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Review #1, by Courtney Dark 

23rd March 2014:
Hey there!

I loved this chapter! Arabela/Lady Tenebra is like
the ultimate villain!

The scene between Neville and Harry was great. I
feel so bad for Harry and I'm so happy about the
person Neville has grown to become! I couldn't
stop thinking about how much he was mocked and
teased at school!

Aw, Octavia:) I love the way you write from her
point of view! And I'm curious to know more about
this 'mysterious voice'.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

First off, let me say how happy I am that you tagged me. I've been the last post in the thread for over a week. I was starting to think that maybe I smell funny or something.

Lady Tenabra brings her master plan full circle in this chapter. She's disposed of the Minister that she used to claw her way to the top and now she's installed Percy, who she controls with the dark spells from Herodonthus's book, in his place.

One thing that always bugged me while reading the last three books -- and especially OotP -- was why nobody ever just grabbed Harry and shook him and yelled, "stop being such an idiot!" So now he has Neville to fill that role for him, and I really enjoyed writing that particular confrontation.

I tried really hard to keep things appropriately childlike when writing from Octavia's PoV. I'm glad that it worked. You'll find out a lot more about the mysterious voice before the end of the story.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by APerkins 

30th October 2013:
I forgot to mention in teh last review exactly home much I loved the first section of that last chapter - I think it is your best style of writing - the dialogue and the action and everything kinda happening together.
Draco, Ron, Hermione and Astoria discussing everything. It is easy to read, fast paced, intriguing, and clever. I just really really liked it.
Also, the vipers kiss is a great idea.

Anyway, thats for the last chapter, and this is meant to be about the current chapter.

And again the beginning of this chapter - the same thing again.
I liked the interaction between tenabra and the minister - its the type of writing you do so well that i am trying to mimic :)

ahh but then we moved to harry and neville. I like the concept of neville slapping harry out of his funk, I do. And I liek where the scene ended up. But I didn't realise Harry was actually in a funk?!
So Neville going off at him kinda came out of nowhere - I didnt understand what Neville thought Harry had gone wrong.
Anywa,y one they started arguing - yet again your mastery over dialogue was brilliant and the chapter was great.

And it was the same thing with Octavia hearing her voices. You just write that type of back and forth so well. There is enough descriptionto paint the picture and the whole thing just.. aww. it makes me happy to read good writing.

Anyway , I should be.. oh I dunno.. sleeping .. or working or preparing, or doing a million other things, but there are only a few chapters to go!!!
(Also, yay on 950 reviews!)

Author's Response: Hi, there! Thank you for the huge part you've played in getting CoB over the 950 review mark!

I get an odd little kick out of writing Ron and Draco together in the same conversation. Whereas there's a sort of grudging respect between Harry and Draco, Ron hates Draco with a passion and Draco finds Ron almost beneath his contempt. Makes for some good dialog.

Lady Tenabra finally disposes of the tool she's used to claw her way to the top in this chapter. She's moved on to Percy. I'm really glad that you think my writing is worth trying to mimic. Makes me happy!

I felt like Harry was in a deep, deep funk by the end of the last chapter. He's incapable of not feeling responsible for all the deaths and injuries that are happening around him. He feels as though he should just give himself up to Lady Tenabra before anyone else gets hurt. Neville is there to help snap him out of that frame of mind.

You're putting a huge smile on my face with all of your kind words. As it turns out, today was a day where that was appreciated even more than normal. Thank you!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

11th February 2013:
It's all coming out now, telling the Minister how it was all her. Then again, she did plan on killing him anyway, so it's not like anyone else there will know yet. I wonder what will happen when she has them all together. And the Minister really would have done anything to protect himself, wouldn't he? Going to kill her? If only he'd known she was evil enough to control his mind and get there first... The only person I liked in that room was Percy. And she's controlling him!

Oh, Harry, so self-sacrificing and, yeah, kinda self-loathing. I guess not even having people bring him out of it father the second war can really take it away. I shall now call it a Harry trait. He should listen to Neville, go Neville! Making Harry mad to get a reaction and to get him to see was a pretty brilliant idea, normal talking just doesn't seem to work, and I'm glad you wrote the scene with Neville. It reminds me a little of the speech he says in the DH movie about Harry to Voldemort, like a leader. He makes a good one, especially when he's underestimated at first. You're like, whoa, yeah! :D

Rose potentially being like his parents must have brought back bad memories. I feel so sorry for Scorpius, having his daughter taken and his wife having gone through what she did. I hope Rose will be okay.

And Octavia; she's a really brave kid. I just love how she thinks; that even in the situation she's in she can hold her own somewhat. She's definitely one of my favorite characters. I wonder who the voice is. Is it a trick of some sort?

