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Review #1, by GoGoWeasleyPants 

8th August 2016:
I'm worried about Hermione and her hate legs. What will it actually cost her to walk again?

Author's Response: As it turns out, it will cost her quite a bit. If you're still reading, I assume you've discovered that by now.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark 

6th January 2014:

Though I have now read 28 chapters of this story, I can't stop being impressed with this complex, detailed world you have managed to create. It is seriously awesome! You've involved so many multi-layered characters with their own personalities and made the whole situation seem so real, so believable. It's pretty awesome, really!

Lady Tenabra is really scary. Just reading about her terrifies me. I think she is more threatening that Voldemort, partly because she is more mysterious. We don't know anything about her past - who she is, what her backstory is, even what she looks like. And she is extremely cunning, too.

I'm not sure I've mentioned this before, but I am still suspicious about Arabela. She seems to have this overwhelming influence on Percy, which I don't like. And if Percy goes for Minister, will anyone actually listen to him? I guess I'll have to wait and see what happens! And I love your characterization of Percy, by the way.

Wow, the section from Hermione's point of view was...dark. I seriously don't know how you wrote it so well, with all those extracts from the book. You are clearly very creative! There's not much I can say about the way Hermione removed the paralysis except that it was very well written and made my heart pound. A lot. And even though the spell worked, I am now worried for Hermione. Surely a spell from such a dark book must have some sort of side effects?

No, they got there too late! I am very concerned for Rose and Octavia - how long are they going to be kidnapped for? But maybe if Harry and the others work with the Malfoys, they'll come up with a solution. That's what I'm hoping for, anyway.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Courtney!

I'm really pleased that you feel that way. At times, I have worried that the complexity of the story became too much. There got to be so many characters competing for "screen time" that I had to cut back a lot of things that I would have liked to have tried to write just so the story would keep moving at some sort of reasonable pace.

Lady T is pretty scary, isn't she? There were times when she creeped me out and I even knew what she was planning. You'll find out a bit more about her back story closer to the end, but not too much. I kind of like her mysterious.

Ah, Arabela. She does seem uncomfortably close to Percy, doesn't she? What is her role in all of this? Remains to be seen... ;)

Hermione has gone to a very dark place in this chapter. Her heart is in the right place, but I think you could argue that her fear for Rose and Octavia and her frustration with her paralysis have started to twist her motivations just a bit. The spell worked, but you're right to be worried. The cost was obviously much higher than she expected...

Sadly, yes, they were too late. When you're competing with Lady T, life is always a game of three steps forward and two steps back.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by peggy77 

25th November 2013:
I'm so confused...who is this Dynt person? If she actually is Lady Tenabra or working with her...or even a victim under Lady T's control, why is she trying to help Percy be the Minister? That seems like it would go against everything Lady T has been doing so far.

I was relieved that Hermione only had to sacrifice her wand and not a person, but is she now supposed to stay angry for the rest of her life to be able to keep the dark spell from hurting her? How will that be possible? I have had some really bad things happen in my life (who hasn't, really?) and I can't stay angry forever.

Anyway, lots of action going on now. I feel like I'm on the path towards the big finale, although I'm not trying to rush it as I always hate to see a good book end.

(I should be baking strudel for Thanksgiving right now but instead am still reading, lol!)

Author's Response: Arabela is mysterious, isn't she? What is she really up to? Soon...

Hermione is in a terrible place now. The only way she can keep the pain from destroying her is to stay angry. It's going to be very hard on her until she finds some way around it...

The big finale is coming very soon. I hope you enjoy it. And best of luck with your strudel! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by APerkins 

27th October 2013:
Hmmm. darkest chapter so far? No i disagree. Watching Ron torturing people? That I found dark. This one? Yeah, Hermione is flirting with pure evil, Tenabra is planning witch-y stuff. But none of it gave me the chills like seeing Ron inflict pain and suffering on others. The most chilling part of this chapter is the line "there was nothing funny about ron ..."
Its true. Awesome line by the way.

Also, a high spirited toddler stealing wands from Ginny Weasley?? umm.. intriguing! Is this a really old grudge or something? (Because how old is Octavia? She cant be a toddler anymore can she if she is hexing other kids and getting into trouble and hating muggles and stuff can she?) Sothis has to be from a couple of years ago at least - and obviously before Ginny died.

Hmmm. My initial thought had been a high school grudge, but that would be way too long ago - there wouldnt be an Octavia, obviously.

One of your previous reviews said somethign along the lines of "edit edit edit."

I am taking your advice, and trying to improve my ability to wrte action through dialogue, and keep emotions real. I think my writing is improving already, just from having read and thought about yours.
Thankyou soo much, am loving this

Ohh.. Ps. Yes, Honda is predictive text slang for jobs. they have jobs. I have fat finger syndrome. :) Where all phones are too small to press anything less than three buttons at once :)


Author's Response: Hi!

