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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 9: Blackberries
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Review #1, by marauder5 

7th March 2013:
Once again, I'm amazed by how brilliant your writing is. It's very inspiring and I really admire it!

I'm not sure if I understood this right, but is the Memory Garden of people who have died in Cliodna's Clock? Although that doesn't make any sense, because Albus and Aberforth's tomb stone said 1899, right? Hm... I guess you'll explain it later on. Anyway, I thought it was a nice touch. I also really loved the fact that we got to meet Luna's mother, and how refreshingly special she is, just like her daughter!

But the best part of this chapter was definitely the part with Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin. :) Their characters are amazing and it's really intriguing!

Author's Response: Thank you!

The Memory Garden is the reverse of a cemetery - it's for the people left behind on earth. It's a tangible memorial for people who miss their loved ones who haven't passed on yet. Dumbledore and Aberforth's parents were already in CC with Ariana and the only two who hadn't joined them yet were Albus and Aberforth, so they made a kind of tombstone for them; loved ones can go there and 'talk' to them and it can help with closure. I hope that cleared things up! ^ ^

There's so much of Luna in her mother. :)

I'm glad you liked the Founders bit! Salazar was one of my favorite characters in this story to write.

In the next chapter, you finally get to see who was selected to compete in the Devil's Duel!

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

26th January 2013:
Another lovely chapter. I'm quite curious about this girl that Colin was talking to. I wonder what her story is...

I also love the fact that you've been incorporating the founders of Hogwarts too. I normally don't read stories with them being a part of it, but yours is doing the quite opposite for me! I find them rather intriguing in this story - as is everything and everyone else! :)

Author's Response: The Founders is an era I typically don't read about. I don't think I ever would have written about them either, except in this place it's more modern and they're mixing with characters from marauders era and Hogwarts era, so they're just part of a very bizarre cast of characters. It was a lot of fun to see how they would interact with everyone.

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
baww Colin is like the innocent eye of this world. There's so many different viewpoints and reactions to death, and I love that you've been able to show us about, maybe, over a dozen PoVs now? And I've loved every single one. GURL. THAT'D BE TALENT WITH TWO T'S.

It was better not to question such things. Hogwarts founders must of course be handsome. No highly successful, reputable wizard could ever be plain. This is true. This is actually the exact reason why I thought they had to all be devastatingly handsome/beautiful. Plus, they're ~ancient~ like elves, and elves are always pretty.

THEY'VE HAD CENTURIES TO DISSOLVE THEIR SEXUAL TENSION I AM GLAD THEY ARE FLIRTING FOR MY EYES NOW C: Oh man, her romantic backstory is a drama (sidenote: Keira Knightly is so perf for her). Love triangle with pointy bits sticking out.

oh man THAT IS SOME FIRE. sarah, you know my guilty pleasure in love/hate, and this is done in one of those non-annoying ways, obv because you're brilliant and I expect no less, where I can totally ship R/S and understand why she doesn't work with Salazar and why she's with Godric, but also that she feels somewhat obligated to him, which is never good in a relationship.


Author's Response: True story: Colin was inspired so, so much by Potterpuff. I didn't even do it intentionally. Your portrayal of Albus and Julia's portrayal of Scorpius leaked together in my brain to form this Albus-Scorpius creation. Scorbus, if you will. Or Alpius. Alpo. He's innocent but in a genuine way - a way he won't ever really grow out of because it's just his personality.

Salazar being secretly mediocre-looking. Lolz. Ancient elves, how do you even draw these connections. And when you say pretty elves I just imagine Dobby wearing a tuxedo. LEGOLAS, THOUGH. /LEGOLAS/.

Rowena's backstory belongs in a lifetime movie.

I love love/hate, as well. My only stipulation for allowing myself to write a love triangle is that I would not let all of the ends be perfectly tied at the end. That's not how real life works. So there could not be 100% resolution with them.

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Review #4, by Akussa 

2nd September 2012:
Hi! I haven't been around in ages, I know, but it wasn't for a lock of interest, I promiss! It feels so good to be coming back to this story; even though it's been months since I read the last chapter, I still jumped right into it, like I'd read it yeaterday.

