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Review #1, by Rainpixie 

16th April 2013:
I'm sure I'm not alone when I cry out a vindictive "yes!" To Peter getting what he deserves from those who deserve to give it to him.

Author's Response: Peter is the worst! I don't feel sorry for him at all. He's one of the few 'bad' characters in HP that I can't make excuses for. I just cannot sympathize with him, no matter what.

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

25th January 2013:
An absolute wonderful chapter, as the others were!

I loved the fact that you put Peter and Igor on the clock side. It's great to see in here that not everything's black and white, especially whether people are good or bad. I just wonder what's going to happen when the Marauders in full are finally reunited...

Author's Response: There's some inconsistency as to where people are placed. Salazar, Igor, and Peter should have gone to the Grotta, but for some reason or other someone saw something redeeming in them. So like you said, it's not one island of pure good and one island of pure bad.

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

2nd January 2013:
heart bursting at the first paragraph omg REMUS IS PROBABLY SCREAMING INSIDE AS MUCH AS I AM except dignified because he is a middle-aged war veteran.

My mind is reeling at all the age mixing frenzy because I ALSO WANTED THIS ANSWERED. It must be so crazy to show up in CC and see your parents younger than you, especially if you choose to be an old man or something, and you could meet your entire magical family tree if you felt like it.

And doode you even bring up all these other facets I never even considered that blow my mind. Them sideeyeing Remus and Tonks' age gape, Remus sideeyeing his age gap with James and Lily, and it can't be the same because All Remus could think about was the fact that he couldnít stop looking down on James in the same way he often looked down at Harry, a former student, and how much James would resent it if he knew.

And omg all the glaring over sons and duels and omg as soon as you said that idea James I slapped my forehead THAT IS THE DUMBEST IDEA. ďAre you suggesting that Mad-Eye and all of your old friends fight against each other in a tournament where one person will end up dead?Ē TELL THEM.

This is now so bittersweet ;_; I mean they're reunited but IT'S NOT THE SAME AND IT CAN BE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME SOROH.

And I was totally raging at Sirius for being silly until I read Like they donít notice how eager Sirius is to pretend heís been here for years and years and years; like this is the perfect place to be and thereís nothing left on earth that he should miss. B R E A K I N G

also perf: but it was a silent agreement that Remus would never laugh when James cracked a remark about Peterís poor marks in O.W.L.s and Peter would never pretend to agree when Sirius treated Remusís lycanthropy like it was some kind of grand adventure.


Author's Response: Remus is v. ~dignified~ because he is quiet and serious and whenever he opens his mouth, wise things fall out. I will never become dignified because I can't keep my mouth shut.

Creyy the reunions can never be what they would want them to be. They just can't. I first started thinking a lot about this mystical canon afterlife in Harry's little trip to King's Cross Ghost-Land, because it truly confirms a canon afterlife. So I just sat there thinking BUT SNAPE. OMG WHAT'S HE GOING TO DO WHEN HE SEES LILY. LILY IS WITH JAMES. OMG. HOW WILL LILY REACT. And that never really left me, so it was exciting to see how that would play out. All of the people being reunited is so different from they would have expected, and the deaths are so staggered - James and Lily, and then many years later Sirius, and then Peter, and finally Remus - there's just no pretending to be the same people you were when you were all alive and well.

Poar Sirius. He's dead-set on acting like he's been in CC since the beginning, right along with James.


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Review #4, by academica 

15th August 2012:
Oh, Remus! Poor guy - I can imagine that it would be confusing, experiencing the conflicting emotions of joy at seeing an old friend alive (sort of) again and pain at having seen that friend perish as a mortal. I love how you've taken the time to explore just how significant the age differences in the Marauders would be in this universe, too. I don't know if I feel worse for Remus or Tonks, though, because she seems like she really feels out of place in this fantastic afterlife. I'm glad that at least Remus isn't left to miss Teddy alone.

James's laugh was a phenomenon that electrified the house

^Love this. As always, your imagery is perfection.

I love the comment about how Remus and Tonks got about as much time in life with Teddy as James and Lily got with Harry, though it is bittersweet. Nice of you to step back in with the humor - "what else is there to do here," honestly, Sirius! :)

OH DEAR. (Now I'm picturing Snape in cartoon form, looking much like Eeyore. THANKS.) I can see now, clearly, that it isn't as simple as Grotta=bad, Cliodna's Clock=good. Just as there is "light and dark in everyone," you can see a mixture in the afterlife. I wonder how exactly that determination is made - what precise process is used to decide where you should spend eternity? Very interesting. I like how rat-like Peter is, and how selfish Igor is. Just as I expected from both.

