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Review #1, by Courtney Dark 

10th January 2014:

Oh my god I loved this chapter so much! It was probably my favourite - or at least one of my favourites - so far!

The section from Hermione's point of view was.scary. You wrote it so well that I was actually fearful for Hermione's state of mind, and I am now worrying about what is going to happen to her. I think Susan was right - using that dark book has changed Hermione, and she needs to find some way to get her 'self' back!

And then there was the scene at Malfoy Manor. I really, really enjoyed this section! The characterizations of all your characters was brilliant, and I loved the conversation between Draco and Harry, and Scorpius' outburst: “Will you two please stop acting like a couple of cocky little first-years having a wand-measuring contest?"

I got so excited during the Order of the Phoenix meeting when all those canon characters turned up! I'm really looking forward to seeing what happens next - although I am worried that Percy brought Arabela into the meeting. She just gives off a bad vibe! But I loved all your characterizations in this section, too - Bill and George and Molly and Percy were great, and I loved Seamus' final line of the chapter.

I'm looking forward to reading more!


PS: Sorry this review was delivered so late! I read the chapter and reviewed it and then my internet decided to stop working – but it’s here now, so yay!

Author's Response: Hi, Courtney! No worries on timing. For reviews as nice as yours, I don't mind waiting a bit. ;)

Poor Hermione has gone to a really dark place in this chapter. She justifies it to herself in terms of being able to help rescue Rose and Octavia, but her frustration and feelings of powerlessness from her paralysis also obviously played a big role. You wouldn't be wrong to fear for her state of mind, as you'll see later...

I really enjoyed writing the scene at Malfoy Manor. So many strong, conflicting personalities in one place. And then to let Scorpius be the biggest adult in the room was a fun role-reversal.

The Order scene was also really fun to put together and figure out. It was an effort to figure out the right combination of other characters to turn the tide of Molly's anger and get her to face reality. Percy and Arabela... yeah, maybe you're right to be worried. Seamus is a character, like Luna, that I wish I could have worked into the story a bit more. He's always fun in his brief appearances.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of the upcoming chapters. The next one, especially, is extremely dark. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by APerkins 

27th October 2013:
Phh this chapter gave me a headache. Too many generations all in one scene. You mentioned scropios mother. Im not good at next gen, and I dont think you ever referred to her as name, so on my first read through, every time I saw the word mother, I thought of Rose, because the scene was about Hugo and Al.
Then I realised that it was actually scorpius using the word, and I couldnt work out why he was calling Rose mother and THEN I worked out...
Well, know I didnt.
Is astoria Scorpius's mother?
I wish I knew this stuff. Everyone else in HPFF does.
Not me.
Then you introduced Esma as teh petite blonde witch and I dont know why but that confused me too and THEN you added a second "Mum" figure, and I think my braincells pulled up their stumps, and marched out in protest, one by one.
Other than that section giving me a headache ( even on the second and third reading!)
the rest of the chapter was magnificent.

Author's Response: Hi!

Headache? Wait until you get to the part where you're seeing all four generations in a single scene. :p

So to clarify, Astoria is Draco's wife and Scorpius's mother, ergo Rose's mother-in-law and Octavia's grandmother. If you read enough Next Gen fan fic, it starts to sink in.

The funny thing is that when I first posted this chapter, I had Esme as "the petite brunette witch" and people jumped all over me because she was blond when she first appeared in The Setup. So many characters, it's hard to keep track.

Sorry about the headache. Future chapters should be a little more focused. Or at least name people better. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by Alize 

17th October 2013:
LOVED LOVED LOVED the exchange between Scorpius and Lucius... That is such a Lucius thing to say! Wish my mother was more like that... She always gets in to a giddy fit whenever I tellmy younger siblings to stop being cry babies and go defend themselves. Another brilliant chapter!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Lucius is pretty free with his advice, so long as he's not the one taking a risk of getting beaten up. I felt bad for Scorpius as I was writing that section, but I think it was a peek into a key moment when he was growing up.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

8th February 2013:
No, Hermione! Oh, Ron! He knows she's not right, he needs to help her! And then she uses an Unforgivable on Susan; this book is just evil, I hate it. But the spells inside, like the dragon, is so creative and complex and... You've done a brilliant job with this.

I imagine the disillusioned figure in the study was Harry, in which case Draco really should have known from HBP. Age has messed with his head. :P I loved how Scorpius stood up to Draco, enough to say that he was a part of Harry's family. It was so small and simple, saying that you're a part of your wife's family, but when speaking to a Malfoy about a Potter - it's, like, huge. I love that part of this chapter.

I really hope they find Rose and Octavia soon. :)

Amazing chapter.


