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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:
LOTS OF PRINCIPLES! Good gracious, girl, you know how to write them all steamy, don't you? I'm gonna have to direct my husband to read this for a few brush up pointers!

Is Scorpius really gay? Because that would be hilarious. Two girls getting the whole school into a war and he doesn't even like girls...

ATTACK OF THE APPY! That is the most horrifying thing I can think of that could happen to Clemence! It's so Mean Girls!

Okay, I'm calming down now...

Author's Response: LOL OMG, why yes I do write a lot of characters with principles, hem hem.

I love reading your speculation; there's a lot I've been keeping mum about. I'll wait for your reactions then 8)

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Review #2, by randmnickname 

15th June 2015:
"Don't you dear me, buttercup."
"Don't you buttercup me, sweetheart!"
"Don't you sweetheart me, honey"
"Don't you honey me, dear!"
"Don't you dear me..."

Author's Response: Day 61: "Don't you... sweetie-pie... me... (gasping for breath) love muffin."

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Review #3, by TumTum 

17th August 2014:
I have conflicted feelings about all this... on the one hand I really enjoy Clemence's voice but on the other I find a lot of things about this distasteful. Like the sheer levels of dishonesty that Albus and Clemence are employing - about everything. They say a lot to each other but I get the impression that very little of it is pertinent or even in the vicinity of truthful. It's either manipulation or deflection or accusation based on bias. That might not matter so much if they weren't also... getting involved.

For example, Clemence getting cornered by Albus... a third time. Alright she's attracted by him so you could argue that she doesn't really want him to stop but the whole thing makes me a little uncomfortable... he pushes until she gives in. He might back off if she said no clearly but he manipulates her. So he's not a rapist but he's not a good guy either. In another situation, that would come across really ugly, marginally abusive even, and I don't really understand why Clemence finds it attractive. That may be because I have come across enough real life bad guys to want nothing to do with them, let alone romanticise the game they play.

Plus there is the way Clemence is dishonest with herself. Clemence reckons she's heartless and that she doesn't care what effect the stories in her paper have but she also thinks that the stories don't have an effect therefore she doesn't do any real damage. It doesn't add up. She also doesn't want people talking about her or worse speculating. It seems like she is aware of how hypocritical that is but she refuses to look too deeply into that.

It is refreshing to have a character who isn't perfect by a very long shot and you can see how her flaws cause her problems. For one thing, she's not as badass as she likes to think by a long shot - when she found Albus in the print room she should have stood her ground and if he tried using the book as leverage, she should have let him have it and called his bluff - the book isn't what he came for. I would have thought that if she can see that she is being manipulated that she would be smart and resilient enough to take none of it... but that's the point of her character I suppose - she's not infallible as Pickett says though I think she is a tough cookie she just doesn't let herself be vulnerable which means she doesn't know how to deal with these problems. If you won't admit weakness then you can't cope with it.

Then there is Appy - why not just hex her? She had a wand and she knows how to defend herself; why let her get the upper hand? But even before that, why didn't she try being more straightforward with her? Using sarcasm doesn't seem effective at all and it comes across as pretty cheap because it goes over Appy's head apparently? Unless she was always afraid of Appy and didn't want to draw her into a conflict?

To be honest I don't really understand Appy - at first it seemed like the only things wrong with her were bad taste in literature, awful priorities and particularly low levels of intelligence... but that didn't seem like reason enough to hate her? Until it turned out she was actually willing to get violent.

All of this would be confusing but not awful (maybe it's just that it's really black comedy and I'm just not getting it?) but I really don't like the way Clemence calls the "Quirkers" cows because it dehumanises them. Their fangirling is crazy and invasive but they are still human beings. The way Albus wants to "take them down", again, has really uncomfortable connotations. He clearly doesn't see them as human beings either, even though as individuals they come across as deluded but kind of vulnerable? It's also... it just really reeks of sexism to be honest - that they are that deluded and that easily manipulated. You don't write them like human beings.

