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Reading Reviews for Sparks, Chapter 9: Identity
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Review #1, by Fawkes394 

21st January 2013:
The Lupins, finally! I love Victorie and Johnny, no matter how weird and dangerous he is, he is definitely my favorite! Poor Lucy! She keeps running into happy couple's meetings every time she goes to find someone to talk about her romance-induced sadness. She should forgive Hilarion, and he really needs to quit moping and go talk to her!

Author's Response: I adore Johnny Lupin, even though he's such a brat. haha... he's just so fun to write. And Victoire too. Lucy can't escape the happy couples. Sometimes when you're lonely, everyone seems to have someone but you, kwim? Both Lucy and Hilarion need to suit up and get their crap together! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #2, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Gosh, I hurt for Lucy so much! And Hilarion, but mostly for Lucy. I mean, once again she goes to seek counsel but gets interrupted by a happy couple. At least Lucy got some good advice from Victoire. Lucy is now definitely my favorite Weasley cousin, thanks to you. I just feel like your entire universe here is so much more real and believable than any of the other Next Gens. I can't get enough.

I really liked the bit where Lucy is realizing that maybe it's better to want to be like Victoire instead of being like Dominique or Roxanne. She wants to be like Dom and Roxy because of their looks, not their personality really. Victoire is definitely the better role model, and fits my personality-type as well... you know, your characters and I should probably get together, I can find bits of myself within most of them XD

I keep forgetting that Sparks coincides with Midnight 2, so when certain things pop up, I'm just like, oh! right! That did totally just happen. I think that's also because the time-span is a few weeks longer than I anticipated, for both stories. Do they all know about Rose getting kidnapped? Three times?

Author's Response: I feel bad for Lucy too. She can't catch a break, and she's so heartbroken here. I quite like her, so I'm glad you do too :) I am extremely fond of my Next Genners. I adore hearing that someone else has fallen in love with them too! Thank you!

Lucy would do better to emulate Victoire. Victoire is a better person than Dominique and even than Roxanne, and more like Lucy to begin with.

Sparks and WSOM overlap, so certain events you get to see from two perspectives, which I thought was fun to write so I hope you liked that. Time-spans in my Next Gens are deliberately vague ;) They don't know about Rose getting kidnapped - Rose likes to keep that stuff to herself.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Giola 

14th April 2012:
Oh, I loved this chapter! I've always adored Victoire's character, and this was definitely a good display of it. Her advice was perfect, and I can only hope Lucy listens to it ;) You've built it up so well, I truly believe Lucy's actions, and just how clueless she initially was to Hilarion's feelings for her.

Perry's reaction to her conversations with Hilarion was spot on, I had a great image in my mind of his shocked face at that point. Hopefully that's just the push she needs.

Everything in this chapter was so realistic, it had just the right amount of quirk to it. Dominique never fails to make me laugh, same with Johnny (I do hope he continues to make appearances in the future stories, haha).

I'm off to read the next chapter, I can't put this story down now!

Author's Response: Victoire is probably the most sane and reasonable of all the grandkids haha. With Lucy closely following. They're both just so normal compared to the rest of them. I liked showing Victoire from a POV other than Rose. I'm really glad Lucy's plotline makes sense/is believable here, thanks!

Exactly the face I was picturing for him there, I'm sure! He really can't believe his friend opened up like that to a woman, and he knows good and well it's not "just a friend".

Dominique's mug of wine and pulling the wine bottle out from the cushions were probably my favorite ever appearance for her. Johnny Lupin will always get a cameo. Just wait until the next story after Next Midnight, very excited for Johnny's first scene in that one (mwahaha).

Thank you for reviewing! :)

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Review #4, by justonemorefic 

24th March 2012:
Baww ;A; more drowning in butterbeer. Everyone is mad and/or thinks you're pathetic. You just made an ickle mistake and you just don't have the words to get out of it! I love Perry and Hilarion's friendship always, by the way. They're different, but Perry understands Hilarion, even if Hilarion doesn't understand himself sometimes!

Snort, Pinot noir. Flying manticore Johnny. Oh what a household.

Victoire's advice! Ah so perfect! “Haven't you ever felt like you weren't good enough for someone, and wished you were a little better in some way?” also known as, Lucy stop being stubborn! Everyone makes mistakes!

“Don't knock friends.” Victoire smiled. “Teddy and I were friends before we got together. Hee, I love this by the way. Friends make the best date.

Look Luce, ;A; Even Perry is shocked. Perry is almost never shocked! He wasn't even shocked by the earpiece! Perry is all cool, but Hilarion telling Lucy about Auror novels? Shock. EVERYONE SEES IT BUT YOU TWO. And I shall dally off to the last chapter I eagerly anticipate all the fluff, or else.

Author's Response: hahaha. He does try to drown in butterbeer, which is just sad really. I'm glad you like the guys' friend moments, I really like writing that.

The pinot noir line may or may not be my favorite in this chapter. XD And when she pulls the bottle of wine out from behind a couch cushion. haha. Oh Dom. And Johnny's a nut. Well-established in the Rose stories haha

Victoire is awesome. She's such a mother hen to her cousins. She totally sees through Lucy!

Everyone does see it but them! Perry knows his buddy's behavior with Lucy is atypical, even if she doesn't get it.

Don't worry, lots of fluff approaching! Thank you for reviewing! :D

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Review #5, by Hope's Mom 

9th March 2012:
Lucy needs to listen to the people she is talking to. Hilarion never lied to her. He was always himself and open with her. Now she can legitimately be bummed because she believes he sees her as just a friend but she needs to let the other go. Roxanne has and she was the one lied to. The scene with Johnny was funny. Poor Dominique. She has every reason in the world to be down on life. Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: She does, but sometimes it's hard to let go of emotional injury like that. It's more that she thinks she didn't know him as well as she thought she did, but yes she's also definitely bummed that she thinks he still sees her as a friend. Dominique really is justified in laying around drinking wine all day. Who can blame her? Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by Georgia Weasley 

8th March 2012:
I love Perry. Have I said that before? Well, even more than I did already. He's just a good guy. Johnny Lupin! Oh, lord, have I known a few of those kids in my day. You wrote him so well I could visualize him in his cape, leaping from the arm of the chair. But my favorite in this one is, of course, Victoire. She actually reminds me of Arthur Weasley more than Molly, with her patience and ability to stay calm. Of course, she's got the mother hen thing going on, but not so much of Molly's temper. Adding Dommie in there helped me know the time frame of this story compared with Rose and her Lenny fiasco. I love how it's all intertwined and realistic. Once again, a fabulous job. ~GW

Author's Response: Johnny Lupin is a hoot. Kid is nuts. I love writing him haha. I do think Victoire stays calm more than her grandmother did. Probably gets that through Arthur, yeah. She's got a bit of both of them. I tried to fit this in around the plot of Rose's story, so I figured her coming over to visit Dominique both served the story plot and sets the timeline.

Perry! Love him. I'm so glad you love him too! Thanks for reviewing!

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