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Review #1, by Veritaserum27 

4th August 2014:

Here for the BvB review battle. I was intending on reviewing more of this story for WTM appreciation day but... er... real life happened. So! I was excited to see that you were participating in the battle and here I am!

Love. This. Story. I love your characterization of Rose and of Scorpius. (I may have said this in an earlier review, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating). Rose here is the very opposite of how she is normally portrayed. I like that she isn't the "brightest witch of her age" - not very good at maths. I also like that she is tough and making her own way in the world - at the same time, you've made her realistic and not over-the-top with her tough girl act.

Scorpius is just plain adorable. You've managed to give him some unique characterization as well. I love artist-Scorpius. Although the two of them are such opposites, they are really in love with each other. Again, you've done this without making their relationship too dramatic.

I really liked Rose's reaction to holding the baby.

partly because I was afraid I'd drop them and partly because it always made me wish a little bit that I had one as well

I like that she has some inkling of wanting to be a mother (especially concerning how this chapter turned out).

Nice job with the pacing of this! Usually the pregnancy is revealed in the first chapter or it is far too drawn out. She goes home and tells Scorpius, and they have one of their typical conversations - almost like their discussing dinner plans, but they both realize the magnitude of this life change.

Great chapter!


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Review #2, by LightLeviosa5443 

17th April 2014:
Hahaha, I love how self-centered Dominique is. It's so perfect. Oh, right, Hi again. :) Not that you're surprised to have a review from at at this point, I suppose.

I love that Roxanne is a writer and hasn't sold any books, but Dom writes an angry vengeance book and she sells her book. Poor Rox, good for Dom (I guess, I mean, I'd rather root for Rox, I think.) Sometimes it was hard being related to her. We all have that one relative, and I love this line because it was so relatable and I felt like it just jumped out and really spoke to me. I know that feeling. I like how you've put "She was good at that. She should've been a politician" in two stories from two different peoples point of views about two different people for two similar reasons. It shows how families tend to think alike, and I feel like it's almost like a signature in a way. Even if it wasn't intentional.

Poor Rose, being forced to stay sober. I love that you used Designated Apparator. Can I use that? It's absolutely brilliant! Yay! Molly! Haha, I love the boys, this is so great. I feel like this is actually quite similar to some of the parties that my family throws. I'm absolutely loving it so far!! Oh lord, she's evil. I'll call their mums to come fetch them later. I like the way Rose thinks. I love love love that Molly and Rose aren't super distant from each other, too. It's fantastic!! I love all of these touches to the story!

Oooh. Morning sickness? Is Rose pregnant?!?! I love that that's what I first jump to. I hope I'm right. Maybe if she is, Vic will spot it now. I love that Rose doesn't want to hold a kid, either. C'mon Rose, buck up. It's not that bad. Victoire the mother. Who would've thought?? HAHAHA. OH MY GOSH. The comparison between Remus and Johnny. I might cry laughing.

YES. I WAS RIGHT. HEHEHEHEHE. Yay! Rose is gonna has a baby!!! I'm afraid this is going to take a sad twist. I hope it won't. Haha, are babies contagious. So funny. So so so funny. Oh Rose. YAY! I'm so excited about this. I'm in love with Roses reaction, and Scorpius'. I wish she was more enthusiastic, though!!! STOP ENDING CHAPTERS SO PERFECTLY!!! They're so cute. Can I be them?

xoxo Sarah ♥
Huffleclaw-Ravenpuff Eggstravaganza

Author's Response: It is totally fitting for how things work out for Dominique that she wrote a book and it becomes a best-seller, while Roxanne has been paying her writer's dues, so to speak, and getting nowhere really. Dominique lands on her feet, no matter what happens. Husband leaves her? Makes herself a best-seller off it. First marriage falls apart? Gets a better husband the second time around. It's her. And she's pretentious and self-centered. It kind of cracks me up. She's just one of those people.

