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Review #1, by marauder5 

10th March 2013:
This chapter was really great. Getting an inside look on the Grotta was intriguing, and I really hope we'll get to see a bit more of what I guess is your version of hell. It was perfect, and I loved that little touch of having people who are 'mentally dead' be ghosts of this world, like Barty Crouch or the Longbottoms.

And the contenders, finally! I can't wait to see how the Races will go. I also really hope that we'll get more of an explanation as to why Pettigrew ended up in Cliodna's Clock rather than the Grotta.

I'm a bit confused about James' motive to sign up. Was it because Pettigrew was in, or because Snape was?

I guess Fred and Cedric want to see their families, right? And maybe Colin too. Well, I guess I'll have to keep reading. I think that this is my favorite story on this site, and I'm so glad to have found it. Great job! ;)

Author's Response: I was excited to show what the Grotta looked like on the inside. The interesting thing about it, though, is that it's not really the equivalent of hell. There are people in there who probably shouldn't be in there (Walburga, for example, who was undeniably nasty in life but not bad enough to warrant this kind of harsh fate), just like there are those who slipped through the cracks and ended up in Cliodna's Clock (Igor, Peter, Salazar, etc.). It's not divine selection that assigns people to where they'll end up, as you'll see eventually. There are things about Cliodna's Clock that are not quite right. ;)

You'll see more about James later! And you'll hear his motivations for entering. Everyone's motives are different, and some aren't known. You'll get to see why certain people entered and with others, they more or less keep that information to themselves.

Your favorite story on this site?! :O You seriously do not know how floored I am to hear that. There's so many awesome stories on HPFF, so it feels nothing short of wonderful that you should think highly of mine.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another wonderful chapter! Must be short so I can get to the next one though! :)

Author's Response: Heehee XD I'm so glad that you like this well enough to keep clicking to the next chapter! It's very flattering. :)

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
Awww Benjy, you've got a real heart. Braver and wiser than most people a thousand times over, even in death and beyond. Meadowes Manor warms my heart. Man I am super sideeyeing Lily with every chapter.

these people make shivs out of bones and branches and bullets out of eyeballs, this is some hardcore prison stuff, sarah. I am now sideeying you. have you done time? eh eh?

oh my god actually crying at Walburga and Orion ;-; “Tell him I said hello,” she said in a hoarse whisper, unconsciously reaching out to touch Benjy’s arm. A shower of gold sparks kindled beneath her touch and she pulled her hand away, but she did not scream. Her nerves had long lost the ability to feel heat, and consequently she didn’t realize that she’d just been burned. Dementia always strikes me hard.

I've got mad respect for the guards. So so much. The world in death... is much like the world for the living. People trying to ignore problems by boxing them away and pretending they aren't there.

There are SO MANY SHOWDOWNS waiting to happen in that omg. I want to see Tonks-Lily so badly, but I don't want either to die, and I'd love it if they both backed down before the final duel. And oh gods, Sev does NOT need to die AGAIN but I have a bad feeling for him, as his and perhaps Peter's would be most poetic.


Author's Response: I am picturing you sideeyeing Lily so hard out of the corner of your eyes that only the whites are visible. GINA IS WATCHING YOU, LILY.

You've caught me! I am actually in prison right now. I made a computer out of a shiv. ~ You get creative when you're in a cell all day long.

Walburga and Orion. :( :( :( She was so awful during her life but it's irrefutable that death has made her a different person, if only because she's forgotten what it is to be alive. It's a punishment she really and truly does not deserve, but that's one of the iffy parts of CC. They don't question themselves after making a decision.

I love the guards. They are the epitome of selfless. And it's like they live in a different world than the rest of CC, even when they go back home, because they've seen how the other side lives and they know things the others don't. They know things no one else /wants/ to know because like you said, it's easier to just box them away and pretend they're not there/justify it by saying they deserved it.

LOTS OF SHOWDOWNS. Hehehe, everyone wants to see Tonks/Lily.

I WILL NEVER DO JUSTICE TO YOUR WONDERFUL MARATHON OF REVIEWS. WE WILL JUST PRETEND THESE ARE BETTER RESPONSES THAN THEY ARE. But I am so, so grateful that you read this and reviewed and and you are just the best. ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #4, by Akussa 

2nd September 2012:
Hi again!