A funny thing about author's notes is that you write them in about 2 minutes, tops, after you're already burned out and giddy from wrapping up a chapter. Sometimes they make sense in hindsight and sometimes they don't. This one, probably not my best work. ;) And there is nothing funny about Ron when he's angry and upset.

Octavia was only two when Ginny was killed. That was four years ago, so now she's six. As to what she was doing with Ginny's wand... well, that's all wrapped up in the story.

High school grudge isn't a terrible guess, but it's not correct, either.

Wow. That is pretty high praise. I'm really glad that you're able to take something like that away from my story. Makes me feel really proud. :)

OK, good. I was wondering what that Honda was all about.

Thanks so much for all of your feedback and compliments!

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Review #5, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

8th February 2013:
Whoa, talk about a dark chapter! And I thought some of the chapters with Gamp's insanity or the chapter where Ron threatened to drop the officer he took from the Burrow was dark. But then you bring in Hermione and the book and getting her legs to work again and all the anger she had to feel and yeah... Whoa.

I'd be rather scared if Hermione embraced the darkness, and for for so long. But I'm strangely fascinated to see Dark!Hermione... She'll have Ron to bring her back. ;)

Ooh, Malfoy might have answers to Rose and Octavia's whereabouts. Good that he can help, given that they're his family, too. I can't wait to read what he has to say.

I loved this chapter!


Author's Response: The story will be on a decidedly darker trajectory for the next 6 or 7 chapters. This is a war story, and there's a lot of darkness in war. Parts of it weren't much fun to write, I'll admit.

Hermione does embrace the darkness, to an extent, but "Good Hermione" is always in there somewhere. Hopefully it will be enough to keep her from going over the edge.

Draco definitely has some things he can call on. And he's not kidding. He will do absolutely whatever it takes to get Octavia back.

I am so impressed with how quickly you're moving through this. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by academica 

11th December 2012:
Hi Dan! I'm here for our second holiday swap :)

How is it that I'm on chapter 28 of this story already?! I'm going to go ahead and chalk it up to your engrossing plot and excellent story flow.

Lady Tenabra never fails to leave me guessing. I liked how you wrote her rage in the first part of this chapter. At first I wondered why she was letting Rosier off so easy, and then when she was thinking about how she compromise the whole place and get all of her less than intellectually savvy followers arrested, I thought, oh, brilliant! And purely Tenabra. I'm so scared for Octavia!

I think this chapter really does a lot to display the differences between dark organizations like the Death Eaters and the New Blood Order and the people on Harry's and the OOTP's side. Tenabra and Tom Riddle both tossed out anybody they felt wasn't valuable or could compromise their missions. Harry, though, sees every potential player as valuable, and he knows how to keep them invested in the cause and use them best. I think that's a lot of what helped him win in the end, and I hope it will serve him well again here.

Hmm, interesting scene with Percy and Arabela. I can still see some chemistry between them. I liked the action in that scene a lot, though admittedly, I did find it a bit strange to imagine them holing up in a tea house and doing some kind of meditative technique after what just happened to them. If you could maybe add in something to make that transition more logical, I think that would help a lot.

Oh my God, Hermione!! That section was incredible, in terms of both plot and characterization. I am so, so happy that she can feel her legs again, but I am also incredibly afraid for her, getting into that sort of magic, even if she only intends to use it to heal herself. Anger can be as toxic as any poison, righteous or otherwise. I also feel terrible for her poor wand, gosh. I'm really interested to see what happens next with her, though I fear for the consequences of her actions.

This chapter was definitely a roller-coaster ride, and I really enjoyed it. Thanks again for the swap!


Author's Response: Hi! So I don't normally respond to reviews out of order, but I wanted to make sure and answer you. You raise a couple of things where I think you deserve a response.

First off, I'm not sure how we got 28 chapters in, but I'm really happy about it!

Lady Tenabra has a use for Rosier, but it's rapidly coming to an end. I wouldn't be betting on him to make it to a ripe, old age. She is utterly ruthless and once she's finished with somebody, she tends to dispose of them rather brutally.

I'm glad you picked up on that contrast between Harry and Tom Riddle or Lady T. Expect to see it drawn out in even more detail over the remainder of the story.

Arabela does seem to be able to help Percy when he needs it the most. As far as why they're going to the tea house and practicing meditation, well, maybe it's not meant to sound especially logical...

Hermione is not in a good place right now. She's just made a terrible bargain to regain the use of her legs, one that will come at a much higher price than she realized. Anger is indeed toxic. There will be a lot of consequences to be paid. Stay tuned...

To this day, I think this was one of the better chapters in the entire story, so I'm glad you liked it. The roller coaster only gets faster from here...

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #7, by Elenia 

21st July 2012:
Hello dear ^^ Don't tell anyone, but I'm procrastinating d: well no, not really, but I felt really bad when I realised how long it's been since I read a new chapter from you! Urgh, where have the days disappeared?

But I'm here now *throws confetti around*

And boy, what a chapter once again! So much to say! It was so intense! And dark! A lot darker than the previous ones!

Okay, where to start.