There's a lot to like about this - I really enjoy the friendship between Pickett, Dom and Clemence (and Janey?), Rose seems pretty interesting and Clemence has so many layers, it's fascinating even if her arrogance is not endearing. Your writing is amazing but there's a lot that leaves me uncomfortable, Albus and the "cows" in particular. I know it's satire but the thing with satire is that it should reveal truths and I don't see a lot of that? I just see hate for fangirls and the really muddy waters of a potentially abusive relationship?

I'm sorry this review is so harsh and I hope I don't leave you discouraged at all? Perhaps I have misinterpreted this? I also haven't finished what you have published yet so perhaps I am doing the fic a disservice? Feel free to call me out. I'd like to finish this sometime (although maybe you would rather I didn't if it means potentially leaving another review like this?).

Author's Response: (My response is too long for one review, so I split it up between your reviews!)

I don't mind harsh reviews at all! When writing a story like this, I expect divided reactions; I'm surprised that I haven't received more them to be honest. There's a lot of intentionally offensive stuff in here as a result of Clemence's narration, and it's reflective of her character and hypocrisy. Also there are parts in this story where my writing is lacking and the intent is unclear. That said, this fic just isn't for everyone. It is a fairly dark comedy, so ultimately it might not be to your taste or kind of humor (I actually usually don't like dark comedies either, but teen satires have been an exception).

I think many readers come into the story presuming etc is a certain kind of story, with certain character arcs, and a certain likeability amongst the leads, especially amongst YA stories; etc is not that kind of story. It does not promise a happy ending, nor characters to cheer for, nor a lesson to be learned. I wanted to write Clemence the way she is because I hadn't seen a heroine like her, like me when I was growing up. Overly confident, brash, cynical—a real cynicism born from a lack of faith in others and frustration over ignorance, a cynicism that is not so easily "fixed" or grown out of. I don't condone Clemence's actions—far from it. She does and says terrible things and the reader ought to feel like she does and says terrible things, like how you feel. If you dislike her for it, if you feel uncomfortable about it, I think those are completely expected reactions.

Similarly, Clemence and Albus' relationship *is* unhealthy. I think there are romanticized parts, because a lot of this fic was written as a guilty pleasure with a certain degree of fanservice in the beginning. But I think a lot of it also comes from an expectation that we're supposed to cheer for the lead couple, which is debatable. I don't, but I can understand why one would, even taking into account their manipulations. They're attracted to each other, attracted to the game of it, and if one of them wasn't, then there'd be bigger problem. If Albus was really always in control, there'd be a bigger problem. But I think most of the time, it's really that Albus seems like he's in control because Clemence doesn't care, but Clemence could and would stop him any time she wanted to. I like to think this is their unspoken consent with each other—not that it makes their relationship healthy nor does it condone their behavior, but they know what they're getting into. They've both chosen to play.

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Review #4, by spreaddapoo93 

3rd December 2013:
I am always in love with you! So steamy! So WOW~ So scare~ So cutthroat!

Ah, from "tea time with Trelawney" to "Bessie" the table to Albus and his goddamn smirk to the pink glitter lipstick (shudder), there's no stopping your phenomenal expressions!!!

Gyah! From the little things to the BIG things; the small-scale phrase that blows my mind, to the grand-scheme looming-tower-of-awesome that makes me faint by every line; I'm absolutely taken, as ever, by this chapter! :D

Much love, and *guilt blush* over short review; I'm just dying to find out Albus' plan!


Author's Response: SO DOGE~ ~ ~ if images could go in reviews, it would be a terrifying wonderful world.

Hurrhurrhurr, this was an interesting chapter to write. Not much happened but still ;) ya know? Those phrases sound so silly to me the first time I write it (and many times after) but after awhile I read it enough that I get used to them xD I never really thought too much about how they're received by readers, and I'm glad it's sort of... charming? 8D

♥! !

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Review #5, by patronus_charm 

7th September 2013:
This story just keeps on getting crazier, but in a good way mind! This version of Hogwarts is a lot better than I could have ever imagined. Albus never responded to the question over whether he was using Clemence or not. Im inclined to think so, but hey Ill never know. I wonder whether Albus sort of crazy plan will ever work. With the craziness of the end of this chapter I think Clemence will go through with it because it seems as if shell need something to hold onto to give her something and that something will be Albus :P

The questioning with Pickett after was really brilliant! I just love him as a character, and I wish he appeared just as much as Albus did because then I would be very happy! The madness with Janey and Team Rose or Team Dom was also really great. I cant believe theyve managed to spawn colour coded merchandise in such a short space of time. It really shows the power of the Weasley family. Its strange how Albus hasnt said much about it and its making me curious as to what he thinks.

