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Review #1, by dobbywhisky 

13th June 2014:
I want ginny back... I always fwlt like sye wasnt developed enough in the books. So to be honest I'm kind of happyesme is dead

Author's Response: Ginny definitely got the short end of the stick, character development-wise. I can see why so many FF readers don't like her. I'd probably feel the same way if not for my expansive head canon that fills in the gaping void that JKR left in her character. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark 

1st March 2014:

Oh my God this chapter was so packed with action and amazingness that I hardly know where to begin! Maybe the beginning would be a good starting point...

Rory Tennant is a vile, vile person and that's all I really have to say about the section from his point of view.

I loved the section from Harry's point of view with all the members of the Order of Phoenix - it was nice to see the appearance of some of the 'lesser' next gen characters, such as Roxanne and Dominique.

Scorpius' point of view was great! I always love to read about Draco, and the way he handled the whole situation was awesome. And as I'm sure I've mentioned before, you are fantastic at writing confrontations and action packed scenes.

The fight between the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' was intense, dramatic and just downright amazing to read - I seriously don't know how you do it!

Thank God Rose and Octavia are alright! I loved the bit when Hermione observed Draco running unashamedly towards Octavia, that made me smile! And I am so relieved that Hermione managed to get rid of that horrible darkness inside of her.

And so Lady Tenabra reveals herself - I KNEW that she was Arabel Dynt, but that didn't stop this whole segment from being shocking. The threat to Octavia, Percy giving himself up...and then Esme's death. I absolutely did NOT see that coming and I am so shocked. But I can totally see why you did it. Poor Harry:( Poor Rose and Scorpius:( Poor Percy:( Actually, poor everyone!

Amazing chapter, as usual!


Author's Response: Ha! I'm pretty sure you've had Arabela figured out for a while now. Fortunately -- or unfortunately, if you're our heroes -- she always has another trick up her sleeve.

I enjoyed writing this chapter as much as anything in the entire story. The action barely stops.

Don't worry about Tennant, he'll get what's coming to him when the time is right. ;)

I pretty much threw the kitchen sink into this chapter in terms of including characters. It's the last hurrah for the huge, ensemble cast before things become a little more intimate.

Poor Scorpius is in over his head, but he follows his father's lead and makes it through. I'm sure he enjoying seeing Gamp die as much as his father.

I'm glad you liked the battle scene. If I have anything you'd call a trick to writing them, it's making sure that I can visualize what's happened and who's standing where and then trying to get that across to the reader without breaking the flow of the action.

I really enjoyed the idea of Draco sprinting across the warehouse, myself. There have to be a few things in the world that cause him to lose that stiff upper lip. The darkness is gone from Hermione, but it isn't gone for good.

Wow, you're getting close to the end! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and reactions!

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Review #3, by peggy77 

26th November 2013:
Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm crying tears of joy that Hermione was able to push that darkness out and still live! I really did not like what happened to her.

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked the way that things worked out in the end. Well, technically it's not the end yet. Either way, I'm glad you liked it. ;)

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by APerkins 

27th October 2013:
Oh, they finally worked it out!
And I am so glad you killed Esme, thankyou.

That must have been hard, but is the type of tragedy the story needs. I liked her, I loved her and Harry together, but I think it was best for all concerned that she die. It gives us a "safe" heartbreak. sniff. Ill miss her though.
You have done the action scene really well. I thought it was great teh way you kept consistent with Hermione's injuries too - she doesnt have a miraculous recovery, she is obviously fighting.

What was Rory tennant thinking, throwing the sword into the lake?
Well, obviously he wasnt thinking, Tenebra was thinking for him. but what was she thinking?

Didnt she read Deathly Hallows? Doesn't she know that throwing that sword in a lake just guarantees it will be found by the good guys?

Silly evil main character... she should have shipped the sword to antartica. That would have made it difficult to get back. Not drwoned it in a lake with a Giant squid that helps put gryffindor students back in their boats.

Author's Response: Took them long enough to figure it out, didn't it? My characters don't tend to be quite as prescient as my readers. Then again, the story wouldn't be nearly as much fun if they were.

It wasn't an easy decision to kill off Esme. At lot of reviewers gave me a mountain of grief over that one. But there are reasons why it needed to happen. She and Harry were good together, but ultimately they were not meant to be. It also gives the readers one more reason to hate Lady Tenabra.

Lady Tenabra has her reasons for thinking that the sword needs to be eliminated. They might or might not be the correct reasons, mind you. More on this topic shortly...

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Alize 

17th October 2013:
knew it from the moment you first mentioned that wench... Another brilliant chapter :)

Author's Response: Kudos for being observant!

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Cassius Alcinder 

23rd June 2013:
Aha, an anagram! It's one of those things that I wouldn't have guessed, but now that you've revealed it, it seems like it should have been obvious. Percy really was acting strange.

