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Review #1, by LightLeviosa5443 

17th April 2014:
Next chapter is the last chapter. I think I thought it was this one. I'm glad it's not. It's kind of bittersweet, though.

I love that with Rose being pregnant, Scorpius has picked up so much more work, and it's supporting them so well. That's exciting and awesome, and yay! Things are working out! I love when things work out! Bored, pregnant Rose sounds slightly terrifying. I wouldn't want to be the one locked up alone in a house with her. I think it's funny that all of the Weasley women just blurt out whatever they're thinking when they're pregnant. My friend was like that, it was madness.

Hahaha, probably guilt. Rose is sassy and I love it. I love that Scorpius loves it. I love all of this. I'm in love with the way you've written your characters in this chapter. I like seeing both of their characters grow and develop as these chapters go on. It's really fun and enjoyable. I also love that Rose doesn't want to know what the gender of the baby is, as long as there is one. That's brilliant. Also that Scorpius was relieved when he found out it wouldn't be twins. That was probably the best moment.

OH MY GOD SHE SLAPPED HIM. Haha, this gets better and better and better. "It's supposed to be my job to get all freaked out. You're the responsible one." that was priceless. I definitely thought Rose would be more freaked out. It's great that Scorp snapped right back after that. Go him! Awe. Haha, he fainted. I say haha a lot, I feel like I don't have enough words to express how much I'm enjoying this story. I also feel like all of these reviews are entirely blabbery and confusing. I'm so sorry.

xoxo Sarah ♥
Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: It's good that he's able to support them at this point, cause they actually have been evicted before for not being able to pay the rent. ;)

Rose is happy either way, so long as there's only one baby. She's heard way too many twins stories from her family! haha. Rose is very sassy, and yeah, bored and pregnant is terrifying.

Honestly, by the time you're at the end of the pregnancy, you don't even care anymore. You just want the baby/babies OUT, so freaking out isn't necessary. Not for everyone, but it's definitely how I felt. Reversing their usual roles there was fun though - normally Rose would be the one to freak out while Scorpius remained calm.

Not blabby or confusing at all! You're fine. I love reading your reviews.

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Review #2, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Huh. I suppose that must be why they tell dads not to look when the mother is pushing then. Makes sense.

Pregnant-Rose is hilarious. I sort of wish that she did have a case to work on, just so that I could see more of that ^_^

Author's Response: Ha! One of the reasons, but they don't really tell them not to look these days. Childbirth now pretty much anyone can look if they want to. lol. Pregnant-Rose is insane and yet entertaining, kind of like regular Rose! I'm glad you liked her. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by missdagane 

21st May 2012:
Oh, and now what? I was searching the end of the chapter but I reached indeed the end of the chapter. Aaargh

Author's Response: Hahaha... Yes, that's the end of the chapter ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by TheGoldenKneazle 

11th May 2012:
Eek delivery?! I thought I was being silly when I saw the chapter title and freaked out, but I'm so glad that you haven't made such a huge deal out of pregnant!Rose, since she's really not pleasant from Scorpius' narrations. I liked seeing enough to get an idea of her, but it was nice to not have each stage of pregnancy explained as she went through it!

The bookshop scene was pretty darn cute - Dominique is just too funny the way you write her, with her jumped-up attitude that Roxanne hates because of the book thing, and Lucy is just generally lovely :D I especially liked how Rose knew about Roxy's book and Scorpius didn't! (Also, the unicorn pregnancy top made an appearance! 8D) And I love how none of the Weasleys are concerned about Perry's doubtful husband/boyfriend state.


Author's Response: Haha! Too much pregnancy is boring, seriously. There's no need to write every little scene. This is a short story, after all. The point is the baby, not the pregnancy, if that makes sense.

Dominique is very jumped-up, isn't she? She sure played her personal tragedy into money and fame. And Roxanne finds her wildly annoying of course! Rose never tells Scorpius what's going on haha. He's always saying she lies to him all the time. Of course they had to find a unicorn maternity top! Rose needs her pink unicorn shirts. The Weasleys pretty much take things in stride, including the vagueness of whether or not Roxanne and Perry actually legally got married when they 'eloped'.

Thanks for reviewing! I really enjoyed reading it :)

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Review #5, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

8th May 2012:
Wow... I know I haven't reviewed for a while but I wish I had!

I've just had three chapters to catch up on but can I just say how much I love your writing. The way you can so easily transition the story between two different characters point of view because it helps me to understand whats going on in both of their heads which I adore.

Scorpius is also such a lovely man and the fact that he's paternal makes him even more desirable. I love the fact that he doesn't want to shirk away from his responsibilities even though it will be tough and he even builds up the courage to tell Rose that she'd have to stop doing something she loves for the sake of the baby even though he knows how much it will hurt her. Also by asking her to marry him whilst to some people it could just show they wanted to do the right thing I think that actually he does love her and he just didn't see why they should wait. He's really lovely.

