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Reading Reviews for Run, Chapter 2: Like Dreaming
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Review #1, by slytherinchica08 

7th February 2015:
Ok so you can't do this to me, like seriously, this chapter is even better than the previous one! I'm practically a pile of mush right now absolutely in love with this story and your story telling abilities and its only chapter two! I know that you apologize for the repetitiveness of this chapter, but honestly this chapter didn't seem repetitive to me at all! I mean yeah we had to explain that Remus and Tonks are dead like we had to with Fred and Colin but honestly if you didnt, it wouldn't be realistic at all! Besides that, you did it in a completely different way then with Fred and Colin.

I loved that we got to see Crabbe in this chapter as well because in the first chapter it made me believe that Cliodna's Clock was a place for those on the light side and that the Grotta was a place for those on the dark, but clearly that's not the case if Crabbe is destined to go to Cliodna's Clock. And I loved the fact that you mentioned his burn marks but yet at the time of them noticing his marks, they were already disappearing before his eyes. It also helped us as readers know at what point during the war we are at. Another amazing detail that you added into this chapter, is the fact that Remus disappears and comes back a while later explaining that Harry needed him. I love the concept that while they visit the real world, they disappear from the afterlife so its not like they are in two places either.

I also loved that we changed out the attendant as well. It was really fun to see someone who looked very young and the way that she handled the newcomers as well. Plus she was also a great way to explain stuff to your readers which you took full advantage of and continued to give us information to understand the world that you have created for an afterlife. Its sad to think that they are still "alive" so to speak but yet there is this race coming up in which the loser will cease to exist and no longer have an afterlife to really be alive in any more. It's a very interesting concept and it really made me think a lot and continued to pull my interest into this story and wonder what exactly this race is going to be like and who is going to enter and what will happen during it.

This story is set up so brilliantly and even though I've only read the first two chapters, I have found myself already beginning to wonder more about this story and what journey it will take me on. You've set this story up so well and have already given your readers a lot of information without overwhelming us as well as there still being a lot that we don't know about. Basically what I'm trying to say is that you've given us enough information to wet our appetite for this story and have managed to at least hooked me into wanting to find out more about this afterlife and what this is going to mean for some of my favorite characters that you are breathing life into once more. Great Job!


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Review #2, by patronus_charm 

30th January 2015:
Hey there! Second chapter in, and I really love this story! I'm sorry if I won't be able to review every chapter and that my reviews will probably be really short and terrible as I never have any free time, but hey ho. :P

This chapter brought me so close to tears! I love Ronks so much and you wrote them so perfectly! Tonks was amazing with the way she wanted Remus to be alive so someone would care for Teddy, as you could really sense her pain and grief for losing him, but them there was that selfish bit to her too which wanted to keep him here. They were still so love and just knew each other so well it was perfect! ♥

I really liked how you included that bit about him being called back to life by Harry too and that's why he disappeared as that was cool.

Bless Remus with the way he still had it in his heart to be kind to Crabbe and feel sorry that he was here despite the fact Crabbe was always vile and they were fighting against one another. It just shows what a good person he is.

A fab chapter! ♥

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Review #3, by LiveBreatheNeedHP 

11th December 2014:
I really enjoyed this chapter! Not redundant at all, because I think the relationship between Tonks and Remus has been really cutely and well written, so good job. Really looking forward to seeing what will happen to Crabbe and what the story is with this changing station attendant, if there is a story. Really good chapter lengths by the way. Not too short, not too long. Such good writing, loving this a lot :)

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Review #4, by Karou_Marauder 

6th October 2014:
Aha! Some more information on the races! Gosh, imagine that...dying after death...ouch.

I'm glad Crabbe gets to go the Cliodna's Clock. It shows he wasn't truly evil (if my guesses about the Grotta are right) and just followed what everyone else did. Or maybe there's a rule about under-18s or something?

"Don't make any friends." Ooh...


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Review #5, by findingalways 

26th June 2014:
Hiya, again!

This was an excellent second chapter and I truly do not mind that there was some redundancy because it simply further sets up the story and it was needed for the Lupins, after all.

Tonks and Lupin are in my top five favorite ships, and I think you captured their interesting relationship perfectly. Their emotions were great and I loved the way all they could hardly think about was Teddy - very parental. I simply adored their relationship and how much they explained about what happened pre-death, as well as Remus leaving when Harry called him back with the Resurrection Stone, that was a very nice touch. Their relationship consisted of both a lot of arguing and a lot of love and you were seriously spot on, great job.