I think Dennis is also a favorite of mine in this story; reading him change and grow throughout the story has admittedly been some of my favorite scenes. And now he and Artie are two of the only people who haven't been caught and could potentially do something. It seems almost right to have it end at Hogwarts, but must have a horrible sense of dťjŗ vu. I can't wait to find out why they need the Bloody Baron.

Amazing chapter!


Author's Response: The Minister was another pawn in Tenabra's plan, but definitely not a very likable one. He was arrogant and lazy and had a high capacity for self-delusion. It made him a very easy target for somebody like her. She was able to steer his career exactly where she needed it to be and he accepted his good fortune without asking too many questions. But once his usefulness came to and end, curtains!

Harry is Harry. I think that something inside his head got seriously bent during all those years of the Dursleys loathing him and probably blaming him for every little thing that went wrong in their perfect home, whether it was his fault or not. Neville is there to snap him out of it, though, at least temporarily. Neville has been by Harry's side -- or in his face -- at a lot of key moments in his life, hasn't he? That's part of what I love about the guy.

Octavia is very brave, in part because she isn't really old enough to understand everything that's going on around her. I don't think it's truly occurred to her that she could be killed at any moment. The voice is not a trick, but it might not be who you think it is.

Remember way back in chapter 5, when I told you to keep an eye on Dennis? Well, here he is, playing a key role near the end. His eyes are completely open now and he's almost ready to do his part. Soon...

Wow. You're getting so close to the big finale. It makes me really excited. Thanks for another awesome review!

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Review #4, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

5th August 2012:
I am determined to get through these chapters and finish this wonderful story at the same time as everyone else so we'll see how this goes!

I really liked the beginning with the Minister looking on in almost disbelief of why the fighting had broken out, why the aurors had abandoned him and why they were coming for him. It did make me giggle a little because surely he realised that he had done something terribly wrong, that he had made a mistake somewhere? I also found it quite interesting that Arabella and Percy went through his private floo, it meant that they obviously weren't suspected by the minister which shows how clever they had been to evade suspicion and capture.

In a way I do like the tirade that Arabella gives the minister because she is right on all accounts. She is the one that helped him with his position, the even wrote his speeches and helped give the world her messages through him without being noticed. She is the only reason the minister is where he is, she got him power and now she has taken the power from him just as quickly and it does show that the government isn't all powerful as they do rely on others rather than just one leader and if one of their advisors has gone wrong somewhere then the whole of the government could just collapse (Thank goodness for parliaments) as you've just shown here.

I also like how they don't just give up on hope of concealing the fact that they are behind the reasons for the ministry erupting by making the minister take his own life to some extent (even though it is implied the imperius curse was used). It still avoids the suspicion that would have occured if Avada Kedavra was used as people would have known that only certain people, Arabella and Percy being the main ones, would have been able to get through his private floo and therefore that would have given the ministry and the ministers guards more time to turn against them.

Percy taking over as Interim Minister is interesting too as he really didn't need to because in effect, Arabella already controls everyone except the aurors but by Percy taking control, if peace is achieved, Arabella will still have all the control so I think you included that in quite a clever way.

Harrys final goodbye with Esme was heartbreaking. I felt all his emotion because in a way he'd just discovered happiness once again with someone who loved him and he probably hadn't felt that for such a long time so I wish they could have been together because Harry had already lost the love of his life due to this war and now he had lost someone else he thought he may have had a chance of happiness with. I can't even condone how he must have been feeling particularly knowing too that he involved Esme in this and she could have been back in France unaware to most of the struggles Harry had been facing. That must have increased the guilt he felt in his heart as he knows he and he alone was solely responsible for involving her.

I also feel sorry for Neville in a way. Neville is always the one who has to pick people up when they're down because people listen to him for some reason but I just feel as if Harry should have known everything Neville was telling him and already have started planning for the future. He knew that Esme was gone and nothing in the world was going to bring her back, yet he has his great niece somewhere, scared, alone and in great danger. He should have already been thinking about trying to save her because Neville was right they're running out of time.

It was nice to hear that Hermione and Rose were going to be okay though. I dont think I could stand it if Rose turned into what Alice and Frank had been. At least Alice and Frank were together but if Rose was that ill, Scorpius would have to sit there, looking after her and visiting her, looking at his shell of a wife and mother to his children and I think that is just heartbreaking. He shared all of his life with her now she wouldn't even know who he was. I just hope you choose to give Rose a happy ending although with this story anything can happen.

I'm interested now about the Dark Wizards in the castle, it seems to echo the final battle that happened in Deathly Hallows with them coming in, although splitting the pupils up is interesting althouhg we already knew that they were only after the Potter and Weasley offspring. I hope they're going to all be okay, I'd hate to see innocent children die in this just because of who their families are. It breaks my heart.