This chapter was just mindblowing. I have been so curious about the Grotta and this chapter delivered me an event better and fuller answer than I expected! Once again, as I have been with your description of the Clock, I am in awe at the detailing you put into creating this place. Everything was perfectly presented and I really feel like I can see this place in my mind. From the sand to the temperature and especially to the characters in there, everything was even better than I imagined.

One thing that I particularily liked was the idea of those people whose body was left behind and how they appear and what they can and cannot do. I felt a pang when you wrote that the Longbottoms are up there, awaiting their bodies but it makes so much sense, considering their mind has left the earth anyway.

As for the ending... well that is an interesting list to say the least :) I ca't help but feel that Colin and Vincent are at a large disadvantage though! I do hope we'll find out why some characters want to go back to earth for a day (Snape and Rufus, for example, particularily interst me).

Brilliant chapter, really well written and enlightening about this particular world that you have created. I cannot wait for the games to begin; I feel this is going to be very exciting!

Author's Response: I was biting at the bit to post this chapter as soon as I finished writing it. I'd gotten questions on what the Grotta was like - which was what prompted me to write this chapter in the first place - and I was excited to show everyone what the other island is like. So, so thrilled it exceeded your expectations!! It was my biggest goal in this story to make readers feel immersed in it, and to enable them to see everything in Cliodna's Clock exactly the way I pictured it in my head.

You'll discover all of the characters' motives for why they entered; some of them have clearly defined reasoning and some of them more or less did it for the hell of it.

As you know, since you read the Round One chapter, the duel is coming up very soon! There will be three 'normal' chapters of day-to-day life in Cliodna's Clock between each round. I really hope you continue reading the rest and that you enjoy it. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by noname 

18th August 2012:

Oh, my GOSH. James, Lily, AND Sev in the same group? It'll be impossible for Lily to avoid him now >:D

Author's Response: :3 Mortuus is going to have some drama, that's for sure.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by shadowycorner 

14th August 2012:
Ooh my God! I don't know what to say! The things I've really been waiting for all happened in this chapter.

Okay, let me get to the Grotta. It was perfectly described. I liked how you used Benjy as a character that would slowly lead us in. It really felt like hell, what with all the darkness and perpetual night, the madness dripping off every surface of that place. I was astounded, though, to find little humanity - Druella Black exchanging hellos with Orion. What a strange and interesting thing to consider. Very deep, I'm sure that people from the Grotta, while deserving to be there, some of them must've had a tiny speck of humanity in themselves, loving someone perhaps...

Also, it's amazing that what you come up with about these characters seems like the perfect and most obvious thing once I read it. Rufus being the watcher in the Grotta because he's a man of justice? Yes, I can't really imagine anything else he could do. This is his thing! And Barty Jr. just made me shudder all over again.

And so the contestants are in. After I read that, I just stared at the screen for a moment, unable to speak. Peter must go. Now I see why he would enter, perhaps he wants to lose his soul, as a feat of redemption? I'm not sure, though, I always thought Peter would redeem himself a little bit in the end, but he never did, it was only the dept to Harry that stopped him in the end. So I'm really curious about how this will pan out. Buut, Victus group isn't half as interesting as Mortus. Lily, Snape and James in one group?? My heart just sped up when thinking about it. I'm also wondering who James meant when he said HE...was it Snape or Peter? My first thought was Peter and that James wants to send him straight to nothingness forever for what he had done to them, but then again, I might be wrong. I love how utterly unpredictable this story is. One of the most original ideas I've ever read, and wonderfully written, too!

Author's Response: The Grotta is basically the place where you go to die all over again. There's no food, no water, and it's like the people there are mortal but also not - they can be killed at the hands of others, but if left alone, they could feasibly live forever. It's an odd sort of concept. I consider it somewhat unfair that they've been designated such a strong fate; everyone is capable of change, after all, and who should be able to decide who gets to go to Cliodna's Clock and who has to go to the Grotta? And look at me rambling now... ^ ^

There are a couple of names on that list that don't quite make sense at first - they've all got motives but some of them are less obvious, and theirs will be explained later.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by maskedmuggle 