Crabbe is still just as unpleasant as he was in the books, great job. He's just so rude!

The girl who told them about the races was quite peculiar, I liked her.

I can not wait for the races to begin! It's such an original and exciting idea that I can not wait to read!

Phenomenal job, 10/10.

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Review #6, by StoryWebber 

9th April 2014:
I wish I could leave you a hundred reviews, this story's that good!

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Review #7, by black_pawprints 

5th March 2014:
I'm very intrigued by this entire premise! I like that Crabbe doesn't go to the Grotto. Is Dumbledore here? And of course, what are these various ships? Very exciting.

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Review #8, by weasleyswifuu 

24th September 2013:
Omg, I am already amazed at the emotion played in Tonks and Lupin's characters. I started to cry while reading it. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters. Also, sorry about the people who can't make up their own stories. They cannot take your talent if you continue to write amazingly. Great job!

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Review #9, by soliloquy 

27th June 2013:
Wah. I literally got super teary-eyed just now. I was devastated when I read that the Tonks and Remus were dead in the seventh book, and it devastates me again to have it repeated.

The worries...I love how you've framed their relationship as bickering and lovely and real. I just...gah. Too many emotions right now. I love how they're together and they love it, but they also hate it because they're away from their child -- but isn't that real relationships, too? When you're glad to be just with your significant other but all the while missing the child?

I don't have a child but that's what people tell me, anyway. That there's always this sort of selfish piece of you that's conflicted -- that you want one thing, but also the other, but life is that you can't have both.

Oh, the Lupins. i want to give them a big hug. Again, your details are spectacular. I love the details explained to them and everything having to do with the water and how they cross and the bit with the resurrection stone.

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Review #10, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

25th January 2013:
I loved it! Although there were some similarities to the first chapter, I'm glad it was completely different in its own way.

Emotions filled me when Tonks was thinking about Teddy. I just wanted to cry.

You're an amazing writer! You use a great amount of detail, and it's unbelievable. Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: Poor Tonks. :( The moment she realized that she was gone forever, and could no longer be with Teddy, was so hard for me to write. Eee! So glad you liked all the detail!

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Review #11, by HarrietHopkirk 

3rd January 2013:
" But at the same time, there was a stab of aching loneliness, of being faced with the prospect that she was in the middle of open sea in a place too tangible to be imagined, all alone."

I loved that bit, but mostly I really enjoyed the introduction of Tonks and Remus (well, I say 'enjoyed', but I really mean 'got emotional about'). How they kept highlighting how Teddy was all alone now - gahhh stahp. I just thinking kept thinking of how we first met Tonks and all her stories and falling in love with Remus. Made me very emotional.

Even that description of Crabbe and his memory of the fire - it was so beautiful it almost made me feel for the guy, but then I stopped myself.

Author's Response: I love how Tonks wears her heart on her sleeve. She knows what she wants and she just goes for it. I'm glad Remus got to experience love before death, too, even if their time together on earth was so short. But that's what the afterlife is for! Also because I just can't let go and didn't get enough closure with these characters. So here I am trying to give them that.

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Review #12, by ginny_malfoy1231 

12th December 2012:
Awww, this is so sad :( i

Author's Response: :( Aww, sorry! Hope you liked it! Thanks for reading.

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Review #13, by rhysus2008 

18th November 2012:
Hmmm... so far, I'm still undecided about whether I like this or not. Don't get me wrong, it's well written, very original and potentially I could really like this. I'm not sure about that whole races thing... but that'll probably grow on me.

I'm definitely intrigued, and as long as I'm intrigued, you've got a reader in me.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review. As it's only chapter two, making a decision now might be restrictive for you, and you won't give yourself the chance to enjoy it later on. I worked very hard to make this story original, and the Devil's Duel chapters are generally everyone's favorites. If you get that far, I hope you like them. :)

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Review #14, by bob 

18th October 2012:
Hm. the races. seems suspicious..

Author's Response: The races are a bit murky. You'll see more of what I mean later. :3

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Review #15, by CambAngst 

24th September 2012:
You are an exceedingly clever and gifted storyteller! Some of what I thought I knew at the end of the last chapter was affirmed, some of it was tweaked a bit and some of it was refuted outright. Through it all, this stunningly detailed writing style of yours shone through.

