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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 3: In Plain Sight
47 Reviews Found

Review #1, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

12th December 2014:
Another great chapter! Loved the introduction of new characters, especially Lily and James and Regulus and Dobby and all the rest. Can't wait to see what ensues between Lily and Snape and am really hoping to read more about Regulus and Dilys. Those two really intrigue me for some reason. Really good job, loved learning more about the races and both The Grotta and Cliodna's Clock. Can't wait to read more, such good writing :)

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Review #2, by findingalways 

26th June 2014:
Hiya, I'm back again!

This was, to no surprise, a third excellent chapter. I truly can not believe I am just now getting around to this story - it is phenomenal, just as everyone had previously said. I'm so intrigued by this plot and the whole idea and, of course, by the races. What a clever, genius idea! I've never seen anything remotely similar to the archives and I've visited this site for years.

Dobby is there! Ahhh! Much excitement! I have never cried as much over a fictional being as I have over Dobby's death - I was in hysterics, balling my eyes out. It's so great to see him doing well and being - well - himself. You capture him spot on perfectly as you have with all the other characters, and that's probably what I like most about this story, you keep them canon. Thank you.

Regulus was great. I've found him interesting for quite a while and so I'm happy to see him here among the villagers. I always imagined him as sort of Sirius with a meaner streak. And he is. He can't help but, for example, egg Dobby on, and that seems to be a Black family trait.

Lily is just so great, seemingly beautiful inside and out in both life and death. I love reading her internal conflict over Severus. I had never given it much thought as to how his heroic actions were seen from her point of view so this was not only a nice change, but I'm keenly fascinated. She brought up many a valid point that I would never have come up with on my own. She is certainly in a tricky situation now, I don't know what the proper way to handle her situation would be, to be perfectly honest.

Dilys (very interesting name, by the way, I can't seem to get over it) and Bathilda were bother very sweet, I loved when Dilys froze Regulus.

James, from what little we see of him, is exactly how I imagined him to be and I loved everything you explained about their relationship - such as their scavenger hunts.

The whole island and concept is so well thought out, bravo.


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Review #3, by StoryWebber 

9th April 2014:
Just as usual, I couldn't stop reading!
Good work!
Thumbs-up to you!

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Review #4, by soliloquy 

27th June 2013:
The complexity of Lily's emotions is amazing. At first, I was confused why she was trying to hide from James. I wondered if everything was alright in their seemingly picture perfect relationship. I had completely forgotten that yes, Snape too would be joining them.

That Snape would also be there. That she would have to encounter him once more.

I can only imagine her feelings. The guilt. The anxiety. The awkwardness. How she probably is feeling everything rushing at her at once and at the same time, this immense guilt that he might have wasted his life because of her. Not the real her, perhaps, but this idolized, idealized version of her that he kept in his memory.

But at the same time, I wonder if Snape does know the real her, still. That his memory hasn't built up this idealized version. That, he really does know that she's still married to James and that he isn't expecting her to give him anything because he did it out of love for her -- that he didn't do it because he thought she owed him something at the end...

God. You write the emotions so well that I'm entranced and lost and spinning. Poor, Lily. Poor Severus.

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Review #5, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

25th January 2013:
Another amazing chapter! I'm really enjoying where this story is going, and I can't wait to further myself into your wonderful adventure! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm means so much to me. :)

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Review #6, by HarrietHopkirk 

5th January 2013:
Aaw Dobby and Regulus - I love their banter! And Dobby is just awesome. I love you've included minor characters as well like Dilys Derwent. And I can't wait for Lily and Severus to meet again.

Your writing is excellent, as always.

I was wondering whether the Kings Cross that Harry visits after he 'dies' is part of Cliodna's Clock/the world of the dead. I figured that the train, if Harry had left, would have gone to Cliodna's Clock?

Author's Response: Minor characters are the best. ♥ Admittedly the cast of this story consists almost entirely of major characters - James, Lily, Severus, Tonks, Remus, Fred, etc. - but a couple of minor ones like Colin and Cedric become major characters here.

Aww thank you. ♥ I'm so happy you're still liking it so far!

