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Review #1, by AlexFan 

24th October 2013:
You know, if it weren't for the fact that there was another chapter right after this one I'd probably be making some absurd high-pitched shrieking sound at this ending.

Good thing I can keep reading (I had originally planned on going to sleep after this but clearly that's not going to happen). I was going to suggest the same thing as James. Lily could always ask out James, it didn't always had to be him so you can imagine how excited I was when Lily got the guys up to ask James out.

Honestly, I'd expected some hesitation but she didn't even blink before asking James out.

I love his parents though, you can tell that he's related to them because they're all so similar. Especially Carolyn . . . And Magnus, I can't pick between those two, they're both equally awesome.

I hope they're around more as I keep reading.

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Review #2, by M 

30th June 2013:
Huh? Loved it but ... CLIFFHANGER. I HATE THEM. Great!!!




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Review #3, by Elizajane 

27th June 2012:
Ah! It was so cute! Him mimicking her and then they were finally together. Oh James... *shakes head* So glad I'm reading again!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you're reading again too! It'd have been rubbish if you missed all the cute ;)

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Review #4, by Mutt N Feathers 

2nd May 2012:
Nice cliffhanger there! Argh! Thank goodness I don't have to just hang around waiting! Reading while cooking just cause I'm hooked!


Author's Response: Hehe, I love reading stories with lots of chapters where you can read the cliff hangers without actually dying in suspense.

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Review #5, by doglover 

25th April 2012:
what is james gonna sau? dun dun dun...

Author's Response: DUN DUN DUN. I guess you get to see straight away :)

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Review #6, by Jaded94 

13th March 2012:
I love James's parents! They're adorable and I found it great that he found them chatting away to Lily it was perfect.
"I couldnít wait to tell Sirius. March, indeed." = Absolutely Brilliant!
Update soon?

Author's Response: Hehehe, I had no idea how they were going to turn out untill I started writing and it was pretty fun to have them be so ridiculous.

Thanks for the lovely review (and all your reviews) and there should be an update soon because it's TAOS MONTH! YAAAY!


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Review #7, by Aderyn 

12th March 2012:
Hello :D I'm here from the review tag thread.

Let's just say that this story in general is wonderful. You managed to take Lily and James's story, which can so often just be comical and inject real serious elements to it that would certainly have been present as they were dating/getting together.

James's parents provided a nice bit of comic relief. Magnus and Carolyn (love the names) act like older parents. They joke about James and he seems to tolerate them, mostly.

And James can cook! How adorable is that?

But poor Lily, even at the beginning of the chapter, she's not sure where things are with her and James. That's really the worst feeling, being insecure.

And then that ending. :(. Finally, finally there's a cute moment between them, and it looks like it's going to be perfect and then James has to go and change his mind...Gah. Since we only see the scene from Lily's POV though, I have to say I'm thinking other things are going on. There's no way Lily's own silly explanation for why he left is true.

I think I saw a couple spelling errors in here, but I can't for the life of me find them again. So maybe you fixed them?

Anyways, great job. I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hey Aderyn! It's good to see you :)

Awhh, thank you so much. I wouldn't be able to tell you whether it's my draw towards the miserable and depressing or my frustration about the number of stories in which the war suddenly pops up out of nowhere when the stories finished.

You wouldn't believe how long I spent trying to find the names. Honestly. I'm the youngest of three meaning my parents are sometimes slightly older than my friends, but I'm pretty sure James's parents was more based on my relationship with my grandparents (whom I adore beyond all people) so it was really fun to write, ahha :)

JAMES CAN COOK. Everyone seems to like that. Note to self: ensure all male characters having cooking abilities. Pah.

Oh yeah,this was a really horrible ending I won't try and deny it. I haven't fixed any spelling errors so they must be there, lurking somewhere. I'll go back and check over at some point. I'm terrible for editing... I'm just so /lazy/

Anyway, thanks for the lovely review!



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Review #8, by LittleWelshGirl99 

11th March 2012:
Heloo! TAOS month here I come :) A little late (11th march...) but better late than never. I must admit, I've already read this whole story and not reviewed yet. (I was going to! Promise!) So I'll work backwards I guess, because I'm thinking you'll want some feedback on your newest chapter.

