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Review #1, by Veritaserum27 

4th August 2014:

I thought I would do another chapter for the BvB review battle!

This chapter was so cute and funny! I love tthe first line about Rose thinking Scorpius was congratulating himself. This seems to be brand new territory for Rose - and not just the pregnancy thing. It seems like she has always known what she wanted and what to do with herself. Now she has to think about another life and is really unsure of even the simple things - like apparating.

Teddy is right - Scorpius will make an excellent Mum! Haha.

This line from Teddy was hysterical!

"Other people's children are dreadful," Teddy agreed. "I only like ours. Most of the time."

So true. All I'm gonna say.

I think I read in an earlier chapter that Rose thought Hermione and Ron were secretly hoping that Rose and Scorpius would break up. I don't think this is the case, based on their reactions here. They seem genuinely happy for their daughter. Although Hermione wants her to quit her job, that is nothing new.

Great Chapter!


Author's Response: I may or may not strongly agree with Teddy's sentiments about other people's children. ;) And he does have a point about Scorpius!

Rose not knowing what she wants is definitely rather new to her. She really doesn't know how to handle this, which is probably a good growth experience for her.

By this point, Hermione and Ron (though never opposed to a breakup) actually do know that Scorpius is a decent guy, and they're happy for Rose. It's not really a huge surprise, of course Hermione has already considered this scenario and probably harangued Ron about the possibility of it happening. haha...

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #2, by LightLeviosa5443 

17th April 2014:
I wish Rose was more happy about it, still. Go Scorpius though. Good for him. I love the way you put that whole line, though. OMG. TEDDY'S REACTION IS LITERALLY SO PERFECT. This whole story is so perfect. How have I not ready anything of yours before? How do you not have a million thousand and one reviews on everything? Hahaha. Oh my gosh, I love Teddy. "who had once declared his intentions of having enough children to field his own Quidditch team." Rethinking that decision there, Ted?

I literally love that about babies. I can play with them, hug them, hold them, enjoy them, and then at the end of the day give them back to their parents and enjoy my quiet kid-free home. I love that Rose thinks the same way, and that you clearly have thought it to, as you wrote it. Awe, poor Rose. I would hate feeling inadequate like that. I would hate feeling like my partner would be better than me. Apparently Rose doesn't mind.

Oh Teddy, making it a contest. This is all priceless. Oh boy, they're telling the parents. Do I need to brace myself for that? Oh, I'm so happy her parents are happy. That was such a lovely reaciton. So sweet. I might tear up a bit. Stop writing lovely stories, it's not fair to the rest of us!! Another perfect ending to a perfect chapter.

xoxo Sarah ♥
Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: Being pregnant wasn't in her plan, and it's scary and frankly uncomfortable, so I can't entirely blame her for not being super happy about it. She'll like being a mum, though, don't worry.

Oh, Teddy still wants his own Quidditch team, never fear. He likes having a dozen kids around him, especially when he can parent by saying sternly, "Listen to your mother" and then reading the newspaper. lol

I totally love that about babies too. It's why I haven't had any more and was happy when my brother's wife had one - I was like yay more babies that I don't have to wake up all night with! More fun that way.

Rose is fully accustomed to Scorpius being the responsible one who takes care of everything. She makes the money, and otherwise she's pretty much useless around the house. So to her, of course Scorpius will keep the baby alive. It's what he does. haha

Nah, Ron's not mad. I never cared for the interpretation where he throws her out or screams or anything. For one, I don't see Ron that way, and for another, it's not like it's news, as he says. They've been together for years. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by Fawkes394 

10th February 2013:
"Scorpius will be a great mum," OMG The worst thing is I totally agree with that haha, he's just so stereotypical house-wife-like (without intending to offend anyone).
Teddy does sound like a little kid telling Harry everything, and so does Ron with his reaction to being told about Rose's pregnancy before Draco.
Poor kid, she/he's going to have the weirdest parents ever. I wonder what kind of name she/he will have.

