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Review #1, by Marshal 

4th April 2017:
Ooo the chapter where Carlotta learns about magic - so interesting. I love how James doesn't want to obliviate her. It is sweet and shows how he is already probably liking her more than he should/more than he realizes himself. I also wonder why Carlotta showed up unannounced and used his spare key or how she knew about his spare key.

Also slightly random question but why would James be using the door at all if he can simply apparate into his home like he did in this chapter. Sorry I feel like I keep poking holes here and there and I'm not meaning to, of course I could be off base and be missing something from an earlier chapter. If that is the case pay me no mind with my questions.

Anyway I know based on future chapters that Carlotta will not be oblivated but I wonder how that will be worked out but I guess that falls to me to continue to read and see what happens.

Also I did enjoy the on going theme of don't tell so and so that you had running. SO many secrets, they are bound to be found out and then I predict DRAMA! Yep because tension/drama is certainly a thing - not a bad thing mind but a thing. It works, it keeps people reading.

Author's Response: There's times when James needs to travel home by Muggle methods so he'd need to use his door. If he's going home from somewhere he can disapparate from then he can apparate straight into his place, but if he's in the middle of Muggle London then he at least needs to go to somewhere that he can disapparate from, so he may as well use the door.

Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by adluvshp 

4th April 2017:
here for slytherin.

Ooh Carla found out about magic! The panic of the situation came through the narrative very well. Her reaction and asking James not to hurt her was spot on, and then James trying to be soothing but failing. And then finally her running out. He broke the statute of secrecy! Him running to Lily and Brie made sense, and the way they were trying to think of ways to combat the situation was believable. Of course James doesn't even know her last name let alone her address. What a tricky situation!

It is heartwrenching to think that she could be obliviated though. and especially regarding the cooking stuff. James has started to care for her too, it's easily seen so good Job there. I really liked how the emotions were coming through here subtly.

And yay rose and scorpius! i love that pairing so i am glad that got thrown in here. A secret for a secret actually!! I hope James is able to follow his advice though - things better work out for him and clara as well as rose and scorpius, and hope Albus comes around.

Overall, this was a difficult chapter to tackle as it's a crucial point in the story but you did a good Job out of it. Carla's reaction, the confusion and the chaos, and the frustration James is feeling all was woven together nicely, and builds up really well to the next chapter.

great work


Author's Response: It was actually quite hard to write the Carlotta/James scene at the start of this chapter. When people are shocked and scared they don't act rationally, and so it was a case of trying to find the balance between a stunned shock and scared shouting. It was fun to write though, even if poor Carla's terrified and James is in a bit of a pickle.

I couldn't resist throwing in a bit of Scorose! Love a secret relationship here and there. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #3, by onestop_hpfan18 

30th July 2016:
I surprised that Brie and Rose didn't read further into James not wanting Carlotta's mind obliviated. James has some thinking to do about how he feels about Carlotta before he goes making any rash decisions. If he wants a relationship with her and can somehow explain his way back into her life, then an Obliviator won't be needed. I hope he can get Carlotta to at least listen to him in the next chapter or so. I need some closure on this conflict before my brain explodes from all this suspense.

Author's Response: Yeah, James should definitely have had Carlotta's mind wiped, and the fact that he didn't want to says a lot about how he feels about someone who he's not meant to be serious about. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by LavenderBlue 

18th May 2014:
Poor Carlotta. D: It's so sad that her automatic reaction to James is fear, but then, if I were in her shoes and discovered a bunch of nutzo stuff in the flat, followed by James Apparating out of thin air and brandishing a wand, I'd probably be scared to death, too.

This is hurting my heart, all this talk of Obliviating. Looking back, it seems almost inevitable that it would come to this. After all, James isn't very careful and Carlotta is quite clever. All the same, I don't think Brigid is exactly right when she claims that wiping James from Carla's memory won't have any adverse affect on him.

At least, for all his propensity toward arrogance, James isn't big-headed enough to think he can fix the situation alone. I think it speaks volumes that he's willing to go to Brigid and Rose for advice. Even though he doesn't TAKE that advice... That seems to be an emerging theme with James: he starts out with the best of intentions but somehow manages to fumble them into something else. And it's a flaw, but it's a very intriguing flaw that doesn't in any way diminish my empathy for him as a character.

And omg, right when I'm in the middle of all this sad concern, there is a SCOROSE MOMENT. Yess. I love that little glimpse of adorbz even in the midst of all the madness. I only hope that James can track Carlotta down and that drama doesn't ensue. But maybe a secret part of me is hoping that it WILL. >:]

Wonderful, wonderful read!