Yep! If Harry had decided to board the train, this is where it would have taken him. One second he would be in King's Cross - the next he would be popping up out of the water next to the depot.

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Review #7, by rhysus2008 

18th November 2012:
Best chapter so far. Lily was written superbly. If the chapters keep improving like this, I can see myself becoming a big fan.

Good job.


Author's Response: Awesome! I'm glad you liked it. Hope to see you again!

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Review #8, by CambAngst 

27th September 2012:
Hello, again!

This chapter really hit home in a lot of ways. For starters, I really enjoyed seeing Dobby. His characterization is definitely a little different from the books, but overall he was immediately recognizable and enjoyable to read. The way that he easily falls for Regulus's not-so-gentle ribbing made perfect sense for an elf who is still getting the hang of his freedom.

Moving along to the more interesting part of the chapter, I really, really enjoyed the way that you wrote Lily. At first, I was struggling to figure out exactly why she was avoiding James and seemed so withdrawn. It seemed out of character until it became clear that the war had ended and one particular wizard had joined the village of the dead.

I thought that your take on her feelings about Snape and the life he leads after her death were absolutely brilliant. Even if there was nothing she could have done to dissuade his devotion to her memory, it must have been so difficult for her to watch as he sacrificed essentially his entire life "at the altar of Lily". Knowing that her feelings for him were not the same, and that they never were.

Add to that the fact that she could have chosen to visit him. That she could have chosen to let him know her true feelings. That she could have perhaps freed him from his self-imposed servitude. It makes all of her feelings make perfect sense and gave them tremendous intensity, besides.

Little by little, you're starting to fill in the details of this world you're creating for us. Very interesting to get our first look at what "the races" are all about. I immediately found myself wondering how Lily spent her hard-earned days in the world of the living. I have my suspicions, of course, but of course they're nothing more than that. I look forward to finding out. It was also interesting to learn that the residents of Cliodna's Clock and Grotta are allowed that one day a year to mingle. Must make for some very awkward moments.

Still enjoying this story very much. I'll be back again soon...

Author's Response: Hello again!

I keep waiting for you to leave a review that says, "This drivel is horrid! Highly overrated tosh with the pace of a dead snail!" Admittedly I'm a bit nervous whenever I see your name crop up in reviews because you honestly seem to have a gift for writing them - they're thorough and you never miss a thing. Your reviews are often more eloquent than my chapters and it's intimidating, let me tell you.

That confession aside, I'm so glad that you're still liking this! One of the most difficult things about writing Run was making the characters recognizable and keeping most of their canon traits, while still changing them as they would have naturally changed after entering the afterlife. Realistically, they can't be the same exact people they were on earth because their environment is different, their friends are different. Everything about their lives is different. So they've had to evolve, some of them in unexpected ways, and I worried about how readers would receive these alterations. None of these characters have changed as much as Lily Potter. Throughout the story, she'll be explained through different points of view - to show how and why she became the way that she currently is.

You'll get to hear a bit later about how Lily spent her days on earth. And yes, there are a few awkward moments when the Grotta residents come to town! You'll hear more about life in the Grotta, as well.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

- Sarah

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Review #9, by academica 

11th August 2012:
Sarah! How do I ever stay away from this story?

Your Regulus cracks me up. I just finished reading Susan's new Regulus story, and she's got Johnny Depp as him on the banner, and now I'm reading this as Johnny Depp poking fun at Dobby and it's just too much. Way to add humor to a bleak topic!

Oh, bleak. There it is.

I knew unrequited Snape/Lily would be showing up somewhere here, and yet I did not adequately prepare myself for it, not this soon. Still, I read on through the knife in my heart! (That is how much I love you. Just saying.) All joking aside, Lily's story here is beautiful. She feels so different from the two-dimensional woman we see in canon. I love how honest and real she seems, and how she's frightened and confused and - well, you said it, not at all like the perfect creature Snape has built up in his mind for so many years. I love that she's won so many times and has never had the courage to face him, to just tell him the truth. I imagine when she does, it will hurt both of us. (You know I'll sail the S. S. Snily until the day I die.)