Although this was a slowpaced chapter, I really enjoyed it. You went deeper into characters' personnality, relationships and interests, giving them more flesh. I particularily enjoyed Colin in this chapter. Such a sweet boy... And the flashback into his last days was brilliantly done and highly enjoyable. It was very nice to get this view of how his last year went, his hopes of going back to Hogwarts and his brave decision to get back to school when the battle started no matter if, as he put it, he wasn't a particularily gifted wizard and hadn't done magic in a year. I'm very interested in Orla, she reminds me a bit of Luna but I can see why she caught Colin's attention!

As for the Godric/Rowena/Salazar triangle, I like it a lot. I especially like the change of tone when dealing with this characters. It is much more romantic and formal but not too much that it breaks the rythm of the story; it simply adds a touch of "age" which is quite fitting with their time periode.

One little thing questionned me during my read and, I must press, English isn't my first language so it is very possible that this could only be my lack of understanding that left me with this question. You write "It took a bit of difficulty" and that sounds strange to me. Again, could be that this is just not used much and would explain why I have never heard of it, but I find it's a very peculiar turn of sentence. Feel free to ignore this comment if, to you, it makes sense, alright?

I really enjoyed this chapter and feel so happy to get back to this story. I can't wait to read some more!

Author's Response: I am basically the bane of my own existence for waiting so long to respond to all of these reviews, including yours. I don't know what on earth possessed me to take a responding hiatus, but I'm determined to respond to all of your wonderful reviews today.

This chapter, I think, is the slowest chapter in the whole story. I've received several comments about its pace. Sometimes, I'm afraid, filler is slightly necessary in order to flesh out some of the background things going on. It paints a clearer picture of what's happening as a whole.

I'm glad you liked the flashbacks to Colin's last moments! I've always been curious about how that played out, since technically Colin wasn't even supposed to be in Hogwarts at the time of the Battle, being Muggleborn. So it was nice for me to be able to think about how that occurred, and what his last minutes might have been like.

Luna inspired a lot of Orla's characterization! If Colin had lived, I think he and Luna might have been great friends. They both have that friendly innocence to them, and limited self-awareness.

I'm really pleased about what you said about the Godric/Rowena/Salazar love triangle. It's difficult to write those characters in 'modern' times, while still maintaining some of the speech and habits of their old era. I'm so glad it wasn't jarring.

"It took a bit of difficulty", I must say, does make perfect sense to me. It just means that something would require difficulty in order to get done, that it would be hard to achieve. I hope that explanation makes more sense?

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by shadowycorner 

14th August 2012:
Your Rowena and Salazar are fascinating. It's so interesting to read their dialogues. And aw, Luna's mother, that addition was so nice. I'm always glad when someone new makes an appearance. The entire place of Cliodna's Clock feels so magical. You're doing a perfect job of displaying the life that happens there and how the characters interact with each other. It's been 9 chapters, the Devil's Duel hasn't even started, yet the story is interesting in its every single word. I'm loving it so far.

Author's Response: I love writing Rowena/Salazar, especially when Salazar's in an ugly mood. It makes him a lot more fun. ^ ^ Luna's mother was a treat to depict, as well, because I based her a lot off Luna. I remember JKR saying that out of all the characters, Luna is the most adjusted to death. She does not fear it. So I took that here and made her mother the most well-adjusted to the afterlife. The Devil's Duel starts soon-ish! (which you already know because you're several chapters ahead of this response ^ ^ ). When it does roll around, there are always three quiet, transitional chapters between each round, just in case you're curious about how frequent they'll be.

Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging feedback. :)

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Review #6, by maskedmuggle 

18th July 2012:
Hey again!

I have to admit this was a slightly slower chapter for me, but it was still very interesting and intriguing to read. It was great hearing about another character - Colin, and how he settled in to Cliodna's Clock. I really loved the way you characterised Mrs Lovegood - she seemed slightly like Luna but also with her own individual characteristics and motherly like too! Orla is interesting - I'm not quite sure why Colin has been following her? Also, as soon as you withhold any information it makes me want to know straightaway! How did she die? :P I liked the bit about Colin and his part in the battle too.

