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Review #1, by GNcat1 

10th November 2016:
Enjoyed this one tremendously. Characters so much fun. I love Perry. Where can I buy one?

Author's Response: When you find where to buy your own Perry, let me know! I'd like one too. ;) Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by kayleefrank 

8th July 2014:
I've loved your stories so far! I was just wondering if you could put them in some kind of to read order, so I don't have to be like k missed that. including the midnight run ones. thank-you!

Author's Response: Of course! I recommend the following order:

Just Another Midnight Run
A Weirder Shade of Midnight
Sausages & Cookies
Next Midnight
Midnight over Broadway
Johnny Lupin Goes to Hogwarts
The New Pride of Portree

There are also two one-shots, A Weasley Christmas and Free, which fall as prequels to JAMR, so you can read them any time after that JAMR.

I've got all my stories listed on my profile on the forums, on my About Me page, to show what order they go in and how they relate - both the Midnight ones and the Unsinkable, and others. :) Thanks so much for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying my stories.

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Review #3, by grednforge217 

2nd June 2014:
So romantic and wonderful! I loved it. I love both couples, they're perfect for one another. Your stories are always perfect!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the story. I still love these pairings. Lucy and Hilarion get a few scenes in the Molly story I'm writing - couldn't resist showing them again :)

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31st May 2014:
I loved this. And I adore "Cyrano de Bergerac", so even better!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it :) I love Cyrano too.

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Review #5, by alicethedownworlder 

8th April 2014:

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I've got another going right now about Lucy's sister Molly. :)

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Review #6, by PoppyLuna 

31st December 2013:
hello dear momotwins.
i already love your RosexScorpius, why you make me love this couple too. lucy and hilarion i mean.
i love them. i hope you make more stories about them.
and this story was soo cute, Major fluffy.
why Hilarion would be so cute. like a lil boy find his first crush.
jeezzz so freaking cute.

Author's Response: They are both appearing in Molly's story, "The New Pride of Portree"! They are background characters, so they're not in every chapter, much like Molly was in their story.

He is sort of adorable, isn't he? ;) I like him. And I love getting someone to ship my ships, that really makes me happy. Thanks so much for reviewing, I'm so glad you liked this story!

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Review #7, by ThestralPrincess 

11th September 2013:
So cute, I love the way you build and portray characters, you have a real knack for them, I loved them all, despite them all being so different.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I do love characters, I get very absorbed in the people when I write, tend to start thinking of them as real people ;) I'm glad you enjoyed the story and the characters!

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Review #8, by Fawkes394 

23rd January 2013:
I’m so glad Hilarion and Lucy finally get together! They are so perfect for each other… The wedding bit was also really good, and Scorpius and Rose do get to visit Majorca! :D They really deserved it. (And more Johnny, yay!)
I really enjoyed reading this, I'm looking forward to reading some of your other stories, so I guess I'll read Next Midnight and Midnight Over Broadway soon : )

Author's Response: Hilarion and Lucy are great together. And so are Roxanne and Perry. I'm glad you liked the wedding scene! There's more of it in the first chapter of Next Midnight ;)

Thank you so much for reviewing, and I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the story! I hope you like Rose's continuing adventures!

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Review #9, by Anon 

11th November 2012:
This is one of my absolute favourite stories!!! I love love love every character, love the way you intertwined this with Cyrano De Bergerac! I love the way you write these characters, and it would be very cool to see you write them in other stories as well! I want to know what happened with Roxanne's first fiance! and how that affects her now with Perry!

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I didn't go into Roxanne's backstory much, but he chickened out of getting married, didn't show up to the wedding, and when she tracked him down he wanted to go back to just dating. She chucked him. So since Perry's not a coward like her first fiance, things will go just find with them. There's always some trust issues after an experience like that, but Roxanne knows Perry pretty well by that point so they can move past it and settle into a relationship.

Thank you so much for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story and characters.

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Review #10, by pennyardelle 

11th September 2012:
So, lazy me, I read this while on vacation and am just now getting around to reviewing it!

This is a brilliant spin-off from Rose's stories. I loved that there was some overlap, that we saw some of the same things from different perspectives. Also, who could resist a story about the famous Hilarion Winston-Fisher? :D

I loved all of the characters in this--you really do write them so well. None of your characters ever feel one-dimensional or like different shades of the same colour--they're all distinct and have such wonderful, endearing personalities.

The switch was wonderful; it's an old plot device, but you wielded it absolutely brilliantly. The entire time, I was sitting there going, "Come ON guys, isn't is obvious?!", and that, I think, is the whole point of plots like this. They're supposed to make you feel that frustration, and then the relief and happiness when it all works out perfectly.

