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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:
Wow, that was genius! I love Clemence, she's so quick on her feet and Al had only planned so many steps ahead. Gah! And that chase! I needed a glass of water to keep up!

I just want them to rip off their clothes already! I mean, *ahem* they would, erm, make a lovely pair. >.>

Found one technical, I think it's missing a word.

I don't have the strength fight him even if I want to.

That's all. Must keep reading!

Author's Response: The quirky girls already got a halfway headstart to ripping off his clothes, so it kind of counts?? I love that Clemence is both ingenious and also so full of herself that she could just as easily drive herself into worse situations.

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Review #2, by randomnickname 

3rd April 2015:
Ooh, that's really rock'n'roll. On my funny funerals wish list, "death by fans" just made it to the top. Incredible scene, thrilled for more too come (10 chapters to go, hurray)
Thanks author!

Author's Response: That's a violent death, just warning you ;) Close to drawn and quartering.

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 

3rd December 2013:
I love Clemence; she has such remarkable insight into the sticky folly that is humanity! "Mobs are like weather--part chemistry and part chance..." is one of the most enlightening metaphors I've encountered in literature in the past ten years (then again, your whole story is riddled header to footer in them!!!)

But, my golly, that escalated ridiculously fast! AAH~ Your metaphor for being ditched, "Bonded for ten years, made our pacts in the watering hole, but you'll still let me get mauled by a cheetah"---never mind the remarkable figure of speech which I am gawping in appreciation at this moment; "mauled by a cheetah" describes perfectly what that must feel like... It's absolutely terrifying. Probably one of my biggest fears and horrors, being placed smack in the middle of a fangirl mob... *shudder*

Another hot, steamy, raunchy Albus-(with Clemence between)packed scene, GYAH~ It's getting harder to hate him (I don't hate him, of course, but he becomes so much more enigmatic the further this story progresses! YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS MIND-BLOWING!)

etc. etc. should be bound in hardcover, in leather, in whatever and posted to every household.. It's THAT brilliant, gyah!

Much love,

Author's Response: I never would've paid attention to that metaphor had you not pointed it out! And now I like it too :D Cookies for past me and you.

I've yet to encounter a real life mob. The day that I do, I feel like I will be unusually prepared. That, or trampled, but I do like to be optimistic.


oh nooo, don't kill cows for my poor fic. bind it in velvet. Scorpius would like that.

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Review #4, by patronus_charm 

7th September 2013:
I honestly think this has been one of the craziest chapters so far :P There I was thinking Albus has gone and dropped Clemence in it and sheís done for now and she comes up with the amazing idea of the auction! I really wouldnít have wanted to be there while all that craziness was going on. I mean, it was like they were rioting against a corrupt leader not fighting over some teenage boy!

I donít know what caused that girl to fall, Iím just pitying her being stuck under the stampede of girls who may or may not have broken her bones. Seriously, they represent the losing team after a game of football more than a gaggle of girls :P This made me laugh way too much ĎI hear the Hufflepuff captain bellow, "CODE PINK!" as I dash past. Ď I love how itís not only a few of them who hold the same sentiments towards Appy and the gaggle of girls which follow her blindly.

The mad rush for somewhere to hide was brilliant! I think the thing which really topped it off was the way Professor Babbling started having a go at Albus and then it suddenly made sense when she saw those girls. The aspiring lawyers made me laugh way too much too, in fact, I was just laughing throughout the chapter as it was just so great!

When Albus and Clemence were trapped in that alcove with Albus being bare-chested I honestly thought that something was going to happen. I mean, there was tension and it was a small, enclosed space so it had all the recipe for another kissing scene, but I guess with swarms of girls running outside it did dampen the atmosphere. Albus still puzzled me in this chapter. I know heís got an agenda itís just whatís on it is the thing which is confusing me!


Author's Response: This probably /is/ the craziest chapter so far. I vaguely remember sitting down and brainstorming--ok, how can she //possibly// get out of this alive? (and then, for storytelling purposes, Alive but still in a pickle?)

etc would not be etc if not for the heightened atmosphere and exaggerated everything! A fic where the default is a screaming frenzy. I'm surprised so many people just accepted this as normal the first time they read through 8D Shirtless Albus Potter running through; don't mind him. Don't help him. Just being chased by a mob.

