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Review #1, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:
As she was about to retort, she became acutely aware of how dizzying forty feet could be, especially on such a wobbly piece of wood. Her single-handed grip on Scorpius' blazer turned vice-like.

HOW DIZZYING SITTING ON A BROOM WITH SCORPIUS MALFOY CAN BE, YOU MEAN. ahem. Also, ouch, I've tripped over a bale of hay once and got scratched up from it. You'd think hay is something that wouldn't hurt you but no. But also my writing professor last year told the class that the best thing that can happen to you on a date with someone you really like is for something to go wrong, because that way you become allies against fate and therefore the relationship is perfect. Or, something like that. So what you're doing is creating the perfect relationship. I just thought you should know.

togas and chocolate in heaven omg creys bea is me except for being a genius and actually talking to boys COUGH


poor fred. Bea missed his game and so did everyone else lol

ALBUS. You tell Fred how it is, you little gem.

RAWERUYIWEYUR you make me feel things for ships I don't even ship how are you possible stop hey how about you give my feels a break

wait no NEVER DO THAT because sob it's so gooda wueyraioweyroaiweyroiau weoiuaower i cheese


Author's Response: oh no hay does seem very scratchy. We had those trees that had these super long springy needles that came in hair-like bunches and anyway, that's what I think of when I think of hay. I also do not know the difference between hay and straw. I will google that now.

"So what you're doing is creating the perfect relationship." ehurrheurhuerhrur.

what is heaven without togas!!! I don't want to see angels going around with MCR shirt hand-me-downs from the 90s ok.

lol fred, you are too easy of a target. It's ok, he's the hero that Hogwarts deserves.


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Review #2, by spreaddapoo93 

19th December 2012:

Whew, heavy chapter. You really like twisting our sympathies, don't you? One minute, we're practically scheming against Scorpius and Anjali (despite their fictitious existence) and the next, we're pouring our hearts out for them. Their character development is truly, TRULY splendid! :)

I love the themes you've really explored in this chapter (and overall, in this fic). I really get the sense of inspiration, if that doesn't sound overly cheesy; I could literally use this as a guidebook to life.

Anyway! As always, I'm absolutely thrilled by the action (pow-pow!) scenes! Gah! So much suspense; oh~ like a gigantic yummy chocolate truffle, with layers of oozing scrumdiddlyumptious goodness inside...

Author's Response: I love not-so-villanous villains, especially since across my stories, I tend to have conflicts that are caused and fixed by the protagonists. They're not evil; they just have different interests!

Wah, I'm glad you like the themes; I kitchen-sink 'em here sometimes xD I remember when I was writing these chapters, I was like 'OH NO I forgot to write about *this* theme and *this* theme' and basically everything I've learned in my life ever since I was 3, heh.

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Review #3, by Aderyn 

30th July 2012:

So this is the first of my reviewing-Capers-backwards reviews. (or second if you count my review on the latest installment). Anyways, I actually think it's interesting to reread some of this, because I've forgotten some of the little details but also because the foreshadowing is perhaps a bit more obvious.

Anyways, this chapter was an interesting mixture of seriousness and humor. The scene with Scorpius and Anjali actually made me feel bad for both of them. Despite how much they fight with each other, and despite Anjali's betrayal (which might be categorized as childish, or rather teenager-ish) what they said to each other was much more mature. If Scorpius is telling the truth when he said that he loved her enough to have married her, even if she didn't love him, that shows a lot about his feelings, how much Anjali means to him. And it makes her betrayal even worse. I know that they have a fight and make up relationship, but this isn't the sort of thing you can get over easily.

But in contrast to that scene was the one with Albus and Fred, in which Albus gives out lots of wisdom. "Fred, you're projecting." "You ought to be her friend. It'd make your stalking less weird." "It's a shame that caring isn't cool anymore." It's funny, because he isn't trying to be wise, that's just how he sees the world.

Again, great job with this chapter. The nice thing about having such a large ensemble cast is that you're able to have funny scenes and sadder ones in the same chapter and not have to have time pass. Different characters can contribute to the mood in very different ways.

Now, on to another retroactive (is that even the right word...) review. ^^

Author's Response: I'm also a habitual editor, so chances are, you're reading something slightly different xD

I love that you sensed that about Scorpius and Anjali. I have a bit of a soft spot for them, simply because I know how much Scorpius cares about her, and it's always been these scenes where Scorpius is most vulnerable. It foreshadows a bit, I think, about the extent he'll go through for his loved ones.