Aw Scorpius was so cute in Defence! He just seemed so lost and I just wanted to go and hug him because he was so clueless. Though we got to find out that big scoop which sort of made me forget about poor old Scorpius! So we have to warring pairs Albus/Clemence and Rose/Dom. I wonder who will win out of both of them. I mean the former couple actually have something real to fight over, the others its just like what. You made this massive feud when he likes neither of you. Oh well, its great comedy value!

Theres been such a big succession of cliff-hangers lately though I have to say this is one that I dont want to read on about. I would hate to see a crushed Clemence as shes really endeared herself to me lately. Oh well, here goes.


Author's Response: I'll stop the crazy at alien invasion, but not prior. It's only going to escalate! I get the feeling I end up answering few questions as the chapters go on, bringing up more, and then making old answers even more ambiguous xD

Guh, you'll see Pickett more later on (as I think you have). He's precious to me, just a little out of Clemence's mind. It's been pretty interesting to figure out ways to bring in subplots that are otherwise not of Clemence's interest, something I never had to consider much for non-first person fic.

And I was just thinking about Albus' opinion of the whole war--it's simply something that hasn't come up, but something I'm writing about right now :)

Bahah, I love how you see already everyone's fighting and at war, because the latest chapters are when the war metaphors really rev up. To think, entire wars over silly sappy Scorpius. One would imagine he'd be covetous, but he's only good for cowering in a corner and pointing out wallpaper.

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Review #6, by Misschievous12 

28th June 2013:
I am finally getting to read again. Good Chapter =)

Author's Response: Hullo again! Thanks!

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Review #7, by slytherinchica08 

7th December 2012:
Oh how I still love this story! The whole Rose/Dom thing is just crazy and I can't believe that they have some how convinced so many people to wear team shirts for them and they know that Scorpius isn't interested in either! Talk about a bit of a plot twist! I love the whole bit between Al and Clemence! It was just amazing and I love that she is realizing that she really does like being all tangled up with him! This chapter was just so fun and I can't believe its been a while since I have read and reviewed a chapter for this story but I am back and will be reading and reviewing more! Also, I loved the description in this! I thought that you had the perfect balance between description and talking and just really enjoyed this whole thing! Great Job!


Author's Response: It's smelling a bit craaazy in here! I feel like I'm adding in more crazy things with every chapter, and it's really not far off from the truth xD I'm glad you're enjoying it! :D And I can't wait to hear what you think of the rest!

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Review #8, by Hedwig_Pie 

26th November 2012:
THAT WAS EPIC! that last bit, with the crazy fangirls and the lipstick and, just damn. that was awesome. i LOVE your banter and clemence's and al's weird friends (or enemies)-with-benefits thing. just, great chapter. great story. i love it!

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying the story! 8D almost to the end now!

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Review #9, by AC_rules 

24th November 2012:

Also, I'm so sorry for being rubbish and not reading and reviewing for like yearsss. I blame going to university and moving out of home and across the country and what not (I guess it does that to you) but I'd forgotten how much your writing turns me into this gooey mess inside. Like, legit, every line you write just smacks of awesome and diffuses good feeling into my soul (that's mildly hyperbolic, but insomnia is such that I've half a mere half hour REM cycle in the past 32... scratch that, 33 hours). But yeah. Good feelings and warm fuzzies.

And I love this whole thing.

Did I mention that?

"You're a nice bloke. Shame if you got killed." love love loverrrdy-doved that. Also the whole bit with Malfoy and the Team shirts get me every time in the funnies (sounds weirder than I thought I would) but YEAH. Onto the next chapter.

Or food. Maybe food.

Heh. Decisions.


Author's Response: HELEN YOU'RE LOSING IT in the best way. BUT DEAR GOD WOMAN GET SLEEP. Ehehehe this was such an indulgent chapter. You can totally see me happily skipping along, throwing sexual tension out of a basket as I go.