Author's Response: I really had to put myself into Carlotta's shoes to write this, because it's actually hard to imagine just how much this sort of situation would completely FREAK someone out. And it was horrible, to be honest. As much as we all sit there and go "I'd love to be able to live in the wizarding world", if this were to actually happen to me in real life ... yeah, I'd be scared as hell.

I hope it's becoming clear that underneath, James really isn't cocky at all. He knows his abilities but he also knows his limits - I don't think Harry and Ginny would let their kids become big-headed, for a start! This situation is so BIG that he obviously needs help to fix it, he can't manage it himself. It's just, he doesn't want the only help available to him, because, y'know, memory charms. Nasty business. That's what happens when you break the Statute!

Scorose indeed. :) Will there be drama? I couldn't possibly say... thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by slytherinchica08 

15th March 2014:
So I got about halfway done with this chapter before sleep called to me and I had to put down the computer for the night. This chapter was so well done (as have all the other chapters) but I can honestly say I really loved seeing who James' support system is. Knowing who he first wanted to go to and who he doesn't want to know about the issue says a lot about him and his family/friends. I feel really bad for him honestly. He really doesn't want to have her lose her memory and the fact that its partially because she has cracked some new recipes while at his places says a lot for his character and his development already. It adds this completely new side to him that we really haven't seen and really makes me hope for him and Carlotta to get together soon! I hope that he can figure out what to do and hopefully he wont have to do anything too crazy to either get her to understand or to at least keep her quite. I'm really pulling for the two of them so I will be rather sad until things can get fixed between the two. Great Job!


Author's Response: Oh noes, bad time to burn out! I admire your dedication though, and appreciate it a lot as well :) James does have a fairly large support system, which means he can pick and choose who to go to given the situation - so he can avoid people who he knows will tell him he's an idiot! Except, they all do in the end. Poor James. It's a horrible situation to be in - I mean, removing someone's memories is pretty drastic. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Slide 

18th May 2012:
Poor Carla. Poor James. But he's going to have to get responsible, for her as well as the Secrets of the Wizarding World. Though it's a very natural reaction to want to do an ostrich impression until the problem goes away, especially for someone like James, to whom responsibility does not come naturally! Alas, the women in his life (other than Lily) are probably not the best people to go to for help. Because I guess he KNOWS they're right, but he doesn't need TELLING what to do, he needs COAXING.

That said, it's not as if Rose or Brie are wrong to be verbally clipping him around the ear. And Obliviating sounds HORRID, I mean it also sounds NECESSARY and in some cases it's probably got to be the safest, most sensible answer for all involved, but I can totally believe wizards get Obliviate-happy.

Many laughs at Scorpius' appearance. If nothing else, the fact he didn't say anything (presumably since Rose ushered him the hell out before he could) makes me like to think she prefers him to just stand there and look pretty and stay silent!

Author's Response: Poor James indeed! Yeah, he's going to have to take some responsibility for what he's done here. The ideal person to go to would, naturally, be Ginny because once she'd gotten over the whole "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" thing she'd handle it perfectly fine. But he's hardly going to go to his mother and let her tell him off. Instead he goes to the people who he hopes will deal with it FOR him so that he doesn't have to do it himself...

I didn't realise just how horrible wiping someone's memories was until I started writing this!

HAHA yes. All Scorpius was doing was standing in his pants all night so she could ogle him.

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Review #7, by claire 

3rd March 2012:
ive literally been waiting for your update for like. ages.
i think we REALLY see how carlotta's no longer just some random muggle girl that james is shagging.
because if she was, then he'd have her obliviated but the fact that he's so adamant against that REALLY REALLY says something about their "relationship".
if james and harry's relationship is already bad (which im wondering why it became like that in the first place...) then this is NOT going to be good when harry finds out his son broke the statue of secrecy, though it might be a bonding experience if james starts to develop strong feelings for carlotta which i suspect is coming up in the near future.
the thing is i don't think carlotta's going to tell anyone but it's so problematic!

ah cant wait for ur next update (:

Author's Response: Yeah, James does like her a bit more than he should. Not that he realises though, because he is a daft fool. Hehe :) Next update should come soon, thank you for reviewing!

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Review #8, by ashleym15 

2nd March 2012:
niceee :) awhhh i feel so bad for carlotta

Author's Response: Same ... I keep thinking to myself as I'm writing, just how awful must it be for poor old her? She must be terrified! I'm a cruel author, haha. Thanks for reviewing!

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