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Review #1, by Courtney Dark 

1st March 2014:
I loved the first section of this chapter, with the aftermath of the battle, and I loved that it was from Ron's point of view. The fighting between Draco and Ron was just fantastic and the interactions of all the other canon characters...you just write everyone so well! I love that Ron got to show how great an Auror he can be in this chapter. Poor Harry:( He has had one of the most painful lives I have ever known - he constantly seems to be losing the people that he loves.

The Dennis scene was great - I love all the Hogwarts chapters, as they make me feel very reminiscent. And I liked that there was a bit of humour injected into it. A much needed change after the events of the last chapter!

The section from Octavia's point of view was great, too. I love the way you write her voice, with her calling Arabela/Lady Tenabra the 'mean lady' and all the little comparisons she makes that only a small child would think of. Although I'm dreading finding out what's going to happen to her...


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

I really liked writing Ron's PoV throughout the story and I sort of regret that I didn't have more chances to do it. By this point in his life, Ron has become an exceptionally skilled Auror, both in terms of his magical abilities and his strategic ones. Part of the point of this chapter was to show that he's completely capable of taking control of a situation when he needs to.

I really grew to like Dennis by the time I was done writing this. He starts off so belligerent and ignorant and turns into a generally likeable guy by the end of it. You'll definitely see more of him.

Keeping Octavia age-appropriate was a real challenge because she's surrounded by so many older characters. I'm glad you thought she sounded right.

Thanks so much for all of the great reviews!

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Review #2, by APerkins 

27th October 2013:
Aww Percy fighting it, Percy crying .

You know, you made me a very happy fan when Ron made the call to issue a code black, Harry questioned him and Ron stuck to his guns.
So far, even when it comes to helping his wife, Harry has been the strong one. Ron has been the emotional one.

Umm.. portia creeps me out. As does Northway in bed with Artie n Portia.
It may not be quite as titillating, but the room of requirement should have provided the extra needed bed. It did when Neville &co. camped out there in D.H . I think it didnt this time because it had a sick interest in embarrassing all three students. I think the room of requirement is perverted.

But thats just me.

Also go Ghostly Heroes!!! Yay@

Author's Response: Yeah, the Room was probably having a bit of a laugh at Artie and Dennis's expense. A bit of harmless fun. That, and I didn't even think about the kids asking the room for another bed. Which, by extension, means that they didn't think of it either. See, even when I overlook things, it works out somehow. ;)

Portia is Luna's granddaughter, and she's inherited more than a little of that spacy, disconnected personality. She's quite clever, though, as you'll see.

Ron can plainly see that Harry is in no emotional condition to make decisions, so he takes control. He's more than capable of stepping up when the situation requires it.

I enjoyed being able to give the house ghosts an opportunity to contribute. They're fairly disposable characters in the books, aside from the Grey Lady's big scene in Deathly Hallows.

Now that I've responded to your review completely out of order, I thank you kindly for favoring me with it!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

10th February 2013:
I think you broke Harry. Even when he used his badge to issue Code Black, I just felt like he was broken and I just wanted to cry for him because I feel like he's run out after losing so much (bear in mind, I am listening to Eva Cassidy's version of Fields of Gold as I type...).

I really hope Draco's leverage works, or buys them time at least. I just don't want to think of Hermione being right and Tenabra using that kind of magic on a little girl, I don't want to think about what might happen to Octavia. I imagine she's already trying, that was what the spell was, and I'm glad it didn't work.

Greet chapter!


Author's Response: Harry is really close to broken by this point. It seems like eventually loses everyone he allows himself to get close to, with two notable exceptions. That's a rough song to listen to while reading something sad, BTW.

Draco's leverage will prove to be quite important, but maybe not in the way that you think. Let's just say that it will drive Lady Tenabra's plan to a conclusion faster than she might have wanted.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Elenia 

3rd August 2012:
Hello, dear. I'm here again ^^

I've recovered enough from the last chapter d: well no, not really, but the chapter title sounds promising and I'm hoping that this isn't as heart wrenching as the last one was *fingers crossed*

Okay, let's start. I was a bit confused at first why Ron was suddenly attacking Draco and I had to go back to see what had happened. But that's not really your fault - actually yes it is, sort of - I just didn't register anything after the sentence "Esme Osinalde was no more." I didn't even remember reading the last two paragraphs of the previous chapter, I was too shocked (still am)

I almost started crying with the grieving Weasleys. I can't even imagine how they're feeling right now /:

Seriously, this is just a story, why is it affecting me so strongly? Urgh, you and your evil story...

I'm really glad there was no Harry's POV in this chapter. I don't think I could've handled his grief. And I think Ron's POV worked really well there.

I could hug Draco now for managing to curse Tenabra! Brilliant, just brilliant! Although Hermione's next observation got rid of that excitement immediately. Really? Is that what Tenabra has been planning with Octavia all the time? Urgh, it's so horrible! Please don't let that happen!

It was so sad to watch the small discussion between Harry and Ron. I have one remark about that though! I would've wanted Ron to somehow notice Esme more in that part. I was thinking the whole time 'Harry's holding a dead woman in his hands, why aren't you even noticing that?' You only mentioned something about her in the very end of that scene. I think maybe a sentence or two before would've been a nice touch.

