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Review #1, by R_Elizabeth 

17th November 2013:
Bad first - so sorry - million-dollar flat? Surely you mean pounds or sterling or some form of wizard currency?

But now the good - yay! Absolutely love the 50 Shades of Grey criticisms, whether they were on purpose or not (I assume they were though), I just love it. Brilliant surmising of the concept and the whole popular book concept.

I might now quote this to my friends - and when I say might, I will, because they all love 50 Shades of Grey; I however will forever be an Austen fan.

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Review #2, by Beeezie 

15th July 2013:
I loved the excerpt from her book that you had at the beginning, for two reasons. First, it gives us some important backstory on what happened to Krum after DH in an elegant, natural way. Now I feel like I understand the bitterness last chapter better than I did - or at least, now I'm attributing it to something different. Second, the implication of that excerpt being from chapter one seems to me to be that the book is largely about Krum as an adult, not Krum's entire life, which is really, really interesting.

I also loved the first glimpse we got of Rose and her boss. He was so fast-paced and difficult, and it's interesting to see her handle him. It makes me wonder whether she'll be able to handle Krum in the same way...

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the book excerpt. I really toyed with how I wanted to unroll his backstory, and this felt like a good compromise: small snippets that give the reader just enough details to fill in the blanks themselves. I hadn't really thought about the fact that I skip over so much of his younger years, but looking back, I always wanted this story to be Rose's journey, so I guess I subconsciously chose to have him near the end of his "growing pains."

I'm glad you liked Rose's boss too! He's a fun character to write in that he's so outwardly abrasive but actually good-intentioned at heart.

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Review #3, by WeasleyTwins 

22nd June 2013:
Hello AW! I'm back for another chapter!

You know, I'm going to be blatantly honest when I say that many times in fanfiction, I have to force myself to read and respond to stories. A lot of times they lack readability/reader interest and it's simply becomes a chore. However, you really have that readability factor. You remind me of Mitch Albom. Granted, he's not really your literary, Literature-with-a-capital-L kind of writer, but there's something about his style that makes you want to keep reading. You've definitely got that. All I want right now is to read all of the chapters and leave you a massive, detailed review at the end. That wouldn't be fair, so I'll contain my anxiousness to know what happens!

I enjoyed the bit of Rose we see in this chapter. We see internal monologue, how very observant she is, and that little tidbit about her dreams of becoming a writer. It's a wonderful without being facetious. I think a problem, at least for myself and other writers I know, is that you want your readers to know everything, all at once, about the characterizations. You just want to give every flaw, quirk, and admirable quality they possess; you want to write a three hundred page dissertation. But again, you're such a fantastic writer with so much ability that it's all very intentional and perfect.

And I have to say, the language - I think it's brilliant. There are plenty of people like that. It's one of those little details that are done so well! Oh, also, your use of the word "flumuxed" - I believe it's spelled "flummoxed." But anyway, I love that word! I like to think that some words are simply more awesome than others and that makes my list!

A nonsensical ramble and not a bit of CC (no need for it!), but I hope you know how much I enjoyed this chapter! Excellent!


Author's Response: Hi, Shelby! I was so excited when I saw you posted another review!

I like honesty in reviews, and being honest back, I'll take readability over Literature-with-a-capital-L any day. I know I'll never write "Literature." It's just within the scope of my ability. I appreciate it, but I can't create it. I'm happy to strive for easy and entertaining. My favorite books are the ones where you don't notice the language, so "readable" is about the best compliment I can ask for!

I'm so glad you liked the way this chapter did and didn't introduce Rose. I've been struggling with backstory on my current story, what to reveal and when, so it gives me a great boost of confidence to know I made some okay choices with this story. It's so true about finding that balance! You want the readers to connect with your characters right away, but you also know the true tension comes from the unknown.

Gah! My not so dirty little secret... I am a terrible speller! Thanks for pointing that out. No worse way to ruin a great word than by spelling it wrong.

Thanks for the lovely review. I really appreciate it!!

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Review #4, by Dark Whisper 

6th February 2013:
Wow, Joseph has a very foul-mouthed Heart, doesn't he? He is quite a forceful one with rather harsh opinions of others. Very strong characterization.

You had me feeling sorry for a lawyer. Usually they can hold their own or at least act like they can.

Rose did very well to let him go on his rant. I think it is a very good opportunity for her to write the next best seller, but wow, that's some pressure to tackle.