I totally didn't intend that, but yeah let's say I did it on purpose to show Rose and Molly's thought patterns in common. Yup. haha.

Yes, use Designated Apparators! I absolutely think that would be insane to try Apparating when drunk, so much like you pick a designated driver, you pick someone to get you home safely in the wizarding world as well. And the boys are fun. I love writing James and Fred. They're complete idiots.

Yes, morning sickness! And Johnny Lupin is insane. He's a lot like Rose, she just never really sees it. They got the crazy gene that Fred & George had, for sure.

No sad twists in this. Just fluffy goodness ;) Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Liam is a cute nickname for "William." I like it. I almost feel like Rose should be William's godmommy too, since he was the reason she realized she was pregnant in the first place. I also think it's amusing that while Rose was the first one to find out that Victoire was pregnant with her fourth, Victoire is the first one to find out that Rose was pregnant.

Oooh, that means Rose'll have to stop picking up bounties for a while... I feel afraid for the people around her now. I mean... stuff happens around Rose Weasley.

I hate holding newborn babies. Give me a three-month-old and I'll be barely fine. Anything younger than that and I am a nervous wreck, I always feel like I'ma break it. My twin asked what I would do when I have my own children -- won't be a problem then because it's my child. I don't want to break someone else's baby, I'll break my own, thanks. Not that I want to break my own child, but I mean, it's a completely different situation.

It's also very amusing because just in the chapter nine for Sparks Lucy was considering how terrible it would be if Rose had a child of her own XD

Author's Response: He needed a different nickname from his granddad Bill. I love the name Liam. Such a nice strong name. Rose is already godmother to Johnny, and Victoire's a long ways from running out of female relatives to honor ;) So someone else is Liam's godmother. For the record, the way I picture the godmothers is:
Remus - Dominique
Johnny - Rose
Dora - Lucy
Liam - Lily

So she's still got Roxanne and Molly before she runs out and has to double up haha.

Newborns are a little nerve-wracking if you're not used to babies. But it really is totally different with your own kids. You have a twin? I have twins :) Twins are awesome, they're such fun as kids. Hard as babies, but fun as they get bigger.

Lucy isn't the only one to think Rose as a mother is a bit scary haha. But she'll make it work. Mostly cause Scorpius will do the heavy lifting, so to speak. lol. Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #4, by TheGoldenKneazle 

11th May 2012:
ROSE IS PREGNANT! 8D Eep! After reading far too many teen-pregnancy-next-gens, I was pretty sure right from the throwing up (HPFF IS educational :P) but you wrote it all in such an unclichéd way, that it still felt like a surprise. I love how she realised because of little Liam, and how Victoire was helping, and I thought that Rose and Scorpius' reactions were spot-on and wonderful :3

I loved Dominique's party! Any large Weasley get-together is brilliant, because I love how you write everyone so originally that they're all very Weasley, but very original and loveable. The reactions of the boys to Rose's being DA were also very funny - though I sort of want to see how Roxanne reacts to all of Dominique's sudden author-celebrity.

I can't wait to see everyone else's reactions though! And exactly where they will go from here :)

Author's Response: Oh the teen pregnancy Next Gens... Yes, it does seem like in every other story in the queue, Rose is pregnant. Or Albus's/James's girlfriend is pregnant. *sigh* I swear I wasn't trying to join the cliche train. I just had some bits I really wanted to do in the next novel and Rose needed to have a baby to do them. I couldn't resist.

Rose asking if babies are contagious was the first bit I wrote in this story ;) Still one of my favorite scenes.

Dominique is a hoot to write. She's so pretentious, and I love that she wasn't knocked low by her ex-husband's leaving her and being exposed as a corrupt lawyer. She used it to leverage herself a new career. Roxanne's views on Dominique's sudden celebrity will be later on ;) Large Weasley gatherings are such fun.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by missdagane 

20th April 2012:
OMG. I'm stunned, I didn't expect that. I was betting on a mariage. I wonder how they will handle taht, I'm so impatient. I want to be saturday.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll post the new one first thing in the morning, so check back for it. I'm glad you liked it (and that I surprised you)!

