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Review #1, by AlexFan 

24th October 2013:
Oh my gosh this is beautiful! They've gotten together and I can be happy and yay!

It's good that they had that talk though, they really needed to and at least now James and Lily can have a proper relationship or at least are heading to a proper relationship.

Maybe I'm weird but I was so amused when Lily refused to talk about anything and was asking to move on from everything that happened but ended up spilling her guys anyway. And I was glad she spilled the beans too, I feel like I know her better now and I understand her a lot better than before.

I can see why she would want to experience the Cruciatus Curse but that was still a stupid thing to do, going out there and looking for a Slytherin or a Deatheater to curse her.

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Review #2, by M 

30th June 2013:
I LOVE James! His parent's are just like I imagined them.

Author's Response: I LOVE writing James's parents, so I'm glad you liked them!

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Review #3, by Paige_Weasley 

22nd October 2012:
Oh my Rowling . . I loved that last bit where he hit the gate and everything . . . And his parents are AWESOME!!! Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Bah, glad you enjoyed it! I love writing about James's parents :D

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Review #4, by Elizajane 

28th June 2012:
That was so cute! I really shouldn't have stopped reading. It started getting a lot less sad!

Author's Response: Yep! It starts getting much much better! Glad you're enjoying it dear :)

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Review #5, by Mutt N Feathers 

2nd May 2012:
Ah, it was just perfect! James parent totally rock! I want to wrap them up and take them home. Bravo!


Author's Response: I love James's parents! I had such a great time writing the scenes with them in. They were so fluffy and lovely :)


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Review #6, by doglover 

25th April 2012:
aaawww so cute :) ugh, i wish mary could just come back :(

Author's Response: Yeah... that would be nice. BUT AREN'T THEY CUTE :D

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Review #7, by Shay_Gryff 

25th March 2012:

Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, I had Tech-Free-Week and then I went to DISNEY!!

Anyway, I loved these last two chapters. They fill me with anticipation for what's comming next. I would love for you to have another dream with Mary in it, for Lily or for Sirius. I think that everyone needs the little extra reasurance that her death wasn't their falt.

Author's Response: Disney? That sounds fun! I hope you've been enjoying yourself and it's lovely to have you back and review and such. It's been awhile since Mary assaulted anyones subconcious, so I may see what I can do.

Thanks for the lovely review :)

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Review #8, by Manga_girl 

22nd March 2012:
Helen, you're stories and writing ability amaze me. I love this chapter so so much!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Heheh, thank you so much Emma! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Helen xx

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Review #9, by hollysmith 

22nd March 2012:
Wow! This story is so good. The Art of Breathing is one of my favs on this site and this sequel is going just as well. Please update again soon.

Author's Response: Thank you veyr much Hollysmith! I'm glad you enjoyed TAOB and there's already another chapter up. Enjoy :D

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Review #10, by TheBattleOfHogwarts 

20th March 2012:
THat last line was just...perfect. I was very undetermined to leave this chapter too!
There were soo many laugh-out-loud moments, like
"James began, acknowledging the wit of my comment with a small nod. Thank you very much, James."
I've decided that I quite like James and Lily talking!

Author's Response: AHA. What a tool, I am. I'm glad you enjoyed that line even though it's quite clearly ridiculous (I'm actually pretty down with that, I think). And JAMES AND LILY ARE CUTE AND THEY TALK NOW.

-queue time for AC to go to sleep-

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Review #11, by cally / calpollll 

19th March 2012:
Another bril chapter I am just so glad their together and all lovely :D can't wait to see what happens next and I love how they still are arguing as it wouldn't be the same if they weren't :) but thank you and good luck for the rest cally xx

Author's Response: Hey there! Thank you for the lovely review and, well, I don't think I could write Lily/James without the arguing so I guess I didn't have much choice there. Thank you very much and hopefully I'll see you soon! :)


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Review #12, by Hope's Mom 

19th March 2012:
Funny talk! James is a bit different from a lot of men who prefer less talking. Or maybe he is just wiser than most and understands that their for them to maintain a long term relationship they will have to understand each other - at least a little. Lily did get out of talking about her abandonment issues and James got to avoid the Remus conversation. I think they were even at the end. Thanks for the quick update!