I'm glad Dennis, Artie and Porshia are okay though. It makes sense that they will be thinking of ways to fight the bad guys because thats what they've been brought up to believe, to fight for what you believe in and none of them are just going to sit there and watch as their families are taken away to an almost certain death.

Thank goodness for the ghosts though, at least they have some people on their side who will be able to help them overcome these obstacles. I just hope Peeves will do as he's told for once and terrorise those poor people guarding Dumbledore's office. Bloody Baron, whilst he's a Slytherin ghost can't be too impressed by this invasion of Hogwarts, Hogwarts is a place for children and learning after all so I can only imagine what mood he'll be in! I almost feel sorry for the guards though, Peeves could be pretty brutal in the last battle with his torture methods!

I'll be sure to read on!

Author's Response: Hi, there! Nice to see you back again!

As the title implies, many thing are shifting in this chapter.

First off, Arabela/Tenabra finally disposes of the old Minister and puts Percy in his place. You are correct inasmuch as the change is somewhat cosmetic. She is in control of both of them. But getting rid of the Minister is an important step in creating the illusion that the Blood Order has been defeated and therefore life in the wizarding world has returned to "normal", except with her control firmly cemented. With the memory of the war fresh in everyone's mind and a hero of the Second Wizarding War serving as Minister, nobody is likely to question anything she does, as long as it's in the name of "security". That has been her plan all along. The Blood Order was nothing but a ruse.

Harry saw a possibility of finally finding happiness and companionship again for the first time since Ginny's death. As you say, that was cruelly taken from him. You are also correct that he feels very guilty about her death. But that's Harry's nature.

Fortunately for him -- and everybody else -- Neville snaps him out of it. Harry did know everything that Neville was telling him at some level, but having just been through such a traumatic loss, he really needed somebody to help him realize his own worth. Neville has always been the guy to remind other people about what is right as opposed to what seems easy or safe.

Hermione and Rose are safe. Hermione will definitely recover to a great extent. Rose... well, her future is somewhat less clear. I'll simply leave it at that for now.

Lady Tenabra has ordered her remaining Blood Order supporters to attack the castle in hopes of inflicting even further casualties on the Potter and Weasley families. She knows that they will be a threat to her as long as they are alive. This was simply a convenient way to try to kill more of her enemies *and* make sure that the surviving Blood Order supporters will be sent to Azkaban for good when the war is over. There's simply no plea-bargaining your way out of a life sentence when you attack a school.

Dennis, Artie and Portia are behaving so much like their famous grandparents that those grandparents would be horrified. I love being able to include kids their age in the story. It helps connect to the feel of the books, I think.

I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter and I'm really glad that I've been able to keep you reading. Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #5, by Elenia 

3rd August 2012:
I couldn't stop after one chapter d:

This chapter was shorter than usually, wasn't it? I didn't even check the word count, but I'm fairly sure this one ended a lot quicker than the others. Or maybe it's just me d:

Anyways, wow. I don't know why I'm always so shocked about Tenabra's cruelty. Because I already know how cold and evil she can be, I really shouldn't be surprised anymore. But poor Wilkinson, he was just a pawn in her hands, an easy sacrifice.

I'm really intrigued by that spell she uses to control them. How does it work in the first place? Can she just cast it on anyone or does she need some kind of control over them first? Apparently she doesn't need to use any words to make them do what she wants, she just controls them with her mind? Anyways, it's a really clever one!

Urgh, you've done it again. I'm crying again *sniff* I just couldn't help it, that little talk Harry had with Esme, that was just too emotional. So just so you know, you owe me another box of tissues! You can't keep doing this to me! Promise me this was the last one?

I love Neville so much! He was just the right person to put Harry back in his place! I really enjoyed that conversation between them, and couldn't imagine anyone else going through that with him. Perfect choice!

"Maybe we ask too much of you, Harry. Maybe someday everyone will forget that you're the hero who saved the whole bloody world and just leave you alone. But today isn't that day."
^this! ♥

And then came Hermys with the bad news! Oh no! I can't wait to see how that resolves! Urgh, this was a mistake reading this now when I have two podcasts to review today! I have to wait to find out *sniff*

Ooh, Octavia! What is happening to her? It's Tenabra, isn't it? The spell succeeded after all, didn't it? At least somehow. I was cheering for her for the whole time, telling her to resist it! She's a very bright little girl, I really loved what you did with that scene!

Oh, and she acted a lot more to her own age in this one, I think. The thought about presents was a nice touch, something that would definitely attract a girl her age!

Nick! He was amazing!

"They thought of me as a mentor."
^You crack me up, good sir! That was just brilliant!