Poor Scorpius is the only nice person in this whole fic. He just wants to go to a happy place and never see another shirt again. Yes, all shirts.


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Review #10, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
The Clemence and Al moment was truly amazing. I really love this story :D

Author's Response: Hehe, thanks!

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Review #11, by shadowcat2 

18th August 2012:
Clemence and Albus scenes are getting better and better. Albus is very good in persuading. A perfect title for the chapter.I wonder if Clemence is finally going to agree to this whole "no strings attached" thingy. It would be quite interesting if she did agree actually. The more drama the better. The Quirky Girls are up to something big. You have so many twists and turns in your stories. Where do you get so many ideas? They are amazing and so unique. I am so glad you're updating regularly. Thank you for this crazy story!
P.S. I thought this was the latest update. I just realized you have another chapter posted. Yay! THANKS !

Author's Response: Hehehe, Albus is... quite talented, yes.

I love cliffies and twists far too much xD pretty evident in all my wips. I actually tend to think of my longer fics in terms of twists, like OOH when do I do the big reveal?

AND YES I DO! I need to update again soon actually. Too many things to do ;A;

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Review #12, by Afina Kedavra 

26th July 2012:
Seriously, this is one of the best fics I've read as of so far. Really loved it. Can't wait for the next chapter, was really pulled in.

Great characters, brilliant dialogues, read all the night until I was done, woke up and catch myself still remembering some of the scenes. Great, really!

Thanks, will come back for more for sure :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much :D eee, I love knowing I'm responsible for a story binge. I hope to update soon!

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Review #13, by MaryAnn 

5th July 2012:
Oooo can't wait to read about the plan, great chap! Humorous and well-written. The who Dom vs. Rose reminds me of shipping wars for various fanfictions lol!

Author's Response: Haha, that's exactly what the Dom vs Rose war is! Thanks for the review :)

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Review #14, by Aiedail 

4th July 2012:
Everything can be scary in large numbers. Lions. Tween girls. Smiley-face chips. Accurate.

Ah Scorpius, armed with dangerous cheekbones and touched-in-the-head. What every girl wants, and arguably what every girl needs.

I wish Albus and Clemence would cut the snark and just have a real heart-to-heart though that's definitely not their style. At this point Albus is still a huge mystery and Clemence, well, you can tell that she's a bit lonely--it gets that way at the top, or so I've heard--and Albus is showing signs of actually maybe being a human being, so of course the romantic in me calls SOULMATE ALERT!

So I've caught up now muhahah. Looking forward to wherever you go with this. I honestly have no idea because each chapter is the best kind of surprise. Probably Appy will go legitimately off the charts, but that's the only bet I'm going to place since it seems relatively safe.

♥ ♥

Author's Response: Yep. Smiley-face chips aren't even good. D: WHY WOULD ANYONE MAKE THEM.

Scorpius is a dreamboat whose engine sputters like a tugboat -patpatpat- poor dear. I can't imagine what it'd be like if he had adventures with Potterpuff, and by I can't, I mean totally I can.

They just need to get together and rule Hogwarts, amirite? I really do imagine them on like, the iron throne or something, with a scepter and a poor boy as a footstool.

"I honestly have no idea because each chapter is the best kind of surprise." BASICALLY WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I WRITE. I had plans, Lily. Planned plans. Then I got bored and chucked them out of the window and got new plans.

Appy is riding the rocketship off the charts.

♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #15, by Scribbled Scripts 

1st July 2012:
I'm sorry that I ramble and write lengthy anything because of it D:>