I do love the excerpt from the book and how you leave us wanting to read more.

Great job,
Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Thanks, DW. Heart definitely is a strong character. I try to use him sparingly throughout the story not to run people off too badly, but he does have a tendency to role over people -- Rose and his lawyer included. Thanks for stopping by for another R&R!

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Review #5, by academica 

16th December 2012:
Hey A_Wiz! Here with a holiday review for you :)

So yes, there was a lot of cursing in this chapter, but at least it was comical! Haha. I like how Heart's penchant for foul language and tendency to throw his weight around made Rose look rather meek by comparison (and poor Haverdash). I also liked getting a little insight into Rose's job and the publishing world--I can imagine conversations like this circulating around Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey. I kind of want to meet this Regina McFey, just so I can see if she's half as ridiculous as Heart makes her out to be.

I guess I didn't enjoy this chapter as much as the first one, though, because I sort of expected it to culminate in something like Rose (or someone else) suggesting Krum for a possible next novel. I think Haverdash would have been useful in that regard, though his background meekness was definitely comical here. I would imagine that you're trying to take things slow and build up the plot little by little, which is probably the right thing to do. Maybe the pace here was a bit too slow for me.

Anyway, I'm glad I came back, and I would imagine that I'll be back again sometime soon :)


Author's Response: Thanks, Amanda. I'm actually a little surprised (though very pleased) that you decided to review another chapter. Looking back, the first few chapters of this story are pretty in your face, what with the ship and then all the *ahem* colorful language. I feel like I just want to tell people, please, I promise. It isn't as bizarre as it first seems.

I'm sorry the pacing didn't gel so well for you here. This story is a pretty slow burn. Rose and Krum don't actually meet until the end of chapter five, and don't officially become an item until chapter ten. I wanted to try and establish Rose as a character first, to ease into the pairing a bit. Heart does end up suggesting the idea of a book about Krum to Rose...only inot until the end of the next chapter.

Lol, yeah, I took a pretty hard jab at Fifty Shades here. I wrote this during the summer when it was all anyone seemed to be talking about. Regina actually has a real role to play in the story, though it's a long way down the road.

Thanks again for the review. I always appreciate hearing not only what people like, but also what they don't :)

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Review #6, by CambAngst 

10th December 2012:
Wow. So I really wanted to come back and enjoy another chapter of this story and now I'm sitting here, trying really hard to process everything I just read. I have never seen an original character in a HP fan fic introduced in such a blaze of glory. I've never met Joseph Heart and I obviously never will, but I sure know the type. Grumpy and set in his ways, opinionated, loud and rude, intolerant of anyone who attempts to reign him in, yet with a soft spot for people that he takes a liking to. Reminds me a lot of my grandfather, except for the loud part.

I want to back up just a moment before I dig into his character, though. The information you laid out in your Author's Note was helpful. Now I know at least part of the reason why Viktor found himself where he is in the prologue. That said, I think it would have been better to hang onto it until we actually meet Viktor in the normal course of the plot. I'm worried now that if I were to go a week or two before I came back to this -- probably not gonna happen, but let's roll with it ;) -- the info might not be at the forefront of my mind when I need it in context.

Moving right along to Joseph Heart, I thought the young, unaware lawyer made a great foil for drawing out a lot of character definition in both Heart and Rose. He pushes the one button that seems to set Heart off worse than anything. He tries to tell Heart what he can and can't do. Ooh, boy. Big mistake. For her part, Rose is sympathetic to the lawyer's plight, but only to a certain point. She's plainly developed the survival skills required to weather one of Heart's tantrums. She's calm and observant. I can see already why she was a pretty good choice to write a book about Viktor Krum. She knows how to sit back and listen and not get caught up in the emotional turmoil of her subject.

So... were you thinking of anyone in particular when you created Regina McFey and her smutty novels? ;) I stopped and almost giggled out loud when I read your description. As a general rule, I think authors on this site need to do more to maximize the humor value of silly fads like sparkly vampires and dungeon games for housewives. Maybe that's just me. At any rate, I loved the way you used it as a contrast for Rose's book. As much as I'd like to believe that Heart is correct about readers getting bored with "romance rubbish", history suggests otherwise. The idea of Rose writing a completely personal novel about her struggles with her parents' fame that didn't turn into a trashy, tell-all expose on her family's life was perfect. I have to imagine that all of the Potter and Weasley children quickly tired of the constant attention and the limits it placed on their ability to lead normal lives.