I was really warming up to the idea of Harry and Esme, so cruel haha

Author's Response: Yep, Percy has been under her control to a greater or lesser extent all along. And I'm glad you liked the anagram.

About the time I was writing this chapter, I really wanted to give Harry and Esme a future together. Not guaranteeing it would have been smooth sailing, but I think they could have worked it out. Some things just aren't meant to be.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

9th February 2013:


So, yeah, I knew something was up with Arabela, I think I said in a previous review, but I didn't see the anagram. That's a pretty awesome clue, really. But it all makes sense - how she could get the book, get to Percy, to the Ministry. Oh, such a clever, manipulative, so-very-scary villain.

Can they destroy the book without the sword? If they can get it back? I hope they find out about Rory before she kills him, I want to see the look in his face when/if Harry arrests him for aiding a criminal.

And speaking of Harry... *wipes away tears you've let free* first Ginny, now Esme - he could have been happy again. I was beginning to accept it, I should have known it was too good to be true... I'm going to really miss Esme. ;(

Such a sad, tearjerker of a chapter - just when you think it'll be okay for a while, with Rose and Octavia found and Hermione okay, bad things happen and tears fall. That last line was it, really. Oh, Harry... ;(

But still a great chapter.


Author's Response: Congratulations! Not many people figured out who Lady Tenabra really was. Theories abounded, but few actually got it right. Arabela has positioned herself close to power for her entire career, but remained largely in the shadows. She is very cunning and incredibly manipulative. More on her is yet to come.

The book can be destroyed. I don't think I'm giving too much away by telling you that. But it isn't a horcrux. It's something different. I think I've said this a few times in responses: the book behaves like a horcrux in most ways that matter.

I'm so sorry about Esme. I tried to think of a way to do this that wouldn't require her to die. I really did. I grew to like her a great deal as I was writing this. But some things simply aren't meant to be, and in the end I just couldn't think of any other way that was satisfying.

I always hate to make people cry, but I'm glad that you enjoyed the chapter. Hopefully things will improve for you very soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by Elenia 

29th July 2012:
I'm heartbroken! I can't believe what just happened, I just can't! Why would you do that, Dan? There were many people there, surely one of them could've died instead of Esme! (Okay, that sounds just wrong, but still! I can't believe you just killed her!)

Urgh, I want to be angry with you and stop reading now, but I know I can't. I'm too addicted to your story to quit now, and I can't even be angry to you because you're too nice and don't deserve it. But you do owe me a box of tissues and some chocolate for this!

Urgh, I'll start from the beginning and see if I can remember what else happened in this chapter..

Okay, Tennant first. Wow, it didn't even cross my mind that Tenabra could be after the sword! I wonder what she plans on doing with it? Well, what ever it is, it can't be good so I hope somebody stops him!

I really like his character though. You've done an excellent job in creating these few OCs and making them so strong that I sometimes forget they really aren't canon. It feels like I've known them just as long as I've know Harry and the rest of them.

Urgh, I don't even want to memorize that scene with Harry. I was so happy to see his protective thoughts about Esme and was wondering if they might get a break soon and their relationship could evolve into something more.

Gamp! I can't believe him! I mean really? He thought Draco and Scorpius would enjoy taking part in torturing Rosie and Octavia? I wanted to curse him myself for that! I can't even describe what I was feeling that moment, because then this review wouldn't be 12+ anymore d:

Why weren't there anymore Blood Order people there? Have I forgotten something? Or did Tenabra just trust that they wouldn't find out?

My heart leaped to my throat when they found Octavia and Rose and I let out a relieved sigh, thinking they were going to be alright now. But then I realised how bad Rose's condition was. I think that was when I started crying the first time (after shouting to Hermione because she dropped the book) But seriously, I really don't cry normally! Not when I'm reading something! But that just shows how emotionally invested I am with your story.

Yey, I was right, it was love that fixed Hermione! That whole scene was so heart wrenching and I couldn't stop crying. You really did a wonderful job with the descriptions and capturing the moment there! I was so happy when she won the dragon!

But then you go and pull the rug from under my feet. Urgh!

Why did it have to be Esme? And please don't tell me just because somebody had to die, because then it could've been anybody. I have my suspicions why. You're going to kill Harry too in the end, aren't you? That's why nothing could happen between them because Harry will be rejoined with Ginny then and it would've been wrong to leave Esme behind. *sniff* I'm probably completely wrong and reading too much into it but that's just my two cents ^^

I still won't forgive you yet thought, even if I can sort of understand that thought. I loved Esme and she didn't deserve to die.

"broken only by Harry's soft cries as he cradled Esme's body in his arms."
^That was the final drop and I started practically howling. Thank god I was home alone! It might have been quite disturbing for others d:

I don't know if I can read the next chapter just yet, I can't deal with Harry being all heartbroken. I need to take a little break, but I'll drop by to read more later today.

Urgh, this review took me over an hour to write! For the best part of I just sat here staring at the empty screen while pondering what I should say.