I really liked that bit of wisdom Albus put forth; it's something that's frustrated me a bit, the fact that people often get made fun of for liking things or caring about things that others don't. It's such a discouraging attitude.

Eep, thank you so much! ^__^ The scenes have been quite a struggle to juggle.

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Review #4, by hdawg 

27th July 2012:
And I've just seen your previous A/N and I want to cuddle you! Oh how happy you have made me Gina :D and so I come back to the love of my life (Albus, obvs), to swoon and squee at his general adorableness (and to keep shipping Scorbea until the end)

Firstly, I would like to say that your chapter image is stunning. I bow down to your graphic-making prowess. Who is the girl you use for Bea? She is gorgeous (and I love her hair)

"The next bump resulted in an up-close and personal encounter between her face and Scorpius'..." I am going to ignore the rest of the sentence and make up my own: 'face. She realised he was beautiful, and he realised he was in love. They kissed. They kissed a lot. And everything was perfect. The broom landed gracefully on the ground in a clearing full of singing gnomes. Bea and Scorpius were married the same night.' Am i rite? I just read on, and no I'm not :( curses!

"Perhaps she was dead and this was heaven./No, there would be togas, she reasoned, and the mud would be made of chocolate." This girl, she knowwws.

And I will marry Albus: "Albus pulled his cloak off, beaming ear to ear as he held up a Bludger." This little sentence has made me determined. I don't care if he might be a character, we shall marry. Also, the whole little bit about Scorpius and Anjali, and believing in each other etc was too lovely for words (and too lengthy for a quote)

"Perhaps they were the ropes that noosed around Albus' poor Hufflepuff heart, dragging him into the hot tub of dastardly Slytherin seduction; rumor had it, the snakes had a jacuzzi in their common room where they plotted world domination. It would explain the wet hair." NO. ALBUS IS MINE. But I do like the idea that they plot world domination in a jacuzzi. You can just seen Lucius Malfoy and Voldemort now...

"He could never forget the image of old Harrison's face when he cast 'Stupe ó SQUAWK' and the rubber chicken started pecking at his head." ah3h3h3, I remember this! My one good input (I feel, and probably my only good input)

"What he usually considered Albus' naivety almost seemed wise, as if he suddenly sprouted a philosopher's beard. "That's... actually quite compelling."/"Thanks."/"You've got a bit of drool right here." d'awh he is just so darn adorable! you will get nothing else out of me about the love of my life, not even if he's mean to Scorpius. But he took the blame for them and I am swooning, like a good old Austen heroine, I am swoning.

"Scorpius shrugged off his blazer and threw it over his shoulder. "I've got a date."" With Bea? WITH BEA? I'm so confused/full of hope that I am correct.

And you mentioned me again :3 I love you. And your author's note about Albus weaseling his way into everyone's lives is so true and cute, and I am so happy for this. This story is getting better and better with every chapter, you (and your imagination) are dons.


I use Victoria Song for Bea, and occasional stand-ins because no one can tell the difference if they don't squint anyway 8D

WELL PERHAPS YOUR VERSION WOULD BE POSSIBLE IN A CONCUSSION?? maybe. she enters a dream and that happens and she gets incepted so then it ends up happening in real life b r r r m m m m m.

Capers is uber feel-good in the end :3 even if I insist on attacks of the angst.

ANNIE GAVE ME THE IDEA FOR THE JACUZZI. TWAS ALL HERR. And you ofc with the other golden line of Fred's. THE BEST INPUT.

SWONING. oh hpff character cut off limits, lolol.

WITH BEA?!?!?! it's the best kind of date. whinging pj party date. Haaa, I split the chapter here, but I always wondered if anyone noticed the sort of lulzy transition I had in my mind from this scene to the next.

♥ that boy asfdaglhg, I don't even know how it happened. I was just tired of all the sizzling hawt Quidditch star Albuses, and I was like, LET'S MAKE THIS ONE DERPY and /still he charms everyone/.

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Review #5, by WitnesstoitAll 

20th May 2012:
This was fantabulous. Coming off of a three month hiatus from all things not related to vet school, every bit of this chatper read as smoothly as if I had read chapter fifteen last week. I am so smitten *cough* yes, we'll go with smitten -clears throat- with your Scorpius. He is growing up and sort of becoming his own man. I felt all sorts of uncomfortable reading his memory of his Dad's words. What a jerk... clearly he never got the memo that he was supposed to have an unprompted change of heart (not to mention an immediate love affair with Hermione) post war... I digress (and bottle up that little bit of cynacism). I really love the complex relationship that you've created between Draco and Scorpius. Old beliefs die hard... or not at all. I love that old blood still funds the Malfoy estate, it is the most believable situation I can think of in the generations following the second wizarding war.