Artie is definitely a Gryffindor! And a true Potter ^^

"It was so much easier with my grandmother. I'm always so happy when I'm around her."
^This is probably one of my favourite lines in this whole story! Luna ♥ that just shows so much about her character! Perfection right there!

Ooh, Bloody Baron's going to get Peeves, isn't he? I'm already excited! I need to clear those podcasts soon so I can read one more chapter tonight!

Amazing work once again, dear! See you soon!


Author's Response: Yay! More love from my buddy Elenia! It is a good day!

Yes, this chapter was shorter than they've been recently. The next one bounces back, but pretty soon they're all going to be getting short and intense.

Tenabra simply uses people. They're irrelevant to her, and as soon as they're no longer useful, she disposes of them so as not to leave loose ends that could cause her problems later. She is ruthless and pretty much devoid of conscience.

The magic that she's using to control both Percy and the Minister is something that she learned from Herodonthus's book. It isn't a curse, per se, it's more like a means of imposing one person's mind over another. You'll find out a lot more about it in chapters 37 and 39.

Sorry about inflicting more sad Harry on you. Sad Harry is, of course, sad. I really do wish that his relationship with Esme could have been something more. They deserved as much. But some things just aren't meant to be...

Neville was superb in this chapter. He was there to say exactly what Harry needed to hear exactly when he needed to hear it. That's what friends are for.

Octavia is being propositioned with incredible power. And it's not by Lady Tenabra. You might wonder why an entity that wields such power doesn't simply use it to possess her. The answer, as it turns out, is very important...

I'm really glad you like Nick. I've enjoyed being able to find a role for the house ghosts. You'll get to see them a lot more in the next chapter.

Portia definitely has shades of a young Luna. I really like her. One more character who definitely should have had more appearances...

You... um, might be correct about Peeves. ;)

Thank you for a wonderful, enjoyable afternoon! See you again soon!

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Review #6, by Pixileanin 

12th July 2012:
Uh oh. Little girls with words in their heads saying dangerous and suspicious things. That can't be good. At least Octavia seems bright enough not to fall for it too quickly. I hope she wakes up from her nap even more suspicious than before. I love that she holds a grudge against Arabella and wonders why Percy is so smitten with her.

I had forgotten that Arabella was Wilkinson's assistant. Silly me. That makes a ton of sense now. I must be really tired or something. That last line, "it is time for the healing to begin" sounded so wrong coming from Percy at that moment. He's being controlled by a monster. There's no healing. The only thing coming after this is more death. I'm right, aren't I?

Thank you, Neville. A thousand cheers for beating up the Boy Who Broods! I know Harry needed his moment, and you wrote him a beautiful scene to grieve and give Esme a last goodbye, but he's such a diva. It's good you had someone literally knock some sense into him. I agree wholeheartedly. Neville does what he must. Now if only you could have used four different types of dragons, a blast ended skrewt, an unforgivable... oh wait. That was something else entirely. :P

Interesting developments at the castle. Nick is finally helpful too! I guess he'll come through in a pinch after all. The young people seem to be on the verge of hatching a plan. Will they succeed? That was totally a rhetorical question. But you knew that already.

Must. Read. More.

Author's Response: Good morning!

The voice tempting Octavia is definitely not a good development. She's surrounded by darkness on all sides. Hopefully Harry gets to her soon...

It's been a while since the Minister came up. This was actually the first and only time that I gave the Minister a name. I was planning to keep him nameless until his end, but my beta reader talked me out of it. You're correct, the version of "healing" that Percy brings is more about helping Arabela to cement her control.

Neville simply told Harry what he needed to hear, and delivered it with enough force to make him listen. It's a recurring theme throughout Harry's life, I think. He can definitely be a diva, so he needs his friends to keep him in check.

Honestly, I don't think there's a single place in the 39 chapters I've written so far where I could have used a Blast-Ended Skrewt. Silly challenges...

I've had a fun time taking the house ghosts and trying to make them useful. They're another one of those fun, interesting concepts from the books that never got quite as much attention as I would have liked. Although Nick's Death Day celebration was probably too much, at least for me.

The youngest Potter / Weasley generation is definitely hatching a plan. You'll know very soon how it works out.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and reactions!

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Review #7, by shadowcat2 

6th July 2012:
I don't what to say. It hurt to see Harry so heartbroken. I actually liked how Neville got angry and started firing curses at Harry. It was so intense. After years of seeing Harry suffer like that, that kind of outburst actually made sense. About Octavia. I am not sure what just happened. At first, i thought it was just Arabela playing with her mind. But it seems this is even worse than that. I love how you portray Octavia's strength and innocence at the same. About Rose. I just really hope she gets well. Another Hogwarts battle. Can't wait to see what happens next. See you in a bit.
Your once-upon-a-time-marathon-reader,

Author's Response: Hello, again! Nice to see you back.

