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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 15: Various Magic
19 Reviews Found

Review #1, by marauder5 

15th April 2013:
This chapter was really good! The flow was perfect - I just read it all, without even thinking about it, which is exactly how it should be :) Well done!

I enjoyed seeing the contrast between Dumbledore's advice and personality and Salazar Slytherin's. I feel kind of bad for both Crabbe and Colin. I hope you will reveal in the future why they signed up for the Devil's Duel, because netiher one seems to really want to be part of it.

The best part about this chapter was the last section with Remus and Tonks. I love the fact that he tried to prepare her for the duels, and that he was hesitant to really try to defeat her. That's why it's a good thing Moody was there. Although, I'm a bit confused as to why Tonks was so 'bad' at dueling - like she stated, she IS an auror. The fact that Tonks refused to hurt any of her opponents was nice, and I'm glad that Remus supported it. However, if it comes down to her and one more in the finals... the other one has to die in order for her to win...

This is so interesting! I just want to read more!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so happy you liked it. :)

Salazar is a nasty seed. His advice versus Albus's advice really illustrates the sort of counseling given to Colin and Vincent all their lives. Vincent has always looked up to Slytherins, to Death Eaters, to people who do not have his best interest at heart, whereas Colin's idols are do-gooders like Harry Potter. I did give a glimpse of Colin's motivations for joining the Devil's Duel in this chapter (he wanted to visit Dennis and warn him about his early death), and if you keep your eyes peeled you might see Vincent's motivations a bit later on. ;)

Tonks really is good at dueling, just not at dueling her husband. She can't treat him like an adversary because she loves him, and is unwilling to hurt him even if it's for practice. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, really. In this respect she's not well-suited to something like the Devil's Duel. It's for more ruthless, cutthroat competitors. Hopefully she'll be able to internalize these concerns and put them out of mind so that they don't affect the duel outcomes.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #2, by Lululuna 

25th February 2013:
I'm completely drawn into this story. The writing is so eloquent and clear, and everything is packed with meaning and resonance.

I especially love the character of Salazar: he's both dryly amusing and intriguing. Its interesting how the dead characters have personalities that go way beyond being idealized by the living, for example the Marauders and Lily.

The idea of the Devil's Duel is so great, I love how the story both expands on the HP world and has a plot all its own. I'm personally predicting that Fred will "lose" and then be re-incarnated as George's son, or even better they find some way to rebel against the whole institution, but I guess all will be revealed in future chapters!

Anyway I could go on about how creative and thoughtful this story is, but... I'd rather keep reading!!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! That is so wonderful to hear. :)

Eee, Salazar's a personal favorite of mine, as well. ^ ^ He's on the sour side, but somehow he gets away with being a little bit evil because his outlook on everything is so dramatically repugnant. It's his own fault he's so miserable, really. He does it all to himself.

Interesting prediction! I can't say whether or not you're right, but I absolutely adore hearing predictions on the duels. :D

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #3, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another amazing chapter! I feel like I say the same things with each review I leave, but it's absolutely true! Love this story, and can't wait to get to the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Hooray! Thank you. :)

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Review #4, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
BAHAHAH HIS STUDENT IS CRABBE HOW EMBARRASSING. I love how Dumbly is just casually eavesdropping -- so sassy, Dumbledore -- and judging from afar. And proffering wisdom at the same time. He's a multitasker.

AHH AND HIS WORDS ON LILY ARE SO WELL SAID. I love this poetry in her, I suppose, punishment in winning. And I noted this before, but I couldn't quite find the proper words for it, but yes, it's prevented her from moving on. But he says it much better. “Winning has prevented her from healing. Her old wounds are ripped open nearly once a year, making her perpetually unfulfilled, unsatisfied.”

Ooh, and he raises the question of what really happens when they go 'on' (refrain from singing celine dion), because I was wondering about the validity of that too; I noticed it was hearsay.

“With that attitude, I wouldn’t tell you the temperature.” so much sass in CC.

omg I love that Salazar hates Dumbledore for those reasons, because I can kind of understand him for it, even if the reasons are petty. Omg his love for his basilisk. Salazar almost smiled. The afternoon was finally starting to look up! HE IS SUCH A JAFAR FROM ALADDIN. That's actually how I imagine him.

EE A CAMERA. Ok after Dumbledore's pep talk I am now solidly rooting for Colin! I hope he goes back to earth to take photos and stuff.