Omg. I shipped Scorbeas so hard in this chapter, I just needed a sailing cap and parascope. She could see her future in his eyes. I do hope that line was written both literally and figuratively. Having said this, I don't hate Anjali/Scorpius ship. There's something to be said for marrying for duty and responsibility, and I don't think I'd have admired Scorpius any less for having married her, but since he has a DATE in the next chapter. I'll just be lounging on the deck of the SMS Scorbeas until landfall.

Albus was precious in this chapter. He really is more of a character than his Potter-puff nickname gives him credit for. Of course he's a little atypical in how he goes about things, but he really does have a good head on his shoulders and a good heart. He was so Wise in this chapter. I picture him sitting wearing a Halloween costume variety Dumbledore beard, perched in a fluffy yellow armchair, twirling his beard and pondering the interworkings of the world.

Now that I've left a somewhat coherent review, onto squee some of your more brilliant lines:

"Can we just... lay here and appreciate the fragility of life?" -- Me following every examination

"It's a shame that caring isn't cool anymore. That we can't approach someone else without being a creep or lame or foolish." -- Preach it brother.

While Scorpius was no weakling for long legs like Fred Weasley, they were quite frustrating when they carried Anjali so far in front of him. -- I don't know if you intended it, but the symbolism of this line was suberb. Her walking in front of him, running the game etc.

Perhaps they were the ropes that noosed around Albus' poor Hufflepuff heart, dragging him into the hot tub of dastardly Slytherin seduction; rumor had it, the snakes had a jacuzzi in their common room where they plotted world domination. -- No words to describe this, but FINALLY. HOT TUB OF DOOM.

Gina, you're brilliantly talented and this story is consistantly wonderful to read. Thank you!


Author's Response: :33 Melll. Hee, it's really weird, what I think about Scorpius. He is totally the kind of leading man that I adore - unabashed jerk but still secret woobie - but I can never get smitten with characters I write; I just like, want to hug them or something. They're mah bbs :3 But of course, the goal is to get others smitten :'D

Snerk ikr, Draco's affair with Hermione should have fixed him right up. Obvious memo missed. I like to imagine him as a very stern figure, one who doesn't want to repeat the mistakes his own father made, but also had *no idea* how, so he does end up repeating them. I also was inspired by historical racism, and I can see Draco harboring a huge resentment toward Muggleborns and blame them for his family's fall.

-hands you sailing gear- :33 I totally snuck that dream line in on purpose, and I'm so glad you caught it. What I've always found interesting about Scor/Anj is that they really humanize each other. In this fic, where so many of the characters squabble and misunderstand, Scorpius and Anjali are the one pair who always understands the other, even at their worst. I think that's what makes them stick out.

I totally just imagined Dumbledore hovering over Albus like a spirit guide. Hee. Also I just imagined Dumbledore like Gandalf, which is completely something else.

♥ omg you know exactly what lines I love. (also YES ANNIE'S HOT TUB OF DOOM CAMEO :3)

♥ ♥ your reviews make me diee. with rainbows.

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Review #6, by peppersweet 

12th May 2012:
flight of the bludgers = flight of the bumblebee (the piano piece, anyway. I feel it would suit bea)

lololol scorpius, you underestimate bea's power. (IT'S NOT EVEN SHINY! it's a biscuit! can you imagine shiny biscuits omg?)

Perhaps she was dead and this was heaven. / No, she reasoned. There would be togas. And the mud would be made of chocolate. bahahahaha! scorpius in a toga. sorry. couldn't help myself.

'Can we just... lay here and appreciate the fragility of life?' if I lay here, if I just laaay here, would you lie with me and appreciate the fragility of life~

omg my shipper heart just exploded into five million amoeba-sized pieces

Perhaps they were the ropes that noosed around Albus' poor Hufflepuff heart, dragging him into the hot tub of dastardly Slytherin seduction; rumor had it, the snakes had a jacuzzi in their common room where they plotted world domination. It would explain the wet hair. - I died laughing, this is just my ghost typing these words.

it is my constant headcanon that Scorpius was the one who buried the malfoy/society hatchet and YESSS I THINK HE IS DOING IT

scorp's I would have married you is legit the most chilling thing I have read all week. idek why. just so...ooft

endless endless little downtrodden ♥ for you

Author's Response: biscuits covered in glitter. Well, glitter isn't too reflective. Maybe broken mirror pieces? Mmm sounds delish.