Harry is once again in a very unhappy, dark place in his life. But his friends have a little more experience dealing with it by this point and Neville seems to know how to pull him out of it.

Octavia has a lot of dark forces pulling at her from several directions. Not a good situation, but at least she's no longer cold.

Rose has a long, difficult recovery ahead of her. I promise you'll find out how she's doing before the story is over. ;)

I have missed your marathon reviews! They're so lovely. Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by Roots in Water 

26th June 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

This was another great chapter! Things definitely are piling up on Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of them- I can barely imagine the frustration they must feel that they're now delayed from going out to rescue Octavia due to an attack on their other grandchildren/children. They're mainly reacting now, with Lady Tenabra pulling the strings. I hope that they're able to get the situation at Hogwarts under control soon- the separation of the Potter-Weasleys from the rest of the children is not a good sign.

As well, Octavia's situation sure has taken an unexpected turn with the strange voice. Has a new player entered the field? Somehow I don't think so... I believe that this is a scheme of Lady Tenabra, though I don't know what angle she's trying to play with it. However, I doubt that Octavia will accept the offer because of her mother's words "too good to be true". Hopefully she will realize that accepting a strange offer from a mysterious voice is not a good decision, especially when it's offering you unlimited power. And, once again I think that you did a marvelous job of writing a young child- Octavia seemed so realistic, especially in her interest in "presents".

Furthermore, the situation at Hogwarts is very interesting. I like how you wrote the situation so that Portia, Dennis and Artie remained on the outside and that they're using the ghosts to their advantage. I hadn't really thought about it before, but ghosts can be really useful to get reconnaissance because they can go through walls and can't be harmed with spells. There's really nothing much that you can do to protect yourself from them (not that they can physically harm you, of course). As well, I also really liked Portia's comment about Luna. Her use of the patronus was just perfect- so her. It was really sweet how Portia said that she always feels so happy around her grandma.

Speaking of her, is Luna not taking a role in this war or did I just miss her part? I can understand why you didn't include her in the main fighting group- though she's loyal and brave, war doesn't go well with her personality and I find it hard to imagine her on the front lines. I liked the role you gave Neville to play in this chapter. His words were very true, as frustrating as they must be for Harry. The world still views Harry as a hero and as such they still expect him to protect them from danger. Luckily, he's not alone- he has multiple generations of family and friends to help him fight the battle.

All in all, this was another great chapter, shorter than usual though it was. Thanks for requesting yet again and I look forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hello, again, my friend!

Yes, it's getting hard to keep track of all the different crises that the trio are managing. But it's all coming to a head. Lady Tenabra is mostly in control, but she has a major problem in the form of the curse Draco hit her with.

The strange voice Octavia is hearing is Herodonthus's book, trying to seduce her with its dark powers. So far, she isn't playing along, which is good for her considering the effect the book had on Hermione. You might be wondering why a powerful dark sorcerer trapped in a book doesn't just possess her. There's a reason why he can't, and it's very important.

Everything always goes through Hogwarts in the end, doesn't it? Portia, Dennis and Artie are essentially the only resistance to the Blood Order, along with the ghosts. I'm really glad you liked my portrayal of the ghosts. I agree that they were underutilized in the books. Then again, JKR created so many great things, I'm sure every book would have needed to be 2,000 pages long to do them all justice.

Luna, Luna, Luna... I *hate* that I haven't been able to work her into the story more. You're right, armed conflict and subterfuge just aren't very consistent with her personality. So every little chance I have to work her in, I really try to make the most of it. Portia is sort of like a little Luna in some ways. The embarrassing thing is that I had a theory as to whether she was Lorcan or Lysander's daughter and now I honestly can't remember. :(

Neville kind of steps into the breech and reads Harry the riot act. I'm sure most Potter fans have felt like doing it at one point or another while reading the books.

This chapter was a bit short, but the next one makes up for it, I think. Honestly, it's kind of hard to keep track. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by CloakAuror9 

24th June 2012:
Well, for a start, I didn't need to use my oh-so sharp pitchfork on this one. Think of that as a good thing. ;)

This chapter was a bit of deja vu, especially Neville and Harry's scene. Oh man, I don't think I'd ever see Neville stand up to Harry or any of the trio again, but then you come along and BAM! I'm reliving the Philosopher's Stone once again.

You did great with the Neville and Harry scene.(Merlin, I'm making them sound like a ship, aren't I?) I really love how Neville tried to slap (or should I say hex) some sense into Harry. I don't think Harry fully realises that they are not fighting this war just because of him; its a fight for the whole Wizarding World. Anyway, that's Harry Potter to you, always blaming everything to himself.

