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Review #1, by Courtney Dark 

9th February 2014:
I always enjoy coming back to this story after I haven't read it for a while, because I forget how amazing it is, and how complex the plot and characters are. It's all so professional!

You wrote the scenes with Rose so well - had me shuddering all over! And I loved that you included the detail of Rose thinking of her daughter, of not wanting Octavia to hear her cry out in pain.

I really enjoyed the scene between Scorpius and Draco. Not only do you write action packed scenes incredibly well, I also liked the father-son moment that they definitely shared, with Draco reliving some of his worst memories from that period of his life.

I am liking Esme more and more and I loved how much emotion she showed in this chapter. I wonder if anything will happen between Esme and Harry in the future?

As soon as Gamp said that Octavia wasn't free to go, I knew there was no way in hell Rose was leaving.

I am anxious to see what's going to happen next!


Author's Response: Hello, again! It's always very nice to see you back!

Writing the two scenes with Rose and Gamp was really hard, and I have to say that I'm really proud of how the turned out. Making sure that the chapters wouldn't be rejected was a big challenge. There were things I wanted to do that simply weren't possible on HPFF. So I wouldn't say I'm 100% happy with it, but I am proud of what I was able to do within the confines of the rules.

The scene with Scorpius and Draco has been part of the story since my earliest plot outlines and it was awesome to finally get to a spot where it fit. Draco never seemed like the sort who would easily open up to his son about the things he lived through during the war. I felt like it would take a situation this grave to really get him talking.

I'm kind of glad that you didn't warm up to Esme right away. She really isn't all that likeable when she first appears, and that's by design. I wanted readers to see all sides of her before they made up their mind about whether she and Harry could work as a couple.

Nope, there was no way Rose was leaving her daughter behind. It's all part of the mind games Gamp is playing. He's determined to break her, not because he really believes that she knows anything but because she refuses to break.

The next chapter is pretty crazy. I'm really eager to see what you think! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by APerkins 

27th October 2013:
oh. darkest chapter! Oh no.. Rose! that was hard to read - but in a good way (not a my brain cant handle too many euphemisms instead of names way).

I think what makes this chapter so dark is not the paragraphs that describe the pain Rose is feeling while she is being tortured, but rather the descriptions between times. Having her mouth dry, over hearing the others talking about her like she is not present - that stuff is all the more creepy causse as a reader, we can relate to it. It is hard to relate to the crucio curse, but crying/screaming till your mouth is dry? A lot of people have experience with that. (Admittedly usually at a football match or concert)

Aww I love Harry and Esme :) and the touch about the locket was beautiful.

Author's Response: This chapter gave me so many mixed feelings while I was writing it. I think -- and I hope this is only a small conceit -- that it's one of the best in the entire story. But a big part of that is the fact that it deals in such dark material. Aside from Gamp being Gamp, you have Draco using an Unforgivable Curse on Goyle, Harry and Esme finding Katerina Porcher's remains and then there's poor Rose retreating into her own mind. I was terrified that it wouldn't make it through validation, and also very worried that it would put some readers off with the sheer ugliness of it all.

I did try to focus on Rose's physical discomforts when she's in a more lucid state because I thought it made a nice contrast to the state of detachment she enters into to try to escape the pain. I've always wondered if something similar happened to Frank and Alice Longbottom in JKR's mind. Did they fight for as long as they were able and then essentially just retreat into their own minds, never to find their way out again? It's horribly sad to ponder.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

9th February 2013:
It was Astoria? She was totally my second choice and Draco still should have recognized someone hiding in the office. Okay, no, Astoria is way too awesome, after all. :D

Whoa, another dark chapter. As someone who loves the Horror/Dark genre, I love this story even more and you write it really well - I am both excited for more and a little scared/freaked over Tenabra. I just don't think I've read a villain like her, she's evil.

I both can and can't believe that Katerina is dead. Part of me wondered, way back when they were looking for who created the memory, if maybe she was Tenabra, but I feel so sorry for her sister. They seemed so close and I wished Katerina was with Elena, the lockets were so sweet.

I have so much respect for Rose; keeping herself strong for Octavia, staying when she could have gone. I hope she'll be okay in the end.

Amazing chapter.


