! Pah, characters that you hate and love at the same time are really my favourite to write. Thanks for such a lovely review :)

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Review #11, by Shay_Gryff 

19th July 2012:
OH my GOSH! I could have sworn I left a review for this chapter! Oh well! You get one now!

I did NOT think this was hard to follow, but please don't do it again! I like it, but I think it was good as a one-shot-deal!

Now to the real review! I really liked it! I (along with all the other Sirius lovers/Marius shippers) want him to stay alone. I REALLY want a look into his or James head to see why Sirius is dating again! I just can't handle it! Mary and Sirius or No one adn Sirius! (or me and Sirius, but that doesn't count!)

JAMES CAN COOK! Adorable! He's a keeper, Lily! Stop arguing with him! Any gut that can cook is perfect as long as he can cook well!

Lily, Lily, Lily! Oh Lily! Just let yourself love him! HE WON'T LEAVE YOU!

I think this arguement either needs to A) last longer and be a monumental step in their relationship or B) be resolved by Remus, Sirius, James and Lily all being locked in a room with no food and no wands.

I still want another Mary dream!




Author's Response: Hey there Shay_gryff! It's lovely to receive a review from you as always. I can't promise you another Mary dream, but Mary's going to be pushing away back into everyones thoughts soon thanks to the time of year.

Oh, yeah, I'm glad you liked it! But don't worry it's definitely going to be a one off in terms of chronology. Back to normal next chapter (which should be out soon).

Pah, everyone loves the fact that he can cook so much. It's great.

WE'LL SEE ABOUT THE ARGUMENT. But its definitely not over yet.

Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #12, by PatronusWillow25210 

13th July 2012:
Wow. It's just... Wow. Your portrayal of Lily is so unlike anything i have read before!! Its just so much BETTER than anything ive read. You've broken the mould of the stereotypical, perfect Lily/James relationship and the whole thing is just AMAZING!! Im just speechless.

Author's Response: Oh wow, thank you so much! I'm really glad you like my Lily because I've grown really rather attached to her. I don't see any relationship as particularly perfect... and one that started out with the two participants hating each other? Got to be lots of drama there. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #13, by MissMdsty 

2nd July 2012:
So where do I start?:)

you've caused me to lose two whole nights of sleep, you've made me cry and laugh and be angry and sad all through writting TAOB and TAOS. Personally I haven't written anything in years (law school will make you lose the time for that) but these stories were the first two pieces of fiction I've read in 5 years maybe and I couldn't bring myself to leave the computer and now I'm rambling on in this box.Shame on me.
I've seen (literally) your writting style evolve, the plots coming to life and the characters coming of age so to say.
I'll be waiting for the next chapter. Oh, and good luck in your exams. :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so so so much! These sorts of reviews really just make my day, honestly I'm honoured to recieve such a lovely comment. It amazes me how much my writing has changed and developed from when I started TAOB (it makes me cringe to read it) and, yeah, quite some journey.

Thanks for a lovely review! :)


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Review #14, by Jaded94 

30th June 2012:
'"We're good together," James said, lips brushing my cheeks "then again, i've been telling you that for years"'
That was my favorite line, and I loved the flashback moments it made it even more heart wrenching at the end. Sirius has changed so much since the art of breathing, which I think was necessary but I miss his lighthearted attitude sometimes. As per usual I loved this chapter and look forward to the next one

Author's Response: Hehehe, hey Jaded94! That was one of my favourite lines too, actually. Sirius is due a whole host of new changes too. He's slowly getting through it and the lighthearted attitude is going to start coming back a little. Thanks for a lovely review (as always!)


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Review #15, by reverie 

29th June 2012:
I liked the whole 'messing around with the chronology' in this chapter. And the idea of Sirius dating other people is just...too much. He did deserve a slap though. Poor guy needs someone, but then, I don't know -Mary! I just wish that Lily and James could sort it out as well. And I love what you did with the last sentence, it finishes the chapter so well.

Brilliant chapter, really. Sorry if my review is all over the place.

