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Review #1, by Renee2001 

23rd March 2015:
You can't conjure food. food is the first of Gamp's five laws to elemental transfiguration. OBVIOUSLY!

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Review #2, by Renfair 

30th April 2012:
Wow, how funny is it that I commented in the last review, I think, about how I suddenly had a suspicion that Peakes was in on the murder, and then you go and give us that horribly teasing hint in your beginning author's note. I guess I'm not reading into things that aren't there, after all. Of course you could have just written him as a big red herring where he isn't involved, just a total creep.

If I was Rose, I'd probably do mostly take-out in Egypt as well. First off, no way would I know how to cook with the ingredients available at the market, the only place I'd be able to find American food most likely being McDonalds (VOMIT). Not to mention I bet having food the locals cook would be amazing. As long as it doesn't make you sick from all the things in the water you're not used to...

"I wanted him to stay away, and I didn't know why I felt that way." --Oh Teddy. Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. You really don't know? It's so adorable when characters are completely clueless about how in love they are with another character :)

Ok, being able to metamorphmage (would that be the verb form?) yourself a set of muscles would be pretty awesome. You could eat whatever you want, be totally fat, and still make yourself look great. Not that that would be good for you...I wonder if they can change their internal organs as well to make them healthy again. Interesting.

So did Rose just conjure the cinnamon bread from her mom's house? Poor Hermione! No breakfast for you! Maybe she's used to that, being married to Ron and all ;)

Ok, big huge personal gold star from me for having Ted mention that the Slytherins and Gryffindors get along well nowadays. I was so incredibly annoyed in the epilogue where JKR *still* had this stereotypical view of the Slytherins being perpetrated by the next generation. Granted, there were some pretty evil people that came out of that House, but I'm sure there were some great people as well (*cough* SNAPE *cough*) I was hoping that Voldemort being gone and Hogwarts being rebuilt would have brought the Houses back together again (and maybe the Sorting Hat would get its wish that it could retire and not have to divide the students any more). It's funny how I say this, then looking back at my first novel-length, I kind of made most of the Slytherins kind of mean. I plan on rectifying that in the new story. Sorry for the long tangent. I just was so mad when not a single Slytherin stayed for the Battle of Hogwarts. I'm really happy you decided to have made the kids at Hogwarts move on from that.

"I had only heard stories of how fowl and cruel the lot of them were" --just a typo. Foul and cruel. Pretty sure the sign of Slytherin is a snake, not a duck :D Actually, some of these typos I think you should keep. They're really funny! It IS a humor story, after all. One more typo: "Next thing I knew, we were both throwing chunks of sad." (sand. Unless you really want them throwing chunks of sad. Would that be like chunks of Harry's Potions homework or something? :D) Don't know if there are any other typos I'm missing here. Since I'm reading for enjoyment and don't have my beta-hat on, I might be missing some, but if they're there, they're obviously not that big of a deal. I'm CONSTANTLY finding new ones in my own stories. It's so annoying, isn't it?

The end bit with Ted going through his "time of the month" was very well written. I could really feel how much he was freaking out. Poor guy :( And it's always great to end with a cliffhanger! Wow, HOW is he going to get out of this one!? Lovely chapter. You have me dying to go to the beach right now. Too bad it's too cold. I'm going to have to go this summer somehow for sure.

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Review #3, by Teddylover 

22nd March 2012:
Oh no. I didn't even think about Teddy little furry problem coming into play. But you can't overlook it, I guess. So I'm glad you included it. It'll be interesting ton see how you think Teddy acts to the thing he partly inherited. Good chapter! Cute bonding.

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Review #4, by Loony_Scorpy 

29th February 2012:
Oh my gosh, what's going to happen?? Even though you aren't going to tell me :P But wow, I'm curious as to what Rose's reaction will be! Actually I'm kind of worried :P I wonder if she will notice that the steaks are missing as well. Aaah there is so much mystery! Well that isn't the mysterious stuff, but the other stuff we don't know yet! Aah I can't wait for the next chapter!

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Review #5, by Lillylover22 

25th February 2012:
I love this story. Update soon. 9/10 : )

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Review #6, by AriesGirl40 

24th February 2012:
Oh no! How is he going to gloss this over? Full Moon isn't a good time to be on an under cover case, is it?

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