The founders scene was also interesting, especially the exploration of the dynamics within their little group, such as Rowena, with Godric and Salazar. Again, who is Salazar's student?? Every chapter just has me wanting more, so I'm onto the next chapter! (Also: I think the writing is fantastic, as you should well know by now! :P And I am thoroughly enjoying and loving this story. I think I might stop being so repetitive and saying the exact same things at the end of every chapter review, so even if I don't mention it in the next few chapters, I absolutely adore this story!) :)
- Charlotte

Author's Response: Hey, Charlotte!

Yeah, this chapter was a bit long, and coupled with the slower pace, it had tedious patches. I do apologize for that! Had to introduce Orla, though, and show more day-to-day insight of life in Cliodna's Clock. Mrs. Lovegood was fun to write. She has Luna's serenity and astuteness, but is still her own person.

You will find out who Salazar's student is very soon, if you haven't already - you really speed through this story! Nearly every day when I log online, you've read another chapter and left me a wonderful review. Oh pfft, you're not repetitive! To be honest I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing you say you enjoy this story. Makes my day every single time. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by peppersweet 

19th June 2012:
lol I just read back all those derpy reviews I typed out on a borrowed ipad yesterday...when I said I wondered if colin would enter to see colin again, I did mean dennis. I promise. srsly. what is my typingg.

but now I am back and I can read again and I have a real keyboard and a real screen this time eee! I even have tea and toast! my exam is tomorrow but otherwise life is quite fab!

COLIN. EEE COLIN. CAN I KEEP HIM. nothing to do with the casting I promise. I just always had a soft spot for colin in canon and, colin. just, colin. the name colin has lost all meaning now.

I like this little interaction between colin and mrs lovegood :3

sarah my CREYS:
All he wanted was for everyone to stop so that he could dig through the wreckage and find Dennis. In retrospect, his mind stored those scenes in the form of photographs, a way that could be easily documented and retrieved. The physical parameters of those photos kept him from envisioning all of the other people who had been strewn in grotesque heaps around him while he stood fighting, limb over limb and chin over chest, dead. It was too surreal to be his life.
^ sorry for quoting such a long passage back at you but, omg, my creeeys.

I like orla. inevitably I am really curious to know what happened to her and I hope she and colin become friendy friends and act as crutches for each other and such etc. I didn't phrase that very well, um...

I like how there's a huge cast in this and they all have their own intricate little relationships and social dynamics but it doesn't get confusing trying to keep track of them...in fact, I love dipping in and out of all these little groups, building up the story piece by piece.


Author's Response: I LOVE YOU, JUST SAYIN'. ♥

Lulz, I figured you meant Dennis. Unless there are two Colins, and one of them is alive right now in a parallel universe while the other one is in Cliodna's Clock, and they're going to both travel to Earth and meet the real Colin who is dead, and they will fuse into one super-zombie-Colin who takes pictures with his photographic memory and dispenses photographs through his mouth.

Orla is ~mysterious~ and yayyy for non-confusion! There's a lot of people to cycle through and I'm trying to give their little side-stories equal face time so that we don't forget them.

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Review #8, by Hogwarts27 

13th June 2012:
What I appreciated most in this chapter were the details you put in about Colin's death. It captured the feeling of what the chaos of the battle must have been like. It was nice to see some interaction between the founders as well, and a very interesting idea for Rowena to be on the committee.

Author's Response: Something I noticed when I was scrolling around the wiki, trying to find out who killed who, was that some of the deaths were vague. It struck me then that not everyone would know who killed them, just like in war. Sometimes when you've got a bunch of people shooting at each other, it's difficult to tell who fired the bullet. I wanted to portray that mass chaos and confusion, and Colin just got caught in the crossfire. For all we know, he was accidentally killed by someone on his own side, just because of all the spells going back and forth. It's a sad thought. :(

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by WitnesstoitAll 

11th May 2012:
Colin. I love that boy. I think you've given him such depth as a charater, something that you know must be present in canon (afterall, he's a dedicated member of DA and sneaks into the castle to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts) but you never really get to experience first hand. He's considerate and kind and brave and kdlfjasijao. I loved the scene between him and Vesper (great name btw). I think you did a remarkable job of bringing a very Luna-esque quality to her and had to giggle when she said "you don't like my cooking?"

oooh. New arrival revealed. I like that the new arrival is a canon, but relatively unknown character. It adds a layer of realism to the fic... people die. Not always because of Voldemort or DEs or whatever. I enjoyed her and Colin's interaction and hope that he has found a friend in her. She being Dennis' age makes her a good 'replacement' companion. Not that you can replace a best friend and brother, but it's good for Colin to have somebody at his side.