Author's Response: Hey there! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the chronology here. It's not going to become a regular thing, for sure, but it was nice to write and I really enjoyed it. I reckon they'll sort it out at some point soon ;)

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Review #16, by Elizajane 

28th June 2012:
Ah! I really liked the back and forth and the contrast between the scenes. You offset the fluff with plenty of angst. Well done. :)

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked it! I put a lot of thought into whether or not it would work :)

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Review #17, by Mutt N Feathers 

27th June 2012:
Wow! Nothing like an utter implosion in the middle of the school year to put things back into perspective. Well done chapter.

Author's Response: Nope, nothing like it at all. Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #18, by WriterofaDream 

27th June 2012:
Amazayn! (Yes, I'm a directioner. Excuse my dorkiness.) Anyways, I loved it and I actually found it easy to follow. Please update soon! And if you could, could you maybe stop by my fanfic, called Another Side? It would mean a lot. I loved this chapter, great job as usual!
-Anne xx

Author's Response: Ahh, okay I'll excuse your dorkiness as you asked nicely. Glad you found it easy to follow and thanks for leaving me such a lovely review. I'll see what I can do with stopping by and checking as I'm crazy busy at the moment.

Thank you! :)

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Review #19, by Snapdragons 

26th June 2012:
No need to apologize for fluff. I love fluff. Fluff makes me happy. In fact, fluff is lovely. So, you know, I was pretty happy for approximately half of this chapter.

And then it was mixed in with angst and GUH why do you do this to me? WHIPLASH. (okay not really but still) For the record, I didn't mind the timeline - it made sense to me, and I actually sort of preferred the way it ended. Kind of bittersweet because it was in the past and yet so sweet and happy. So I think it worked well!

Darn. It was bound to happen eventually... nothing stays a secret forever. :/ James isn't taking it so well, though I suppose he could be taking it much /worse/, so... eh? Maybe okay? Except then at the end and bwuh too many feels

(also, I think I'm with Lily on the whole Sirius dating someone else thing)

But seriously Lily. James can cook. (yes, I have grabbed on to this as the most important part in his characterization) HOLD ON TO HIM.

(also okay I thought that picnic thing was maybe adorable I like fluff all right)

Loved this chapter ♥ Even if it did play with my emotions. Sniff. Lovely job!

Author's Response: OH HEEY HANNAH (I think I've started responding to all your reviews like that... which is interesting. I don't remember it ever being an active decision of mine. I think it just happened).

AHAH. Whiplash. I think I'm actually going to christen this as the whiplash chapter - that was exactly what I was intending, if I'm honesty. Yay I like bittersweet. lool

James, well... I'm not sure there was a way for him to take it well. I think everyone would like Sirius to be single foreeverr (maybe even Sirius a little bit?) but I guess we'll see how that pans out.

You're with Naida on grabbing onto the HE CAN COOK FACTOR.

Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #20, by Ellie 

22nd June 2012:
I love the chapter, really. and as for the time change, i'm unsure as to whether i like it or not, because really, it can work either way. I mean, it was nice in have it like this for the fact that you got a bit of drama, then a bit of cute/happy stuff (idk if that makes sense) but at first i didn't realise it was going back and forths and so it can get a bit confusing. and throughout the chapter i was wondering how'd it go written chronologically, and i figured there would be a lpt more fluff (which you obviously don't like a lot of) so ultimately it's up to how you continue to write. :) and either way i live your writting! xx

Author's Response: Hey there Ellie! This was just a one off chapter that happened because of the way I wrote it (all in little bits that wouldn't fit together), but thank you for your feedback about! I might go back and edit it to make this bit a bit more clearer. Thanks for a lovely review! :)


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Review #21, by cinder616 

21st June 2012:
What a great chapter! I love that lily has such flaws!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing about Lily and her flaws :)

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Review #22, by Hope's Mom 

21st June 2012:
Whew - the fluffy part was really cute and the next day was nothing but awkward and painful. The shift did confuse me a bit so the second time through I just skipped every other section and read the days through that way. Lily was much more tolerant of being awakened in the middle of the night for dinner than I would have been although it was cute gesture. Why didn't James bring up any of the stuff he was so bothered about until the next day? Lily was not acting her best during the interaction with Sirius at the end of the chapter. She needs to leave Sirius be. Does she not want him to date because she is afraid of Mary being forgotten? Great new chapter - thank you! Good luck with your exams.