Lady Tenabra! Phew, I get the chills every single time I'm reading about her. Her cruelty is just so - urgh, I don't even have the words to describe it, but it's right there on Voldemort-level.

I'm already afraid of what will happen to Rose and little Octavia! Please don't hurt them, okay? I don't know if I could deal with that! Okay, hat am I saying? This is just a story, no need to get so caught up in it, Hanna! ^^

Haha, loved that little discussion with Harry and George in the beginning of that section. Brilliant! It's nice to see he's still the same mischievous boy d:

Also, I loved how protective Harry was about Esme, and that she actually let him without arguing back! I was beaming here stupidly because of that. You're making me want to ship them, but I fear you have something horrible planned for her and I'm going to get all heartbroken if I do that. You need to give me a little hint about that!

You're such a politician! Really, have you ever considered that as a career? Oh wait, have I asked that before? Weird deja vu moment... No, I don't think I've asked that, but something similar about speeches.

Anyways, I loved the part with Percy because of that speech he held. I could never write something like that and that's why I'm always in such awe when somebody else does. So huge points for that!

I want to shout so many things at Percy right now, most importantly 'GO HOME NOW!' But he isn't going, is he? He's going with her and bad things will happen...

Then the part with Hermione! Wow!

First of all, I loved those little captures from the book. Great job on inventing them! Especially the description of the wand movement using astronomical signs was really clever.

Urgh, I can't help but to think that was a huge mistake. She'll need to be angry all the time to control the pain? That's quite a sacrifice she made and I'm hoping very much that she will gain something from it!

And now Ron's off to see her? I wonder how that'll go when he's on such a foul mood and she needs to keep up her anger. I can sense fireworks and not the kind (x

So Albus&CO made it back safe, good to hear. I really hope they can find Rose and Octavia before it's too late!

Amazing chapter! I'm buzzing with energy here just from reading it!

Urgh, I want to read more now, but I can't /: But I'll be back very soon to catch up! And it's all because of your addicting story ^^

Take care!


Author's Response: Darling, you know very well that I would never give up your secrets! Feel free to procrastinate with my story whenever you like! ;)

I felt like I was able to make Lady Tenabra extra-evil in this chapter, partly because she's just suffered such a significant setback. She fully expected that the Blood Order would be infiltrated eventually. In fact, she was counting on it. But she didn't expect the spy to be able to find her secret room. Now she has to try to get her book back, and Rose and Octavia have just became her biggest leverage to make that happen. Not good for them.

The things that make George who he is just don't seem likely to change, even in his older years. He's still eager to experiment with new things and the consummate entrepreneur. This means that he sometimes plays a bit loose with the rules. ;)

Harry has finally begun to admit to himself that his feelings for Esme are more than collegial. I can't really say what's planned for her. You'll just have to find out...

If you mean that I'm good at writing awful stump speeches that don't say a whole lot, then, yes, I suppose I'm good at politics. The gist of that section is that Arabela is continuing to help steer Percy in a certain direction. Whenever it seems that he's in over his head, she's there to bail him out.

The section with Hermione was **so hard** to write. It took a lot of back-and-forth with my beta reader to get it to the point where I was halfway happy with it. It's so difficult to properly convey the conflict that she feels, how her desire to walk again and be able to help save Rose and Octavia finally wear her down and overcome her better judgment that's screaming at her not to trust the book. At any rate, I'm glad that it seemed to work for you.

Ron's visit is, uh, not going to go well. As you'll see very soon.

They did make it back, mostly in one piece. Again, you'll find out very soon.

You're trying to make me feel bad for making my story addicting and it **isn't** going to work. If I should feel bad then you should feel **doubly bad** for endlessly teasing me with Gwen and James almost admitting their feelings for one another! So there! Checkmate!

As always, thanks so much for your detailed, thoughtful and amazing reviews!

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Review #8, by Pixileanin 

29th June 2012:
You weren't kidding when you said this was a dark chapter. Everyone is getting their hands dirty!

"Since none of her followers knew about the small room concealed in the rafters and nobody aside from her followers knew the location of the warehouse, she hadn't bothered with any strong magical protections."

I had to read that twice. Maybe it was the second "followers" so close to the first. I'm not usually bothered by things like this. It must be because I'm in revision mode right now. :)

"Rosier was a pathetic little worm of a man, clinging to his last name and the blood running through his veins as though they somehow made up for the fact that he led a life devoid of meaning or distinction."

I wanted to read this twice, and once more with feeling. Awesome!

I often wonder, in this fandom, how authors feel about naming the magic in their fics. Is it something people do because it's expected? Does using the name of the charm make it cleaner than describing the effects of the magic? Just wondering what your take was on this.

I loved the way you hinted at George's dealings being less-than legitimate, with the curious boxes in the storage facility. So funny, and rings so true for George to push the limits. Also, the interaction between Harry and Esme was telling.

"So you actually believe that there's going to be a vote of some sort?"