And I haven't even started to digest the idea that Octavia is with Tenabra again!

Amazing chapter, that's all I can say. You truly know how to keep your audience captivated. Now go and write some OF stories so I can buy all your future bestsellers!

Seriously, these reviews just keep getting longer and longer... am I even making sense in half of them?

Take care d:


Author's Response: Aww, I feel so bad now. :'( Also, it isn't often that a review is so long that I have to write my response in a text editor so I can switch back and forth and then paste it in at the end. Those reviews are very special!

It's hard for me to respond adequately, because I've already made my peace with the reasons why Esme had to die. It wasn't an easy choice at all. I tried and tried to think of a way that she and Harry could have some sort of future together without undermining one of the central plots of the story: Harry's unresolved guilt over Ginny's death. Unfortunately, the way I resolve that is incompatible with Harry and Esme being together. So my choices were either to have her die or have one or the other of them turn into a complete jerk and end the relationship. Given that choice and given an opportunity to make the readers hate Arabela that much more, well, I hope I made the right one.

When the story is over, I'll send you a case of Kleenex and a giant Russell Stover sampler!

So Tenabra ordered Tennant to get rid of the sword. Why? You'll find out very soon. Interesting that you'd think of Tennant as a "strong" character. Or maybe you're not really talking about him. I just think of him as a selfish jerk. ;)

As you've doubtless figured out by now, Gamp's perception of reality is pretty bent. The guy is dangerously mentally ill. Sorry, *was* dangerously mentally ill. ;)

There weren't more Blood Order fighters on hand because Tenabra sent them elsewhere. You'll recall that she ordered Nott to take Rosier to Rowle's house and to leave his men there. She definitely is not the sort to place all of her eggs into one basket.

You are correct, Rose is in a very bad way after her ordeal. Sorry to make it so emotional for you, but like I said, there are casualties in a war. Otherwise, this just wasn't going to be realistic at all.

You were right about what saves Hermione in the end. Love conquers all, even dark spells arising from ancient dark wizards trapped in books.

Sorry. As I said above, I have my reasons for why certain things have to be the way that they are. I obviously can't comment on what's to come, except to say that you shouldn't be too sure about whether anyone will live or die. It's a war, after all.

I will accept your non-forgiveness for the time being, so long as I have a chance to redeem myself later. ;)

Maybe you should mostly read CoB while home alone. It's safer that way.

I'm sorry this chapter took such a heavy emotional toll, but I really appreciate you sticking with it. The enthusiasm and support of readers like you means the world to me! Thank you!

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Review #9, by anonymous 

17th July 2012:
I was right then, woohoo! But man... you have kept me hooked on reading this since last night. great job!! lol

Tis always the quiet ones... unfortunately... haha..

Author's Response: Hi!

If you called Arabela being Lady Tenabra, you were right. Congratulations!

So glad that you're enjoying the story. Thanks for taking a moment to leave a review!

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Review #10, by Pixileanin 

11th July 2012:
"Either way, Hogwarts Castle with its dank, cold hallways and whining, self-important children would soon be a distant memory."

I hope that moment comes soon. This man Tennant has stood on my nerves for too long.

Every time I see "Dumbledore's Army" now, I can't keep a straight face. It's not you. Never mind. I have been momentarily sidetracked. Back to the story.

"Not quite as wide as she is tall," Draco replied dryly, "but the holidays are yet to come."

Ahh, I see your Draco has some good lines up his sleeve! How in-character! And poor Scorpius has to watch all of this? There will be nightmares to come, I assume. And Gamp goes down.

I loved all the fighting and Hermione battling with her dragon, but what really got me was the flash of white hair streaking across the warehouse. It's the little things.

Rose's condition really made my heart ache. I knew she was going to be in a bad state, but the description you gave, both of her and the reactions of the people around her were so vivid, it hurt.

Plot-wise, the way that Rose's recovery led into Hermione's revelations about her condition was excellently handled. I wondered what you were going to do with that. Connections, connections.

The way that you handled Hermione's "healing" was really good too. I really questioned as I was reading that section if she was going to make it, but she had the last reserve of strength to pull through. I also appreciated how you baited us with the return of both Rose and Octavia, and then pulled the rug out from under us again. The imagery of Hermione holding out her arms and the hug never coming was brilliant. So close to victory! But that's alright. That means the story isn't over yet. Though I think that kid will need therapy later.

And then, after the emotional rollercoaster ride, we get the revelation of Lady Tenabra and how she'd been manipulating Percy the whole time. I had only half-suspected that, and you managed to throw me off about the time that she helped Percy address the Wizengamot. She was there the whole time! Argh!

Poor Esme! She fought the good fight and had the opportunity to face the woman who made the fight personal. So that's something. But I can only imagine what that will do to Harry's psyche. Evil of you!

