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Review #1, by Renee2001 

23rd March 2015:
Dittany not Dissany.

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Review #2, by Renfair 

30th April 2012:
I especially love this chapter image. Go figure that I then noticed it's by panacea who did my "Nothing Else Matters" banner. Yay for TDA artists! They're all so talented and amazing.

Anyway, that's was a good cover you thought up for Ted, sort of losing it temporarily for being cooped up and framed for murder. Now Rose won't suspect that it's Teddy in werewolf mode (she'll only think that "Scorpius" is a crazy, violent emo guy who likes to hurt himself, but I guess that fits with most of the portrayals of his father I've read in fan fiction. Yikes)

"Essence of Dissany" (thinking you meant Essence of Dittany?)

So Ted looks at his trashed room, Rose sees it as well and her instant thought is, "Come sleep in my bed with me"? My mind went straight to, "Let me help you clean up this mess so you can, you know, sleep in your OWN bed." I must be a total prude. I have to remember that they did make out in school, but still! Though it's probably pretty realistic. Being trapped in a cottage with someone you used to be attracted to would probably bring out all these crazy post-teenage hormones again.

The summation of the next two weeks was no nice. *sigh* It makes me want to take a vacation so much. Not that I'm working right now, but having a toddler is more like work than actual work sometimes. But the way that you described everything being so content and peaceful, it just makes me think you're trying to lull us readers into a false sense of security. I have a feeling some pivotal things are going to happen later in this chapter or in the next one.

"Clearly someone else in the room, though, disappeared tremendously" (I think you meant "disapproved" here?)

I'm very curious to know what's going on with Rose not wanting Percy to become Minister. At first I thought maybe you were doing some evil-Percy thing and he was the one threatening her. Then I thought maybe Percy was in trouble and the mystery man was blackmailing Rose and she was trying to protect her uncle, something along those lines. Now I just have no idea! Guess I'll have to keep reading, huh? Poor Rose...maybe she wouldn't be so scared if they could get a darn lawyer to talk to her.

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Review #3, by Teddylover 

22nd March 2012:
And the spooning begins! They're cute. They really are. I can't wait to see them together. You're doing a great job. I still think Peakes had something or a LOT to do with it. Good job!

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Review #4, by Lillylover22 

3rd March 2012:
I like how close they are getting. Please update soon 9/10 : )

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Review #5, by AriesGirl40 

3rd March 2012:
Nice way to avoid that situation, blame it on pureblood insanity. They seem to be getting closer, or atleast Rose is showing signs of trust. I'd be worried for Harry too.
good chapter, see you the next one :)

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