Author's Response: hahaha. It's so true. I'm glad you liked that bit. Teddy is a bit childish, but then he is a guy (no offense to my male readers). Ron likes any chance to one-up Draco.

The new addition will definitely have the weirdest parents ever. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Teddy was so right, Scorpius would make a great mum -- er, dad.

*angel eyes*

I love watching Teddy and Victoire interact with one another. They almost remind me of Molly and Arthur, to be honest, where Molly wore the pants and Arthur just said "yes, dear." Vic's going to need that sort of power if they really do have enough kids for a Quidditch team.

Weasleys really are weird. Your daughter tells you "I'm pregnant" and you just say, "at least you beat your brother" and "it was bound to happen, you're a Weasley" ? Really? It's terribly hilarious.

And I want fireworks when I tell my family I'm pregnant too.

Author's Response: Somebody should have gotten me fireworks when I announced my pregnancy! I suppose it's too late now, my kids are almost 8. Ah well. ;)

Teddy and Victoire are a lot like Molly and Arthur, I think. And they are definitely going to have at least one more kid. Victoire's going to need superpowers soon with the way her kids are turning out haha

Weasleys are VERY weird. But I thought that reaction from Ron was funny ;) and preferable to him shouting at his daughter. She has been dating him for ten years at this point, so it was almost inevitable.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by TheGoldenKneazle 

11th May 2012:
I feel so sorry for Rose! At least, I feel sorry that she's so worried - but her big chat with Victoire was so lovely and reassuring, especially as Teddy/Victoire banter is always highly amusing :D I think you hit upon all the right worries, though; a nice mix of magical and normal problems!

Aww, Scorpius as a Dad, though - it's going to be so cute! Although, the expense of having another person there is going to be tough for them... I can't wait to see how they go about all of it! It's sort of difficult to imagine Rose as a mother at the moment, but I'm guessing that there's going to be a bit of a journey as she learns to juggle the more irresponsible side of her nature with the, er, undominant maternal side.

It's always great to see Ron and Hermione, too; you write them so canonically, and they're just generally wonderful :D

Author's Response: It's scary to be newly pregnant for the first time. Fortunately she can go to Victoire for help (you like how it didn't occur to her to go to her mom? haha). I adore writing Teddy/Victoire banter, I'm glad you like it! Rose would have to worry about magic issues in addition to the full range of usual pregnancy fears.

They're doing better now with Scorpius's art career taking off, so it won't feel so tight with adding in the baby. Part of all of this plot moving-along I'm doing with this story is building his career some more. ;)

Oh Ron and Hermione, I love them! I love writing them as adults, I'm glad you think I did well with it.

Thank you so much for the review, it really made my day!

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Review #6, by donnas ghost 

24th April 2012:
what did that guy say "Leaping lethifolds"? Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I started reading these because I'm a huge Stephanie Plum fan but this is...wow. love the story and its a pleasant surprise to see that its actually been updated this year. most people seem to flop midway thru the third or fourth. all in all, i love it.

Author's Response: Yup, leaping lethifolds! Yes, it's still being updated, and there'll be another novel starting after Next Midnight is complete (there are three more chapters, so the new novel will start in May). I have a thing about not leaving stories incomplete, so I do always finish them. I'm really glad you've enjoyed the Rose stories! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by missdagane 

23rd April 2012:
I love how you describe so well your characters with one line: the fact that Teddy tell everything to Harry, or Harry telling everything to Ron, Hermione and Ron eating take-away... I just loved it. The discussion between Victoire and Rose was so funny and lovely, and of course I wonder what Rose will do, with her job. And Rose's famous sentence "it was not my fault", I was laughing so hard. I really love the way Ron reacted, it was very mature and another rection wouldn't have made any sense. Now I wonder how Draco will react, I'm impatient to read it (if you planned to write it, of course). Waiting impatiently for next saturday.

