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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:
Appy is ridiculously scary. There, I said it. (Seriously, where did you get the name Apostrophe Hyphen Colon?) I'm sort of proud of Clemence for not going to meet Al -who knows what scandal may have happened!- but I'm also a little disappointed that she said anything to Caroline at all. I think you would have waited to hear more of the conversation, but now she's just feeding the flames. Oo...

I'm also mad at Pickett. He needs to TALK to DOM. But, then, where's the story in that? ;)

Author's Response: There was this trend back in 2011 with OCs whose names began with A or were some random word that is never used as a name. Apostrophe Hyphen Colon just seemed like a natural choice 8)

I feel like Clemence just does what she wants and calls it cleverness whenever it succeeds, ha.

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo93 

3rd December 2013:
Back in the day, when I was eleven, I waited quite patiently for my Hogwarts acceptance letter to pull through the post; of course, it must have gotten lost somewhere down the line, and to this day I haven't quite gotten it... Point of the matter is, I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts as a kind of refuge, but after the fangirl fandango and Appy as Queen Quirky? My golly, I don't think I'd ever want to step foot. (of course, considering the magic and great hall and banquets, who am I kidding, I'd go even if it would be death by fangirl)

I'm absolutely adoring your "two hearts" opening speech; truly heartfelt and absolutely gorgeous; I think I almost cried, and lord knows why because I don't think Clemence would appreciate a reader blubbering up over her.

Gyah, Appy is truly horrid! My golly, she's the epitomy of disturbing; I swear, by my edible pen, I will run far away, without a look back, the day I meet someone by the name of Appy or Apostrophe Hyphen Colon!

I'm interested to see how Clemence's character will develop... Will she discover what she really wants? Why she wants anything? Will she rediscover her heart? Will she even want to? AAAH~

Much love,


Author's Response: Julia told me she wanted to go to Hogwarts and I mentioned that she'd have a hard time, seeing as it's invisible to muggles and she'd probably catch fire on the invisible candles. More things to keep in mind!

Bawww, I'm so glad it touched you! I love writing the little asides where Clemence just gets to dump her observations out. They're sort of an extreme version of things I see--Clemence is much more absolute and cynical about them. While I wouldn't choose the path that Clemence has currently chosen (sort of hedonistic, drop-everything-and-run-when-it gets-bad), I can also understand its appeal and practicality. It has its cons (like not knowing exactly what one wants and the general feeling of purposelessness), but it's not *wrong*. I want to present it as something that doesn't necessarily need to be fixed.

♥ again!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm 

7th September 2013:
I have to say, Iíve really loved your character development of Clemence in this story! I really like how before she was what Albus likes to refer to her as, but not sheís more unsure of herself, more aware of others and itís a really lovely transition. I guess itís because sheís sort of messed up her private life which has put her professional one into question.

The scene between Pickett, Dom and Clemence was really great! I love seeing what the therapy actually entails and with the inputs from Pickett it made it really authentic and great. The silent warring between Pickett and Clemence also had me laughing, and I have to say, I actually am disappointed that Pickett didnít pluck up the courage to tell Dom. They would be such a quirky couple but work somehow. I think it was the last scene in the last chapter which really swayed me.

Appy was insanely scary in this chapter! I had always wondered whether it was wrong of Clemence to underestimate her intelligence and I think she was. With all that questioning in the dorm room it definitely felt as if Appy knew something was going on between her and Albus. I mean, the carpet cleaner sort of did kill it. Then when she forced Clemence to swear I was just thinking dundundun in my head and knowing something bad was about to happen.

I did wonder what the consequences of not going to the Astronomy Tower would be, and I bet Clemence is really regretting it now! Albus is just so manipulative in this with doing that and trying to control Clemence in a way but for some unknown reason I still like him and cheer him on when he appears. I feel like I should be throwing rotten tomatoes at him instead!

Anyhow, I thought that was a really awesome chapter! :D


Author's Response: Clemence's character really comes out in the later chapters! I wanted to show her world as she sees it first, one where she is totally in control and she acts untouchable when she knows she isn't. She's spoiled by a lack of conflict in her life, in a way. Here's where it all the bad stuff starts rushing back in :D

I love writing the three of them together! They're really quite close friends, even though they don't necessarily seem like such from their personalities. A distant sort of caring, because that's the only way they know how :P Clemence hangs around rather similar people.

Bahaha, Appy only gets crazier in this fic. There's only one way to go for that girl.

ALBUS IS THE BOY YOU LOVE TO HATE TO LOVE :D I don't think anyone would have it any other way :P

♥ thanks again Kiana ^__^ It's been so fun seeing someone read through this entire fic with such detail; I don't think I've had that happen in ages!