THIS IS WHY I LULZED because I love that you ship them but you also shipped them riiight before you got to any of the actual relevant shipping bits, and I'm like lol Julia's in for a surprise shipfest.


:333 SCORPIUSES. Draco is a darling but he is just too snotty and traumatized to dig up the dirt and throw an axe in (because I really do imagine that whenever that phrase is used).

;A; because behind every subplot is angst. Scorpius gives me such sudden feels sometimes, because he can be so attack of the intense. When he means it, he MEANS IT. Thus feels.

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Review #7, by shadowcat2 

4th May 2012:
Potterpuff saves the day! Your Albus is unique. Did anyone say that? I am pretty sure they did. I love Albus.He is so adorable. I think I can hug him forever. And he is becoming wise. Or rather he was always wise. No one just paid enough attention to him.
About Scorpius and Anjali. The proposal was sweet. I guess it's finally over for them. I still don't know whether I like Anjali or not. Although I don't want Scorpius and Anjali to end up together, i really liked their relationship.
About Scorpius and Bea. Well, I love their growing friendship.
Finally about Draco. Well, I feel really bad for Scorpius. Everyone needs support from their family. I just hope Scorpius doesn't have to be alone anymore now.
I can't believe you updated twice already. I feel lucky. I can read two chapters in a row. *off to read the next chapter*

Author's Response: Caper's Albus is how I always imagined Albus would be from the epilogue ^__^ Awkward and sweet, and maybe not traditionally talented, but so very very wonderful in his own way - and he definitely builds his own path.

I'm glad you're enjoying the different relationships. There's a lot of funky stuff coming up throwing all the characters together and there's a lot more about Scorpius' life too.

Thanks for reading! ^__^

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Review #8, by Toujours Padfoot 

30th April 2012:
Somewhere in the grey of his eyes, Bea could see her dream shop's awnings once again, crisp and blue like the boundless sky.
- YOU SEE THAT? YOU /SEE/ IT? SHE LITERALLY SEES HER DREAMS IN HIS EYES. I am reading into that. I am reading way into it and I don't even care, this ship is happening. It's happening in Scorpius's magnificent grey eyes.

"Anjali's ensnared you. With her devil's snare trap... thing."
Oh, Fred. Loool Albus called him on projecting. /Albus/. Fred's paranoia has officially kicked into high gear and he's seeing leggy vixens left and right, leaving jaws all over the carpet like footprints everywhere she walks. I'm picturing Fred yanking out his hair like a crazy person now. Stupid Anjali. I WANT TO HATE HER SO BAD. She makes things difficult. -___-

Hogwarts is boring him into being seduced.
- Next generation first world problems ftw -

And there's Albus with his out-of-nowhere tact, urging him to become Anjali's friend so that his staring won't seem weird. Albus is going to go places. He's going to be one of those self-help zen gurus with spiky hair that has blond tips, and a seashell necklace. And he'll own a surf board that he uses to fly on instead of surf. I digress. But he keeps the philosopher's beard. There are beads in it from Mardis Gras.

WHOA, DUDE. Okay, so Draco is still rude and Anjali is all - WHAT IS HER DEAL, MAN? - she's all just standing there like, "I'm judging everything you do" and she is so unlike how average kids her age are that it is insane. I feel bad for her because all of her parents' problems have been dumped onto her shoulders, but her way of dealing with it can be a bit nasty. She is the ultimate ice queen. BUT RELEASE. SWEET RELEASE FOR SCORPIUS. All the fist-pumps for Scorp because YOLO and his father can just get over it. He can just sit behind his too-tall desk with his balding platinum hair and think about what a has-been he is because Scorpius is going places just like Albus (WHAT, ALBUS CONFESSED TO EVERYTHING, WHAT IS THIS DEVELOPMENT), and even if no one else has faith in him, Bea does.

I like how the focus turned more toward the relationship between Anjali and Scorpius in this chapter because it sort of feels like the turning of a page what with that last bit where he sort of loses his marbles and turns around (WHAT IS THIS ABOUT A DATE? HOLD ON, LET ME GO GRAB MY SHIPPER GOGGLES, I LEFT THEM IN THE OTHER ROOM WITH FRED AND ANJALI); so now that we know more about their history and Draco's vileness, we can see exactly what Scorpius is risking/leaving behind to follow his dreams.


Onward with the speed of bludgers~


You underestimate dear Potterpuff's ability to read people. He can see right through people - he's got the Potter vision, just like James, except he uses it in his subtle 'puff ways. Probably not a surfboard guru though. Yet. There is time for that though. I can see him enjoying Hawaiian swim trunks.

