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Review #1, by Marshal 

1st April 2017:
When it comes to Lily's emotional recovery you are handling it well. I am glad you aren't rushing it and it is moving slowly so kudos there. I also liked the fight between James and Lily while the fight was from her perspective my brain was all in James head feeling where he was on this and you played his responses well and I feel accurately.

I will say however that I'm never found of a special seperate dorm for the head boy and girl in some ways it feels like an over done trope but at the same time I get the trope and I get what you are trying to do here. I also find it interesting that secrets have to be shared to enter. I can kind of already see where you intend to go with it as you have already used it to get some character emotion across that isn't always easily rendered outside of it.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where you take the relationship between Lily and James from here as they have to continue to spend added time together and away from their friends some.

Also, I like your Frank. Though technically speaking he was older than the marauders I get why he's there and he was fun when it came to the boggart and McGonagal's remark about the new professor being up to his standards that was cute and funny all the same.

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Review #2, by ABlack 

1st April 2017:
I know chapter images arenít necessarily part of the writing, but the ones you have for this tale are just lovely and really serve to enhance the experience.

Lily questioning why her heart gives a little jump so soon after her parents have been laid to rest Ė ugh! Itís just perfect. Of course sheíd feel a level of guilt, itís only natural. And then thereís the wonderful little touch that Hogwarts feels like home to her. So reminiscent of what Harry feels during his years there.

Youíre handling of McGonagall and Dumbledoreís dialogue really shines. You got a great grasp on them.

Typically when I read a story that includes the Head Girl and Boy getting their own quarters, I pause. Blame it on reading too many such fanfics over the years that featured this set up and were poorly handled. I have confidence, though, that you wonít have any issues.

The description of their common room was detailed, but not overly so. That he canít enter her room is expected. That theyíd lose their position if they get naughty with the other in that personís bedroom? That feels at once a little like a stretch (this rule doesnít exist in the Tower), yet not a real restriction since there is no mention of no naughtiness in their new common room.

I look forward to seeing where you take this next!


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Review #3, by sushmita 

22nd December 2016:
I saw some misspelt words that could be fixed. This chapter was a bit of a drag.

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Review #4, by Rose 

8th August 2015:
I'm rereading this story for at least the third time- it's always been a favourite of mine. This time around, though, I'm noticing something that might be holding you back as a writer. (please note that I say this with only the best intentions-again, I love this story and I'm only saying it to help make it better)
Your language gets a bit... flowery in places. You're obviously trying to make every image as beautifully vivid as humanly possible, but sometimes it gets a bit awkward and distracts from the meanings you're attempting to convey. These issues sometimes obstruct the focus on plot, as well. We almost forget what's going on, because Lily is too focused on the water in her eyes (aka tears)...Or because Dumbledore's eccentricity makes his speech patterns meander a bit too much and we sort of get distracted by the excess of words. Try to be concise- use more powerful verbs and adjectives to communicate to us how sad Lily is feeling and read stuff out loud to make sure it all flows really smoothly and makes sense. (Get an audience if you can--or, if you have a macbook, just use the speech function and take some notes)
I'm sorry if I sound overly critical. I just wanted to help. As I've said before- this is one of my absolute favourite stories of all time! I hope my comment is constructive and can help make this fic even better than before!
Love from,
PS- hope your summer is going well!

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Review #5, by SiriuslyPotter 

5th July 2014:
Really enjoying your story, it's well written and flows beautifully. Hope we see lots more of the Marauders in the upcoming chapters; I have a soft spot for Sirius and Remus.

Thank you for working so hard

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Review #6, by TheMaraudersBabe 

29th April 2014:
You're killing me, babes. Once again, well written and very nicely laid. Don't know how much more I can tell you -- there isn't anything for me to criticize. Always expect nice things from me! :) I think I'm going to add reading a chapter of this story every night before bed xo

Author's Response: These reviews have been such an awesome surprise! I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to read Before They Fall, and I am so, so excited that you're enjoying it! You've put a huge smile on my face this morning!!

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Review #7, by gryffindorgal18 

18th August 2013:
i really like this story! you are a great author,and i hope this story (Hopefully) keeps getting better and better!! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much!! I'm really excited that you like the start of this, and i really hope you enjoy it as it continues! Saturday postings will go back to normal this coming Saturday :)!