Oh, INTERESTING! I love this exchange between Peter and Remus and the way you described the little informal deal they made as boyhood friends. No wonder his loss/betrayal hurt Remus so much. The ending here is curious, and I don't quite understand Remus's response, but all in good time.

GAH. Sarah, you are amazing. I'll be back soon!


Author's Response: AMANDA! ♥

I feel so bad for Remus here. I can't imagine how bizarre it would be to be running around in Hogwarts one minute and then the next minute you're in this bizarre world full of dead people. Sirius wouldn't have been such a shock to reunite with, since he's only been dead for a couple of years, but seeing James and Lily would be almost nightmarish.

SNAPE AS EEYORE. Brb dying. lol, now I can't stop thinking of Eeyore in a black wig, slumming around in a dungeon somewhere.

The decision of where to put people, in Cliodna's Clock or the Grotta, is something sort of controversial that you'll find out much later. It's left entirely to the whims and opinions of certain people.

Remus is so disoriented by his new life that he's grasping at anything that will make sense, anything that can make him feel like he has an ounce of control. That's where Peter comes in. With the state of mind Remus is currently in, Peter should be frightened. You'll see what that was all about several chapters from now!

You leave such wonderful reviews. :) Thank you so much.

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Review #5, by maskedmuggle 

13th July 2012:
Oh, the Marauders are back together again! It's really refreshing to see them all together. Because they're not in Hogwarts being popular, playing pranks and getting girls. They're in the afterlife with ages and years between them. Gosh, your writing was brilliant once again. I loved how you characterised all of them, but Remus especially: I can no doubt imagine how awkward and tough it would be to deal with seeing your best friends from years ago again, and have them still looking exactly the same/young. I liked that bit where you likened Remus with Peter and explained why they might've had a closer bond. It made a lot of sense and was a really different insight into the group of four that I haven't seen before.

The Peter/Igor business was also very curious. And we saw a bit of Dumbledore too! Yay! I've always been a fan of him, hehe. AND SNAPE. What's he doing and what's Peter doing? And that confrontation at the end.. well, it just makes me want to keep reading on even more. Once again, your characterisation of everyone (also Tonks was really great, and the similarity between her and Lily hadn't registered with me but makes a ton of sense) is perfect and your writing has me hooked. Loving it :)

- MM

Author's Response: The Marauders are back in action! Except one of their number is missing... :( A lot has changed since the good old days when they were all alive - the changes in their social dynamic have sort of blind-sided them. They'll have to decide where to go from here, if it's worth it to try to establish something new since the old and familiar is unavoidably long gone.

Snape and Peter both have plans up their sleeves. :3 You'll just have to read on to see what happens!

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by forsakenphoenix 

18th June 2012:
I think if your story progresses as it has been, with each chapter getting better than the last, then I will be dead by the end of it.


I just don't even know. The emotions and the house reacting to them, the contrast between the ages, how young Lily and James are, and Tonks comments about how strange it is, how she thinks they should be old like her parents. It's so perfect. It's interesting that we have similar takes on the afterlife too - the idea of people being able to look younger. It must be hard especially for Sirius and then Remus to die as they did when Lily and James are forever twenty-one. I also love the parallels between James/Lily and Remus/Tonks, they both left sons behind when they died during the war, and I'm sure they're both desperate to be able to spend one day with him, to ensure his safety and he's growing up the best he can.

Sirius is perfect. He's so oblivious and yet he's struggling to keep the memories of their youth alive. And Peter! Oh my god, I love it. You make him still rat-like, following in the shadows. The idea that him and Karkoroff are in Cliodna's Clock but are still outlaws is interesting. I would've thought for sure he would've wound up in the Grotta. But I think it's awesome how you've designed this place, with the winter and the summer, and Peter and Karkoroff are kind of cast off to slum it in the cold to avoid the repercussions of their actions.

The ending line killed me. If I don't die from this story, it will be a miracle. I seriously can't get over how amazing your writing is, and the plot is just unbelievably unique. I'm so insanely jealous of your talent right now. Loveee!

Author's Response: THE MARAUDERS, CREY.