Author's Response: Hello, again! Yes, it was Astoria all along. And a good thing, too. Otherwise, the evening would have ended very poorly for Draco and Scorpius.

By a slim margin, I think this was the darkest chapter of the entire story. More than any other, this is the chapter where the true extent of Tenabra's ruthlessness becomes clear. She will stop at nothing -- and is willing to hurt anybody -- to achieve her goals.

A lot of people thought that Katerina was Tenabra until this chapter. But she is not. She was one more victim of Tenabra's "take no prisoners, leave no loose ends" approach to executing her plan.

Rose is very strong, isn't she? You'll know fairly soon how things turn out for her.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by Elenia 

28th July 2012:
Hello again ^^

Such a dark chapter! Once again you show your readers how versatile you are as an author. You really can pull off anything!

Rose! Urgh, why are you doing this to me? So much pain and suffering, I want to take it all away from her, because she hasn't done anything to deserve that! But still she takes it all and refuses to surrender - she's a fighter alright!

Your description of the whole torture scene was just fantastic. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair, gasping for Rose and telling her not to give up! You really manage to capture every scene perfectly and pull your readers in.

The scene with Draco and Scorpius was an interesting one once again. Mostly because of Draco. He really would do anything for his granddaughter too, even reconnect with his past which he has clearly tried to leave behind him. Also, interesting addition to their father-son relationship that he hasn't really told Scorpius anything about what happened during WW2.

The fight was perfect as always, you really have a talent for those action scenes, but I have probably mentioned that before d: I feel like I'm repeating the same things in these reviews, but I'm just speechless every single time I read a new chapter and can't remember anything I've said before.

And then the scene with Harry and Esme! Now you've done it, I'm shipping them so hard. I just want to see them together! So you better not make me regret I said that d: Urgh, I know you'll do just that! You'll make something bad happen to them, am I right? Because then I will cry, and I think that's been your plan all along. Yeah, let's make Hanna cry, because she never cries when she reads. And yet, here I am weeping after every emotional scene you write. Urgh, that's just evil, Dan! Please stop it, okay? (x

Oh, and I was cheering out loud here again, hoping with all my heart that they would've organized the letters more and found another name from them! But of course not, there are still too many chapters left. *sigh*

And then you go and make me feel bad for Rosie again. I was all excited that they were going to let her go, but then the real deal behind the offer hit me and I was biting my lip again, hoping that someone would come and rescue them. But nobody came, and Rosie did the thing every mother would've done when their child was in danger. So, so many feels for her.

I wonder if this review even made any sense. It's 1.30AM here, I'm just about ready to fall asleep on top of my laptop. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention half of the stuff I meant to, I'll let you know if I think of something else later (:

Amazing chapter once again. I'll continue asap!

Take care, dear ^^


Author's Response: Hey, so you finally made it to "the dark one". Or at least the darkest so far. I know it wasn't much fun to read. It wasn't much fun to write, either. But terrible things happen in a war and I thought it would have been unrealistic to portray it otherwise.

The section was Rose and Gamp was very intense for me. And the version you're reading was toned down considerably from the original due to validation concerns. But you're right, Rose holds on because she has something worth holding on for.

I really liked the scene with Draco and Scorpius. It gave me a chance to explore a really interesting dynamic between two very interesting characters: the somewhat-reformed but unrepentant villain from the second war and his son who has rejected everything that his father stood for without really even understanding what that means. It was tricky to write, but very rewarding. I'm really glad you liked it.

I'm glad that you can see Harry and Esme having a future. Harry can see the same thing, and it's starting to look like Esme can, as well. Lots of bad things happen to lots of people in this story, unfortunately. You'll soon find out about Harry and Esme. I never *plan* to make anybody cry, but it's definitely a risk of writing a story like this. When it's over I'll send you a big box of chocolate-covered puppies and kittens! ;)

The letters are obviously an important clue, but they're too caught up in what's happened to Katerina to realize it. Wonder who figures it out in the end?

Rose is so tough in this chapter. She refuses to give up for Octavia's sake. I'm glad that you were able to relate so strongly, although I feel bad about how it must make you feel. :(

Wow. It was brave of you to read this and go right to bed. I really hope it doesn't encroach upon your dreams, because those would not be fun dreams.

Thank you so much for all of your detailed, thoughtful, awesome reviews! See you again soon and take care!