You truly are my favourite author and graphic maker(: Oh the feels you made me have over this fanfic! I haven't read fanfiction in forever, hadn't the time. You have successfully combined all the traits I would ever find desirable in a bloke into the characterization of Albus, who is one of my all-time favourite Next Gen character; plus, you used Logan Lerman as him. My senses have been murdered to say the least, haha XD Your writing combines wit, romance, and correct English (something, unfortunately, can be lacking in fanfictions...) creating the result of me not getting a wink of sleep (even after my mother repeatedly told me to sleep since I have to wake up early tomorrow). I can't seem to describe how much I just love this story. My heart beats alongside Clemence's; I always do have a weakness for romance stories. You've written the perfect Slytherin, the person you'll love to hate, yet also love to be. They aren't bad people, just ambitious and know what they need to get it. Their methods can be ruthless, but not always, and I believe you've describe that perfectly in all of Clemence's actions and words. I'm so addicted to this story, and to be quite honest, I hate first person. It's...just...not me to say the least. Some stories are best told that way, but I find most get a bit overly emotional for me. I'm just sort of rambling praise, can't ever seem to gush in a non-ADHD way... swalinieohnvjbeobewoian38y34n80dgubs I LOVE THIS STORYYY! There, that's just the best way to put it, haha (x
I really do wish I can write with the humor you have. All my wittyness comes out as snarky or too dramatic for a romantic comedy storyline; probably comes with the dramaticness in which I act out my life. Dramatic person writes dramatically, go figure. As I admire you and all, I was just wondering if you can answer my question? I've been in a rut for writing for ages now. I'll have plot bunnies, but they never grow up; I can't seem to make an actual story out of them. Or there's the other thing, where I can see only a part of the story, but I can't seem to fill in the gaps of the rest. But with all my questions, I have this one big one. Is it better to just write and see how it goes or meticulously plan the whole thing before even beginning? I can never decide which is better, which is what produces a good story. It seems pointless just writing, but not having an actual final product since I'll probably end up changing it so much it'll be different from what I originally envision if I just aimlessly write. The problem is just that it's aimless. But then I feel that might help me get out a good story if it's spontaneous. What's your advice, oh wise author of this story? Haha, sorry about the question, I just value your advice.
I hope you update soon, and that finals weren't too bad. It's summer now! I hope yours will be nice and relaxing c: ♥

Author's Response: AHH. SQUEEFEST. Hee, I've gotten a lot of reviews saying I've cost them sleep lately. They shall suffer my late nights with me. I always appreciate when people like my Slytherins. Looking at ambition and ruthlessness from another angle, you know? I always imagined Slytherins being a very principled group of people. They might play by different rules at times, but they're honest and upfront.

It's totally all right, it's very hard for me to find a good first person fic too. If the voice isn't just right, it doesn't work, so I'm super picky. ASJLHFLFHSA! keyboard smash is fully appreciated ♥

If you have a problem building an actual storyline, try to get comfortable in your world and just imagine it. Let your characters walk around on your brain. What are your characters like in the beginning and what do you want them to be like in the end? What's changed? What hasn't? It's this kind of purpose that keeps me anchored. etc has changed a lot and so has its planned ending, but not its endgoal. There are things I want my readers to leave with when they finish reading about Clemence and Albus. This is what allows me to think of so many scenes to choose from, because there's a lot that I could potentially use to show (for example) that Clemence is more hypocritical and vulnerable than she thinks. As long as I remember that's one of my goals.

I like to start writing and see where it goes, but in ruts, I just have to muddle through. It can feel like work, but I know there will be easier chapters later. From what I've seen, no author likes planning. I think, if you don't plan on writing serially, it's fine to just start writing wherever and connect the bits. But planning is very helpful if you start publishing online before you're done with the whole story. You can always go back and edit of course, which is what I do. But I do wish I could rewrite some parts of my stories quite often.

I like to use a lot of my "gaps" as a place to describe the setting and characters a bit more. Like, I'd set the scene in a new classroom or with a new professor. I can also slip in details I haven't had time to put in before. I generally write the more "boring" scenes better, just because I'm more careful about making sure they're well-written so they're not a waste of space. The best part is when I can find a scene I thought wouldn't fit, and I'm able to merge it with a different scene. Sometimes, it's good to challenge yourself to think of an entirely different scenario that could still fit with your plans (it's easy to get too used to your plan and miss something better).

It is summer! But unfortunately I've got school and work anyway ;A; but it is nice and cool! And there is still plenty of time for fun ♥ thank you for your review! c:

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Review #16, by TheAnonReviewerOfTiredness 

1st July 2012:
I just read all of the chapters up so far from 12 am to 2 am on a night where I have to be up at 5 am. Why do your stories have to be so addicting. My heart still beating so fast from the snogging scene that I might get like 2 hours of sleep. *sigh* It was so worth it though :D. I love the way your writing just flows and has those almost philsophical moments but not to many so that you get sick of them. It makes your stories that much more addicting. BTW the quirkers almost sound like a group at my highschool. Thankfully not as bad of course. Update soon please.