Hmm, more information about The Grotta, and other details about the makeup of Cliodna's Clock! (Nerd moment - for some reason, the names you selected really remind me of LOZ: Majora's Mask.) It's so creepy to imagine the Grotta residents cheering on the competition, and I'll bet that they'll be cheering extra loud after losing the battle in life.

I'll be back again soon! :)


Author's Response: Amanda! Squee!

I saw that banner of Susan's! I'd like to get the chance to read that soon. I am so incredibly behind on reading fic. D: There's so much I have to catch up on and other stories I've been meaning to start reading, and blergh. I love that you imagined Johnny Depp as Regulus, by the way, because I imagine him a lot as Sirius in Rachel's "In The Black" and "In The Red" - particularly Jack Sparrow. Whenever I read Rachel's Sirius I usually use Jack Sparrow's voice for him in my head. XD

I feel so bad for you in advance, knowing what a strong Snily shipper you are. ♥ I ship James/Lily with angsty unrequited Severus on the side. :( I know, it's so cruel. The unrequited love is part of what makes his character so beautiful, though, and whenever I write him the tone of my chapter always gets laced with a lot of imagery and it just gets very dreamy - dreamy to the point where it's hard to separate dreams from reality. He's so incredibly fascinating to write, and I do hope you like my portrayal of him here.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!! You are the bee's knees. :)

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Review #10, by shadowycorner 

3rd August 2012:
I'm finding it hard to review this chapter, because it was very poignant and beautiful. The approach you took on Lily's feelings about Snape was nothing short of fantastic. I can totally imagine that she felt this way, because even if Snape's love for her still reduces me to tears, I believe that she only ever truly loved James. Your writing is beautiful. It's also amazing that amidst a story with such a sad and sinister theme, you manage to make me laugh and smile quite a lot. The characters each have a vibe, even the minor ones like Dilys and Regulus. Oh and I just loved Dobby, that was so lovely.

Anyway, I have so many questions. So, Lily won thirteen times...did she visit Harry? And this visit only enables her to watch and be close to someone, not really interact? I'm guessing it's that, because at first I thought this was some very special occasion in the after-life and that during those 24 hours you could also interact with the real world. Oh well. And, the thing the pamphlet said...the participants are narrowed down to the last two finalists and the one who loses is gone forever? I mean, not that your writing is confusing, I think you made everything pretty clear, I just want to make sure I got it right. :)

Loving the story so far!


PS: I also adored the idea of Lily and James leaving presents for each other all over the village and going on scavenger hunts. Such a simple thing and so beautiful.

Author's Response: Hi, again, Liz!

Oh my goodness, the James/Lily/Severus triangle. It's something I wanted to know more about ever since The Prince's Tale in Deathly Hallows. JKR hinted at an afterlife, which means that when Severus died, he most likely ended up in the same place as Lily and James. I was really curious about how that might play out - what they would do if they saw each other, what they might say, etc.

I love being able to use so many characters - even the minor ones like Dilys and Dobby. They help round out the background, I think.

Oooh, good questions! Some of them you will definitely know the answer to later, so I'll keep quiet about those. But as for the tournament - it's a bracket style. Ten people go into the tournament, five people on each team. There will be five rounds. During the first four rounds, people duel against members of their own team, and one member gets eliminated from each team during each round. So by Round Five, they're left with only one person on each team, who go head to head. Winner gets the 24 hours on earth (and their freedoms are a bit restricted, as you'll see), and the loser has their soul extinguished. I hope that cleared it up a bit! I know that it's kind of confusing to hear all at once.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

- Sarah

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Review #11, by teamdobby 

18th July 2012:
This story just gets better and better with the inclusion of so many brilliant characters; Regulus, James, Lily and DOBBY!!

Dobby's character was so accurate and adorable. I also liked your protrayal of Regulus as he's so like Sirius but at the same time he isn't if you know what I mean? :P

I'm really excited for the Race to happen and see what happens between Lily and Severus.