I have so many close encounters that in this story that I end up satirizing Clemence and Albus' close-encounter interactions (in chapter 14 or something). They're never very good at explaining themselves outright, eh? I doubt even they fully know what they're doing.

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Review #5, by Misschievous12 

23rd June 2013:
lol!! I think Clemence should like him better when he's bad...it's very appealing ;-) As I typed that, I felt almost as if I sounded like one of the Quirky girls...oh no! Great chapter!

Author's Response: I think we can all agree on that 8D Can't blame 'em much for the Albus-faced balloons now.

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Review #6, by Noturavggurl 

15th April 2013:
The imagery is so well written I can see it, and the tension and banter is fabulous. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you! c:

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Review #7, by Hedwig_Pie 

26th November 2012:
an auction? clemence is a bloody genius! but i've got to say, some of these girls are really strange, i hope fangirls aren't that obssessive. great chapter, i love how you manage to squeeze in some sexual tension despite the life-or-death situation. awesome story :)

Author's Response: Oh my, then you haven't seen fangirls xD There are terribly scary stories about fangirls everywhere - just think of Twihards. K-pop's pretty nasty, too.

Life-or-death is the best place to squeeze in tension! It's tension atop tension!

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Review #8, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
Amazing chapter! I have a small, small theory that Al is planning something. Just me? I don't want it to be true but it's still there! Help me.!

Author's Response: It's a good idea to suspect that everyone is planning something 8D That's the attitude everyone ought to take when reading any of my fics, heh.

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Review #9, by slytherinchica08 

12th September 2012:
I love it! You've got me smiling from ear to ear! I think that they are so cute together and the awkwardness really just adds to it as well! I love that they are stuck under the cloak, such a small space, and so much tension going on around them! I'm so excited to read the next chapter and find out what happens between these two... does he make a move or not? I'm hoping he does! This story is so much fun to read and is so addictive for me.. If this was a published book it would be one that I wouldn't be able to put down until I had read it cover to cover! I'm really enjoying this! Great Job!


Author's Response: Bahaha, I think people know my love of close quarters quite a lot by now. They are admittedly gratuitous and I love them too much to ever stop writing them, so I'm just glad people enjoy them too 8D

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Review #10, by AC_rules 

4th April 2012:

So, if anyone asks you, I'm revising. Right? Got that, Gina? Reevvvisssiiinnnggg.

So I've been a bit behind on things but I thought I might stop now my holiday - well, revision break - is nearly upon me. One more day. And then, well, I'm working saturday and friday so it's more like three days but we won't go into that because I should learn not to ramble in reviews.

Just. AH. I love how you manage to come up with fabulous and feasible situations for characters to be underdressed. Well, actually, when I step back from things having someone attacked by a mob of quirky girls is a little cracky... but when I'm reading your story it just seems like a normal and acceptable thing to happen.

It's like you turn everything into a massive hyperbole (and ain't that a compliment.. 0.o) Or maybe it isn't. Well, I mean it as a compliment... but, well, if anyone else hat QUIRKY GIRLS ANON I'd probably be just like /what/ but with your mad!writing skills it actually makes me think of those boderline hysterical girls (all very quirky, of course) and then I just think...

Yup. They'd do that.

And that definately scares me.

But, oh Clemence. The auction bit. I was recently at a charity auctiony thing and I think you got that right on, ahha, and poor Appy not getting her way.

Anyway, the above rambles basically are mean to imply that although I am actually revising language and gender right now, if I were to have... say, taken a mild detour to my list of favourite stories, selected this one, and caught up on chapter ten then I might have very well enjoyed it very much.

But, like I said, I've been very busy revising.



Author's Response: If anyone asks, I've been writing and totally not ... I don't know, but like 5 hours disappeared today.

Much jealousy, my holiday just passed ;_; but ah, you enjoy your reading break :3

LOLOL omg you have to understand, I wrote this in the brief calm before the storm of finals, and after a few days without sleep. I was half-mad and loving it and the fact that you say my crazy fangirl mob leading to shirtlessness is /feasible/, well, I am very honored.

And now I clearly have a not-so-secret goal to see exactly how hyperbolic it can get :3

Ooh, I've never been at an auction. I just made my guesses at what they're like. All you really need is a gavel.

♥ I love your revising~

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Review #11, by The other Twin 

1st April 2012:
I'm not really good at constructive criticism or anything of it, not that I have any. So I'll just... Squeal and Flail now. 8D xD

Author's Response: I love squees and excess emoticons! :3 :3 hee, thanks!