If I had to complain about something, I guess it would be the whining in the first part by the people who showed up to fight and didn't get to participate. I found their presences and their attitudes irritatingly unnecessary. You can ignore my opinion though. It just might be my unreasonable bias against NextGen characters. :P

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Tennant's time is indeed running out. Just be patient for a bit longer...

O... K... I'll just wait and maybe you'll explain the thing with Dumbledore's Army to me...

I just can't help but write Draco with a strong measure of snark. Even when he needs to be serious, I just can't help myself. It's how I think of him and it's how I think he processes stress: by insulting other people. And Gamp does indeed go down. It's about time, I think.

The aftermath of the battle had a lot of highs and lows for me, both writing it and now going back and reading it. The moments of triumph -- like Draco sprinting across the warehouse floor or Hermione finally driving out the dragon -- are so heavily offset by Rose's condition and Esme's death. I'm quite sure that Octavia will need therapy after this. Heck, *I* might need therapy after this.

I came so close to revealing Lady Tenabra about ten chapters earlier and my beta reader talked me out of it. Good beta reader!

I still don't feel good about the decision to kill Esme, but I simply couldn't think of another way. For Harry to end up in the place that the story finally takes him, Esme simply can't be part of his life. To me, this was a more fulfilling way to resolve their situation than to have them end up acting like jerks toward one another.

For me, the whining was just one more indication of the fact that the Next Gen characters simply don't realize what war is really all about. Al starts to "get it" before they go into the warehouse and Scorpius has definitely "got it" by the time the battle is over. This is a growing up story for that generation.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Jchrissy 

14th June 2012:
I'm iphoning it. My meetings over but I somehow ended up at Starbucks.., oops? Haha.

First of all, gold star to me for guessing Luna's words would lead Hermione to her conclusion ;)†
I am so happy you hit get out of that, safely with soul in tact.

You created such a realistic battle scene, I felt like I was readying through one of Ben's mission briefings when they were discussing tactics. I was thoroughly impressed.

I'm happy lady T is finally out in the open. Thank you for giving me little clues along the way ;)!

Tennant is walking himself to his own death. I wish I could say I felt bad for him... But I don't. He's a worthless person, evil or just unhappy and desperate, either way his actions put so many people in danger.

Draco and Scorpio.. You have made that relationship perfect. I want more. Having Draco react the way he did when the spoke of Octavia was perfect. Yes, he has enough prejudice in him
To still feel certain ways about muggle borns, but he also has enough Malfoy in him to protect and preserve his family.. Regardless of his blood status, he's still a grandfather who loves his granddaughter to no ends. All that came through perfectly.†

I really hope we see more off than before this is over.

Percy, I'm trying. In trying to remember Lady T is evil and has been controlling him and I'm trying to remember it isn't his fault... But I'm still so mad at him can't he fight it? Can't he tell someone he's not himself?? Anything? Thank goodness for Hermione's intelligence, at least they grasp the situation.

I think she wants Octavia for more than leverage. I have an idea if what it could be from little clues you've dropped about the book and some certain things in it, but I'm really hoping I'm not correct.

Esme :(. I'm hoping to understand more of the 'why' by the end of this.

Oh, and I forgot to add in on my last review that I was complete positive Katrina was Lady T and A. You tricked me! Poor little thing :(. So, was she recruited by lady T for faking that memory, or was there more?†

Thank you for the last 32 amazing chapters, this has been quite the whirlwind for me..

-J (I'm making fun of you)

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Yes, you had Luna pegged. She's really great to have around, both as a friend and as an author. ;)

People tell me that fight scenes are what I'm best at. Not sure whether to call that a good thing or not, but I'll take it. This battle was relatively short, so I'm glad you were able to get into it.

Yes, Lady Tenabra is now unmasked. In some ways, that makes her more dangerous. Certainly to the Potter and Weasley famillies.

Draco is going to do absolutely whatever he must to protect Octavia and the rest of his family. And you'll notice that his prickly reaction begins when Gamp mentions hurting Rose. There's some growth going on here.

Percy... well, I'd like for you to withhold judgment at least until after the next chapter...

She does want Octavia for more than leverage. Again, next chapter...

You will understand more of the "why" with Esme by the time it's all over. Hopefully, anyway.

Poor Katerina never stood a chance. She's just one more person that Lady Tenabra used up and then killed.

Thanks so much for all of your time and attention and awesome reviews. I really, really hope you'll like how it all ends.

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Review #12, by Roots in Water 

9th June 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review! Sorry it took me so long to review- I've recently gotten a surge in work that I have to get done. But I'm finally here!

Oh my gosh- you have once again twisted the direction of the story. Hermione's healed now, and they've found Rose, but Lady Tenabra now has both Octavia and Percy, Rose is still very ill and Esme's dead. And you killed her in such a manner that there's no hope that she could possibly reappear, alive and well. She's gone. And just after Harry mentioned thoughts of spending his life together with her... It's such a shock and the last sentence of the chapter really brought the depth of his feelings to light. The relationship between him and Esme had really evolved throughout the story and you did a great job of making Esme seem real.