I'll be favouriting this story :D

Author's Response: Thank you for favoriting this story! That means a lot to me. :)

Regulus is becoming one of my favorite characters. I haven't read much fanfiction about him, but what I have seen shows a darker, moodier person, someone who isn't much like Sirius except in looks. I wanted to give him the chance to shine, to be fun. The afterlife is the second chance place, after all, and in the absence of mortality (at least in his case), one can be whoever they want to be.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #12, by Jchrissy 

15th July 2012:
Okay..I wanted to read something else of yours and decided since I was caught up with CoB, and the only novels I'm currently reading are for review requests, In The Red (which I'm almost caught up with woot) and I just started With All Things - that it was time to fit another one in there.

I have a confession... I was laying in bed on my iphone and couldn't stop reading!!! That's why I'm on chapter 3 instead of 1! I promise, from here on out I'll review each and ever chapter as I go, but I was intoxicated! I couldn't stop! The creativity and imagination put into this story is amazing. You could take this and change the names and it would be an OF - it doesn't depend on Harry Potter - it's completely yours. As I'm a huge fan of OF, reading and writing, I have to say that about it so far!

Dobby is so ridiculously cute! Of course Regulus would act like basically royalty..! haha!

So, I probably would have stopped reading if you were going to make Lily confess her fear of seeing Snape because she still loved him or something. I'm a Jily shopper for life, (haha) but I love the way you handled it. It makes perfect sense that she would be nervous about seeing him. What do you say to someone that has turned you into a the picture of perfection? Especially when they went such great distances in their life time because of your memory? Very excited to see how that plays out! And I was ecstatic about the line with her still being married and still being in love with her husband.

It was also very sweet that James was looking for her, it made my heart happy!

I'm excited to meet Sirius! I wonder how Lupin will do? How Tonks will fit into a world that her husband hasn't been part of in years? I'm very interested to see how you handle the change of age, time, everything. Remus was always the more serious one - and now he's lived on earth for so much longer than the others, how will that affect them?

Ahh. Everything about this story is so inventive and wonderfully, beautifully, perfectly written. You have me hooked! Can't wait to get time to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Jami! So awesome to see you over here! :)

Oooh, I /love/ With All Things and In The Red. When you've caught up with In The Red, be sure to read the first book of the trilogy, In The Black. Wonderful novel!

And honestly, do not worry about reviewing every single chapter! I'm happy just to know that you're reading. A lot of my readers only review every other chapter or sometimes with more gaps between, and that's just fine with me. :)

I find the relationships between James, Lily, and Snape fascinating. I like to discuss Severus's love for Lily, and Lily's love for James, and having Severus's love be unrequited. Whatever Lily feels for Severus, it's not the same as what he feels for her. I like to explore all of the gray areas, the knowledge that he loves her and died to be with her in contrast with James's love for Lily and how he died for Lily, as well. I promise that all feelings Severus has for Lily in this story will be unrequited. Lily is very much in love with James!

I also promise that you will meet Sirius, and find out about how Tonks and Lupin fit into all that, and what the afterlife is like for all of them. So, so happy that you're enjoying my story so far! That makes my day. :)

Thank you for reading and for the wonderful review!

- Sarah

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Review #13, by Precious Rin 

14th July 2012:
Lily's character has a depth that I have rarely seen. Too often, she's a carbon copy of the James--a goofball, so in love, etc. I'm glad to see some real depth to her. She's so much more interesting. I love that she is wrestling with her feelings about Severus's death.

Author's Response: The thing about Lily is that we honestly don't know that much about her. We've seen her in Harry's memories and Snape's memories, and very briefly in the Resurrection Stone scene, but that's it. Everything about her personality is hearsay from someone else; I'm taking the freedom of that and running with it, molding her into whoever I please. :)

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Review #14, by maskedmuggle 

11th July 2012:
OH MY GOODNESS, THIS WAS SO GOOD, JUST PURE BRILLIANCE! I am getting more wowed by the sentence. Honestly, your writing is just fantastic. Not only is the idea of this fic just awesome, but you are also executing it with such class! I love how real and fantastic this is. All the characters are just wonderful! It's such a lovely surprise seeing Dobby, seeing Regulus, Bathilda, Dilys all interacting like long-term friends (as they probably are)! and hearing random character names mentioned that make me go OOH!