The first bit of the story with Arabela and the Minister gave my goosebumps. The way Arabela described how she managed to manipulate the Minister into that position and her dialogue, Merlin that was bone-chillingly amazing. You would do so well with angst.

Octavia...Octavia...what is going on? I bet its a spirit from the book! It must be! But is it the works of Arabela? I don't know. Does the sprit/ghost/voice/whatever it is needs Octavia's agreement before he/she can get into her mind? I mean that's how its coming across to me...so yeah...

Anywho, this is me reviewing chapter 34. I refuse to review chapter 35 today because it has been a good day and what with the death, I'm not to keen on getting that ruined and me moping around. So, I'm saving it for tomorrow! Because you know...Mondays are always bad! :P

Until then,
Izzy xx

Author's Response: Hi, there! Yes, please put your garden tools away! Just a simple chapter here. Nothing to start a lynch mob over. ;)

Neville did, I think, what he felt like he had to do. Remember way back in the beginning when Dumbledore's portrait opined that the world still needed Harry Potter? That guy usually knows what he's talking about. Harry is struggling to separate his personal pain from what needs to be done, and that pain runs deeper than just losing Esme and seeing Rose badly hurt.

Arabela is pure evil, isn't she? Well, maybe not *the purest* evil. We shall see what becomes of her.

I think you're right about the voice that's tempting Octavia. It is Herodonthus, attempting to get her to embrace his dark power. And, yes, he does need her consent. The reason why will become clear later on. I'll give you a hint it's very important.

Maybe it would be better to read Chapter 35 on a Monday, although I'm holding out hope that you'll like the way everything is handled. Thanks for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

19th June 2012:
Your entire life is a lie, Minister, fashioned from whole cloth by me and me alone.

^ As much as I despise her I have to give Arabela some credit because seriously she is rather convincing. I don't mean I would join her side if I was in the WW but I can see why people would follow her. She is a great 'public speaker,' if you think about it in the political aspect.

There were so many things I never got to say to you, Esme. I never had a chance to tell you how special you are. How glad I was that you came back into my life

^ Oh boy. Just when I thought I could finally let go of the sadness I felt when was killed. You really like rubbing salt in my wound, don't you? I think if you hadn't killed Esme they would have ended up together. Would the Weasley's have been very open to her? I don't know but I feel like his children would have and their opinion still counts even at their age. I mean, did you always think you were going to kill Esme? Was there a small part of you that was just going to let them be together or even if she lived, would you have separated them?

Nobody wants to listen to you wallow in your bloody self-loathing again.

^ You go Neville! Yeah! Nice to see him stand up and give Harry the beating that he so deserves. I'm sorry but you would think after all these years that Harry would stop it already. I understand that a lot of the things that happened were his fault because they are after him but come on. He did this once before, let's not repeat the cycle Harry. It also feels like a cop out to me because it's not ONLY him that has to feel pain and ask themselves 'what could I have done so this didn't happen,' he kind of acts like he's the one that feels the most pain and should be pitied. I don't want to pity him. Yeah, I feel bad for him but I feel bad for everyone else too. He has the ability to fight, fight already. I feel like he's been dragging his feet until this point because he just hasn't wanted to lead or make a plan of action.

What an interesting turn of events! I love the addition of the ghosts of Hogwarts, they're never in enough stories, I think anyway.

I'm kind of surprised that they all forgot about Tennat but I guess Neville has been gone a little too long (though it hasn't been that long) and his head has been on more of the outside because everyone always thinks Hogwarts is safe no matter what. Assumptions could get you and the people you care about killed.

The part with Octavia was incredibly eerie. I'm trying to figure out if it was Hereo-however you spell that name, speaking to Rose of if it was still Arabela trying to use a different approach to sway her more to her side but I'm going with 'Hereo' because I can't see her saying that sheís weak and her end is near. I never felt like Octavia was so innocent until now. She really is just a child and I keep thinking she is so much older than she is. The way she asked about 'presents' make me queasy because you could easily convince a child to do something if you bribe them. I kind of want to shake her and say, "Didn't your parents tell you to not talk/trust strangers?" It's like that whole 'Don't take candy from strangers,' thing your parents always tell you. You can say it to children time and time again but sometimes they forget and then terrible things happen.

I'll be truthful. I don't want this story to end. I know it must and it will but it has been such a fun ride!

Author's Response: Hello, again, dear!

Arabela has style, doesn't she? Or maybe it's just a gift for turning a phrase. Either way, she's very enjoyable to write.

I do think that if Arabela hadn't killed Esme, she and Harry would have found a way to make it work. And more than anything, I think the Weasleys want Harry to be happy, so they would have found a way to accept her eventually. It wouldn't have been easy, but I have to imagine that it was possible. These questions of yours are making me regret my decision all over again. :(

Neville said the things that I think every reader has wanted to shout at Harry from time to time. Harry, for his part, can't help being himself. He never even got over his grief from Ginny's death and now he's lost Esme, as well. It has not been a happy life for him over the four years or so leading up to this point.