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Review #6, by Lillylover22 

18th April 2012:
YAY!!! THEY ARE HAVING A BABY!! please update soon 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Yay! New chapters posted on Saturdays for this one :)

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Review #7, by Moonyxluna 

17th April 2012:
I love the concept of 'designated apparator'! That's so creative. The boys' random cheering for everyone made me laugh every time. I kind of would have loved to see their mothers have to come and pick them up. :p

uh oh.. Rose has morning sickness? Will have to keep that in mind and watch for more...

I loved Victorie's children. SO adorable when little Remus was all cute and did the math correct, only to add him and his brother getting into a fight as an afterthought. You just write them so perfectly, it's fantastic. I love that they have 'Dora' and 'Remus' as their names♥

oh god, okay! I guess I don't have to keep that in mind for very long. Both Rose and Scorpius were just lovely with their shocked reactions. And I loved that bit of sarcasm from Scorpius at the end. :p I laughed through this whole chapter, it was amazing! Not that I expected anything less, of course.

Looking forward to reading more!

Author's Response: The thought of Apparating while drunk seems equally dangerous as driving a car drunk, so I think you'd need the equivalent of a designated driver. :) Scorpius usually gets stuck with that duty, since he's more responsible than Rose in general haha. It would have been hilarious for the moms to come collect the guys, wouldn't it?

Victoire's kids are just way too much fun. I can't wait for Dora to get a bit older so I can see what kind of person to write her as XD She may be able to give Johnny a run for his money in all new ways. I gave them all names from Teddy's family - John was his father's middle name - since he's Harry's godson and that's basically how Harry named his kids, I think Teddy would have done the same. Of course, now they have to expand to Victoire's family, cause they've had more kids than Harry did ;)

Scorpius is often sarcastic. I think it's a defense mechanism from being around Rose haha XD Definitely came as a shock to them, especially to Scorpius.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really pleased that you liked it (I love to make people laugh). Next chapter will be posted on Saturday. I actually have the whole thing finished so I'm going to post a chapter every Saturday until they're all up :)

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Review #8, by Jet LaBarge 

15th April 2012:
Rose and Scorpius spend three weeks mostly high on rum, wearing almost nothing during the day and, I would expect, even less at night. Whatever witches do to keep from getting pregnant, Rose obviously forgot to do. Likewise if Scorpius is the one taking precautions he obviously forgot.
Mistakes are the most frequent cause of people.

In all your Rose/Scorpius stories you have not yet shown little scenes with Rose and Scorpius meeting just with Ron and Hermione, or meeting just with Draco and Astoria.
Very interested in seeing how you are writing those scenes.

I cannot imagine either of the fathers being at all happy!

Is Draco going to end up taking care of the baby? Or is Rose going to take some time off? Eventually, when the child is weaned, Rose has to go back to her chosen profession.

I hope you have them get married. I can imagine two or three hilarious chapters, where you skewer every stupid wedding tradition. Ron walking Rose down the aisle and giving her to MALFOY! How could you do that without Ron using language Momotwins never uses?

Scorpius marrying a half-breed, and daughter of Granger to boot!

I'm sure Roxanne could arrange the music for the wedding. Maybe with Scorpius painting them the Weird Sisters could even play. Hold the wedding with all the strange characters you can pull out from your stories, at Malfoy Manor?

Only 7 chapters?


Author's Response: "Mistakes are the most frequent cause of people." - totally made me smile. So funny and true.

They have met with just Draco and Astoria - dinner with them in JAMR. They don't have much to do with Scorpius's parents. I was thinking they had been in scenes with just Ron and Hermione several times with dinners at her parents', but I think Hugo was always around so you might be right there. Rose had a solo scene with her parents though, when she catches them kissing in Ron's office. Hermione doesn't stick around long there though. Anyway.