Tonks's perception of Lily and James, and her awkwardness that they're so young, kind of stems from my own reaction to realizing how young Lily and James were. The actors who portrayed them in the films were at least in their thirties, so I didn't really see how young they truly were in canon until I read their birth and death dates on their tombstone. So when I was writing this fic, I was sort of struck by the fact that they're around /Fred's/ age, and how odd that would be for their old friends to see. Sirius, of course, only sees what he wants to see. He's having a grand old time pretending he'd been there for ages and ages and the past seventeen years or so never happened.

Peter and Igor might be lucky in that they didn't have to go to the Grotta, but neither ever get a peaceful night's sleep. They're more paranoid than Moody these days, constantly watching their backs. I think they deserve to have that sort of punishment.

If you keep complimenting me, I might explode. True story. Or at the very least, hats will never fit me anymore.

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Review #7, by marlita1311 

18th June 2012:
i love your writing and this story is one of my favorites so far!!
it certainly feels like the gap missing from rowling's last book when harry defeats Voldermort and then we flash forward 19 years later.
the relationship between Remus and Peter seems so real; the way that the two of them had more things in common than James and Sirius.
The dynamics of the four of them is shown in this chapter: we have james and sirius who think alike and then it's remus who in my opinion is the most mature one now.
i like the fact that there is going to be a reunion especially now with snape's arrival.
(there is no one left behind...)
i'm off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey, Marlita! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I was always curious about the glimpse of the afterlife Rowling hinted existed, and what it might be like beyond King's Cross. Also eee, Marauders reunion! It's so sad that they're all together now, but it also feels like they've come full circle.

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Review #8, by peppersweet 

18th June 2012:
I loved the surrealism in the passage about how the emotions were affecting the house! Okay, didn't phrase that very well...I just: Summer is only two minutes from here. Follow the train tracks.. Loved that phrase. Besides all the era mash ups with the citizens of cliodna's clock, that reminded me that this is set in some other world and oooh I loved it.

The relationship between Remus and Peter, ooh, loved that too.

Onwards and upwards as fast as I can before I must surrender the Internet!

Author's Response: Surrealism is mah fave. The Potter house is like a Dali painting. Everything is like...wait, what. My favorite thing to write is the state between dreaming and reality, where either side can sink in and it's difficult to tell what's going to happen next. WORLD BUILDING IS FUN, WOOO.

Poor Remus. :( Peter, you a bad man. You a very bad man. I am giving you a stern expression. lol I was going to do this -___- but hit a different key and came up with:

. __-

what kind of face is that, even.


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Review #9, by pennyardelle 

17th June 2012:

On so many levels.

Sorry, that was a bit ridiculous, but...WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN. Every single chapter just gets better and more intriguing!!!

Lily vs. Tonks (at least in theory, because really, they've got the exact same motivation), and Peter hiding in an abandoned warehouse. And the emotions between all the Marauders.

This story makes me want to use non-12+ language. I don't think I've ever really felt that about a story before.

Author's Response: Eee, yay! That is so exciting and rewarding to hear!!

Lily and Tonks have so many parallels. I remember being so upset that both Remus and Tonks had to die, leaving Teddy in the same boat that Harry had been left in all those years ago, so it's like a repeating cycle. The only upside is that presumably no one will ever hunt down Teddy and try to kill him...all right, going to push blossoming plunnies aside now...

Peter is another person I was excited to get my hands on because (in what I've seen, anyway), he's usually portrayed as a quivering little weirdo in the corner and no one likes him, even in the Marauder era. I think that while he is definitely a coward, he's also fascinating. I'm enjoying exploring his character.

Thank you, once again, for reading and reviewing; I hope you continue to enjoy Run!

- Sarah

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Review #10, by ScarletEye158 

14th June 2012:
Great chapter. I can't imagine how awkward that must be, being over 15 years older than your friends and having to act like everything is normal again when it clearly isnt. I feel bad for every single one of them. Tonks is so out of place, Remus doenst know where to turn, Peter is stuck in a world where everyone hates him, Lily and James are so much younger than everyone else, yet seem much more wise, and Sirius is trying to act as if nothing's changed when everyone can see right through that. Its very interesting how you can characterize these characters so well, especially because they are all so different and are now such different ages. I really like how you're doing this and and I hope this story is a long one because I have been waiting for something this great to read for a while! Sorry for all the rambling! lol Great job!


Author's Response: That would be awkward for sure. I feel bad for all of them, Remus especially. He's got to pretend like everything is fine, and just outwardly accept everything while inside he's still so shell-shocked that he's here with his dead friends. I'm so happy that you like everyone's characterizations!