I really liked that they used the Auror badge to communicate between the others, and that an important code like that required more that one Auror to send the message out. That was clever.

Ooh, I'm really liking Dennis! He's so brave! Why is he in Slytherin? He definitely should've been a Gryffie!

Yey! Peeves! I love Peeves! People always forget about the poltergeist, so I'm really glad you added him there!

I really loved the part with Artie and Portia. It was nice to see some humour after all the dark and sad scenes! Poor Dennis, he was so awkward!

"Um, those look nice," Dennis mumbled, unsure of what else to say. "My mum always buys me the cotton ones-"
^I laughed so hard at that point already, I had to actually stop reading for a while to calm down. And then read it again a few times because it was so brilliant.

Oh Octavia, I'm so scared for her! Please don't let anything bad happen to her, okay Dan? I don't think I could survive that!

But I'm so proud of Percy! He's fighting back! Yes! He'd better continue that! Octavia needs all the help she can get!

I think you did a really good job with her POV. All the remarks seemed something a girl her age would notice. At some points I think you came a bit close to making her sound too mature, but it wasn't anything that really bothered me. And it fit her character, so it was all good.

Phew, I feel like it takes me hours to R&R one chapter from you! But it's because I keep re-reading some parts because they are just so brilliant! Can you please send me some of your talent too? ^^

But anyways, an excellent chapter once again! I'll read more soon (:

Take care!


Author's Response: Hello, dear!

I commend you on bouncing back strong after the traumatic events of the last chapter. You're a trooper! Undaunted, you read and review on.

Yes, Draco did a nasty little thing at the end of the last chapter. He struck Arabela with a lethal curse that will eventually kill her. As he says, leverage. So Ron lashes out at him, well, just because Ron is angry.

The grieving Weasleys was a very sad thing. As a family, they've sacrificed and suffered so much already. I feel badly about continuously putting them in these sorts of situations.

Harry's PoV would have been very hard to capture here. You will get to see him grieve for Esme, but only after he's had a little more time to cope with the shock of her loss.

I see your point about Ron not really being affected by Esme's body. That should definitely be worked in somehow, because it isn't really like something he could just ignore.

The Auror badge system was a spin on the classic "2-key lockout" approach to a doomsday device. Although in this case, it was 3 keys and the idea was to *prevent* doomsday, not cause it. I'm glad you liked it.

Ah, yes, my buddy Dennis. I told you he'd be back. And that he'd be pivotal. More to come...

Percy and Octavia are facing the terrible danger together, in a way. It's good for her that she has somebody, even though he's struggling to overcome Arabela's control. I'm thrilled that you liked the way I wrote her PoV. It's always tricky, but fun. I love her to death. I want a daughter just like her!

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews! You have a way of noticing some things, like the way that Ron seems impervious to the dead body Harry is holding, that everyone else just seems to miss.

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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

25th July 2012:
I havent read this story for so long and I really apologise for that but as you probably know my RL has been crazy and my review thread has been well quite dormant shall we say!

First of all, the beginning part of the chapter seemed to tie up more of the loose ends which had happened in the previous chaos. I felt it was more to let the whole events of the chapter sink in and really reflect on what had happened but also what this now meant for Octavia, Percy and the mental stability of Harry. The death of Esme was so unfortunate but I sort have got used to the shock of it but I think you really show Harry's grief and pain over her death exceptionally well.

It was also very interesting to see that you made Ron the superior leader of this as we see so many times in the books that he takes his led from Harry most of the time but this just shows that he is capable of great things and a lot of the time he just isn't given the credit for it because of Harry! It was a lovely change.

Draco is kind of growing on me in this. I like the fact that he knew the dark magic in so many ways because it reminds us of the war that happened when they were all younger. Even the good side needed to kill people and use underhand tactics to win so it really helped keep up the pretence that this really was now becoming war. I also like the fact Draco didnt regret his actions and even Ron seemed to acknowledge that he kind of did that right thing. Also instead of dismissing him he also uses Draco's extensive dark knowledge.

Code Black sounds very interesting and Im sort of glad that you included it as it showed what had happened last time made sure something had changed and it was nice that you mentioned that even Kingsley knew he wasnt invincible just like Scrumingeor and Fudge werent. It showed that people had learnt from their mistakes last time and that they werenít prepared for this to happen again. Also by making three aurors authorise it then it made the system more believable as people couldnt accidentally authorise it and people actually had to feel like they were in danger before the system was implemented rather than it just be a measure in which someone could use to overthrow the government.
The idea about Arabela using this spell to take over the mind of Octavia is disturbing. The idea of usin children always feels foreign to me so its a little bit close to the bone. Saying that they could lose Octavia indefinitely is really not nice and must have been heartbreaking for Ron and Hermione to even entertain that idea let alone for Rose and Scorpius to eat it.
Rory Tennant is just one of those people which I really dislike within this story. He is just so slimy and sneaky and I just cant wait until he dies please make him die! On the other hand I am falling in love with Dennis! He fights for what he believes in and that is amazing, such a Gryffindor perfect trait.
Walking in on Portia and Artie though was absolubtley hilarious! The Room of Requirement could be used for many things apparently! I also think its good that Artie finally believes Dennis about what was going on with Tennant as I felt theyd been almost dismissing the risk. I cant wait to see where it goes now with the Hogwarts students, Iím hoping a sort of DA.
I do sort of wonder why Lady Tenbra made Octavia and Percy invisible from her followers though. It kind of insinuates that she didnít trust any of her followers not to torture them in order to try and impress her. I also like how Percy at least tries to comfort Octavia even though his mind is still being controlled to a certain extent.
Octavias mind set seems to be very childish within this saying she doesnít like muggles so she doesnít disagree with the policies because the muggles at her school were being horrible to her. I also like the fact that she quickly changes her mind when she learns more about these plans.
Lady Tenabra is justÖ a nasty piece of work! I just cant believe that she is trying to take over the mind of a child. Lets just hope Percy or someone else stops her!

