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Review #1, by Courtney Dark 

7th February 2014:
This chapter was certainly cringeworthy, especially that bit at the end! Oh, Rose! Why, why, why must you do this to yourself! And the day had gone so well! It was hardly awkward at all! Well, it was reasonably awkward but after that ridiculous Can-Can woman, everything seemed to be looking up.

And then you had to go and try to kiss Teddy. WHY??

I am now immensely curious about what will happen next. Will Teddy be as lovely and forgiving as ever? Will Victoire find out? Or will Teddy suggest that Rose should leave? I don't know!


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Review #2, by Erised 

27th June 2012:

Honestly though this makes me cringe so much! She's just making everything worse and Teddy and GAH. Bring back Scorpius! BACK, I SAY!

Anyway, lovely chapter considering your sadistic tendancies. Loving your descriptions of France the the can-can scene! Haha. I have actually performed a can-can before and it is mortifying.


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Review #3, by Lillylover22 

9th April 2012:
Oh rose. She is going to regret that. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Oh yes she will haha. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #4, by AC_rules 

3rd April 2012:

I know the review thing will have deleted some of those extra O's but you should no the excessive use of multiple letters in the above means that the scroll bar thingy on the right is a reasonabe size. I hope that makes sense.

Questions I would like to ask Rose:

Why would you ever suggest going Can-Can dancing? When you're obviously not cut out for most social situations, let alone ones like this.

Why would you ever tell anyone ever that you want their body? Ever.

(that line made me want to weep for her, Molly is going to have a field day when she's here about this...)

Why would you drink too much wine and... oh, no. Rose. Rose you silly silly fiend.

The Bonjour = hello bit really amused me.

Does Vic know about Rose's insane and passionate love for her boyfriend? HM. Well, lovely chapter as always!

It took me ages to get round to reading it, so an update tomorrow isn't too unreasonable - right? :)


Author's Response: I weep for Rose all the time, to be honest. I'm a sadist for making her go through all this, but she's fictional so that makes it okay... right? RIGHT!

Vic doesn't KNOW know, but I think at some point she's looked at Rose and been like, what are you ON? And then put it down to her social inadequacy over anything else.

Thanks so much for the review, as always, Helen :)

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Review #5, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

2nd April 2012:
That was a bit cringeworthy, I was really gunning for Rose. I was certain she would be gone by the end of the chapter and instead no, she had to be all Rosie about it! I can't blame her though for wanting to kiss Teddy, what he said though 'you need to let me go,' it's obvious he didn't just mean get off of him. I don't think the next chapter is going to be giggles. She NEEDS to go home.

Author's Response: She does need to go home, the poor girl. There's far too much cringe here already haha! thanks for the review :)

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Review #6, by prettywishes 

30th March 2012:
Oh gosh, if this was a movie rather than a book I would be covering my eyes in horror as I read the last part, as it was pretty rough. But seeing as my eyes are needed for reading I just had to suck it up. As terrible as it is to read though, it's actually sort of nice that things are going completely horribly as its pretty realistic as opposed to the way that most fics seem to go. And it also means your writing is amazing as always. So kudos on that!

Author's Response: Haha, it's definitely that bad, isn't it? It's so cringe.

I'm glad you think it's realistic. I'm really trying to capture a small amount of realism in this. (I suppose it helps that a lot of the moments are inspired by real life experiences, right? :P so cringe.)

I'm glad you're still enjoying it! Thank you :)

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Review #7, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

27th March 2012:
"Noo!" I yelled, ducking behind the bed as he stuck his head around the door. "I'm naked!" - AHAHAHAHAHA. Poor Rose.

"No," I snapped. "No, I want you. I want your body." - Oh she is going to regret that in the morning.


Anyway, what a fabby chapter. I love how they try to pretend yesterday didn't happen but then the end was so, so cringe. I have genuinely never read anything as awkward as this, including VK:SG? which is pretty epic in those terms.



Author's Response: I thought you'd written NOODLES AND NOODLES but you didn't :(

300 isn't all that important. You're number 1 for me always ♥

I love yooou.