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Review #5, by Pixileanin 

4th July 2012:
It's nice to have a heads-up warning, but why are you apologizing for the darkness? The word "blood" is in the story title. That sets up all kinds of expectations... or at least it did for me.

Rose's torture had an eerie quality to it; that she tried to stay strong for her daughter in the midst of it only terrified me more. I half-expected them to bring her daughter into the room, which would have been unbearable. Putting Octavia in her mind was probably the only way to keep Rose sane.

And then the stark contrast: "Does your generation ever stop whining?"

But that's where the levity (if you could call it that) ends.

Secret entrance! *bounces up and down* I love those! Though this looks strange and dangerous and... oh my. I am intrigued by Draco's remembrance of his father "dabbling in the Dark Arts". The way you show him relive a past he is so desperate to forget, one that he hasn't ever mentioned to his son is really heartbreaking. Scorpius gets to see a different side to both of his parents here and it seems that he's finally realizing what a privileged childhood he and his contemporaries really had. I'm sure he will think differently about his parents and their generation from now on.

Esme's breakdown was palpable. She wanted so badly to save Katerina, and now she knows that isn't possible. Looks like her fight with Tenabra just got personal.

Oh, and that last line from Rose was incredibly chilling. Very dark. Very well-done. I hope Gamp gets discovered soon, or this could go very wrong very quickly.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I know it's an M-rated story and all, I just don't want readers to stumble into something as dark as the scenes with Rose and Gamp completely unaware. Maybe it's just me being too cautious. I had to dial back parts of this chapter quite a bit based on some feedback from one of the validators and I was still scared until the moment it actually validated.

I have such mixed feelings about the scenes with Rose and Gamp. I could have simply handled it by implying certain things, but I felt like it was important to really paint a realistic picture of the horrors of war. As much as it is anything else, this is a "growing up" story for the Next Gen characters. Nothing in their relatively sheltered lives has prepared them for anything like what they're living through.

The thought of involving Octavia directly in the scenes with Rose and Gamp did cross my mind, but there was just no way I could have done it. Also, I don't thing there's any way that something like that would have gotten validated. It's just too much. Besides, Lady Tenabra has something different in mind for Octavia, as you'll soon see...

Scorpius's part of the "growing up" experience is finally learning to see more of the shades of grey that make up his father's past. It's not as simple as Draco being this "reformed villain". There are parts of his past that he wishes he could forget, but I don't think they rise to the level of regrets. Like nearly everyone else who survived the war, he did what he had to. I also thought it was important for him to say the things he said about Lucius.

Harry isn't the only one in this story carrying a lot of guilt about people that he feels like he should have saved. It's one more thing that he shares with Esme. And Esme's fight just became very, very personal.

I'm really pleased that you liked this chapter. It wasn't easy to write. Very dark and depressing. But as I said, these are the realities of a war. People get hurt and people die. To not address that wouldn't make it a very believable story. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Jchrissy 

13th June 2012:
Alright, deep breath. Iím doing to first reading and reviewing at the same time, this time. Maybe that will help me keep more of an analytical mind, and break down when all this sad nonsense happens.

Oh, I just read your A/N. PERFECT.

You conveyed Roseís sense of confusion perfectly. It wasnít ver done, it was accurate and felt real. Like everything else. Sheís in such a horrible place, being asked to give up knowledge of her parents and uncle, in trade for her daughter. . My heart sunk at the ďMr. Gamp, will you join us, please?Ē line.

Lady T is truly terrifying. Iím a bit stuck on her discussing the cruciatus curse, and curious as to if she has ever felt it. The pain you described for Rose was so realistic that it made me feel sick. The way she forced herself to stop screaming, afraid her daughter may hear it..

Iím holding back the tears, but just barely-
Weíre going to be alright, Mum, just hold out a little longer.- That is an incredible line.

Donít give up, Mummy. Youíre stronger than they are. I believe in you.- You really want me to start crying, donít you?

You showed Draco in a different kind of light by his speech about suffering, sometimes it is so easy to forget that he use to be a young, frightened little boy.

ďYour grandfather was no killer. And neither was I.Ē This sentence gave me chills!

You made Astoria into such a strong character, both in the sense of her realism and her personality, I love her.