Victoire is also such an amazing character in this story too because she seems to be Rose's big sister that she never had especially because she's the one helping her out with all the potions and managing to calm her down when she's all worked up. I do know the feeling though, my mum's a midwife and she seemed to relish in telling me labour horror stories when I was having my daughter!

Draco and Astoria... well I don't know what you can really say about them apart from the fact that they seem to be very selfish with not sharing in the excitement that Scorpius has for his child. At the same time though they also try and buy their way in by offering money and also taking them to buy the nursery furniture. Whilst that could be seen as them helping out it just seems to me that they just don't want to be seen as abandoning Scorpius and just a way to keep up appearances that they are the supportive family.

Rose is just brilliant :D I love her character so much because she does something she loves whether her family like it or not but the fact that she will give up her job for the sake of he baby. She also seems to be like any expectant mother with stressing herself out about the bad parts of pregnancy and worrying if she's going to be a good mother or not and I am so glad she has Victoire to bring her back down to earth and reassure her.

Her relationship with Scorpius is also very touching as she seems to do a lot for him when as you said she could kick up a fuss about it and I like that about her. I also like her relationship with her father because whilst he doesn't like Scorpius still he has come round to it and I think because of that Ron and Rose seem to be closer

This story is just beyond words because you just seem to get it all right. It's rare for me to read a story that is this believable and just truly shows how pregnancy is and sometimes it isn't as fabulous as people think it is.

Thank you for sharing this with us :D

Author's Response: This review really made my day. My week! I keep smiling whenever I read it. So thank you so much for that :) I really appreciate you taking the time to leave your thoughts on it.

Scorpius definitely does truly love her and would have asked her to marry him long ago if he thought she would've agreed (and not freaked out), but he knows her quite well by now and knows she doesn't want to get married. So he keeps the pressure off her. He's just a really decent sort of guy, you know?

I really enjoy writing Victoire. Letting her give her perspective on motherhood and pregnancy was fun. My mom was really good about that when I was pregnant with my boys, telling me it's not that bad and not to panic and such, very comforting. Seems like everyone wants to tell childbirth horror stories when they meet a pregnant mom, especially when they hear you're having twins.

Anyway, Draco and Astoria, yes. The buying furniture gesture was really not about support but rather simply meaning they will continue their arm's-length approach. It both keeps up appearances, as you said, and tacitly acknowledges that while they're not really involved, they are also not at the point of disowning him yet. But they are certainly not happy about any of it.

I have really gotten to love writing Rose's perspective, so I am always so happy to hear that readers like her :) She is often the receiver rather than the giver in her relationship with Scorpius, because he's a more passive person than she is, but she does do things for him, and put up with a lot out of his family. I adore writing her scenes with Ron. I just love Ron so I really like showing him as a dad. He has sort of gotten used to the idea of Scorpius, though he still grumbles about it and wouldn't be sad if they broke up ;)

I read a book while I was pregnant (this is why I'm a Ravenclaw haha, I read tons of books on pregnancy) called "Pregnancy Sucks". It's a nice thought to be allowed to think it's no fun while still being excited about your baby, you know? People act like you have to enjoy every moment of it or you're not grateful enough or some such. Silliness.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #6, by alicia rose potter 

5th May 2012:
Aaahh don't stop there! I sort of wish we'd seen a little more of pregnant Rose (I can just imagine her telling off some of the male cousins about something or other) but at the same time I'm dying to meet the baby! Names?

Author's Response: I thought about going into more detail on her pregnancy but really there's not much conflict to write there and it seemed rather boring to me. I want to get to the fun stuff ;) They will discuss names in the next (and last) chapter! Thank you so much for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by Hope's Mom 

5th May 2012:
Scorpius fainted? Someone is never going to hear the end of that! The last couple of weeks of pregnancy do seem to last forever - you did a good job of conveying that feeling. I can't wait to read if the baby is a boy or girl! Thanks for the new chapter.

Author's Response: Oh yes, Rose will have fun lording that over him, and given the Weasley propensity for gossip, I'm sure James, Fred, Hugo, Albus, and Louis will get a big kick out of that one too! He may never live it down. The final stretch of pregnancy does feel endless. I had twins so it started feeling endless about 24 weeks in for me haha. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Georgia Weasley 

5th May 2012:
And the responsible one passed out. Well done, Scorpius. I really kind of like that he's not perfect. If he'd taken everything in stride, including delivery, it wouldn't have been as realistic. You don't do unrealistic. Once again, bringing in your characters from other stories is just incredibly done. You've created your own world with these people and events that are all intertwined. I'd be jealous if I didn't love you more than my luggage. The labor was all done very well, without too much information being shared. Poor Rose. There is no going back, is there? I really missed Ron and Hermione being present at the birth, though. That would have been priceless. Especially Ron. Well done, as always. ~GW

Author's Response: Haha, nicely done for him, yeah. And needing a Gibbs-slap to get his head together when her water broke. Oh, he does his best. lol... I don't like unrealistic, you're right. Poor Rose, if only you could just say "no, I changed my mind, I quit" but she's way past the point of no return!