As for another of your original characters, Rory Tennant, you've also done a good job of making him into a realistic person. I like how you've balanced his role with the dark side with his own personal desires. He's not a bad person, per say, just a selfish one. As well, his actions in this chapter are very intriguing. It appears that there is more to the journal (or at least Lady Tenabra) than we thought because it looks as though something is a horcrux. Lady Tenabra didn't strike me as the kind to want or need a horcrux so we shall have to see where this leads.

There is another aspect of Lady Tenabra's plan that comes into light in this chapter that is very intriguing. Hermione guessed that Percy was under Lady Tenabra's control which definitely explains some of his actions over the path of this story, but it doesn't explain why she would feel the need to bring him along with her now that she has been revealed. Does she wish to continue to make Percy the Minister? As well, I can't help thinking that Percy will somehow break free of her control and apparate back to safety with Octavia... But that would be too easy and I know it's not going to happen. Percy has a while to go before he's free of Lady Tenabra, I think.

I'm also curious as to what Audrey's reaction to the news will be. It's quite possible that all of their marriage troubles have been caused by Lady Tenabra and it will be interesting to see what happens after her influence is gone. However, this is a relatively minor concern compared to retrieving Percy and Octavia from her clutches and ensuring that the Blood Order doesn't win the war.

Just a quick note: with the phrase "sort of funare we talking" there should be a space between "fun" and "are" and with "steppign away from his father" it should be "stepping".

I also liked Draco and Scorpius' role in the rescue. Even though you've already described Draco's strong allegiances to his family, I liked how the mention that someone else had harmed his family made him lash out. It's a strong contrast from the Draco we knew at Hogwarts.

All in all, I think that you're continuing to do a fantastic job with this story and, even if this chapter was a little dark and sad, it was necessary for this type of story. With all of the conflict happening, it would have been unrealistic for no major injuries to have occurred by the end of the story. Thanks once again for requesting!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

No worries about the timing. I know how real life comes and goes. Writing the story has been going a lot less quickly of late. :-

This is a chapter that I obviously agonized over a lot. I had really come to like Esme and to like Harry and Esme together. But this is a war, and in a war, there are casualties. I'm very glad that Esme seemed real to you. She was a very rewarding character to create, both for her own sake and for the feelings she allowed me to explore with Harry.

Tennant has his own motivations for what he's doing. He really believes that he's about to be "liberated" from his "banishment" to Hogwarts and made Head Auror. As you might imagine, even if that came to pass, serving under Lady Tenabra would not be the rewarding experience he has in mind. Just ask Kline and Rowle.

I'll say the following about the book: it behaves like a horcrux in most ways that matter. I can't really say any more.

Lady Tenabra's plans for Percy play out over the next two chapters. She has been controlling him in many ways. His struggles to break free of her control will go on for a while.

I honestly haven't given much thought to how Audrey and Percy's kids would be dealing with the state of affairs. It's just not central enough to the story and things are moving at a very fast pace now. I do promise to tie that loose end up before it's all said and done.

Thanks for pointing out the typos. I'll get those patched up.

Draco is very protective of his family, and very sensitive about any implication that he would have been better off if the Dark Lord had prevailed. Simply put, he knows better. That's not to say that he'll ever be a big fan of Harry, but his family suffered horribly when Voldemort was inhabiting Malfoy Manor. All Gamp had to do was mention hurting Octavia and he just lost it.

I'm really glad you liked this chapter. Things are starting to move towards a conclusion (sniff...) and I really appreciate the fact that you've been such a supportive reviewer for the duration!

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Review #13, by Remus 

6th June 2012:
So I've been writing this review for about a week now...work kept getting in the way and I had to start over twice. *grumble grumble grumble* But now I'm on my day off!

Rory is definitely getting on my nerves. He seems to be kind of like Umbridge, not really necessarily evil...just power hungry, greedy and 'law abiding' in their eyes that they don't see the evil that they're doing. I really hope that Neville took a page out of Dumbledore's and Snape's books and replaced the sword with a fake one...L. Tenabra wanted to keep the sword away from Harry, it seems. At least that's my theory.

Where's Audrey and Percy's kids in all this? It seems like everyone is there except for them.

Dedalus' line is hilarious.

ďWhat sort of funare we talking about?Ē --Missed a space between fun and are.

Draco and Scorpius are definitely a pair worth reading. At least here. I love the dynamic between the two of them. Glad that Draco thinks of Rose as part of his family (in a way) and loved it when he just attacked at the mention of Octavia being injured. In a way, he's acting a lot like his father but with more courage. I've always defended Lucius saying that he did what he did for his family in the end. Some label him a coward...I think that he was so deep in with Voldemort that he didn't know what to do in order to get his wife and son out harmless. Draco here is doing what Lucius is doing...just with more courage and will to defend what's important to him.