I think Hilarion was probably my favourite character in the story. He was just so quiet and clueless (in a cute way). And Hilarion/Lucy 4-EVA. They are the sweetest. It makes me feel like buying two kittens and naming them Hilarion and Lucy, and then just cuddling with them all day long. And I don't even like cats.

Anyway: I loved it; you're amazing; what else is new?

Author's Response: Aww you're so sweet! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and the characters :D I really loved writing this one, and it is one of my favorite things I've written. I adore inventing new characters and then throwing them at each other to see who bounces and who sticks ;)

It is an old plot (Cyrano was written in 1897) but good writing, good plots, good characters, they last forever. This being the romance genre, it isn't so much the end point (of course they're going to get together, it's romance!), it's how they get there. This is why I read romance novels, and it's why I write romance. I love the process of falling in love. Even when it's fraught with misunderstanding or peril. Even when it's not! It makes me happy. So I hope when I write it that I can make other people happy too :)

I'm a big fan of Hilarion. Well, of Perry too, but Hilarion's just a nice and sweet, if plodding a bit, sort of guy. I like when nice guys get to win too. And I can't resist a wacky wizard name haha. Hilarion would make a good kitten name, wouldn't it? And Lucy too. Although it's hard to avoid writing "I love Lucy" at any point in a story with her as a character.

Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Gosh. This has been the best spent two days of my life. Or the worse. You know, HPFF is VERY good for procrastinating. Either way, I have been very happy reading Sparks, with all of it's drama, complication, fluff, and angst. Such a happy ending, my favorite lines have to be "everyone learned to recognize Johnny Lupin, if only out of self-preservation" (I still love this kid) and Roxanne's comments about eloping ^_^

I was a little surprised however, that both of these couples have been together for less than a year and have gotten married already. I suppose that when you know you're in love, you know, huh?

Author's Response: This is definitely the perfect place to procrastinate. I'm so glad you loved the story, and thank you so much for all the lovely reviews! I've really been enjoying reading your reviews on the entire Midnight Run series - thank you so much for reviewing every chapter, that's amazing!

Ah marriage after a few months - this is in the romance genre, and that's a classic romance trope, so I must admit, I totally went there in an excess of fluff. It's fun, at least for me, so I wrote it. ;)

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Review #12, by Gryffin_Duck 

17th July 2012:
It's taken me far too long to finish reading this. I read the first eight chapters in about a week and then got busy and forgot. But I just read the last two and now I'm all happy at the fluffy, romantic ending. So adorable!

I really loved this story. It was awesome getting to read a bit more about Lucy and Roxanne, after seeing their cameos in your other stories. I especially loved the fact that Victoire and Johnny Lupin were in it because I think they may be my two favorites from your stories.

I knew Lucy was going to wind up with Hilarion and Roxanne would wind up with Perry from the beginning but I loved reading how they got to that point. Hilarion was so adorable and I love that he isn't really into Quidditch, but just plays because he's good at it. Such a nice change from the usual Quidditch players I've seen in stories.

Perry is awesome and so perfect for Roxanne. She fits in so well with his group of friends. Cornish Dan was very funny and I love the fact that all the Dans have to be referred to in some other way.

Anyway, this was an adorable story and it fit in so well with all the Rose stories. Loved it and I shall be starting Next Midnight soon! :)

Author's Response: You forgot about me? I'm so distraught. :p It's okay homie, I appreciate reviews whenever they come, and I'm really glad you liked the story!

Telling Roxanne's and Lucy's stories was a lot of fun. And cameos from the Lupins always makes my day.

Ah romance, predictable yet satisfying. I'm glad you liked the pairings; I think they're well suited to each other, both sets of them. Hilarion's a different sort of a jock, isn't he? I like that he's not into it but is good at it nonetheless. Natural talent, but he wouldn't even watch the game if he didn't have to. I find that interesting, I suppose. Perry I had a lot of fun with his character, he's definitely perfect for Roxanne. Ah Cornish Dan! I've had a lot of friends where you have to distinguish who you mean ("Which Rachel? Inappropriate Stage Makeup Rachel or Our Rachel?").

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad you liked it :)

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Review #13, by Daisy 

27th June 2012:
Ahah :) great story good work :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #14, by missdagane 

20th April 2012:
I loved it so much. It was really nice to know more about your other characters like Roxann, Lucy or even Molly. Perry and Hilarion were really great. I don't know what takes me so much time to read the final chapters, I'm a little ashamed in fact, and now I'm going to read the other fics with Rose and Scorpius (so exited to see that you continue with the midnight series).

