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Review #1, by LovlyRita 

14th February 2014:
Ok, after 5 I am back with most likely a much shorter review hahaha.

Poor Boris! I like him just a smidgeon more now, but what a total jerk! Not fixing his marriage because his wife thinks he's having an affair when he's not! And it puts Rose in such an awkward position. lame.

Ok, I just cannot figure Scorpius out. He is literally like...the most awkward human being on the face of this planet. And it makes me feel bad because I know people like him...hell I'm pretty sure there were aspects of my personality in high school that were very much like him, when you FINALLY get the person you've been waiting for, only to have it blow up in your face. But he's like...making all the common relationship mistakes and making them SO QUICKLY. But in his mind he probably really does think that he loves Rose. he's waited so long for her, stalking her as such, and was probably so happy that she was finally agreeing to being his girlfriend.

Which makes me wonder why she agreed in the first place? Actually no that's a lie, i know why she agreed. The same thing happened with me and my husband..I didn't want to date him, he asked, we were in an awkward situation, and I ended up saying yes. And now we're married so...there ya go.

And then when she broke up with him and he cried and even though it was ridiculous, by heart just broke for him because he really is so...lonely. He just wanted SOMEBODY and he goes about it in absolutely all the wrong ways, and it's just heart breaking. Poor thing, poor awkward thing. I totally get why Rose did what she did. I just feel bad for both of them. I have feelings, Marina, and you are shattering them.

also, Rose with her family was so funny. I think it's a unique take on it because most of the time they are all depicted as getting along, everything's just great, and you can see that this clearly isn't the case, and is probably more indicative of what actual family would be like!

Well done, still loving this story, still reading because honestly, what else am I supposed to do on Friday night when you aren't here and I'm procrastinating writing Brain Activity? Nothing? damn right, nothing. :)

Loves you

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Review #2, by Courtney Dark 

1st February 2014:
Oh god, I can't believe Boris' wife thinks he's having an affair with Rose! I would be absolutely horrified if I was in her shoes - what was Boris thinking, accepting Rose's invitation to stay at her flat?

Wow, that break-up with Scorpius was...interesting. Certainly the weirdest break-up I've ever read! I'm sure Rose doesn't regret her decision - I mean, Scorpius pretty much just proved that he was everything Rose thought he was! A complete weirdo, who wears too much hair gel!

Matthew seems like a really nice, stable sort of guy. I wonder whether he and Rose will ever grow closer?

Oooh, is Rose really going to visit Teddy in France? And if so, what will happen? I'm looking forward to finding out!


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Review #3, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme 

20th March 2012:
Everyone always hated the other woman and I didn't want anyone to hate me. - but alas, Scorp will.

came face to face with Scorpius, who had his face squished up against the windowpane. - poor thing. I'm imagining him as a sad Andrex puppy licking the window. Bless him. Rose was cruel.

But naww, happy ending. I hope she doesn't get her heart crushed in France like Scorpius did by her. Sad times :(



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Review #4, by prettywishes 

18th February 2012:
Oh my goodness, that is probably the worst idea that Rose has come up with yet! I cannot imagine that Rose going out to France is going to end in anything but a disaster. An awkward disaster I'm sure! It had to come up though, because her whole love with Teddy thing had to be addressed at some point, but it still makes me cringe a bit thinking about it.

Author's Response: It really is, isn't it? There's plenty cringe ahead, I assure you :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Aphoride 

14th February 2012:
I've actually been meaning to review this for ages... well, I'm here now!
I adore this. It's one of my favourite next gen fics, actually. Everything is just so perfect and brilliant and perfect. All of your characters are just wonderful - they're so bold and amazing and unique.
Rose... Rose is hilarious. I love how she always looks guilty, how she's working at a bookshop and the situations she manages to get herself into are just incredible! Illegal magical carpet racing! Only her... only her.
But, oh no, going to France can't go well... although I'm quite curious as to whether or not Scorpius will follow her to France, or maybe she'll miss not seeing him pressed against her window... hm... I'm not sure... gah, I need to know! :D
And I just love Matthew. And Boris. Poor Matthew, though - being dumped into the whole mess, having to deal with a crying Rose and a crying Boris and only being new. He must be so confused.

I love it so much! Keep writing!
Aph xx

Author's Response: Aww I'm so flattered that it's one of your favourite next gen fics :D

Writing the characters for this has been the most fun out of anything I've written before. Rose is so fun and dynamic to write and her and Molly are the most enjoyable out of all relationships I've written. So I'm glad you like them!

Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by meandering_bluebottle 

11th February 2012:
Oh the train wreck that is Rose...I do want to shake her a tiny bit! Is it just me ir is Matthew a good catch? It was fun to see Scorpius go back to crazy, even if in real life someone such as him would rather scare me! I'm really intrigued as to whether you will make Rose and Scorpius get together in the end because there are so many quirjy issues between them. Love your writing, keep posting quickly!