20th July 2012:
AHH! I did not expect those names!! Those names make me super excited! And some are such a surprise - Peter, Rufus, Vincent, Severus, James! I'm so curious as to why the pensieve would've picked them/their blood and why some of them would want to enter at all! Peter I genuinely cannot understand, but I suppose maybe Rufus and Vincent have family or something? And Sev/James seem like their motive is "to help Lily" (AND THEY'RE ALL IN THE SAME GROUP OF FIVE! - Colin doesn't stand a chance!?) but I have no idea!~

So the look into the Grotta was really fascinating - I was curious to see what it would be like and see what happened to all the bad guys! It was again, interesting surprises to see so many names I recognised! I really love how well you've developed this afterlife - I loved that you were a misty figure if you were Kissed by a dementor, and I thought it was brilliant to see Alice/Frank there! I would never have thought of it - but it makes total sense that they would be there and they would not be able to move physically! In the Grotta I felt like there were a lot of prisoners there (it also had a very good Azkaban-y vibe!) I never got the sense that there were a lot of people living in Cliodna's Clock - everyone seems to know each other and I couldn't help wondering how big is the afterlife? Doesn't it just keep growing and growing? One death per devil's duel is surely not enough to keep it balanced?

I was also curious about the Grotta and why they'd be allowed to watch it at all. I found it strange that they're allowed this form of entertainment? And death - "even the guards were not immune to death." So they can die by burning themselves or killing themselves like on earth? Sorry for the questions, I get curious! If you answer them in the later chapters then just ignore me! :P Anyway, this was another super cool chapter - I really love how we discover/learn of something new in every chapter! EAGERLY ON TO THE NEXT. LOVE~

- Charlotte :)

Author's Response: The names! Finally! Oh my goodness it took me forever and a day to get to the Devil's Duel. I was so relieved to finally post this chapter and get the ball rolling. And hee, there are a few in the selection whose motives aren't clear in the beginning - you'll hear more about them later. :3

SEV, JAMES, AND LILY IN THE SAME GROUP INDEED. :3 I just couldn't resist putting them on the same team.

Oooh, I love your observations on the size of the Grotta versus the size of Cliodna's Clock, and how small Cliodna's Clock seems when only one death per year is not nearly enough to keep the population down. Keep that in mind for later on in the story - Cliodna's Clock is an interesting place. Not everything is always as it seems.

The Grotta citizens being allowed to watch the duels is a tradition that probably does more harm than good - I think I would rather be imprisoned all year round instead of being given a brief glimpse of what I was missing out on, just to be sent back again. Later on in the story, if you pay close attention you may catch more snippets and see that the relations between the two islands have not always been this way.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #8, by peppersweet 

19th June 2012:
oooh I liked benjy's pondering about whether he could have been in the grotta or not. kind of reminded me of how, at face value, the war in hp can look really black & white but it's actually all shades of grey. ~imagine I said that in a more profound way~

EEYY YOU DID SAY WE'D MEET GROTTA PEEPS. I have been waiting for this.

oooh it's interesting how you've portrayed different states of death, like with the inferi and the dementor victims. I never considered that but...ooh it's tickled me brain.













but ♥

Author's Response: No worries, Juliar, shades of grey was v. profound and I agree.

I've been curious about Kissed people ever since Goblet of Fire. Like, no one ever mentioned Barty after that, but his body was still hanging around, presumably, so...









♥ You are awesome and also nice-smelling and if I lived in Britlandia I would find you against your will and give you a friendship bracelet made from cat hair.

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Review #9, by Hogwarts27 

14th June 2012:
I can't believe how quickly I've read this far. Ah, finally we get a glimpse into the Grotta, which like Azkaban, is it's own place of suffering - nice job creating this and describing the residents. A very interesting trio of duelers on Mortuus with James, Lily, and Snape to duel each other, very interesting dynamics there. I'm sure you have an interesting final pair between the teams in mind as well. Ending the chapter with those two lists was such a good idea - it just makes you think and wonder what will play out. Bravo!

Author's Response: You've really flown through this story! I'm in awe because I read at a snail's pace. It takes me eons to get through chapters on this site because I always read way too much into every little detail and then I go back to inspect other sections to comb for more details.

The Grotta is a lot like Azkaban. It's cold and full of bad people, and everyone's wasting away under an everlasting Kiss.

I couldn't resist the chance to pit James, Lily, and Snape against each other. I love the idea of them all being able to get their emotions out of their systems in a physical, battle-to-the-death sort of way.

