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Review #1, by grednforge217 

2nd June 2014:
Poor Lucy! I always feel so awful for her. I am excited that Hilarion is finally paying attention to her, finally falling in love with her, but I'm just so annoyed with him! Ugh. I would hate to feel like I was somebody's second choice. Excellent chapter, as ever. They feel so real!

Author's Response: Hilarion needs a good kick in the butt! He's too obtuse about who he really loves. Poor Lucy! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #2, by Fawkes394 

21st January 2013:
Oh! Poor Lucy, I should had known she would react that way... She's completely right, what Hilarion did was really stupid even if he tough it wasn't a bad thing... Perry and Roxanne do make a really good couple, and OMG, Perry's name! Haha, I've been waiting so long to know his actual name, it was completely worth it! Haha, Peregrine Chilcott is almost worse than Scorpius Hyperion.

Author's Response: She really took it badly, didn't she? Poor thing. Hilarion knew it was dumb but didn't think of it in the terms that Lucy did. Such a mess! Yes, Perry's real name, haha... Ah, it isn't as bad as Scorpius Hyperion, I think, but it's probably on par with Hilarion. Although now all those names have grown on me! lol. Thank you for the review!

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Review #3, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

10th August 2012:
Oh, I hate when that happens! You go to tell someone about how you feel and expect them to understand and feel with you or for you, but nuuu, they want to be the opposite of how you feel, and just frustrating and you end up being like, forget it, I'll see you later. It's discouraging and irritating, and makes you feel like an idiot for it. I only love Lucy even more for this chapter, honestly.

Author's Response: Poor guy! He got blindsided there, he didn't get what Lucy was feeling until it was too late. I know what you mean - it is discouraging and annoying. Totally. Thank you for the review!

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Review #4, by Giola 

11th April 2012:
This chapter, as per usual, was awesome. I actually read halfway through it a while ago on the train, then got interrupted, and sadly it's taken me this long to come back. I've been feeling so guilty about it, you have no idea!

I'm glad I HAVE come back to finish, because quite honestly, this story and your characters have come to life in my mind. Particularly Lucy, she seems so real, and not at all perfect, which is just what you want.

I love how you built up Hilarion's confession to Lucy, that was perfectly done. Despite knowing that he'd tell her, and knowing Lucy well enough to realise that she wouldn't take it well, I couldn't help but cross my fingers. Great writing.

I loved the scene with Roxanne and Perry, and yet more hints on Roxanne's song ;) I really do love that you have musicians as characters, I find that's something largely forgotten in the magical world (and, except for the odd 'pop star goes to Hogwarts' thing, largely ignored by fanfic), and it's great to see someone work it in realistically.

Once again, your writing is flawless, and I just want to keep reading on and on. It's so easy to read, and I have great images in my mind of each scene. You have no idea how much I'll miss this story when I finish the next two chapters!


Author's Response: Oh, the "pop star goes to Hogwarts" plot, you know how I hate that ;) These musicians are much more normal - not stars at all, just working blokes trying to make rent like everyone else. More flamboyantly, maybe, but still. I love a musician, probably because I'm a dancer haha.

Poor Hilarion, that conversation didn't go at all the way he'd thought it would. And poor Lucy having her hopes dashed like that. They really need to talk it out.

I'm glad you're enjoying Lucy, cause I worried at first about her, she's the most average of all the characters I guess you'd say. Although Perry's almost the same. Then there's Roxanne the intrepid reporter and Hilarion, the David Beckham of Quidditch ;)

Thanks so much for coming back and reading! And especially thanks for reviewing. I hope you get a chance to finish it :) Let me know what you think of the last two chapters if/when you do read them. And there's a new Rose story I'm working on now that this is done!

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Review #5, by Jet LaBarge 

28th March 2012:
Delightful story, and finish.
I notice the care with which you set up how betrayed Lucy felt. It was not only her natural reaction to Hilarion's not telling the truth but also a reaction Dominique's problems.
The scene where Hilarion tries to tell Lucy how he had broken up with Roxanne and even then he doesn't really realize that he wants Lucy, and only realizes it when he botches it and gets home. And of course the old woman shooing Hilarion away so he is intimidated from going back.
Of course he realizes that he does want Lucy "that badly," but for all that he is a big Quidditch star he has no self-confidence with women, no confidence that he can ever make it right with Lucy.
Delicious torture. And of course you did a great job of milking the finish, drawing out the agony.
Loved the finale, and the epilogues.
The quotes from Cyrano were fantastic, and the last one was the best! Good enough that I told my wife I needed to see the original play. Somehow I've missed the original, and with quotes like the ones you have given us it is obvious that the original is worth searching out.
Thank you!

Author's Response: Dominique's divorce definitely factored into Lucy's sense of betrayal. She perceived him as a liar just like Dom's ex, and had to take time to separate the two.

I'm glad you liked the scene with Hilarion botching utterly his attempt to confess all to Lucy. He does lack confidence, despite his Quidditch fame (and handsomeness fame). Delicious torture is exactly how I think of it ;) Who doesn't love a bit of angst in their romance now and then?