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Review #12, by alicia and anne 

1st April 2012:
Brilliant chapter!
I loved how she auctioned him that was so genius! I was wondering how they were going to get out of that situation, they are some serious scary fan girls. I totally want to be one if it means chasing Albus all day :-D
I'm loving all of the tension between them, it's so fun to read, I can't wait to read more. You write so wonderfully and amazing, keeping me hooked all the way through.

Author's Response: I was wondering how they were going to survive as well, because I conveniently left that detail out of my planning and all I could think was, "Welp, they're doomed."

One has to look at the optimism of mobs! You get good exercise 8D

♥ thanks muchly!

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Review #13, by xXMissGrangerXx 

30th March 2012:
Wow I love this story! I have to say, your a very talented writer. I'm so jealous of your style, it's really good and unique. I love Clemence, she's a really original character, and for ages ive been meaning to write a story about a mean slytherin rather than the typical faint hearted gryffindor. the whole 'witchy buissness' idea is fantastic and it really brings something extra to the story rather than it entirely centering around clemence and al. I love al, the way you've characterised him is brilliant ;) I love the bit where he sticks out his tongue as he runs away, it made me laugh. the whole 'quirky girls' part is really funny and creative. they're quite scary :P Also I specifically love your graphics. I might just slightly possibly stalk your gallery on TDA an i absolutely LOVE you style. In this story i think your chapter images have to be my favourite. The blue and red one with clemence and al, saying 'do you hate me?' is so pretty sometimes i just go back up the page to stare at it. I also really love the one on this very chapter. I would drag on about how great you are at writing but I can only type so much :D please, please update soon! I can't wait much longer xxx

Author's Response: Thanks very much! :) I love writing Clemence. Even more so than the mean-spirited gal is the fact that she's unabashedly so. She isn't necessarily going to "learn her lesson" persay and suddenly turn nice, but that's part of her brilliance as well. And I'm glad you also like Al.

Bahaha, the QGA are supposed to be quite scary indeed. Talk about fangirl mentality to the extremee.

Eep, I'm glad you like my graphics ^__^ I get a bit lazy with the ones for etc sometimes, but I love taking the time to manip what I can.

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Review #14, by meghna 

26th March 2012:
GINA I AM GOING TO KILL YOU omg with all the hype you created I thought you were going to give me like ten chapters. I H8 U. ugh ugh ugh UPDATE SOON PLS forget about finals and computer science and please, just give me more albusgerald >D Oh that was awful. I'll stop.

Author's Response: HEHEH. i did not create hype, you created hype in your headd.

♥ I SHALL TRYYY. Sooon. I'm on break now actually. I'm just being lazy nyahh.

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Review #15, by shadowcat2 

26th March 2012:
Wow. This was amazing. Invisibility cloaks are the best,especially when you are writing about it. I am totally hooked into this story. Potter is brilliant. Their chemistry is to die for. I am not sure how you do it, but you're a awesome writer. I love your descriptions.
Okay, I don't have enough adjectives to describe how amazing your writing really is. It's so unique. I can't really explain it. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: hehe, I've been abusing the invisibility cloaks across my stories as of late. Thanks so much! ^__^ I try hard to improve!

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Review #16, by Aderyn 

25th March 2012:
Gina! Hi :) I'm here from the review tag thread, but I really should have left a review on this chapter long ago.

The dynamic between Clemence and Albus is hilarious. The beginning of the chapter, where they are trying to one-up each other made me laugh. But then, of course, they go to far and Clemence's plan totally backfires on her. Which serves her right. Seriously, offering Albus up to the Q.G.A.? That's taking things to a whole new level ;)

I love how you parody the screaming fangirl in this story. It is over the top, but so is the type of person you are parodying. I mean, there's obsession, and then there's this. It's definitely refreshing to see the crazy-weird, quirky girl be the antagonist, instead of a protagonist. Clemence's cynicism and plotting seems practically likable in contrast.

Your descriptions of the mob, too, were comical. It seems unreasonable that a group of girls would overcome a professor like that, until you see stories about Black Friday shopping stampedes or midnight movie showing debacles.

And then there's that sexual tension. It's funny to watch Clemence go from being so sure of herself, to feeling so off balance around Albus. Albus is his own kind of evil.

Also, why do you make such pretty graphics? That chapter image is so -squee- :D And also the drawing you posted.