♥ Jami

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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123 

9th August 2013:
Hey Jami!

What a chapter! My heart broke when Lily was trying to convince herself not to get involved in James. It was terrible on how she thought she was being a cold hearted person, forgetting her parents, and moving on. I hope she realizes it's okay though.

I think every bit of Sirius' dialogue was well written, and prefect in every sense. It seemed like J.K.R material, and if that's not a compliment, I don't know what is ;) I think that is one of the amazing things about you Jami, you can make everything seem so real and believable. I strive for that, and I'm glad you found that inside of you!

James and Lily's argument. Oh. :'( I love James. I really do. I think he's a sweetheart and, Lily really deserves him after all that she's been through.

I didn't notice any mistakes, though, maybe I read that whole Dumbledore section wrong. Would I be correct in saying that you stated that James was a prefect? And that him and Lily were being promoted to HB AND HG? Because I'm sure it's Remus who is made into a prefect. But that's minor so, no biggie.
Also, in PoA, we're told that Percy gets his badge in the mail beforehand. I guess you changed it but that's fine too because I realize that the Potters and Evans had a lot going on during the summer.

I'm loving this Jami!

Off to read more,

Author's Response: Hi Nadiai! Good timing, I just went through this chapter to comb for typos/crappy writing, haha.

I think this is the part of Dumbledore's speech you're talking about: "I sent along twenty-two letters informing twenty-two students of their new position, Prefect. Now, I have two more letters to deliver, ones that would replace our seventh year Gryffindor Prefects and act as Head boy and Girl,√Ę¬Ä¬Ě Dumbledore paused, and seemed to be very focused with something on his sleeve."

He's saying that he sent 22 letters to the prefects who had been made prefects, but had two more to give, the two for head boy and head girl :). Sorry, I probably made that complicating. The next paragraph he said that the letters were meant to get mailed out to them, but that he wanted to ask them personally and make sure they were up to with the stuff they'd just gone through with losing Lily's parents. Ugh, I think I made that whole section too confusing. I might have to work on it some more... thank you for pointing it out ♥

Aww that is such a huge compliment! Thank you so much! Sirius is my favorite to write. Shhh, don't tell the others :P. I write quite a bit from his perspective in this... when you get to the first section from his head i think you'll like it. He always has more of a. turbulent sort of feel to me. I'm not sure if that ever really comes across or not, though.

Making things believable, especially the characters, is the hugest deal to me. That could be one of the nicest compliments I've ever gotten, thank you ♥

I'm so, so excited you're liking this still! the next chapter is a long one, and my least favorite out of the entire book, but if you can get through it I think you'll like the 5th!

Thank you again so much! ♥

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Review #9, by Debra20 

6th August 2013:
Okai, so I know I shouldn't be happy about James and Lily fighting but wow! This was a very intense scene! I love what you're doing with the characters by the way. Lily's doubt that she should launch herself freely into the romantic feelings she's been having for James, both their tempers rising up when they aren't on the same page, are emotional reactions that people have ALL the time, thus giving them enormous depth.

I'm especially enjoying seeing Lily progress. I am beyond thrilled that you chose to take her slowly, rather than straight out abandoning herself to her love for James. Even if that could be a form of reaction, I know many people feel guilty if they start being happy after the death of someone important because they believe they don't have a right to move on, not now. Which is a completely understandable feeling, but silly nonetheless. If the someone we lost was dear to us and loved us, they'd want us to be happy and move on, not stay trapped in grief forever. So yeah, I'm very pleased with how you're handling Lily. Choosing to wait and sort out her feelings first shows a great deal of maturity on her side.

I love the detail you're pouring into your descriptions by the way. You take your time with every scene you're writing, so we can have a clear visual of their surroundings or their feelings, which I find is always greatly helpful for me to get in the real mood of the story. I think the setting of scenes is the first step to a successful chapter :D

Also, I'm very much enjoying the bits and pieces of information you're confiding to us as indication of the growing darkness outside the castle walls. I think you're doing a great job in mixing their daily lives at Hogwarts with everything else going on in the Wizarding War outside and I cannot wait to see what happens next!!