Author's Response: It definitely isn't fun to see Hermione like this. She's making bad choices left and right, compounding darkness with darkness. I'm glad you think it works. All throughout writing it, I was concerned about how it would seem to the reader.

The disillusioned figure is... well, it's an interested party. ;) You'll have to wait and see who it was. Scorpius really has no issues with standing up to his father, but sometimes his resolve wavers. He really needs Rose in his life.

Thanks so much for all of your lovely reviews!

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Review #5, by Elenia 

28th July 2012:
Hello dear, I'm here again ^^

It's funny, even though how long it takes me to come back for a new chapter, I always remember exactly where I left off the last time. That just shows how much I love your story ♥

But seriously - I think I've said this maybe once or twenty times - you are the most talented writer ever! Urgh, I just can't get over how good you really are! And how well thought everything is *insert jealous muttering here*

I'm going to start talking about other things now before I get too depressed d:

Ooh, the emotions in the first scene! They feel so real and heart wrenching! Poor Ron! I really felt for him /:

This darker side of Hermione is a nice twist to the plot. I definitely didn't see it coming, but I can easily believe it. Her frustration for not being able to help because of her condition and the fact that her daughter and granddaughter are missing, anyone would've reacted and done everything in their power to help.

I think you did an amazing job on describing her feelings and how she wanted to just comfort him and let go of her anger but couldn't. Broke my heart. All I wanted to do was skip the next few chapters and see if she finds a cure for it all and be happy again with Ron by her side. but I'm not going to do that, this will be a good practice for my impatient side d:

Please let everything turn out okay for them, okay? d:

Wait, what? She used Imperio?! That can't mean good.

I love Scorpius! You've done such a great job with his character. I especially enjoyed how he put the two bickering fools into their place. Nice job ^^

The whole scene in the Malfoy manor was my favourite of this chapter. It withheld the funniest parts, like Draco's comment about Harry and Esme and Scorpius comparing Draco and Harry to a bunch of eleven-year-olds having a wand-measuring contest. Priceless (x

Oh, and the little memory he had about Lucius. That was such a perfect Malfoy-moment.

And Draco should learn to trust other people, especially Harry! But I guess too much has happened between them.

"Everything made sense to him and he never felt confused or conflicted about his [his] place in life."
^ You repeated a word there. I think this is the first little error I find in your story and this is already chapter 29 - that is quite impressive!

The last scene with the Order was a nice way to wrap things up. I'm horrified here, because you-know-who (x was there! I kept making weird signals here, trying to get your characters to realise to keep their mouths shut. Which is quite embarrassing since this is just a story and they are fictional characters - they couldn't possibly hear me... Awkward...

Oh, who am I kidding? This isn't just a story, this is the most wonderful story and I'm going to be making all kinds of weird stuff to root for your characters or cry with them, because I'm certain the next chapters are going to be intense!

Ooh, and I've been meaning to mention this (I don't think I have, but I don't remember half the stuff I've written in your reviews, so I could be wrong) I'm most interested in finding out how your prologue fits into all this! Because I will cry if you kill Harry!

Urgh, I know, I know, I have to read forwards to find out...

See you soon (:


Author's Response: Yay! She's back! Let's jump right into this...

You are making me blush so hard over here! Seriously, people are going to talk! Not that I want you to stop, mind you. ;)

Poor Hermione has put herself in a terrible situation, and then she compounds it by pushing away the one who's most likely to help her. While her motivations are mostly good -- absent a selfish but very understandable desire to walk again -- the ends just aren't justifying the means at this point. I can't tell you (obviously) what happens with her condition, I'll just say that she's strong and the love she shares with Ron is even stronger.

You read that right. Just when you thought that she couldn't get any worse...

An awful lot of the chapters in this stretch of the story involve the various characters hitting the limits of what they can take. Scorpius finally reaches a point where he can't stomach the pointless bickering between Harry and his father any longer. Overall, this was a really good chapter for him, but it gets even better in the next one! I'm really glad you liked his memory of growing up around his grandfather. That sort of came to me while I was writing, but I think it illustrates a key point about both him and Draco.

Wow! Good catch on that typo. I'll get that fixed ASAP.

Yes, you-know-who is there. The characters never seem to hear you when they need to. Trust me, I've tried. ;)

You are certainly right about one thing: this is the most wonderful... OK, just kidding. You are absolutely correct that things only get more intense from here. The next chapter is doubtless the most intense of the story so far. And I see you've already read and reviewed it, so I'm going to wrap this up now and move along.

Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts and reactions with me! I always look forward to seeing your reviews.

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Review #6, by Pixileanin 

3rd July 2012:
I like the reference to the dragon in this first scene. It works well as an embodiment of Hermione's condition and colors her mood. In the previous chapter, it was more of a distraction to me to read about the dragon while Hermione was still discovering what had happened to her. Now that she has put it in the context of the book, it makes sense. And poor Ron, having to deal with that without an explanation. I had hoped that she could muddle through with an explanation, but where would the drama be in that?