Thank you, as always, for reading and for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #10, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

17th May 2012:
Benjy did it because he saw the dormant side of himself in many of them.

^ You know this was a really good point and rather interesting to think about because I never give any thought to what the characters could have been like. In reality everyone on the 'dark' side could have been on the 'light' and vice versa. Rowling decided who was bad and good but we never really got into their heads to see if they had other intentions as well.

Nodding was just about all they were able to do, physically. They could talk as much as they liked, but they wouldn't regain full control of their physical movements until their bodies rejoined them.

^ This was really interesting too because I never even thought about Frank or Alice being 'up there.' They're still technically on earth and what they're missing is their function to speak and understand. Why wouldn't they be able to speak without their physical bodies?

Now the victims. Way to throw a curve ball at me. I'm trying to decide why each person is in there.


Cedric Diggory - to see his parents perhaps/to compete because now he knows more people than before and it would be 'fun' for the otherwise bored Cedric
Nymphadora Lupin - to see Teddy
Peter Pettigrew - ?
Rufus Scrimgeour - ?
Fred Weasley - to see his family


Vincent Crabbe - ?
Colin Creevey - to see his brother
James Potter - to see Harry/because he wants Peter gone because he's a 'rat' and hates Snape/to make sure Lily gets through
Lily Potter - to see Harry
Severus Snape - ? (to see Harry?)/to communicate with Lily? Hm.

Author's Response: Deeds ♥

You are so awesome.

The heroes and the villains of the world interest me because sometimes I'll hear people saying, "Oh, I could never do that." But they can't know /what/ they would do because they've never been in the villain's position. No one has any way of knowing how they would behave, or what their life would be like, if they'd been born in a different place, raised by different people, taught different values. This is something Benjy understands. He does not trust the Grotta residents, but he knows that a holier-than-thou approach isn't going to make the job any easier. It is my personal belief that everyone has it in them to be bad, given the right circumstances, and everyone has it in them to be good, given the right circumstances. After all, humans are only animals, no matter what else we might want to believe.

Frank and Alice can speak! I mentioned in that section that one of them was chattering away. They can talk and nod their heads, and in my headcanon they can wiggle their fingers and toes, but they won't be able to walk around until their bodies on Earth have passed on.

Heee, I love seeing your theories. I won't say anything else on that front, though, because eventually all of those blanks will be filled in.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #11, by WitnesstoitAll 

11th May 2012:
This was a hauntingly beautiful chapter. Your imagination is golden. I don't even know dorcas, but I'm sad she's gone. I bet she was a lovely character. She and Benjy make me smile. And her home/hospice center... I love the concept of Frank and Alice being there in spirit but not body. And the dementor's kiss victims. I can't figure out who the girl on the roof pushing up her glasses is, but it was all great.

The grotta sounds terrifying and dark and creepy and the sort of place where you're always looking over your shoulder. I loved the idea of the Gaurd and thought it was all very well executed. I feel sort of sorry for Orion though. The image of voldemort held in a tree with all his death eaters perched around it was so chilling.

Annnd at last the contestant.
Omg. Omg. omg.

I love the contestants. I love lots of them and hope none of my faves is snuffed out lnater. cough fredcolinnymphadorjamessnapecedriclily cough.

Author's Response: You are going to fry my brain with your compliments, I do hope you realize that. If my brain swells, I'm blaming you.

Ever since writing the hospice center, I've been wanting to go back and flesh it out a little more. I'm beginning to think that if I lived there, it would be somewhere I would like to work. I can see why Benjy, who sacrificed a lot of personal time to look after a bunch of heathens, would be attracted to someone like Dorcas, who sacrificed personal time to care for invalids. It really sucks that Dorcas had to go and enter the Devil's Duel. Sometimes short-term desires have long-term consequences.

The girl on the roof was Orla. :3

lol that's a lot of favorites! Peter and Vincent aren't getting any love, I see. Lulz. XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Melissa. YOU ARE THE WIND BENEATH MY WINGS~

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Review #12, by Jess the Enthusiast 

7th May 2012:
jkfldahjkfhlgj Oh my God.