Author's Response: Hi, there. Sorry to take so long to respond.

I thought it best to leave the ending of the previous chapter very abrupt, given what happened, so I definitely needed to pick of the pieces and provide a little clarity here. All of the characters are in shock, and some are dealing with it worst than others.

Harry is nearing a breaking point, so Ron is trying to hold everything together. He is a very capable leader when called upon. That's something that I definitely wanted to convey. I really don't like stories where he's permanently relegated to the "Second Banana Zone."

I'm glad that Draco is growing on you. I definitely think there are a few admirable things about his character, and I've tried hard to make that clear without white-washing his less admirable traits.

After what happened with Voldemort and Pius Thicknesse, it made sense to me that there would be some sort of "doomsday fail-safe" that would allow the Aurors to try to maintain order in the event that the Minister fell under unfriendly control. I think I've expanded the role of the Aurors beyond what was contemplated in the books, but that is also a function of Harry being their leader. Just one more way that the wizarding world relies on him for quiet leadership.

Arabela is essentially devoid of conscience. She doesn't care who she harms, as long as she gets what she wants. Fortunately, Octavia seems to have something on her side that Arabela doesn't understand. Whatever could it be? ;)

You're not really meant to like Rory, although I suppose I wasn't overly concerned that anybody *would* like him. He's a worm. He only cares about himself, but he lacks the courage to really do much about it. So he easily becomes a pawn for Tenabra.

Yes, the Room of Requirement has many uses. ;)

Lady Tenabra chose to conceal Percy and Octavia because their presence would have revealed to her followers that she's playing both sides. As far as the world at large knows, Percy is still one of the "good guys" at this point. And that fact is key for her, as you'll see in the next chapter.

Octavia does see the world through a child's eyes, which makes her challenging but very interesting to write. I enjoy it, even though it's not easy.

Thanks so much for such a long, detailed and thoughtful review!

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Review #6, by Pixileanin 

11th July 2012:
"What the bloody hell was that, Malfoy?" he demanded, propelling himself off of the bed.

"Leverage," Draco replied tersely.

This was such a perfect exchange. I am awed. Seriously. Ron's trying to make sense of what just happened and chooses to lash out at the one person in the room who won't let anyone knock him around. I love how you've juxtaposed Draco's character with the rest of the "good guys". The contrast is fantastic.

"... and she'd have to be married to Audrey..." George added under his breath, earning him a glare from Molly.

Even now, he makes jokes. Well, that clinches it. Tenabra's not gonna turn into Percy after that revelation.

You gave Harry a touching moment in the middle of it all. I thank you for that. It was nice that everyone understood that he needed that.

And you brought Dennis back! Honestly, I have no idea how you manage to keep all these characters' story arcs straight. I have a world of trouble doing that, even with a small cast. I love the inclusion of Peeves while Dennis tries to run for it. Nasty ghostie!

"Trousers." Ah hahaha! So funny, even in the middle of war.

Seeing the next scene through Octavia's eyes was a great choice. I love seeing all the different perspectives, because everyone has their own story to tell. I found it interesting, the way Octavia's instincts told her what was going on, and I think you did a great job with her thoughts and voice. Then the magic doesn't work and Octavia gets more time. Thank goodness! I have no clue why, but I'm sure it will be revealed later.

The pacing was really good in this chapter. I was surprised to reach the end, thinking it was going to be longer for some reason. That's when I know the flow is good, when I can't believe I've gotten to the end.

Author's Response: Oh, look! Another gift from pix!

I was absolutely in love with that line from Draco, to the point where I was unwilling to sacrifice it and had to reword parts of the dialog to get it to fit. No matter what, I try to maintain that degree of separation between Draco and the rest of the "good guys". He is not, nor will he ever be, one of them. There's simply too much history there. But they can work together for a purpose.

Yeah, there's really no way that Arabela would decide to become Percy. It's just kind of yuck all around.

I think Harry deserves all the touching moments he can get in this story. He has to deal with so many terrible things.

As I've said in a bunch of reviews, Dennis is sort of symbolic for the wizarding world. He starts off very naive and closed-minded, but his eyes are gradually being opened to the dangers of the world around him and the responsibilities that come with being a wizard.

I have discovered over these recent chapters that I like writing through Octavia's PoV. She brings such a brutally frank perspective to everything. And yes, there is a reason why the spell doesn't work. It's actually very important.