No-one can write Lily like you can! I've read a fair few Lily/James stories, but your Lily is the most amazing, resilient, wonderful Lily I have met yet. I love how she worries so much about everything, I love how confused she is, I love how /real/ she is. She's genuine. In fact, all your characters have their own unique style.

She's suffered so much. Mary, her dad, her sister... And you include all of this without drowning readers in misery and depression, which is a very good thing indeed. :P

This is a very sweet chapter! It was nice seeing James's parents, and learning he can cook! (OMG!) He's such a cutie :3 But ah, I wish something could've gone right between them for once! James IS a romance killer, the silly boy/man.

Well, I really enjoyed it and was completely absorbed by the story :)

lwg x

Author's Response: LWG! You know that you're my hero right! Don't worry, I'm going to go through and reply to all of the mouthwatering reviews you left me... but for now I'm just making sure all the ones on this chapter are answered :)

Don't worry about the whole not reviewing thing! I'm really bad/good at doing that. Ahha, I'm just really glad that you're here now :D

The whole Lily thing is such an amazing compliment that it will probably take me about half a year to recover. Honestly, you are /beyond/ lovely my friend. I've always seen Lily as half strong, half weak, perpetually messed up and well... Lily-ish. Especially with everything thats happened she was always going to be a little, you know... delicate.

It's good to know I'm not drowning you with misery and depressiont though. I do have a special talent for that...

Ahha, everyone seems so delighted with James's cooking abilities! I suppose it is pretty exciting, ahha.

Thanks for the lovely review and I'm really glad you've been reading and enjoying this story :)


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Review #9, by Snapdragons 

10th March 2012:
I don't think I can talk to you right now. HOW CAN YOU END THERE? YOU'RE AWFUL. Hmph. Yep, not talking to you.

All right, let's imagine a suitable amount of time has passed (if you're looking how to win me back over, another chapter of either this or Azkaban would be an acceptable offering) and I suppose I'll give you a review because honestly, the majority (read: all but that stupid cliffhanger) of this chapter was pretty stupendous (my word of the day).

First of all, all this stuff about Mary made me choke up a little bit and get a little sniffly. About her hating her and not hating her at the same time because man, isn't that the truth? Some people are just so complicated like that and they infuriate you but then you love them all the same and then Mary's dead so it's even worse and guh now I'm a blubbering babbling mess.

Err... on a happier note, Mr and Mrs Potter are pretty dang cool? They made me smile. (Which was good, because it cleared up the sniffles) James is a pretty lucky guy, with parents like that. (also, did I mention? the whole deal with the knocker was GREAT)

Also OMG JAMES CAN COOK. +10 points in my book god can he get any better I think not because he can cook. My plan is to marry a man who can cook because I'm pretty awful at it. LILY, NICE CHOICE! I approve.

and eeek that ending (before the cliffhanger, mind you) was so cute! Muchas gracias for the bit of fluff there. Much appreciated. ♥

...yeah, and then we get to the ending. GRR. Disapprove. I do not like cliffhangers.

And, for the record, if James breaks up with him, I'm going to throw a temper tantrum of toddler proportions in the next review. You have been warned.

.have a nice day? Wow, I'm so good at leaving coherent reviews that I deserve a medal. I'd say that the next one will be better but... err, not sure I can promise that. Feedback is clearly not my thing. Fangirling is. Oh well.


Lol, joke, please talk to me D:

-scrolls down-

Oh right, we're talking again now so it's all fine. And both the next/last chapter of Azkaban and another chapter of TAOS will be available for your viewing pleasures at some point soon. And Saving Grace! You're reading that one too now, right?

Oh dear, I didn't mean to go into another emotional Mary speel this chapter. It really wasn't planned, so I didn't intent to turn you into a blubbering babbling mss this time SO I'M SORRY.

Ahhah, really enjoyed writing Mr and Mrs Potter. They were fun.

Oh, pants, I have to go.




Thanks for the warning

(and the lovely review)

Sorry about the horrific response.

You know how it is.