Author's Response: I'm so excited you like what I'm doing with them!!! I'm not someone that lashes out when I'm angry, more than anything i just retreat into a little shell, but I think Lily is. There's an old saying, something about how it's always easier be mean to the people who know who love you, because they're always going to love you. I wanted to sort of show a bit of that in Lily in this chapter. She's using this argument as a way to try and drive him off, and make herself feel a spark again, but he's not going to be shaken that easily. Come on, Lily, the guys been hanging around for years, did you really think that would do it? Silly redhead :P.

I'm so excited that their rising tempers through all the turmoil felt realistic!! I had fun writing their fight, hehe.

I definitely try and move their relationship at a realistic place. It's a huge deal to me to show that they fell in love and got married because that's how the *felt* not because of convenience or anything along those lines.

I'm a sucker for setting scenes. Once we're in there, i try to avoid bringing anyone back out with long winded metaphors or descriptive language, but I do get carried away sometimes, hehe.

Thank you so much for another lovely review, Roxi! You pick up on so many little details, and seem to just get what I wanted someone to feel while writing it, and that makes me so happpy!!! Thank you!! ♥

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Review #10, by Mary-Lee 

2nd August 2013:
Hm.. a bit better i suppose, though i guess i'm being too hard on you.i really liked mcgonagall, she was like, exactly like how she is.

Author's Response: I'm happy you liked McGonagall! In all honestly, I'm not too crazy about these first four chapters. The fifth is, imo, when I start sort of making it a bit different. But writing is all about improvement, so I try not to be too harsh on my beginning stuff!

Anyway, I'm excited that you liked this one more!!! Thank you ♥


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Review #11, by AlexFan 

17th July 2013:
It's nice to know that at least something it making Lily happy, it's nice to see that little by little she's moving on and gettin better. I still can't believe that Petunia won't talk to Lily even though their parents are dead. You'd think that would change something and at least put their feud on hold but apparently not.

Even though I'm happy that Lily is getting better, I'm still annoyed that she thought that James was helping her because he wanted to date her. Is it so hard to believe that people so something nice just to help you. And I'm also a little annoyed with James for expecting Lily to realise that they were meant to be just because he helped her.

I love the friendship dynamic between the Marauders. Their banter is laid back and easygoing and exactly what you would expect around the Marauders. I'm also happy that James and Lily made up, at least they're not holding grudges anymore.

Author's Response: Hi again ♥ Petunia and Lily, and what happened immediately after their parents death, has it's own little story that comes out later down the road. It's not okay for her to act the way she does, but you'll see later on just why and hopefully you'll like finding out about that.

I definitely think they're past the holding grudges and are ready to work on building a real friendship! I'm so excited you liked seeing that and the Marauders banter!

Thank you again for another awesome review ♥

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Review #12, by BluebirdBrigade 

17th July 2013:
I have to say, I was pouting all the way through their argument. I love the small speech where James tells her all the things he knows about her that she doesn't think he does. I think she gets that he likes her - more than she did before - and that terrifies her. You wrote Lily very out of touch with the world like asking people to repeat what they've just asked her which was really well thought out and made me see that she is clearly very complex and is still very heartbroken from the far too recent events.

While I agree with James, that she probably should have stayed at home for a while longer, I didn't want her to because then there would probably be no story right? and we wouldn't see James being all adorable and protective over her which I, being a hopeless romantic, love to see. I was uber glad that they made up at the end. And that they've started out as friends. Relationships in some stories move far too quickly. It's nice to see that they've moved from 'he's a prat' to 'friends'. Loved the writing, no mistakes, why do you write so amazing, I could kiss you! Love you Jim-Jam!

Author's Response: You're going to make me a puddle of feels!!! I didn't want to keep everything sooo depressing, but I always really needed to show that Lily didn't just get over their death. It's not something that goes away, and it'll keep popping up and never be easy for Lily to handle. But she'll get stronger, and that's the part I love the most.

You're a hopeless romantic? Yay we're going to be hopeless romantic together!!! Does that sound good? Okay good. Starting them out as friends and showing that when they do fall in love, the fact that it's because they're *in love* and not that it's the war or anything else like that, is SUCH a huge deal to me. I really want to give them the story they deserve, you know?