Author's Response: Writing etc. has been lots of fun; it's the only fic where I can be so philosophical while have this many snog scenes 8D And oh dear, I hope your Quirkers group isn't big. It's the numbers that make them scary! Well, and the death threats. And the mobs. They're just scary.

Thank you!

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Review #17, by Caley 

28th June 2012:
I love love love this story! I love Al and Clemence's relationship as well. Bah I can't wait to find out what Al's plan is!!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I'm going to try to update next week.

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Review #18, by Jess the Enthusiast 

27th June 2012:
jkdsajafgajl Best chapter yet!!! I love all of Clemense and Albus's "accidental" snogging sessions so keep them coming! And the bits with Team Dom and Team Rose are hilarious; I love them! And poor Scorpius caught in the middle, haha. I'm so glad that Albus and Clemense are teaming up now; I can't wait to see their schemes!
Can't wait for the next update! 10/10 :D

(sorry that this review was all over the place)

Author's Response: Perhaps :D They sort of just spring up on me, and I am not one to say no.

They might be on the same side now, but they're certainly not going to be cooperative. Next few chapters are going to be fun to write 8D

♥ thanks again!

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Review #19, by Snapdragons 

26th June 2012:
And now it's time to review etc etc! YAY.

Just passing through. Decided to take the grand tour of Hogwarts starting with obscure rooms behind tapestries. oh, you know, just another ordinary day.

Clemence's in denial. Are those... feelings I see on Albus? Holy moly. (fun fact: when Albus was all "We're just going to pretend like it never happened?" I totally got Somebody That I Used to Know stuck in my head. Why is it that whenever I read one of your chapters I get a song stuck in my head? seriously.)

...oh hey there, Clemence and Albus. I spy with my little eye some sexual tension being resolved. Welp. These things happen.

I might not care much about feelings..., but I do think I should care, and that makes enough of a difference, weirdly enough. ♥ I don't know why, but for some reason I just really love this line.

oh my god the shirts. too much. Literally so much crazy. Hogwarts might be prepared for another onslaught of dark lords or dementors, but what they really need a quarantine plan for against their own student body.

LOL SCORPIUS. Clearer than air. And I think it's nice that he's the fic's nice guy. This story could use one occasionally in between all the Mr. Enigma. ;) (I would suggest Potterpuff, but not only would that probably break the space-time continuum or something but he would also be eaten alive, so)

AND THAT END. AHHH. -flails- That's all I can manage to say about that.

Loved this chapter. ♥ Loved the crazy. Albus and Clemence are such messes... it's great. ;) whe glad I'm finally caught up!

Author's Response: Albus does what he want -z formation snap- If that means being a creepy reverse stalker, so be it. lolol the disease of feelings, I can just imagine the both of them dancing around, yelling 'GET THEM OFF'. To the tune of Gotye, apparently.

Welppp, sex with clothes on. -casual whistle-

D'aw, that line resonates a lot with me, because I've always had a problem with caring about things. But I know I should care so I try my best to act as if I do, and after a while, I don't need to act anymore. It's almost kind of like practice.

Don't forget Pickett! Pickett's a nice guy! He's just a silly bum. Potterpuff would survive surprisingly well in etc. if only because he is like the unmovable object of optimism while etc. is the unstoppable force of cynicism. Also he has woodland creatures on his side.