This will definitely be a long story - I have 31 chapters planned, and I update every Wednesday. ^ ^

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by Hogwarts27 

13th June 2012:
Another terrific chapter. Remus and Tonks struck me as so right. They were older and more mature when they became parents and died (especially Remus), so they have a more mature attitude aside from just being newly dead. I always imagined James and Sirius pairing up as immature teenagers and you really captured that here with Sirius sort of regressing back into that immaturity again once he's around James. Altogether interesting dynamics between all four marauders including the wives.

Author's Response: I always pictured Sirius as spending so much time missing James and his old life that it would be so tempting to regress back to his youthful days after he died. Sooner or later he'll have to face facts that he's not twenty-one like James, and that he lived for many years without his partner in crime, but for now he's content to be delusional. I feel bad for Remus, because it would be such an awkward situation.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #12, by LittleWelshGirl99 

31st May 2012:
'I watched him die. And yet, here he sits.'

Shivers down my spine. That line shook me so much. The relationship between the Marauders is so different now; so alien. They're not the biys they once where and Remus seems to be the only person that realises it. It must be so awkward for Remus, looking as old and weary as he does and the way he thinks of James as a younger brother and the way you describe it all just couldn't have been better.


But anyway, I'm on Tonks's side in this chapter to be honest. I would've done the same thing if I were her.

I still can't believe Peter wasn't put in the Grotta! He's responsible for the deaths of half the people in the Clock after all... :). I like the way you wrote him, still scurrying about and hiding everywhere.

So much love for this story 8D
-LWG x

Author's Response: SQUEE, THANK YOU. :D This review is super-encouraging.

It would definitely be awkward to be Remus in this chapter. He's still adjusting to looking at his old dead friends being up and about, walking around like nothing is out of the ordinary. They've all had to adjust to this exact same thing at one point in time, and by now they're used to it, so it's like an initiation of sorts. He's just got to catch up to where they're at.

Peter caught a tremendous break by not going to the Grotta. He should consider himself lucky.

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing!!!

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Review #13, by Jess the Enthusiast 

6th May 2012:
Another spectacular chapter!!! I find myself really looking forward to the chapters with the Marauders in them - probably because they're some of my favorites in the HP series. The dynamic between the group is very interesting; I would have never thought that it would be that way between the five of the - James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, and Tonks - but now that I've read this, it makes complete sense. The time apart and the bizzare age difference had to have made things tense. And I really liked the way you said that Sirius would pretend that he's been there all along - that's just so...Sirius.
I REALLY loved this chapter and I'm looking forward to reading the others!

10/10 :D

Author's Response: It's funny but I never thought I would write about all of the Marauders together. I've shown flashbacks to the actual Marauders era before, but didn't write about them extensively. I'm finding myself surprised at how much I enjoy it. I've got my own twist on everyone, especially Lily, but mostly I'm trying to stay true to canon. It's a challenge.

I think Sirius would be so happy to be with his best friend again that their age difference would be completely irrelevant to him. If anything, he might be jealous that he hadn't been there with them longer.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #14, by shadowcat2 

5th May 2012:
Peter is here. The conversation between Tonks, Lily and the Marauders was totally amazing. My heart was breaking for Remus. I wish he didn't have such a hard time adjusting to this place. About Tonks. I could feel her pain. This place is so complicated. They deserved a happy afterlife and even that's not possible. When you mentioned how Remus was so close to Peter and how James and Sirius unknowingly made some mistakes, it made me sad. Tonks will probably have a fight with Lily. We haven't see Fred's reactions to the events yet. And then Snape. I think you're an amazing writer. I will go and read the next chapter now. :)

Author's Response: You're right, this place is very complicated. It should be easy and effortless, but it's just not. Maybe if the Battle of Hogwarts had been timed differently and they hadn't all arrived so close to the tournament, some of these characters wouldn't have been interested in it by the time it came around. I find Peter Pettigrew mildly fascinating because he's really one of the more complex characters in Potterverse. He has the ability to deceive while appearing incapable of deception; I feel very bad for Remus. He lost all of his friends and then when he got Sirius back, he realized Peter had been faking it all along. It would be such a betrayal.