Okay, so really amazing chapter! I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS. I'll start from the beginning. I thought it was really cool how most of this chapter was set in the Grotta; it was quite the contrast to Cliodna's Clock and I personally found it very interesting. In fact, this whole world that you created is very interesting.
I also really admired Benjy's reasons for being a Grotta Guard - I wouldn't have done it myself but I appreciate his nobility. And that whole bit with Mr. and Mrs. Black was unbelievably sad and heartbreaking but at the same time really beautiful (TRUE LOVE). And Mrs. Black's turn around made me wonder what people like Bellatrix will be like after years in the Grotta. Maybe Bellatrix is too far gone and too much in love with her wickedness, but maybe someone like her. I find that incredibly interesting.
And this brings us to the Duel!!! Wouldn't it be nice if Peter was the one that disappeared, huh? But that would be too perfect. I'm guessing that James signed up to either take Wormtail or Snape down - I'm not entirely sure who. And I'm assuming that Snape signed up so that he could in his own way protect Lily (because I cannot imagine anyone alive he'd want to visit). And while I'm very worried that Tonks and Lily are on opposing teams, I'm glad that James and Lily are on the same so that they won't be up against one another in the end. But I'm worried about Fred and Colin. And Lily. And James. And Tonks. And I /guess/ Cedric. But that's about it.
But yeah, AMAZING chapter! Now that I'm all caught up, I'm so excited for you to update!!! 10/10 :D


I was excited to be able to write about the Grotta. Cliodna's Clock is nice and all, but it's easy to sort of feel sorry for some of the characters because they're dead and some of their family is still alive, etc. So I wanted to show the contrast, and the place they /could have/ ended up in, but didn't. If more of the residents from the Clock could see what the Grotta was like, they would appreciate their living conditions a /lot/ more, I think. Ahh, Benjy. I couldn't have done it myself, either. He's a much nobler person than me.

Bahaha, Peter isn't a very popular one, is he. I love your guesses! It's a lot of fun to see your theories on why James and Snape signed up, and to see what you think about all of the characters.

Eep I'm updating today! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by Carolijn 

6th May 2012:
What a great story! You've written it well and you've incorporated all the elements that make for an exciting plot.

Please keep writing! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much, that's very encouraging to hear! I'm glad you like it. Thank you for reading and reviewing, and I will certainly keep writing. :)

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Review #14, by shadowcat2 

5th May 2012:
Grotta is so scary. I can't imagine how the volunteers work there. I really liked part where Sirius's dad sent his greetings to his wife. I also liked the part where you mentioned Alice and Frank's fate in afterlife.
Snape and James will have to fight with each other? What's Peter doing here? You're an amazing writer. You pulled me into this story in no time. I managed to read this story in one go. It was so addicting. I love your writing. Sorry my reviews do not really have any constructive criticisms in them. But yes, I love your story and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to read such an amazing story.

Author's Response: The Grotta is creepy. *shudder* I, for one, would not volunteer to be a guard there. I suppose if I lived in such a place, I would take the guard volunteers for granted. If it weren't for them, people like Barty who somehow launch themselves over the wall could easily invade Cliodna's Clock.

Yep, Snape and James are on the same team! :3 And you'll see very soon why Peter is there. I want to express my thanks that you read this story in one go and that you left me all of these wonderful reviews. I can't tell you how amazing it's made me feel to receive such encouragement. Thank you for taking the time to read and review! I hope you continue to enjoy the rest. :)

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Review #15, by Ardeith! 

4th May 2012:
OMG! This chapter is fantastic! It is so beyond "fan fiction" that it isn't even funny! You have created a whole world (or to be more exact afterworld) and every detail is just so fascinating.

Loved, loved your description of the Grotta -- so chilling. I don't even want to know what weapons worse than eyeballs there are!

And ending with the revelation of the teams and James Potter's entry... Wow! I am so impressed with this chapter!

One question...why are the Longbottoms' arms and legs still on earth?

CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE HOW THIS ENFOLDS! (purposely shouting)

Thanks so much!!



Ew, eyeball weapons. And James Potter is a sneaky one; he went behind his wife's back to sign up.

Ooo, good question. XD Frank and Alice are technically still alive on Earth, you see, in a St. Mungo's ward for spell damage. But since they "lost their minds" when they were tortured, this is where their minds went. They're only halfway here. They'll be able to move around Cliodna's Clock like everyone else when their bodies officially die on Earth.

Wooo! I'm very pleased to hear it! Thank you for reading and reviewing.