I can't believe you just yolo'd in a review BUT OKAY. Anjali is high on her judgy wudgy chair; that's how she rolls.

I am basically dumping all the history in the next few chapters. Or rather, the rest of the story. It's actually super important and I haven't been able to get to it but now I can, so.

Hee, I wrote the end with the intention to transition into the next scene on that final line~ Oh, Scorpius' idea of a date...

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Review #9, by LittleRiddle 

8th April 2012:
It was perfect. Keep 'em coming, darlin(;

Author's Response: Thanks! ^___^

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Review #10, by GracelesslyFalling 

8th April 2012:
Omg, I'm just going to say this right now. I totally ship Bea/Scorpius. Like Anjali can go jump off a cliff cause the two are my OTP.

Like I spreed this story today, and I'm like addicted. It's like sugar to Bea. Seriously, Scorpius is just so shady, and masculine and so mysterious and what not, and I just think that he and Bea should just run away with each other.

Omg Bea, she's just so full of awesome and what not, I canít even fathom it. Like when her friends were are all like 'you take us for granted Bea' I could just imagine her chubby little cheeks shaking and all I wanted to do was like COME HERE BEBE!

Albus. Omg Albus, I cannot even begin to explain my love for him in mere words. Especially when he was like 'My Dad's dead.' And I just wanted to hold him in my arms and never let him go, because I completely without a doubt ship Albus/Me. He's just so adorable, and innocent and a little Potterpuff, and I totally feel like I could ship him with Anjali, because his sheer adorableness would melt her little heart, but I donít want to because heís just so cute!

Fred! At first I shipped him and Bea completely, but then I realised if he and Anjali got together it would be totally badbottom (12+ Reviews) and hot. But he and Bea would be awesome, though you could basically ship Bea with anyone and it would turn pout awesome.

Anjali omg, at first I totally fancied her personality since she was completely badbottomed and whatnot, but still full of awesome. But now I sort of loathe her, because she was stopping Bean and Scorpius and Potterpuff, from being awesome and she mad Scorpy angry, and I'm just arghh!

But omg, this is so amazing and sweet and full of adventure and imaginitve and I so want Bea to be able to make a Muggle to Magic converter so that she can bring a camera to Hogwarts and take pictures of all the couples.

But seriously, this is so wonderful, and I'm so glad I took the time to read it! Wonderful job (though I'm sure you've been told that many times)

Also so sorry about the rambly and absurdly long review.

P.S. Your graphics are so purtyyy :)
-Izzy xoxo


Author's Response: :333 just going to take this time to resquee the feeling I got when I saw this. SQUEEE~~~ I JUST REALLY LOVE THAT YOU LOVE IT :3 and like I always get these major feels whenever people squee because I'm squeeing with them.

Bahaha, I see you have staked your shipper flag. The next several chapters are mostly about strengthening all the relationships developed so far, so it's safe to say that there shall be lots of shipping abounding.

Hee I love that you find Scorp-o shady (it's part of his charm, no?) and masculine, because he's been getting too many hugs and headpats and he's been feeling a bit too, ah, /Hufflepuff-y/. Nothing to be ashamed of, but you know those types.

OH THAT PART WITH BEA - that was actually never planned in the story until I wrote the chapter and it led me there. I learned a lot about Bea in those two chapters, and I'm so glad you like that bit :3 because it was a bit of a departure from everything else at the time.

AND ALBUS OFC. Albus who ships him/everyone ♥ And funny you should say Albus/Anjali xD because there shall be some crack-ery afoot. Oh my crack ship of ships. Could he melt her heart? /What would Fred think?/

Ahh Freddie boy, the one who still needs to find himself. There is much adorkable/flailing fail at hotness abounding left for him. And omg, definitely, shipping webs for everything because /how can I just ship one thing when I can ship everything/

Baww Anj is not in a good spot at the moment, but I'm so glad you think Anj is, well, badbottomed. (hee, Bean, best typo ever; I'm going to keep that close). SADLY HAPPINESS RAINBOWS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED YET :( but maybe Albus can rub off on her.

That would be so cute -- though wizards already have cameras! Those old things. But she could um, instagram them if she had a converter? 8D

I'm so glad you like it, and like seriously, this review is completely making my day all over again ♥

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Review #11, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename 

6th April 2012:
"Ooh, did someone drop a biscuit ó ?"
Ah, the loveliness of it all. There are a lot of different - shall we say... subjects? Styles? - in this chapter. Or story. However, I like it. There's fun. Philosophical thoughts. General awkwardness. Bonding time. Even a good storyline, which is sorrily missing in some stories I read. Wrote, even.
And it's all coming together in the end? Can't wait. But first, more sugar. Scorpius deserves a creme brulee. Bea deserves to rob it of him. Albus deserves to be smacked in the face with it. Anjali deserves to lick it off him. Fred deserves more face time. Now swap the names.