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Review #8, by AriesGirl40 

27th March 2012:
Yeah, I think she better let him go too. Teddy is right. So, when are you going to get her out of there and back to Scorpious? The girl has to open her eyes soon and realize she misses him and his stalker mode. She sent everyone a post card, but him. She is in denile. I think he should show up in France and save this vacation for Rose. I'm sure Scorpious knows alot more about the area than Teddy does, maybe he could outshine Teddy in this area and truely catch Roses attention. Put the guys side by side for a few days. Make it clear that Teddy is the friend crush, not the love of her life. Rose's silly actions are beginning to tick me off. Don't worry, it's not your fault. It's all hers. Your people seem to have minds of their own. lol
Loved this chapter. I could vision your Can-Can Master quite clearly. Though my gal had a Eve cigarette hanging off the side of her lip, but no matter. I still laughed harder than Rose, and beat her to the door!
(Funny, Rose in France reminds me a little of the ending of Louisa May Alcotts Little Women, except, Jo ran away so Laurie could get over her, and Jo met someone else. Laurie in the mean time met up with Jo's sister Amy while traveling in Europe, and married her. See, it isn't a parallel in happenings that I get this feel, it's in the going away to find where your heart lay, who is home to Rose's heart? Know what I mean?)

Author's Response: She does definitely have to let him go. I'm not sure that she actually misses Scorpius all that much, he is a bit of a pyscho. But don't worry, there's only a chapter or so more until she returns home, so there'll be plenty of Scorpius in her life regardless of what she thinks of him.

Thanks so much for the review :)

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Review #9, by Loony_Scorpy 

27th March 2012:
"We had clearly been a pair of tomatoes in a previous life." Best line EVER. This chapter was so flipping hilarious! The fact that Teddy had to put one of the skirts on...oh my that would have been hilarious to see!! And then Rose bursting out laughing...so so so funny! That would be one of the funniest scenes to actually see. Sorry I haven't reviewed the last two chapters *hides* I got a wee bit behind :3 Anyway I absolutely loved this chapter! I'm excited to see what happens next after Rose's little episode at the end of this chapter ;)

Green With Envy 2012

Author's Response: I can really imagine their faces just swelling up and exploding from the embarrassment. So awkward.

I'm so glad you found it hilarious! This situation is verging on the ridiculous, but these things definitely happen in real life (unfortunately) so I thought it'd be good to write it.

Thanks for reviewing! We all get behind (especially when it comes to writing... -looks shifty- ).

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Review #10, by accioHPFF 

26th March 2012:

Firstly, the chapter title is hilarious.

Secondly, the chapter is hilarious. Thirdly, I love it.

I really liked how you managed to make her stay- the whole proving a point to people. You bought in the idea of wine tasting fairly early in the chapter, which I think I expected to be some kind of disaster.

But then you make us wait, because she and Teddy decide to go and have Can-Can lessons, with of course ends up as another awkward moment for her and Teddy :P You even said that they thought it would be less awkward, which only added to the comic effect. If only it were that simple for them :P

I think my favourite moment in that scene was where Teddy had to put on the Can-Can skirt. The thought of his reaction was so funny. This was closely followed by the thought of them being told to leave, with the instructor simply pointing them towards the door.

THEN comes the drama at the winery, which we were waiting for ever since the start of the chapter. Of course it doesn't end well, and this leads on to the scene at the very end, which I have a feeling she may regret in the next chapter :P

I love the way that you write this, because the tone you write in means that I'm interested and constantly laughing.

I can't wait to see what happens next time! Great job!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you liked the title. I'm reaching the end of my NaNo chapters now, and they were untitled so I'm thinking of titles as I post. It's hard to think of one so long after writing, but it's good to know you liked this one.

Can-can was a weird idea, but that's what you get when you combine NaNo and this story. It's hard to work out what's resulted from NaNo madness or just the story set-up in general ;)

I'm glad you enjoyed it, thanks so much for reviewing :)

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Review #11, by SexyDoorFrames 

26th March 2012:
Oh Rose, you do crack me up so much, she's utterly hilarious, I love reading her antics. I mean she had a bit too much after a wine tasting, that is utterly Rose. And can can dancing, oh Marina, where do you come up with this stuff? It's utterly brilliant. Oh my gosh, the ending! I bet there will be some awkward times in the morning! I loved how she missed! Ah, I do adore this story, excellent chapter!

Author's Response: I have no idea, sometimes I worry for my imagination. Thanks so much for the review Keely!

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