I guess it only makes sense that a man like Heart would have a tumultuous marriage. There's such a thing as too much honesty in a relationship.

Let's see, what else? I absolutely loved all of Heart's pithy exclamations, even though I can't include any of them in this review. He's such a character. I don't know whether you intend to have him be a recurring character in this story or not, but I'm blown away by the depth and definition you gave him in this chapter. Through that lens, we also learn some important things about Rose. I thought it was brilliant and I loved it!

Author's Response: Blaze of glory, huh? I am totally choosing to take that as a compliment. But you're right, I absolutely see Heart as the type of man who is loud and belligerent (and probably a little racists at times), but you just can't bring yourself to hate him. He's fiercely loyal, and that has to count for something.

I'm hopeful that how the events in the prologue tie into this chapter and the ones that follow aren't confusing to readers, even if they take long gaps between reads. The rest of the story is very linear. But if you do end up reading any future chapters, you can let me know if it's not. Or do you mean the expert from Rose's book, because those continue on for several more chapters. It's my way of saving the reader from trudging through really long scenes of Rose asking Krum a million questions and him ticking off a bunch of replies.

It's true. You've caught me. All the bits about Regina and her novels are my not-so-subtle jab at some books that were all the rage this past summer (when I wrote this chapter). And I think you're right. They aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And deep down, I think Heart knows it too, but he's smart enough to know there will be swings in the market. The pendulum will come back the other way at some point and he's trying to hedge his bets -- have something waiting in the wings. And yep, Heart will be around as a secondary player for much of the rest of the story. I see his as the kick in the pants Rose doesn't yet know she needs.

Thanks for another awesome review. I'm starting to think you've got a knack for this sort of thing :P

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Review #7, by shadowycorner 

27th November 2012:
This was such a great first chapter. Fast-paced, engaging and it provided these glimpses of the plot and people without being too revealing. At the same time, it wasn't lacking anything in my opinion. Viktor was in the prologue and here we saw Rose. She didn't do and say much, but I already felt some character vibes as she slowly narrated us through the chapter.

I understand how someone might be uncomfortable writing M rated language if they're not used to it, but I think it only proves how versatile you are as an author. It's important to step out of the comfort bubble and just do it. Cursing is real. Many people talk like that all the time. Sometimes it is unnecessary vulgarity, but sometimes it's a part of someone's character. Like in this case, I didn't find it overwhelming, but it painted Heart's character well as this choleric yet determined individual. He actually grabbed my attention more than Rose did and I hope we'll see more of him in a story. He's aggressive but he also seemed like he means well and is dedicated where his employees and business is concerned. I mean, it's his living and it's business, isn't it, so he can't be diplomatic about it nonstop. Oh and as for the lawyer, I feel kinda bad, but I think it was funny when he threw him out. I don't like lawyers as well, so there goes! :D I also like Rose being a writer. It's so easy to imagine and just take as head canon right away. She seemed so sensible in this chapter, it created this little mystery as to what will bring her to fall for Viktor. But after all, we haven't seen all of her yet, which is exciting, because I really want to find out more.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I figured since the reader will spend the rest of the story in Rose's POV, I could get away with keeping her in the background a bit here.

I really appreciate what you said about the language -- that's exactly how I was hoping readers would feel about it. It's just part of who Heart is. And I'm really glad you liked his character here. I don't see him as a bad person, just someone who doesn't sugarcoat things. He has his agenda, and he doesn't feel the need to be apologize for it.

Thanks again for another lovely review!

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Review #8, by The Empress 

19th November 2012:
You've an amazing grasp of characterisation. It's not every story that someone can so brilliantly display original characters. Joseph Heart is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Great chapter. The interaction with Rose is brilliant, and that poor lawyer.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you. That's such a lovely compliment. Creating characters is really my favorite part of writing. Thank you for leaving such a nice review!

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Review #9, by forsakenphoenix 

15th September 2012:
Not going to lie, I loved this chapter. I know that you're not usually one to use adult language in your fics, but it really worked here. I think it gave us readers a very clear image of Joseph Heart and the language is kind of refreshing to see. I don't know if I'm making sense. It's just that I get a very clear picture in my head during this scene, like I'm watching it play out in front of me, and the language adds to the tension in the room.