AHH MOODY'S PARANOIA IS MAKING ME PARANOID BY BRINGING UP ALL THESE QUESTIONS I PREVIOUSLY WONDERED ABOUT BUT FORGOT. I was also heavily sideeyeing Cliodna because we know so little about her, except her creepy bird pecked face. MAYBE SHE EATS THE SOULS. SHE'S THE DEMENTOR QUEEN. ok the 2am is showing.

Aww, and Tonks stays compassionate ♥ ok ok I should stop now. perhaps. Julia says it's worth staying up the rest of the night but I probably still won't finish it then :'D


Author's Response: IT REALLY WOULD BE EMBARRASSING TO HAVE CRABBE AS A MENTEE. Sassy Dumbledore, lol. When you say that I just picture Dumbledore flipping his beard over his shoulder, hands on his hips. "Oh no you /didn't/!"

Dumbledore silently knows something's up with this tournament but doesn't test Cliodna because he's just chilling in CC. He's on holiday. IT'S COLIN'S PROBLEM NOW. lol typical Dumbledore style, chilling out while a teenage boy grapples with his problems. IMMA JUST LET YOU TAKE CARE OF THIS, COLIN. HERE, I'LL GIVE YOU A CRYPTIC SPEECH AND YOU CAN MAKE WHAT YOU WANT OF IT. I TRUST YOU TO READ BETWEEN THE LINES AND INTERPRET IT CORRECTLY.

Jafar from Aladdin, god this whole story is just Aladdin. Scrimgeour is Raja and the sultan is Dumbledore.

Rooting for Colin, woo! You and Julia are the Colin cheerleaders.



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Review #5, by maskedmuggle 

5th October 2012:
Ahh! My time to read HPFF has been very sporadic and when I come back to this story I find it completed!! Congratulations by the way - and I can't wait to read to the end and find out all of what's in store! That being said, I really, really loved this chapter. I really do repeat myself every time, but you're an absolutely genius writer!

YOUR CHARACTERS ARE ALWAYS SO FLAWLESS. I loved the parallel situation with Salazar/Vincent and Dumbledore/Colin and the completely different things they were saying. It feels like there's a lot of plotting and planning from the individual contestants, and it'll be really interesting to see how they will all fare in the next round, especially when they have to actually face each other.

Tonks preparing her fighting skills was also a fantastic scene. OH I LOVE MOODY! - "Flagrate?" Moody barked. "Are you an Auror or a unicorn, because I really can’t tell the difference!" I'm glad that Tonks is trying to stay true to who she is - it makes her seem so different to Lily Potter (even though they are so similar in so many ways). Loved this chapter! Can't wait for round 2! :)

Author's Response: Hello again!!

Thank you. :) It's such an awesome feeling to finish a WIP. Switching it to 'completed' makes me feel like I've accomplished something.

Dumbledore's methods are very different from Salazar's, as you've noticed. I do feel a tad sorry for Vincent that he has such a slimy guidance counselor.

Moody! I neglected him a lot in this story, so I tried to squeeze him in wherever possible just to show how he's getting along. Still being bossy, still being paranoid. XD Tonks's determination not to lose herself is exactly what separates her from Lily, who thinks she has to be ruthless to get by.

So glad you loved this chapter! I hope you like the next one (which is round 2!) Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #6, by Akussa 

13th September 2012:
Ok, this review will be more straight to the point considering this is the second time i write it... (the first version didn't work for some reason)...

I really, really liked this chapter. Every single participant's training was enjoyable, distinct and very revealing.
Let's start with Vincent. First, your portrayal of him is very canon (or at least the way I picture him being!!) and second, him being mentored by Salazar Slytherin is brilliant! Especially Salazar's reaction to Vincent's less than stellar abilities!!!

It was really nice to see Albus again, giving help to Colin, I really liked that part. Your characterization of Albus was perfect by the way.

The last scene, with Tonks, Lupin and Moody was really nice as well. I like Tonks' vision of the duel and what she is willing to do as opposed to what she isn't interested in doing. I love Remus' last sentence; in this case, there is definitly a more important thing in life than winning.

Great chapter, I really enjoy how you involve every character and give us a view of their preparation.

Author's Response: Poor Crabbe, landing a tutor like Salazar. They're two peas in a pod, I suppose. Even though I had to have a giggle that Salazar got stuck with an idiot. Salazar's dry humor was fun for me to write. ^ ^

Characterization of Albus was perfect? Brb, I'm going to go float for a minute. XD Seriously, thank you! He's intimidating to write, so I'm glad I impressed you.