Author's Response: Thank you! I like descriptions to be relatively brief. I tend to get bored reading them, so I keep them short when I write them ;) Better to say it in one or two lines than one or two paragraphs, I feel.

What Rose will do with her job will come up in the next chapter, along with telling the Malfoys. I agree that any other reaction from Ron wouldn't have made sense. It's not like this is out of nowhere, you know? They've been together a long time.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Lulla L 

22nd April 2012:
I love how this universe just expands and lives on its own... You're such an amazing writer! I think I've read all of your stories now (and been a horrible non-rewiever), and they always make me laugh, or if not I always believe in them!

Your Rose is absolutely brilliant, and Scorpius is lovely, and I could go on forever about every single adorable character :) Like someone else commented, your next-gen has become canon to me, in my head that's how they all are! Wonderful, wonderful work, and I'm so looking forward to seeing Rose as a mum, haha!

Author's Response: It's really expanded a lot more than I ever thought it would when I started writing Just Another Midnight Run. I'm just enjoying it so much I want to keep writing about Rose! I'm a horrible non-reviewer myself, so I never get mad at anyone for doing the same ;) I'm glad you left a review though!

I really love Rose and Scorpius. They just suit each other so well. He puts up with a lot of craziness, and she actually puts up with more than she sometimes seems to. I hope you like Rose as a mum, it should be lots of fun ;) Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Maria 

22nd April 2012:
Sweet can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by megpeg101 

22nd April 2012:
I completely missed the four previous updates- didn't even realise this had been posted! That was a wonderful surprise for me today. I love your Rose and Scorpius and the way you write. The way that Victoire talks to Rose is hilarious, and so is Teddy's opinion that Scorpius will be good mum (which is too true).
Excellent Chapter 10/10

p.s. I called that whole pregnancy thing when they were at the hospital (no big deal ;) )

Author's Response: I've been posting it pretty quickly - there'll be a new update on Saturdays :) It's going to run 7 chapters, then we'll pick back up again with the next story (which I really can't wait to get posted!). Scorpius will be an excellent mum! haha

;) Good call on the pregnancy then! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #11, by Lillylover22 

22nd April 2012:
Well they took it well. I love teddys opinion that scorp makes a good mum. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: hahaha... oh Teddy, he's got a point there. Scorpius is more domestic than Rose is. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by Georgia Weasley 

21st April 2012:
I love it when you write Ron and Hermione. Even as almost -grandparents, Ronmione just makes me so happy. :) I also loved the description of Ron and Harry's relationship. Once again, you've shown us all why you are so good at what you do. Character driven and real, your stories become canon to me. This is the true Victoire and Teddy. I am always torn between jealousy and pure awe after reading your work. Loved it! ~GW

Author's Response: Oh you're making me blush!

I love writing Ron and Hermione. Particularly as Rose sees them. They're so darn cute. And Ron and Harry, besties forever haha. I imagine they're pretty much inseparable the rest of their lives. I know the Rose stories are kind of silly, but in my head they're canon ;)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #13, by Moonyxluna 

21st April 2012:
So much love for this. Rose's initial thoughts about how she's going to be an awful mother, and worrying about everything she's doing were so neatly written.

I loved Teddy and Victorie. They have such a funny relationship. Did you write any in this series based on them? (I'm probably reading this all backwards if I'm starting with this and Sparks :p) Teddy's little comments and Victorie beating on him for it was so lovely to read about.

Ron took things surprisingly well! I suppose it's just as he said, if they've been dating for ten years it was only a matter of time before something happened. I noticed the little 'You're a Weasley' comment at the end of his explanation though.. Along with the summary it makes me wonder if this will end in a marriage... That, and what Ron will think if/when his daughter's name is "Rose Malfoy".

I can't wait to read Draco's reaction. Hopefully his grandchild will have red hair. :) Fantastic work!

