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Review #1, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:
tan doesn't clash with lime; nor aqua, or grapefruit. YOU JUST GOTTA GO WITH IT O K

they are rocking back and forth together. be still my heart.

I love and envy the way that you've created a new register for Bea and Scorpius; things they say to each other mean different things than what they'd mean to other people. That that is clear to readers is something incredible to me because it's so difficult to make people believe the implausible. I suppose that's a bit rich, talking about a story like this, but I just really enjoy reading their interactions, not just because I get FEELS but because I can tell you really think about them and their relationship exists in a kind of space where there are established rules, but they're not static.

Also, who says writing essays isn't fun. Ahem.


Albus would be the best pity date ever, Scorpius, you should be grateful. I have full faith in the fact that Albus will get his themepark and it will be a magical place.

awryerye creys. This is so good. I can't believe I haven't kept up with reading it. This sort of writing brings back the magic of Hogwarts and plot-rooted fic, which is what drew me into the ff world so deeply eight years ago. And apparently, it's what's keeping me here, too. THIS IS SO GOOD HELP


I am like rolling around in that paragraph because it says everything I have ever wanted to hear *__* LIKE I know Capers is an ensemble but it is undeniably very much /Bea and Scorpius's/ story, individually and together, and to see them grow as their interaction changes c: bless those bbs.

I SAY. unless they get turned into confetti >:D

Yes, wizards needs more theme parks anyway. Perhaps the Wonderful World of Muggles, feat. flying microwaves.

♥ LILY'S PLOT ROOTED FICadkjg. You must know how much your Hugo has influenced all my derpy adventures and ALBUS TOO. SO. ♥

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:

AH! I'm in love with James!!! "He's everything I thought he would be and more..." is the Mills and Boone's edition of this Review... Anyway, switching back over to reality, this is such a great piece of writing (as always).

*Sigh* It's like my one English teacher once advised us on writing essays, "Never, for the love of the Almighty Gods of Literature, write a comic piece, because it's bloody difficult and you'll probably fail." Sounds like really bad advice, but I think the overall message embedded in it is that it's really difficult to be comedic and make others laugh. And once you actually achieve that, then... well... You can safely say you've got a gift (Which YOU do, Gina~)

Anyway, this party was fantastic! I adore depressedly drunk Scorpius and Bea - they're so wibbly and giggly!

P.S. You're the only entity that has been able to wholly steal my attention away from my sudden and newly-found addiction to the manga, Bleach. Thumbs up!

Author's Response: I thought it would be hard writing a James that would match up to the legend I built him up to be, but it was surprisingly easy! He really steals the scene whereever he is.

I always get afraid that I won't be able to think of anything funny for a new chapter, but sometimes I just let things sit and they start saying and thinking the silliest things xD Thank god for wizard logic! ♥ you're too sweet

Bleach -- I hear that's ending soon! I know people who've been reading that since 2002 You've got a lot to catch up on xD g'luck on that.

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Review #3, by AC_rules 

8th December 2012:
So, one of the main woes for a unreliable fanfiction reader is that moment when you look back at a story and go WHERE THE HELL WAS I??!? And it takes you a could ten minutes of reading the beginning of chapters to find out the bit you actually need to read to be caught up. And to find that I'm... still 5 chapters behind was quite alarming.

New years resolution: keep up with reading stories.

SO. QUOTES. Because it's you.

Where it was kind of weird before, it was definitely weird now, as if pointing it out turned the weirdness into a real-life embodiment of weird that attached to them like a third wheel. Oh gosh, this this this is something that I want to say in real life whenever things get a bit... well... weird . So good.

"whether wands were legal cue sticks "

Gina you are a GENIUS. Seriously seriously seriously seriously, lovvve ittt.

"Kinda feels like I fell on my face."


Anyways, it's really really good to be back for the heists on sugar, and I'm excited about this love turn that's allegedly coming into play (no idea who and why I'm shipping at this point, I'm going to stay emotional unattached and just watch it all HAPPEN. Pretty sure i'm pro Fred/Anjali though). ALSO I love you and everything you write. Additionally, even thinking about this story and the stuff about buiscuits lead to me deciding it was time to eat more food so there you go. RL effect of capers. Indead.