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Review #4, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 

15th December 2012:
Pickett is seriously underrated. He needs so much more attention and love than what he's getting... And his conspiracy theories are so adorable. It's like he's the nice person who sort of softens the snobby princess Dom and the ice-queen Clemence.

Author's Response: I've been saying for ages, Pickett is such a doll! :'D One of the few with a true heart in this fic, really. He much appreciates the attention.

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Review #5, by slytherinchica08 

20th September 2012:
Another great chapter! While this is more of a transitional chapter, I thought that you still did a great job keeping my interest during the chapter, especially there at the end with Albus sitting in her spot reading her book! It really makes me wonder whats going to happen in the next chapter! I found a couple of small mistakes throughout the chapter such as adding an "s" to the end of a word when it wasn't needed and then also using a word twice such as in one spot you have the word he twice which are only seperated by one word which doesnt make sense and it breaks up the flow of the story. But other than those small mistakes, the story was wonderful and nothing else demanded my attention other than your wonderful characters! Again, I really enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the next! Great Job!


Author's Response: Woops! I hope I fixed them, as I'm not entirely sure where the typos are. I did some editing recently, so perhaps you were reading an old version of the chapter. I make a rather lot of typos, unfortunately :P

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Review #6, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
Loved it again! I'm really running out of things to put in your reviews! Ah well, the thoughts there :D

Author's Response: I love just seeing who's reading ^__^ and I love watching someone go through the whole fic, and gauging their reactions. It makes me nostalgic for the old bits. So definitely, the thought's much appreciated!

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Review #7, by shadowcat2 

18th August 2012:
I totally loved how Clemence is in Denial. I loved how Pickett is totally falling for Dom while she has no clue. That Appy scene was so creepy. No wonder Albus wants to take down the Q.G.A. Poor Clemence couldn't avoid Albus for too long. Let's see whether she survives their next encounter. :D

Author's Response: This chapter was like, let's throw all the developments in here and see what happens 8D Alll the subplots!

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Review #8, by AC_rules 

5th August 2012:
I've been gone for awhile and I barely noticed that I was getting behind but I guess that's what life does to you though, but this The problem with not having problems is that when I have something resembling a problem, I sulk and flounder and really, after all this time, I should be achieving that wise-but-jaded status like the hardened ex-auror. Or the Muggle Studies professor. was not only awesome, but I was definitely thinking of my Archie here.

But, I am genuinely terrified of Appy and I'd forgotten how much I loved reading your chapters with all your witty-mcvitty-ness just oozing from your words and such. So quotable, you know, and I could just quote loads more things on here but...

Yeah, Dom scares me, Appy scares me (more so post-publishing contract - well jel) and Clemence scares me. Albus doesn't. He's great although I missed him a little in this chapter and I think I'll probably have to catch up with this story rather sharpish at some point this week.

But yes, loved it and it was good to be back :)

Author's Response: HELLO AGAIN HELEN. That Muggle Studies reference should remind you of Archie because it's actually completely entirely for you~ 8D

Clemence failed to gain a healthy fear of Appy thus far, and Appy felt the need to rectify that, apparently, heh.

Oh yes, scary names all around. Clemence doesn't scare me, only because she's of the apathetic sort, thus there is no real fear of her /doing/ things. For now, anyway~ I will still laugh in the face of Albus. Silly enigma.


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Review #9, by Aiedail 

4th July 2012:
I am going to do two things in this review: cry, and quote your fic back at you.


Two: "Oh," Appy says again, disappointed this time. "My aunt doesn't have a carpetbag."

At which point is this considered harassment and beaning her with five pounds of paper is justified? (I love five-pound books!)

In History, before Binns begins his hour of droning, I hear the sound of cows on the range. I made inhuman sounds at this line omg

ALBUS IS LOUNGING LOUNGE LOUNGE LOUNGE. Ofc. How could he do anything else?

Ah, Clemence, I have missed thy sass.

Author's Response: oh yey, mah two favorite things ♥ lily's tears and a literary masterpiece OFC.


Yess, I totally just imagined you with your book-weapon. They are like the most inefficient and ineffective ninja stars ever.

omg yes, typical cow line but I still giggle to myself when I imagine Clemence's delivery of it. SUCH CASUAL SASS.

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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast 

27th June 2012:
I am so sorry that my review is late; I've been so behind on my reading and I'm finally working on catching up! But this chapter was so great! And oh my god, Appy is a complete lunatic!!! That scene with her and Clemence was perfect; it was so funny and ridiculous and I totally didn't expect Appy to start choking her.
Well, onto the next chapter! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Ain't she? She is literally slightly psychopathic, which is going to be great fun 8D Sure, Clemence can talk her way out of anything, but doesn't exactly work against people who won't blink at eye at smothering her in her sleep.