It would have been fun to show Ron, but I can't imagine Rose would have REALLY wanted them present. And Scorpius needed to be there. Don't need a crowded delivery room.

I tried to show it well from his point of view. Can't really describe it from Rose's, having never had a contraction myself, since my boys were an emergency c-section 6 weeks premature. Fortunately there's Scorpius's POV!

Thanks hon - I love ya like my luggage!

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Review #9, by Jet LaBarge 

4th May 2012:
Nice chapter.

First babies usually take longer. 24 hours for our first. By baby 4 my wife almost had him in our back yard. Labor was easy, and she put off doing anything because we had an appointment with the OB scheduled anyway. Of course when he saw how far along she was he sent her right over to the delivery room, where she proceeded to have two massive contractions and deliver a black and blue baby, bruised from being slammed through the birth canal so fast and hard.

Easiest labor ever.

Anyone who says newborns are pretty has not seen many brand new babies. They get prettier quickly, but the first minutes and hours they are rather squished little things.

Much better than the birth scenes that you can tell have been written by a teen age girl who has never been close to an actual birth.

Now, how will nasty Grandma Malfoy handle the great-grandchild, and the mother of the great-grandchild. Lots of potential for conflict.

Glad to see Scorpius' career doing well.


Author's Response: Yep, on average they go longer. Not always, of course. Subsequent babies do like to come faster a lot too - my mom says she had two big contractions and poof, there I was, and I was only her second. Apparently we've got good short labor genes on her side ;)

Newborns do look squashed! I got a real kick out of describing Victoire's newborn son as looking like her husband would if he wore a stocking over his head (like a bank robber) XD They look like wrinkly, smushed old men. But when it's your own newborn you also see the cute baby, you know?

Birth scenes written by grown-ups for the win ;)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by Lillylover22 

4th May 2012:
Haha trust scorp to faint. Loved it. Update soon. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Poor guy! He does his best. Thank you so much!

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Review #11, by donnas ghost 

4th May 2012:
Could you have left off at a more cliffhangery moment? Scratch that, it could be taken as a challenge and I'm afraid you'd accept. Seriously though, the story is coming along brilliantly. How many chapters do you expect to have? Make the next one longer! Also, they said its not twins but, if it were me, well, is it triplets? And Scorpius fainting? Bloody hilarious! ordinarily, I'd ask you to read some of mine but there isn't enough up yet.

Author's Response: LOL! Ah cliffhangers, they're a lot of fun to write but not as much fun to read ;) I'm really glad you're enjoying the story though - it's got one last chapter. After that we go back to the usual style of Rose novel-lengths. It's not triplets! Oof, that would be too much for our slacker couple. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by Werewolfs Rule 

4th May 2012:
No! Don't stop! I want to know about the baby (which is a girl, I just have the feeling it would be a girl). Please update soon, please, please, please?


Author's Response: The next chapter will post this Friday evening or Saturday morning (not sure yet how my schedule will look), so keep an eye out. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #13, by AriesGirl40 

4th May 2012:
I think Rose took everything quite well, she'd be a natural for another. lol Scorpius on the other hand might want to get a last minute stand in for the important part. I think he missed it! Congratulations to the happy couple! Great chapter.

Author's Response: Another, oh my... hahaha... Well you never know, Weasley genes seem to be remarkably fertile. Scorpius, poor guy, he did his best but the actual event seems to have overwhelmed him. Good thing Rose can step up when he can't. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by Siriusly3 

4th May 2012:
OH MY ROWLING. already! i'm so frickin excited! :D yayayayay. I hope it's a boy, or a girl. either way.
I loved this chapter, i love Scorpius POV and Rose's maternity unicorn shirt;) I also loved the whole 'eating bacon for a whole day' thing, I snorted a lot at that point. And chortled.
And Dommie's book's out, can't believe Rose didn't read it. I mean, she was bored right?
I knew Scorp would faint, what a cutie! Great chapter, can't wait for the next;)

Author's Response: LOL! Well, it'll definitely be either a boy or a girl.

Rose had to have a maternity shirt with a unicorn on it. Naturally. Scorpius probably won lots of boyfriend points for that one. Scorpius's POV is fun to write. I like showing Rose how he sees her.

She is bored, but she would never admit to reading Dominique's book! haha. She probably read the first couple of chapters and got annoyed with it. You can bet Roxanne read the entire thing, cussing all the way through.

Of course he faints, at the first sight of a little blood! Poor guy. haha... Thanks so much for the review! I'm glad you liked the chapter. :)

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