And Lily and James are so adorable, I love them. I was at first so, so curious and intrigued as to why Lily was hiding from James (I thought it was so fantastic when Bathilda and everyone covered up for her!) As you went on, I had absolutely no idea why she was hiding - and then when the realisation came that it was Snape.. ahh, that moment was just a wonderful delight seriously. SO CANON CHARACTERISATION TOO! Your Lily is brilliant - I love her thoughts, how she doesn't know how to face Severus..

Ooh and the Devil's Duel is starting soon! Through this story, it really feels like it's building up to something big, and it really makes me want to read fast to find out what happens! Just.. really amazing writing - you're very talented, and this is so enjoyable to read :)

Author's Response: EEE! Squeal! Thank you. -bounces around on a cloud-

Originally, one of the things that appealed to me the most about writing this sort of story was the freedom to stick the most random characters in a room together and having it be plausible because they're all connected in the way that they're all dead. Only in the afterlife can founders and the recently deceased and everyone in between mix together like it's as ordinary as anything. I enjoyed playing Dobby and Regulus off one another, and the gossip-y, cordial relationship between Dilys and Bathilda. They feel like such friendly people.

I felt a bit bad for Lily here. I can't imagine how awkward it would be if I found out that my childhood best friend was in love with me, even years and years after my death, and that he was coming to the same place I was. There's such gratitude there but also dread.

Thank you so much for your amazing compliments on my writing! And yep, the Devil's Duel will start soon. I've got ordinary, day-to-day chapters spaced between duels, so there are only two rounds posted, and will be three as of later on today. While the duel is certainly an integral part of the plot, you'll soon see that there is definitely more to the story than that. ;)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by peppersweet 

18th June 2012:
Hey, I like your regulus! he's got a kind of dark humour about him and you can tell he's Sirius' brother. Granted, I have never read much in the way of marauders, but it's a take in him that I've never seen before and I love it.

Loved seeing all those minor characters as well, from all eras - it was a nice light touch in the chapter.

Oh god, that whole bit with lily - that was superb. I'd never even considered how she would feel about the prince's tale...I'm really looking forward to seeing how they reunite now, if they ever do. I do ship lily/sev but only in the unrequited sense and I think their relationship would be really interesting to explore and...gah. I love your lily and your James. I love your everyone. I love this fic to pieces.

Hmm, I wonder if we'll meet anyone from the grotta? I love how this fic already has me anticipating so much and working over so much in my mind...okay, I can't fill these review boxes with fangirling forever but, seriously, Sarah, this fic is absolutely wonderful.

Author's Response: I'm one of those people who likes to talk endlessly about how fascinating Regulus is and how great it would be to read a fic concentrating solely on him, and then I never look up any such fics. I just talk about how sad it is that he's lacking in fan fiction when really I have absolutely no idea how much fan fiction he's in. READING FIC IS TOO MAINSTREAM. But I do like writing him. He's delightfully rude.

Ever since King's Cross and JKR's confirmation that in Potterverse, an afterlife is canon, I was like...but Severus. But Lily. But this means that they're together. With James. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING SHOWN OR EXPLORED. So I was ultra stoked to be able to show all that in my own way, with my leaky pools of angst.


I will deffo confirm that you will see Grotta peeps. That is all I shall say. :3

You are so awesome and you have totally made my day. I'm so excited that you're reading this, eee! ♥ MOCH LOVO FOROVOR~

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Review #16, by Hogwartsishome 

17th June 2012:
I've read all of the first three chapters and I must say this story is looking to be incredibly intriguing.

The plot I believe is absolutely brilliant in itself and although it carries a Hunger Games like feel it is very different and extremely unique. Not only is the basic plot fantastic so far but the minor details that are included seem to have been thoroughly thought out, making for a very well flowing impressive read!

I also think the characterisation of the characters written about so far is superb! Dobby especially stood out for me along with Regulas, Tonks and of course Lily.

So far the whole concept is thrilling and I desperately look forward to reading more. Your writing style is very good and keeps my interest fantastically, the vocabulary is spectacular and I can really picture everything that is described, which is brilliant!