Thank you! ♥

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Review #11, by Liliths16 

11th June 2012:
I just read this all in one
So amazing :D
Update soon

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I just updated :)

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Review #12, by QKStephen 

11th June 2012:
This story just blows me away and your writing style is just amazing

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #13, by abbynormalluvsluna 

3rd June 2012:
The beginning of this chapter reminded me of an article I read. It was about this guy recovered from a really bad concussion to the front of his brain. He seemed to recover completely, except that the emotion center of his brain was compromised. Without it, he couldn't make decisions. He was able to weigh the logical pros and cons of a situation but there were no emotions there to push him over the edge in either direction.

Example: Should I buy apples or oranges?
The oranges are healthier but the apples are cheaper. He wouldn't be able to choose between the two without emotional input telling him that he was in the mood for oranges or that the apples looked so pretty just had to have them.

Maybe that's what is so frustrating to Clemence about not having a heart. She has no emotions and just doesn't care, which is a problem when making decisions.


Author's Response: That's really cool! I've never heard of that before. And I can definitely see how it relates to Clemence. I love writing both side of her apathy - she doesn't care about a lot of things and she's kind of proud of it, because she feels like it's the trick to life. She doesn't have problems, because she doesn't care enough to be bothered. But now, she's beginning to care about not caring, because the consequences are getting harder to ignore - like not knowing what she wants. If that makes any sense xD

♥ thanks very much for the review!

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Review #14, by littlemisssnape 

3rd June 2012:
Oh wow! again I must say what an amazing writer you are, every word is like a gift from heaven haha!! no, but seriously, I enjoy every word you write, it's brilliant! and this chapter is really good. Can't wait for the next!

Author's Response: omg hardly haha, I'm just glad you like it! ^__^ thank you!

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Review #15, by Gobsmacked 

2nd June 2012:
ADDICTED! Ah! But so confused...hahha.
Al and Clem are so funny together, i mean the BANTER! Gotta love their banter! But i really have no idea what is happening with their relationship! LOL. It's a good thing though! The internal conflict is PERFECT, but my inner fangirl is shouting "JUST HURRY UP AND DATE OR SOMETHING!" But you should seriously consider doing that just for me ;) Even if it's a secret relationship, i'll still be happy as ever ;D

Author's Response: I'm confident that neither of them have the slightest clue as to what's going on between them either, but they are very very good at pretending they are :') Whatever relationship they end up having, it'll certainly be very... interesting and... non-linear as far as the traditional way relationships go, heh. Snog first, feelings maybe, and then revenge plots inbetween? Heh, they've got their plates full.

Glad you like it! ^__^

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Review #16, by instantramen 

2nd June 2012:




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Review #17, by Bugarooni 

2nd June 2012:
Good filler, and fantastic writing as usual! Everything's put together so well. =]

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

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Review #18, by The Little One 

1st June 2012:
can't wait for the next chapter!!
~The Little One~

Author's Response: bahaha SOON. One big ol' scene next time at least ^__^

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Review #19, by DumbledoresArmyOfOne 

31st May 2012:
I love the line "I've a secret wish she might suddenly and inexplicably implode under her lack of substance and brain cells." it reminds me so much of some people i know :D

Author's Response: It's those terrible secret thoughts we have that are the best sometimes ;D

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Review #20, by Ryebread 

31st May 2012:
I love this story so much. The way that Clemence and Albus interact with each other is hilarious and so amazingly written. I cannot wait until you finish the story. I really want to know how it turns out.

Author's Response: Ah, I'm so glad you like it! Thanks! :)

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Review #21, by me_thehplvr 

30th May 2012:
Love love love this story. Clemence is a great character- makes me want to keep reading just to see what she'll say! And she has great perspective, especially in this chapter "we're masters of all relationship except our own." So true, and I love that she herself proves this very fact!

Can't wait for the next chapters, good job!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) I love writing so many the things Clemence says, and it's especially a lot of fun when she doesn't realize how much to they apply to her too.

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Review #22, by sour_grapes_snape 

29th May 2012:
Eeeep! Every time you update I get super giddy and excited. It's kind of embarrassing. But what can I say, I love snarky, witty humorous and intense situations and you definitely provide.

Your chapter title is very fit. Not only is Clemence in denial, but she's in denial about being in denial. Of course, if someone were to suggest that to her she'd deny it. So then she would be in denial about being in denial about being in denial. It's an endless paradox.

Appy frightens me a little bit. Eurgh. Talk about being obsessive and manic. I probably would have punched her out of fear by now. She sends shivers up my spine.

I love Dom. She's a great friend to Clemence, but in an odd way. And her splinters line made me crack up. But what in the world is going on in that Dom/Scorpius/Rose love triangle?