Happy December 8th!



When you can start /feeling/ the weird, that's when you know it's bad. It's actually sitting on the sidelines laughing at you, that's what it's doing. An adjective is laughing at you.

You have to wonder about all the awesome muggle games that wizards can't play because everyone would cheat.

LURVE BREAKS OUT IN THE THIRD QUARTER. Omg Capers must be a nutritional nightmare, I am told it causes sugar rushes and now it causes you to eat more food. I should warn people on diets or something /don't read my fic/. This is now a legitimate concern.


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Review #4, by hdawg 

27th July 2012:
WOO PARTAYYY! And our first glimpse of James. This is sure to be an interesting chapter.

"Earlier that afternoon, she had not expected to find Scorpius knocking on the door, velvet-upholstered chair in tow." Only Scorpius...

And for some reason, I'm betting that these lessons were for Albus: "Better than the lesson on wand safety. Don't stick it up your nose. Can't believe they still have to tell us that after six years - " Am I right, or am I right?

Ah3h3h3, she is such a snippy bippy and I love it: "We did win the match today. What do you think we do, write essays to celebrate?" To be honest, I'd never actually thought about Ravenclaws 'letting loose'. Just thought it was the Gryffindors (mainly Seamus)

Oh Scorpius, all lonely and lovely (and now they'll just have to marry, what with him acting like a soppy Mandrake and all, and Bea's soft heart). D'awh I want a Kneazle: "Mr. Welly the Kneazle was up and about as well, and as soon as the pies were laid out, he promptly claimed the closest box as his pre-warmed bed." Kinda reminds me of Albus...

"Bea and Scorpius wandered out onto the floor, and already they garnered attention. Remembering her hand, Bea quickly reclaimed it from his." ahe, shipping feels coming right at you!

"So what if she was tall and mysterious? So were yetis." lololol, imagining Anj dressed up as a yeti in her spare time now... but ha about the pity date and the ice-cream. Rose can never be threatening now that I know she keeps spare ice cream (where does she keep it? that's the real question)

My shipper heart! "And I suppose we're not too bad."/"We - me and you?" you know just how to play with my heart, don't you? ;) and Albus' Hufflepuff senses made my day. They must be continuously tingling with me constantly talking about him in my reviews.

""Er..." Albus turned very quiet, "Theme park?"/..."darn, I was so sure." This boy is my everything. "But," Albus uttered one last dejected word, "friendship." You don't know what you're doing to me, seriously. I would happily be a 'Puff if it meant being with him.

Seize the day! Community-ism #2! But no she didn't! What is Anjali doing?! ALBUS IS MINE! :'( sob. He'll never get away from her long legs, and long lashes, and long...other stuff and I'll be left to be an old cottage maiden.

"And I don't fancy him. I fancy -" I will finish this again: 'YOU GODDAMMIT. TAKE ME NOW.' ...too much? Or not enough? ah3h3h3. SO MANY SCORBEA FEELS AS THEY LIE THERE DRUNK. IT IS PERFECT AND HILARIOUS AND THEY SHOULD STAY LIKE THAT FOREVER. And my capitalising everything makes it legit.

"Scorpius says it's 'cause you fancy me."/He raised a brow. "Well, Scorpius is piss drunk."/"But you dress fancy." This is the highlight of the conversation. I want to quote more, but this review is currently nearly 3000 characters long.

Oh dear Godric Gryffindor Albus you are too cute and ditsy. But what did I tell you about not talking to ladies with long legs and mysterious airs and graces? It means she'd be a bad friend and you don't want to talk to her (or anyone else, for that matter, you're mine)

I will be giving your recommendation a go! It gets popped on the list . This is so lovely and romancy and funny and I love it. But now I only have two more chapters and you'll have to constantly tell me when a new one is up so that I can read it straight away instead of having this si month hiatus D: i'm sorry!

BUT ALBUS YEAH! STEERING THE SHIP FOR HMS SCORBEA (i need a better name for this wonderful, wonderful pairing)

Author's Response: Albus' nose was itching in a way that only a wand could scratch.