- Sarah

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Review #16, by Aderyn 

3rd May 2012:
Hello! I meant to leave reviews on the last two chapters, but I've been so busy. But I made sure to leave one for this chapter :D

I'm so glad we got to see the Grotta. I had been wondering what this place was like. Your descriptions are absolutely chilling. This is a place of anarchy but also of punishment. I was reminded of the hell in Dante's Inferno--it's cold, at times, and also gruesome. (The skull and tree reminded me as well). It makes sense that they would need guards for a place like that. But how does one become a guard, it doesn't sound like a nice existence, is it a form of punishment? Or is it voluntary? I t's quite interesting how many problems are set up in the Grotta. Barty managed to escape, Bellatrix seems to know how, and the general sense of unease. Of course, they all have to come to watch the first round of the duel was well (which makes me wonder why...)

I love how well thought out every part of this story is. You seem to have decided how every sort of death or injury will be treated--inferi, Dementor's kiss, even the Longbottom's (That was particularly interesting to me. And it makes me glad that they're not just in some sort of limbo).

The ending was a bit surprising. Lily, James and Snape all on the same team. I know Lily feels betrayed, but isn't it a good thing she's on James' team? Then they won't have to fight each other in the last round. I love the names of the teams as well, very fitting.

Again, you have the most imaginative story I think I've ever read here. You've taken something alluded to in the last book (an afterlife) and fleshed it out into this story that makes perfect cannon sense. Seeing all the characters from different time periods interact is amusing and painful at the same time, much as I might imagine it is for them. They are living, in a sense, but without the fear of death, emotions must seem dulled. I cannot wait to read more of this story. I am so excited every time I see a new chapter has been posted. Really, I can't say enough good things about this story.

Author's Response: Hi there!

Oooh what is Dante's Inferno? That probably makes me sound very out of touch. :P It sounds familiar, though. I'm glad you asked about how one becomes a guard. I might not explain it in the story, so I'll just say here that it isn't a form of punishment. Everything about it is completely voluntary - including allowing Grotta inhabitants to come to Cliodna's Clock during the Devil's Duel. That bit has always been a tradition, a little bit of mercy on Cliodna's Clock's part. It's the sort of job that suits people who naturally love to uphold justice, like policemen, and who are pretty much alone in Cliodna's Clock and don't really have any other niche. Like, Benjy might not do it anymore if he had a family, and same with Rufus, but they don't; so this sort of keeps their minds and hands occupied. Eternity can become a big repetitive and boring.

I loved the opportunity to be able to include the Longbottoms. In my headcanon, when they were tortured so much that they "lost their minds", this is where their minds went. As for Lily, yeah, it's certainly a good thing that she's on James's team instead of on the team opposing him. She's just a little bit miffed that he signed up at all, because this year's races are going to be a bit more high-stakes what with the influx of new entrants, and she's got enough to worry about already without having to watch James over her shoulder.

Thank you so much! That is amazing to hear. Really, your reviews are so nice and detailed, I always reread them a few times. I'm extremely pleased that you like this story, and thank you for your kind words.

Thank you once again!

- Sarah

P.S. I usually update every Wednesday. ;)

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Review #17, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

3rd May 2012:
Hey great chapter as always :D
Omg snape! Can't wait to read more - it's going to be interesting :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Snape ♥

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by cazvalleygirl 

3rd May 2012:
Hello again, it's only me, the person addicted to your story : )

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, from start to finish. So where do I begin? Ok, Benjy Fenwick. His ability to feel such empathy for those in Grotta speak's volumes about his character and it was refreshing to read, espically as his death at the hands of the Death Eaters had been so brutally violent. And I love how he could see that if he had been born and raised in a family so obsessed with blood status and the darks arts he himself could have succumb to the darkness.

Moving on, Grotta! Needless to say it did not disappoint. Since the very first chapter I have been intrigued by the awful place and I think you described it even better than I had imagined. The black sand, the suffocting atmosphere, the dead bodies, all very morbid and haunting but it was written just perfectly! You must have such a creative imagination! Did anything inspire you to write about Grotta, or was it all you? Either way it was amazing!

Your ability to write minior characters and make the reader interested in them is second to none. And you nail all the characters we already know, it's as if J.K Rowling has give you lessons herself! I particularly enjoyed Rufus in the chapter.