Author's Response: Well, James is pretty aware that he's been chasing the girl for quite a few years and more aware that they argue a lot (as it upsets him a bit more than Lily, he just pretneds it dosen't). Still lot's more talking to come though! Remus stuff and James stuff coming right up :)

Hopefully they'll be at least one more this month. Harraah TAOS month!


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Review #13, by Jaded94 

19th March 2012:
Aww, they are adorable.
I really do love James's parents they are absolutely hilarious and I hope we see more of them in the story. Like every character I get attached to in any story they'll probably be killed off for the sake of the plot (I'm slightly bitter that my favorite character died in the Hunger Games) but I adore them and would like to see them again.
Cant wait for more Sirius next chapter though and Lily and James as a couple with him, Update soon?

Author's Response: Hey there Jaded94! I've fallen in love with James's parents so now they've got to get into the story more /somehow/. Ahhha. yeah. Well, the sad thing is that by the time Lily and James have had Harry there are no parents left on either side and, well, theres not much I can do about that.

Yess, SIrius is making a come back next chapter! And lots of Liy/James mushy goodness. Or not. We'll see.

Hopefully they'll be another update on this story this month!

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Review #14, by BrittJade 

19th March 2012:
My dad yelled at me today. Do you know why?
Well I went to check this story and freaked out so much that when I saw it had a new chapter I literally screamed. :)
I am so glad that you have updated and cannot wait for the next one.
Also a quick question: Do you have any idea how long this FanFic will go for? I am not going to stop reading, I'm just curious :)
As usual this chapter was simply amazing. I couldn't fault it. I am so thankful that my best friend showed me 'The Art of Breathing'. I got hooked straight away and I can't wait to read more.
Thank you for writing :D

Author's Response: Hey there Brittjade! That really does make my day, but I'm glad you enjoyed it after such a horrible cliffhanger ahha (especially as it was completely unecessary :P)

I planned it out in full last week and my plan came to about 30 chapters, so we're half way through! So still pleanty more to come.

Thanks for this lovely review! :D


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Review #15, by JeSuisEscargot 

19th March 2012:
So. I had a lot of fun reading this chapter because... i just couldn't *not* notice how lily and i are faar to alike -.-
somewhat mentally unstable.. scared of thinking about the past or future... ah scary. and that super moodiness
very very very very happy that james and lily are officially together! :D but.. something makes me think that you wont let them be? am i right? this is cute xD
so.. im gonna shut up now

Author's Response: Oh maybe. I might them have like a little bit of happiness for a little while before I WRIP IT AWAY FROM THEM AND MAKE THEM MISERABLE. Or will I? I guess this all remains to be seen, yeah? Ahhha. No one trusts me not to let two people be happy for a little while.

Glad you enjoyed the chapter! And hopefully they'll be more soon! :D


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Review #16, by classicblack 

18th March 2012:
Sorry, had to get that out. This was a wonderfully, sufficiently drama-free chapter and it was superbly amazing!
Really, fantastic job. Was it a bit cliche? Of course, but cliches are siriusly my favourite.
By the way, TAOS month is my favourite month because there are actual real, legitiment updates and I don't have to be left hanging on all your cliff-hangers.
I especially loved James's parents- I think I might've told you that already, though.
And that Lily has finally come out of her shell and is talking to someone other than herself- that was brilliant too.
Overall, spiffing good job.
Happy writing (you actually listened last time!)

Author's Response: Ahhha! No drama? No misery? No depression? You must have had to check to see whether my username really came up next to it, ahha.

I'm glad you're enjoying TAOS month too! I'm really getting into the flow of things too. I was up at three this morning writing the next chapter, so there should be at least another update this month (or, nearly in this month if the queue runs away with my plans).

I loved James's parents too.

Thank you very much!



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Review #17, by TheMissQwerty 

18th March 2012:

Thanks, love you.

Ever your servant,


Author's Response: OKAY I WILL.

Well, not /right now/ but I'll try and get you another chapter for say... the middle of next week?

Well, I'll do my best.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by Jen 

18th March 2012:
I really liked this chapter. Some honesty between the two lovebirds at last. Very cutesy actually. :)

Author's Response: Yay! I'm really glad you liked it Jen! The honest was definately needed :)

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Review #19, by Snapdragons 

18th March 2012:
PHEW crisis averted, no temper tantrum needed! Getting me all worried for nothing... hmph. :P But good because frankly I don't have the energy right now to throw a proper tantrum so it's all good so yeah everyone wins woohoo.