Cyrano is AMAZING. If you can see it in the original French, it's totally worth it (there's a film version with Gérard Dépardieu that is incredible), but it's a wonderful play in any language. So witty. So many wonderful moments.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I really appreciate it, it made my day :)

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Review #6, by justonemorefic 

24th March 2012:
Aww, the sparks talk! I could listen to Lucy and Hilarion talk all day. All the sparks~

Omg nooo ;A; Don't fight. All this talk about chucking and lies and nooo why did you use the friend word Hilarion? -shakes them both- I can totally feel Hilarion's frustration (especially, since I imagine, how hard it must be for him to explain himself, not being a wordsmith like Perry), and especially how it's going so circularly.

AWWW AND THEN BEING NUDGED ASIDE BY AN OLD LADY. Hilarion you poor bb ;A; you just aren't good with the words. Drowning in butterbeer.

Heee Perry's friends. I would totally be like them, with the winks and nudge nudges. I love them all. It led to me singing in your band, you git, Lina said dryly.

AHA PEREGRINE CHILCOTT. Oh man that is worse than Percival. Oh Perry, trying to be all cool. You will not last. Not with Roxy's deadly 'Oh dears'. They already make me gag in schmoopiness, I love it.

Lucy ;A; You need to go do your big end-of-the-fic mad dash across town into Hilarion's arms. RIGHT NOW.

Author's Response: It's fun to see which couple is the #1 for readers. You seem to be a Hilarion/Lucy girl, where others are Roxanne/Perry all the way. I totally ship both, of course, but I love seeing which one comes out on top for readers. It's like a glimpse into their own personalities.

It is hard for Hilarion to explain himself, cause he's not a talkative kind of guy, and when his emotions are involved or he's under pressure, it's even harder for him to find the right words.

Ahahaha. Yes, that is Perry's full name. Poor guy. I couldn't resist. He's such a Perry, but I had to give him a crazy full name XD so much fun.

No mad dashes! Lucy needs someone to do a mad dash for her. It's more meaningful to her. In my head that makes sense, so hopefully it does to you too. She needs someone to want her enough to chase her down.

Anyhoo, thank you so much for the review!

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Review #7, by Georgia Weasley 

5th March 2012:
I sorta love Lucy. She's the most realistic character of all of them. She's not gorgeous and flirtatious like Roxanne. She's not famous or talented in Quidditch like Hilarion. She's not artistic and witty like Perry. She's a simple, sweet girl like so many others, waiting to be noticed for all the good things she is. Her heartbreak is written so well, and her confusion at how things have turned out is pure genius. My favorite part, though, is her sister turning up to hold her hand. That just gets right to my heart. So beautifully done, girl. Love this story. ~GW

Author's Response: I like adding in the sister-bond between Molly and Lucy. I always like showing characters that are normally written as teenagers in their adult years - it's nice to see siblings not hating each other like they always seem to on the archive. Teenagers are so hormonal ;)

Lucy is definitely the average Joe in this group, but probably the best person in the lot. She's just an all-around nice girl. Poor thing, she'll be all right in the end - you know I love a happily-ever-after. Thanks so much for reviewing! *hugs*

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Review #8, by notreallyblonde44 

5th March 2012:
Me again :)

Awww, poor Lucy! I not sure if I identify with her necessarily, but I feel so bad for her! And Hilarion, who is not a bad guy, but is getting so much flack because he didn't think before he opened his mouth. I saw your response to the other reviewer, and foaihourgaguih 2 more chapters?! I don't want to think about the end of this story, I'm so hooked on it...I'll probably have to read it a few times once its all done to get my fix ;)

Yes, I know, I'm fangirling so hard. Anyways, I think I like Roxanne the most in this chapter. She's finally over being deluded and superficial, to an extent, and I'm biased because my boyfriend is a songwriter and I like to be a writer one day. So her and Perry are very adorable and well-suited for one another :P I'm glad they are both happy and that we got to see that.

Now I'm anticipating Hillucy action for the win! It must be so weird for Lucy to see Perry and Roxanne act as if they don't seem to mind at all about Hilarion's action, when Lucy seems so impacted. She's bound to be confused and throwing in Molly at the end, aw very nice sisterly touch. I love this story. That is all. I don't think I've ever reviewed more than once on any story on here (that was unrelated to a review thread), so cheers!


Author's Response: Hiya! Poor Lucy, I know. She was getting her hopes up and then dashed spectacularly. Definitely not a good day for her. And Hilarion really isn't a bad guy, just a bit dim and doesn't think things through. Roxanne is growing up, yes, less superficial and self-deluded, and now able to move on with her grown-up life. I think the whole thing with her crazy crush on Hilarion when she hadn't met him and idealizing a future relationship with him stems directly from her ex-fiance who left her at the altar - that failed relationship. Y'know?

Anyway, I'm so glad you loved it, and thank you so much for the wonderful review! And I'm greatly honored that you reviewed multiple chapters in my story :)

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Review #9, by blaaa 

4th March 2012:
aaw, poor lucy:( hope everything turns better soon:)

Author's Response: Don't worry - I love a happy ending ;) There are two chapters left, so hang in there! Thank you for reviewing!

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