Whew! Glad you like the pacing. I'm always worried that things will drag.

Thanks so much for sticking with the story and leaving me so many great, detailed, thoughtful reviews! I really appreciate it.

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Review #7, by Roots in Water 

20th June 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review! It seems that I'm slowly but surely creeping my way up to your most current chapter! I'll just go through things as I think of them, so my comments might be out-of-order with their sequence in the chapter.

This was yet again another very interesting chapter. You're sending them in so many different directions and yet they're all eventually going to collide in the same place.

To begin with, I found Octavia's perspective very well done. I think that you did a great job of getting in the mindset of a child and some of her thoughts allowed you to give hints that would not have been possible to make. I especially liked the comment she made about Percy, where he paused "just like her Mum and Dad sometimes didn't answer her right away if they were talking to one another or to somebody else" - does Lady Tenabra's control of Percy extend to her being able to give him mental commands? It certainly seems so. As well, I find it interesting to see that he is fighting Lady Tenabra's control now and that he is having sucess in doing so, however minor. I wonder how he's finding the strength to do so finally, after so long under her control. Is it because his family is finally openly in danger?

As well, I find it interesting that Lady Tenabra wasn't able to gain control of Octavia's mind. It reminded me of Voldemort's own lack of success in gaining control of Harry's mind due to Harry's extreme love for his friends but I don't think it occurred here for the same reasons because I find it hard to believe that Lady Tenabra shares this same weakness. However, it is still possible that she does, for she has a different theory about Voldemort's defeat then the theory of love. Personally, I believe that it had something to do with Percy's fight for the control of his mind; I think it distracted her just enough from the spell casting.

On a slightly cheerier note, I really like how you manage to place humour into the story even during its darker moments. Poor Dennis- that must have been so awkward to stumble upon, especially since it was his friends! They handled it in a dignified enough manner but still! As well, Portia's comment was unexpected and I liked how it stunned the boys.

The twist about the Viper's Kiss is intriguing- I wonder how Lady Tenabra will react to it. Unfortunately, it seems as though she will try to do what Hermione suggested and transfer her mind into Octavia. I don't think it will have the effect Draco hoped it would, though maybe if she continues to have problems working her magic on Octavia it will drive her to be more desperate. I wonder if she's aware of the tight timeline she's on right now- it didn't seem like it from the cool way she was acting but then again she isn't one to express her emotions in front of other people.

As well, I found your portrayal of Harry's grief interesting (I seem to be using that word a lot in this review...). I hadn't thought about it before, but Harry truly has never really had the opportunity to grieve properly after someone he loved died and his reaction to finally having the semblance of an opportunity was not what I expected exactly but it definitely suited his character.

All in all, I think that you're continuing to do a fantastic job with this story and it's become ever more fascinating as it spirals towards its conclusion. I look forward to seeing where you take this story next and I hope that nothing serious will happen to Octavia (though I doubt you will let any harm come to her). Thanks for requesting another review!

Author's Response: Hello, again! You are pretty close to caught up at this point, although ch. 35 is in the queue as we speak!

I'm really glad you liked Octavia's section. Almost, "Whew! Thank goodness it didn't stink!" kind of glad. It's not easy writing somebody so young, but it's a lot of fun. Lady Tenabra is able to control Percy quite thoroughly at this point, although, as you note, he is trying to fight back.

I'll tell you this much. There is a reason why Lady Tenabra wasn't able to use the mind control curse on Octavia. It's somewhat related to your theory, and it's very important to the outcome of the story.

The scene with Dennis, Portia and Artie was a little on the fluffy side, but it was important to place the three of them in the Room of Requirement. You'll soon know why...

The Viper's Kiss has already had that effect on Arabela, as you've seen. She knows that she doesn't have much time left, and she's trying to transfer her spirit to Octavia. The mind control curse was a first, tentative step.

I thought Harry's opportunity to hold Esme's body and grieve over her was something of a unique experience for him. At the very least, it's the first time. Sadly, it doesn't make him feel any better.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter. I will definitely be back to re-request when you update your thread! Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #8, by Jchrissy 

14th June 2012:
No, donít worry, I wasnít completely crushed about Harry crying over Esme. (oh you HAVE to be able to sense the sarcasm vibrating through, right?)

Ron taking charge... You know what an important move was. Ronís is made to be part of a team, I think he reacts better that way. But that doesnít mean he doesnít know how to lead, or that he isnít a great leader. You have done something so different and perfect with Ron in this story, he has grown, matured, stayed Ron, and you got him out of the stupid side kick zone. Have I told you lately what a wonderfully amazing writer you are?

Ron and Draco are the perfect combination, hot tempered on hot tempered, prejudice against prejudice. I love it. Does any of that stop either of them from working sort of together to save Octavia, no? Also, Ronís reluctancy at admitting what a good idea the dark curse was, absolutely perfect.

Lady T is trying to control lil baby girls mind. Great. I canít wait to watch her die.

That entire scene at Hogwarts was such a great break up between dark moods. I was laughing so hard, I felt like a little 7 year old who just heard a naughty word or something.