Ravenclaws let loose with ~style~ and then wind down like drunkards 8D When 'Claws have got people like Lucy, you never really know. Ah Lucys, a drunk in every universe.



this chapter is full of surprise fluff~ and surprise albus is just a running theme in this fic now. But yes, all that silly romance I've been putting off is now plopped in. Albus also can't resist anyone, let alone strange leggy women.


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Review #5, by forsakenphoenix 

6th July 2012:
So...yeah. This chapter. It kind of started off all sad with poor Scorpius and no one else for him to be and then dragging Bea along to the party. Pity dates! I would take Scorpius on a date.

And James, omg, I love him so much. Orange juice and telling Freddie to just seize the day and he's just so fabulous. Write more of him.

Poor Scorpius has no friends except his owl and even then they're on a level of not biting each other. xD I love it. THIS CHAPTER. Seriously, there are no words to explain to you how giddy I am about James and Scorpius's blazer and this line: But then his grey gaze rested on hers with something like a smile. Eee, Scorpius, you charmer, you!

Then I was kind of sad again when Bea and Scorpius were drunk and Bea admitted to liking James and that no one takes her seriously!! Poor Bea. Scorpius should've given her a hug or something.

I loved that they got drunk together and hehe, Bea laughing at the start of the joke. What's the rest of it, I wonder? xD and omg, her falling asleep with her hands in his blazer pocket! talk about CUTE. just so lovely.

a drunk Bea is cute and I think Fred just needs to man-up and start doing stuff for himself. I'm not sure how I feel about Al being within five feet of Anjali, but now he's an assistant? Bother, indeed.

Sorry for being so behind and for this epic failure of a review but Capers always seems to leave me a big, flail-y mess and yeah, you had it right when you asked for a keyboard smashing translator. This is the best it could come up with. xD

Author's Response: Poor bb Scorpius just needed a pj party. Girls know how to prep for these post-breakup things. He did get a party at least 8D

Hee, James just totally steals the show wherever he goes. I can't wait to write his novella, if I ever get around to it.

I HAVE A SLIGHT OBSESSION WITH EYES AND ARMS RIGHT NOW 8D HAVE YOU NOTICED? Basically I have waited forever for the Beacle and Scorptart combo to get on friendly terms so I can write all the nice little things between them that I haven't been able to before because they were all squawksquabbleasdfghjk before, heh.

And that drunk scene was one of the /first things I had ever written for Capers/ I changed almost nothing!

♥ aslhaglghlsfh thank you so muchhh

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Review #6, by A_Johnson49 

24th May 2012:
AH! I was just reading away, then realized that this was the last chapter written so far! I'm really excited to read more from this story. I think I can relate to Bea on a lot of different levels. lol. Thanks for an amusing and enthralling story!

Author's Response: Ahh, I'm really hoping to put up the next chapter soon, so hopefully it won't be too long of a wait! I'm glad you can relate to Bea ^__^ she can be a bit of a handful, but I see a lot of myself in her as well, especially with how stubborn we both are, and how we forget about other people sometimes, especially when engrossed in work.

Thank you very much for your review!

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Review #7, by MazK 

21st May 2012:
I love it! Haha, omg you're just amazingly amazing at writing and this chapter was absolutely fabulous!
Is it weird that Anjali is probably my favourite character?! I mean her and Albus are just amazing and omg she suits everyone, does she not? Like you can imagine her with Scorpiuis (obviously), Fred, James and Albus!
I loved James in this! You've portrayed him sooo clearly and I adore him as I adore this story and just well done you fantastic person

Author's Response: Eep, thank you! :3 And not at all! I know some others who really like her as well. She gets more screentime toward the end of the fic, and bahaha, I think I've shipped every possible combination of this cast, so don't worry. And I adoreee James x3, such a charming dork!

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Review #8, by WitnesstoitAll 

20th May 2012:

This was a hogwarts house party done right. Too often in fic it's too over done, too end point focused, but this, this was precisely how parties go. I loved the crowded feel of the common room, various groups of people doing various things... Rose dancing on the table, Scorpius brooding, James/Fred/and gang bro'ing around... Bea flitting somewhere between perkiness and brooding... it was all very, very well done. I also loved (lauging out loud each time) the count of first years through the chapter.