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Review #23, by classicblack 

21st June 2012:
Ok, so I know you said you didn't edit much in this chapter, but... "...I don't wear bars in bed..." Sorry, made me laugh. Bars... I assume you mean 'bras'? Hahaha, I just read it and got the mental image of Lily wearing a bar. 'Twas a bit awkward, but funny all the same. Ok, back to the chapter.

So I thought it was really lovely how you alternated between James's surprise date and the real-time happenings.

Speaking of the real-time happenings. :O I'd like to applaud Lily for finally telling James that she knew about Remus, but then I'd also like to slap her like she slapped Sirius because now James is mad at her and the cuteness has ended.

I'd also like to slap/ kiss Sirius because he's a prat, too. He's not much like the man he is in canon is he? I'd like to see maybe a little more of that "The world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters" wisdom/ crap that he was spouting somewhere in the 5th book. He's perfectly able to date whoever he wants and, as much as I love/ miss Mary, Lily needs to stop being such a prat about it. But Sirius needs to stop being such a git in general.

Also, I think James is immeasurably sweet. Honestly, I want my own James. Can you send me one? Like the last section describing their date: pure adorable. He won't break her heart! Quite dynamic considering the chapter was kind of composed of Lily and James doing teamwork to break Lily's heart together.

Lily... she's annoying me a bit, quite frankly. That girl needs to get her priorities/ temper/ mind straight. Please allow that to happen soon so that she and James can ride off into the sunset on unicorns! But seriously, she argues too much and she's just a little insane. I think that's a drawback of first-person.

I liked the foreshadowing when Lily mentioned that she'd already had 2 of the 3 Unforgiveables performed on her. She'll eventually have all three... *sighs*

It wasn't too sappy. The drama/ arguments kind of soaked up the sap.

Really, a generally fantastically creative chapter that must be followed quickly by other chapters so that I don't die of anticipation.
Happy writing,

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Review #24, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

21st June 2012:
*cue ragey review with lots of caps lock*


(but not you, I could never be angry at you ♥ )

I loved the order by the way :D Just thought I'd add that in.

BUT ANYWAYS. LILY. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO MESS EVERYTHING UP. Well, I suppose it was partially Sirius and a lot of James but I'm always angry at Sirius and I could never be angry at James because HE CAN COOK so I'm going to vent my anger on Lily.

Lily: listen to me. You have a wonderful boyfriend. He can cook, okay. HE CAN COOK. And he's been chasing after you for years and years and right now you don't even deserve him :( He took you out at 2 AM on Valentineís day and you spoil everything by keeping secrets from him? And really, even though wanting to stalk Sirius was perfectly natural (because he was being incredibly stupid), James had every reason to suspect you and Sirius. Even I will admit that it's seemed a bit odd at times, the things you tell him that you donít tell James. JAMES IS FAITHFUL. JAMES LOVES ONLY YOU. JAMES COOKS FOR YOU.

Ugh. Lily, Lily, Lily. And then you have to ruin things farther by yelling at Sirius? Yes, I know he's an idiot with a temper, but honestly, that was going a bit too far. He didn't force you not to tell James you knew about Remus. You had no right to blame him for Jamesís anger, which was completely justifiable. So I am blaming you for this mess. And the only person who has the right to hurt Sirius is Mary. Understood? It better be. Because I am very angry at you right now and it's taking all my self control to talk to you nicely instead of flying off the handle LIKE YOU DID AT HIM.

Honestly, I'm wondering how Remus feels about this whole thing :P

I'm a mess of emotions right now and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS (with happier chapter titles maybe? Iím going to look through all of TAOB now to see which chapter titles you haven't used and hope that they're all nice ones).


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Review #25, by Manga_girl 

21st June 2012:
Amazing chapter Helen! Do well on your exams and make sure you pass. I'm sure you'd be amazing. :)

I love this story so much! 10/10!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Hey Emma! SO glad you're enjoying it and thank you very much! :)

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