I hope we get to see the Dumbeldore family at some point. Their story was so sad it would be nice to see them happily reunited. And Moody! Is he there? Is he a gaurd at Grotta? Constant Vigilance and all that lol. Hopefully he's relaxed a little in death.

And of course the names!!! You...how...Snape!!! Why!!! And Peter? He is such a coward I'm suprised he's had the guts to enter at all! Definitely a few suprises in there. And what if it comes down to Snape and Lily! There's no way he'd let her lose, and then he'd be lost forever!! Argh! THIS IS JUST SO GOOD!

Anyway, thank you for posting so often and making every chapter better than the last, cazvalleygirl :) x

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so happy to see you back again. ^ ^

I'm glad you liked Benjy. :) He brings something else to the table, I think. Despite the fact that Death Eaters blew him to bits, he's sacrificing a lot of daylight hours just to try to protect them from each other. He's just genuinely a very fair and good person.

Thank you so much for the compliments! They're very flattering. XD And to my knowledge, I don't think anything really inspired the Grotta. Something or another probably did on a subconscious level that I'm unaware of, but nothing comes to mind. It's like...Azkaban, but in a frozen desert, I suppose.

I would pay decent money to get lessons from J.K. Rowling, just saying. Yay, Rufus! He's a rigid one. Not exactly the life of the party.

I've actually been sadly negligent of poor Moody. I'm not sure whether or not he would be in the guard. I sort of picture his life now as the retirement he'd always wanted but was too exhausted and paranoid to enjoy while he was still alive. I'm going to try to squeeze him into the story later in some way or another.

Surprise is what I aimed for! Oh yes, Peter's a terrible coward, so it should be especially meaningful that he's entered the tournament. Snape and Peter both have their individual reasons for entering, which you will find out soon. But don't worry, it won't be Snape vs. Lily in the end. Since they're on the same team, the farthest they could go against each other is head-to-head in the fourth round. Only one of them could potentially win the fourth round to go on to the fifth. Remember that it's team members vs. their own team members for now, until the final round.

Thank you so much for reading and for the fantastic reviews! They never fail to put a smile on my face.

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Review #19, by TenthWeasley 

2nd May 2012:
I am probably going to say this about all subsequent chapters, because I have a very large, and probably correct, theory that I'm just going to enjoy them more and more from here on out. But this was one of my very favorite chapters to date, and I was reading it in my favorite reading armchair and after I'd read the lists and finished the chapter, I just sort of sat there in a stupor for a moment, trying to take all this in. And it was on my mind pretty much all night at work -- that's how much it stuck with me. This chapter was fantastic, Sarah!

Your description of the Grotta. WOW. I adored it so much -- it's just as I've been picturing it for the past nine chapters, and I am not even kidding. As I was reading I just kept thinking, "Yes! Exactly!" And it wasn't even just your actual descriptions, the tree and the sand and the dehydrated air and all that (although seriously, that's freaking brilliant; your mind is one of the most creative I've ever come across). It's this atmosphere you created, the ultimate showing-not-telling. Your own description -- as a forever Kiss -- was actually something I'd sort of half-formed in my mind, and then you articulated it PERFECTLY. Oh my gosh. I can't get over it. Your descriptive writing, your imagery, it's amazing. ♥

Real quick -- I love that you included Benjy Fenwick, too! And I think a large part of that is because his name just cropped up in "In The Red" and I've got massive appreciation for you for knowing your canon minor characters. Not, of course, that I had any doubts. :3

Also. This sort of goes along with my fangirling over your Grotta descriptions, but then it's a bit different, too. I am just forever in awe of HOW WELL you've got everything mapped out and explained away. My jaw was literally dropping several times, especially at the explanations of Barty's half-there self because of the Kiss, and the Longbottoms. OH MY GOSH I'M HAVING MORE MOMENTS NOW BECAUSE THAT IS LEGITIMATELY BRILLIANT. I am so jealous. And it's real jealousy, the sort that twists your insides. Nobody can write like you can. Period. End of discussion. I cannot even begin to fathom how you do it. And I am seriously blathering away to myself over here because I am in such throes of jealousy. I'LL STOP NOW, BUT I HOPE YOU GET THE POINT.