XxX You Know Who
(Plant, not Voldie. Or am I now human? I lost track.)

Author's Response: Eep, thanks! :3 Hee, I do mash up a lot of moods. It's been the general trend in chapters as of late. Lots of bittersweetness, which really is how Capers has always been in my mind.

I used to have all these crazy side events, but I never knew where to put them, but when I knuckled down and sorted them out, I actually figured out how to connect them so they're relevant to the story 8D suuuch a good feeling.

Oh dear! licking is involved? Oh dear indeed XD

♥ erp, maybe um you're like Lucy's bonsai, Maple. I treat it as practically human.

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Review #12, by AC_rules 

5th April 2012:
"Can we just... lay here and appreciate the fragility of life?"

Boom. Lovedd that line, ahhha... it was just beauts :D

So, I'm here to leave a long and rambley review, except my fingers are typing the usual ramble and without ramble my reviews are just plain short so who knows what's going to happen. All I know is, I'm actually caught up! Not only am I actually caught up but i've actually left reviews! Here's me feeling like a good person for a little while.

Oh, Albbbus. This chapter didn't quite live up to the awesomeness of the last, but the last chapter had BLUDGERS FLYING EVERYWHERE and mad things like that so it would have been difficult to compete. It was still fab though. Like, Scorp and Anjali are... through? Can't say I'm too dissapointed... although I'm still not sure who I'm shipping in this story.

But I liked it! You never have like break up type things in stories, apart from to make way for a more signifcant or rebound love interest, and here it's more like.. I don't know. Real? I'll go with real?

When did I start rambling again? Hm.

Ah I loved the bits with Draco. Honestly, they were fantassttic.

This is too fab.


Author's Response: Helennn ♥

Heh, better than me. If I don't ramble, I'm just like, derp, I like it. And uh, I like it a lot.

Oh yes I was a bit sad because this was a cooldown chapter, but I suppose sometimes these are necessary. A breath before more chaos and gorging on sweets~

I have people who still ship Scorose, so I'm sure whoever you're shipping will have another shipper on board, hehee.

Ooh yay! I was worried about the Draco bits. Honestly, I had no idea what i was doing with them, but I had to slap it in eventually.

all the ♥

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Review #13, by Cavell 

4th April 2012:
What?!? Potterpuff wasn't meant to be a major character?!? Well, at least he is one now! I can't believe he took all the blame though, even If he is a Hufflepuff. And no worries, it wasn't at all cheesy and yay! We get to see James! Definitely can't wait for the next chapter as it sounds fantastic, even if we haven't read it yet! Update soon?

Author's Response: I know, right?! So much of Capers has turned out differently (and yet the overarching plot has remained completely unchanged at the same time), it's amazing whenever I find my old notes.

Albus' self-sacrifice has has quite the effect on both Scorpo and Bea, actually, so there is still things to come on that end.

♥ thanks so much! :3 next chapter is lots deffo lots of fun!

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Review #14, by BooksChocolate 

3rd April 2012:
Write more!!
I check this story every day to see if it has changed!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :) I hope to update it within two weeks.

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Review #15, by Hala 

2nd April 2012:
I like it, but can we get some Scorpius, Bea romance

Author's Response: Thanks, er, you might like the chapters coming up, as they do get the benefit of being a little more comfortable with each other after their adventure :)

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Review #16, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

2nd April 2012:
LOVED the chapter! You're such a great writer :D Can't wait to see what happens next! Loving it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! ^__^ Next chapter's going to be lots of silly fun.

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Review #17, by forsakenphoenix 

2nd April 2012:
Part of me is worried that they're getting off this too easily. Everyone just happens to be distracted by the Bludgers while they try to escape from this mess they made? I guess all things considered, it's a great diversion.

I don't think there is anything that tastes better than mint chocolate chip ice cream either. Just saying. And at least doom has a cheery on top, or else it wouldn't be very appealing.

Lawls, oh Bea, you are so, so precious. "Ooh, did someone drop a biscuit - ?" She's always thinking with her stomach! Haha, the imagery I got when Bea flew into Scorpius and was gripping him reminded me of one of those backpacks that are designed to look like a stuffed animal, y'know?

Oh my goodness, heart flutters! Scorpius, you charming man. I love how he's like, "Bea you believe me." Gah, so sweet.