Tonks is a warrior. She knows exactly where she stands and she's not going to change herself for anything, not even to prevent herself from losing. I admire that in her. She /is/ an Auror, after all.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by shadowycorner 

21st August 2012:
I love how every character ou bring in has its true and own voice. Dumbledore sounded just like Dumbledore, being optimistic and cheery about losing your soul, because hey, it still doesn't have to mean the end, right? Again i will say how awfully I adore Salazar. He's mean and a little vile, but I see how he ended up in Cliodna's Clock. It was amusing to read he considers Voldemort to be a stupid little blot. Poor bloke, being frowned upon when setting his snakes to do his bidding. That part really made me laugh.

And then Moody comes, and again, he sounds just like Moody with his conspiracy about everything. His talking and nagging during the duel between Remus and Tonks was so well-done. I haven't read Moody in fanfiction for a long time now, but this one scene made me like him all over again.

Reading about Tonks is strange. I mean, she's perfectly written, I've never imagined her to be so complex. I think that her vision of Lily and what she's done adds a really interesting note to the story. It's obvious how detached she is from Remus's group, which is only natural. But then I really like how determined and strong she remains.

This story has great plot and exceptional writing, but what I adore most about it is the way you write the characters. They're all dead, yet so ALIVE through your writing.

Author's Response: It's ridiculous how long I've taken to respond to your reviews. I stupidly let all my reviews sit until today and am now frantically trying to catch up.

Salazar was so much fun to write here. He views Voldemort like an inconvenient little insect. He's all about how his reputation, and doesn't like Voldemort because Voldemort makes his House look bad; rather than disliking Voldemort because, you know, he murders people. XD

Moody in fanfiction is a rarity. There's a story by Violet Gryfindor called Out of Time that is a time-traveling romance about him and Lily II, which I'd like to read.

Tonks operates on her own momentum. Her husband has an attachment to a group she doesn't really belong to, so she draws her strength from herself. I admire Tonks quite a lot.

I'm so happy to hear that you like the way I write JKR's characters. It makes my day. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by MagicalInk 

20th June 2012:
Hey! I'm back again!

You know you're great at giving life to characters that JJ didn't? I mean, some she did, but they're all secondary and she killed them anyway.
But I'm more referring to little details like Odo. I think he was from a story Hagrid used to tell something like that? And you're taking all this little minor characters to make te environment better and more complex.

And then, of course, there's Salazar. I lov eth way he's selfish and arrogant without showing it for the sake of his reputation. Which is nothing more but what he's hiding really. And I'm glad that what Voldemort did, isn't something he's proud of, because it shows Salazar IS human. I hope you'll show us more snippets from the founders as it's a really interesting point of view.

Well, I think your characterization is good everywhere, actually. I'm particularly in live with your Dumbledore.
“I have it on reliable authority that acceptance of the unknown makes the present far easier to handle. It lends a clear perspective on life and what you’ve done with it so far.”
One thing that makes me like writers more is when they add philosophy about life and society to their story, and not simply write romance or action plots. Dumbledore is the brain in your story, and then you have Tonks as the conscience.

It's great that she's still thinking of Teddy and what the races are really doing. Actually, I feel like she's not the only one questioning this along with Remus, and hope there'll be more explaining of this besides the races. Because this wy your plot could be deeper and as I said before, criticism society. Hmmm, interesting...

And Moody's paranoia is hilarious! Just saying...
Today's wednesday which means I'm getting back in catching up again, but I just wanted to say that why is great in this chapter is that you're putting action again and adding depth to your plot! I loved it and all the characters /as always/ ♥

- Val

Author's Response: Hey, Val!

Odo was one of the first characters I planned to introduce in this story. He was in a song that Hagrid liked to sing when he was drunk. XD

Salazar regards Voldemort in the way that one might regard a really annoying mosquito. He dislikes him mostly for selfish reasons - in that Voldy made the Slytherin name look worse.

Wow, I love what you said about Dumbledore being the brain of the story and Tonks being the conscience. I've never thought about it that way before but I think you're right.

Tonks might be starting to question the races and the village itself, but you'll see later that someone else is already ahead of her in that department. ;) That part of the plot is an undercurrent - slow-moving but definitely present.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by peppersweet 

19th June 2012:
crabbe, do not underestimate colin. colin has me cheerleading in the review boxes. 2-4-6-8 who do we appreciate, not the king, not the queen, but the...er...colin creevey...team?


as if you can write dumbledore that well! he's impossible! so jelleh and so amazed~

the colin fan and art student within me wants to know what make of camera it is. COLIN. sorry. I have too many feels.