Iím sorry, I just canít stop being mad at Percy :(. I know heís trying to fight it and it is probably killing him... but I just am still so mad! Part of me thinks it was his own fault for getting into the situation, but I know that isnít right. I have never loved Percy though, so this could be a repercussion of those feelings.

I like how deeply Lady T has studied Voldemort. She used his honest muggle hatred to create a false one of her own, knowing it would get to pure bloods on bored. She reminds me of the commander who is about to reenlist his unit for another war, studying and analyzing each part of the commander before him, making sure to avoid any of the fatal mistakes made by the one before.

For not having a daughter or a child over 4, you have an amazing sense of Octavia. Her thoughts, the way she phrases things, her very blunt feelings. Its all perfect. Seriously, just let me have her.

Iím still trying to get over Esme. I really liked the pace of this chapter. I was able to breath but still stay insanely captivated by it.

So, I have a really long review for the next chapter typed out. Iíll post it as soon as I get 36 pinging in my inbox. Deal?


Author's Response: You, my darling, are an extortionist! Grrr... it may be working. ;)

Harry is certainly going to be grieving Esme for a long time. In many ways, this was a lot more personal for him than Fred, Lupin and Tonks, and we know how long he held onto that grief. Well, actually we don't know for certain, but we've read some great fan fics about it.

Ron is perfectly capable of taking charge when he must. I'm so very pleased that you like his characterization. He's really, really hard to get right, in my opinion. I hate the side kick zone, too.

And he and Draco are a pretty comical pairing. There's so much pent-up dislike and mistrust there, but they do have a common enemy and a common goal in this case.

Lady Tenabra is indeed trying, but she fails. I'll tell you this much: the reason why is quite important.

The scene at Hogwarts was necessary, I think, to lighten things up. And it was a lot of fun to write. Your author needs breaks from all the grimness, too.

Like I said, Percy may yet grow on you...

Lady Tenabra is a student of history, no doubt. She knows just which buttons to push with her erstwhile followers.

Thanks for the compliments on Octavia. I do have sources of inspiration for her, but nothing first-hand.

Thanks so much for such a lovely review, in spite of how much I've angered you. ;)

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Review #9, by Jasmine 

10th June 2012:
Hi, I'm Jasmine and I've been reading Conspiracy Of Blood since December 2011. I, also, haven't left a review ever since. I never really knew what to say...I've never been really too involved with the Harry Potter world. I was a bit lost with what was happening on your story at first and forced my cousin (Izzy) to explain some things to me because it was her fault that I was completely tangled in your amazing story. But here I am now, reviewing for the first time ever! (Your story is the one and only HP fanfiction I have ever read in my whole life, believe it or not)

Like I mentioned before, I think you have a really amazing story and you are a great writer too. It's a really great way to be introduced to a fandom with a great story by a fantastic author.

I love so many things about your story I can't even decide which one to talk about.what about this chapter?

I've noticed how you manage to stay in-canon so much with your characters. Like Ron, for example, I think it would be very fitting of him to feel very responsible at the moment while his best mate is grieving. It kind of helps him get out of the side-kick zone, if you know what I mean.

Lady Tenabra is one heck of a character for me. I never really manage to figure her out that much and her motives until you just finally reveal it in the next chapter or so. (My life is full of anticipation because of your story, to be honest.) She's a lovely evil character and I always debate if she's a much better villain than Voldemort.

Percy, too, is one mysterious character for me. I think he is a really good character but Lady Tenabra is just controlling him, but why? I never really got the answer to that question, and it has never been obvious to me, so I feel like I'm missing out on something...He's weak and old so I doubt he'll be able to do much once the war comes around. It's all such mystery, don't you think? Well, maybe not to you since you know the story inside out!

Esme is another great character but she died. Izzy actually got all ready on that chapter, you know? But I didn't. I never really felt too fond of Esme. I always thought she was trying to replace Funny and it just kind of annoyed me. I didn't celebrate or went all happy when she died though! I felt sad, yes, but that was all.

As for the story itself, I think its great that you lean away from all the romance and fluff that things always tend to go around. Harry Potter was never a romance story to me, even though it did include a lot of romance in it. It was far better than romance, something more of an inspiration and realising certain things in real life. So for my cousin to tell me that she reads a lot of romance fanfiction, I couldn't help but be surprised. In a way though, I suppose it fills the void of romance JK Rowling never really filled...oh god, I have gotten WAY off-topic.

Anyway, like I said before I was distracted...I really like the whole action thing going on with the story and I just can't help but be excited for the next chapter! Tenabra and her minions will try to kidnap the Potter-Weasley kids from Hogwarts. I'm guessing that's what the owl's letter contained right? Telling the teacher that Hogwarts will be invaded?

And this is the end of my review, I doubt I will review again in the next chapter or so but we'll talk again, that I promise whether you like my review or not. ;)

In all seriousness though, you are really talented author and I really don't want this story to end...for many months now your story has made my bad days to great and the great to the best days, so in a way you could say that the story has taken this little piece of my heart and I'm going to be so so sad once this ends. Why do good things never last? x

Author's Response: Hi, there! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave such a long and detailed review. It's always a treat to hear from a longtime reader for the first time. I'm so glad Izzy dragged her family into my story, as well! ;)

Keeping the story in canon was a big deal to me. It's my style of writing and what I generally prefer to read. Ron doesn't belong in the sidekick zone, as far as I'm concerned. He's his own man, and especially by this age, he's quite well established and has a definite sense of confidence.