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's totally fine, I appreciate you coming back to read and review the last chapters. :) I hope you like Next Midnight also! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by NadiaX 

18th April 2012:
Hi there ^^.

I'll start with the bad stuff, so then I can end with the good one and don't feel like a bad person.

People don't 'love' that fast. They last, they adore, admire, can't stop staring at each other, but what you showed is definitely too little for 'I love you'. And love moments were a bit... cliché.

And, well, I'd say that two arguments are pretty serious when it concerns romance (if I'm right, of course). And sill I enjoyed it. The rest was smart, funny, cute and it really was pleasure to read it. It's a bit illogical (for me), but true. I'm illogical - and I'm all right with that ^^. Enjoyable read that was :D.


Author's Response: Sorry you didn't care for the romance. I quite like it. Obviously it's abbreviated, when you see two couples in a novella-length, not sure what you were expecting there. No idea what you mean by "they last".

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Review #16, by Giola 

14th April 2012:
So, my reaction in general to this chapter:


This was a gorgeous ending. Like you, I enjoy a happily-ever-after, so I have nothing against the two ending scenes :)

Hilarion's thoughts at the start of this chapter were rather hilarious - he's a bit pathetic, lounging around and not even bothering to get more butterbeer! You did a great job and typing up his and Lucy's storylines, and made the final reconciliation seem natural.

Oh, an amusing side note: I was actually drinking Darjeeling tea while reading this, so when I saw the mention of the tea come up, I had to laugh a little.

You've done a fantastic job with this story, and I love how you've managed to create so many three dimensional characters within this world of stories now. You managed to keep up with four mains in this, something I'll forever be in awe of. Perry and Roxanne are still my favourite, as I believe I said a few chapters back. Lucy and Hilarion are much more mellow.

Anyway, I really did enjoy this story, the Cyrano quotes are such a nice touch as well! I'll hopefully make a start on the new Rose story in the next few days, you know how much I've been looking forward to that one ;)


Author's Response: It is pretty fluffy, isn't it? I love some fluff now and then. Hilarion is a bit pathetic, poor guy. He needs Lucy to take care of him. I really enjoyed their love story, it's sort of more gentle than Roxanne and Perry's (despite having more angst).

Darjeeling for the win! ;)

Juggling four mains was hard at times but not too bad. I was used to two mains in Unsinkable but a huge cast of side characters, so having this be primarily just the four seemed less taxing. I like a large cast of characters though. I've been writing large casts since day one with my writing (original and fanfics). I adore characters, they're my favorite part of writing. Love to come up with people and their motivations and feelings.

Anyway I'm really glad you liked the story! I had fun picking out Cyrano quotes for each chapter. I hope you like the Rose story too! Thank you so much for reviewing :D

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Review #17, by Siriusly3 

10th April 2012:
I cried again. This was so good. After loving the Midnight Run series this spin off was so perfect (and I read it at a respectable hour of the day) I love all your characters so much, they're all so well developed and feel so real, yknow? I love the way it interlinks with Rose and the little flashes of her we get. Please do one of these for Lily and James and Al! (I ask too much, I know) It's fantastic writing because it's so simplistic (I mean this in the best way possible) and it says just the right amount of dialogue, description and all that other stuff. The plot was romancey but hell, I like romance here because it's well written :D The happily ever after was the best thing ever! Everything is wrapped up nicely and I'm in love with all these characters/ships. I don't know what else to say, I can't think of any CC. :/ hehe :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm pretty fond of these characters (sort of loving my guys here, especially Perry), and I adore getting shots of Rose in here from other points of view. It's fun to show her how her cousins see her. The Potter kids, I will think about that as another spin-off. I love romance so it was nice to get back to it. Although I do really enjoy writing Rose's mystery/action now. I have her next story in mind after Next Midnight and can't wait to get it moving, going to be fun. Anyway, I'm very glad you loved the ships and characters and the story - and thank you very much for the lovely review!

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Review #18, by notreallyblonde44 

9th April 2012:
Hello momotwins *waves*

I'm not going to lie, I was hoping to be the 100th review, but I decided I did not want to wait any longer to review this final chapter.

*sobs* I can't believe it's over! And they wed! arhaoerghrawgh I didn't see that coming, honestly. I liked the ending with them making up and getting together. Maybe a little cute double date with Roxanne and Perry. But not marriage! Whew that floored me. And the hint at eloping at the end lol nice touch there ;)

I feel like this story is one of the best romance stories I've read on HPFF and I'm so grateful that I got to read it and that you shared it with us. I wish I had more to say as well, but alas I do not. I'll probably re-read this story a few times just to get my fix for the love of Lucy&Hilarion. So adorable, yet flawed. (The mention of her using his razor had me chuckling -I think my boyfriend would not be as ok as Hilarion was about that :P)


Author's Response: Hiya!