I can't...I can't deal with there only being one chapter left...sniff...sob...weep...feels...

Author's Response: Omg when I was writing this chapter, legit my first thought was I HOPE JULIA DOESN'T EVER READ THIS FAR BECAUSE SHE'S GOING TO SNORT AT MY NON-CAMERA KNOW-HOW. So if you ever see something iffy that can't be explained away with, "it's a /magical/ camera", tell meh because you are the ultimate authority. Also, feel free to decide the make because I derno.


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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

18th June 2012:
If Vincent had been around when Salazar still ran the school, he would've tossed him back into the streets like a Muggle.

^ I loved the humor in this chapter! Salazar and his little jabs at Dumbledore and the mention of his dear basilik. Dumbledore and his words of wisdom and then the tea comment. Trelawney! Couldn't stop laughing.

Her old wounds are ripped open nearly once a year, making her perpetually unfulfilled, unsatisfied.

^ That's kind of what I was saying with my last review. She really hasn't had time to heal, unlike James. I mean, I think James is still hurt by everything obviously because that's his son but he has been sitting on the sidelines for quite some time. All he can hear are stories about him but he doesn't have to see him grow up and move on with his life and become a man without his help.

If they've never passed on from here, how can they be so sure that there is no 'other side' for the other side?

^ ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL US SOMETHING? ARE THEY IN LIMBO? Is this just the 'first' transition' for them and then the next...is more of a mystery or just...the next transition? Is there another place that they can 'go' afterwards because they've kind of...accepted death fully?

Author's Response: I very much enjoyed writing Salazar and his moody thoughts about Dumbledore and Voldemort, and his fondness for his basilisk. He's a bad seed, that Salazar.

James is still very sad about Harry, of course, but at the same time he doesn't really have the image of modern-day Harry in his head like Lily does. He has a bit more perspective because he's in the background, and doesn't have to get too close to the fire, for a lack of a better description of it. Lily's too close, too involved, and she can't see that it's hurting her. And her hurt is hurting James.

I love hearing your theories. Of course I can't comment on them, though. :3

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Hogwarts27 

14th June 2012:
I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, with Remus and Moody trying to sharpen Tonks' dueling skills. I was also glad to hear Moody's take on the topic of the loser needing to sacrificing their soul, and found myself agreeing with him. It seems like a very harsh price to pay for losing. It feels like there's a twist coming.

Author's Response: Moody seems to have a point, which unfortunately goes largely overlooked just because of his reputation as being paranoid. Having no soul seems to be a horrible price to pay for not winning some game where even the prize is sort of twisted and tantalizing, because those twenty-four hours cannot realistically be satisfying. It would be such torture, I would think, to be right there with your family/friends and not be allowed to stay with them forever.

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Review #12, by cazvalleygirl 

12th June 2012:
Hello, it’s me again :)

And congratulations on another fantastic chapter! You are so creative it makes me green with envy on one hand and happy as punch on the other because I can read some awesome piece of fan fiction! Honestly this is the best piece of fan fiction I have ever had the pleasure to read. I love that you keep the characters so canon. I’ve said it before but I’m sure you have access to J.k Rowling’s secret notes :)

I adored the start of this chapter. We got to see more of Dumbledore and you write him superbly well and I’m so pleased because he’s one of my favourite fictional characters.

And your portrayal of Salazar…

WOWZA! That bloke is so annoyingly brilliant; I bow down to your creative brilliance! I like how he’s not evil in this story; although how he didn’t end up in the Grotta for all that business with the Chamber of secrets I’ll never know! After all he did invite a gigantic killer snake into the school to rid it of muggle borns! If that didn’t get you a one way ticket to the Grotta then what would lol! But I accept he’s not fully evil and a bit of his soul could be redeemed so I guess that’s why he ended up in Cliodna’s Clock. I found his view of Voldemort extremely amusing “dreadful little blots like Voldemort” hysterical lol!

And the whole Tonks/Remus/Moody and Ted scene was so entertaining. I fear I may be turning slightly Moody-ish because I’m starting to get suspicious about Cliodna and the whole Devil Duels set up. Obviously Moody is a very paranoid individual but he has had reason to be throughout his life and I think maybe his suspicions are right on this one.

I found Remus’ thoughts the most poignant of all in this chapter.