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Review #20, by NightStar 

24th June 2012:
Wow, this story is interesting and so dramatic!
Clemence is awesome character! Her Slytherin traits are portrayed pretty clearly and I love her because she doesn't care about what people say about her! She seems to be emotionally very strong and I admire her for that! And boy is she amazing at taking revenge! I loved that part when she yells to all the quirky girls about the auction..smart! Honestly, how do you get such amazing ideas?
Albus is well.. Desirable! xD I fell for him! At first I thought he was going to be this really dorky guy but boy, he's seductive! I quite like him a lot as a character (like Clemence) and I'm certainly very eager to find out what happens next with both of these characters :D
But I have one question, I've read And Capers Ensue and I find it intriguing how you imagine each of the characters so differently? Albus, Rose and Scorpius are so different in each of the stories! How do you manage to write them side by side? I imagine it to be quite hard! But kudos to you for doing such an amazing job :D
One character I particularly like is Pickett :D He's the friend zoned dude but he is quite a funny one! And he cares so much about Dom! I find it super cute :3
Dom, is a diva! I understand how she's all manic with all the attention but I was surprised to find out Scorpius doesn't like her..I wonder what you're planning.. But otherwise Dom is a pretty good best friend although predictable but I do not mind. I just wish she knew how much Henry likes her! xP
Rose is weird! I'm sorry if you find it insulting but I find her quite weird but I guess I'll know later why she behaves like this xD
Scorpius is a good boy! xD he seems so sweet! But I guess he can't always be the crafty antagonist/protagonist in all of the stories xD
Appy is AMAZING! I love how quirky she is! A great character! Adds to all the spice and drama in this story:)

Okay I guess I posted an extremely LONG review xD I just like to analyze each of the character..I hope you don't mind!
And to you, I like your writing a lot! You have pretty good plots and very funny writing! I often read online on my iPad and when there's something funny I begin chuckling and giggling to myself and look like an idiot in front of my family xD
And that's happened quite a lot of times in this story!;D
I particularly like the Albus/Clemence scenes because they're so saucy xD
Well that's about it guess! Looking forward to future chapters! And remember, I'll be stalking you xD

With loads of love,

Author's Response: I love writing a Slytherin like her, the epitome of ambitious and proud of it. She can be both admired and despised, wise and hypocritical. And Albus, oh Albus, his character's grown quite devious as I wrote more of him xD I like how he turned out, this sort of vigilante.

Aha, some of these ideas don't even seem crazy to me until people say they are xD I just pull them out and go along with it.

It used to be quite difficult to juggle between Capers and etc. but I've gotten to the point with both stories where I'm very comfortable with both worlds, and I can insert my mind into either story at will :)

Bahaha, Pickett is a darling; he's my favorite. I think both Dom and Rose are silly xD But I've had my own phase where I was like them too, so that's where I get a lot of their characterization. And ha! I love that you like Appy 8D She's the *real* unpredictable one at this point.

Baww, I'm so glad you like my fics! Ha, I'll be expect your stalking then 8D

Thanks so much! ♥

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Review #21, by The other Twin 

22nd June 2012:
IT'S NEVER TOO MUCH. NEVER. YOU SHOULD JUST... POST IT ANYWAY. EMAIL. IDK. xD Anyway, love. So much love. HOPE SCHOOL IS GREAT AND KICK THOSE FINALS BUMS! I can't wait for another update! I love this story! I'll keep stalking!

Author's Response: AHA. Exams are over and I have indeed kicked their bums to Mars and back (at least until they come 'round again). I'll try to update soon! Thanks so much! ^__^

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Review #22, by Qkstephen 

20th June 2012:
I love your work this and capers ensue are two of the most brilliant examples of fanfiction to grace the Internet

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so so much! ^__^

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Review #23, by littlemisssnape 

17th June 2012:
Ohhh I love Clemence and Albus and their scenes are amazing! you a re teriffic at writing them. I also can't wait to see what will happen with the whole Scorpius-Rose-Dom drama! it's exciting!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ^__^ I'm glad you like it!

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Review #24, by Twofighter 

17th June 2012:
There can never be too much of Clemence and Albus. Leave it in! :D
Your story is so good and your amazing writing just makes it even better. It reads like a train and I never want it to end. ;)

Author's Response: Aha, for a moment I thought you didn't want the train to end, and i was thinking, well, that must be a very entertaining train you're on, because my legs would probably get tired from sitting so long.

But, well, ahem. ♥ thank you! ^__^

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Review #25, by mr cool cat 

16th June 2012:
Oh my goodness, I love love love this story!

You are such a great writer and I love the tension between Al and Clemence. This chapter made me so happy! I feel like I'm beginning to fall for Al haha!

Cannot wait to keep reading, please post soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you like them ^__^

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