Oh, poor Percy! I agree with the guy who talked about owls leaving the owlery, which was a fantastic line. And though it surprised me in that scene specifically, I was wondering when they were going to come after him. Arabela seemed so helpful, and then she suggests this calming technique that he is so eager to learn; I am becoming afraid for him.

Hermione's revelations are indeed dark. I understand her motivations and her need, but I'm not sure she would have performed the magic without first reading through the next few pages. But I quibble. Likely, she would have understood more and still made the same decision to move forward. Her clumsy, frantic desperation was really intense, and I felt sorry for her. I almost would have preferred to feel it from within her, rather than watching her go through it.

And Harry is foiled again, in a big way. I'm interested to see how Ron and Hermione deal with each other's anger when they see each other again. Could be explosive...

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Correct. Nobody gets out of this chapter clean. Everyone is struggling with their own demons in some form or fashion.

My beta reader wasn't wild about that sentence, either. I honestly just couldn't think of a better way to write it. Maybe inspiration will strike me in the head at some point.

Ha. I'm glad you liked Tenabra's contempt for Rosier. She has zero respect for her minions. They're completely disposable to her, and she's very much looking forward to disposing of them.

I kind of go both ways on naming the magic spells, depending on the mood I'm trying to create and probably whether I'm feeling persnickety that day, as well. I think it's really, really cool when it works well, but it can also give things a horribly non-canon feel if it's not done well. It's difficult to get right.

I really, really wish I could give George more attention in this story. But I feel that way about a lot of characters. :(

Percy continues to be in over his head. But now he has an ally. Or does he?

Hermione has just made a terribly dangerous, possibly ill-advised decision. As you say, she made it for all the "right" reasons, but it was still a very risky, unwise thing to do. The consequences play out over the next several chapters.

Thank you for such a broad, thorough review. You touched on so many little things that I enjoyed writing in this chapter, and I really appreciated it!

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Review #9, by Jchrissy 

13th June 2012:
Ohh my gosh. I donít even know where to start. First of all, Iím kicking myself for reading ahead before. I read just enough to know X died, but not enough to actually know what was happening.


Letí see if I followed this right.

Hermioneís use of the Dark magic to restore her ability to walk actually created unimaginable amounts of pain, that can only be controlled (the dragon, right?) if she focuses on horrible negative emotions? Wow. she wanted to find away to help save her family, to at least try and help innocent people from getting hurt, and now she basically traded parts of her soul for it. She wont be able to be ĎHermioneí with anger constantly living in her, especially considering it HAS to be there to stop the horrible pain. This is so sad that it makes me want to cry :( Why are you doing this to Hermione?! It better have a good outcome...

While Hermione is choosing (or, unintentionally chose) to sacrifice her pure sense of right, happiness, everything that makes her Ďherí Ronís dark side is also coming out. Can you blame the poor guy? I would do whatever it took to get my daughter and granddaughter back, too.

Lady T/You know who is really starting to make mad. What is she playing at? What is behind all the sending in Rosier nonsense? Oh great... sheís going to show Percy a calming technique, thatís just what his mushy brain needs, more controlling and probing. I am so excited for her to finally be out in the open, and to see how you deal with Percy repercussions.

I almost forgot Esme and Harry. So much left over feelings, probably even new ones, between them. I love that you had her back down when Harry said he doesnít want her to get hurt. I wasnít expecting it, but I think it did wonders in defining her character.

So- hereís where we stand.

Percy- More screwed up than ever.
Rose and Octavia- In horrible danger, but I know you arenít cruel enough to kill Octavia, so iíll have to wait that one out.
Ron - Desperate and terrified to find his family
The boys - ahead of their fathers and father in law, which I love!
Lady T/you know who- Iím really not sure what sheís playing at here.
Hermione - Either in excruciating pain, or forcing herself to dwell on anger that will probably kill everything good about her.
Harry and Esme- Iím still not talking about this.

Ooops, I almost forgot about Jade... :(. Iím sad and happy that she really was good. I was afraid she was already on the Lady T controlling her scoreboard. She really thought that she wasnít leading the girls into any danger... :(

This chapter was so intense and amazing. It seemed shorter than the rest? It is going to take all of my self control to not be playing out all the possible ending scenarios during my next meeting.. :S

I don't know if this matters, but just to let you know (I'm sure you already know this) the last 28 chapters have all been tens ;)!

Author's Response: I don't know whether it matters, either, but thank you so much for saying it!

You have perfectly captured Hermione's dilemma. The Dark Magic she's using to heal her legs comes at a terrible price. In some ways, it's not unlike the price that Voldemort paid for immortality, only much more immediate. The better analogy is probably Darth Vader needing to use the dark side of the Force to compensate for his terrible injuries. Unintentional cross-over!

Lady Tenabra is pursuing her own goals, plain and simple. She really doesn't care about anybody else. She manipulates people to get them to do what she needs. In Rosier's case, along with the rest of the Blood Order, she's nearly used them up and they're about to be spit out.

Esme is struggling to adjust to her own reemerging feelings for Harry, just as he's struggling with his feelings for her. The fact that she backs down is a tacit admission that she feels something for him. Not obedience, per se, but a desire not to cause him stress and anxiety.