Author's Response: She does need a shaking, but she'll only learn by making her own mistakes.

Matthew probably is a nice catch :P You'll just have to wait and see ;)

Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by Erised 

10th February 2012:
Ooh ominous ending! Poor Rose. I don't want to know what's in store for her :( (I do really)

This chapter was really funny! Mostly because of Scorpius being a complete freak (WRONG) and being all stalkerish. I loved his face being pressed up the window, haha! And the Boris Bombshell. You're cruel. I feel so sorry for Rose :( can't something go right for once?...


Author's Response: Something WILL go right... maybe. Well, I haven't written it being all right yet but maybe I'll want to in the future ;)


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Review #8, by killjoy 

10th February 2012:
Once again I have to say I don't like Rose.Was Scorpious reaction a bit dramatic and over the top? Yes,but I get where he's coming from.He grew up with no friends and no romantic interest.He's not only thinks he's a loser but he's scared to death that he'll die alone and no one will love him.When someone is like that they'll jump at the first sign anyone gives them that their interested in them and go over board on keeping it.

Now onto Rose,why doesen't she just stop dating all and all? It's clear that she is not interested in anyone who is NOT Teddy *rolls eyes* I am HOPING with all my heart she goes to visit them and it's rubbed in her face at how happy Vic/Teddy are and she has to come back all alone.

Once again not a flame on your work just a complete dislike for the way Rose acts LOL

Author's Response: What I'm trying to achieve with Rose is some sort of normalcy - in real life, nobody has a completely likeable character. There'll be things about everyone you dislike, even if they're your friends because nobody is perfect and even if they were, it'd be bloody annoying :P

Her visit to France is going to be a turning point, much in the way you've predicted ;) You'll have to wait and see how she gets on, but it'll be a significant moment in the novel, I promise. And hopefully after that you'll start to like Rose a bit more :D

Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Lillylover22 

10th February 2012:
Lovve this story. Poor scorp. Update soon please. 9//10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you, I will!

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Review #10, by amy 

9th February 2012:
Rose should listen to Molly, her trip to france will only end in disaster but maybe that's was Rose needs. Maybe she needs to hit rock bottom before she can move up and move on. I feel for Rose but the only way she can get over teddy is if she deals with him face to face and comes out in the open about her feelings. Of course this will go badly and end with her being rejected and completely humiliated but only then can she move on and gain a greater perspective on life.

Author's Response: I agree - Rose needs to realise on her own that Teddy is a no-go zone. Hitting rock bottom might just give her that kick up the backside that she needs to get her life back on track.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #11, by Loony_Scorpy 

9th February 2012:
I can't believe his wife thought that Boris and Rose were having an affair. That is hilariously awkward. Especially since he moved in with her *smacks head against the wall* Scorpius is hilarious, except I can't help but feel bad for him :( I can't wait for more of Rose's hilarious life. I used hilarious way too many times in this review. Oops.

Author's Response: Haha I know, she would go and put her foot in it. She was only trying to be nice but she's probably made everything worse, as always. She doesn't even do it deliberately, she's just very socially unaware.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #12, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

9th February 2012:
Oh womp, womp, womp. :( I feel so bad for Scorpius. Seriously, so bad. And as I read this I started to laugh you know but then I realized I am a Scorpius. I'm a blubbering buffoon just like him. Oh how I wish I could give dear fictional Scorpius a hug!!!

Author's Response: Aww don't feel bad for him, he really does bring it on himself. And I'm sure you're not Scorpius! I bet you wouldn't do have the stuff he does, and even if you did it'd be okay because you don't use hair gel... and even if you did, maybe it's nice hair gel? ... rambling a bit here. What I mean is thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by AC_rules 

9th February 2012:
You have this knack of posting in the BvB at the exact time when I haven't read the next chapter of Just Rose and have a couple of spare minutes (or just don't want to do what I'm supposed to be doing) which winds up in me being a regular reviewer, but not in a good way. Bah, anyway - /the chapter/

So, the whole Rose/Boris thing made me laugh for a good few minutes. Just because it's so /awkward/ that his wife would think that, and then she's just opened her home up to him as a nice gesture (plus 'you always look guilty' was just ahh, I loved it).

Now Rose was searching for reasons to go visit the Ted-ster, but I suppose you did present her quite a few throughout the chapter - what with the whole 'you don't take holidays' and, oh Merlin, I always forgot to mention the Scorpius moments.


Most awkward break up of all time. Loved it.

Anyway, wonderful chapter and next time I'll review randomly instead of for the BvB battle. Promise. Ish.


Author's Response: Haha it's very handy of me/you ;)

Poor Rose. She walked right into that situation, quite unknowingly. I blame stupid Boris. He needs to stop being horrible and stop getting Rose into more trouble.

Argh, I would hate to have a break-up like that. It's hard enough having to talk to someone about problems, let alone have them beg at your feet. Poor Rose.

Thanks so much for the review!

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