I had nearly forgotten that Susan was in the room with Hermione while all this was going on. I suppose that she slept through most of it. That was a powerful scene, with lots of emotional moments. I only hope Hermione will be able to pull out of the darkness before it's too late.

Interesting dynamics between the Malfoys and the Potters, even when they have a common goal to work towards. I must admit that it was entirely in character for Draco to drag Scorpius into his nefarious dealings.

I really liked what you did in the scene with the Order of the Phoenix, how you brought all the generations together to hash out what to do next. I think you did a phenomenal job of showing how each character reacted to the news from all sides.

Aaaand... where did all the words go?

I feel like this chapter flew by; there were so many issues that got brought up in little snippets here and there. Pieces are starting to come together in a big way. The only thing I can do now is read on to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Whew! One of my biggest concerns as I wrote these next few chapters was how the dragon metaphor was going to be received. To me, it made sense, but I can say that about a lot of things that other people think are just whacked. Poor Ron, indeed. He doesn't yet understand what's happened to his beloved wife, why she needs to push him away. I think they're both going to need some therapy after this.

Susan is always around when one of the trio needs a cold splash of reality in the face. That's why she's my favorite minor character, bar none!

The Malfoys and the Potters have all kinds of odd dynamics going on, from Al and Scorpius's friendship to Harry and Draco's mutual disdain and some fairly complex interplay besides. I would suggest that you not assume too much about Draco's dealings just yet, though...

The Order has indeed become a multi-generational affair. Some, like George and Hestia, would choose to broaden it further. Molly, of course, disagrees. I'm glad you liked the characterizations. They were tricky to figure out and then to make them all interact in a realistic way.

I'm really glad that the chapter read quick. I get really worried that these long, long chapters are going to drag, but there's just so much plot that needs to be delivered.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by Jchrissy 

13th June 2012:
This one was written while I was re-reading... it's going to be just a little...hectic.

I can’t stop crying. Do you know why? Because Hermione’s pain mixed with Ron’s confusion about why he’s treating her this way, the hopelessness she must feel, either emotionally hurt people she loves or let excruciating pain take over her.. it’s all so sad and now my make up is ruined, my face looks ridiculous, and I still have a handful of meetings today. I’m so mad at you.

Something about this entire section was, so far, the most emotional for me. The situation she is in and complete lack of hope terrifies me what she will do to fix it. What happens if she can’t fix it? How will she live? Will she even live? It’s all so sad :(

I love the entire scene at the Malfoy house. I am amazed that you have made each character truly their own. And I was missing Draco and Astoria quite a bit, well, your Draco and Astoria l).

Okay, this is just great. Their is a random person that heard that entire conversation, and if Draco does what part of me thinks he will, He is going to be murdered right away for pretending to be a traitor. Or... going back to his blood lines, but as a spy, so actually being a traitor? I don’t know, you get what I mean, though.

Scorpius memory hurt my heart, if I hadn’t already cried over Hermione, I probably would have then. Draco is still so stubborn and infurating, not realizing when his need to hodl onto his pride and prevail can put the ones he loves in serious danger. He is a concerned grandfather, that part screams out loud and clear, but he’s still not using logic to work through this.

By the way, I might have missed something or gotten confused, but I think you described Esme as having dark hair throughout this section, when she has blonde (right) I don’t know, I might be completely confused. haha.

-The dark-haired witch accompanying Harry spoke. “We ‘ave yet to follow up on Elena Porcher’s locket. Per’aps it could lead us back to the mysterious Lady Tenabra.”

Everyone is finally coming together, maybe not calmly, but it’s happening
-“They apparated,” Fleur replied calmly. The attention of the entire room fell on her. “I showed them ‘ow.”

I love what a perfect job you are doing with Fleur, with everyone, but Fleur has that special place in my heart ;)

Wow. I CAN’T believe she is in their house. I am so furious right now... my fingers are pushing the keyboard in a much too violent way...

Thank you for this, it was necessary-
“Seriously,” Seamus muttered under his breath. “He was bad enough as a bloody Prefect.”

I’m also really loving your Bill, he’s perfect, maybe you should write a Bill and Fleur, a, also!

Okay... I just had to take a deep breath after I read the last sentence.

Their spirits are lifting and their feeling stronger, that’s a good sign. What they don’t understand is how everything they do is futile as long as ‘she’ is within earshot.

This chapter has made me cry, laugh, and want to throw my computer at you. I think that is a sign of a really, really, really great writer.