James was a doll. I love him. So much. He's hilarious. All the talk about feeling up jackets and orange juice... he's the master of loosely fitting metaphors. I really liked the inclusion of Scorpius if only to gain some more information, it really was a very realistic thing to have happen. Your cast, it's just so wow.

Sorbeas. Hoist the anchors, let loose the sail. I smell the salt in the air and sun on the horizon. (I've never been on an actual boat in my life, so I apologize for my makeshift boat talk :P ) I really loved their drunken antics. The jokes, her ill timed laughter, them falling asleep on each others shoulders. Very precious.

Fred is still one of my favorite characters, and this chapter just confirmed that whole-heartedly.

I very much look forward to whatever comes next.


Author's Response: :'D I am just so glad about the party scene being all right (I've cut it since then too), because homg I was like, I am trying to do too many things at once (and I'm still convinced that I am, but it's at least not as noticeable as I think it is). I am also so terrible to my background characters lolol small children got injured in the writing of this fic, I am terrible.

James is so amazingly easy to write - he's just /such/ a character, and there is never any doubt about his charm.

lolol you could throw around a bunch of boat terminology and I would never know any better either. HOIST THE BILGE. HAMMER THE PORTSIDE.

♥ Fred is finally, *finally* becoming easier to write :3 I think it's because he's also slowly becoming more comfortable with himself, which is something I realized while writing the next chapter.

♥ ♥

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Review #9, by peppersweet 

12th May 2012:
THEY'RE SLYTHERINS THEY'RE ALL PLAYING HARD TO GET. it's their shtick. what's brown and shticky? A SHTICK. sorry that was so lame I'm actually embarrassed.

I know Scorp probably used magic to transport his chair up to the ravenclaw commons but I actually like to think he dragged it there out of devotion and only pretended to magic it up, like Jeff and the friendship hats.

Scorpius had initially come into the room with that sadder-than-a-lumpy-mandrake look, but he had no concept of personal space... AAAW ♥

LOL instantly jumping to conclusions.

a pool table with pockets that eat your hands omg hogwarts is a death trap.

OH I SEE THE WHITE CUPS. lolol the puny british equivalent to your far superior red cups.


all of our lucys are raging drunks aren't they

strobe light chandelier! AIN'T NO PARTY LIKE A RAVENCLAW PARTAY


another magnificent chapter of magnificence my lovely ginasaur ♥

Author's Response: snerk snerk embarrassed for you. This shall be engraved in my reviews forever, heh.

Actually I did imagine him dragging it up :3 if only because you need rather good aim to levitate it all the way up without hitting the ceiling, and it's a bit of a bother. Heh.

Wizards have longer life spans but they also have like 1000x more creative ways to die and/or lose your hand.


raging drunks make the only appropriate lucys.


♥ took forever to respond to all of these, but you are of magnificence dear dear julocoraptor.

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Review #10, by shadowcat2 

4th May 2012:
James. He is pretty cool and Bea fancies him.
"make orange juice"
haha. Poor Fred. he is going crazy for Anjali.
Scorpius and Bea scene was so cute. Aww. they are getting close. can't wait to see what happens next. :D
And Anjali took Potterpuff as her assistant. I hope Albus survives. :p

Author's Response: I love James; when he makes a cameo, he totally makes the most of it.

Next chapter gets back to the invention and some classes. I'm really liking how it's going so far, and it's going to deal with a lot of loose Scorpius and Bea ends, and the scenes with Albus are just going to be /crazy/ xD

Thanks again!

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Review #11, by Aderyn 

1st May 2012:
This story.

It's just so ambitious. Like you write everything that is just so hard to write. Like parties. Which are hard because you have to show that sense of craziness without it actually being crazy, and with this huge ensemble cast, you have to focus on so many people.