Lady Tenabra is one of my proudest creations. She's intelligent, well-read, cunning, ruthless and utterly devoid of conscience. She'll do whatever it takes to attain her goals, although those are not precisely clear at this point. She has a plan for Percy and now a plan for Octavia, as well.

I'm sorry that Esme didn't connect with you that well. I guess she wasn't for everyone. I was worried that Izzy was going to hunt me down and make me edit. ;)

This has never been a romance story, even though some of the characters are passionately in love with one another (Ron/Hermione, Rose/Scorpius, Draco/Astoria). It's a mystery and a drama story and -- if I'm very lucky -- it will come through with a good underlying message.

The next chapter is in the queue and will hopefully post soon. Thank you so much for all of your kind words. I will try my best to keep you entertained until the end of the story!

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Review #10, by CloakAuror9 

10th June 2012:
Helllo! I finally managed to review the this chapter after being distracted so many times.

Hahahahhaha! I love the RoR scene. Gosh, was that hilarious and awkward or what? I feel so sorry for Dennis stumbling upon scenes like that! Oh well, at least it helped lighten the oh-so dark mood we started out with the chapter. Its nice to have a small laugh once in a while.

*and now we shall talk about dark things* *well, not really. they are not too dark...*

Well anyway, as I had pointed out in my last review. I am VERY VERY VERY sad about Esme's death and when I read about Harry holding her in the first part of the chapter...I couldn't help but tear-up a little bit. Then I was reading the whole awkward-Dennis-scene and I was laughing so much and now my cousins think I'm a full-on lunatic. Great cousins.

I love how Ron took on the leadership role so well. You know, you usually expect Harry to throw out orders and such so seeing Ron do that...I was just so proud of him! You go boy, Ron Weasley FTW!

I'm really worried about Octavia and I'm starting to think Hermione was right about transferring the person's thoughts to another body...*shudders* please don't let that happen! I think she's a very observant and smart child; not trusting Lady T.

Percy Weasley has got my head spinning. One moment he's good the next he's bad. I don't know! My guess is that he's under Lady T's control (like you told us before) but he's trying hard to fight it. And those tiny moments when he actually seems to care about Octavia...those are the moments when he actually manages to fight off Lady T's controlling powers. Right?! Am I right?

Looking back, this review sounded like a five year old review, but I can't help it! I have a fever and its really bad...and its like draining away all the big words in my head and I'm stuck with these kindy adjectives. Meh. You think I've gone coo-coo, don't you?! I think I did.


PS: This is my 400th review! :D How great is that?!

Author's Response: Congratulations on your 400th! I'm hoping to get there before my "Archives Birthday" in late July, myself!

I think the story was at a point after the last chapter where it really needed some levity, but I had to deal with the aftermath of Esme's death and the kidnapping of Octavia first. So the Room of Requirement scene was a really welcome break.

I've tried very hard to portray Ron as a strong and capable leader throughout the story. He really is his own man, not just Harry's sidekick. And with Harry in the shape that he was in, somebody else had to step up.

Octavia is definitely in a lot of danger, but Lady Tenabra's first attempt to take over her mind failed. The reason why turns out to be quite important...

Percy really is fighting against Lady Tenabra's control. Every so often, he's able to break through just a bit, like when he tells Octavia to run. He's still in there, still trying his hardest.

Ha. I enjoy all of your reviews, no matter how long the words are. Take some cold medicine and go to bed for a while. Hopefully you'll wake up feeling better! Thanks for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #11, by shadowcat2 

9th June 2012:
Hello there! I am finally back. Another brilliant chapter.
The room of requirement part was funny. Poor, Dennis. What an awkward situation.
I feel so bad for Harry. I didn't want Harry and Esme to end up together. But he still didn't deserve this. I don't think you remember. But I once thought Arabela was Lady Tenabra. Then I thought I was wrong. Apparently, I was right. :p
I really like Octavia's perspective. She is such a strong a little girl.
Looking forward to read your next chapter. Bdw, How many chapters are left for this story?

Author's Response: Hello, again! Nice to have you back!

Yeah, Dennis kind of stumbled into that one, but he really didn't have any choice. At least Portia took pity on him.

I feel badly about the decision I made with regard to Esme, but there wasn't really any other way that wouldn't have left either Harry or Esme or both looking like a complete heel. I do remember that you thought Arabela was Tenabra, and I remember you changing your mind. You should have stuck to your initial reaction. ;)

Octavia is very strong, in her own way. Let's hope she's strong enough.

Chapter 34 is currently in the queue, and the current outline calls for 41 chapters, including an epilogue, although that could obviously change.

Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and observations and kind words!

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Review #12, by Remus 

7th June 2012:
I've finally managed to catch up! Big accomplishment on my part, haha!