Author's Response: "A good writer can make readers laugh, cry and throw their computers." I bet you'll never find that on a motivational poster in creative writing class. But maybe you should! I suggest you trademark it, pronto!

Ron and Hermione's love runs very deep. And it's a good thing, because she is hurting both of them very badly right now. She's put herself in such a terrible position, one where she can't really see a way out. She's operating way outside of her normal self, constantly angry and in constant fear of dying a horrible death. Ron will understand, someday...

Obviously, I can't tell you who overhears Draco and Scorpius's conversation, but I can tell you that you'll find out very soon. I'm really glad you like the way that I've developed the three of them. They are an important part of the story. Again, you'll find out how important before it's all over.

Scorpius's little childhood memory was something that just came to me as I was writing this, but I think it illustrates a couple of important points about him and his family. Being a Malfoy is about winning at all costs. And even though Scorpius has mostly rejected that philosophy, it's still how he was raised and it will always be a small part of him.

Yes, I totally messed up on Esme's hair color in this chapter. Keep meaning to fix that...

All of the characters' different paths are beginning to converge, which is a sure sign that things are beginning to roll toward the end. Sniff...

The Order meeting was really tricky to write, so I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I tried to give a lot of characters a little bit of time each, and I was worried that it lacked focus.

Thank you for being patient with the story. The way it seems to affect you... it's both rewarding and it makes me feel kind of bad sometimes. But as long as you enjoy it in the end, that's what I'm aiming for. Thanks so much for sharing all of your highs and lows with me!

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Review #8, by Remus 

22nd May 2012:
I think I'm gonna have to PM you after this chapter because I wish to ask you some questions/tips about your writing technique.

Anyway, Dark Hermione is fun and scary to read. I have a feeling that this is way beyond her anger and resentment. Something was transferred into her own soul/body. At least, that's my crazy theory. There's more to this "dragon" than what we're reading. Specially her sort of split personality she has when she's with Ron and Susan. And my question is this: is this what Tenabra wished to unleash? this darkness? She's slow at translating the book when compared to Hermione. I seriously think that both Ron and Hermione are going to pay a very heavy price on this...

"have we forgotten to take down the sign from the gate that says ‘Fugitives Welcome’?” is perhaps the best line ever in the entire fic.

Alright, so you have in one part "Harry and a short, blond witch" and then a dark-haired witch that yells out 'pig' and ready to hex Draco. The dark hair one is Esme...who's the blond?

The entire dynamic between the males in Malfoy Manor is fantastic. Men being treated as children by their parents and parents behaving as Scorpius said "a couple of first years". Specially when Harry hugged Scorpius.

The entire bit where Scorpius " learned what it meant to be a Malfoy." was spot on when it comes to be a Malfoy.

So when Neville comes...you gave the females their married name, like Luna and Lavender but not Cho. Is she divorced from Michael Corner? Because in the last chapter, you mentioned that Jade is Michael and Cho's daughter...

Arabela is with...the Order...that's...not...good.

I'm seriously in 'squeeing' mode right here. I WANT to read more...but I must get to the others in the queue first. Things are about to get ugly for everyone!!

Until next time!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Sorry it took a while to respond, but I wanted to answer your PM first. I hope it all made sense.

I think you have a good handle on what's happening with Dark Hermione. The anger and dark magic are very rapidly growing beyond her control. She is doing things that she would never ordinarily do, and that she will regret profoundly some day.

Ha! I'm glad you liked my Draco-snark. He's a lot of fun to write when he's being sarcastic.

Oh, man. I messed Esme up so badly in this chapter. For the record, she's blond, and has been since she first arrived in London back in The Fall. But somewhere along the way, I got this petite brunette in my head and I goofed it up royally in this chapter. Ugh. Edit, edit, edit...

There is a lot of territorial behavior and dominance assertion going on, no doubt about it. You're lucky that nobody tried to pee on the floor to mark their territory. ;) But there's a point to it all. Traditional roles and relationships are being challenged, mostly by Scorpius, but also by Al when he refuses to stay in hiding. The Next Generation characters are starting to come into their own.

Again, I think I just didn't edit Cho properly. It's not really important to the story, but I do still think of her as married to Michael.

So, yes, things are about to get very ugly. In fact, the ugliness starts in earnest in the next chapter.

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews! See you soon...

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Review #9, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

17th May 2012:
Hey here I am from review tag!

Well I feel like I've been a bit out of this for a while so I had to go and re-read the last chapter to ncatch up! I think the way that Hermione has transitioned is nice because you've sort of made the scene flow very well into this chapter with very similar imagery and language which to me makes the scene a lot more believable.

I also love the way she was talking to Ron. I know that might sound a little bit strange but it was very different to the pushover Hermione portrayed in some things and it also helped to show how the 'dragon' was really affecting her because it had made her flip almost completely into someone she's not.