All of this-
Esme was a beautiful and captivating woman. More importantly, at least to Harry, she was an equal, not one of the dim socialites slathered in beauty potions who always seemed to maneuver their way to his side at Ministry events and fundraisers. She had awakened feelings in him that he never expected to experience again. He was torn between many competing emotions; exhilaration and desire fought with confusion and doubt. But running beneath them all were guilt and fear.

Is so moving and honest, we really get a sense for what loving Esme could do for his heart, if he would only accept that Ginny wouldnít want him to suffer alone. Yes, Iím finally touching back on the Harry and Esme subject..maybe Iím starting to forgive you..

-Harry laid his hand gently on Esmeís shoulder. She turned to face him, and her eyes welled with tears. ďShe was just a girl, Ďarry. An innocent, wide-eyed girl with Ďer whole life in front of Ďer. And now she is...Ē No, donít worry Dan, I wanted to start crying again. So much for my Ďreview analyticallyí plan. I hope you got the sarcasm loud and clear..

Okay. Itís over. It canít get any worse, right? I honestly donít know if I can handle much more emotions for one day... PS... now Esme is a brunette in my head.. way to go ;)

In all seriousness:
Dan, you are an amazing writer. I am speechless, and that isnít easy to do. Your words, feeling, imagery, everything, is so clear and alive. I couldnít tell you the last time something I read (and not even fan fiction, anything) made me feel so many raw emotions. I keep telling you over and over how your characters are canon and perfect, and Iím now taking that statement back. Yes, you have harnessed and fully made these the characters we all first loved (or hated) from HP, but you have also made them your own. I love Esme, Ovtavia, Rose, Susan, Astoria. all these characters that, for the most part, you completely created.

Okay, Iím going to try and put the pieces of my sad heart back together. iced vanilla chai time.

Author's Response: Hello, again.

This is a very, very intense chapter. Honestly, I don't really like going back to reread it. I have to do it sometimes to keep my plot continuity straight, but it's not fun.

Rose is in a simply terrible situation. She's willingly suffering to try to keep Octavia safe. I think most anyone can relate to the concept, but it's another thing entirely to try to put yourself in her position.

Lady Tenabra is not somebody I would want to know in real life. She is completely merciless and amoral. She does not care who gets hurt.

I'm really glad you liked the section with Draco and Scorpius. I was worried that it might have been a little overdone. You've got the basic idea, though. Draco is not really a villain of the last two HP books in my mind, but he isn't a hero, either. He was frightened and in way over his head, surrounded by killers and asked to do impossible things. It's something that he's made his peace with as he grew older, but he really can't stand the idea that his son might glorify anything that he or his father did.

That paragraph is the key thing that I hope everyone takes away about Harry's personal conflict where Esme is concerned. She is exactly "his type", but he's not sure whether he can let himself be happy like that again.

You flatter me too much, but that doesn't mean you have to stop. ;) In all seriousness, I know the quality of your writing and the kind things you say mean a lot to me. Thanks for sharing all of your thoughts and reactions and I'm really, really sorry about causing you so much turmoil.

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Review #7, by Remus 

30th May 2012:
Hello! So I managed to read the one chapter before I jet out for the day.

I have to say, now I'm curious as to what the original draft of this chapter was. I definitely felt for Rose, and cringed when Gamp was going for Octavia now, but for me, but I didn't find it very disturbing. Well, I suppose every one has their own cup of tea! :D

Alright, on to the chapter itself. Why didn't Tenabra, who wants the book as soon as possible, not just give Rose veritaserum? It seems to me that giving her that potion is the quickest route rather than torturing Rose and see if she tells the truth. She seems smart enough to create her own batch. Unless she just wants to give Gamp something to play with even though, again, she needs the book asap.

"I could fight through the pain, if I had to.í Nobody truly .." --you have a random floating apostrophe after the period.

I have to say, in this chapter you definitely made Draco my favorite character. His entire conversation with his son is very spot on. I can also see how the attitudes and views of the world have changed from Lucius to Scorpius in your writing.

When Astoria showed up I loved the reaction she had about Octavia. Same as Hermione's but more cool and collected allowing her to think straight.

As for Katerina...are we safe to say that the body in the trunk WAS Katerina or not...?

Alright, short review but I must go and catch a bus and train. I'll be back to read the next chapter tomorrow!