So as soon as I started to read this, I liked how Ron took charge of the situation. He's always been labeled as the sidekick friend who can't do anything on his own and a coward but there are times that this ginger proves himself to everyone around him. He's not a leader, but when push comes to shove, he wont shy away from the role. However, why is he bent out of shape about Draco casting a dark magic curse? If I were him, I would be casting dark magic to Lady T. to no end until I got my granddaughter and brother back. There are no rules and laws that will stop me. Hahaha, at least, that's my take.

Speaking of Draco. I love, love, love the interaction between Ron and Draco. Very much in character it just seriously made me laugh (despite the darkness of the situation). His reluctance for follow a Weasley was very spot on but believable when he put aside his dislike to Ron for Octavia.

And I was right! I knew that Lady T would want to prolongate her life in the coming chapters and immediately felt a bit nervous for both Rose and Octavia when they were taken. You, sir, are great at story telling and plots. Now I have to ask...has she done it before or is this the first time?

You seriously made me giggle with Dennis and Artie. Portia is so much like Luna just by that conversation they had. And wow, I thought something err...more mature was going to happen here when Portia asked him to share the bed.

Alright so Percy...he's being controlled by Lady T. but he's fighting her, isn't he? I've always believed that the Weasley family shouldn't go untouched during wars, like JKR said. And now that they're just so many of them, I feel like a Weasley death is coming up. Percy, here, is so far the best candidate.

"Voldemort fell because he feared his own death. And Harry Potter will fall because he fears the deaths of those he loves. You're too young to appreciate the irony in that" --That right there was so true. If JKR would ever continue the series, I would see that line appearing somewhere in the story because it's so true.

Ugh, I'm done and there's no more to read! Now I have to wait like everyone else. Boo! But yeah, as you said...it was a slow chapter but it was needed after the fast pace of the previous one.

Looking forward to reading more!


Author's Response: Hurrah! You did it. Now I *really* have to get my butt in gear and start writing more...

Ron is just very angry and frustrated. They got so close to getting Octavia back, only to lose her again at the end of the last chapter, along with Esme dying and Rose being severely injured. He picks the easiest available target to blow off steam, which happens to be Draco. Truthfully, I'm sure he will someday appreciate the fact that Draco cursed Arabela, although he'll never admit it. ;)

Lady Tenabra makes her first attempt to take control of Octavia in this chapter, but she isn't able to. Something repels her, forcefully. The exact reason why this happens is yet to come...

The section with Dennis and Artie was designed to let everyone know what's happening inside the castle, as well as to add a bit of levity to an otherwise dry and fairly heavy chapter. So I'm glad you liked it and got a giggle out of it. And nothing more mature was going to happen. As you may recall Artie telling his grandfather, she's not that kind of girl. ;)

Percy is making an effort to fight back, but the curse controlling him is very strong. He's going to need some help to overcome it. That's all I can say right now.

Lady Tenabra has some very interesting perspectives on Harry and Voldemort and why one triumphed and the other died. What she's saying isn't completely untrue, it's just the truth as seen from a very dark, self-interested perspective.

So please let me take a moment to thank you for sticking with me all the way through to this point. The next chapter went into the queue today, although it looks like it might be this time next week before the validators can get to it. Hope to see you again soon...

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Review #13, by Christina 

1st June 2012:
I really don't even know where to begin with my review for this story. I have been reading it for a while now, but never knew when it was the right moment to say something. First off, I just love finding stories that do involve the Next Generation and shows that the story can continue on. The way this story has been written has been fantastic in each and every chapter. I love the storyline and I love how you pretty much kept the characters, well, in character. I can still envision Harry, Ron, and Hermione in my mind even as older characters, and it is nice to know about their children's children. I also enjoy the exciting moments and many details that you put into this.

And now that I am up to this point, OMG I am so anxious (and scared) to know what will happen next with Octavia still being held captive!

Author's Response: I think you did a pretty good job figuring out where to begin. Just say whatever is on your mind. I enjoy getting all sorts of reactions to my story.

Part of what I really wanted to do was involve the Next Gen characters in a very well-developed and realistic way. When I read Next Gen fics, the characters from Harry's generation usually come off as kind of flat, predictable caricatures whose lives are pretty much behind them. So I really wanted to blend both generations in such a way that all of the characters had life and were interesting. I'm glad you liked the outcome.

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story. I'm working on Chapter 34 right now, but it seems that each succeeding chapter gets a bit harder to write. Thanks for taking a moment to review!

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Review #14, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

31st May 2012:
Somewhere nearby, Harry held Esme's unmoving body in his arms. His shoulders were gently shaking and his face was buried in her hair. The silence was too much for Ron. He had to fill it, and he turned the full force of his frustration on the easiest target available.

^ What a picture. I'm still not over the last chapter. I know Harry is strong and he's a fighter. It's kind of sad to say that seeing the people he love be killed is something he's kind of used to. I'm not saying he's going to not be effected by Esme's death, because Ginny's and everyone else tremendously effected him all those years ago. I just know he has to move on and keep going forward. He really has no chance to grieve right now.