I'm also enjoying Rose so far. She seems very mature for her age and maybe that's part of the appeal with Krum? Just speculating. It's interesting to see a bit of the publishing world, the competition to get an author who will make them millions, and to see that bitter anger when said author slips through their fingers.

I like that Heart still gave Rose a job despite the commercial failure of her book and her inability to write another book. Heart wants another best-seller, well, I can only imagine what Rose's book about Viktor will do for their publishing company.

I laughed when Rose knew how Heart would treat the lawyer. It shows a familiarity between the two characters. They've known each other and how they respond to certain actions and words. It's comfortable, the way they sort of play off each other. I like that.

I think this was a great next chapter to your story. And despite the age gap, I'm still super curious about where you take the plot, etc. I can't guarantee I can keep up with school and whatnot, but I'll try to swing by again sometime soon to read more.

I'm sorry I couldn't offer you more CC. I didn't really notice anything that stood out to me. I think this chapter did a great job at driving the plot forward a little bit. It was just enough to whet our appetites but also making us want to read more. As I said in the last chapter, your writing is really strong. It's also really polished. I'm liking it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. I have to admit, I was nervous about the language; it's how Heart sounds in my head but I was afraid it would come off as gratuitous. I'm really glad you didn't get that impression.

I'm also really glad that Rose's maturity came through, as well as her relationship with Heart. She doesn't have all the answers to life, but I do see her as having a good head on her shoulders. And with Heart, he really does like Rose, but it's also true that he wants to keep her around because he thinks she can make him money -- which is really a compliment since that means he thinks she has talent. It's a bit of an odd interplay but I find I really enjoy writing them in scenes together.

I know you are super busy and I really appreciate you taking the time to review a couple of chapters for me. I'm glad that even with the pairing, you were able to find a few things you liked.

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Review #10, by Cirque Du Freak 

22nd July 2012:
Hullo! I'm back again! Rest assured that I was definitely not disappointed with this chapter (and ended up reading the rest of the story before I could stop myself...)

As I did before I will start with CC:

"During the height of his career, he was [rumored]" -- Britpick, rumoured.

"I'm Joseph [goddamn] Heart" -- I could be wrong about this, so just ignore me if I am, but I've always thought that God was meant to be capitalised in any form (apart from when you refer to any religion's deity).

"watching as it came [barreling] down" -- Britpick, barrelling.

"which could have [totaled] in the millions" -- Britpick, totalled.

"was the only other [wizarding] publisher in England" - capitalisation of Wizarding (there's a few of these in the chapter).

And, that's all I have to offer you considering I couldn't actually find anything else!

So this was a massively interesting second chapter and it only opens up even more questions to where this all leads in the end! You've jumped into the plot almost straight away and you've given enough foreshadowing that some readers will know where this leads up to, but not any of the important events that eventually lead up to the prologue!

Surprisingly, I'm growing increasingly fond of Heart's shady character and all his shenanigans. He's really a fascinating character and, honestly, I have nothing other than to say that I just...really like him. :P I usually go for the /less-liked/ characters of a story, which is kind of weird, compared to everyone else. I don't know if that's the case with Heart, but all the same he's a very bold character that I'd love to read about just as much as Krum!

Rose in this story is so brilliantly different and I can't thank you enough for doing that - wherever I look it just seems that I can't escape Rose being horribly hot-headed and having the awful, cliche happy ending with Scorpius (apart from the very lovely Just Rose by Marina I can't name any others I like all that much). So YAY for this new characterization where she doesn't need to be high flying and there's no Scorpius in sight (poor Scorp seems to always butchered as a character, too)!

So as if you couldn't suck me in anymore you added the summary? Really? I don't want to leave this story at all now, and you've just earned your #1 stalker of this story.

Hannah xxx

Author's Response: Thank you again so much, Hannah! The fact that you wanted to read ahead is just about the best compliment I can think of.

I'm glad you're liking the main characters so far. Heart is kind of a middle of the road character in that he's not the villain, seeing as he genuinely likes Rose and wants to see her succeeded. That said, he's no hero, being that he's prone to lying and cheating and putting his own interests first. In the end, I do want him to be likable as he will play a big role in events to come but I like the idea that you can't really trust a word he says.

