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Review #1, by Renfair 

30th April 2012:
Ugh ugh ugh...you have me all nervous with Rose begging "Scorpius" to be there afterwards...and we, of course, know the REAL Scorpius is going to be there. What if the Ministry people aren't able to keep them apart and she talks to Scorpius and he's all like, "Uh, what the heck, Weasley. WHY are you trying to hug me?" I'm going to assume something like that will happen. It's just too tempting a scene for a writer.

Oooh...I don't know about that crimson shirt, Rose. I bet it looks fabulously stylish on "Scorpius" and all, but do you really think BLOOD RED is a good color choice for his MURDER hearing?? I would have gone with the navy. More respectful. Court is not the place to stand out with your fashion sense.

I really need to learn how to tie a tie someday. It's just ridiculous that I don't know how. Good for Rose.

Ooh, good idea giving Ted's "Scorpius" outfit to the real Scorpius. I hate scenes like this where so much can go wrong with the timing of things. I get super nervous. I feel so bad for Real Scorpius being in solitary all that time and kind of going insane it seems. Suicide watch? Eep! That's so scary! Poor kid! But what's worse? Scorpius being in jail, at least knowing the gravity or his situation, or Rose thinking everything's totally peachy keen and she isn't *really* a suspect, when in fact, it's just a complete ruse to break her and prove her guilt?

Just wondering, if Scorpius is on suicide watch, would he be allowed to touch the razor and stuff, even supervised? When I worked with youth at risk who had a history of self-harm, they weren't allowed to even touch a pencil sharpener. It would be kind of weird having Ted shave Scorpius, I guess...but maybe it would add another layer to the whole identity crisis thing for him. Knowing how to shave the other man just right because he does it himself every morning in his other form. These are just suggestions. :) I bet no one else would even think about it. I only noticed having had a background in this sort of thing myself.

Ted's analysis of the difference in treatment between Rose and Scorpius was spot on. Yeah, it's not fair, but that's how things are. It's all who you know, and who you're related to. Look at the prejudice Snape got in the books, everyone assuming he had gone back to the Dark Side because of a mistake he made when he was younger, and it turns out he was the most faithful of any in the Order. But I still fall back on my previous musing that maybe it's not so good that Rose has been coddled through this whole investigation. It might hit her even harder if it turns out the Wizengamot still suspects her. Let's also hope Ted's pep-talk at the end to Scorpius doesn't come back to bite him in the bum. :/

That's all I have time for now! Thank goodness for little kiddos taking two-plus hour naps! If I really push, I might be able to finish up the story tomorrow. How cool would that be? :D

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Review #2, by Veecam 

5th April 2012:
I love the story so much! The plot development is amazing which i don't see too often in fan fiction so I cant wait to read the rest!

I hate to be the grammar snob but the title and about an eighth of the chapter should read "if I were lucky". But other than that that the story is fantastic!

Author's Response: Oops! Okay! And no, I appreciate any help that I can get!

Thanks so much for the review! I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying the story. I really hope you continue to read and that I hear from you again. :)

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Review #3, by Teddylover 

22nd March 2012:
Trial day is finally here! I can't wait to see how it goes and now I'm all caught up. It will be interesting to see how you juggle it. And what will happen. Ah we might find out so much. Or Teedy could blow his cover! So much to anticipate. Good chapter!

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Review #4, by Dizzy73 

11th March 2012:
I think Peakes is a bad guy. I don't like him -_- I also wish that Rose would confess to Teddy. I hope that Scorp and Rosie won't sent to Azkaban.

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 

11th March 2012:
That was neet. She showed off some fashion sense. I still don't believe either of them committed the murder. I think Teddy needs to get them out of that house and begin some outside investigating. Them being there isn't helping the situation anymore. He has her trust. no firm answers are landing in his lap on a beach. I can see this ending as a first hearing.

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Review #6, by Lillylover22 

10th March 2012:
Great chapter. Poor teddy. Update soon please. 9/10 : )

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