AHH AL TO THE RESCUE! I'm squee-ing like a happy little fangirl. He's just so precious and the best side kick EVER.

Oh, poor Fred. Anjali has him all ensnared in her web. lol, I like how he thought Albus was distracted by her too but he's just worried she's going to blow their cover. I just wish Fred had somewhere he belonged. He seems lonely, especially if he's stalking Anjali.

Wait, what? He told the professors?? I guess I need to keep reading because I have a hard time seeing Albus getting them into trouble like that.

Rawr, my poor Scorpius. I'm sad that they're through in a way, if only because it seems to hurt Scorpius - his whole little, "I would have married you." I just..my heart. I was going to say that Anjali was being a jerk, but I can see that she's just struggling to come to terms with her family's failures. So I guess I feel sort of bad for her.

Oh no, Scorpius, keep your blazer on, please!!

Loved this update. Sorry I could't write you a more constructive review but I'm totally done for more flailing if you want. There can never be enough flailing. Love!

Author's Response: I decided to give them a bit of initial luck (Merlin knows they need it), but only as a momentary reprieve. Of course I told you yesterday, but to anyone else who might stumble over this review response, Albus took the heat without telling on the other two. Potterpuff takes care of his friends! That's going to have an interesting consequence as well.

I don't like cherries, therefore doom is awful D:

omg yes that is exactly how Bea looks. Except 30x heavier :P

IS THERE ANYTHING ALBUS CAN'T DO? walk in a straight line, I suppose.

That really is Fred's big problem. He gets to have a bit of a chat with James about it later. Fred's pretty happy with where he's at. I wanted someone in Capers to be prepared for their real world. But at the same time, he's wondering whether he's missing out on something bigger. Unlike everyone else, he's not sure what he wants.

And Scorpius ♥ ohhh his ickle woobie businessman heart. I love that he's such a romantic, because he willingly makes himself so vulnerable, kind of like what Albus does in the name of friendship.


♥ all the flaily flails :333

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Review #18, by Happt Reviewer! 

2nd April 2012:
Again, this just had a distinctly movie feel. When Scorpius said "I've got a date" (Even though I had no idea what he was talking about) it sounded like one of those changing moments in a film where the protagonist has an epiphany and has to go do something in order to fulfill their new understanding of life.

Also, that friendship moment between Bea and Scorpius was absolutely amazing. I loved it to pieces- Bea, Scorpius and Albus, the new Hogwarts Golden Trio (Because before they achieved their goal of saving the wizarding world, they were misfits with potential for bigger things, which is how I think of those three!)

I can't help but love Bea's character, and Scorpius more and more- they're both so brilliant in their own, quirky ways. Humorous, but not overly so- they're almost like real people in that they have so many sides and angles to them, and it's easy to misinterpret who they are and what they do. All your characters are.

I felt especially bad for Anjali this chapter, because I can suddenly see the magical invisible cage she's in that you can only see when someone talks about it!

Another epic chapter, update soon!

Author's Response: You can literally see the epiphany life changing moment flash before Scorpius' eyes. ... I actually know what he's going to do next lolol it is a fascinating date.

Bawww new Golden Trio that is the cutest thing. Usually it's like, Al-Rose-Scorp, but uh, I accidentally made Rose crazy. Albus really is just the third wheel in every single thing - which he is glad to be!

Anjali's story is going to be interesting. I haven't entirely figured out how deep I'll go into it yet. What I find most intriguing about her is that one really can't call her selfish. She's doing what she needs to for her family, even though she's so independent.

:3 eeep thanks so much. ♥ I shall deffo try!

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Review #19, by potter_nerd 

2nd April 2012:
A date? A DATE? With WHOM?
The suspense is killing me. D:
Anyway, update soon, okay? I have to- no, 'need to' know. Haha :D
Plus, I have to say, Albus' antics pretty much made my day. And I couldn't help laughing at Bea and her biscuit obsession, which is odd, but completely rad.

Author's Response: Bahaha, I was wondering if anyone would catch that 'date' thing. The next scenes were split from this chapter, but it's actually a pretty funny transition from this last scene to the first one next chapter, where you'll see what that date is.

Hee, thanks! ♥ I shall definitely try to update quicker than last time.

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Review #20, by Snapdragons 

1st April 2012:
omg so many good things about this chapter it's not even funny EXCEPT there will be no more Anjubbius and that is sort of sad but gives me hope for Franjali? Clearly the proper response to this story is to ship ALL THE CHARACTERS! (specifically Potterpuff with everyone)

also, idk what it is but I swear each chapter gets a new song stuck in my head what is this? This time it was Flight of the Bumblebees because of the whole Flight of the Bludgers thing. Someday I will get through a chapter without a song getting stuck in my head. Someday.

