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Review #1, by SilverMoonFairy 

7th August 2016:


I love the Team shirts. (I have an old Team Jacob shirt from my Twilight fangirl days. My best friend got it for my birthday. She was Team Edward and WE WERE STILL FRIENDS, DOM AND ROSE! Sheesh...) I love even more how excited Dom is about the shirts.

OF COURSE he has an invisibility cloak! Dear lord, he is steaming the place up! I'd wide off my glasses if I wore any!

I will take some cake and put the pitchfork on hold, I'm heading for the next chapter!

PS, I had mentioned in a previous technical about Helen and Helena, and it's mentioned both in this chapter as Helen, so now I'm not sure what's correct...

Author's Response: I'M CACKLING. "the GOOD Potter. The LOW KEY Potter." That's what Clemence thought. That's what we all thought.

ngl, a lot of this was inspired by the Twilight craze, but only the very exceptional craziness that was reported on in the news. And I've been on fandom-heavy sites like tumblr long enough that I've seen how utterly unreasonable some people behave when it comes to their obsessions.

Dom totally has her priorities in order.

It's supposed to be Helen, but I didn't edit out all instances of Helena; that's what I get for editing out of order!

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Review #2, by TumTum 

17th August 2014:
Oookaaay... at first I didn't like Clemence because I hate gossip mags - I think they're selfish and cruel... but all these faults and hypocrisies have been pointed out by Albus. And I was rooting for Albus but Clemence has grown on me and Albus is decidedly... I don't want to say psychopathic - that's going a bit far but my gosh he is creepy. Doesn't he have better things to do? What's his fascination with this? It seems like the both of them are rather more ambitious and manipulative than moral and compassionate.

Pretty much everyone in that last scene seriously lacks some perspective even Clemence with her crazy thing about getting published - did she seriously not expect there to be people like "Appy" in the world that she would have to compete with?

That said I liked what you did with Dom - in spite of the crazy size of her ego, she is still very sympathetic.

Author's Response: (continued from response in ch. 13)

But I think they're manipulating each other less than you think. Much of what they say is truthful, but they may not necessarily recognize their own hypocrisy or it can also be manipulative or biased. What you say about Clemence's dishonesty with herself is completely on point--she knows she's a hypocrite but refuses to look deeply into it. She makes excuses for her own behavior and is defensive when it begins to affect her. That's the key: she's the narrator telling you all these things you should believe, all these things about herself and others, but she herself a hypocrite. It should make you think twice about the things she says, about her flaws that she would never admit or even know about, but is apparent to us readers.

I think Clemence's fallibility with Albus is simply that he's interesting to her, and there are so few things that surprise her like he has. She's not looking for love or someone who cares about her; she's not looking for anyone at all. But he's there and he's interesting, so she goes along with the ride. She doesn't pursue him; she is very much an opportunist. She doesn't instigate--she wouldn't kiss him first--but she lets things happen to her. It makes her feel like it removes the blame from her if something goes wrong, i.e. if Albus is the one to cross the line, then it is his fault. Essentially: she doesn't choose Albus, but he chooses her and she lets him choose her.

Appy is bit of a caricature. I think the change in her characterization is too slapdash overall, but it's also intentional. The key is that Clemence has zero respect for Appy and that colors everything she says about her. She thinks Appy is an idiot, so she doesn't respect Appy enough to be straightforward. She underestimates Appy at every single step, but looking at the facts, Appy is incredibly savvy and ruthless in her own way, and succeeds when Clemence cannot.Similarly, for the Quirkers, Clemence and Albus *do* dehumanize them. That's the point of it. It's terrible but it's also how those in power often treat their people, how marketing and the media works. The masses are just such: easily manipulated and a means of profit.

(I wrote an in--depth response to another review I received that had similar concerns to yours that might interest you, and explains the satirical elements more. You can find it on my tumblr on the etc. etc. (and life goes on) tag, which you can find on my writing page. It's called "a super--long response on etc, gender roles, and female characters")

I know that there are places where the intent is lost, which is totally on me, but I have a feeling this fic just might not be to your taste as well. It is a fic that can make people feel uncomfortable. It's full of characters who can be hard to relate to. It features an unhealthy relationship. I'm surprised it's as well--liked as it is (but I know it's also because many read this fic like a straight romance without the satire, which is baffling and unsurprising and sort of amusing all at once). Looking at the things you like, you'd probably like my other next gen novel And Capers Ensue a lot more, which centers around friendships and facing one's mistakes and shortcomings and is pretty much the opposite of this fic in tone and theme. If you do want to stick with etc., people usually like the fic a lot more after chapter 15 when things start crashing and burning, and Clemence can't hide behind her narration any longer. Again, I really appreciate your comments, especially because I'm always concerned if people are concerned, so don't worry about discouragement. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out!