Author's Response: Hello, again!

The original draft had much more detailed descriptions of what Rose was feeling while Gamp used the Cruciatus Curse on her. To me, it wasn't that much different from the descriptions of what Harry was feeling in the graveyard in GoF, but I ran it past a validator and got a very iffy reaction so I decided to tone it down rather than risk having the chapter rejected.

I suppose my stock answer would be that Tenabra didn't have veritaserum at her disposal since it was outlawed many years before (under Shacklebolt) and she lacked the time and expertise to brew it. The real answer is that I wanted to show what Rose was willing to endure for Octavia's sake.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing the section with Draco and Scorpius. The "grumpy old man and young buck" scene that they share just felt so natural for the two of them and it also gave me a chance to continue exploring Draco's feeling left over from the war, which I really like doing. The attitudes of the Malfoy family have changed a great deal over time, but I think the conviction runs deeper now that it did with Lucius as the family patriarch. Lucius was a coward and a pretender. Azkaban nearly destroyed him and when push came to shove, he walked away from the Dark Lord's side. Draco, on the other hand, will go to whatever lengths he must to save Octavia.

Yes, it was Katerina in the trunk. That is why Esme is so upset.

A short review from you is still a good review. Thanks, as always!

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Review #8, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

18th May 2012:
This story was... in the least hard to read

The iudea of Rose not remembering what had happened was in the beginning quite painful because you knew she was going to have to remember and that would be more painful within itsself.

At the same time though not mentioning Octavia such as where she was and whether she was okay really unnerved me because at the end of the day she is a child that has been kidnapped by the bad guys and you don't actually know what they may have done to her or even in fact if she is still alive.

Also the torture... it makes me stand on edge because I know Rose actually doesn't know anything and its really heartbreaking to see her have to go through the pain. The idea of her having a small safe haven so she doesn't break though is very very interesting as it shows how strong she actually is but also emphasises a mothers willpower.

The interaction between Draco and Scorpius in this seemed to be one of confusion because everything moved so fast when they were in the bar and then taking Mr Goyle outside. Maybe that was just me when I was reading it, but at the same time I sort of liked Scorpius' innocence within the story.

Even though there are dark times returning once again he still hadn't even considered unforgivable curses and it shows by him saying he'd never seen his father perform dark magic before even in front of his grand father.

Astoria! I really do like her. First of all she comes to the rescue and then we find out that she knew what was going on even thoguh Scorpius and Draco had gone through great lengths to hide it from her. What an amazing woman!

The scene with Esme and Harry was almost heart breaking because you sort of described their transition in their relationship and about how now rather than things being awkward between them that Harry considers her to be an equal which is a really nice thing to see.

The bit about Katrina really really is heartbreaking because I thought it was her but after all this time its not! It's one of those things where I think you've done really well to make us judge Katrina and decide for ourselves that she did it. I just want to know now who Lady Tenebra is...can we have sort of a scooby doo unmasking please!

Go Rose! I am so las she stayed and made up a story to keep her close to her daughter because thats what any mum would do!

I like this :)

Author's Response: Hello, there!

So I'm sorry that this chapter was difficult to read, but in a way I'm also glad. This chapter was necessary to tell the story, I believe, and it wasn't meant to be fun. I was trying to emphasize that this is a war, and people get hurt in wars.

I promise that I won't make you wait very long to find out what happens to Octavia. She is the source of Rose's strength, the reason that Gamp can't break her. I thought it was an inspiring message to work into this.

There is a lot that Scorpius is still learning about his father. I'm still trying very hard to portray Draco in a very even-handed way that's consistent with the books. Not too evil, not too good, but very committed to doing what he must to take care of his family. Hopefully I'm doing alright.

Astoria to the rescue! I was so pleased as I read your story to see that you've cast her in such a sympathetic light. I've really tried very hard to make her Draco's better half in every sense of the word.

Harry and Esme's relationship is evolving slowly, as I'd expect given their age and their history. But he is the person she turns to when she's overwhelmed by the tragic circumstances of Katerina's death. And Tenabra will be unmasked soon! I promise you.

Rose is as strong as she needs to be for Octavia. Let's hope it's strong enough...