While admittedly he had begun to question the existence and necessity of the Devil’s Duel, deducing that the twenty-four hour prize on Earth was tailored for those suffering from grief (and was therefore little more than a murder plot preying on the unstable and vulnerable)

I don’t know why I didn’t catch on before because it is glaringly obvious! Of course the Duels are for the people who are most vulnerable! I so hope Tonks kicks some arse now! But what about Cedric and Fred and Snape…argh I’m so torn!

And that’s the best thing about this whole story, everyone will have a different view and many people will have different views on who should fail and succeed lol! Good luck pleasing everyone with that! ;)

Well done again, you are just a fantastic author! Now hurry up and publish a book : ) x

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Eeep yay, thank you. Your reviews are so lovely. I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but you've no idea how much I appreciate your feedback. It's very encouraging.

Bahaha, Salazar really ought to be in the Grotta, what with unleashing a giant snake on unsuspecting Muggle-born students. I suppose I gave him a bit of leniency here that he didn't really deserve, for the purposes of the plot. He's wise to not enter the tournament, because I'm sure karma's got a few points stacked against him.

Moody was paranoid, but it's exactly like you said - he had reason to be. He knew stuff other people didn't know, and lived in a much darker world. I think that I identify a lot with Moody, now that I think about it, because I'm always seeing conspiracy theories everywhere I go.

Oh my goodness, yes, everyone's got their own idea of who should win and who should lose. As the author, it's so gratifying to see the variety of responses. I'm glad there's no clear frontrunner and no clear loser.

I just love writing this story. ^ ^ And I just posted Chapter 16, which is Round Two! Hope you like it. :) And my ultimate dream is to publish a book, so thank you for saying that!

- Sarah

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Review #13, by WitnesstoitAll 

11th June 2012:
So here I am at long, long last, and aslkdfjwaoieowiejfeoisldkfjaoiejpoiewjflaks. Holy cow, wow. I know you had said following the Round one chapter that there would be several chapters that may seem 'dull' in comparison due to the lack of action or what not, but this was amazing. I sort of pictured this chapter like a boxing match -- the contestants all in their own corner with a towel over their shoulders getting encouraged/pumped up/insulted by their own coach. It really was a neat chapter. I like the characters you selected to let up see, too. Crabbe... I had almost forgotten he was a contestant. But I adored Salazar sort of sitting there, begrudgingly coaching him along. The bit about him wondering how the boy had made it into his house. LOLZ 5eva. annnd Colin and Albus. You wrote dumbledore so well. He sounded so peaceful and sage and ugh. Eternally jealous. Everything he said to colin, I think the boy really needed to hear, poor little colin. Annd the camera! baw. The notion of there really not being noting after a soul is snuffed is an interesting concept, and one I desperately hope albus is right about. MOODY. he's such a boss. I love that he now has two eyes, but they don't quite match. I wonder if people who lose body parts, if they're up there wondering around waiting for their people. I can imagine George's ear scuttling around. lololol. Anyway -- Tonks is so awesome. I really love her so much more in this story than I ever did in canon. I liked her, don't get me wrong, but you've given her such depth here. She feels like a real person with conflicting emotions and goals and such. She's a mother, and the notion of attaching mere boys in the tournament doesn't sit well with her... that is something that seems very feasible to me. Afterall, those boys could be her teddy in a few years.

Ahhh. Sarah. Look at that awfully rambly 2000+ word paragraph. This word count feature on these reviews make me way self concious about the length/quality of my reviews. ooops. Anyway, I loved this chapter and look forward to the next (as always)


Author's Response: Mel ♥ (Just tried to type (h) XD)

I was initially worried about the lack of action between duel chapters, and found myself impatient to write duels only, but now I'm preferring the in-between ones. I've found that they're way more rich with opportunity for information-cramming; and beyond that, I want to make this story more than just about the Devil's Duel. I really like showing the characters. Hey, look at me ramble!

lol a boxing match is a very good comparison. Salazar is the most reluctant coach ever. It must be a slap in the face to see your last name represented by someone as dimwitted as Crabbe.

Dumbles! I was terrified to write him but I'm glad that I did. I don't think anyone else could have had that particular conversation with Colin and have it be as effective as he could make it. Dumbledore can sort of see things that others can't see, I think. Maybe it just comes with being an old geezer. Instant wisdom.

I am now struck with the image of George's ear scuttling around Cliodna's Clock, eavesdropping on people's conversations. Omg that would be a hilarious one-shot. *THE THINGS GEORGE LISTENED TO WITHOUT WANTING TO LISTEN TO THEM*

Baww Tonks is a favorite of mine. I love her relationship with Remus - I think they're my favorite pairing in this story.