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 

3rd December 2013:
AAahh~ What just happened? I feel an odd sense of gravity pulling my stomach up and down into my throat, then into my knees... (It doesn't help that I've been munching away throughout the entire chapter on a good egg sandwich!). This is Albus on a whole new level; I can't take it! He's more dastardly crazy than Clemence on a frisky day! Aah~

Firstly, props to the fangirl party... Ah, it made me slick inside in ways I hope I'll never feel in REALITY (Really, I don't know what I would do if I were planted right in the middle of that fiasco... probably crawl into a shuddering ball, muttering, "It's ok... It's all gonna be ok..." before they ship me off to St. Mungo's). May not be "Death by fangirl" per se, but it cuts pretty close.

AH! I love your expressions! Miss Polly's Children's Hour (and its perversion thereafter), and "Leave it to Q.G.A. to provide girls the opportunity to eat a torso off of the star Keeper's face and wipe their mouth with six different fitty blokes. How can that even feel hygienic?"

Oh, and the devilish Albus; I'm not sure what to feel about that charming one. I can't help feel that he's absolutely bonkers! Albus, the thrill seeking crazy man, and Clemence the mystery-seeker... They're alike, but in very different ways... And I can't help but feel Clemence is winning the Battle of Sanities here.

I'm going to carry onto the next chapter, confused, thrilled, crazed and absolutely discombobulated!

Much love,

Author's Response: I still cannot believe that I did not originally plan for Albus to be evil. It's GubraithianFire's fault by the way. She had an evil!Albus in her abandoned Albus/OC but then she abandoned it and I accidentally stole the idea, and then she stole the idea back from me for her new evil Albus/OC. This is a common occurrence.

For some reason, it is very easy for me to plan creepy. It might say something about me. I also just do well with describing food and constantly have to stop myself from making more metaphors about food (in the chapter I'm currently writing, I have already compared Clemence's face to a pretzel).

It's interesting to compare their motivations too! Albus is suddenly revealed to be a bit of a thrill seeker but Clemence doesn't really *seek* mysteries (or thrill). She's more of an opportunist, feeding off easy pickings for stories and doesn't like working at anything that wastes her time. Which might also include Albus.

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Review #4, by patronus_charm 

6th September 2013:
Oh man the t-shirts! I donít know whether Iím crying or laughing hysterically. I really loved Domís reaction to them, and itís really making me wonder whether she wants to be the rumours or the rumour maker. But come on guys! Pull yourself together. Iím sure Scorpius is fairly hot but this hysteria over him is just like Potter (as in Harry) mania all over again. Iím guessing this is Cho/Ginny take two :P

So the cloak makes an appearance? I really loved how Albus just sidled in there acting all cool. I think the thing I like about him most is the way he gets under Clemenceís skin because like she said, she never expects to be unnerved like that, so seeing this new Clemence really does make me crack up. They seemed to have formed this weird rapport which I canít really describe. Either way, I love reading it as I never know whatís going to happen, so itís all good on that front!

James broke into Buckingham Palace? I need to know more about this :D

Appy and all the Q.G.A. girls are the perfect Twilight fan girls to go alongside the t-shirt wars :P Just reading that scene, I felt my IQ drop several points, so I donít want to think about the catastrophic damage caused to Clemenceís mind. The sad thing is how these people exist and how they actually will get meatloaf or whatever shaped in Albusí head. Though the way you portray him here does make it hard to resist him :P

Dundundun! Or not! This is the benefit of not yet reading live as I can find out the cliff-hanger right away. Another awesome chapter, by the way! ♥


Author's Response: I would totally freak out if someone made a shirt for me 8D which is once again me projecting myself onto Dom. IT'S JUST COOL but probably not a healthy phenomenon. Most definitely not, actually.

Ha, I heavily disliked both Cho and Ginny in canon; It was lose-lose for me! (I like Cho out of canon; the stories don't do their characters justice)

I adore writing Albus and Clemence when they get along, because their rapport is endless. And I get to pull out the crack, like James and Buckingham. I'd liken that adventure to the first Hangover movie.

I think it was a Bieber fan that did something like Bieber in the shape of meatloaf, and that's where I got the idea 8D so, you're totally right. There are people who would do that and that's sadly where I get my inspiration from. Two years ago, when I wrote this chapter, Twilight was still in the middle of its heyday, team-shirt wars abounding, so it was even more apparent back then! Oh, the merchandising people must've been so happy.

♥ thank you again Kiana c: can't wait to hear what you think!

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Review #5, by Misschievous12 

23rd June 2013:
Oh no! Why did Albus do that??! Well I know why...but oh no! lol Great chapter

Author's Response: This chapter was a lot of fun when I first posted it ;D I have a wee taste for cliffhangers.