I'm glad you liked this chapter. It was one that I was worried many people wouldn't like because of the scenes with Rose and Gamp. It wasn't fun to write, but it's integral to the story. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by CloakAuror9 

11th May 2012:
Hey there! First, I will commend myself for giving such a 'speedy' review! Not even 24 hours! I am too happy. :D

Oh. My. Gosh. I feel so so upset for Rose, I just wanted to dive in my computer screen and save her from that evil-of-a-creature Gamp. It kind of reminded me of Bellatrix and Hermione, but on a higher leve because Rose's scenes seemed pretty.intense. (Intense equals the only word I can use right now to describe what is happening in the story.) The way you described it! Oh my, I had to skip a few lines because I felt so scared (and silly too!).

Esme and Harry, finally! Thank you so much! You finally gave some light on them. I think it really makes sense why Harry isn't taking much action about what's going on. Its not only the 'war', but I think its the fact that he's just not ready for it and maybe he hasn't really gotten time to think about it. But anyway, that will be all in the future! At least, I have now an understanding about what Harry feels about all of this.

Some lights on the Malfoys too, very fascinating! I think you have such a canon Draco Malfoy. He did mature in some ways, and stayed stubborn in another. I think Draco is scared of what's happening right now (who the hell wouldn't be?), but I think he learned many things from the previous war that could be applied to this war to stop his family getting hurt. Where is Octavia anyway? I hope she's not being tortured :(

Oh and also, I'm starting to suspect Lady T is Arabele from her name...just a thought. ;)

Gah, I love your writing! You should try and write Romance! :D

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Wow! You are crazy-fast today! I love this.

I still have some misgivings about the whole scene with Rose and Gamp. The intensity is actually at a point where I wasn't completely comfortable with it, and I had to tone it down quite a bit to make sure that it would make it through validation. But I think it's an important aspect of the story. Lady Tenabra isn't playing around. This game is deadly serious, and there are going to be casualties. To sugar-coat that would undermine the whole point of the story, I've come to believe.

Esme and Harry reach a milestone of sorts in this chapter. He's coming to terms with his feelings for her, and she's finally willing to let her guard down to him.

Draco and Scorpius's adventure was my favorite part of this chapter to write, which probably comes as no surprise because the rest of it was so grim. I really love exploring the dynamic between the two of them. I think of Draco as kind of a distant father who doesn't talk about his feelings. Not as bad as Lucius, mind you, but still not warm and forthcoming like Harry. So Scorpius is hearing a lot of things from his father for the very first time. And in some ways, Draco is still coming to terms with some of the things that happened during the war. It's rich material.

Octavia is exactly where Lady Tenabra says she is. Safe, for now.

Romance, you say? Funny you should mention it. The next project I want to try is a Ron/Hermione story, set in Australia shortly after the war. But that will be a while yet.

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #10, by Roots in Water 

5th May 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

This was definitely a very interesting chapter and I think that you wrote the material very sensitively. You covered the psychological effects in a very believable manner.

To begin, I'd like to say that I liked how you wrote Rose's awakening in the beginning. You didn't have her immediately remember everything, like authors sometimes do. Instead you had her regain her memories in a slightly humurous method with her worries about her family's teasing, which lightened the mood going into the chapter.

However, the chapter soon took a very serious turn (as you already know). Rose's portrayal was very interesting and I think that you did a great job with her characterization here. Rose was certainly very admirable- even though she doesn't know anything, she will make herself a target in order to protect her daughter. Her actions made her seem very similar to Lily- did you do this intentionally or were you just having her do what most mothers would do? As well, I thought that Lady Tenabra's comment about Rose having something to live for very appropriate. It's very true and parallels what Lady Tenabra said about Harry earlier in this story- they survived because they weren't just living for themselves. They were able to beat their enemies because they had something to live for. Her comment at this point in the story shows that the "Next Generation" are just as invested, if not more, in this war. They too have something to live for; they too have the strength and the power to win this war.

On a slightly lighter note, I enjoyed Lady Tenabra's other comment about stubborness being as common a trait in the Weasley family as red hair. It was spot on and summed up so much about one of the Wizarding World's largest families. As well, though I know that Harry has children and nieces and nephews, I found it slightly strange to see Rose refer to Harry as her uncle. But I suppose that's what happens when you mainly read stories set before he has kids.