Thank you for reading and for these stellar reviews! They put a smile on my face. :)

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Review #15, by WitnesstoitAll 

5th May 2012:

Sarah. I literally have pools of envy leaking out of every pore. This chapter, these characterizations, all suberbly executed. I never really thought how awkward it would be for the marauders to be united once more in death, but you really pulled it together quite well and opened the door for me to thing about it all. The fact that James and Lily were eternally 21 and that Sirius wished he was still 21 even though he was only a few years younger than Remus gahh. Poor Remus, having lived more live (and a tough life at that) feels all squelchy looking at his dead friends. I think it would be very difficult to be in his position. It'd be like knowing what you know now and being the person you are today going back to middle school and trying to relate to your best friends. I give him major props for that. I'm sure it's not going to be easy, but I do hope he can settle into a Life of sorts in Cidona's clock. I really liked the bit about Remus and Peter. I can't even begin to imagine how Remus felt that Halloween.

And Tonks and Lily. I imagine that they are going to struggle at getting along. Tonks is older than Lily and also has a son in the living world. I see plenty of oppurtunity for them to grate on one another's nerves. I really enjoyed this pasage:

In her own head, she dwelled on Teddy and wondered if it was better or worse that she hadn‚€™t had as much time with him as Lily and James had gotten with Harry. They‚€™d been able to store up a year‚€™s worth of memories with their son before being ripped away from him.

Lily, ironically, was thinking the exact same thing.

They really do have a lot in common, Lily and Tonks. I do hope that they can eventually come to appreciate that fact.

Oh, one last thought. I lovedlovedlovedloved the bit when you were like when they were twenty one they thought they were brave men etc etc but when Remus considers 21 year old James, he sees a boy.

This whole chapter was so rich and meaty and full of delectable things to chew on. I can't wait to have a chance to read onwards. :)

All the love for you.

Author's Response: Omgah Mel ♥ -flail-

Bahaha I just now realized that you typed the alphabet and that it's not keyboardsmash.

YOU MIGHT WANT TO GET YOUR PORES CHECKED, THAT CAN'T BE HEALTHY. I loveloveLOVE the comparison you made with Remus and his friends and the going back to middle school knowing what we know now, and trying to relate to our childhood friends. It would be enjoyable but also a bit jarring because there's so much that's been left unsaid, so many gaps. It's like forcing something that's not there anymore. Sirius is content to recreate those old feelings, slipping back into the person he was when he was 21 - because for him, that's relatively easy. Remus will have to find another way to relate to his old friends because he's not one for delusion. They're so important to each other, though, so I'm certain he'll work something out. ;)

Lily and Tonks have so many parallels. I've really enjoyed comparing them.

Lulz, a chewy chapter. That makes me think of Chunky's soup. I love their chicken, potato, and broccoli soup IT'S SO DELICIOUS, JUST SAYING.


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Review #16, by Akussa 

29th April 2012:
Hi !!

This chapter was great but, I don't know how to feel about it. Sad? Angry? Happy? You've managed to confuse me!

The reunion at the beginning was beautifully written. The clash between the happinness of the friends finally getting back together and the realization of what is cost for it to happen and what they had to leave behind was heartbreaking. I always kept that idea that James and Lily stopped ageing while the others kept going and you represented that very well. The ackwardness that Remus felt about it was just perfect and Tonks was, wow, just wow. (edit after preview : just re-read that sentence and I think my mind exploded; I'm leaving it like that because, as weird as it may be, it does represent how I feel!!)

I'm not a big fan of Sirius here but I do understand where he is coming from. This is the best he could have imagined after the last 14 years he spent on earth so he would be a bit, er, non responsive to others' sadness. You really captured him nicely and I like that I don't like it. (second edit : this review is strange...)

Finally, Peter. Wow, I hoped so bad that you would have sent him there and you did! I can't wait to see how this will turn out. Are there rules there such as : you cannot hurt or kill someone on the clock or you die as well? Or can they do what they want to him ?
Remus's reaction was just what you would expect from him. You really master this character! On to another chapter!

Author's Response: Yeah, this chapter was more on the depressing side. As much as I would have to loved to make the marauders all BFF's again without any problems, I didn't see that as plausible - or at least not for now. As for Sirius, you're right about this being pretty ideal for him. Considering the life he led back on Earth, this place is pretty much a utopia in comparison. He's having a hard time accepting that not everyone else is as happy as he is.

Yep, there are definitely rules. You can't kill anyone else in Cliodna's Clock. Only one person dies every year, and that's as a direct result of losing the fifth round of the Devil's Duel. They could all try to attack Peter as much as they liked, but they can't actually kill him.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by cazvalleygirl 

20th April 2012:
Another fantastic chapter! I have to review them all, as you so obviously worked so hard on each and every chapter!