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Review #6, by firebolt_31 

28th November 2012:
WOW EVERYTHING IS GETTING SOO INTENSE!! I LIKE IT!!! I really hope that Albus actually likes her! Great Job :)

Author's Response: Thanks! ^__^ It's been lots of fun to write.

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Review #7, by hiral05 

27th September 2012:
wow, this story is just brilliant

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #8, by Elfo 

15th September 2012:
Oh my god! I loved this chapter. It was amazing. Seriously I am a true stereotypical fan girl for this story. But eh, who cares? It's just tooo GOOD!

Author's Response: Bahaha, welp, I know what it's like to fangirl things - you are totes not alone in that department. No shame! Thanks again 8D!

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Review #9, by slytherinchica08 

12th September 2012:
Why must you do this to me?! You just keep making me want to continue on and soon I will have no more chapters to read! What else can i say but that I loved it?! It was wonderful and fun and I just love Albus in this! I think he is so great and funny and is somewhat mysterious as well! And Clemence! No wonder she is up for best original character! She is so fun and witty and each chapter I just feel that these two belong together even more than I had in the last chapters! You are doing a wonderful job with this story and honestly I just feel like I'm repeating myself with each chapter review that I give you! But realy this is all wonderful and really fun to read! Great Job!


Author's Response: Ooh, this chapter is one of my favorites. It's fun and has a cliffie, and the beginning section is my fav of Clemence's asides 8D I kind of threw it all together, but it was definitely lots of fun to write and publish and see all the reactions.

I was surprised Clemence got nominated so quick! ^__^ I actually have two OCs up, so I don't even know what to cheer for xD

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Review #10, by The Little One 

7th May 2012:
i'm REALLY annoyed right now, because i have homework to do! your the reason i never do my homework!! CURSEEE YOUU!!! jokes.
awesome writer you are :) thanks for the read!
~The Little One~

Author's Response: DO YOUR HOMEWORK! (coming from the person who always procrastinates on hers)

♥ thank you! ^__^

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Review #11, by sugarydust 

25th March 2012:
oop I meant GAME, not RTS - yes, I've read Game (which I loved). I get my stories confused. Anyway, great story keep writing :)

Author's Response: Oh I see! xD Hee, thanks!

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Review #12, by recklessly_sweet 

17th March 2012:
omg i have been seeing this in other peoples fav stories but i never liked the blurb so i always skipped over it
but geez this is amazing
it is so different
i love it
are you a journo?

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I'm not a journalist, aha, but I've spent my time on a school newspaper staff before.

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Review #13, by PuffPride 

12th March 2012:
Gawd this is a good fic! Clemence is a favorite OC of mine now!

Seriously though I gotta say I'm Team Rose. Nobody can tear my Scorpius/Rose love!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D Glad you like her!

-hands you an appropriate shirt-

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Review #14, by Sarahthebookworm 

6th March 2012:
I love this story!

So well-written! I love the part at the start where Clemence talks about society; it adds a lot of depth to the story. And I also love your characters, especially Clemence (funny name there) and Albus. And the tension between the pair! Lovely! Can't wait to see where this goes.


Author's Response: :D Glad you like! Most of the little blurbs I use as ranting space, bahaha, though Clemence's voice can be a lot more cynical and unforgiving than my actual viewpoints. Definitely exaggerated as well - that's the fun of writing it!

It's next on my list to update!

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Review #15, by Carlijn 

3rd March 2012:
Love it! :D
I've lost my ability to express myself due to the wonder that is this story :O
Albus and Clemence's thing (don't know how to call it) is so exciting!!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^ So glad you enjoy it!

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Review #16, by Jess the Enthusiast 

1st March 2012:
OH MY GOD THIS STORY JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER. Albus, oh my, every time he opens that beautiful mouth of his, I practically swoon. I love him and Clemence together and I'm so excited to see what happens next!!! 10/10 :D

Author's Response: Bahah thanks! :D Lots of excitement to come~

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Review #17, by angelicdemon1209 

29th February 2012:
OMG! I sooo like your story!! :D :D :D..
I don't know, it's just so real! And everyone's characters are so strong..
But I don't want a Rose Scorp breakup!
Patch up!!?? Soon?? Well, let's see..
But it's so awesome.. I love the leads the most.. :D :D :D
Can't wait for future updates...

Author's Response: Thanks! :D There's plenty still to come, so I suppose you'll just have to hold on tight. ^__^ hopefully I can update soon!