Poor Jade. She was simply a casualty of a conflict that will claim more lives before it's all said and done.

So I think your overall list of ongoing subplots is pretty much complete! Bravo for being able to keep track of them all. It isn't easy. I know. ;)

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #10, by Remus 

21st May 2012:
Heya! Didn't take a long time to review this time! Woo! Getting better at this! Hahaha.

Lady Tenebra is definitely a scary woman on her own right. And I just got a horrible idea/hunch and I wish I was totally wrong and making things up. But it would be terrible (yet awesome for the plot!) of Tenabra taking over Rose's body. I've learned to look for hints when things are explained and yet easily brushed off as just 'extra info' to help the plot. I have a feeling you're doing that when the narration says how a person can avoid death by transferring their souls to another body...Aaand...Octavia is NOT in a good position here either...MAN! This woman is insane! I love it!

I have no idea if I have pointed this out but all your character seem to act just as I would expect them to. George's first line in this chapter cracked me up. The only thing that was missing was Fred completing his brother's thoughts. But alas...JK took him away from us.

Terry is in grave danger...I think...

I have to hand it to you...you're making me feel the same sort of anger I had when I read bk5 with Umbridge and her bleeding decrees. When Rosier came in I just wanted to choke him. So great job! Haha!

Just so you know...sometimes I feel like writing you a PM as a review because of the many things I wanna say regarding the spoiler. *le sigh* Percy now...things are getting worse...

Hmm...I have no idea where this whole 'Dark' Hermione is going to go. Interested. Anger can do wonders to people. Turn them when they're desperate enough for revenge. Makes me wonder if this is just her bottled desperation or the book working its magic on Hermione. Same with Ron and his own desperation to find Olivia and Rose. I have a feeling that they're going to have to make a very decision coming soon...

Woo! I hope Malfoy makes a comeback! Miss that guy and his wife. Such fun to read! Haha! Btw, I'm still thinking of a one-chapter story about Malfoy...once I do, I'll tell you but only when you're done with this story.

AWW! I just read the A/N. That's so nice of you! XD Totally made me smile. Thanks! :D

Author's Response: Hi, there. I was really pleased to be able to make my little note to you. Congratulations, again!

Lady Tenabra is definitely someone to be feared. And she certainly has designs on using Herodonthus's magic to extend her own life. How, exactly, she'll go about it remains to be seen.

I love George. I do miss Fred completing all of his sentences, although I have to imagine that they would have grown apart somewhat by this point in their lives. You figure they would have married, had kids, possibly grandkids, etc. I had great aunts who were identical twins and once they married off and moved out of the old homeplace, they remained close but lived separate lives. It would have been fascinating to explore, but it was simply not to be.

Rosier is exactly as Lady Tenabra describes him: a pathetic worm of a man. Like Flint and Rowle before him, he will soon get what's coming to him...

Feel free to send me PM's any time the mood strikes you. I love hearing everyone's theories and ideas, whether they're spoilers or guesses that you're too embarrassed to put in a review or you're just annoyed to the point of profanity... I happily listen to all comers.

Dark Hermione is a major focus of the next few chapters. Hold onto your hat.

The Malfoys will be back before you know it. Next chapter, actually. I hope that you'll like where I'm taking their involvement.

Thanks so much for all of your awesome reviews and congratulations and much happiness to you and your fiance!

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Review #11, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

6th May 2012:
Right sorry this has taken so long for me to get back into but I must day RL has been ultimately crazy at the moment!

This chapter has for me become one of the darkest but at the same time I really liked the way you made the characters emotions so prominant within this.

Lady Tenebra is showing more and more just how clever she is and I feel like I'm finding more out about her with her eagerness to find Rose and Octavia as it shows just how much finding this book again means to her and that for me intrigues me further on into the plot.

I also love the humour you incorperated with George's suspicious packages. It gave me a little flicker of almost hope within there that not everything was forsaken. I love the way also that Jade was able to tell them what had happened because to be honest you can see that she wasn't all bad and that she was just trying to do her job. It broke my heart when Harry said about feeling sorry for Cho because losing a child has to be one of the worst experiences. Their determination in also finding Rose and Octavia is just admirable.

I also like how you didn;t make it so Esme was allowed to dight as it showed continuity between past chapters and now and thats a really good skill.

Percy becoming minister never seems destined to happen :( And I guess it was only a matter of time before someone went after him and tried to arrest him just luckily the place where it happened was enough to gain him votes although I am not convinced that the election for the new minister will be fair and that the wizarding world is even still a democracy.

Yay for Hermione figuring it out. It was a little bit confusing to follow all the revelations in quick succession but I thought it was still effective. I really liked the way that it didn't seem to happen instantaneously either and that she seemed to have to go through another lot of pain.

Also the idea of Ron going back to Hermione to tell her the news about the fidelius charm first is nice because it hints to us at their relationship and that they will need time.