Instead you gave me kind-of fluff (I only say kind-of because to be fair they had the whole Big Serious Talk thing going on but come on they're together now!) which I very much appreciated.

But I thought having a Big Serious Talk was good because let's face it, communication does not seem to be Lily's forte. STOP TAKING LESSONS FROM SIRIUS AND BOTTLING EVERYTHING UP INSIDE! Because then you explode and it's really quite messy.

Also I thought it was really sad she partially blamed herself for Mary's death D: I got it, but still... all my tears :(

everyone has equal rights, even Slytherins, House elves, sock puppets, Hufflepuffs, muggles and doormats ♥ ♥ ♥ No other words necessary.

Also I squeed a little bit when James told her she was stronger than she thought. YAY LILY! Also I laughed about the Potter fortune being split 5 ways. Also I really really really liked this chapter (and then there was much kissing and that was sort of nice too. I like fluff.)

♥ I love TAOS and I love TAOS month and do you know what the only possible thing that I could love more is? coughmoreupdatesforAzkabanandSavingGracecough -shifty eyes-

...but I really liked this. You know. If you hadn't picked up on that.

Author's Response: Ahha, yup. I got you all worked up and stressed out for absolutely no reason other than the fact that I thought it would be fun. I'm completely and utterly guilty. So you feel free to go on protest (but don't stop leaving review, they fuel my writers soul).

And this was an especially lovely number which I will cherish always. Yup.

Sort-of-fluff... which means that the next chapter will either be full-on-fluff or angst-city, right? That's how this works?

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be the ones writing.


Ee thank you very very very much. Azkaban up next and Saving Grace month has been redesignated as NEXT MONTH. Oh yeah.

Get excited.

(thanks for being so freaking lovely)


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Review #20, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

18th March 2012:

(you've probably seen my comment on your blog by now so you'll understand that this review might be the strangest review I've left you to date. My brain has shut off)


(I'm also in the mood to abuse capitals)

I thought they were going to start freaking out and break up after only dating for 5 minutes but IT WAS SO LOVELY AND FLUFFY INSTEAD.

I really need to stop reading so much angst. I've been deprived of fluff ♥

Their little conversation was the best conversation ever (minus every conversation Mary and Sirius had in TAOB) and James, you are such a sweetheart and Lily, you are a very, very lucky girl. AND HE CAN COOK.

Oh and before I forget, THIS LINE: "everyone has equal rights, even Slytherins, House elves, sock puppets, Hufflepuffs, muggles and doormats" That's my nomination for the best quote for SOTM next month. Right there.

And then the end! Sirius and Mary rarely did couple stuff like them sitting and reading together. SO MUCH LOVELINESS.

And the very very end. They could have just carried on snogging forever. That's okay with me.


(was this even coherrent? eh, doubt it)


(by the way, you should update Azkaban next *selfish desires*)

Author's Response: NAIDA I LOVE YOU (more than Lily loves James. Primarily because she's not going to admit that any time soon. Well, give me a few more chapters and we might get there).


(apparantly, I am also in a mood to abuse capitals - you bring out the Caplocks in me, it seems)


If I'd known that making a male character cook would have had everyone swooning I would have done this ages ago. Then again, if anyone offered to cook me a bacon sandwhich right now?



Lolololol. I don't know what I was on when I wrote that line, but I'm loving the idea of it being nominated. Ahha. SOCK PUPPETS. Where do I get this garbage from?


(it's one of /thoes/ review responses again. Chain me up and lock away the keyboard (and the caplocks)).

Holy snitch. I just used double brackets. Sorry, parenthesis (must keep my english lang teacher happy. Lol Jk I have no idea how to spell that word).


Give me ten minutes and I'll join you there. I like to frolick (I'm not hitting on you, to clarify). Oh dear Merlin, this is even weirder than the last response. My bad. Lack of sleep, you say.

BUT AZKABAN IS IN THE QUEUE (I just told you that over on the forums, mostly because I want to speak to you).

Also, I'm insane.


Till next time.



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