Neither will really be happy, no, but remember Rose and Scorpius have been together for over 10 years at this point. Ron and Draco are sort of used to the idea of their being together, although both always hope they'll break up.

Oh Draco would be so angry if they got married. lol... That would be fun to write, wouldn't it? I did think it was hilarious for you to mention language I never use, cause I really don't cuss much in my writing, but I have the biggest potty-mouth ever in person. Odd, but there you go.

Yes, seven chapters - this is just a short story. Writing 30,000 words about pregnancy would get boring after a while, since Rose isn't working and there's no relationship conflict - she and Scorpius are pretty settled - really there's no need to go into every detail.

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Georgia Weasley 

15th April 2012:
I KNEW it! I just KNEW it! Heee heee! Rose got knocked up on vacation in Majorca! This ought to be good. I have a great image of Scorpius as the mama while Rose goes back to work after the baby. Stay at home dad just works for him, I think. If they survive the pregnancy. And, oh lord, if the kid turns out like Johnny Lupin they're in big trouble! I totally heard your boys' voices in the part with Remus saying his brother would never be his friend again. I am positive that has been said in your house. It was very realistic and well done. I also enjoyed the boys at Dommie's party, and Rose's thought of calling their mums to come get them. I'd love to see Hermione and Ginny arrive to pick up their drunk children. THAT ought to go over well. This was a great, funny, well written chapter. One typo where Rose eats the sandwich, you have "at" instead of "ate". Thought you'd like to know. I know that stuff bugs me if I have them in my chapters. FABulous, as always, hon.~GW

Author's Response: hahahaha! I was dying to see what you thought of this. Totally fixed the typo, that drives me nuts too. Your review is totally cracking me up, you'll see what I mean when you read chapter 4 ;) Yes the "he won't be my friend" is totally my boys. Also the random math facts for no reason.

Poor Rose, hopefully she won't get saddled with a Johnny Lupin kid ;) I already know but I don't want to give it away yet. Hermione and Ginny picking up the boys would have been epic. But Rose brought them all home as agreed.

Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it :D

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Review #10, by liz 

14th April 2012:
i really like this! please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! New chapters will be posted every Saturday, and I'm planning it to go 7 chapters. :)

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Review #11, by Siriusly3 

14th April 2012:
YAY! yayayayayayyay. I'm so happy! She's going to be SUCH a good mother (yeah, there's a spoiler for anyone who reads the reviews first. Sorry) Aw!!! A bounty-hunting pregnant women! I cannot WAIT for the whole story to be out! As always, this made me laugh-'Victorie, do you know how to do a pregnancy test?' 'Are you kidding?'
I just wet myself over that :L Oh I love how Rose likes babies secretly, deep, deep down. This is shaping up to be hilarious and awesome. great chapter!! :D

Author's Response: lol. Yay! I'm excited about this plot twist so I'm glad people like it. I was a bit worried someone would be like "Rose has a baby? Jumping the shark!"

I'm so glad people like the "Are you kidding" line cause I was worried they wouldn't get it. So yay! again. Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by Hope's Mom 

14th April 2012:
So may good bits in this chapter! "I have a better idea. I'll call their mums to come fetch them later." "William was only a week old though. Probably he hadn't learned to head butt yet." and the "Are you kidding?" response to Rose's question about the pregnancy test. Pregnant, huh? Somebody's life is getting ready to change in an enormous way (and forever) and yes Ron will kill Scorpius! Thanks for a very entertaining update!

Author's Response: Pregnant! Yep, that will change everything for Rose (or will it?). I'm glad you liked it - I particularly enjoyed Victoire's "Are you kidding" line when I wrote it (first thing I wrote in this was that scene, actually) so I'm glad it's going over well :) Thank you so much for the review!

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