I really enjoyed the death you gave to Colin. That's sounds morbid, but hopefully you know what I mean. The fact that he doesn't really know, that the chaos had taken over and then he woke up dead. I imagine not everyone at the battle who died would have the burden of knowing how it happened. I am very interested in what happened to poor Orla. :(

The interactions between Salazar and Rowena were interesting and I just wanted to comment again on the change of tone in your writing when you switch groups of characters. It's brilliant.

Well donee!! I shall be catching up on the rest of the posted chapters sometime today when I take breaks from cleaning my house... cannot wait.


Author's Response: Colin. D; His death was just...ugh. Not only did we never get to see how he handled the actual fighting, but we don't know how he died. We don't know who killed him and what his last moments were like, which did not sit well with me. -__-

Orla! I'm pleased that you recognized that she's canon. I think Colin is such a naturally optimistic and buoyant person that he would be able to draw friendship fairly easily. Orla is sort of like a lost connection to Dennis because she knew him, and that will make Colin feel just a little bit less alone.

Salazar and Rowena are forever at odds. I mentioned to another reviewer that I think Rowena would have lost interest in the whole cat-and-mouse thing a very, very long time ago if they didn't all have an eternity spread out before them. If she were to give in to Salazar and if Salazar were to forgive Rowena, where would they go next? Things could get boring quickly for both of them and they know it. -afterlife first world problems-


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Review #10, by Jess the Enthusiast 

7th May 2012:
Oh snap - heated love triangle between the founders! I guess there's much more to Godric and Salazar's fued than magical blood :)
This chapter was really wonderful! I think you wrote Luna's mom really well; when you described her in an early chapter without naming her, I knew exactly who she was based on your description so I think you did really well with that. And Colin is so adorable!!! I'm totally shipping him with Orla, haha. And although Colin and Dennis's stories aren't told in DH, I think what you wrote isn't very far from the truth; I was totally able to imagine it - which made me really sad because it was so freakin' sad!!!
But I loved it! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Love triangles are all the rage in the afterlife. They all get so bored that I imagine a love triangle would be like the equivalent of watching a soap opera; it's something to do, at any rate. If they didn't have an eternity looming before them, I think Rowena would have chosen a suitor a very long time ago. They say to treat every day like it's your last, but that doesn't really apply here.

I'm pleased that you recognized Mrs. Lovegood right off the bat. Lol, another Colin/Orla shipper. XD I rather like Orla; I think she's got spunk. Baww, Colin. :( He died so young but he's got such a naturally optimistic demeanor that not even death can stop him from finding a reason to smile.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by shadowcat2 

5th May 2012:
Colin made a friend. So happy for him. I don't like Salazar. But at the same time I don't like Rowena and Godric together either. I think Rowena loves Salazar more than Godric. This story has everything- drama, mystery, action and emotion. Just one more chapter left.

Author's Response: Salazar's not a pleasant fellow. He's a bit of a grouch. ^ ^ I think Rowena's in a place where she feels like she has to choose between the two men but doesn't realize how unnecessary that is. One should never settle, and one should never have to feel like they need to "choose" someone, you know what I mean?

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Ardeith 

4th May 2012:
I'm late getting to your story...but you know I still love it, right? :-) Every sentence, every paragraph is just so rich from the little touches (the Daily Departed, Mrs. Lovegood's exceptionally strange meals, the Memory Garden) to the little mysteries (who is Salazar's student?)


Author's Response: Aww, thank you! XD What a flattering review! Hee Salazar's student; you will see who that is later on. :3

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #13, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

29th April 2012:
Colin knew enough about the wizarding world to know that a respectable person never casts a spell on an opponent whose back is turned. He'd never done it, not even then, and he found himself baffled afterwards that such a betrayal could occur there in Hogwarts, in the world he loved so much and couldn't believe his luck that he belonged to.

^ Oh Colin! I almost cried at this part. How awful. He doesn't even know who did it. That must be a terrible feeling. And his brother wouldn't know either so I can just imagine how he feels, his brother is gone but he'll never know who got him.

I'm excited for the next chapter! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the Duel.