(love you)


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Review #10, by cally 

10th March 2012:
AHHH I just LOVE the potters ! I'd like to see more of them and why cliffhanger why :(:(:(:( nah it is just making the wait for the next one even more exciting :D I just want lily and james to move there asses and get together properly *snog each others faces off* and be happy but I guess there will always be confusion *sigh* but anyway I really do enjoy reading your writing and I love all the cute bits where he holds her hand and its all nice and lovely and james can cook ??! my vision of him has now been completed to perfection yehy !!! :D:D so another fantastic chapter and good luck for the rest :D love caaalllaayyy xxx

Author's Response: HEY CALLY! IT'S LOVELY TO SEE YOU HERE AT THE SEQUEL THATS REALLY EXCITING. Although, it's pretty funny that you've read all the way through everything I have up and got to a cliffhanger... my bad.

Oh yeah, James can cook.

Just, hold on for the next chapter my friend... development ensues :D


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Review #11, by miluv 

10th March 2012:
HI, I want a new chapter now, this was so goodd! ok well bye! (I'm supposed to be writing a history essay rght now so my review needs to be brief. Thank gawd for google chrome incognito!)

Author's Response: Hey miluv! THe next chapter should be up pretty soon as, like you said, it is TAOS month!

Good luck with your essay!


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Review #12, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

10th March 2012:
So much to say, so where shall I start? Ummm...THIS LINE.

"Mary had never had a chance to apparate."

That came close to making me cry yet again (I still say you have some witchcraft. I can read almost anything and not cry and you bring me close to tears almost every chapter) I love how simplistic it was. It reminded me of when a friend of mine died a few years ago and my friends and I spent ages coming up with a list of all the things he'd never get to do. One of the most depressing experiences of my life. Anyways, that line just brought me right back to that, but that really is what you do so well. Your writing is so relatable, even when you're writing about a witch and wizard in the middle of a war.

And what, what is THIS? JAMES CAN COOK. That was pretty amazing. If Sirius could cook, I'd probably just laugh and go "yeah, right" but it /fit/ James for some unfathomable reason :P Lucky Lily.

Oh, and then the last part. As soon as they went outside, I just had a bad feeling. I don't even know why. Maybe it had something to do with her not being able to make a Patronus at the start, but it felt like something was wrong. Not that it stopped me from squeeing through all of their kisses, though. Or when she asked him out. The dialogue at that point was brilliant.

But this is Lily and James and nothing can ever go right for this long. I'm torn between wanting to yell at James for being so rude and wanting to yell at Lily to just snog him senseless so he doesn't think about anything else xD

Why, cliffhanger, why?

Now I can't even pick which I want the update to first. This or Azkaban. *is selfish* How about both, back to back? :P

Lovely chapter, of course.


Author's Response: See, I had myself all set up for this milestone. /This/ was going to be the chapter where Mary wasn't mentioned - Lily was supposed to be too caught up in James and Christmas and she wasn't supposed to be mentioned and it was going to be a big turning point and symbolic for me and then... BOOM. She sneeks her way in (without permission) as Lily goes off on one of her rants. Completely unplanned and unwanted... which, I think is why Lily ended up so angry. Ah, well.

I'm not going to try and scrape together some words about your friend or the experiences, because I'm not good enough with words to respond to that but I didn't want to not acknowledge it either. So, yeah. I'm sorry.

Ahhha, I usually tend to stray away from having any male in any fic have any quality that could be seen as romantic or cute (eugh), but I mentioned that James could cook in some dusty corner of TAOB and as James can cook, I thought he might as well /cook/ so it looks like I'm tying things together and such (I'm laughing at myself, internally) but Lily's a terrible cook, so it's a good fit all round.

(I know my character's cooking abilities, this is worrying).

I had that outsidey bit planned from christmas last year (forward planning, ftw).

That was werid. I just forgot how to spell the word forward.



I need a nap.

Anyway, it was the planned cute togetherness scene for the beginning... and then James would be James and would ruin things and objected when I tried to make him just go with it. So yeah, yell at James - he wasn't supposed to go off on one.

Oh God, you know when you read something back and you realise that you sound like a nutter? What I /meant/ to cnvey through this dribble is that my plan didn't fit in with where my characters /are/ right now. I don't really think they're real people controllingmylife. No, really.

Oh dear.

Chances are, this'll be up first.

Afterall, it is TAOS month.