Man, Dedalus and Hestia must be ancient in this story now that I think about it. Dedalus was in the First War while with Hestia is unknown whether or not she was part of the First War as well or just the Second War.

You've officially made me cry in Hermione's section about Rose. The narrative was perfect.

Dun dun dun! Reveal time!



And she took Octavia AND Percy.

*insert horrible words here*

Must. Read. Next. Chapter!

Seriously, great chapter...can't believe you killed Esme...I thought Rose was going to die here but no. Despite of the deaths, this was a great chapter. On to the next.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Rory's story is soon coming to an end. Don't let him bother you overly.

I'm sure that Audrey, Molly and Lucy are quite concerned for Percy, but I just haven't found a good way to incorporate that into the plot. Even though they love him, they're not the sort to find themselves on the front line of the conflict like Al, Hugo, etc.

Thanks for spotting the little typo. An editor's work is never done...

You have an interesting take on Lucius. I always tend to judge him more by the decisions he made as a younger man: dabbling in dark magic, getting involved with the Death Eaters in the first place, etc. I agree that once he was involved, there was little he could do besides try to keep the Dark Lord and his fellow Death Eaters from taking revenge on his family. And he even failed at that, when it came right down to it.

Dedalus is definitely very old in this story, but I think he's way too cantankerous to be kept away from the action. I always had the impression that Hestia was younger, but it isn't really clear from the books, I guess.

Aww. Very sorry to make you cry, but I'm glad you found Hermione's feelings for Rose so moving. It was pretty emotional to write.

As I've said a bunch of times now, I feel genuinely bad about the decision to kill Esme. There just wasn't any other way to get Harry to the place where I need him to be. He had become far too attached to her.

I'm really glad you liked the chapter. The next few will be slower paced, somewhat by necessity. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

28th May 2012:
So until I read this I had completely avoided reading the other reviews but afterwards I read them and I think they perfectly sum up this heartbreak in the story! It is really hard to read especially for someone who loves to have a happy ending particularly for Harry. I had never seen him with anyone except Ginny throughout the books but I also have developed a love for Esme throughout the story (which I didn't think was possible!) but then she was so crueliy ripped away whilst trying to avenge the death of a young girl who didn't really need to die.

I understand it was for the death count... but why Esme :( Why not Percy or another Weasley! I think that would be so much easier to deal with just because you have given Esme a rather fond place in our hearts and in a way I think that is why you wrote it and it does in a way show that it is a really good story.

Rory Tennant is an interesting character and whilst his motives are quite easy to understand with the power and the greed, its very hard to understand why he would just follow every order Lady Tenebra gave him without any insurance that he was actually going to be made head of auror service. Also I really want to know why Lady Tenebra wanted to get rid of the sword. I don't think it was to do with the horcruxes but maybe it could have been detrimental to some of her plans if it was able to be found. The idea of Neville changing his password too is also curious as its interesting that he's only told a select few people about the new password and it begins to show who he trusts in a way.

The way they are all gathered in the room is really good to see but it reminds me of a battle field and the way they are strategically planning their assault and I think you wrote that really well especially with the others also walking in because it just shows the unity of family and just how much family come together to make sure that the rest of the family are okay. I also like the way Harry sort of plans it in a way because he is also very aware of the fact that there could be a counter attack at the burrow which is where they've obviously been holding up. The fact that he sends the women there though is more interesting as it shows that whilst they're very able, he thinks it could be quite unlikely otherwise he would have sent more manpower over there but at the same time it also makes everyone feel wanted and needed even if they aren't involved in the actual storm of the factory.

I really liked the scene with Scorpius, Draco and Nott because it was really interesting to read their attempts at infiltration and how it didn't really seem to go very well! Draco seems to be very protective over Octavia and in a way its nice to see how he flips when he thinks that his granddaughter may be about to be harmed. Scorpius also manages to keep his cool and I did like the use of the galleons as it was very canon and just reminded you of his younger days and how about now that the younger generation is going through what the older generation had to go through and didnt want their children to go through. In a way it shows the futility of war because in a way it's just a vicious circle because as soon as one dark wizard (Voldemort) was stopped then another one comes along.

The waves Harry mentioned also sound very militaristic and it reminds you really of how organised they have to be to make sure this raid actually goes well because if not it could have ended in the death of a young woman and her daughter. In a way I am so glad they weren't killed because although I know you sort of wanted the death count to go up I think the tragedy would have been so much more evident if it had been Octavia or Rose that Lady Tenebra had killed.

You also did very well describing the action scene because action scenes are notoriouisly hard to get right because you have to use all the senses and you actually have to be able to describe the scene with so much detail that the reader actually thinks they are there and I think that it makes it well written. I do actually feel like I'm there ducking under spells.

The reunion scene with Octavia and Hermione is so amazing but so bittersweet because you sort of know that in this story nothing can end too well! Also just seconds later they find Rose which is just too much for me to handle. The fact that the could have also been tortured to insanity like Frank and Alice were many years ago just is one of the things which really upset me. She could have gotten out of that room because it was obvious she didn't know anything but she took the chance of being close to her daughter but because of that she could have lost her mind.