Author's Response: It would be awful not to know who'd killed you. I kept going back to the Battle in Deathly Hallows and thinking about the crossfire - how there were so many people and so much chaos that it would be impossible to watch your back properly. The curse could have come from anywhere. It could have even come from someone on his own side, who had missed his or her opponent. Maybe the person who killed him didn't know they'd done it, or maybe they did it on purpose and just didn't care. I like to think about all the different possibilities in such a loud, swarming setting.

I'm excited to post the next chapter! This means we're getting closer to the actual Duel, which I am starting to write today. Very stoked about it. XD

Thank you for reading and for the lovely review!

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Review #14, by cazvalleygirl 

27th April 2012:
Hello : - )

And well done on yet another superb chapter! I love how you have portrayed Mrs Lovegood, always how I imagined her. She seems quietly eccentric, she reminds me more of Luna than Xenophilius does. I loved that whole scene actually,the little details really helped bring the story alive.

I must confess, I never really have had much interest in Colin but I'm intrigued by what his relationship with the mysterious Orla is going to bring to the story. The memory garden added a special touch, but I'm a little confused of its purpose, is it for the people who have passed on from Cliodna’s Clock?

I really enjoyed the last part of this chapter. Salazar is quickly becoming my favourite founder. He reminds me a little of Draco Malfoy, I think its down to his his ability to infuriate wilth scornful remarks. And I can't wait to find out more about his and Rowena's realtionship. I sense a chemistry between them that she wishes wasnt there.

Anyway needless to say I loved it! Look forward to the next update, cazvalleygirl :)

Author's Response: I'm pleased you like Mrs. Lovegood. :) She won't be a huge part of the story, as I think her existence would be quiet, a little ways away from all the action; but her role is still important in that she sort of takes care of Cedric and Colin in some ways. She houses them in the boardinghouse, she cooks for them, and she's always around if anyone needs her.

I confess that I've never had much interest in Colin, either. He more or less reminded me of a pesky gnat throughout the books, what with his incessant picture-taking and following Harry around like a lost puppy. But he's a right little hero, he is, for sneaking into Hogwarts and doing his best to emulate his idol, Harry. The Memory Garden is like the reverse of a cemetery on Earth. We mourn people here who die. In Cliodna's Clock, they mourn the people who haven't died /yet/. Like with the monument for Aberforth and Albus. Their parents and Ariana made that as a way of grieving, since they are worlds apart from their living loved ones. No one is actually buried in the Memory Garden. Something different happens to those who die in Cliodna's Clock.

Salazar is both infuriating and amusing, I think, to Rowena. She definitely wishes she could ignore him and that his remarks didn't bother her, but they do. Salazar knows this. He wants her to see him as he sees himself, but he's pretty much the world's worst at communicating his feelings, so they never really get anywhere. There are so many wounds in their relationship that it's hard to tell whether or not it can ever be salvaged. I very much enjoy writing the two of them together. XD

Thank you so much for reading and for reviewing! You are awesome. :)

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Review #15, by TenthWeasley 

26th April 2012:
I absolutely love the way you've characterized Luna's mother -- I think you got her down so well, even though really the only canon glimpse of her we see is just in a picture. She is so much like Luna, just like I always imagine her to be, from her physical appearance to the way she speaks. That entire first scene was very Lovegood-esque -- the colors that you described it with (especially the sunrise -- GORGEOUS), the smells of the tea, and of course the food on the tray. Although I am a bit sad, because I totes anticipated Colin to go for the tomato stems. Ah, well. We can't have it all.

~segue into gushing over Colin~ I cannot get over how much I appreciated this little look into his death, and how it all happened. You've got such an eye for canon detail, and it all flowed so seamlessly. You could tell me that J.K. intended it that way and I would believe it (or, more likely, as for your source, but that would still be a half-belief). I love the fact that you included how the Creeveys had to go into hiding, too. It's easy to forget that and I had a little moment, because I definitely forgot about it. HOW DO YOU DO IT? (Also. I ship Colin/Orla.)

The Memory Garden. ♥ I don't know if it was intended, but it reminded me of that paper garden thing in The Night Circus at the end, where Celia and Marco meet Bailey after their big explosion thing. (Forgive me -- I've read since then!) That books is the encyclopedia of gorgeous imagery, and I don't know why, but it made me think of it. :) Not a bad thing at all, of course, as I loved that book!