The way that you threw Tonks into the deep end -- quite literally -- of things seemed like an apt way to find yourself entering the afterlife. There was so much struggle and confusion. She's trying to find the surface. Remus is there and then he isn't. Suddenly Crabbe is threatening to drown her. Through it all, she is consumed with her worries for Teddy. It was a very gripping scene and also very easy to connect with emotionally.

I really liked the way that you handled Remus's visit to the forest with Harry and the others. That one came as a complete surprise when he explained it to her, but it made for a really nice connection to the story as well as a great way for the dead folks to get a bit more information about what was happening in the world of the living.

Your characterization of the Lupins' relationship was great. The way that they talk at one another. The way that they pretend to have an argument of substance when in truth they love one another too much to be truly angry... it was spot-on. And the decision that Remus makes in life that he must follow her because he can't go on without her was perfect characterization for him.

Poor Crabbe. OK, I don't really feel badly for him, but why do I get the feeling that he's being set up to die twice in the span of a month? Never mind. He really deserves no less.

I find myself feeling really intrigued by the significance of the station attendants. Is there a difference between the man from the previous chapter and the young woman from this one?

Overall, still superbly written. You have quite a knack for drawing people in. I'm honestly surprised that this story has so many reviews. That isn't at all because it doesn't deserve them, either. I'm surprised that so many people could stop reading for long enough to write anything down! Til next time...

Author's Response: Eee, thank you!

The Lupins have become my favorite pairing to write about, I think, because they haven't been romanticized as much as a lot of other pairings (like Lily and James, for example). They're an odd couple. A lot of people don't like them because they don't think Tonks and Remus have anything in common, and because of the age gap, etc. But I think they're perfect for each other so I used this story to stand on my soapbox and shout about that. XD

I tried to feel bad for Crabbe in this chapter, I really did. I wanted to be unbiased, but can't really get over him trying to murder Harry, Ron, and Hermione with Fiendfyre. I think he deserves all the confusion he felt here, all the terror of going somewhere alien.

I'm so flattered by what you said about being surprised people could stop long enough to leave a review! Thank you so much - I can't tell you how appreciative I am to hear such a wonderful thing. Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #16, by shadowycorner 

3rd August 2012:
I knew I would probably end up crying, reading this story. I just didn't know it would come so soon. Reading Remus and Tonks struggle with the fact they both died on their son was heartbreaking. I will NEVER get over that, or over Fred, either.

The idea is incredible, though. I had shivers just reading the summary. Your descriptions are wonderful and the flow is good. Also, the two 'post-death clerks' are really funny in a black humor kind of way.

I can't wait to read more of this story.

Author's Response: Hi, shadowycorner! Thank you for stopping by my story with these lovely reviews. :)

If I could change one thing about the Harry Potter books, it would be that both Tonks and Remus died, making Teddy an orphan. It's just so sad that he lost both parents, and at such a young age that he won't be able to remember them.

Eeep, I must say I'm pleased that you had a strong emotional response to this chapter! Ha, the summary - I continuously tweak that. I loved writing the depot attendants - actually attendant, singular, as it's the same person. He/she appears differently to everyone.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #17, by teamdobby 

18th July 2012:
Ahh, a twist, you can die after being "dead". I love this. It brings a feeling of tension to the story as everything isn't perfect.

I loved your Remus/Tonks relationship. It was so sweet and very canon. The characterisation of Tonks was brilliant and I thought her worries and sadness about being separated from Teddy were beautiful.

I'll keep reading and reviewing. Excellent story so far :D

Author's Response: The worst part about death here is that it's commonly believed that there is no afterlife for the afterlife. If you lose the tournament, you're gone. Aww, I'm glad you liked the Remus/Tonks. They're one of my favorite pairings. I'm so sad that they died, but so happy that I get to write them here. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #18, by academica 

15th July 2012:
So slow and steady is what counts, right?

Oh, Tonks! All the cries. ALL OF THEM. I love the delicate way in which you handled her realization of her own death, and how you used the fragile ties between her and Bellatrix to enclose the concept. Bella finally rid herself of Andromeda's 'mistake'.

"Not both of us. Not both. Not you..."