As to Rose, I'm so pleased you like her too! I want her to be someone with some depth but also neutral enough that you can see the story through her eyes without noticing it's being clouded by her own opinions and attitude. And no, no plans to bring in Scorpius. I think he belongs with Lily, not Rose :)

Thank you again for the review!!

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Review #11, by Jchrissy 

18th July 2012:
Um.. wow.

So, usually I do make it a point to address cursing because it is hardly ever necessary to use more than a few words. But, I can see that it is a part of Heart's personality, and really, he was so vivid that it quickly just meshed into him! I actually really liked him. Especially his line to Haverdash about getting out of his office, it was harsh and a but crude, but I couldn't help giggling.

I love the idea of Rose as a writer, and I am wondering if her one hit wonder will become two with the novel about Krum. Maybe he let her write it because it was the only thing that has inspired her in ages?

Anyway, you are incredible at creating these characters. Another thing I love is I could insert any name into this story, and it would be just as good. I have a soft spot for OF, so when I read an FF that could stand on its own without any need for the HP world, I tend to really like it. I obviously don't really know how much their world will come into play yet, but so far it's captivating to see these characters we sort of know in these different positions.

I feel like the HP world will probably add a strength to this because we'll identify with character we already know, but it won't be necessary for it to stand along as a story. I guess I'll find out... ;).

Anyway, I love the image of a seventy something year old man getting so hot headed, and I love that he must really have his heart and soul into that company. I'm excited to see where you take this!


Author's Response: Thank you again, Jami, for another lovely review. I'm getting spoiled rotten here!

Yes, the language. I had a long debate with myself about it. Was it gratuitous? Unnecessary? Inappropriate? Nothing I've ever written before needed more than a 15+/mild language warning so this one really turns things around for me. I'm hoping since it's really mostly confined to one character, it's taken as the character trait it's meant to be. I'm glad, at least, it didn't leave you running for the hills!

I am so touched you mentioned this being a bit like an OF. That's really how I see it too. I'm using the story as a step in moving from FF to OF. I like the comfort the Potter world brings in not having to describe ALL the details of something, but my goal is to have a plot that stands on it's own, magic or no magic.

Thank you again for the R&R. Sorry I'm a bit slow in responding to you.

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Review #12, by maskedmuggle 

12th July 2012:
I really, really loved this! It's not everyday you see a character like Joseph Heart appear in stories here. I really admire your writing in this - I am completely riveted, and I cannot help but be fascinated and genuinely interested in Rose and Joseph. Sometimes they're just characters in the story, but in this, I really want to know more about them and more about the story. You really wrote Joseph well - I really feel like I know him so well! I really believe that you've created some truly original characters here - they both feel so, so real. I mean, that last sentence about how he was going to get more money? It just felt so absolutely Joseph. Poor Bernard Haverdash! He was slightly amusing through this!

I also liked the excerpt at the top - I like that we're gradually finding out more about Viktor. But the main thing about this chapter is that it's very well-written, and so, so enjoyable to read. I really love this so far and I can't wait to read the next chapter! :)

- MM

Author's Response: Thank you again for another kind review! I'm so glad you liked the chapter. I was afraid I'd portrayed Heart as a bit of a caricature, but hopefully it works well enough for an introduction to him. He's somewhat calmer in future chapters...though dealing with overbearing men is a bit of a theme for Rose in this story.

And I'm so glad you liked the bits at the top. I started off thinking this story was going to be a one-shot and those are very edited clips from that first draft. Turns out I'm way too wordy to write one-shots, I guess!

Thank you again and again. If you get a chance to read any future chapters, I hope they don't disappoint.

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Review #13, by MagicalInk 

4th July 2012:
Hey there! I'm back and on holiday! Woot for more reviewing ;)
I don't know where to start as I'm really liking this story, it's... Peculiar. Yeah, that's a compliment.

So, I loved the little excerpt from the book. It's really nice to get to know Rose's voice and more personal POV of the story. I felt your flow is really enjoyable and suddenly found myself at the bottom of the page surprised I had already finished. The switching of 'present'/past was quite soft and lovely.

It's all just lovely really. You shouldn't worry about the swearing, I've read some stories where there is just random swear words that put you off but you used it to build a character and with some sense. I think you are great ata characterisations and also gestures. Like the fist and the petrified lawyer, it draws the picture perfectly while still letting us space to imagine. Love that. I see Heart something like Spiderman's journal publisher and I like the fact that he's not soft as one would expect.