Oh, Salazar, you are too perfect. (And for some reason I keep seeing Katie McGrath as Rowena. D: WHYYY.) (I am making prodigious use of parentheses tonight.) He's seriously one of my favorite characters in this -- OH, NO, THERE'S GODRIC. I ship Godric/Lockhart forever, so much so that it's really not even funny. Like, they would be perfect. Godric, of course, was completely oblivious of her scrutiny. He was busy examining his manuscript, crossing out lines in order to lower the outstanding word count he’d produced over the past three months of writing. HE NEEDS HUGS. AND PUBLICITY PHOTOGRAPHS.

You are brill, Sarah. Committee selections next chapter?! THERE IS MUCH EXCITEMENT IN MY HEART. ♥ Did Godric sign up for the Duel, perchance? It's like I've got this little roster I'm collecting. Godric + Cedric + Snape for all the three way ties! -fist pump in the air- ♥ I adore this story. And you. And look forward to gobbling more of your reviews with my eyeballs.

Author's Response: I like Luna's mum. Mel's Luna story was living in my head the whole time I was writing - I always admired how she could show Luna's dreaminess through the descriptions of things all around her, so I hoped to do something similar here with Vesper.

Colin/Orla lulz. You saying that reminds me of myself. A boy blinks in a girl's direction? SHIP THEM. A girl sits in the same classroom as a boy, and both cough at the same time? SHIP THEM.

The Night Circus. ♥ I loved that book so much, I would not be at all surprised if it was the unconscious inspiration for the Memory Garden. After all, I really liked the Ice Garden. I'm very glad you recommended that - I need to start reading all the other books you rec'd. I have them on a list.

I KNOW, I KEEP PICTURING KATIE MCGRATH, TOO. D: I /specifically/ selected Keira Knightley for the banner because Katie McGrath is Beth Bridger, but it's so difficult to keep her out of my head when Katie is used as Rowena on just about every other Rowena banner.


The answers I give are far from precise.
So you might do better without me.
Ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
But if you enquire, you will surely agree
I can only help in hindsight,
like a prophecy.
The more that your eyes blur 'til blind
The more you will resemble me.

If you seek what lies behind.
Which is all I see.

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Review #16, by ariellem 

26th April 2012:

Let me start by saying I SHIP THEM I SHIP ORLA/COLIN, I also know what you're thinking 'how is it in this entire chapter that all she can think about is shipping people?'

Well that's not all I have to say, I love Rowena, I don't think she's a hypocrite I think she's just concerned about others, she's making sure those who aren't strong can't get in. Salazer 's just bored and needs to pick fights because he's upset she chose Godric over him.

Let me just say again that I love Colin and I ship him and Orla now. :)


I don't think Rowena's a hypocrite, either. A little bit of her does want to keep busy so that she doesn't have to focus on her own life, but mostly she's concerned about those who have entered the races and aren't prepared for it. She's very wise, so she'll be able to weed out those who have what it takes vs. those who would probably be skewered. And Salazar, as you said, is just a bored, jealous man who enjoys getting a rise out of poor Rowena.

Hee, this review is amazing. You are awesome. ♥ Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

26th April 2012:
OMG! I'm constantly blown away by your new chapters. LOVED IT :D
I really liked the character of Orla - she was fun! I'd like to see more of her :)
And oh my god I just adore Salazar so much!!! Your description of all four founders is just brilliant - I don't know how you write them so well! I'd love to see more of them :) They're so interesting to read about!!
Well keep up the fantastic work! Can't wait to read more and thanks for the quick updates!

Author's Response: Thank you!!! Aghh, I am in love with this review. It's so encouraging, thank you so much. :) I like Orla! I unknowingly selected a cast of characters that's rather male-heavy (it seems like there are a lot more prominent men than women in Potterverse), so hopefully Orla will balance that out a bit. And she's canon, too - she gets Sorted into Ravenclaw in Goblet of Fire.

The founders are people I honestly never thought I would write about. I wrote a one-shot about Helena and the bloody baron about a year ago, and thought that would be the closest I ever got. I certainly never thought I would write Slytherin. :P

Thank you SO MUCH for reading and for your lovely reviews! They really make my day. :)

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