^...Teddy. FEELINGS. I love how human she is, how she can't decide if it's okay for her to want the man she loves to stay here and keep her company or if she needs to want him to be with their son.

Crabbe! Interesting. I love how thick and belligerent he is, even without Malfoy to back him. You mean that he's really earned a place outside of the Grotta? Hmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Sometimes I honestly have trouble believing in Remus/Tonks - I really want to, because they seem sweet, but something about their canon relationship always seemed to be lacking and rushed to me, perhaps because of its brevity. Depictions like this, though, make me believe.

Wow - this is a bit Hunger Games-y, then. I love the thrilling elements here - the prize for winning the race is fabulous, the epitome of many a resident's dreams, but the consequences of coming in last? Oh, dear. Don't make friends indeed.

Another lovely chapter, Sarah! I'm going to keep trying to catch up, however long it takes me.


Author's Response: Hi, Amanda!! Remus/Tonks is a hard ship to sell. I think a lot of people have trouble investing in them because they came out of nowhere - we didn't get to see the evolution of their relationship like we did with Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. I think one of the reasons why I like them is because Tonks is spunky and Remus needs some of that in his life.

I hear a lot about the Hunger Games-y vibe of this, which makes sense because of the stakes. It's very much all or nothing.

Thank you so much for reading! And, like I've told a bunch of other people - don't worry about reviewing. Sometimes the knowledge of having to review adds pressure to read a fic, so reading it doesn't happen. It might be easier for you to catch up if you didn't have to worry about reviewing every chapter. :) With that said, take your time! ♥

- Sarah

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Review #19, by Precious Rin 

14th July 2012:
I enjoy the relationship you've created between Tonks and Lupin. Its really interesting. The whole Crabbe thing is intriguing as well. I think we all expected him to be sent to Grotta, not Cliodna's Clock. One again, your descriptions are spectacular.

Author's Response: I think that a few readers have equated negative characters with the Grotta and the heroes with Cliodna's Clock. What you've got to remember is that Vincent was young when he made that bad, bad choice, and he was raised in a family of Death Eaters. All things considered, shipping him off to the Grotta would most likely mean an eternal death sentence, and that's not really a fair shake.

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Review #20, by maskedmuggle 

6th July 2012:
This was slightly like the previous chapter, but still fascinating and engaging because of your writing and the interesting way you approached Remus/Tonks arrival in the afterlife. I loved how in character both Tonks and Remus are - how Tonks is at first distraught that Remus has also died and left behind Teddy then overcomes this to help the random boy (/Mr. Crabbe..) I love how canon you are! Including Vincent, and then having Remus disappear because Harry called him with the Stone - that was just such a great moment because I was like AHH -realisation-.

I'm curious about the girl that has seemingly replaced the swarthy man from before - but I do like her character too - intriguing! Are all of them slightly rude? :P But I loved how she didn't really answer their questions and her advice was slightly creepy but interesting for the reader at the same time. Really, just brilliant writing - everything is so well established and written so well that it's engaging and truly enjoyable to read. :)

Author's Response: I felt a tad bit sorry for Vincent here because he popped into the afterlife all by himself while the Lupins had each other for support. But then I remember how Vincent tried to kill Harry and co. and quickly stop feeling so bad for him.

Oooh, the girl and the man are one and the same! :3 He/she appears differently to everyone, taking on different forms but retaining the same snarky personality. She's not really like anyone else in Cliodna's Clock - I'm not sure what the depot attendant really is. Sort of a personification of magic, I suppose.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I hope you continue to enjoy it. :)

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Review #21, by peppersweet 

18th June 2012:
For surely one of them should have been permitted to stay behind.


I don't think this chapter was redundant at all - on one hand, it was useful to get all that information to set up this afterlife and, on the other...the lupins...that was heartwrenching, I tell you.

I like the way you characterised crabbe...hard to explain, but you didn't write him off as just a bully. How are you managing all this canon? Are you actually JKR? I knew it all along obviously bcoz im sooo clevah.

Another magnificent chapter. Can't stop reading this, should be revising, oh well reading fic is totally revising and this is awesome anyway so.

Author's Response: Pepper is not sweet, why is your penname such a liar.

THE LUPINS. ♥ I get such feels for the Lupins. I can't help it, every single time I start to portray them, angst leaks in all over the place until it's just a big pool of angst and woe.