Overall I really liked this chapter!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Real life is bad like that, but but please don't apologize. We all have things to do that are more important and I really appreciate the fact that you offer up your time so willingly!

Things begin to get rather dark in this chapter, but there are darker things yet to come. I think the characters' emotions are more important than ever at this point in the story, because so many of them are being pushed to the limits of what they can take or are willing to take. It's rich territory and it needs to be explored fully.

Lady Tenabra is very exacting, very obsessive. She doesn't like any disruption in her plans, and the loss of the book represents a major disruption. It's leader her to act a bit impulsively, perhaps.

Even though the joke shop isn't the biggest thing in George's life any more, it's still his first love, so I like to think that he'll never completely stop playing fast and loose with the rules. Cho's daughter was an innocent bystander, but that's what happens in wars sometimes. Harry certainly feels for her, as anyone would.

Harry is trying as best he can to keep up his promise to Esme's boss, no matter how much Esme wants to push. It's a thin line that he's walking.

Percy is on track to unseat the Minister, provided he survives long enough. And I don't necessarily think of the wizarding world as a democracy, either. One of the big gaps that JKR has left in canon is exactly how one becomes a member of the Wizengamot. It certainly doesn't seem to be a purely democratic process.

Sorry for Hermione's section proceeding so quickly. The whole thing is meant to be kind of frenetic and disjointed. The idea is that she has found magic that can restore her legs, but it comes with a very high price. The pain in her legs (the dragon) can only be controlled by using dark magic that requires her to stay angry in order for it to work. It's a difficult predicament.

I'm glad you liked the chapter. The next few are pivotal to the story as we draw ever closer to the end.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by CloakAuror9 

4th May 2012:
Hey there! So sorry for the late review, all I can say is that school is crazy, at least my school is.

One word for this chapter, INTENSE. At the end, all I managed to say was 'Whoa' as I realised what I just read. It was just so shocking (in a good way) and it took me by surprise. I was so not expecting this type of chapter at all, though I should've but...I just didn't. Does that mean I'm faulty? :unsure:

"For Rose and Octavia," Ron added, giving a meaningful look to the others as he set his hand on top of Justin's. I don't know why but at this point of the story, I was hoping that they would say 'Go Team Potter!' or something like that anyway. Just a random thought. :P

The book, holy schnitzel! What is that...thing? It seems such a scary book, I mean Hermione's scene was pretty intense and things just kind of took off from there. My heart was pounding 'til the very end! Right now though, I am not really clear on how this whole 'the dragon' thing works, does she need to be always angry for her legs to work? Either way, I feel for her. I think she's just really desperate to do something about the whole Blood Order business and can't just let herself sit there...whether its a wise decision, I'm not too sure. That I'll have to figure out for myself :P

I love Lady Tenabra, though not as much as Voldemort. Voldemort will always have a special place in my heart and he is irreplaceable. Lady Tenabra in many ways are alike with The Dark Lord, but in so many ways not. They both want power and control over the whole Wizarding World, but Lady Tenabra is taking her time and she spotted Voldemort's flaws, especially his fear of death. She's not turning into Voldemort, she's turning to something better than Lord Voldemort. Though technically, she's not any better because taking over the Wizarding World is a really bad move. But anywho, that's technical stuff.

Percy is dong some good stuff here, though I do not completely trust this 'Arabela' lady. She seems pretty off-course to me, so not trusting her for now.

Such long reviews! Sorry about that, got too carried away! Anywho, fantastic job as always and you never fail to surprise me! By the time we get in Chapter 30, I'll probably be hyperventilating. :P

CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: Hello, again. I think a lot of people are having a tough time with school right now, based on the relatively slow pace of some of the stories I follow and the length of the validation queue. I probably would be too, except that I've been out of school for close to 20 years. ;)

This chapter was fairly intense, but they actually get more intense from here. Chapter 30, in particular, is very dark and intense.

The book is slowly being revealed for what it is. It is a very dark artifact, one that comes with enormous power and great danger. "The dragon" is sort of Hermione's mental image of what's happening inside her legs. It's the manifestation of the pain that the dark spell she used to heal herself is causing. In turn, she's using another dark spell to control the pain, but that spell requires her to stay angry, otherwise it stops working. She's in quite a pickle...

Lady Tenabra is trying to learn from Voldemort's mistakes, but of course she has already made a few mistakes of her own. She does have similar goals, although probably less grand in their scale. Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would want to rule the wizarding world. It seems like a big, old mess so much of the time. ;)

Percy is trying to do what he thinks he can to "fix" the problems. But his help is indeed coming from a questionable source. Much more to come on this topic...

I love, love, LOVE long reviews! Please feel free to keep going until you run out of characters if you like. I always love getting your impressions. Thanks so much for all of your time and insight! Time to go re-request...

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Review #13, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

2nd May 2012:
(Again I'm on my phone. It seems this is the quickest way I can read the chapters but this will be my final phone chapter - hurrah!)