Only problem I have is that the paragraphs are slightly long and I find myself losing track sometimes, but that's merely a personal gripe of mine so I wouldn't take too much notice!

I will definitely continue to read your story, it's like a whole new breath of fresh air! I'm not surprised it is so popular! I do hope the story continues to interest me because if it does this is looking to be a real winner!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thanks for stopping by my story. :) I'm glad you've enjoyed the first three chapters!

Haa yes, I've been told before that there is a Hunger Games vibe. I suppose it's pretty inevitable, since the Huger Games is so popular right now, that reading about a tournament and death will sort of bring that to mind. It's styled more after the Triwizard Tournament, but I don't mind the comparison.

I'm pleased that you like the characterization; I had a lot of fun with this chapter because I could write about minor characters like Bathilda, Dilys, and Regulus and have them all interacting in the same scene.

Yeah, some of the paragraphs are a bit long, but I do that to sort of balance out the shorter paragraphs composed of dialogue.

I hope you continue to like this story, and thank you for your review. :)

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Review #17, by pennyardelle 

17th June 2012:
Okay, so...wow. I don't quite know what to say about this story; it's so different from anything else I've read. I stumbled across it in the recent updates, and thought I'd check it out because I recognized your penname, and the summary sounded interesting. (Plus, yeah, it had James/Lily listed as a ship, so that basically cinched it for me. :P)

I have to admit--the first couple of chapters threw me. I felt kind of disoriented and maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but I don't think that was a bad thing. It just has a unique effect to have all of these characters coming together, many of whom I had never even imagined interacting--and probably never would have, if I hadn't read this. So interesting. And, this might sound strange if it wasn't your intention, but the Devil's Duel thing has a bit of a Hunger Games vibe to it in my mind. That's also really cool, especially because it's done in such an original way.

When Lily was avoiding James, I was confused, but then, when we got to her thoughts about Severus...gah. So much tension right there. If I was a bit adrift and uncertain in the first couple chapters, I'm now completely hooked.

Sorry if this review seems a bit disjointed, but basically, to sum up...incredible!

Author's Response: Hi, pennyardelle! So excited to see you over here!

This story has themes reminiscent of The Hunger Games and the Triwizard Tournament because of the dueling and unavoidable death, both of which have already been done in a hundred different ways in fan fiction before, but what I wanted to bring to the table was an assortment of characters who didn't quite belong together in canon, but who could reasonably interact now because they've all been pooled together in death. I was really excited to be able to have people like Rowena Ravenclaw and Colin Creevey interacting; and admittedly, just about all of my favorite characters were killed off by JKR, so it's nice to imagine a place where they're all carrying along.

Another thing I wanted to do was to describe the aftermath of Severus Snape. We know for a fact that he pretty much gave up an ordinary life in order to love Lily's memory in a way that borders on obsession. So what would happen when he finally died and was thrust in a world where Lily was still with James and still loved him? It would be so awkward and uncomfortable, and I felt an irresistible urge to depict that in my own way.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by firefly910 

14th June 2012:
Loved this chapter!

I love the mix of characters you've included and the fact that you have them all interact with each other. Dobby was of course my favourite. Jumpers and berets, that just made me laugh so much. Regulus was brilliant as well. What I liked was the fact that as a reader I could tell that these characters interacted with each other, it felt very real. And the fact you used characters that other people may not have thought to include was cool.

James and Lily and their scavenger hunts sound seriously adorable!

Ohhh poor Lily. How on earth are you supposed to greet a person who has spent his whole life doing what he was doing because of you? I can just imagine how awkward that meeting would be. 'Ah hey Sev, still kind of married and in love with James but thank you for protecting my son, putting yourself in serious danger and ultimately dying for me' Can't see that going down too well.