I love how they all try to talk to Rose to bring her out of the shell though and the way Hermione reacts is just so sad. I know she has to fight against the dragon inside her and that is really upsetting to basically know that she is in so much pain when she has just been reunited with her daughter.

The fact that love conquers all surfaces again in the fact that that's how Hermione got rid of the dragon and thats how Rose resurfaced from her shell!

I KNEW SOMETHING WAS GOING ON WITH ARABELA! I KNEW IT! I told you in a review way back when she first surfaced although I didn't click with the name to be honest which I really should have done! I love the way you did that!

I will repeat again... KILLING ESME? Do you have no compassion m'dear? She and Harry would have been so perfect together because they had both gone through pain and they had both shared some of the same experiences.

Also taking Octavia and controlling Percy! Well I never could have guessed because Percy doesn't seem like he would be able to be controlled but obviously I was proved wrong! Just why did you have to take Octavia?!? That's crazy because she's only a little girl and that makes it so much harder to read. I just hope she is okay because if she's not I will be devestated!

Congratulations with this

Author's Response: Wow. Such a long, detailed review! I love it!

So first off, I'm so very sorry about Esme. I tried and tried to come up with a way to resolve her relationship with Harry that didn't involve killing her or making one or both of them seem like a complete heel, and I simply couldn't. For reasons that will become clear by the end of the story, another relationship for Harry is simply not meant to be.

Tennant is desperate to restore the life that he believes that Ron and Harry unjustly took from him. He's been stuck teaching a subject he's not especially good at to students that he loathes for many years. As such, he's rather desperate. Also, Tenabra has allowed him the illusion of believing that he's in control of his own destiny. She's quite good at preying upon the weak and the delusional.

Ron and Harry have both learned to think very strategically over the years. Part of that comes from being Aurors. They tracked down some of the worst and most dangerous criminals in wizarding history in the aftermath of the war, and those operations had to be carefully planned if everyone was going to come back alive.

I'm glad that you liked Scorpius. I have come to really like him and Draco as a pair in this story. So many subtleties to be explored there.

I love writing action scenes. People tell me I'm good at them, so I try to stick to what people like.

Rose and Hermione both find their salvation in the power of love. It was a very happy, uplifting thing to write, and I enjoyed it immensely Bookmark the thought, by the way. It probably won't be the last time you see it.

Yes, Arabela is Tenabra and has been all along. Many people had guessed it, and it seemed like time to finally make it official. I'm really glad you liked her name. It was something that I thought of while reading a fic that occurred during CoS.

I have compassion, what I didn't have was a way to have Esme continue to be a part of Harry's life at the conclusion of the story. Again, sorry.

Octavia is tough. And Tenabra's control over Percy may not be as complete as she'd like to believe. That's all I can say about that.

Thanks so much for the long, wonderful, passionate review. It means the world to me!

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Review #15, by CloakAuror9 

24th May 2012:
Esme Osinalde was no more.

The most horrible phrase out of the whole story. I cannot even tell you how sad, angry and heart-broken I am right now. I know you had your reasons for it and maybe they will become apparent to all of us in the later chapters, but until then I'll keep my mouth shut.

I'm happy for Hermione. She finally got the dragon out of her, and love finished it all of. Amazing things love can do.

I do feel so sorry for Percy! He often gets the terrible stuff, I just realised that he's been controlled by Lady Tenabra all of these times. And Octavia, I wonder how Lady Tenabra will use her to her advantage, something to do with the Wotter-Malfoy family no doubt.

I thought the chapter was well-written as usual, and I do apologise for quite the short and terrible review. I'm fairly sure that if I don't review now, I'll probably never will.

I just don't feel up to it...I feel so down. I shouldn't have expected the whole Harry/Esme thing to happened, it got me nowhere.

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Hello, again.

I'm really, really sorry about this chapter ending with such a downer. I tried and tried to think of another way around my dilemma and I couldn't. Having Esme be part of his life was simply not compatible with where Harry is going by the end of this story. So rather than having Esme drift away quietly or worse still, having her and Harry in another tiff that drives her away, I decided to let her go out like an Auror, trying to protect Hermione from Lady Tenabra.

Hermione is back on track, but she's facing a heavy burden. Aside from her physical recovery, she has to live with the guilt of what she's done and the sacrifice that Esme made to keep her alive. It won't be easy.

I've said for a long time that Percy is caught up in something much bigger than he realizes. But take heart. Remember his moments of clarity when he was able to fight back against the forces controlling him?

Again, very sorry for bringing you down like this. I'll do my very best to redeem myself before the end of the story! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Em 

22nd May 2012:
Oh my god. I just finished catching up with the last few chapters.

I... I... it's hard to even... Tears, all the tears.