BEA IS SO TALENTED! ♥ Spotting a biscuit from that far away, oh my! Clearly Scorpius is not trained in the art of Biscuit Spotting. And also, heaven would def have togas and chocolate mud.

"Can we just... lay here and appreciate the fragility of life?" okay.

Also I am so so glad that somehow that sneaky Potterpuff has managed to worm his way just about everywhere because he is my favorite person of all time, hands down. ♥ eep. all my love

TEARS Scorpius and Anjali! They were so beautifully snobby sly Slytherins together. ...but she would have married him? Maybe? WHAT IS THIS? -throws hands in the air-

But it's kay because I really like Scorpius now. Velvet blazer and all. And I am super thrilled for Slytherin Swim-offs and socremlin adventures and baking. YES.

-flails- I really like all of the above. Especially baking. Also, if there's going to be a swim-off... can we have the Giant Squid? :D I like the Giant Squid, too.

And I like this chapter so yey for updates!

Author's Response: eeep ♥
lol I think next chapter will have one rather fascinating Anjali-related scene that will confuse everyone including the cast.

omg Flight of the Bumblebees haaa it kind of fits! I can also see it as biscuit-hunting music.

:3 Albus is just like, derpity derp derp, I think I'm going to adorable up all the plotlines now.

SEE THEY'RE SO CONFUSING. It was just a regular ol' argument too at first and then when I wrote yesterday, Scorpius was just like, NO IMMA TELL YOU THAT I WOULD'VE MARRIED YOU and I stare at my screen like oh gawd, scorpius, why are you doing this to me. -throws hands into air-

ultimate woobie though ♥

hee, I shall try to sneak in a bit of the squid. I am so so excite for all those scenes, because a good chunk of them have been semi-written since last year :3

♥ forever loff

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Review #21, by You Have No Idea Who 

1st April 2012:
I love this story! Bea is the most awesome character ever!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D I'm glad you like her!

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Review #22, by luna_lovely 

1st April 2012:
this such a funny story, i can't wait to find out if they succeed with the invention or not! i think Scorpius is finally coming out of his shell, and i'll just say i am glad that he is finally rid of Anjali (though it worries me that fred is infatuated with her still - and personally i wish there was something going on between Bea and Fred, they would be such a cute couple, and it's sad that they are drifting apart!).
i love albus' character, but im worried about how much trouble he will be in now for the bludger stunt, and how will harry and ginny (and james) react when they find out???
i can't wait for the next chapter! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Hehe, and to think looking at chapter 2 Scorpius, who would've thunk he would be the one who needed to come out of his shell?

Bea and Fred get more scenes soon ^__^ Next chapter, actually, and I already have their scene written. Next chapter has a lot of things I really like :D They aren't really drifting apart anymore; they've sort of come to accept their different agenda in life.

Albus has got sweetness on his side. Hopefully it'll be enough.

Thanks so much for reviewing! ^__^

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Review #23, by foundriapenguin 

1st April 2012:
wahhh. my ship has sunk. :( i'm going to just go cry in a corner now.

oh my gosh, ALBUS. le potterpuff. he is too cute. i'm growing fonder and fonder of him with every chapter just as you write more of him. he may be a scrapper, but i think he is quickly turning into my favorite.

LOL BEA. "Can we just... lay here and appreciate the fragility of life?" one of the best lines, i would say. i know how you often say you envision capers like a movie, and i could definitely imagine this scene in my head, bahaha. AND THE BISCUIT. OH BEA. OF COURSE, BISCUITS ARE ALWAYS NOTICEABLE WHEN YOU'RE FLYING PRECARIOUSLY ON A BROOM. ^__^

i loved this chapter, as always. and just for the record, i love cheese. bring on the cheese. :)

fangirling forever,
--jordan ♥

Author's Response: JORDANNN. lol you sailed that ship for so long, and I love you for it. Considering the romantic status of every character in Capers, they are still technically, the most romantic couple in the entire fic so far. He would've married her! And she would've said yes! Optimism? :D

-squish the puff-

Haaa favorite scene in a while. There is nothing quite like three cracked ribs for some poignancy. BISCUITS TASTE BEST WHILE HURTLING TOWARD THE GROUND~ true fact.

♥ mostly crack cheese.

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Review #24, by HarrietHopkirk 

1st April 2012:
Reading this does come easy, darling. ♥

Author's Response: ♥ melodrama goes down like velvet.

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