But back to Rose. I found her visualization of her daughter very interesting- you made it seem as though Octavia was present in the room, holding her mother's hand, instead of just in Rose's head. I found that it showed the strength of her love for her daughter very powerfully.

I also found the interaction between Scorpius and his father in this chapter very interesting. It felt to me as though they reached some sort of understanding in this chapter. Scorpius started off complaining but realized that a numb bum wasn't the worst condition your body could be in after Draco told him about some of his experiences in the war (I felt that this was significant more from the point of view of Draco's reveal of information than Scorpius' understanding, though both are interesting developments). You showed a lot of Draco's character in this chapter and his talk about Death Eaters and how he's not a killer... I felt that his words about "doing what needs to be done to survive" were really proven tonight.

All in all, I think that you did a great job with this chapter. Though it dealt with darker material, you handled it well and I think that these scenes were necessary- if not for the plot, then for the development of characters. Thanks for requesting again!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I'm glad you liked the sensitivity. The first draft took a much more raw approach to dealing with Rose's ordeal, but it was pretty apparent that it wasn't going to make it through validation. I ran it past one of the validators and made some changes to that whole section. Maybe someday the original will come out in the "author's cut". ;)

Rose did whatever she had to do to protect Octavia. It's a sentiment that I think any parent can relate to, although even I struggle to imagine being able to follow through to the extent that Rose does here. There are some similarities to Lily's defiance of Voldemort, although I think there are also parallels to Hermione's ordeal with Bellatrix. Either way, you're right, the Next Gen characters are beginning to build some sweat equity in the outcome of this war.

I tried to make Lady Tenabra as cold and as distant as possible for most of this chapter. It was the only way I could find to make this all seem realistic. Unless you're just insane, like Gamp, I don't think most human beings are able to relish in the suffering of another person. So Lady Tenabra just turns her emotions off and focuses completely on her plans. Make sense?

Rose's visualization of Octavia is her defense mechanism. But as it gets closer and closer to being "real" -- i.e. feeling the curls of her hair, holding her close, etc. -- that's basically Rose drifting towards the same kind of permanent introversion that Frank and Alice Longbottom succumbed to. Whether or not she'll be able to recover... well, you'll have to keep reading.

The section with Draco and Scorpius was actually my favorite part of this chapter to write. No surprises there, I'm sure, since the rest of it was about as much fun as a funeral, but I've really started to enjoy exploring Scorpius. He has a lot of interesting things going on in this story. He's close to both Draco and Harry, so that gives him a unique perspective. He's also "growing up fast" from a position of relative innocence/ignorance and learning a lot about the realities of war in a short time. And he's learning to look at his father in a whole different light, which is always great stuff to explore.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter. This was one that I absolutely had to get right, because so much depends on it from here until the end of the story. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! Chapter 31 is sitting in the queue, although it looks like it will be mid-week at this point.

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

3rd May 2012:
ARABELA IS LADY T?! She is, isn't she? If you mix the letters up in Lady T you get Arabela Dynt, or however you spell her last name. I'm right, aren't I? Come on, Dan! I got it, didn't I?

How did I not see this before?! I don't even know what to say about the rest of the chapter right now because I knew it, I knew there was something fishy about her since the moment we met her in the beginning when she was all on Percy and trying to boost his confidence and help him out and everything.


I need to calm down. I'm very excited right now.

I'll just comment that I really felt for Rose. She's just like her mother, they essentially went through the same thing (in the past for Hermione) and now at this moment they're going through the same sort of turmoil as well. They'll do anything to protect their children even if that means throw themselves in danger that could potentially lead to their deaths. Shows you just how much they care about their children.

I can't wrap my head around anything else right now. Was I right?!

Author's Response: Ha! You think I'm going to tell you that when you're so close to finding out anyway? Come on, Deeds, live a little! Where's your sense of adventure?

When I was roughing out the plot for this, I really wasn't thinking about the parallels between Rose's present situation and Hermione's ordeal with Bellatrix at Malfoy Manor, but I guess they're pretty obvious. Like her mother, Rose is able to hold on because she has something worth fighting for. She'll do anything to keep Octavia safe. The whole scene wasn't much fun to write and I'm sure that I was dancing on the ragged edge of having the chapter rejected for being too graphic, but I really wanted to bring as much realism to the scene as I could without breaking the rules. To me, that's how you reach your readers and really connect.