I never thought about the age difference between the mauraders until this chapter. Lily and James stopped aging at the tender age of 21, they witnessed the first wave of the war but have missed out on the last sixteen years! And in those sixteen years Remus has had more life experiance and matured into an almost middle aged man. They must seem so young to him, physically and mentally I must admit, I'm not liking Sirius much in this chapter, he seems arrogant, although I'm not sure if his laid back, almost uncaring to a certain degree, persona is an act. Its almost as though hes trying to convince himself that things are just like they used to be. Because unlike Remus, Tonks, James and Lily, Sirus has got no responisbilty back on earth.

AND PETER AND REMUS!!! I never looked at their relationship in the way you described before but nnow that you have I think I'll always think of it that way! James and Sirius had the looks, the charm and James always had the support of his loving family, even Sirus had their love! And although we know very little about Remus and Peters family and childhood, we know enough about each man to say they had the less easier rides. Of course they were going to develop a deep friendship!

Please keep writing, cazvalleygirl :)

Author's Response: There's definitely a gap between Remus and the other Marauders. He grew up and experienced life - rebuilding after the first war, rejection by society, another war, more loss, etc - and James, meanwhile, has been confined to a village where nothing bad can happen to him unless he willingly tosses his name into the races. Sirius, meanwhile, has spent so much of his life in Azkaban, destroyed over James's loss and wanting revenge on Peter; so he now finds Cliodna's Clock to be pretty much perfect. All of his friends are here. He's got freedom now, and no longer has to hide. He's so wrapped up in the fact that his life is so ideal that he's completely blind to the fact that others might not agree. So you're completely right in saying that he's trying to convince himself that it's just like old times. He wants and expects all of his friends to be just as content as he is.

Remus and Peter were the unlikely friends of Sirius and James, and probably fancied themselves fortunate to fall under their wings. But with wings comes shadows, and inevitably Remus and Peter would be shunted off to the side together often. Looking at it all from Remus's perspective, believing for years that Sirius had been responsible for James, Lily, and Peter all dying, and being alone for over a decade.and then coming to discover that Peter was alive and had betrayed them all...there would not be words for that kind of rage.

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Review #18, by Rumbleroar goes roar 

9th April 2012:
Again, loved the chapter! Brilliantly written :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. ^ ^

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Review #19, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th April 2012:
Oh ho! I knew there would be a rift between Remus, Tonks and the others, more specifically Lily but I don't know...I guess they don't know about Teddy and once they find out the plot will thicken even more! I think Tonks could defeat Lily...but then Lily would die and she doesn't want to but Tonks has the same drive as Lily so who knows!

But who else will try to compete? I'm try to figure out if there is anyone else, besides Fred, that had someone down there to go and see.

And I wonder what the reaction will be because Peter is there and now Severus! Peter in the end wasn't a bad person, he helped Harry, he was just a coward.

Author's Response: Tonks and Lily are pretty matched with drive, which makes them front-runners in the competition. If I were any of the other people signing up, I would be keeping an eye on them. You can bet that when they realize they're both going into this competition, they'll probably represent pretty big threats to each other. Lily has experience on her side, but Tonks is an Auror so she's not exactly at a disadvantage.

I don't think Peter was as big of a villain as he's usually made out to be. I think he was just an extremely frightened individual who would do whatever it took to stay alive, and he went overboard in doing so.

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Review #20, by AC_rules 

8th April 2012:

I don't want Lily and Tonks to compete against each other, I want them all to forgive each other and be friends despite the age gap and then just live forever in eternity and not play some stupid game for fun meaning that someone has to die and that they might kill each other. Oh, man, it's like the hunger games all over again and I can feel this sense of impending doom and I know something horrible is going to happen and someones going to die and I don't want them too. K?