Crabbe is a dunce, but he's not really evil or anything here. Without his friends, he's kind of just a scared little cockroach.

This one time, I saw JKR on the street and I said, "Tell me your secrets," and she said, "No." So I seduced her with balloon animals because I am an expert, and she reluctantly gave them to me to look at, but I stole them completely and ran off. I've got them right here and I'm going to sell them for a killing, so we can start the bidding at two blueberry pies and now I'm hungry again...

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Review #22, by ScarletEye158 

13th June 2012:
I'm so speachless... this story is amazing! The way you write these characters... And poor Lupin and Tonks... I never really thought about how hard it would be for the person who died, I always thought it would have been harder for the people who lived :( I can't imagine how all the characters must be feeling and I'm very curious to see how this "race" turns out. Once again, 10/10!


Author's Response: Thank you!!! Yeah, this is sort of the other end of the spectrum, discussing how the dead move on after being cut off from the living. It would be a relief to still be in existence at all, but also so painful because all of their friends are gone. :(

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by firefly910 

13th June 2012:
Tonks was heartbreaking in this chapter.
You described the way she felt about leaving Teddy behind perfectly. And the little bits of description about the way Teddy looks were brilliant. I particularly loved the part about his hair changing colour depending on who he was dreaming about. It's little touches like that, that just add so much more to a story.

-the girl with shining black hair and a love for foxes that used to be Bellatrix before she strayed into a disease so vast that it consumed her.

^ best line from the whole chapter. It gave me chills.

I loved the part where Remus disappeared because of the resurrection stone, it cements this universe with the what was happening in canon.

Again imagery, description, choice of words and the way you make this place seem so real is amazing!


Author's Response: Poor Teddy. :( And poor Tonks, too. By now, Teddy doesn't even remember what he's missing, but that heartache will stay with Remus and Tonks.

Bellatrix is such a fascinating character. I'd love it if JKR came out with more information about how she was when she was younger. It would be interesting to see if she was always a little bit crazy, or if something happened in her life that sent her over the edge.

Including the resurrection stone was something I did in hopes of sealing the two worlds together, so I'm VERY happy that you said that!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. I hope that you continue to like it. :)

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Review #24, by marlita1311 

9th June 2012:
do you mean this was some sort of a fill chapter?
'cause it certainly didn't feel so...
i think you did an amazing job trying to portrait Tonks despair that she left her only child behind.
Having read the summary of your story i come to think that many of the people in the 'Clock' could kill to return to earth...
I have a small question even if i think i'd find out soon; is there any magic in the after-life? in the world that Remus, Tonks and so many others currently live in can magic spells be performed?

again i'm hooked and off to read the next chapter..

Author's Response: Ahh, the redundancy refers to the fact that people appeared in the water in Cliodna's Clock in two chapters in a row. There really wasn't a way around it, since I wanted to show various POV's when it came to emerging in the afterlife.

Yep, there is definitely magic in the afterlife! It's like concentrated magic, actually. Magic is sort of in everything, even the air.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I generally post new chapters every Wednesday.

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Review #25, by Marzipan 

3rd June 2012:
Okay, so as per usual I have nothing constructive or really intelligible to say. But I really am kind of maybe falling in love with this story so I thought I would write you a little review to tell you that.

So, so good so far - I can't wait to see what happens with the races and get all suspense-y like everyone else who has already read this and knows what is happening. Also, my creys for Remus and Tonks. Go ahead and kill me, why don't ya? Actually, don't, because then I might end up at Cliodna's Clock and have to enter the races. And don't know if you know but I'm not very good at races. Co-ordination issues and such.

That's all for now. Will probably manage to spew out another nonsensical review at a later date when I manage to reign in my attention span and read more. Until then, remember ILY && keep thoughts of me competing horribly in the races at the front of your mind!

Author's Response: Mary!! (hug)

Suspense-y things are eons away because I am slow and before anything fun happens, I have to stab my readership to death with tedious descriptions of what people's eyeballs look like when they're in bad moods. Also, I feel for your coordination issues (quit the volleyball team in middle school after one week but never gave back the T-shirt so that I could wear it and look like I was all involved with sports, what uppp~). We will be uncoordinated together.

I look forward to more nonsensical reviews. Until then, I will keep the image of you competing horribly in the races if you keep the image of me grooming a lizard who is wearing a wig cut in the pageboy style.


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