I solemnly swear that you'll know whether you were right within the next two or three chapters. Unless I change my mind. Bwahahaha!

Thanks for a great review and a really good laugh!

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Review #12, by shadowcat2 

1st May 2012:
Rose had to go through the same torture her mother went through. The scenes were dark,yes. But i think it was amazing how Octavia was the reason for Rose's strength. how she is ready to get tortured over and over again as long as Octavia is safe.
I actually liked the conversation between Scorpius and Draco. I think the way you brought the contrast between the Next generation kids (adults in this story) and the older generation. They really have a lot to learn. But the important thing is that even though they are not experienced, they have the courage and strength needed to fight this war.
If it's not obvious already, I really like your story. Sorry my previous reviews didn't exactly have any CCs. But i want you to know your writing is amazing. You have created a very different but believable wizarding world for all of us. It took me two and a half day to finish this fabulous story and it was a time well spent.
With best regards,
Your marathon reviewer.

Author's Response: If anything, I'd say what Rose has been through was worse. I don't think Bellatrix has anything on Gamp in this department. Octavia was Rose's rock throughout the ordeal.

I'm glad you liked the dynamic between Scorpius and Draco. It's always a challenge trying to get Draco to sound exactly right. I've tried very hard to keep his character complex. He's not really a villain but he's not a hero, either. He's always going to do what's best for his family, and he makes no apologies. He and Harry will never be friends, but I like to think that they can work together toward a common purpose when it suits them. Scorpius is learning a great deal from watching his father operate.

I appreciate every one of your reviews. Constructive criticism is nice, but even the reactions that I get from readers are very helpful. They tell me whether certain points are getting across and how certain ideas affect people. Unless it's complete flame-bait or indecipherable gibberish, there's no such thing as a bad review as far as I'm concerned.

Thank you so much for all of the time and energy you've spent reading my story. It means a lot. I hope to have the next chapter in the queue by the end of the week.

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Review #13, by parashar_harry 

30th April 2012:
sorry by mistake i wrote esme at the place of katerina. i am sure u have figured it out though...^_^

Author's Response: I'm sorry to have to tell you that there's a good chance the staff will delete this review since it breaks the rule against posting two reviews for the same chapter, but I do appreciate the clarification.

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Review #14, by parashar_harry 

30th April 2012:
oh god esme and tenberra are different lady, i always assume that both are same, biggest revelation. i am feeling very sorry for esme now and really want to kill this pathetic tenberra.

i really love each and every line in which u have portrayed draco. he is my fav character after ron. i was bit disappointed from the beginning of this story that draco is not so active, but this chapter truely belongs to him. i like it.

rose is really very brave lady, i am praying for her.
waiting for next chapter

Author's Response: Esme was definitely very upset about what happened to Katerina. I chose to slow-play that story line a bit, but she did feel a genuine responsibility for Katerina. And now she definitely has it in for Lady Tenabra.

I always think long and hard about what to do with Draco. I'm trying really hard to keep him from veering too much towards being either a pure hero or a pure villain. He's a complicated character with unique motivations, and I really want to stay true to that.

Rose is in a very bad place. You'll find out what happens within the next couple of chapters.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by agenth 

28th April 2012:
The complicated relationship of father and son between Draco and Scorpius is truly interesting.
I like how Draco still doesn't really accept Rose as his daughter in law, yet tries his best for his niece.

I like that Esme now is more involved in the things to come due to the murder of the French witch.
It would be hard to write Esme in England, just for the sake as a favour to Harry.

Another brilliant chapter.
I can't wait for the next one, good job :D

Author's Response: I imagine Draco and Scorpius as having a relationship that can best be described as "rebuilt". Scorpius went through a period of deep disaffection against his father's pure blood-elitist views. He wound up marrying into the family of his father's mortal enemies. But he never lost his connection with his mother, and he and his father found something in common after his children were born. Scorpius basically knows that his father is not a bad person, he's just very stubborn and clings to a very outdated view of the world.

I was also pleased to finally bring Esme's character along to the point where Harry isn't the sole reason she's sticking around. That said, he is still a big reason why.

I'm really glad you're enjoying my story. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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