The one thing in the first section I didn't like was the idea of the imperius curse. It made me very uneasy to read because to me it just didn't feel right that she'd use it as a tool to merely make someone stop going on at her. I appreciate it was right in the context and that you sort of explained that even she felt a little bit strange having used it and it helped her realise the hold the dragon had over her but that was just my opinion on it.

Scorpius appears to be a very tortured man in this which is to me the best way to portray him. He must feel as if he's sort of let his family down for failing to protect his wife and his daughter. I'm sort of glad though that he's putting a lot of faith in his father because it shows although that their relationship may have been a little strained after his marriage to Rose, there still is a relationship there and that Draco loves his granddaughter.

I LOVE the scene between Harry and Draco and the line 'Astoria, have we forgotten to take down the sign on the gate saying fugitives welcome?' made me laugh so much. It gave a little humour in this story which I really really did love so much!

Harry... well what can I say about him? Naturally he is obviously upset at the fact his son and his nephew are back in the country when they should be in France, but in a way I feel he over reacted. If it had been Ginny and Lily in that situation then he wouldn't have hesitated and coming from Harry and all his escapades when he was younger I feel in a way that was a little hypocritical for him to behave and as bad as it sounds, I'd almost expect the hypocritical behaviour to come from Ron?

I really do like the scene in Aunt Muriel's basement though. It showed a sense of togetherness with people coming in and almost unity because they were all fighting for one cause which was really very nice to see.

I love how everyone reacts to the return of Scorpius, Al and Hugo though! It's very interesting because Molly appears to be very protective and very canon which is what I'd expect but then you also get the other side of it which is Angelina. I'd always imagined Angelina would be more of the laidback of the Weasley family because obviously she'd been married to George, the prankster, but you see here sort of understanding from her at the fact of why they're back.

I think any parent, me included, would go through heaven and earth for their children and to make sure they're safe and it's nice to see that this is no exception.

I like the idea of Percy becoming minister more now because the situation is obviously becoming desperately worse within this especially now with the fidelius charm being put on the warehouse. The last line of this chapter I adore because it is so true. The 'good' side won the war before and they will make sure they'll win again!

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you for such a long and thoughtful review!

To kind of roll all of your reactions to Hermione into a single response, I think it's important to start by saying that Hermione is not herself at this point. She has used some very dark magic to achieve her "miraculous" recovery, and the consequences of that decision are still emerging. One consequence is that she has to stay angry in order to control "the dragon", which in her mind is the personification of the pain that she feels in her injured legs. Another consequence is that her anger is leading her to do things that she would ordinarily never do. Anger begets anger, and dark magic begets dark magic. When Susan tries to reason with her, she simply falls back on more anger and dark magic. It's a terrible, downward spiral and at the moment she's justifying it by telling herself that she's doing what she has to do to be able to save Rose and Octavia.

The entire scene in Malfoy Manor was fun to write, especially the back-and-forth between Harry and Draco. Perhaps Harry did over-react a bit, but he's also under a lot of stress and very concerned for Rose and Octavia. Some of that concern is doubtless spilling over onto Al, Hugo and Scorpius. Hypocritical? Perhaps. But being a parent involves a fair bit of well-intentioned hypocrisy in my experience.

The Order meeting was mostly about delivering plot, although it did give me an opportunity to explore how different members of the Weasley clan are reacting to the dangers being faced by the family. I'm glad you liked Molly. Her overall reactions are fairly easy to predict, but she also tends to have a cross-over point where she gives in to practicality and I find that's a lot harder for me to pinpoint. And I'm especially happy that you liked Seamus's line, because it came to me just as I was wrapping this up and I loved it.

Thanks so much for all of your insights and opinions. I really love hearing how people react to the story and what goes through their minds as they read. It is much appreciated!

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Review #10, by CloakAuror9 

7th May 2012:
Hello there! So here I am; not five days after you requested, but two! How awesome is that?! I actually have spare time! (Spare time = the time I should be doing my english essay.)

Let me start with all the good stuff here...because you know, Hermione is SO not getting on my nerves. *fantastic sarcasm, right there*

"Pig!" the dark-haired witch yelled. Harry caught her arm just in time to keep her from hurling a hex at Draco. -insert fist pump here- Yes! Go Esme, show Draco your French fury! When you first introduced Esme to us, I didn't like her at all. I thought she was a rather annoying character, but no sooner than later I find my self fist-pumping for her. But one can't really do anything about it! You made her into such a lovely character, joining a war in Britain when she could be doing something else in her home country. Esme is so wonderful, I wouldn't mind if her and Harry get married. *cough* hint. hint. *cough*

For some weird reason, I thought of the chapter as 'funny' and interesting. I loved this chapter and shall be my favourite, for now.