Oh I wish it would get 100 reviews, but 95 is awesome too! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story, and liked the characters as well! I love a happily-ever-after ending so yeah wedding ;) haha.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, I really appreciate it so much. I'm so pleased that you liked it! Thank you again! I loved your review so much, it really made me smile :D

(my husband would also not like me using his razor, but hey, our guys don't have magic razors that are always sharp ;) )

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Review #19, by zipzin 

31st March 2012:
I was looking through my computer and then remembered that I had to check out this story again, and I am very pleased to find that it is finished. It's quite an excellent story and I do love it, and since my knack for writing even romantic scenes is lacking I love seeing how people manage it! Keep writing!

Author's Response: I'm glad you came back to check, and very happy that you enjoyed the story! I'm pretty proud of this one, I have to admit. I love a romantic scene ;) Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #20, by R A E 

24th March 2012:
I loved sparks nearly as much as I did your other 2 stories!! Have you considered writing about Teddy and Victoire at all?

Author's Response: I did a one-shot from Teddy's POV, but I haven't really thought about doing a Teddy/Victoire story. Might be fun though! Thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #21, by blaaa 

24th March 2012:
brilliant! absolutely perfect, i love how everything came together:) i just love happy endings.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D

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Review #22, by bester_jester 

24th March 2012:
This is such a lovely, beautiful written story! I absolutely adored it. Lucy and Hilarion are perfect for each other. Absolutely loved the whole thing.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so glad you liked it :)

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Review #23, by justonemorefic 

24th March 2012:
Perry the judger. But also Perry the good friend who brings butterbeer. So it balances out. Hee, I feel like Perry would make an awesome friend to everyone really. The one who can see all. And knock some sense into everyone around him.

“She refused to open the door?” Perry repeated, sounding rather impressed.

Omg the whole ending bit to that scene! THE DETERMINATION. The prospect of Hilarion being charged with stalking. And the fact that he'd embrace his fame to get out of it 8D

Even though I know the Big Reveal arrives eventually, I love those scenes so so much. They just make me break out in grins when everyone realizes THE TRUTH. AND EEE THAT WAS SO FLUFFY. HE GRABBED HER AND KISSED HER AND SHE DROPPED HER TEA AND HE'S CONCERNED ABOUT HER FEET AND HE'S GOING TO KISS HER UNTIL SHE LAUGHS AGAIN. MY HEART.


Snorted out loud: Everyone learned to recognize Johnny Lupin, if only out of self-preservation. Omg this wedding is full of gold: Is this the song you wrote for them?” / “Cheapest wedding gift ever,” Also eloping as a matter of frugality lolol. Eloping during a wedding. They would.

♥ eee this was such a fluffy ride :3 my heart is filled with joy and butterbeer and swimming turtles. it's been such a fun night reading this!

Author's Response: Perry is judgey haha. Between Perry and Victoire, Lucy/Hilarion definitely got the nudges they needed toward coupledom :D

I thought it was fun to show Hilarion's willingness to go to extreme lengths for Lucy the way she perceived him doing for Roxanne: he doesn't like being famous, and usually tries to hide (hat and sunglasses when he goes out), but if it'll help him get Lucy, he's willing to actually use his fame to do so. I really loved writing their kiss reunion scene XD So much fluff.

I was originally going to end with them getting together, but I couldn't resist the extra supah fluff of the double epilogue.

Not just frugality but also the two of them being impulsive, and for carefully-plotting-her-future-slightly-delusional-in-the-past Roxanne, it's a healthy change to take things as they come. ;) Also, I think it fits the two of them perfectly to run off during a wedding just cause they felt inspired, y'know?

So much fluff! Your reviews made me super happy, I'm so glad you read the story and liked it XD Thank you so so much!

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Review #24, by muffin 

23rd March 2012:
Ahhh I loved this so much! I read the entire story in one sitting and it was an absolute delight :) You brought the "next generation" to life in an amazingly entertaining way. The relationship between the characters were believable and very family-like, which can get lost sometimes since there are so many next-gen characters. I'm sad we aren't getting anymore out of this fic, but the ending was adorable. Ahh I'm going to stop my rambly gush now. Best of luck with your writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I have really gotten to love writing Next Gen, so I'm very pleased that people like the way I write them. I do like to emphasize the family aspect of them all. This story is done but there'll be more Next Gen soon - I'm working on a new Rose story which will pick up shortly before Lucy's wedding ;) Thank you for reviewing!

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