I can't wait for the conclusion to Albus' plotting in the next chapter. It should be, as your writing always is, amazing. :)

Author's Response: HEYYY :3

Omg I amped up the crazy so much in this chapter xD this is what happens on finals week. just alll the crazy.

TOTALLY. What has always frustrated me is the portrayal of obsessive love in teen fiction/shows, that puppy infatuation that makes me cringe because it's so unhealthy. Because sometimes I can't tell the difference between the heroine and a stalker. Hence!

Hehehe, totally exaggerating everything of course. That is the fun of it 8D I don't even know when I'm trying to make a point or just putting things in for the hell of it. Probably the latter.

They're on the opposite sides of the spectrum - chaotic good and lawful evil! - which makes it so fun to write. Albus' evil is really just his willingness to do whatever it takes, and that, well, is entertaining for us all ;D

♥ thanks so much lofff

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Review #17, by Jess the Enthusiast 

25th March 2012:
This chapter was SO good! Albus and Clemence have so much electricity; I love it! I hope this scene ends with a kiss :D
Can't wait for the next chapter! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Thanks! ;D well, the scene will definitely end with -something-!

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Review #18, by Fawkes_the_Pheonix 

24th March 2012:
I absolutely love your story and I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'll try!

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Review #19, by Crescent Moon  

21st March 2012:
I loved it!!
So funny XD
I really can't wait to see what's going to happen next, especially with all the girls. Please update as soon as you can. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! :D ahaha, I don't think I'll get to the fallout next chapter, but the consequences of today shall arrive soon and it will be ugly.

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Review #20, by littlemisssnape 

21st March 2012:
Oh, this is one of my favorite stories on here! I love the way you write, it just makes the story so much better. I'm looking forward to the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #21, by lily_evans_ginny_weasley 

21st March 2012:
Woah. Albus Potter is one sexy bloke. And he sure knows how to make Clemence get all imbalanced and crazy. I think it's good for her, personally - she's usually a bit too in control. But I think he's a bit too sure of himself too, and needs some Clemence to bring him back to earth. And there, my dear friend, is why they would be perfect together (at some point in the future, perhaps. I'm enjoying this sexy almost-ness too much for it to stop.)

Wonderfully written, as always. Thanks!

Author's Response: Oh, he knows it all too well. Which is thankfully good entertainment. Writing their push and pull is so fun, especially because they both know how to hold their own and don't back down. Opens up so many opportunities to clash.

♥ thank you!

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Review #22, by Emma. 

20th March 2012:

Al and Clemence are so cute

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #23, by one_thousand_teardrops 

19th March 2012:
Lovely chapter. So hilarious! bad!Potter reminds me a bit of Oliver in Game (I haven't had time to read Play yet, so I don't know if that continues.) Well, very nice chapter, and best of luck on the exams!

Author's Response: I always saw quite a few similarities between etc. and Game, especially because when I first wrote Game, I wanted to write something ~sexual tensiony~, but in the end I decided my cast was way too full of dorks to do that. And it being my first fic, I hadn't planned it all too well. I think Oliver is way too sweet to be Albus bahaha ;) They share a bit of calculating-ness, but Oliver doesn't mean to hurt anyone. I think Albus is much more willing to hurt others to get what he wants.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by sugarydust 

19th March 2012:
I just started reading this story (I've been following your Raising the Stakes until now) and I have to say that it is so refreshing and wonderful. Brilliant characterisation, excellent writing, and addicting storyline. As of now, one of my favourites on HPFF. Just so, so perfect. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: Eee, thanks so much! :) I don't write Raising the Stakes actually; ob sessed does. I just made her the banner.

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Review #25, by Vanillaberries 

19th March 2012:
you updated! and there was loads of clem/al! yay :D
i loved the whole trapped in a confined space, always makes the story more interesting ahaha :) and even more soo with albus, who i adore because he's so utterly adorable and sexy at the same time! i think my favourite line was "For the last time, Greta, we're not in a story.: because for some weird reason it got me laughing like a maniac and I couldn't stop. oh well, i guess that's what this story does to me :') please update soon! and i know you have exams so good luck :D

Author's Response: Bahah yes, I think I said in another response, invisibility cloaks are totes the new broom closet.

Adorable and sexy? I can see it. You can pinch his cheek and his abs!

Thanks! I did all right in my exams hehe, ♥

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