What It Takes To Become A Malfoy = bite older kids' arms to get your magic ball. Okay, I am making fun of your chapter too much. Let me get to 'serious' mode *ahem* So, I thought that that little paragraph about Scorpius' childhood was rather nice. Its not every chapter we'll get something like this, so might as well make the best of it.

And now that I feel I have said most of the things I wanted to say, let me rant about Hermione. 1...2...3...

Okay so, WHAT IS EXACTLY WRONG ABOUT HERMIONE? I do understand her desire to walk, not to feel limp and helpless especially in the middle of the war, but I think we all know that scaring your husband away isn't the best way to get your legs up and working again. Poor Ron. Its just so sad... :( They better get back together or else... ;)

I can feel so the tension building up so easily! Again, another fantastic chapter! I just don't know what to expect anymore. I'll stop guessing! :P

CloakAuror9 xx
Recenseo 2012

Author's Response: Congratulations on finding spare time. I wish I could figure out what happened to mine.

I'm glad that Esme is growing on you. She and Harry were definitely meant to get off to a difficult start, because that's how their relationship left off 40 years prior to the story. She's not a bad person, just very headstrong and short-tempered. As for what the future holds for her and Harry... well, that remains to be seen...

Hmmnnn... "Funny"? I guess maybe I'm focusing too much on the serious parts.

I debated the "what it means to be a Malfoy" paragraph quite a bit, because as we all know, Lucius is a coward at heart. But the more I thought about it, it seemed reasonably in character for him because it wasn't like *he* was going to go pick a fight with three people bigger than him. He was merely sending his grandson to do it, to toughen him up.

And we come to Hermione. Because she wants to walk again so badly -- partly so she can help Rose and Octavia and partly for herself -- she has made some rather poor choices and put herself in a very bad position. She has to chase Ron away, she believes, because if she allows herself to feel love or happiness, the spell that contains the pain in her legs won't work. I wouldn't really think of them as being split up or anything. Merely temporarily apart.

Please feel free to guess as much as you like. I always enjoy everyone's theories. Thanks for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #11, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

3rd May 2012:
I knew Hermione was going to snap at Ron! For the record I didn't read ahead and after rereading back my reviews on my phone I figured this is officially the best way to review your story. For a second I thought Hermione was going to kill Susan! I got so nervous. I think if she gets stronger and leaves the house than something terrible could essentially happen. It's obvious she has no actual control over her magic anymore so she could either kill someone or she could be swayed to join the other side, even if it's just in an attempt to get Rose and Octavia. However, I think the pull of the 'dragon' could lead to the death of Hermione once and for all. I don't understand one thing, the 'dragon' wouldn't just go away, right? Even if she got what she wanted - Rose and Octavia - the dragon would still be inside of her because what she did so would she be this way her entire life or would she have to make another sacrifice in order to remove the dragon from herself.

I knew one of them weren't going to be able to make it all the way to the Malfoy house unharmed. I can understand why it was Albus. Hugo was determined to get there safely because he needs to find Rose. If something happens to her he would blame himself forever. Scorpius was determined because it's his wife and his daughter, he has the strongest hold to them out of them all. Albus, yes that's his cousin and niece but he already has who needs to be safe out of harms way. I don't want to say he isn't as determined but he doesn't have such pain on his shoulders like the other do.

I do have a question though, what about Lily? You never really mention her. It seems you favor more of the men in the Potter-Weasley family because there's no inclusion of the other women in the family. What about Percy's wife too? And his children? Wouldn't they be in harm too since the rest of the family is?

The Harry-Draco encounter really was something else. They act like children even in a time where they have to be serious. It was interesting to know how Scorpius feels about his family. I also would have thought that Draco would have trusted Harry just a little bit more because we do know he has respect for him ever since he saved him and his family. I'm not saying they would have been friends but I would think that he would have shared some of the information with him because Harry would know that Draco really wouldn't be part of the organization.

And Arabela, seriously. I can't wait to see what her true part in this is all about because how can they just trust her? I could tell that George and his brother weren't fully trusting her but they trust Percy (enough) so they were speaking freely infront of her. Come on! Wouldn't they know who she is? Wouldn't they know her story of her parents dying in the war or who her parents were since they all fought in the war? Her story sounds fishy, I don't believe it. And she only really started helping Percy after the whole Edwin Stoops case, right?

Red flag. She's up to something. I wouldn't be surprised if she was connected to Lady T somehow or has the locket for her or something. Or she could be her but that might be a stretch because she doesn't seem that powerful to me. She's smart but she hasn't shown how smart she is just yet so I'm waiting...I'm patiently waiting to learn the rest of her story.