So the first bit was so real life. You know, minus all the magic and the carrying of large chairs. It's like when you're trying to write an essay and your friend is talking to you, and you're like -sh- But they won't be quiet. Poor Bea. And poor Scorpius. He's just trying to have a friend -squishes-

And James. -squee- He's such a guy. It's nice to see Bea crushing on him a little bit, and this really explains why she hasn't mentioned guys at all so far, in terms of romance (not that she has to have romance, but she is a teenager...haha) But I feel bad for her again cause she's still liking him, and he just sees her as a sister/friend/little kid. I'd say this was going to work out, but you say that James is coming back only at the end, so perhaps not. I know you've said romance isn't the main point here, so I get that.

And Albus. He is adorbs. Like a little kid but not. Theme park ♥ Can I steal him? And now he has to deal with Anjali. Poor baby. He can't her scheming, I'm sure. Even Scorpius who is a master-schemer himself doesn't know what to do with her.

This story really has a lot of momentum going on. In most other stories this chapter might be more exciting than most, but here it's almost a lull after the whole Bludger escapades. Anyways, good luck with more writing, Gina! If you keep writing these crazy long chapters, you'll need it :D

Author's Response: blushing ♥ It was so fun to write (I went a little overboard, really) because it was my first big party scene not including the crazy QGAs.

Aww I love that you put the beginning that way! It's so veyr much like that. It's also super awkward just because Bea's all wondering, what kind of terms are you on with the person you nearly died with?

Eep, I've been so glad people like James. Ha, yes, I did say he's only showing up really just this once sadly. He's wonderful, but he's also rather irrelevant, except for the trouble he's caused in this chapter 8D Also! Though I've said that Capers isn't a romance, romance actually starts getting relevant riiight around these few chapters (just ramping errbody up for that). jsyk ;D

Sometimes I think Albus' adorbs might be the perfect shield against Anjali, just because he's immune to subtleties and mind games. Because he'd just get confused and never figure them out. Or even notice they were there (except for the fact that his brain hurts suddenly).

♥ Thank you so so much ^__^ eep, this review totally made my day. One more transition-ish chapter and then the action is going to be non-stop~

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Review #12, by Toujours Padfoot 

30th April 2012:
VELVET-UPHOLSTERED CHAIR. ♥ This is a man who likes his fabric.

Baww poor Scorpius. Always in the way and nowhere to go. He's like the smelly kid no one ever wants to sit next to, not just because he's smelly but because he talks in an accent you can't understand and there is mustard on his face and who has mustard on their face at nine in the morning, just saying.

Scorpius offered her a hand, which she took with only a slight hesitation, and they continued downstairs.
- Just want to super-obnoxiously point out the fact that they are holding hands. WOO! ~ignores that it is platonic and Scorp is desperate, etc.~


IT IS! HOORAY! Okay, so here are my hopes and dreams as of this moment: Scorp-o will get jealous of James and pull Bea into his blazer-fied, smooth-talking arms, professing his love for all things nutcase. James and Anjali will have a bit of cat-and-mouse before also becoming a proper ship, and during this time Fred will regain his senses while I find someone else to ship him with.

Wait a moment. Hold the phone. Fred totally just offered her a plate of cheese. This means love. Could it be that Fred has secret feelings for Bea and is jealous of James? Could it be that my brain is a festering pit of soap opera? FOCUS, SARAH. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Fred began to stutter like a man afraid of complete sentences. - Have I mentioned lately how much I love Fred? Because I love him. I do.

Oh my goodness, what is this madness. James. Bea. Fred. Scorpius. Anjali's not even there and she's still dominating the conversation. This is so bizarre, James and Scorpius shooting the breeze. IT'S LIKE WATCHING A DOG WALK ON IT'S HIND LEGS.

But then his grey gaze rested on hers with something like a smile.
- YOU KNOW WHAT, NOT EVEN APOLOGIZING FOR IT ANYMORE. YOU DO THIS JUST TO TEASE ME. This is proof. You are dangling Scorbea on a string in front of us. I would make a reference to Mrs. Norris right now but I want to keep reading. So hmph.


Albus and his theme park. ♥

Fred froze up like a rabbit, grabbed a pillow from the sofa, and blocked his head. "I need to hide. Where's my bush?" - bahhahaha. His animagus could be a squirrel. Also, GOD, ANJALI, WHY ARE YOU EVERYWHERE.