Author's Response: Dobby's eternally adorable, for a creature with huge eyes and a snout. I am envisioning him in the afterlife, wearing as many clothes as possible and strutting around with all of his swagger. I like to imagine that all of these characters have a long-established banter, and that they get along so well with each other that they can afford to Petrify each other every now and then and bygones will be bygones. ^ ^

I feel bad for Lily and her sticky situation, but I feel much worse for Severus. He has no idea what he has coming. :(

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #19, by ScarletEye158 

13th June 2012:
This was a great chapter. I like how we get to see into so many different characters minds in this story. They are all from different generations and this story is just so different from others I've read. I'm really starting to fall in love with this story because it has such a air of mystery; like I've been missing out on something for so long because obviously Cliodna's Clock had been around and nobody ever knew about it. Gah, I can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: I think that my favorite part of writing this story is being able to write a wide variety of characters. They're all at different places in their lives, and it's fun to bounce from head to head and talk about what's rattling around in there. I'm so, so pleased with your positive reaction to this story. I put a lot of time and effort into writing it, so it's rewarding to have these sort of reviews reaffirm that I'm doing something right.

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

- Sarah

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Review #20, by marlita1311 

9th June 2012:
another beautifully written chapter..!!!
Lilly and Severus.
you are so talented!

it reminds me somehow of the hunger games..dunno why.

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you liked it. :)

The whole dueling each other thing is kind of Hunger Games-esque. Except only one person dies in the end, and no one literally kills anyone else. The loser just dies a sudden and unavoidable death all on their own, after the tournament is over.

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by Lady Mouldywart 

2nd June 2012:

I am so in love with this story that that's all I can express right now.

Author's Response: Yayy!! That is fantastic to hear. :)

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Review #22, by LittleWelshGirl99 

31st May 2012:
It's such a thought provoking scene at the beginning of this chapter, and I love seeing such different characters all sitting together. Dobby and Regulus's banter is just awesome :D. I can't wait to see Sirius and Regulus's interactions too!

Gosh, that's such an interesting thought iwth the whole Lily/Snape thing. It must be so awkward for them both now, both literally stuck in the same village forever and ever...! And so hard for James too. So excited to see what happens with this!

It's also the SWEETEST thing that Lily does, competing in the Devil's Duel every year to see Harry, to make sure he's okay.

This story is too good.
-LWG x

Author's Response: Dobby and Regulus were so much fun to write together. And I can promise you that you will see Sirius and Regulus together some time in the future. :3

The deal with James/Lily/Severus is not a comfortable one. I definitely would not want to be Lily. I think she was okay with Severus's love so long as he loved her from afar; now that he's actually there, in the same village, things just got real so to speak.

Lily's very sweet for wanting to see Harry. You will find, however, that her desire to see him - and therefore desire to win the tournament - has taken over her life a bit.

Thank you so much for reading and for these lovely reviews. :)

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Review #23, by forsakenphoenix 

30th May 2012:
LOL, is Dobby seriously wearing an orange sweater with a pinstriped beret? Oh my gosh, I love Regulus. He is fabulous. All snooty and taunting Dobby. But I can't help but adore your characterization of him, so amusing. Him shaking his head a like a dog? Hm, seems a bit like Sirius, no? :P Speaking of Sirius, I can't wait to meet him! Considering he's your favorite, I'm really curious to see your interpretation of his character and I'm sure I'll love him.

Poor Lily. I had a feeling her melancholy and subsequent avoidance of James had to do with Severus's arrival, and I was right. Her reflections throughout the chapter were so well-thought out and well-written. I especially like the part where you talked about how Snape sort of put Lily up on a pedestal and she realizes she doesn't belong up there.

We don't see them interact at all, but I can tell I'm going to love your Lily and James, just from what I've read. His obvious concern for her is endearing and gah, they're one of my OTPs and I love them so much. I can't wait to read more of them from you.

Everything about this story is perfect. Your characters are wonderful, charming, and quirky. You descriptions are phenomenal and so exceptionally well-written, I can practically picture everything. The small details you write in, like Amelia Bones's garden shed moving like the staircases in Hogwarts - it's all these details that bring this place to life. Such a fantastic job. This story is excellent, and I'm really kicking myself that I didn't have the time to start reading it sooner.

Author's Response: Dobby! I love Dobby. I'm imagining that he just skips around Cliodna's Clock, basking in his freedom and being considered an equal by his new peers. Regulus is quickly becoming a favorite of mine to write. Haha, the shaking his head like a dog was intentional. In fanfic, Regulus and Sirius are so often written as polar opposites that I wanted to try something new and make them similar.