Author's Response: Hermione did lose it at Ron, but the reason was obviously different from when she snapped at Harry. At this point, she's made a very desperate, very bad choice, and she's not in a good spot. Her love for Ron actually works against her in this situation, so she has to push him away. Then Susan tries to help her and she turns on Susan, as well. The dragon could well kill a lot of people. More to come...

Yep, Albus managed to splinch himself, for pretty much the reasons you're alluding to. If you think back to just before Harry, Ron, George, Bill and Esme try to attack the Blood Order Warehouse, there's a passage about George bribing a customs official to let Lily and her family sneak out of the country. Maybe I need to go back and spell that out a little more clearly. So far, I have tended to favor the male characters more. Guilty as charged. That's just how things have shaken out.

To me, it wasn't just a matter of trust between Harry and Draco, although they do not trust one another. Draco knows who he's dealing with in the Blood Order. He knows that he might be forced to do things that Harry would never approve of, and he refuses to allow Harry to prevent him from doing whatever he has to in order to get Octavia back. You'll see more of this in the next chapter.

George, et al, are trusting Percy's judgment where Arabela is concerned. And they almost don't have any choice, since Percy pretty much just dropped in with her. It's like your friend who shows up to the party you throw while your parents are on vacation and brings their friend that nobody knows whose dad also happens to be a cop. As far as Arabela's back story, remember that her adoptive parents didn't fight in the war. Her birth parents went into hiding because her mother was muggle-born. So the Weasleys would have had no way to know who they were.

I love your theories. Pretty soon, you'll know one way or the other.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by shadowcat2 

1st May 2012:
Why? Oh why? This is not fair. I don't want Hermione to walk any more. The sacrifice is even worse than i thought. It's living without love and happiness. I just hope Hermione can find a way out of this mess. I am sure when things are over she will rather be crippled rather than being away from Ron.
I wonder who overheard Scorpius and Draco's conversation. I hope it's just Harry or Astoria. Anyone else will be trouble.
The storm is approaching. It's good to have the DA back. Poor Cho. I just hope we can capture Rosier before it's too late.
1 more chapter and then I am done. :D

Author's Response: Hermione has made a choice, and at least so far it's looking like a dreadful mistake. Again, I just didn't think this would be believable if it seemed too easy. She will have more choices to make before it's all said and done.

Since I know you've already read the next chapter, you know who was eavesdropping. Enough said.

The storm is fast approaching, and the Order and D.A. are lining up to fight it back. Hopefully they're in time.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by Roots in Water 

28th April 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

Poor Hermione! I hope that she finds a way out of this soon- it's awful that she can't even feel bad about how she has to act or even tell anyone about the mess she's gotten herself into without having to fight the dragon. As well, the argument (even if it was mostly one-sided and both parties wished it hadn't happened) between her and Ron showed the growth in Ron's character- he's definitely matured since his days at Hogwarts. If this had happened to them when they were teenagers, Ron surely would have snapped back and the small, attempted disagreement would have turned into a full-blown fight.

And Hermione used an Unforgivable Curse on Susan- that, if nothing else, shows the entirety of her desperation. However, I think that Susan will forgive her, once she understands exactly why Hermione is acting like she is.

Just a small note: with the sentence "conflicted about his his place in life" you included one more "his" than necessary.

You mentioned that there was a slight shimmer of a disillusioned figure that left the room after Scorpius and Draco and at first I believed that was Harry, hiding under his invisibility cloak (even though I can't remember who exactly has ownership of the cloak at the moment), having never left the manor. However, then I realized it could be Ron or (since I'm not sure Ron would have been with them, since he also visited Hermione) Terry or Justin. But Harry sent them off on different tasks last chapter... So I'm back to square one. But I'm still placing my bets on the figure by a sneaky Harry or Esme.

As well, I found Scorpius' memory of when he became a Malfoy interesting- it really showed the essence of what it means to be a Malfoy. They will do everything necessary in order to get what they want, even if it means endangering themselves slightly. Lucius' role in that memory made it just that much more interesting- I've never thought about him much in the role of a grandfather and you portrayed him very well in that memory. He wasn't overly soft or kind- he was still the same strict, hard Malfoy that we remember from the books.

I think that you're doing a great job of writing both sides of a very interesting conflict- the parents and grandparents who want to protect their loved ones against the younger generation who want to fight to protect their loved ones. Both have valid reasons but I side more with the younger generation- they're only acting in the same manner that their parents and grandparents did generations earlier. As well, I think that Hestia made a good point: it's their generation now and they have to know how to protect it so that they won't be helpless or uncertain if a crisis strikes after Harry's generation has gone. Through working together now, they can learn from the mistakes of the past.

All in all, I think that you did a great job with this chapter and I really enjoyed reading this. Everything is heating up and you're certainly pulling all the different story lines together well. By the way, I really liked Seamus' last line- it showed optimism and determination to win. He will make sure that they don't lose.