Tipsy Bea and Drunk Rose are lulzy. I'm picturing Rose's dancing in my head and she's doing a lot of knee-knocking.


Growing up feels like falling on your face. I've suspected as much, but now it's been confirmed. And Albus is Anj's assistant?! WHAT IS SHE UP TO NOW. -suspicious face-

Lovely chapter, dahling! Sorreh it's taken me a millenium to get around to reading. I will be much more timely when you update next. WHICH YOU SHOULD DO VERY SOON, OR ELSE. I'll get Albus to attack you with his army of bludgers.

Author's Response: Baww, well Scorpius smells nice, so that's a leg up for him. Might have mustard on his face though.

WAS IT JUST PLATONIC THOUGH. Haa, I'm starting to think I forced the non-romance onto you too much; feel free to leave your shipper goggles on. Sometimes they're exactly what it says on the tin.



Anjali's creepin everywhareee. Her deal's kind of sort of just there to build up a bit of a dynamic between all the guys for now, until I can get to more relevant bits later on. It took so much brainstorming to figure out how to mash everything together and not come out with mush but shiny mashed potatoes. BUT HOPEFULLY IT'LL ALL TURN OUT OKAY.

I LOFF YOU FOREVERS, and nayyy, you hath not taken long at all, and I still need to catch up on your things.

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Review #13, by Elizajane 

29th April 2012:
Love it. :) So so cute. And Bea likes James! Can't wait to read more from you!

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ hee, a bit of an old crush, but alas, has stuck to her it seems.

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Review #14, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

29th April 2012:
You have such strong characters with such strong voices! I love them all! I think having lovable characters is probably the most important part of any story and you definitely have that - as well as amazing writing skills! Love it! Can't wait to read more :) Keep up the awesome work!

Author's Response: Ahh, thanks so much! ^__^ I try to make them relatable, I'm so glad you like them!

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Review #15, by Cavell 

29th April 2012:
Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ha ha, Albus and Anjali and Bea and fancying James - I had the smallest inkling but I dismissed it in favour of Scorpius/Bea. James.. is.. hilarious. I love him, and I especially love your version of him and SO MUCH ROMANCE. Oh, love. I can't wait for the next chapter because there's more bonding (eh, romance?), lessons (though how can they teach Albus to 'be a man' if they themselves were already eaten up by Anjali's charms?) and Potions. And a mix-up involved with it. Update soon, please!

Author's Response: Did you?! I always wondered what people would think when I sprang Bea's crush out there, because I did not think anyone would expect it xD It's kind of a small detail, but I think the fact that she believes James didn't take her seriously is what triggered her distaste for people looking at her as childish. She's kind of been in this in-between for so much of the fic, trying to understand what it means to grow up.

lolol, indeed, we really should wonder whether Fred and Scorpius would make the best teachers, heh. SO MUCH BONDING. I'm so excited because after making that outline :3 big things coming!

♥ thank you so much for the review!

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Review #16, by The Little One 

28th April 2012:
definitely worth the wait :)
such a happy and funny chapter :)
love all the bromances :)
but Anjali scares me...
can't wait for the next chapter! :)
~The Little One~

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ I stuffed everything in here and then some! Heheh, I think you are not alone on the Anjali sentiment there. Fred's just rather worried for Al's life.

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Review #17, by Snapdragons 

28th April 2012:
IT'S A PARTY. (no party like a Claw party!) There's a biting pool table and pies and some first years may or may not have been harmed in the making of this chapter but oh wells. Scorpius has a velvet-covered chair. Nothing else matters.

Also JAMES ♥ Please say there will be more James. I heartily enjoyed seeing him. (and yay Love/Stats will be updated! I read it when it was a oneshot and so I don't think I've read it again recently so err yeah gonna go do that) Also Bea fancies him eep. Can't say I'm surprised. brb dying inside

(but actually JAMES wait so good)

"It's fine. Me and Anjali break up all the time. "...do you have a relationship with anyone that's healthy?" "I'm pretty good with my owl. He stopped trying to eat my fingers. And I suppose we're not too bad." Oh, Scorpius. I would be concerned but... no longer surprised. Erm. At least he has his owl?