Can Hermione actually walk without being angry? I'm confused. So she sacrificed her innocence (the wand) so she could walk and now she needs to be angry all the time and use that anger to walk but what happens when she's not angry? Or is the dark magic that she messed with going to cloud her judgement and keep her this way for the rest of her time?

I really thought you were saying that she had to kill someone (an innocent) in order to get the ability to walk again. That's what I got from the reading but I've never been good at deciphering passages like that.

That's original work of yours, right?

Well. I don't know how Hermione is going to survive. It looks grim for her. I know she wants to say Rose and Octavia and she thinks this is the best way but it's obviously not. She's a good person. I understand that she would to anything to protect her family, what parent wouldn't? It's really one of those moments or one of those questions that people ask, 'What would you do?'

I always see those shows and it's like, 'What would you do if your brother murdered someone? Do you go to the police or do you help him cover his tracks?' There's really no win in the situation.

It's actually interesting to compare Ron and Hermione in this moment because they're both going through a dark phase. Ron will do whatever it takes to figure out where Rose and Octavia are, I'm sure he would do a lot worse than what he did to that guy to find out information. It's like we're seeing a different side of them both and I can only imagine Hermione's reaction when Ron tells her. She's going to blow up and it's going to crush him even more.

Lady T really does remind me of Voldemort. The way they both thirst for power, the way they want to remain alive and use these foolish people around them to keep in power. They'd rather be feared than liked, right? Fear goes a long way but I feel like again, Lady T is making similar mistakes like he did.

And I'm sorry but I still don't trust Arabella. Yes, she helped Percy escape but there's something about her I just don't trust. Am I being crazy? Am I reading too much into her character and how swiftly she had deflected the security? Seriously, let me know because I'd like to finally decide if I should or should not trust her.

It was actually nice to see Percy take on a leadership role. I feel like we're finally seeing him again and not the shell of the person he has been. He also seems to be taking charge in a part where Harry really can't do anything for right now. Politically Harry does need to create a movement but right now he's on the field, he's doing the dirty work and having Percy do the technical things and round up people to back him would essentially be a good thing. But will he be able to...because you and I both know Arabella is evil...right? (Seriously, tell me.)

Author's Response: Hermione's situation gets explained a little more clearly in the next chapter, but the gist of it is that she has to stay angry in order to suppress the pain that she feels since using the dark spell to restore the feeling and movement in her legs, aka "the dragon." She is a good person, one who made a really questionable choice, and this is going to be very hard for her. Her motivations might have been noble, but dark magic always exacts a price on those who use it. In this case, the price is quite awful.

I hadn't really thought of it that way, but there are definitely some parallels between the choices that Hermione is making and the ones that Ron is making. Actually, forget I said that! I planned this all along. Yeah, that's the ticket! It was all planned out in advance...

There are similarities between Lady Tenabra and Voldemort, but also some important differences. Unlike Tom Riddle, she is in no way ideologically motivated. I think it's pretty obvious by now that she's playing all of her followers in the Blood Order for fools. All she cares about is power.

You're not meant to trust Arabela, silly! If I meant for you to trust her, I would have had her do something really nice or noble by now and, you know, stop acting so shady. But is she really Lady Tenabra? I'll never tell! (Until I do...)

Percy is doing his best. He's not really comfortable thinking of himself as a leader, but he's willing to try.

I promise that it won't be too much longer before you find out the truth about Arabela. Chapter 32, if all goes as planned.

Be sure to plug your phone in and give it the night off! It has my gratitude. And thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #14, by shadowcat2 

1st May 2012:
I really hope they find a way to get around Fidelius charm. Hopefully, albus, hugo and scorpius found out an alternative way. Hermione!! Hope she is alright. When you said "sacrifice of the chosen" i almost thought Hermione had to kill someone she loved. It was a scary thought. Glad to know I was wrong. Hopefully, when Ron meets Hermione in the next chapter he will have a surprise waiting for him. I really really hope Hermione can walk now. Finally, Harry and Esme is getting closer. I am not sure how i still feel about that.
Just 2 more chapters to go. :)

Author's Response: I went through a lot of possibilities for how the sacrifice spell might work before I settled on the way it's currently written. Dark magic always exacts a high price on the witch or wizard who uses it, so I needed the cost to be immediate and believable. I'm pretty happy with the choice. We'll see how it plays out by the end.

Harry and Esme are coming together, little by little. There are still a lot of issues the two of them will have to overcome, though.

You're almost there! Thanks so much for being such a great reader!

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Review #15, by Em 

14th April 2012:
Wow. I am completely intrigued with Hermione's situation. It almost sounds like she's sacrificed her goodness or her innocence to regain control of her legs, to the point that she would be willing to 'kill first, ask questions never' if she ever comes into contact with anyone whom she thinks has harmed Rose and Octavia.

Also, I can't help but feel a bit suspicious about Percy's lady friend. I've felt suspicious about her for a long time already, and this 'calming technique' she mentions now isn't helping matters (is she going to hypnotize him or something??).