Author's Response: Poor Rose, she doesn't know how to be a pregnant lady - fortunately she's got Victoire to give her advice. Victoire and Teddy, I wrote a one-shot called Sausages and Cookies that's from Teddy's point of view, but that's all I've done on them. I ought to do more one of these days, that would be fun. I adore them.

Ron, well, as he said, it's been a long time, and she IS a Weasley - they're known for their fertility, after all. You'll have to wait and see if they wind up married.

Draco's reaction will be in the next chapter, so keep an eye out on Saturday! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by Hope's Mom 

21st April 2012:
Cute chapter! Rose and Victoire's conversation was funny. Victoire was excellent at reassuring Rose. I heard a lot of horror stories from experienced moms when I was pregnant with my first. Thankfully I had already realized that most pregnancies went to term with normal deliveries and (as Victoire noted) women have been having babies for thousands of years. The parent announcement was funny, too. You include so much interesting detail. Dominique's iambic pentameter announcement made me and my 13 year old daughter laugh when I read this passage to her (she recently finished a poetry unit). Ron took the news so calmly - I was surprised! Thank you for the update!

Author's Response: Victoire is a good mom, even to her cousin haha. I heard a lot of horror stories when I was pregnant with my kids too - I never understand why people do that. I make sure to tell expectant moms of twins that I run across that they'll be fine and not to let people scare them.

Dominique is a trip - she loves to make a statement, especially if it's a pretentious one. Ron took it calmly yes, because as he said, Rose and Scorpius have been together a long time, and living together for two years. It's not like he and Hermione hadn't discussed the possibility of this happening eventually. ;) So he was a bit prepared for it. And Scorpius is an excellent cook, after all - sure way to win over a Weasley. Thank you so much for the review, I'm glad you liked it, and glad I made you laugh! :)

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Review #15, by Siriusly3 

21st April 2012:
What a nice chapter, I was bursting with happiness when I saw you'd updated. Scorp will be such a great mum, I mean dad o.O. I love how you've done Teddy, as always running to his godfather with gossip-I can just imagine it! I also, as always love big motherly Victorie. Rose will work this out and I'm so happy for them! Draco will freak and I'm excited for that, I also want them to get married soon. :D:D Great chapter!

Author's Response: Oh Teddy, he's such a card. But Scorpius will be a great mum! Or dad. Or what have you. I can just see Teddy running off to tell Harry everything that's going on, and thinking he's really doing it for their own good. Draco will not be pleased, you're right - they'll tell the Malfoys in the next chapter, and address a few other issues as well. :) Thank you for the review!

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Review #16, by Gray Raven 

21st April 2012:
What a wonderful romance/family drama story. It's funny to see Rose as this awkward and nervous mother to be. I think woman in general has at some point experience that feeling. And I'm glad she has her family (Victoire) to talk to.
I love the relationship and interaction between all the weasley-potter-lupin family members. They're such a big happy family with their own goodness and flaws. It reminded me so much of my family :')
I love Scorpius and I love Johny Lupin :D
Can't wait to see how the Malfoys are taking the news.

Author's Response: It's pretty scary to be pregnant the first time, you just don't know what to expect. I was TERRIFIED the entire first trimester, basically, worrying about giving birth. Good thing Rose has a cousin to rely on, it's easier than talking to your parents' generation somehow.

I really enjoy writing the family interactions. I loved that aspect of Unsinkable, whenever I got to throw Molly in with the Weasleys. Such fun. It's even more fun with the large group of first cousins in the Weasley-Potter Next Gen.

Oh Johnny Lupin, he's such a trip. Gotta love him.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #17, by AriesGirl40 

21st April 2012:
Wonderful update, Rose afraid to move because she didn't know the rules was perfect. I'm with Ron, how will Draco take the news? Dinner with Rose in the past was tense enough. Immagine when she comes out with this news?

Author's Response: Draco will find out in the next chapter, so check back Saturday to see his reaction. He's never made a secret of his dislike for Rose, so... Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked the chapter! :)

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