POTTERPUFF BE CAREFUL -flails- nonononono please don't let Anjali eat him (metaphorically, though literally too, I guess). I feel like he's been tossed to the lions/dragons/dangerous animal of choice. A little concerned here.

also this metaphor about orange juice is the most bizarrely beautifully wonderful metaphor in the world

YAY FRED! I do want to see him gain him independence a bit. -waves Fred flag- Being a point man is very good and all, but he should branch out. Stop worrying all the time.

(make orange juice)

I'm relieved that Albus shall be taught how not to be eaten alive, as I previously expressed my fears about that :P (cue I'll Make a Man Out of You) Super excited for the next chapter as always! ♥ For the record, I thoroughly enjoy the long chapters haha. :) YAY GOOD JOB.

Author's Response: The only appropriate parties are 'Claw parties~ Wizards only know how to make furniture that can potentially harm you. They think it adds a dash of fun.

JAMES. Ahh, I don't know if there'll be more James yet, though maybe in passing. I know he shows up in the epilogue? 8D I already have part of that written. I always imagined that Bea had an ickle crush on him for the longest time. Not a big deal, but it was there. It's too easy to fall in love with that dork :3

He also makes the best metaphors in the world. When I write him he just... /says things/. JAMES LOGIC.

Scorpius can be an owl man. It's like a cat lady, but with owls! And not a lady.

Albus will not be going into the lion's den alone! He'll have blazer armor courtesy of Scorpius, the wisdom of Fred, and the power of rainbows. I think Fred is more afraid for him than he is 8D HE JUST WANTS TO MAKE FRIENDS~

♥ ♥ :3

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Review #18, by BettyMaeStrange 

28th April 2012:
Awesomely awesome chapter, as always!

James is just like I imagined him: funny, but also a bit more... worldly - I think that's the added year he has, though, that makes him seem just that bit more mature. It's nice to have an adult-ish person around. :)

Poor Bea! I've probably got it wrong, but it feels like James may have taken her confession as a joke because he didn't know how else to handle it, like that was his way of "letting her down gently". Scorpius' response to that was worth it, though. Yay for Bea + Scorpius! :D

Anjali is just... ugh. Do *you* like her? I mean, I suppose you do because she's your character and you know how she'll turn out, but I have to ask anyway.

I understand she has to look out for herself and therefore her family's status, but I'm with Bea on this one - why is it always about her? I admit I dislike how utterly enraptured both Fred and Scorpius are by her, but I suppose it'll all work out in the end!

Scorpius was brilliant as always, though. I love how dependent he's becoming on Bea, and how it was her that he went to at the beginning, like it was just the natural thing to do. THEY HAVE TO DISCOVER ALL THE FEELINGS SOON! ... I hope.

Once again, incredible chapter and I can't wait to read the next one. :D

Author's Response: Eep, hullo! I've had to write James for my Love/Stats oneshot before, so it was pretty easy to write him here, and he fit right in! I think a huge part of his change is just being out of Hogwarts and getting to be that voice of reason for the mysterious future 8D as good of a voice of reasons James can be, anyhow.

James has always been selectively dense in the people department hilariously enough xD. The way I see it in my head, I imagine he half-knows Bea was serious, but I don't think he realizes how much it affected her. He probably thinks it would be something she got over in a week after she confessed, and he didn't think anything of it, especially since Bea bounces back so quickly. It's also hugely because Bea gives off the impression that she -doesn't- treat things seriously, sometimes intentionally.

Bahaha, Anjali is who she is. It's pretty funny, actually, because I get massively different opinions on characters. Some people don't like Bea, even if they appreciate her as a character, because her traits just rub them the wrong way, sometimes because it reminds them of people in real life. Some can't stand people like Anjali and others who can't stand people like Bea. I just hope to represent the characters as best I can.

Heee, Scorpius is such a darling. I just want to pat him on the head. This ~friendship~ thing is so foreign to him.

♥ thank you so much! ^__^

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