I could kiss YOU for all these amazing reviews! In face... MWAH! ♥ I know I keep repeating myself, but THANK YOU!

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Review #13, by Erised 

16th July 2013:
Aww, this was such a nice chapter to read after the pretty serious beginning that Lily and James have gone through! Even though I can completely understand Lily's conflicted emotions about feeling happy about being back at Hogwarts and being made Head Girl, it's so nice to see something happy happen to her. Hopefully it'll be here on up for the poor girl! Loved the descriptions of the Head dormitory by the way, very swanky ;)

And, well, I thought things were going well between the two of them but clearly not. It's clear that James has matured and Lily is being silly about pushing him away as a friend after all he's done over the past few weeks. I'm glad they made up though, and that she saw she was being stupid.

And I have to comment again on how well you've written the Marauders on the whole. Their dynamic really is great and they'd obviously do anything for each other. It's like reading an extension of JKR!

Next chapter...

Author's Response: Wow, that's such an awesome compliments! I'm so excited you like their friendship so far!

I didn't want to keep us in depressed Lily's head for so long. Of course she'll continue to have issues and it'll still hurt when she thinks about them, but that pain has to lessen eventually.

I'm so happy you're still enjoying this! It makes me so nervous when people read the first few chapters of this because I feel like my writing so much rougher back then, so knowing you're liking it is such a relief!

Thank you ♥ Jami

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Review #14, by nott theodore 

2nd June 2013:
Hi Jami! Sorry that it's taken me so long to get back to this story, but this is the first moment I've had to leave a review!

You know, it's so long since I read a James/Lily story and I'm really excited about this one. It's so easy to use cliches in a story like this one and I can already tell that you're not going to go along with them all, and that makes me so happy!

One of the first things I noticed was the way that you've mentioned is the 'darkness' that is beginning to become more prevalent in their world. It's like Voldemort isn't real to them at this point, more of an evil presence they're aware of than a proper enemy. James seems to be more understanding of the danger than Lily, but I'm guessing that her parents have been victims of Voldemort, and so when she finds that out her opinions may change.

Goodness, Lily! I love your characterisation of her in this chapter. She's experienced such a tragedy and it's completely believable that she's still suffering from it. Her heart did a little leap in her chest! But of course she's trying to ignore it, because she feels incredibly guilty at enjoying anything when she thinks she should still be grieving, so she's going to deny any semblance of romantic feelings towards James. Of course, I'm sure her parents would want her to try and move on and enjoy her life, but that's much easier said than done. It does seem like she's making some progress, though, because at least she's feeling something, rather than being completely numb.

I'm so pleased that there was an actual reason for James and Lily becoming Head Boy and Girl, especially since James wasn't a prefect beforehand.

The shared dorms...I've surprised myself by actually liking them here. I know that in a lot of private schools the Heads do have their own separate dorms but they're used all too often for "anything inappropriate occurring in the room of the opposite sex" (love that line by the way!). But you've included some things that make me fairly sure you're not going to go along those lines, so I like them. I'm quite jealous of them, actually...I could definitely do with a wardrobe that folded my clothes up for me! The idea of giving a secret to obtain entry to the dorm is really interesting. We get to know some little things about the pair of them (and presumably, they get to learn more about each other) but I have the feeling that there's also another reason behind it, and I'm intrigued to see what that is.

The argument made me a bit sad, but I imagine these two are going to be arguing in the future as well. It was very believable, though, and after all 'the course of true love never did run smooth'. And the revelation Lily had about her parents was so sweet and touching!

It was great how James ran to his friends as soon as he'd argued with Lily, because I always think that his friendship with the Marauders is one of the most important parts of who he is. I liked the fact that they didn't agree with him straight away, and Remus sounded exactly like him.

Also, thank you so much for Peter and Sirius! I love the fact that Sirius isn't a womaniser here because that happens in so many stories, and Peter actually says things that the others don't laugh at him for! I want to give you a hug for that right now!

But they made up in the end. It was really cute that they agreed to be friends again at the end of this chapter. Obviously, they've both got a long way to go and a lot of growing up, changing and realising to do, but it's a start!

I'll be back soon (and it won't be as long as last time, I promise) to read on!