That woman! I knew she was not to be trusted! >_<

Hermione... Rose... Octavia... Percy... Esme... :'(

Author's Response: Hello, my friend.

I'm so sorry to have visited such sorrow on you. I only hope that I can redeem myself by the end of the story.

Arabela was not to be trusted, but Hermione realized it a little too late. Now Octavia is once again in danger, and Percy is under her control.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

21st May 2012:
Gryffindor's sword was truly a priceless treasure. The rubies crusting its handle sparkled in the lamplight while the polished blade reflected the colors of his robes back to him. He could only imagine why she was interested in it, but he assumed that she had her reasons.

Is the book really a horcrux then? I imagine she wants the sword because that would be the key way to destroy the dark magic concealed inside of it.

Unless she's trying to get medieval and is going to fight off Harry with a sword. Haha.

The most difficult conversation he tried to have was with Esme.

That entire section about Harry and Esme totally foreshadowed her death (but I'm bracing myself to get to that at the end of the review).

It's highly logical that they would all want to go and find Rose. Scorpius is the father/husband, Draco is the father/grandfather/father-in-law, we've got the tribe of related Weasley's, Esme who wants to kill Lady T because of what she did to Katerina. They're all really interconnected and I don't think I've ever given them that much thought. Sometimes with the way that Harry and Ron have to dig into their Auror skills and remove themselves emotionally from the situations so they can think logically, I sometimes forget that their purpose isn't to save their family. I know that sounds ridiculous because these chapters have been leading up to save Rose and Octavia but it's so much bigger than that. I think at times of war you have to be ready to lose people. It's tough. It's heartbreaking but war isn't rainbows and butterflies.

"Just hold me, Ron," she bit out between waves of agony. "I love you." A small cry of pain escaped from her lips. "Don't let go! I love you!"

Ah! There's that theme again, love. Love conquers all, that's the saying, right? I'm proud of Hermione and I'm not surprised. I am surprised she died but then again she had to be the one to connect the dots about the whole Lady T and Arabela thing because she was the only one that had been mulling the name around in her head.

Then her body collapsed to the floor and Esme Osinalde was no more

Now. For my reaction.

NO! HOW COULD YOU! Just because I saw it foreshadowed earlier on doesn't mean I wanted it to happen or thought you'd really go through with you. Not Esme! I liked her after she and Harry had finally reached an understanding and she stopped being so annoying.

My heart dropped as I read that. I couldn't believe it. For a second I thought Esme had been able to kill Arabela but no. Of course not. That would be too easy and you needed your death count to go up, didn't you? Didn't you! Why! I know someone would have had to die because I don't think until a key person did that they wouldn't treat this as seriously anymore because they could have just destroyed the book, had Rose and Octavia safe and that would be that. No mas.

And Octavia! And Percy! Percy always gets the short end of the stick. I didn't realize she was controlling him this entire time. I knew she was the force behind all of his actions but that section was just brutal to read.

And Octavia...reunited with her mother and her father only to be ripped away and thrown to the wolves with her uncle who will probably go insane when he comes to his senses and realizes he has not been able to protect yet another woman in his family.

How could you...little Octavia. I really did think though in the past chapters she would pay a key role because she's the one that binds the family together. She's the youngest but not only that she effects literally three prominent families: Potters-Weasley's-Malfoy's. They're like the trinity right there and by taking her, Lady T could destroy the big three and take all the power for herself.

Good grief. I don't even want to guess on what happens next. I'll miss Esme...war has officially begun.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I think I'll stand by my previous statement and leave it at that: In most ways that matter, the book behaves like a horcrux. Tenabra is a very talented witch, but I don't believe that fencing is one of those talents. ;)

Everybody in the extended Potter/Weasley/Malfoy/Auror family certainly wants to help rescue Rose and Octavia. I had a fun little string of dialog where one by one they all tell Harry to go to ___ when he tries to talk them out of taking part, but I had to take it out because the last chapter was just too long, so I alluded to it a bit in this one. It is bigger than just saving two people, but Harry and Ron also cannot allow the Blood Order to use Rose and Octavia for leverage against them.

Love does indeed conquer the dragon. When you're writing an in-canon story, there are certain things I think you have to stay true to, and that's one of them.

And now we come to the not-at-all-fun part of the conversation. I'm very sorry, but it was necessary for Esme to die in order for Harry to get to where he's going at the end of the story. You have no idea how much I struggled with this, how much I tried to think of another way. But in the end, there was none. Harry will be exploring many of these feeling at length in an upcoming chapter.

Poor Percy. She truly has been controlling him. And now she's going to try to take control of Octavia. More on this very soon. As in, I'm actually planning to write it this morning. Octavia is indeed very pivotal to the entire story. That part is also coming up rather quickly.

So again, very sorry to have done this to you on a day when a storm has already jarred you out of bed at such an ungodly hour. I hope that the rest of your day goes much better. Thanks, as always, for reading and reviewing!

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