Thanks for requesting and I hope that my comments were helpful!

Author's Response: Welcome back, my friend!

Hermione is in a very, very bad spot. She has dipped her toe into dark magic to try and heal herself and suddenly she's in up to her waist, literally. Ron did handle the situation much better than he would have as a younger man, but recall that he's taken a lot of hits over the past few chapters. He's a bit shell-shocked. But don't worry, he'll recover pretty soon. And Hermione using the Imperius Curse on Susan shows just how bad her situation is. One thing I'm struggling with as I try to work out future chapters is just how hard it's going to be for Hermione to forgive herself for all of this.

Thanks for pointing out the typo. I'll get that cleaned up soon.

Somebody was eavesdropping on Draco and Scorpius. You'll find out who very soon...

Lucius probably wasn't an especially warm or loving grandfather, but that's OK because I think of Narcissa as being warm and loving enough for both of them. Lucius was so broken by the end of Deathly Hallows. I imagine that he was mostly just trying to cling to what little dignity he had left later in his life.

Hestia's point didn't come to me until very late in the process of writing this chapter and it took several tries to get it to sound right, but it finally managed to crystallize a concept that I've been trying -- and mostly failing -- to get across since around chapter 10 or so. The Next Gen characters do need to start stepping up and taking their place as leaders and defenders of the magical world. And I think they're going to grow up a lot over these next few chapters.

I'm really glad that you enjoyed this chapter. The next one is already posted and, well, I don't think it's going to be especially enjoyable. Lots of very dark things happening. Can't wait to see what you think of it.

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #14, by agenth 

26th April 2012:
Let me start by telling you, that this story is truly amazing.
I love the plot, it is very exciting and unique.
I like the way you intertwine the 'oldies', the Lord Voldemort Generation and the New Generation.

I really like the way you introduced Esme, she is one of my favourite minor characters, I hope she will play a bigger role in the future.
I have a question though, because she was introduced as blonde haired witch, but in this chapter she is a dark-short haired witch...? Is that a mistake or change in style?
I know many think Harry/Ginny as OTP, but I'd like him to overcome his loneliness. It certainly would be interesting for the future interactions between Harry, Esme, Ron and everybody else.

So will Percy truly be the Minister of Magic? I'm not sure if I like this...

Author's Response: Hi, there!

I'm really glad you're enjoying the story. I've done my best to blend the old and new characters together in such a way that I can age the canon characters realistically while weaving in their children and grandchildren. It's challenging, but very rewarding.

You caught me on that one. The dark hair was a flat-out mistake. Now the real question is, which one do I change? For some reason, I almost like her better with dark hair. Hmmnn.

I am a huge fan of Harry/Ginny stories, but I agree that under the circumstances, it would be good for Harry to allow himself to love again. We shall see how it turns out...

Percy could indeed become the Minister, but he's clearly not doing all the work himself. An interesting situation, I think.

Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to review. I really appreciate it.

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Review #15, by Lexi Black 

18th April 2012:
NO! AH! You have no idea how badly I want to read the rest of this!?!
This is seriously one of the best fanfictions I've seen in a long time in Next Gen.
I don't know where you get your inspiration but keep doing what you're doing - IT'S BLOODY FANTASTIC! XD

Author's Response: Hi, there.

I really wish you could read the rest of the story, because that would mean that I had finished writing it. But I haven't, so we'll both have to wait a while longer.

It's interesting that you think of it as a Next Gen story. For purposes of slapping a label on it, I called it a Post-Hogwarts era story, but I guess it really spans both eras.

My inspirations come from a lot of different places: the HP books, music, current events, history and other fan fics, to name a few. I fully intend to keep going until the story is told, and I'm really glad that you're enjoying it.

Thanks so much for taking a minute to review!

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Review #16, by Em 

18th April 2012:
AAH, Hermione!! So sad to see Ron hurt like that :(

AAH, mysterious disillusioned figure?!?! WHO?!?!?!?!

AAH, that Arabella woman, what is her true intent??

AAH, war's about to break out. AAH!!!

*incoherent babbling over*

Author's Response: Amazing. You actually managed to review this chapter before I even realized that it had been validated. I **love** the enthusiasm!

Poor Ron. He's been the secondary victim of Hermione's injury all along. But he'll pay almost any price to see her well again, and pay it gladly.

You'll have to wait for the next chapter to find out about the mysterious, disillusioned figure. Sorry. ;-)

Her true intent remains a mystery at this point. Oh, and her name is Arabela, with one L. That's kind of important. 'Nuff said.

The wizarding world is definitely on the brink of war. We will see whether Harry and the gang can stop Lady Tenabra in time...

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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