Eughfjs, Peter. I can't hate him, I just can't... but I can see why Remus would. Oh, this is getting crazily interesting and, ah, horrible too. I don't want bad things to happen to anyone :(


Author's Response: RIGHT? They all need to just be friends and not enter the duel and just live a quiet, eternal existence playing Exploding Snap or something. Eeep, Hunger Games. It has the same tension as the Hunger Games, except it's a bit reversed - only one person dies and everyone else lives. I will promise, however, that the actual races aren't like The Hunger Games. You will get a small glimpse of it soon. :3 I can't hate Peter, either. I pity him because he's a coward and he's in a place where he will never, ever fit in.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by Ardeith 

2nd April 2012:
Wow! So much going on here! I love your characterizations and insights into people...how odd it must be for Remus to be 30-something and see James and Lily still 21! I guess Sirius, who kind of got frozen in youth due to his years in Azkaban, doesn't find it so odd. I also loved the special bond between Remus and Peter. I've never heard that described before, but it makes so much sense! Foursomes inevitably break into 2+2, and Remus/Peter would be the other 2

I am fascinated by the "rules" of Cliodna's Clock. Why does the house react to James? Does everyone's house react to them? And speaking of Peter (and Karkaroff as well), how did they get to Cliodna's Clock and not the Grotta. Though it seems as though Cliodna's Clock is not as nice to them.

This is a wonderfully ambitious story and you're doing a great job. Can't wait to read more.


Author's Response: Hi, Ardeith! I'm pleased to see that you're back again.

I've been in a few foursome groups myself, and always noticed that it constantly broke down to 2 + 2. And if two people always gravitate toward each other, there's going to be some sort of invisible rift going on between them and the other two, who are thrown together by default. Since it was clear in canon that Sirius and James was the Dynamic Duo, always getting into trouble together and all that, this means that Remus and Peter must have spent a lot of time together without their friends. It just seems natural that Remus would have felt a bit closer of Peter when they were young, and somewhat protective of him.

The house reacted to James, but it also reacted when Remus spoke, and the lamp literally lit up when Tonks made the mental connection about Lily seeing Harry because she won the races to the possibility of Tonks seeing Teddy if she were to win. It was a very vague, hazy implication I made, so I'm not surprised that it didn't fly under the radar. In Cliodna's Clock, though, magic is imbibed in everything - the houses, the trees, the roads, the sea. It's like how things have been rearranging themselves, disappearing in one place and appearing in another. Everything moves, and is somewhat alive.

Peter and Igor didn't go to the Grotta because neither of their hearts were one hundred percent aligned with Voldemort's views. Igor was extremely frightened of Voldemort, and when his Dark Mark started to burn in GoF, he was terrified. He didn't want that life anymore. Peter was always in it for the protection, but the reasoning behind him going to Cliodna's Clock instead of the Grotta is similar to why Crabbe went where he did. There is the chance that Peter and Crabbe, if away from terrorizing situations and the influence of Death Eaters, could reform. If there is enough humanity in you for you to change and to be a good person and live a good life, you're going to end up in Cliodna's Clock.

Wow, that was a long response. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #22, by TenthWeasley 

30th March 2012:
He was a man and they were men Ė strong and confident and self-assured. -- LOVE this quote. ♥ It sums everything up so nicely, if nicely is the word I'm looking for in this instance. Because that is exactly what the Marauders considered themselves at the surprisingly tender age of twenty-one, with a confidence that fooled them all and kept none of them. Brilliant.

No one mentioned the hole in that memory, the missing person no one dared speak of. -- AHHH YES. EXACTLY. Peter is perhaps the most wrongfully portrayed character in fan fiction and here, without his even having showed up yet, you have got him down perfectly. I am filled with awe. :)

I knew the Marauder-y bits of this story would be fantastic -- and you definitely, definitely did not disappoint! It was exactly what I was hoping for, and I've got to tell you how thrilled I am to see that you're writing Sirius again. You write him so well, and maybe that's because you really started out fan fiction writing him, but it's just so lovely to read. You should write more of him in the future, if you're asking me. ;) Which you should always do, yo.

Also -- WHAT. Are they all going to enter into the Duel against each other?! PLEASE DON'T MAKE THAT HAPPEN BECAUSE THEN ONE OF THEM WOULD DIE DFSDJLDSJF DON'T DO IT.

Lily and Tonks's bit made me sad -- it's never before struck me how similar their respective plights are. I love that you can always make me think of characters in new lights, like the Teddy/Harry comparison here, with their mothers, and it's like... I've been in this fandom for over a decade. That is incredible and I am jealous of your ability to do it.

I sort of mentioned it above -- but I really, really appreciate the way you wrote Peter, especially for the fact that, underneath, you made him just another /person/, not at all different for having turned traitor at one point in his life. You just get the Marauders, all of them. You really do, and it's something I appreciate every time you come by and review ITB. You always know what I'm saying, even if I don't say it well. ♥

OH THAT WAS SO CRUEL WE ONLY GOT THE BAREST GLIMPSE OF SEVERUS. :( Although I liked how you incorporated that -- it's so natural for Peter to be following him, of course, because of their canon interactions, and it provides a way for Remus to meet up with Peter.