Sian :)

Author's Response: Oh my gosh look at this review! Okay, it's getting copied into its own document so I can answer it properly :)

There we go!

And pleased don't feel bad if it ever takes a while! And seriously DO NOT feel compelled to review each chapter! I won't be sad at all if you just want to go ahead and read won't reviewing each one.

I will admit there are a few cliches, but only in these first four chapters ;). I do try and make them realistic though, so hopefully that helps.

I won't tell you just what happened on he car accident night, cause there is still a lot of secrets about that, but I can tell you that Voldemort doesn't actually tie into it. I thought about that, but it felt too easy.

And yes! I'm so happy you mentioned that about it all not really seeming real to them yet. That's absolutely what I wanted to give the impression of. We do start seeing a few things from the DE's perspective in chapter 5, so I hope you like that!!!

Keeping a realistic balance between all the pain she went through and making it clear that she does *have* to move on was something I really worked on and still worry about, so I'm really happy that it feels realistic to you ♥

Yes, I pinky promise, the Heads' Quarters are not there as an easy way to get James and Lily together. They sort of become like a club house for the gang, but then play a really important part not romance related at the end :P. Thank you for giving them a chance. I know it's not easy too after all the cliches polluting L&J!

I think Lily was absolutely a bit more sensitive at the start of this, making her a little more defensive. I've never been a fan of the hate to love sort of thing people sometimes do, so we actually sort of see them as good friends before we take the next step. And I'm really excited that you liked James running to his friends! He's such a little boy :P!!

I really agree, btw, about his friendship with the boys being one of the most important part of who he is.

Womaniser Sirius drives me crazy. He can be attractive and a flirt without being a playboy. I'm a flirt, and I'm not a playgirl! :P I also think Sirius has a lot more respect for people than to just use them. And Peter! I actually really like Peter. I've twisted and turned and built a head canon and circumstances around what Peter does to sort of get myself to accept it. Obviously those details won't come out for sometime, but I ended up with something I can accept and a Peter I really enjoy. So that's good, right?! Sorry about that tangent.. my brain is a little crazy this morning :P

I'm so happy you liked this chapter, and I can't even tell you how much it means that you're getting involved in such a long story! I know I've mentioned that before, but I'm probably going to keep saying it :P. Thank you Sian for another truly awesome review ♥

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Review #15, by amylouise1998 

10th May 2013:
Head boy and girl don't share a dorm and book titles are slanted, not underlined. Also sometimes you put periods at the ends of quotes and they were supposed to be commas. Do you have an editer?

"Lily smiled a she said the words" That doesn't make sense

Never read Marauders like this before so I guess I'll keep going

Author's Response: Hi there! We actually aren't sure if head boy and girl share dorms or not. But in Britain at wealthier boarding schools the head students are awarded their own dorm as a reward for their accomplishment :) Since JKR follows the wealthy boarding school pattern (with giving prefects special privileges) it made most sense in my opinion to stick with tradition.

I do have an editor :)! But even numerous read throughs can't get every error. With that sentence, it should be 'smiled as she said the words.'

Thanks so much for the review! I hope you enjoy this if you continue :)!

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Review #16, by Courtney Dark 

21st April 2013:
Hehe, I really loved this chapter! There were several moments which really made me giggle, and your characterizations are still all so brilliant. I think there was one line that Remus said and it was just that one line that made me go: Holy crap. That is Remus Lupin!

Aw, I love your Frank! I can't wait to find out more about him, he seems like a fun character. And Sirius was amazing in this chapter. I think my favourite of his lines was: "ďWhat does that matter, thought? Sheíll date you when she wants, no sense starting out the year with a row. Unless you get, you know, the make up shag.Ē Sirius said with a wink. I think it was the wink that made me laugh. I don't know why, but for me it was perfect comedic timing. And I really liked James' comment about the shag sensors, too.

Another detail I liked in this chapter was the portrait of Lily and James. The way you described it, with Lily sitting on the grass and James zooming around on his broomstick really made me laugh. Clearly I am in an easily amused mood today.

I like that although James and Lily are now clearly quite close everything is not perfect between them, and they still have fights. However I also like the fact that they made up. It definitely shows that both of them, especially James have matured since their fifth year.