My heavens, this story is so exciting. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hermione has put herself in a pretty bad spot. She has sacrificed a part of her innocence (symbolically represented by her first wand) in order to walk again. Now she has agonizing pain in her legs (the dragon) that she can only control by staying angry all the time and focusing that anger with dark magic. And she does believe that she is doing this all to help Rose and Octavia... at least that's what she's telling herself.

You have good reason to be suspicious of Arabela. That doesn't mean that she's actually who you think she is, but you have reasons to think that. Soon, my friend...

The next chapter is in the queue. With any luck, maybe it will be posted some time on Monday.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #16, by Roots in Water 

14th April 2012:
It's Roots in Water here with your review!

First off, I'd like to say sorry for the long wait for this review (real life got in the way) and the silly misunderstandings I had in my last review (I should have realized that they weren't Aurors)!

As for this chapter, I found it very interesting. I don't know quite what to make of the new development in Hermione's life- I always get a little confused when authors start writing the details of a magical experiment. However, it sounded to me like she sacrificed something (I'm not quite sure what, at the moment, but I know it wasn't good) for the use of her legs and that she's now struggling to control a "dragon" in her mind/body using anger. This isn't going to turn out well and I wonder how she will act once she's on the front lines (for we all know that she won't stay put now that there's nothing to stand in her way). I do hope that her issues with anger won't be permanent- anger can make people act in the worst of ways when they let it get away from them. However, this is Hermione- if anyone can control the beast, it's her.

As well, I also found Lady Tenabra's section very interesting. Obviously she would be very angry at the disapperance of her files but I didn't think that she would be quite so nervous or worried about Hermione's mental abilities. Furthermore, your idea of imortality is very interesting and one that I haven't really encountered before. To have your mind (spirit) survive even if your body doesn't... At least you wouldn't have to deal with being stuck in a never-changing body- something would change. As well, I found your little detail about Ginny's death that you slipped into her narrative very intriguing. It's sad that Rose might just be the cause of her aunt's death, even though I'm sure that no one's told her about that (that is if they even knew the reason why Ginny didn't have the wand themselves). Are you going to be telling us more about her death or just leaving it up to mystery?

As well, Percy seems to be full of surprises! Volunteering to become Minister... While it's great to see that someone is trying to prevent Lady Tenabra's total control of the Ministry, I don't think that he will succeed in his endeavors. Arabela is still by his side and though this chapter lessened my suspicions about her, I'm still suspicious enough.

All in all, this was another great chapter and I'm very interested to see where you take this story. You've left it at a very crucial moment and I'm really hoping that they are able to get into the warehouse soon- with Lady Tenabra giving Gamp a pass at Rose, it won't take long before Rose is seriously hurt. Thanks for requesting and I hope that my comments were helpful!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

Oh dear. Based on some of your comments, I'm a little worried that parts of this chapter didn't come across as clearly as I thought they might. What Hermione sacrificed, symbolically anyway, was her old wand that the spell-breakers found in the basement of Malfoy Manor way back in chapter 8 or 9. You are absolutely correct in that she now suffers from agonizing pain in her legs (the dragon) that she must constantly control using a spell that focuses her anger and negative feelings. Any time she lets herself feel happy, she risks allowing the dragon to overtake her. She really is in quite a bad spot.

Tenabra is upset about the loss of Herodonthus's book because it's where she learned all of the dark magic that she's been using. She feels at a disadvantage without it, and she's they type of person who is very control-oriented and doesn't like to deal from a position of weakness. Another clarification: Rose did not cause Ginny's death. Octavia (who was 2 at the time) took Ginny's wand out of her bag to play with it. Tenabra believes that this caused Ginny's death, although I'll simply state for the record that she is not omniscient. 'Nuff said...

If I was going to characterize Percy's life at this moment, the phrase that comes to mind is "good intentions and bad influences". Again, I can't say any more.

As always, I found your comments very helpful. They give me a really good idea of what I'm doing well and where I might need to offer a bit more clarification. Thanks so much for all of your great reviews!

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Review #17, by Madamoiselle Malfoy 

10th April 2012:
Absolutely love this story!Please please please update soon!! That's how much I love this, so much that I'd resort to begging!!

Author's Response: Ha. I'm afraid that begging won't really make any difference, but I appreciate it nonetheless. I'm about halfway through writing chapter 29. They take a lot longer to write at this stage because every little decision I make has such huge consequences. You probably can't even remember all the little things I screwed up way back in the early chapters, but if I mess up here, you'll never forget it. ;)

Thanks so much for taking a moment to review!

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Review #18, by blackphoenix 

9th April 2012:
o my! please update soon! hope u dont kill my favs characthers ! ginny gone so please dont kill anyone of the good guys!

Author's Response: I'm about halfway through writing chapter 29 now. They take longer at this stage of the game because there's so much existing story that I have to make sure I'm being consistent with. Plus, I'm so far along that I really, really don't want to screw it up, so I obsess a lot more.

I obviously can't tell you whether any particular character lives or dies. Suffice it to say that the body count will be small compared to Deathly Hallows, but greater than zero.

Thanks so much for taking a moment to review!

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