The length/quality of your reviews is smashing, Mel. However, my responses to them are questionable. I am not even going to preview my response to this because I know it's going to be rambly gibberish.

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Review #14, by Aderyn 

10th June 2012:

This chapter was very interesting. I liked the opening with Vincent and Slytherin. I like that your Slytherin is more cunning than evil, and that he's exasperated with what his house has become. It's interesting how the sorting hat has changed then, I suppose. Also, I thought it was funny when he started getting happy by the mention of Colin being Petrified by the Basilisk. He may not be the most likable guy, but he's not evil or traitorous at all. Very much like a more restrained and proper Slughorn.

Seeing Dumbledore was interesting. As always, he has his interesting quirks but is extremely intelligent and manages to see the situation with surprising clarity. He can say the right things to people, and almost, it appears, read their minds. His comment about what happens if you lose the duel is interesting--everyone assumes that there is nothing after, but no one knows until it happens to them. He's very astute in that manner.

The final scene, however, was my favorite. I like seeing Remus and Tonks interact. I'm glad that Remus is being supportive and trying to help Tonks win, or rather survive the competition. It was wonderful to see Moody there as well. To some extent, here, he's being even more cunning than Dumbledore, with the questions he raises. I mean, it's deep stuff--like is your death known at your birth? is your fate predetermined? is the winner of the duel known? In a world where a quill rights down names of all magical children and where people see the future, it's quite possible and that's more than a little scary. Again, you did a wonderful job taking a canon fact and using to enhance your world.

But what Moody says after that is really even more chilling: why is it necessary? Honestly, that's a good question, and one that I didn't think of until he said it, and one that most people probably don't think of, because when they come to Cliodna's clock, this is the way it is, and since they feel disoriented when they arrive, they just accept it. Moody's utterly right: why couldn't everyone have a chance at 24 hours? And why is it so crowded if they could expand with just more magic, after all, Cliodna created the place at some point. And also, losing 1 person a year is definitely not going to slow population growth--more than 1 person comes to Cliodna's Clock each year, I would say. This is almost starting to sound like a conspiracy of sorts. Perhaps this place isn't as much of a utopia as it sounds like. Honestly, this really surprised me, and I'm not sure why. It's like a really good, shocking twist in a suspenseful movie. I was so willing to accept that this story was only about the competition and was set in this idyllic world of Cliodna's Clock. But now you're doing a wonderful job of seeding doubt, in both characters and readers. I didn't see this coming, at all, and that makes it all the more of a shock.

Honestly, I don't know how you come up with this stuff. This feels so original, like a novel but not. And perhaps it is, because fanfiction sets you up with more options. You have already known characters to populate your world with, and it's already established that there is some sort of existence beyond life. You don't need to spend lots of time explaining that, or who the characters are, you can just create this amazing plot. Your ability to write sentences that inspire so much emotion is incredible. You pick words that make me feel what the characters who listen to them feel. The style you right in offers bits of humor, action and even philosophy, which is probably why I write these super long reviews--I'm trying to work through the questions you pose to characters, because they're so compelling.

I just cannot praise this story enough! It needs to receive absolutely every award this is out there.


P.S. Did you ever mention the resurrection stone in this? Were Lily, James, Remus, Sirius--all the people Harry sees--suddenly transported, or were they aware that they were interacting with Harry? Just something I thought of.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness Haley, how am I going to begin to do this review justice?! Seriously, this made my MONTH.

I feel like Slytherins always get pegged as being evil and villainous, and stupid like Crabbe and Goyle and Marcus Flint, so it was nice to be able to show the more cunning side of Slytherins. I picture him to be almost flamboyant in his broody-ness, going out of his way to ignore those he deems to be beneath him. It causes him pain to have to speak with a simpleton like Crabbe. XD And I'm glad you liked the Dumbledore bits, too. Dumbledore is such a flawed character, but it's so easy to see past that because he's wise and friendly and genuinely has everyone's best interests at heart. I really admire him.

Moody's noticed a fair share more than his fellows because he's so used to having no choice but to imagine the worst case scenario in everything. He's paranoid, but here I don't think his paranoia is at all unfounded. Cliodna's Clock is not a normal place. Some people have forgotten that, and have gotten used to it, but someone like Moody isn't going to just trust the world and let all of his suspicions go. And you're right, that is a bit scary. It's like...how much control does one really have in their own life?