Another amazing chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! ♥

I've had a few people angry about including Frank and Alice in this because, realistically, they probably would have been a few years older. But again, I've twisted a few things around in my head canon to make how they become well known aurors work out with their age, and I just couldn't resist including them. Something about Alice being best friends with Lily is too sweet for me to pass up, haha.

I'm so happy you're still liking their personalities! That's seriously one of the best compliments I could get. You're turning me into a mushy puddle, missy!

Thank you again for stopping by ♥

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Review #17, by True Author 

2nd April 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! =] I lost my grandpa two years ago who was very close to me and I felt just like Lily felt in this chapter. I was convinced that I won't be able to get back to normal at that time, then I suddenly found out that I could go on with life. Maybe that's why I love Lily in this. :)
JKR never told us how James and Lily actually got together did she? If she hasn't it's a nice idea to kill her parents as she stated that Petunia was her only living relative. Though I'm sorry for her.
"Friends." WOW They're so cute!

Author's Response: Thank you for stopping by again ♥ Sorry I'm so behind on responses. I was on vacation last week and yeah, but I'll respond to your two other amazing reviews later today!

Anyway, I really wanted to show that someone doesn't just get over a death, or deaths, like this even if she wants to. I'm so sorry you lost your grandpa, ♥ were you close to him? I'm really close to a my grandparents on one side of the family and can't imagine losing them.

No, JKR never told us how they got together :). I really think Lily needed something dramatic to show her the kind of person she is, and, well... dealing with the death of her parents seemed dramatic enough.

Thank you so much again for the amazing reviews ♥ The next chapter is a long dramatic one, but after that things get pretty interesting ;)

♥ Jami

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Review #18, by Ginny Weasley 

22nd March 2013:
So good. :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy you're enjoying this!! Thank you for reviewing!

♥ Jami

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Review #19, by TheHouseElf 

21st March 2013:
Hey Jami, here with another review :D

I loved this chapter, oh my. I loved how you didn't have Lily gushing over James in the 3rd chapter so soon after her parent's deaths which can be annoyingly common in ff :P She still had the ol' palpitations of the heart which she overruled with her head, something that I'd expect her to do since she's still grieving :D

Yay for Frank Longbottom! I wish you'd do a one-shot about that fateful day that Frank drove away the DADA Professor in humiliation :P And McGonagall's sense of authoritarian humour that makes you want to laugh and quail in your boots- fantastic ;)

I loved how you wrote the whole Head Dorms situation. Usually you see this in Dramione, where Draco and Hermione go into their joint dorms and get it on the same night :P So unrealistic, and so OOC. But like this, I could see it happening, I mean, come on, it's Lily and James, of course they're going to have an argument. I also loved how James' portrait was overbearing too, that made me laugh like an idiot!

One thing that I was a little dubious over, I thought that James got a little too angry and caustic fast. I think he'd still be mindful of the pain that Lily's feeling and that he'd be more rejected than angry, but hey, that's just my take on it :D

I loved though how James went running to the Marauders after the fight, that's something that seems so integral to his character, his reliance on his friends. Without them, would he be so great? I think not :P

Another great chappie dear

Author's Response: Yay! Seeing your name on a new review makes my so happy ♥

Hahaah that would be quite a fun one shot to write! After Before They Fall and book two are all said and done, I'll have to have a short story collection about all those 'missed moments' that we never got to see :P

I really struggled with whether or not to do Heads' Dorms. Wealthier boarding schools do have separate dorms for the head girl and head boy, so I wanted to stick with tradition but definitely didn't want it to seem like that's why they're going to get together. I'm so happy you liked it, though.

I think James is more angry about the fact that Lily thinks that's what he thinks... if that makes sense. Like it insulted him that she thought he needed to be told that. But I just went back over, and it doesn't do an awesome job of showing that. I'll have to edit that up a bit! Thank you for pointing that out!

Thank you so much for your lovely reviews and feedback, m'dear ♥

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Review #20, by Shelley 

19th March 2013:
I love it but im just not sure if dumbledore was
headmaster... :/

Author's Response: Hi!! I'm so happy you're enjoying this :) Dumbledore became headmaster in 1955, after being promoted from transfiguration professor. The Marauders and Lily attended school from 1971-1978, so he was the headmaster for about fifteen years before they began school :). I am very careful to keep my facts all correct and corresponding with canon, so please feel free to point out any inconsitancies throughout the story that you aren't sure about :)! Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Review #21, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

15th March 2013:
Hey, Jami!