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Review #18, by VioletBlade 

27th February 2012:
Definitely cake! Goodness, you write so well! From the beginning you're able to draw the reader in and make a connection, something that's very impressive and that I've noticed in your other fics as well :) But this one is one of my favorites (besides Game, because let's face it, someday I'm going to marry Oliver Wood ;)) Anywhoit's, I really liked the way you described the bit about how girls will antagonize over every little thing, and how every girl wants that 'fairytale ending' but won't work to get it! (Bugs the bejeezus outta me, lemme tell you!) And of course, the chapter had epic-ness! Finally, Albus and Clemence can work together (as long as she isn't mobbed to death by fan girls in the next chapter) to take down that awful club that encourages girls to act the way I mentioned above! Awesome use of banter and witticisms as usual, that's what makes your writing so interesting to read because you do it in a way that nobody else can! Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Thank you! :D Tehehe, can't blame you for preferring ol' Ollie.

I love etc. because I get to comment on so much of teenage culture that I don't get to do in other fics. As my ~fun fic~ it's like my outlet for my observations, a large part of which is how funny society's unspoken rules are and how much we let them dictate our lives.

Ohoho, perhaps ;D Clemence is definitely not inclined to be a pawn though.

♥ than you so much! :)

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Review #19, by Justanotherwitch 

26th February 2012:
WELL I wrote a REALLY long review and then my ipod battery died before I could post it. Yeah. I'm scowling right now. So anyways I don't feel like rewriting the whole thing so I'll sum it up. I didnt realise that you had also written And Capers Ensue and feel like an idiot because I love the writing style of both and other things. Basically I added 2 and 2 and got 5. I went on to say that this chapter was amazing plus other praises and ended with update soon pleae!!!

Well sorry for my pathetic review.

O. And one more thing THIS IS PROBABLY A TIE FOR MY TOP FAVORITE FIC WITH (shenanagans)
Ahem well I'll be off now

Author's Response: Aw :( But I love this review just the same! I'm so glad you enjoy my writing ^__^ Capers and etc. are quite different, which is why they're quite fun to write alternately, so I don't get tired of them. I tend not to get different audiences for the both of them, so it's always fun to know who's read both!

♥ Thank you so so much :D

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Review #20, by Ads 

24th February 2012:

Author's Response: Thanks! :D

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Review #21, by alicia and anne 

23rd February 2012:
That picture is amazing!
I love that some of the students have made shirts for the whole Dom and Rose thing :-D I'm team Dom myself! woop!!!
I did wonder how they were both going to crash the party, my mind never thought to an invisibility cloak but now it makes perfect sense. I thought they were going to hide in a shadowy corner haha.
I love the food and decorations!
I really want them to bring the girls down and see how they achieve this :-D
Can't wait to read more of this wonderful story!!

Author's Response: Hee, I wonder if readers will get as divided as Hogwarts, but I'd prooobably cower in fear if they did.

LOL I can totally imagine it. Them just standing in a super super dark spot and no one can see, or like behind a curtain. then bam! Albus jumps out of the curtain.

Plenty of devious plans to come! ^__^ thank you for your review!

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Review #22, by Bunny Animagus 

22nd February 2012:
Ok, so I realised I hadn't done a review for this chapter, so it's brill by the way! Yaaay!


Author's Response: Hee thanks! AND YESS ONE YEARRR :3 -confetti-

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Review #23, by littlemisssnape 

22nd February 2012:
I am absolutely in love with this story! It has a great plot and it's written brilliantely! You have to update soon :)

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'll try to update soon.

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Review #24, by AC_rules 

18th February 2012:
I'm a terrible reviewer, but I'm trying to improve this and so I'M HERE TO LEAVE A RANDOM REVIEW. Woah. This is intense.

I loved this chapter, I really did. I was pretty shocked by Albus at the end because really, she's going to get torn apart by the Quirky girls. They both are. Pitchforks and cake. No one is safe anymore.

I CAN'T DECIDE WHETHER I'M TEAM ROSE OR TEAM DOM. And it's really important, because I feel like it more or less pins down your WHOLE CHARACTER. Who has the purple T-shirts? Because I like purple. WAIT. I guess I'm TEAM DOM then.

But, I like purple.

It's pretty.

Yeah, that's my reviewing abilities pretty much used up. It was weird while it lasted. Happy birthday to ect. soon! :)


Author's Response: YOUR REVIEWS ARE THE BEST~ :3

I think my favorite part about writing that last bit is the fact that Clemence and Albus, up to this point, have played it safe. They're always in control. But taking off the cloak - suddenly the game's changed. It's like gambling all or nothing and leaving it up to luck. Clemence could play along before because she could reasonably predict Albus, but not this. Pitchforks and cake indeed.


♥ thank youuu :3

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Review #25, by Icouldn'tcomeupwithanawesomename 

18th February 2012:
Oh no. This is not good. This is definitely not good. This is BAD.

I'm becoming Quirky.

I mean, seriously. I'm falling for a FICTIONAL CHARACTER.
But when Albie says "But you... prefer the mystery." he's too right.

Author's Response: Heee. It happens to the best of us. And he's got even more deliciously bad things to whisper in her ears next chapter~ :3

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