I love what you said about people coming to Cliodna's Clock and just accepting their fate and the way that things are because they're disoriented and everything's new - that's exactly how I see it, too. They accept it because that's just how it is. But then a small suspicion sparks a question, which prompts another, and before you know it, you're like Mad-Eye Moody and you're leaning toward a full-on conspiracy theory.

skdjfksjdfdsj You are so kind! So many warm fuzzies right now. It's so, so, so encouraging to receive a review like this, and to know that I've got you asking questions, and to have it confirmed that I'm offering a little bit of variety in this story. I like philosophy, so that's particularly rewarding to hear.

Ooo the resurrection stone. I was a tad bit vague and didn't state explicitly, but it did crop up in Chapter Two. When Remus disappeared right after he and Tonks found themselves in the water outside the depot, that was because Harry called him back with the stone. ^ ^

Thank you so much for the long, thorough, lovely review!

- Sarah

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Review #15, by Jess the Enthusiast 

9th June 2012:
I have so much love for this story!!! The beginningof the chapter was really great; I loved the difference in mentor techniques between Salazar and Dumbledore. And Salazar just cracks me up; he's so /angry/ all the time! It's great! And Colin. *sigh* I love that kid.
I also really loved the training session between Tonks, Remus, and Moody. And I kind of felt like Moody made a good point. I mean, I see what Tonks was saying, but I kind of feel like if she has no intention of taking someone out in the last round, then what was the point of signing up? Does she want to win or not? Does she want to see Teddy or not?
But then again, another thing Tonks said got me thinking: What will Harry think of all the things Lily did when he dies and finds out? Interesting...
So, I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next update, you brilliant writer, you! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Salazar's got such anger issues. He reminds me of a dragon, just sitting all angry in a corner, breathing fire at people who pass by. Baww, I love Colin, too. And it's strange because I never considered writing him before this story. I'm glad I did; I feel like he lends a more childlike aspect to this story because, like Dumbledore said, he's pure in heart.

Moody definitely did make a good point. Tonks can't really afford to develop a conscience right now. She's already in the tournament and now she has no choice but to play her cards.

You're not the only one to wonder about what Harry would think of Lily's actions. And while he would probably be a bit shocked, I can sort of envision James signed up for the Devil's Duel himself. He does seem to have a pretty hardcore thirst for adventure. XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Ardeith 

7th June 2012:
Woo hoo! Another chapter! Wow, you've thought it all out, haven't you? Why and HOW did Cliodna start this place? If the Duel is a population control measure, it isn't a very effective one...you're only weeding out one person per year! :-) Of course Moody would take the paranoid approach.

Also enjoyed your characterization of Salazar. So funny to hear the so-called Dark Lord thought of as a "dreadful little blot".

Author's Response: I do know why and how Cliodna started this place! ^ ^ And yep, the population control measure is not very effective when you figure how many people must die every year and end up coming to the village. Therefore, this must mean that the tournament isn't one hundred percent about population control. Moody, of course, would have sniffed out this trail very soon after coming to the afterlife because he's so paranoid. Gotta love him. XD

Salazar looks down on Voldemort like someone might view an irritating insect. He believes himself to be very much above things like starting wars and thinks that Voldy is too dramatic.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

7th June 2012:
I honestly read this story as I would read an actual book! It just gets better! I really adore it! I love how you get the characters so close to canon and yet you also somehow manage to make them your own!
Speaking of awesome characters, I was so happy to see Salazar back! Really love that guy! The whole exchange between Tonks and co. was so great too! Brilliant job as always! Hope we get to see the next round soon :)

Author's Response: Eee what a wonderful thing to say! Thank you so much. :)

I love writing Salazar, so this definitely won't be the last you'll see of him. I'm glad you liked the Tonks bit, too. Also, Round Two will appear in the next chapter!! I'm very excited to post it this coming Wednesday.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! ^ ^

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Review #18, by fizzingwizzbies 

7th June 2012:
Oh my gosh you write Dumbledore so well! I can just picture him with Creevey! And yes Colin is lovely too, and now he has a camera. Brilliant I always loved Colin in the books so it's cool you brought him to life ( death?) here! I keep wondering what Harry would think of Lily when he dies? She gone sort of crazy! Nice caractisation of Salazar hating Voldy that was funny :) keep up the amazing writing this story is very intriguing :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Colin is such an eager, pure person, so it's nice to write him after writing about people who are foaming at the mouth to win this tournament. I have no idea what Harry will think of Lily when he dies; I suppose that if Lily is around and hasn't expired in the Devil's Duel, he'll probably have some adjusting to do, finding out that she's visited him so many times and what sort of price she had paid for it. Knowing about Harry and his hero thing, though, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he ever entered himself. I can definitely see him entering the Devil's Duel.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by TenthWeasley 