So, the more I read this, the more I love James and Lily. Not just your versions, though you write them brilliantly, but the whole James/Lily pairing in general. They're just awesome.

I love that James knows what he wants, that he'll fight for it if necessary and wait when needed. He's just - ah, he's just the James I see in my head. Silly and mischievous at times, intelligent, though not always used for academic reasons (Map? Animagus? Yep, I'll say no more ;)), and he cares about his friends, even when wanting more. I just want to hug him... No, I want Lily to hug him. But maybe we'll get to that later. ;)

AND, when talking about the girl's dorms not allowing boys in, the sensors, that really made me laugh. But - no boys in the girls. Lily can go in mine, I think - why can boys not go in girls, but girls can go in boys? That wouldn't stop certain things from happening... Not that I'm expecting that to happen between James and Lily. :)

Oh, Lily. I understand her guilt, how hard it is for her, but I just feel so sad that she doesn't want to allow feelings for James to grow. Moving on and living, being happy, is what her parents would want, I'd imagine. I hope she has that (well, we know she does, as much as one can during war - she marries James and has Harry - but I hope she lets it happen eventually, though I'd also imagine it won't be soon).

Finally, their little reconciliation was so sweet. I loved the end - "friends?" then a handshake. It kinda reminded me of what kids do when making friends and though what they've been through so far and what we know they go through shows how much they've grown up and will continue to do so, it's nice to see that they're still somewhat young.

A few things I wanted to point out:

What does that matter, thought? - though?

He sensed the sober part of is brain start to pick at him - his brain?

Loved this chapter, Jami.


Author's Response: Hi Sam ♥

Aren't they just an awesome pairing? I'm pretty sure I'd defend these two and the fact they belong together until I'm blue in the face :P

I'm not really sure about the no boys in girls but boys in girls. That's how it was with the dorms in the series, Hermione could go in there's but they couldn't go in hers, so I figured I'd stick with tradition. Most more exclusive boarding schools in Europe do offer rooms to the Head boys/girls as their own sort of reward, and sometimes the prefects get their own area as well, so I decided to stick with tradition by giving Lily and James their own. Though it won't ever turn into a 'love den' ;).

I'm so happy that you want to hug them. I do too... seriously I feel like I have to stop myself from writing, "and then Jami pop's in through her computer and squeezes Lily and James until their heads pop :P" haha!

I'm so happy you're enjoying the start of this, and thank you for pointing out the typos! I'll go edit those in right away :)!

♥ Jami

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Review #22, by megthechef43 

25th February 2013:
Hello Jami,

On to Chapter 3!!

In the beginning when Lily is trying to not forget her parents but could still feel the happiness of being home made me happy because I want Lily to recover from the death of her parents. If anything could do the trick it would be Hogwarts.

I think McGonagall was perfect with her statement to Frank. I can just hear her prim British voice stating that line.

Squeal! She felt a spark. I'm grinning from ear to ear at the moment.

The Darkness is descending on them in their final year. Darkness=Voldemort. I love you have mentioned it only briefly instead of dwelling on it. I think at this stage in the game Voldemort is more of a threat than an actual enemy. That will change though.

I love the little details in this chapter such as the wardrobe you just toss your clothes into and it will fold and hang them up. I really need one of those. I also like the broom cleaning station for James. It was a nice touch to the rooms.

The fight scene was great. I think James was perfect in his emotions. Poor Lily, her revelation about her parents was heartbreaking. Again I'm glad the little things are helping her though.

It cracks me up that James was getting annoyed that his friends weren't agree with him. I've been there, stating my case and I think it is perfectly reasonable but other people just can't seem to get it. HAHA! In the end I am glad they worked it out and have managed to stay friend for now. I have a feeling that this is not the end of this conversation between these two.

Great chapter! I can't wait to read more.


Author's Response: I'm so happy you said that about it being just a threat right now! You're exactly right. At this point, Voldemort is the scary name looming somewhere around. But everything that's happened has been so -in the night type- someone disappearing, someone dying, but just makes in the daily prophet. Nothing that makes it feel real. And you're right again, that will absolutely change.