I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but haven't. I love the way you start your chapters. The rant/contemplative monologue by Clemence is always so fascinating.

And hello, cliffhanger! Al, oh Al. What are you up to? What is going through that devious mind of yours? I love Al. He's delightful.

Update soon? Please? I'll send you virtual pie! You know you can't resist!


Author's Response: My fangirl mode is just as bad :'D CAPSLOCK EVERYWHERE. I often hope that people don't look through the reviews I leave just because they're a mass of incoherent sentences.

It's denial all the way down! Spiral of denial. Kind of catchy.

reflex punch, I would so do that too. The only way you can deal with crazy. Because you can't /reason/ with them. But um, probably isn't very socially acceptable. And they also come back angrier.

AH, I love writing those beginning bits! Sometimes I'm sad because I don't have one, but I try to brainstorm for topics that fit the chapter.

Devious and delightful all at once? :D Ah, I wish I could have included their confrontation in this chapter, but it just didn't fit.

♥ I most certainly can't D: how did you know pie was my weakness. and cake. and cookies. and kittens. The best things in life, obviously.

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Review #23, by WhatAboutRegulus 

29th May 2012:
OMMMG you are still a genius and I still am a bad person for not finishing stories fast enough, but let's not focus on that. Great chapter!! I want to see what happens now! You left it at a cliffy >:( I'm upset now. He's in her territory! Grab the knives and pitchforks! Ring the alarms! GRAHH! stuff!

-_- (I'm so tired and I needed to review and comment on this chpater so I'm sorry if this is very vague or something or other) I'll be better reviewer next chapter!! PROMISE!

Amazing Chapter!


Author's Response: And here I thought it's a minor cliffie as cliffies go! IKR invading her territory like that. It's like going into her dorm and finding him lounging there, but it's even worse in a way. She doesn't care for her dorm but this is HER TERRITORY. SHE MARKED IT. WITH UH, INK STAINS.

♥ thanks :3

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Review #24, by Snapdragons 

28th May 2012:
Boo. So I tried to review this but then it wouldn't keep me logged in and I got frustrated and BLEH. But now for whatever reason, the Internet gods have decided to cooperate with me... so here I am? :P

Clemence likes to pretend that she doesn't have a heart, but I see one there! Deep, deep inside. But still. CLEMENCE you can't be indifferent forever! have some more feels. I love her anyways.

Also holy moly Appy's scary. I mean it. Probably the scariest character out of all your stories (including Anjali! or Scorpius, because I do believe that some of those blazers are a bit terrifying). RUN AWAY CLEMENCE. Seriously. This girl is nuts. I do not predict good things in the future. /captainobvious

DOM AND PICKETT IS THAT DOM AND PICKETT I SENSE? -pounces- I will go down with this ship. I will. I will.

And how/why the hippogriff is Albus there?! SUSPENSE. It builds. Seriously, the ever enigmatic Albus Potter. Dear me.

I love Clemence getting entwined in her gossip web and I love Dom/Pickett's good auror bad auror (and I also love Dom/Pickett -cough-) and I love this!Might have been a bit of a transition chapter, but I still thought that enough happened, so yay. :) And yay for fun scenes in the future! Excitement ahoy!

Loved this! ♥ -flails-

Author's Response: HELLO. Boo, internet gods. Haven't they got enough people to pick on. It's a whole world wide web.

Deeep deeep inside. Maybe. It might just be a raisin that got lost in there who knows. Do raisins accept feels? Well, they are appreciated.

Omg I appreciate that so much; I'm trying to make Appy exactly that. Because she may be *crazy* but I wouldn't never say she's *stupid*, because there are some things she does where she knows exactly. what. she's. doing. RUN AWAYYY. INTO THE FEEELS.

lolol if Pickett would only just say things then maybe. Maaaybe.

Albus knows exactly where the plots are, so whenever I need him he just runs to where the plot is so he can plot/enigma/banter things up. Obviously.


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Review #25, by mybabygoesrawr 

27th May 2012:
I have to say, this story is quite awesome. Well written, witty, funny, and full of little crazy, mind-bending plot twists. I can genuinely say I loved reading each chapter. It not your typical Next-Gen story either, which makes it that much better.

Anyway, I love Dom, Clem, Pickett, and Albus. They're all so relatable. Btw, you write those steamy snog sessions really well. Hahaha, just had to put that out there. But, as I was saying, I really enjoy reading this story and I am looking forward to the coming chapters. Post again soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I kind of just shove in a lot of the things I like/rant about and hope it makes some semblance of sense. Kind of helps that I don't take things too seriously because neither does Clemence, so it all works out!

Learning a bit more about snog scenes as I write more hee. That would be snog #4 or so on all the ones I've written, just about ;D

Thanks so much for reviewing!

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