6th June 2012:
Salazar is the best. I've got to love Cedric and Snape on principle, of course -- that and the fact that you write them just brilliantly -- but it really shows how much you like writing Salazar in how well he seems to come off on the screen, you know? In a way, it's kind of scary, his advising Crabbe. Because Crabbe is clearly a moron (you did subtle humor so well in that scene, it's uncanny) but Salazar... definitely is not. Also. That is one of the most in-canon Dumbledores I have ever read and if I say any more about it I'll go positively blind with jealousy. You need to write more Dumbledore, though. Seriously.

I would love to see more of the Founders as you've characterized them, in their own story. The group you've amassed here would be so fun to read about in the Hogwarts setting. I'm not really into serious-sounding Founders fics (and apologies to anyone who reads or writes them), but yours have really made me fall in love with their characters. (Still pulling for that Godric/Lockhart bromance! ♥ And why yes, I will keep bringing it up and being obnoxious about it!)

Oh, and this lines, just really quickly:

“Flagrate?” Moody barked. “Are you an Auror or a unicorn, because I really can’t tell the difference!” -- WRITE MORE MOODY TOO. It's really not even decently amusing how much I laughed at that line. Because it's just SO in character. And I'm currently stewing in jealousy (again -- surprise!) at just how well you know canon and these characters and gahhh. Of course Moody would be helping out Tonks! And Remus is too -- oh my gosh, I was literally just attacked with an onslaught of feelings. You are making me love a ship I've never even thought much about before, beyond the fact that, well, yes, it's canon. The end. And now I'm pulling for them, vying for them, and if one of them dies there will be a sore price to pay. ♥ Basically, there is a long roster of people you cannot kill off. (Eight-way tie? :3)


My eyes are watering very much, and I think it's because with this intern job I'm getting between eight and ten hours of computer time a day. Which really, really sucks. So I'm going to cut this review off now and say that this chapter, and this story, are just... I don't even. It's like coming home to something great, every Wednesday (or Thursday, if Wednesdays suck), and I'm just so glad for that. :3

Great job, as always! ♥ Loved it!

Author's Response: ♥ YOU ♥

I think you are the biggest Cedric and Severus cheerleaders for this story, which makes both of them so intimidating for me to write. And Salazar! I never in a million years expected that I would write a fanfic featuring Salazar, and I've surprised myself by how much I enjoy it. A few readers have expressed their surprise that he's in Cliodna's Clock and not the Grotta, because he was so bad (cough sicking his snake on Muggle-borns cough), but I like to think that he's likable in that totally non-likable kind of way. If that makes any sense at all.

Dumbledore! Hardest person 5ever to write! I thought I would have a difficult time with it, but once I put on my Dumbles hat he sort of just starting talking and it wasn't as bad as I predicted it would be.

Godric/Lockhart lol I am not even sure how that would be possible, unless I killed off Lockhart. Maybe Godric could carry around a little portrait of Lockhart. Goodness knows that there must be a ton of them in existence. And yay for non-serious founders! I have a tad bit of drama llama between Salazar and Rowena, but individually they're easy to handle. I need to squeeze in more ridiculous!Godric.

Trufax, I've been squirming somewhat because it's taken so long to mention a scene with Tonks and Moody interacting, not to mention Tonks and her own father. So I was like...okay, going to shove this all into chapter 15 now and hopefully no one will notice how negligent I have been.

Tonks and Remus is becoming something I am getting attached to, and I do not know how to feel about it. I just. Gahh. Just about every canon pairing is a OTP of mine, but I love Remus/Tonks because they stand out. It's not much of a surprise that Lily and James ended up together, or Harry and Ginny, or Ron and Hermione, but it was a pretty big surprise to see Tonks and Remus get together. They had more obstacles to overcome, more judgment. He made her an outcast and she stuck by him, anyway, even when he was being a moron. I have much love for them. I'll bet you're so sorry for leaving me reviews that talk about numerous things because I keep handing you back essays for responses. RAMBLING RAMBLING RAMBLING~

Moody is so r00d.

That is a lot of computer time, yo. That makes my eyes hurt just thinking about it.

U iz awesome. ♥

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