Happy reviewing!

(shut up, Ac)


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Review #13, by JeSuisEscargot 

10th March 2012:
hehehe. i thought the ending was funny
not cruel! i thought it was funny
and the italics at the end? i thought those were funny too x]
ur funny :D
now *I* will shut up
and thank you for a great chapter! and story!
how do u manage to write so well! tell us ur secret LoL :]

Author's Response: Oh, well thats okay now! I am to impress and induce laughter and tears and things like that.

Awwh, thank you! You're funny too. I bet you're funnier than me. 0.o

Thank you for this lovely review! Hopefully they'll be another chapter soon :D


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Review #14, by classicblack 

9th March 2012:
Wow. Just wow.
Yep, that just about sums up my reaction to this chapter.
Can't say I blame you for ending it so dramatically and tantalizingly (is that even a word?) because it's sort of your thing to do so. Cliff-hangers and all.
I absolutely loved this chapter, by the way- in case you didn't realise ;)
I loved James's parents! Awww they were so cute and embarassing and perfect!
Can I ask you something? Is there going to be something more than friendship with Sirius and Lily or is James going to insinuate that there's more than friendship between them during his "talk" with Lily because of the maybe-foreshadowing that occured when Lily was thinking about Sirius while snogging James? That probably didn't even make sense, but I hope you got it anyway because I suspect you're a bit insane- otherwise, you wouldn't be able to come up with such brilliant stories (or, really, write a character like Mary so spectacularly, haha)
James: romance killer indeed haha. I can't wait until the next chapter! Please make it soon!!
Happy writing (please do write happy things!)
P.S. I'm rereading TAOB just for the fun of it and I regret leaving all my previous reviews because it means I can't review again and your chapters are so bloody awesome it's crazy. Just thought you outta know... ;)
'Till next time- siriusly, I'm going to stop talking now...

Author's Response: Okay, so I'm not sure I have the ability to express how much this review made me laugh. It's bad when people you've never met work our you're insane (although, in a sort of complimentary way) and yes, I will /try. and write happy things - it just seems to be something I find quite... I don't know, I just don't do it. Ahha. Well, sometimes.

ANYWAY, to your review.

I don't think I could ever bring myself to give them even the tinest moment of anthing more than friendship (and it's a strained friendship, most of the time). So, noo I expect not. I think a lot of people would kill me a little bit too 0.o

Awwwhh, thank you so much for all your lovely reviews! I loved the ones on TAOB and I love these ones too :D

Till next time! (and it should be soon!)


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Review #15, by TheBattleOfHogwarts 

9th March 2012:
Noo, you can't just give us hope then take away then just end the chapter! What do they need to talk abouttt? Please update soon!! Oh, by the way, James' parents were great!

Author's Response: I'M SORRRY!

But, the update should be soon. Like, the end of next week soon? Depending on queue lengths. But it's not going to be a long wait.

Thanks for the lovely review! :D

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Review #16, by hazellily 

8th March 2012:
Wow you are so cruel :( I was all excited then you pulled this SMH how could you?

Author's Response: I'm really sorry Hazellily :(

But... just wait for the next chapter... yeah?

It shouldn't be too long! :D

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Review #17, by Hope's Mom 

8th March 2012:
Lily can't catch a break, can she? This is a mean place to break the chapter off - James isn't really going to rebuff her is he? His parents are certainly interesting! Lily is still very fragile - she sees that James is "holding me together" when he was holding her in the snow. Good update - thank you!

Author's Response: Ahhha, at /some point/ she'll take a break. I guess I'm just really mean and can't let my characters be happy, but well... we'll see. Thanks for always leaving me lovely reviews, Hope's Mom! I look forward to them :D

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Review #18, by Manga_girl 

8th March 2012:
Hey Helen! I love this so much! James can't break up with Lily, they are MEANT TO BE!!

Emma xx

Author's Response: THANK YOU EMMA! Ahhha, the 'talk' was supposed to be in this chapter but I got long so I picked CLIFF HANGER.

Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #19, by BrittJade 

8th March 2012:
I've been waiting for this and I am so glad it finally came :D
Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you BrittJade! I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter! Hopefully there should be a new chapter within one to two weeks :)

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