I'm glad you like the ghosts. They can provide levity, but also some additional perspective and even a bit of sage counsel from time to time. Go back and re-read the conversation between Harry and Nick near the end of OotP. I felt like that was the point where Harry finally started to accept Sirius's death.

Neville has had a lot going on, just like everybody else. And in spite of his suspicions of Tennant, he didn't think that the man was capable of outright betrayal. Live and learn...

It is indeed Herodonthus who's tempting Octavia at the end. He is trying to get her to embrace his dark gifts the same way that her grandmother did. You'd think that such a powerful dark spirit would be able to simply possess a young child without much trouble. I'll give you a hint. He can't. And the reason why turns out to be very important.

I'm really not looking forward to the end, either. Maybe that's why it's taking me forever to finish the chapters these days. ;) Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #11, by Christina 

15th June 2012:
Another fantastic chapter! And whoa at Neville with his confrontation with Harry and putting him in his place. But seriously, Harry was really asking for it at that point. It's great to see him remain in character though, even if he is incredibly annoying sometimes. lol I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Somebody needed to snap Harry out of his self-pity and brooding. Neville just took one for the team, so to speak. Harry will never be able to stop blaming himself for the bad things that happen around him. it's just who he is. Fortunately, he has friends who will set him right.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Jchrissy 

15th June 2012:
I donít want to post this review, it means I really have no chapters left to R&R :(. You're lucky you caved.. I was going to have to pull out the big guns soon.

The lady T and minster scene was perfect. It showed more of her cold calculations, her ability to control and posses. Itís just perfect that she orders them all to Level one. Killing a mass of people is so much easier of they are all together, isnít it?

The Neville and Harry scene reminded me so much of when he stands up to the trio in SS, and they body bind curse him or whatever, basically just the same idea that when it comes down to it, Neville will always do what he thinks needs to be done, regardless of the difficulty. You have Neville fighting him out of his pity party, counteracting his self loathing, and trying to do it while being authoritative and strong but still kind. Itís great. I thing the dialogue is a perfect flow, itís a real conversation between two people, you donít stop and talk about why each character says what or anything, you just let if go.

I love Hermys. I want to squeeze him and Octavia both.

Octavia has someone else trying to get into her precious lil mind... great. Her conversation with unknown voice is so funny but scary. Is it the book speaking to her? Has it decided for a younger, more spongy mind? This book is sort of a horcrux of the brain, right? It wont give him another life, but itís a piece of him that part of his thoughts were transferred into, behaving like a horcrux in the sense of control, but being able to think for its self, right?

ďWake me up right before she gets here.Ē Hahah itís perfect. Itís not odd to her that this random thing is speaking to her and that sheís talking back. Sheís little, why should she think itís out of place. Itís the perfect combination of a child's innocence mixed with the intuition that something just isnít right.

I love that you have the ghosts involved, it works really well.

So, what happens next? What is Lady Tís next move? What will happen to these children? Who will be there to stop it? How many of them realize they are in terrible danger?

You are killing me here.

Please give me more :( I'm pouting.

I'm also enraged that this chapter only has 2 reviews. A million more people have read it than that, I'm sure. Is it that hard to just take a second and say,

"Loved it! X part was great, I was confused on X but I think I was suppose to be, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter!"

Really. Oh well... It was still an amazing chapter.


Author's Response: Obviously I'm never going to turn away anyone who wants to leave a review. That said, given the choice between a smaller number of really worthwhile reviews or a large number of "OMG, loved it! Pls update soon!" reviews cobbled together in AOL-speak, I'll take the former.

Wait a sec... are you even old enough to know what AOL-speak is? ;)

But I digress. Lady Tenabra has eliminated yet another person after using them up. It's definitely a pattern with her. When people outlive their usefulness, they must be eliminated so as not to leave loose ends lying about. As to why she's pulling all of the Minister's supporters to Level 1, well, it's actually a bit less sinister than that. Now that Percy will be Minister, she needs to fighting to be over so he/she can consolidate control.

Neville is like Old Faithful, isn't he? Solid, brave, stable... not the careening, emotional wreck that the trio has been at various times throughout the story. It's good to have that steadying influence.

Octavia is definitely being solicited by the spirit that dwells inside the book. But the spirit can't simply possess her without her accepting his help. Again, wonder why?

I like the ghosts. They're good comic relief in some cases, and they can actually contribute to the story.

Sorry to be killing you, but the next chapter really is taking a while to complete. Every one gets harder to write. :-

Thanks so much for all of your great reviews!