You made a good choice for their concurrence, as it's an actual fact these... novels sell by some magical reason and I cannot imagine what it must be like for a publisher. And I'm so relieved Rose will not write that! I likedwhat you introduced us of her int his chapter though I'm eagerly waiting for more. Scratch the 'though'. I can see she's good at analyzing and suppose she's rather smart and lonely. And I what to know how she gets the idea to get out of her writer's block! I hate writer's block. *shudder*

May I mention I missed Krum's in this chapter. I guess I easily get attached (haha, or interested) in characters I sympathize with. This was also and introductory chapter so I'm looking forward for more intrigue next!

Author's Response: Peculiar? I take it!

I'm so glad you like the characters. I know exactly the guy from Spiderman you're talking about. That's very close to how I see Heart too, just a bit older and fatter. And yes, "those" novels...I'll admit there is a recent very well-selling trilogy I had in mind when I wrote that :)

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story. I just finished the latest chapter and it marks Krums return...and he won't be going anywhere for the rest of the story.

Thank you so much for the review.

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Review #14, by Faux Pax 

24th June 2012:
I really must say I am getting hooked on the plot. Rose seems kind of lonely, behind it all, like she knows how impossible it may be for her to get anything on her own marets and not her name.

And did we just meet the bad guy of the story? After all, i doubt you would name a chapter after him if it he wasn't a rather big part.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're getting hooked. Yes, Rose is rather lonely. Her life isn't exactly all she hoped it would be. Heart isn't the villain of the story; I'm just naming each chapter after one of characters that appears in it. He will, however, continue to appear now and again throughout the rest of the story. Thanks for the R&R.

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Review #15, by Indigo Seas 

17th June 2012:
I'm a little unsure of where to start here, just because there's quite a lot that popped into my head while I was reading and now I don't remember most of it. Let's start with the things I remember:

First of all, the flow here is fabulous. Even though a lot of this chapter is switching between the present happenings in the office and Rose and the publishing house's history, I hardly notice that the switch is happening at all. I think you've managed to set up a marvelous exposition here, which I think is the product of careful crafting and planning ahead. Maybe I'm wrong (and you just sit down and write without really thinking about where you're going), but it seems like there's a definite direction that the story is heading in.

Also, you warned at the beginning that there was some serious adult language in here, and I was immediately afraid it was going to be one of those chapters that just has curse words thrown in because it makes the character sound tough or... something... without the words having any real purpose or substance. I'm very pleased to say that you proved me wrong, though, because I felt like the cursing really added to Heart's character. For whatever reason, the cursing actually gave him a bit of substance, which is a very nice pivot from the cliche of just... nasty characters swearing because they feel like it. If that makes any sense at all.

It seems that I've forgotten the other things I wanted to say. Either way, I'm sorry I can't offer much critique - you're a very accomplished writer, and it shines through in your story. Thanks for letting me read it. :)


Author's Response: Thank for such a nice review, Rin. I really appreciate it! I was really worried there was too much exposition in this chapter but I'm glad the flow was good and it didn't feel too drawn out. I do tend to do a lot of planning on each chapter, though a few things still pop up unexpectedly now and again. I was even MORE worried about Heart's colorful language, and I still may go back and tone it down a bit, but in my head I can see him (and hear him!) and I'm glad he had some depth. Thank you again for both reviews :)

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Review #16, by ariellem 

14th June 2012:
So I was your first review and now I'm your third and seventh. Both are the new first in my opinion. Honestly, I've never been very good at giving long wonderful CC filled reviews, but I shall say that I really do like this story and I can't wait to see what you do with it. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. No lengthy reviews necessary. A few encouraging words can certainly go a long way, and I really appreciate yours.

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Review #17, by Angelique Aspis 

13th June 2012:
Interesting how Rose got her job. Can't wait to read the next part!

Author's Response: Thanks. It was a little back-story heavy but I'm glad you thought it was interesting.

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Review #18, by Amabit 

13th June 2012:
I love this so far. I'm super excited to see where the story takes us. This pairing never crossed my mind, but I love the way you're painting it so far.

Author's Response: Thanks, Amabit. I'm so glad you're enjoying it. The pairing just sort of hit me out of the blue. I hope it turns out as good on paper as it looks in my head.

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