In the book, Herodonthus spends a lot of time rambling about a method of transferring your mind into the body of another person. The magic involved sounded very complex, and I barely had time to scratch the surface. But she's had the book for months. Years, possibly. I'm worried that she'll decide to use Octavia as more than just a hostage

^ You know that thought crossed my mind. I feel like I have to start with my theories again right now but Lady T could either transfer the spell to Octavia so she dies and then I feel like Harry might transfer the spell to himself and die because I think back to the prologue when he's at King's Cross Station again. It makes sense to me if Harry were to sacrifice himself to save Octavia instead of everyone else. I mean, Hermione had sacrificed herself already with the 'dragon,' in a way. Draco is the one that knows the spell and I just can't see him doing something like that and I can't see Ron doing it either because he wants to be reunited with her so badly, the both of them do. Harry might have his children but he has the least to lose out of all of them. Plus he has that whole 'hero's complex' thing going for him.

I also think since Lady T already has Percy under her 'spell' that she'd do the same thing to Octavia. She can probably channel her magic and make it more powerful in Octavia since her magic really isn't under control and Octavia doesn't like muggles and Lady T knows that, doesn't she? Wouldn't it be easier to transfer with someone who is for her cause even though Octavia doesn't necessarily understand it? Instead of transferring with someone that does understand it and might be torn between the two sides and might not know it.

Oh, so I just got to the part where Hermione says why wouldn't she want to switch with Octavia because she's seven. That makes a lot of sense and thatís an absolutely terrifying concept. She could essentially be bigger than Voldemort because she already spent her 'adult life' building power and understanding this book so starting over from a young age could make her do what she wants and then some.

I wonder what would happen to Octavia. I could see her mind struggling inside her body with Lady T's or her mind being 'switched' to Lady T's body, if that makes any sense since it would just be more of a vessel anyway, and then Lady T controlling the body and letting 'Octavia' die if no one notices the switch. It all sounds very confusing.

And painful.

I like how you switched the leadership role from Harry to Ron. Ron is just as important in this story as Harry, it is his granddaughter but it's more than that. He's an important figure with the Auror's as well. To see him make those snap decisions without having to ask Harry what he thinks shows that he's not just his 'sidekick' anymore.

"Dennis!" Artie cut him off. "One more word about my boxers and I'm going to get Tennant myself."

^ Even with such a heavy action packed chapter you manage to add in a bit of humor. Oh Dennis. He really is a lovely character. Between the boxers, Peeves and awkward Artie I just might forgive you for killing Esme.

Poor Octavia though. Percy is trying to fight the spell he's under but he's just not strong enough, is he? Or are you trying to hint that he is strong enough he just needs to keep doing and saying what Lady T says so that he can understand what her plan is so at the right moment he can save himself and Octavia and fight against her. Percy has been under her hold for so long but I feel like he could fight her and save himself.

Ah! I just reached the end. Percy! I have faith in you. I can't wait to see what happens next. I think Octavia is going to be able to escape on her own. I think there's an out somehow and she's going to figure it out before Lady T and Percy come back.

I hope so at least. I really don't want her to die. As usual another excellent chapter. I'm really eager to know what happens next. So many theories. I hope I'm on the right track.

- Alyssa

Author's Response: So when I'm on a real computer (as opposed to phone or iPad), I always open a TextEdit or NotePad window and use that to compose my reviews, then paste them into the box on the site. I do this so I can focus on the chapter, itself, while I'm writing, without having to jump back and forth. This is the first time I've ever felt the need to use the same technique for writing a review response. ;)

I knew that I needed a strong follow-up to the end of the last chapter. It would have been too much of a cop-out to pick up the story later, after the emotional fallout. I do think that Harry is grieving in his own way, but you're right, the situation isn't going to allow him to mope too much.

Lady Tenabra is definitely interested in transferring her mind into Octavia's body so that she can survive and prolong her life. She isn't successful in this chapter, but she intends to keep trying. I'll toss you a hint. The reason that she fails in this chapter is critical to the outcome.

The spell she's using on Percy is similar, but less dramatic. She has "merged" her mind with his, but they are still two distinct individuals.

Ron steps up here because he really must. Harry is in no condition to make decisions.

I had to throw a little something light into this chapter. So Dennis Northway + Peeves + teen make-out humor seemed like the right recipe.

Percy is fighting back. I think he's going to need a bit of help, though. I'll see whether I can get that for him.

I love all of your theories! Please don't ever stop having them. Thanks so much for all of your time and thoughts and observations!

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Review #15, by parashar_harry 

31st May 2012:
really dark chapter, i must say. i am feeling very sorry for harry and mostly for little octavia. percy is in the control, poor man!
i like the ron character most, he is my fav too. in ur fiction he is now a grown man and he is not like harry side kick. thanks for that.
i know in the end octavia will be fine but i have a bad feeling that harry is not going to survive this war, there seems no reason to kill esme otherwise.
tanbera ordered that dada professor to dispose sord in the last chapter and he did it, but in my view its a bad move, now moine will soon figure it out, why she wanted to dispose the sword. i think sword is one of the way to destroy the book.
i am enjoying ur story completely. thankyou

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Just when it seems that everyone was about to be out of danger, Lady Tenabra manages to get the upper hand again. She's very, very clever.

Lady Tenabra isn't precisely sure why the sword needed to go, but the book told her to do it, so she did.

I'm glad that I've been able to hold your attention. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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