As for Sirius, I've got to warn you that my interpretation of him in this story is different than it would have been had this story taken place while he was still alive. The afterlife has changed Sirius, and made him a bit delusional. I'll just say that he wishes he could go back to happier times from his youth, and sometimes that shows. So while he's not /quite/ the same as he is in canon, I did my best to explore how he might be if he were placed in this situation.

I had never written Lily/James before this story, but I find that I'm enjoying it. Lily is another person who has been changed by the afterlife. You'll see more about how death has affected her in future chapters.

Eee, your praise is so flattering! And so encouraging - I feel like dashing off to my word document and writing more fic. I might just do that. ^ ^

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope you like the rest. :)

- Sarah

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Review #24, by bluestar 

23rd May 2012:
BACK ON EARTH? That's.unthinkable. Yet, in plain sight.

Author's Response: We always want what we can't have. For the dead, that means mixing with the living.

Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #25, by justonemorefic 

7th May 2012:
STOP TEASING DOBBY REG. OMG WHAT HAS DOBBY DONE TO YOUU. I hope Dobby bites his finger. I hope it hurts more in Deathland.

I don't know how you do it but I have already started making up accents for people and I can hear them in my head. You have put voices into my head, Sarah.

Awww HAPPY DOBBY IS SO HAPPY AFTER HE DIED. asdfhl feels. Dilys subtly shot Petrificus Totalus at him. Stiff as a board, the man keeled backwards off his stool and hit the floor. His eyes, large and surprised, didnít blink. YEAH SHUT UP REG, though I love him I really do. I love everyone. AND DOBBY MENTALLY BURNING REGULUS. Dobby thought to himself that Regulus must have made a rather pathetic spy.

Aww James + Lily scavenger cute. AND OH. OH MY GOD IT JUST HIT ME RIGHT BEFORE I STARTED READING THE PARAGRAPH. SNAPE. And omg the perf way to tell this: No, Albus Dumbledore had made it perfectly clear over a cup of tea and a dish of scones with raspberry jam, smiling just as nice as you please, that Severus had, in fact, done everything for Lily.

Omg omg omg omg I AM SO EXCITED Because I LOVE how you're handling this. Because that is EXACTLY how I imagine afterlife Lily to react. Like Er, thanks for loving me all this time and you died for me and what's past is past but uh. Uh. Uh. AND THIS: Lily in the flesh would never match up to the Lily of his memory, especially not when heíd spent the past sixteen years turning her into a shrine. I love that you address that.

And she's won THIRTEEN TIMES? HOLY. You are an awesome lady. But omg, second best loses THESE ARE TERRIBLE RULES D: WHY, ILLOGICAL WIZARD RULES, WHY.

♥ excite :3 :3

Author's Response: GINAAA ♥

Reg is so r00d but Dobby doesn't take any crap from him *insert Z snap here*

I want to hear these accents. And pshh Gina you've always had voices in your head. Don't even pretend. No but seriously I always have accents in my head as well. Whenever I'm reading Janechel's Sneth story, I imagine Sirius's voice as Captain Jack Sparrow. No matter what he's talking about, he always sounds tipsy.


Albus Dumbledore giving life-changing news over tea and scones. nbd. Reminds me of McGonagall calling Harry to her office and then demanding that he have a biscuit. EAT IT NOW. I WANT TO WATCH YOU EAT THIS BISCUIT.

There's no way almost seventeen years could pass from the time of Lily's death to the time of Snape's death and her image still be realistic in his mind. Like, him dying for her son and still having her Patronus as his Patronus and just the way that his love for her /consumed his life/ - it's just...there's no way he didn't tinker with his memory of her. She's not a real person anymore, he's warped her until she's /become/ who he wants her to be. It's safer than trying to love someone alive because living people can reject him. Dr. Drew would have many opinions on this.

THIRTEEN TIMES, WHAT UP. The rules are so awful amirite. Why do I write these things. I'll pretend it's one of Umbridge's decrees ~shifts the blame~


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