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Review #13, by Remus 

13th June 2012:
Everyone gathering in Level One is not sitting well with me. Easy targets for Lady T, that's for sure. I definitely like the Minister's POV here for it gives us an insight of what is going on on his end and what he thinks/plans to do. Of course, Lady T had to come and wreck everything but what's a story without a villain? Haha.

I definitely enjoyed reading the Neville/Harry part. Glad that Neville here is the voice of reason while Harry is going through his "Woe is me" moment. However, I would've liked to see more of Harry's anger and frustration in this with description and narration. You're amazingly great when it comes to narrative, however, when you're trying to move the story along by just dialogue, you seem to drop description, specially the telling of emotions. It just feelings a bit dry when Harry and Neville are talking.

Love, however, that Neville attacked Harry...he deserves it.

Oh no...I have an idea of who is with Octavia and Iím not liking it. This can be bad...However, did she always have that other entity within her OR has it been piggybacking on Octavia for a while now?

So is this technically a Civil War OR a Third Wizarding War? Iím interested of how this is going to play out in the end. Will the castle be once again be the host of the last battle? Will the parents show up to help their kids and Harry? That one was one of my main questions when book 7 was published. How come none of the parents, came to help out? Iím pretty sure word travel very fast. Will Lady T show her real motives behind all of this soon?

Hahaha, I'm full of questions on this chapter.

Anyway, once again, another great chapter!! :D Cannot wait for the update!


Author's Response: Hello, again!

I really appreciate the thoughts on Harry's conversation with Neville. I'm still not pleased with how it sounds. I agree that there should have been more there. I really have no excuse. I went to the well of Harry Agonizing Over Somebody's Death and this time I came up empty. Revisions, revisions...

Neville did deliver. He's seen enough of Harry's behavior over the years to know what it means. And he figured out a way to get under Harry's emotional barriers and get him to react. Much like Susan in that regard.

Octavia is being propositioned by Herodonthus's spirit, which lives on in his book. Recall in the last chapter that Arabela tries to take over Octavia's mind the same way she's taken over Percy's and she's not able to. I'll tell you this much: the reason that she fails is the same reason that the book is trying to lure Octavia with gifts of power.

I'm not sure what you'd call this war. I'm not sure you'd even call it a war, yet. Hogwarts will play a pivotal role, once again. Soon...

I'm working diligently on chapter 35, but they just take longer and longer to write. Sigh. :(

Thanks so much for all of your great reviews!

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Review #14, by Em 

11th June 2012:
I absolutely loved the part with Neville and Harry. It's about bloody time someone told Harry off like that!

The voice in Octavia's head, I'm guessing it's whats-his-name-who-wrote-the-cursed-book (I'm sorry, I forgot his name!). If so, it's interesting that he's trying to possess(?) Octavia and discard Arabela but Arabela probably thinks that she's the one attempting the possession(?).

I need to go back to the early chapters and re-acquaint myself with the names of all the Potter/Weasley grandkids, so that I can know who are the ones in danger at Hogwarts. There's just so many of them! =P

Excellent as always. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the resolution of the conflict. This has to be, by far, my favorite post-Hogwarts grown-up-trio fanfic I've ever read.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Harry needed to hear that. It's not that Neville wanted to upset him or add to his troubles, but there wasn't a practical alternative.

Yes, Herodonthus's book is speaking to Octavia in the cave. I can't precisely say whether the book has given up on Arabela. Let's just say that it's hedging its bets...

I'm not sure that I've named them all by name in the story. I made myself a family tree so I could keep track, otherwise I'd be lost, too. For the benefit of anyone who actually reads other people's reviews, here is the list. It'll be like an Easter Egg. ;)

- Bill & Fleur:

- - Teddy & Victoire

- - - Remus (age 21)

- - - Billy (age 8)

- Charlie (single)

- Percy & Audrey

- - Molly & [husband not named]

- - - [children not named]

- - Lucy & [husband not named]

- - - [children not named]

- Fred (deceased)

- George & Angelina

- - Freddy & [wife not named]

- - - Angie (age 12)

- - Roxie & [husband not named]

- - - Albert (age 13)

- - - Michael (age 9)

- Ron & Hermione

- - Rose & Scorpius

- - - Aiden (age 17)

- - - Octavia (age 6)

- - Hugo & Fiona

- - - Celeste (age 16)

- - - Robert (age 12)

- - - Amelie (age 2)

- Harry & Ginny (deceased)

- - James & Brandy

- - - Artie (age 16)

- - - Victor (age 14)

- - Al & Jenny

- - - Oliver (age 16)

- - - Lilian (age 11)

- - Lily & Brandon

- - - Ronald (age 14)

- - - Ellie (age 10)

Whew. What a brood! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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