This story? I don't think 'fantastic' or 'fabulous' or any of my other go-to adjectives even come near it anymore. It's surpassed them and gotten a life of its own and I am so, so glad I get to read it. :3 You are a brilliant writer. Never stop. ♥

Author's Response: AGHHH TACKLEHUGGLOMP (hug) ♥ ♥

This review. I already told you this last night while I was reading it again for the eightieth time, but I just want to squeeze it until it turns into lemonade. Squeee forever ♥

I love thinking about what things look like, so planning the Grotta was pretty fun for me. Originally I imagined it to look like one giant sunburn, but the heat would resemble Hell too much and I wanted this to feel more like...abandonment rather than punishment. So from then on out I just imagined what sort of place would suck the most, but could still be survivable. I'M SO PLEASED YOU LIKED IT. -flails-

You are so r00d with your tantalizing ITR hints. Benjy. I think the biggest reason why I chose him instead of someone else in this chapter is because I was planning on writing him in Purgatory. In the longer version, before I whittled it down, Narcissa was going to be a Robin Hood of sorts and she was going to happen across Benjy, and they were going to have a bit of a love triangle type of thing until Lucius blew Benjy up. TRUFAX. So since I wasn't doing that anymore, I gave him a cameo here.


My life, so far, has been full of stress.
It doesn't help that my health is quite poor.
Just when I thought I could have a rest,
I'm right back out the door.
If I fall in the line of action
and splat
Just give me a minute to sleep.
My only lifelong infraction
is that
I've been faking it to get extra treats.


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Review #20, by Celeste 

2nd May 2012:

Who on earth could he possibly want to visit? His mother is dead...isn't she? And Lily's up here, so...does he want to see Harry or something?

Oh my gosh, Sarah. You're getting better with every chapter. Minor and major characters to the left and right are making this more and more amazing with every chapter. I can already see that Tonks and Lily are on opposite teams...a nice touch. And Snape, Lily and James ALL on one team. If the earth doesn't fall apart with all three of them together, it'd be a miracle. I think especially amazing would be James v Snape, another thing I strongly suspect would happen.

I'm really eager to see if there'll be Sirius/Regulus scenes together. And of course, I really want to see Dumbledore, Grindelwald and Merope Gaunt. I don't know if they'll play any part at all, but I'm just looking forward to seeing it. And where's Voldemort? Besides the passing mention he got, I'm really curious as to where he is. In the Grotta, perhaps? In some kind of in between?



I always intended for Lily and Tonks to be on opposite teams, not just because they seem to be natural rivals but because they're the only two females in the races, so it's partially to balance that out. As for James, Lily, and Snape being on the same team, I just couldn't resist the drama that would bring. XD

You will most likely see Sirius/Regulus together at some point, as well as Dumbledore and Grindelwald. As for Merope, I'll only say to keep your eyes very peeled in the next chapter. The mention of her is fleeting, but I'm sure you'll catch it. ;)

Lool Celeste. I mentioned Voldemort's whereabouts, but I was quite vague about it:

They usually gravitated to a tree near the center of the Grotta that they referred to as 'Headquarters'. It grew out of the mammoth skull of a giant, whose broken teeth were firmly clamped around the weakest, most dangerous inmate of all. Protecting him.

You can probably guess now who that weak, dangerous inmate might be. In my headcanon, his soul was so damaged beyond repair from all the horcruxes that he hasn't got much of it left, so he's basically like that scaly baby thing Harry saw in King's Cross in DH. ~how the mighty hath fallen~

THANK YOU FOR THIS REVIEW~ ♥ ILY you are awesome. (hug)

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Review #21, by ariellem 

1st May 2012:
EEP!!! The names have been declared, I'm still on team Tonks although I know why Colin is in it, he's there because he wants to warn his brother that he's going to die right?

And I love Colin, he's one of my favorite characters ever, WHY MUST YOU DO THIS!?

Lily's there? AND her husband?? Wow, only thing I can't understand is why is Snape and Pettigrew there? What makes them join? What's waiting for them back in the world of the living?

Author's Response: Team Tonks ftw!

Hee, they've all got very specific reasons for being in the races. You guessed correctly about Colin. As for the others, their motivations will be revealed very soon. I know it seems bizarre that Severus and Peter would volunteer for such a thing, but they do have reasons! :3

Hee, thank you so much for your wonderful reviews and for continuing to read this story. It means a great deal to me. :)

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