Now I can hound you for updates and life will be lovely. ♥ Excellent chapter, Sarah -- this story is just SO GOOD and I am forever and for always blown away by the intricacies of your plot. I am inspired so much by this detail, this meticulousness... Gah. You are so fab.


Author's Response: MOAR SEVERUS AND CEDRIC, SAYS YOU? I shall see what I can do. :3

I am so glad you like this story, and you can thank yourself that it exists, because back when 'Run' was still 'pub fic', it was mainly about Cedric, and I highly doubt I would ever have written a Cedric story were it not for LO. ~fun facts~

AGHHH MARAUDER-Y BITS. I blame you that I was nervous about tackling them. It's also your fault that I haven't written much Snape yet. I keep thinking ACK, JANE IS GOING TO FIND FLAWS AND THEY WILL ALL BE OOC AND I WILL DIE. I actually set out to make the reunion with James, Sirius, and Remus a lot brighter and more fun, but it just wouldn't come out that way. I kept thinking that even though they were all great friends once, things have changed so drastically in all of their lives that Remus is basically a stranger to James and Lily and even Sirius seems to be slipping too comfortably into his niche in the afterlife. And why are my sentences always excruciatingly long when I'm writing review responses. Anyway~

Ah, Peter. People have such different opinions of Peter. There's a rather fine line to walk, I think, and there's a balance of traitor/coward/liar and a normal human being who was smart enough to become an Animagus and be in both The Order and in the Dark Lord's inner circle, cunning enough to fool all of his friends. Cunning enough to fool the wizarding world for thirteen years. But no matter how much fanfic readers abhor his usual sniveling characterization, there is no way around the fact that he was that way in canon. He was a man who would do whatever it took to ensure survival, like a cockroach in a nuclear wasteland, so on some level there is a definite void in his emotional capacity. He was responsible for the death of one of his best friends and framed another one of his best friends for it. I'm going to try to explore all of Peter's angles, because he is truly one of the most complex characters in Potterverse.

Wow, this got long.

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Review #23, by Aphoride 

30th March 2012:
I love this story so much - I'm sorry I haven't come before and left a review (at least, I don't think I have). It's just incredible.

Firstly, you have such a huge cast! It's what... twelve people or something?! And yet you still manage it perfectly - we can see the plot moving along, even if it's going slowly at the moment to introduce all the characters, but it's still there. No one seems to be more involved than anyone else - except perhaps Lily, but she's such a fascinating character it doesn't matter, and her being involved a lot helps keep the plot moving.

Ah, all the characters are amazing! The plot is amazing! The idea is in the region of 'mind = blown'. I am so excited for things to get going (and totally shipping Rowena/Salazar, by the way - I love them both so much!) and things to start happening to do with the races.

Gosh, I'm sorry, I don't think this has been a particularly helpful review, lol, but I just can't find anything wrong with it. It's so good it's almost unreal.

Write more, please! *begs*
Aph xx

Author's Response: Hey, Aphoride! I'm so pleased to see your name here and to have your feedback. :)

Oh my, yes, the cast is very large. I really, really want to devote entire chapters to every single dead person, and it's so hard to resist. I have to keep reminding myself that it will stall the plot too much. This is why the beginning is creeping along at a snail's pace - I wanted to cram everyone's views and dynamics and characterizations in there. The plot should start to pick up a bit in the next chapter. I'm trying to cover a little bit of everything for the month of May (in Cliodna's Clock) because I know that when I get to June, it's going to be WHAM-BAM DRAMA.

Oh, a Rowena/Salazar shipper, eh? The Rowena/Salazar thing is going to be a running subplot that jumps out of the background every now and then.

Gahh, this review. I want to wrap it up and put it in my pocket. Seriously, I cannot even tell you how wonderful it made me feel. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.


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Review #24, by hazellily 

28th March 2012:
OMG that was amazing. I am sad that Remus feels so uncomfortable around James and the others. And I am so intrigued about what they are going to say to Peter. ESPECIALLY Lily! AW that encounter shall be amazing! LOVE it as always!!!

Author's Response: It's depressing that Remus doesn't find himself at ease with James like Sirius does. Right now his situation is just too surreal for him to fully absorb, and he's still reeling from shock and all that, so it'll take a while for him to come around. As for what happens to Peter, you shall soon find out!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. Your reviews are amazing. :)

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