I had fun creating the room! And I agree, I HATE folding laundry. Haha. And yes, I've been there too where you think so much that your point makes sense and your friends just aren't agreeing! Poor James, thought he was going to get a little more support then he did :P

Yes! They've are absolutely friends for now. And actually, though they do have their issues, I don't really have any of the 'I hate you I'm never talking to you again' kind of stuff. It's more of them trying to figure out what these feelings mean, and Lily trying to sort through all hers.

I'm so happy you liked this chapter ♥ Thank you so much for your review, m'dear!!

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Review #23, by patronus_charm 

24th February 2013:
I had some spare time, so I decided to come and check chapter 3 out!

I really feel for Lily, you can sense how much her emotions are conflicting. She wants to grieve for her parents, as itís the only natural thing to do. Then James has to go and give her that squeeze, and she gets all I excited (I did too!), and regrets enjoying herself, when her parents have just died. Why does life have to be so complicated at times?

Iím wondering with Lily whether Dumbledore has seen more sides to James than the rest of us have. I wonder if Dumbledore does know about James being an animagus, and was impressed that he did so much for his friend, and made him head boy because of that. Or could it be so many other reasons, Iíll really should stop hypothesising, my head will ache too much, because with HP there can always be so many reasons why certain things happen.

Their dormitory sounded so cool, I wanted to move in there right now! And this is coming from a Ravenclaw, who wants to move into a Gryffindor themed room! I think it was because of the fireplace, and the four poster beds, and the wardrobe! If I had one of them, I would have so much more time on my hands. Oh ok and the bathroom, that was pretty cool as well, Iíve always wanted a bath which I could swim in.

No they fought! But Iím with Lily here, her parents just died, and then James sort of expects her to date him! I mean come on, could you be any more clueless? It was sort of creepy and cute that James could list all those things about her, he really is observant, and Iím still not sure whether thatís a good thing or not.

At least they made up at the end, and it seemed really heartfelt and sweet, and it just made me aw over them. Well it still is making me aw over them, any Jilly scene makes me aw!

Iím so glad that I came back to this story, as it really is great!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Ugh I accidentally copy and pasted my last review response to you from pages. SORRY! I promise, this one will not have any weird characters :P

Lily definitely struggles with walking the line between grieving and moving on in this, I'm so happy that you felt sympathy for her though! I really wanted to make it seem realistic and not like she's just good to go.

Hahaha I like your theorizing!! In this story, Dumbledore doesn't know that he's an animagus. I always thought hat they probably never told him, or he would have turned Sirius in when he was on the loose. Unless he didn't believe that Sirius really killed the Potters? Which I could absolutely see... AH! Now you have my doing it!! Haha!

I'm so happy you like the dorm! I know I risked cliche with that, but it's pretty common for more prestigious boarding schools in the UK to have separate common rooms for their Head students, so I wanted to stick to tradition. But I pinky promise, I don't use it to get them together ;)

I know, how awesome would having a huge bath be?!

Yeah I think James really didn't think before he spoke in this situation. And Lily still on edge and not in the best emotional state right now...

Kiana I can't even tell you how happy it makes me that you're enjoying this ♥ Thank you so much for stopping by to read and review, even just a two line, I like this story, would make my day... so your awesome detailed reviews are such a treat!

Thank you so much again for stopping by!

♥ Jami

And see, no weird formatting in this one ;P

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Review #24, by ValWitch21 

6th February 2013:

Lily is getting slightly better, awh. And she's arguing with James, awh (truly a sign she's getting better if you ask me, at least she's exteriorising her emotions).

And they're friends now, aaawwwhhh.

I've never been a huge fan of James/Lily fanfics, but you're definitely making me like them more and more.

Amazing chapteragain &hearts

Author's Response: Hahahah there's a bit of twinkly Dumbledore for you!!! I making you like Lily and James more?!? Gah. That just made my night. I really want other people to love them as much as I do, you know?

Thank you again so much darling ♥

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Review #25, by starchickpotter 

23rd January 2013:
In love. I love this in every single way. Love love love!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! I'm so happy you're enjoying this story, and I hope you continue to love it! ♥


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