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Review #1, by AlexFan 

27th November 2013:
Wow, Fred is getting creepy. And I love how Albus just casually brings up that there was a seminar about Fred and his tendency to get a little creepy and intense with girls.

Seriously, I just love Albus, how can you not, the boy is just so sweet and innocent. I don't know how anyone could NOT like him.

And on the physics front, I'm pretty horrible at it but I feel so proud of myself for knowing what Schrodinger's Cat is and all thanks to watching excessive amounts of the Big Bang Theory. But really Scorpius, the concept isn't that difficult to understand.

Albus is most definitely a brilliant ice-breaker. I look forward to seeing some more of Bamf!Albus in the next chapter. He was pretty Bamf in this chapter as well.

Author's Response: I love my boys with their chivalry-bordering-on-creepy complexes. Like puppies following you around, poking their nose in. What I love about Fred especially is that he's the only character in the entire story who has any sense of shame. If anyone else were in a bush stalking, they'd be making a party of it.

Scorpius still needs to differentiate between physics and psychics; he'd probably be baffled by TV most of all if you tried to explain via Big Bang Theory.

Potterpuff ♥

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Review #2, by Aiedail 

27th January 2013:
"Did James tell everyone to keep me away from girls?"

He nodded. "Yeah, a little bit. A couple of us had a seminar at the end of last year. He passed out pamphlets. We called it Fredwatch, but that sort of watching is a lot less creepy. James said, 'You get restless without distractions and channel it into unhealthy pursuits.' His words, not mine."


Dear Lord, Scorpius and Bea under the cloak sound like my humanities class when we were learning the theory of quantum physics arguing with the professor; or, rather, questioning intensely. And beyond this it's highly entertaining, which class wasn't.

Scorpius stopped fiddling with the pick and stared down at her. "Why do you have to meet them?"

She shrugged. "It's their company, isn't it?"

Something passed over his expression, almost like relief, and he resumed twisting the tiny rod of metal.


OK, so I'd read this chapter before but hadn't left you a review and I thought, if I'm going to marathon read, I'd better really make sure I know what's going on so I can pretend to leave nice reviews; anyway, I Love SCORBEAUS as you know and am looking forward to it. I know you don't ship anyone in this fic but I ship everyone which balances it out. OK moving on ♥


This is because cats.

LOOOL he's just embarrassed about his parents like any other teen, although I thought of that too. I lulz over how much of the stuff they say sounds like they're in a relationship and I /don't even intend that/. REALLY.

♥ LOL "I DON'T SHIP ANYONE" but now you know. NOW YOU KNOW.

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93 

9th December 2012:
Ah! I'm so excited! Really good chapter for riling your audience up~ (I don't know what I would have done if I had to wait a whole two weeks before reading the next!)

I adore Albus, he's that little cuddly boy that makes any tense situation feel alright and warm again! Ah... And he's surprisingly funny (whether by accident or not, he's got a good kick of fun fun fun)!

I find myself doing this strange battle with my eyes, as I do my best to read your Author's note, and quickly jump to writing the review, trying very hard to not read the tantalising bits of what's coming next! Damn my 20/20 vision and peripherals! (Gah, it's fun. It's like meditating... with a whole more searing light exposure).

Anyway, had oodles of fun, but my anticipation is dragging me away from this review, and onto the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: IM SO TERRIBLE IT'S BEEN NEARLY TWO MONTHS SINCE CH 22 D: so your review is accidentally guilting me.

Albus was totally a surprise breakout hit, in both a metaphorical sense and literal sense (next chapter). It's too appropriate, considering the themes of this fic :'D bb's growing up.

Wah, I am amply jealous of your 20/20, I have terrible goggle glasses.They get heavier every year >:c

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Review #4, by PhoenixPulse 

24th August 2012:
EEEK! Albus had me squealing for joy. He's such an awkward tension breaker. I burst into a fit of giggles after reading his little out burst. Oh Al, what would happen if they didn't have you?

And Freddie with his stalking, or so called, "watching". The poor boy needs to snap out of it. I don't want him to get hurt over it later. I like him too much as a character already. And lol at James composing a little seminar called Fredwatch with pamphlets and all. It isn't very hard to picture. Of Freddie, Freddie, Freddie.

And I read you A/N. I always do. I'm excited that there's more Albus next (yes, I now have formed an unhealthy obsession, he very well does indeed deserve a cape!) But other than Albus, the little sneak peak has grabbed my attention, and I'm bubbling with curiosity. Anjali sounds lethal.

Honestly, I haven't decided if I like her or not. I mean, she seems to have a sweet (?), misunderstood side, as portrayed with the first year girl. I suppose I'll decide that later on. Anwho, moving onto the next chapter.

Author's Response: he's just awkward all around 8D he makes awkward look fun almost.

Fred is too wise to have many difficult problems in his life, and thus, he trips over the simple ones. Like approaching girls without looking like a stalker. Or, actually being one.

I love that Anjali is so divisive; it's fun seeing the different opinions, and she's the one character who REALLY swings in opinion for the entire story. The next chapter's a doozy. ♥

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Review #5, by Aderyn 

30th July 2012:
Hiya :]

So seriously, I'm really glad I'm rereading parts of Capers. I keep picking up on funny lines that I totally missed before that are pure genius. Seriously, each chapter just helps me reaffirm why I love this story. And one big reason is Albus. Everything that comes out of his mouth is so unfiltered that it is hilarious. So, now it's time for an Albus quote montage (let's pretend there are pictures so it can be called a montage...) "James used to joke that a Kneazle kitten would die every time someone stood in the way of fun, and a tiny part of Albus still believed it; he could never be too certain." ["You can't tell anyone, it's -- " "Creepy?" He glared sternly underneath his fingers. "Easy to misinterpret."] "I'll write you a strongly worded message." "My dad died." You say that Albus proves he's the best in the next chapter (and since I'm reviewing backwards I -know- what happens next) but I'm inclined to say that every time Albus speaks, he proves he's the best. :D

Again, in contrast, there's the Anjali/Scorpius side-plot. I know that Anjali can handle everything herself, but there is something about that scene that is sad. Even knowing what she'll do next, and how awful that is, it's hard to hear her say "You choose to believe in her over me." I don't pity her, but her relationship with Scorpius is not what most people would call healthy...

Other random thoughts: that chapter image is beyond awesome. albus and fred have the best sort of bromance going on, maybe scorpius calling physics psychics is sort of reasonable...i took both physics and psych and still have think about how to spell each one (also, sometimes i put a "y" after the "p" which spells neither word).moving on.Great job as always. And I'm off to see what other chapters I've neglected to review!

Author's Response: Eee ♥ you are terrible too kind. Albus has long let go of his shame, which is truly the secret to life. His cheeks can never go unpinched :3 Strange to think I never planned this route for Albus; he was just a minor character, once upon a time!

Sometimes I wonder about how coldly other people see Anj. She doesn't love Scorpius, but he still holds onto some hope that she'll come around, and I would say that she's been trying to gently put Scorpius down for some time now. But it's never that simple at the same time. As much as it seems that way, she can't always just turn off her feelings either.

Hee ♥ it's so fun reading your trip backwards 8D

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Review #6, by hdawg 

27th July 2012:
GINA! I'M BACK! I am so sorry it has taken me this long to get back to this beautiful, hilarious, down-right crazy story. As usual I blame exams (and films, the good ones just keep coming out and, being me, I have to see them at least twice each) BUT I'M BACK and I reread it all to make sure I didn't forget anything and make this review completely crap. Well it's gonna be crap anyway but ONWARDS!

Eugh, Anj. She may be being nice to this third year Cecilia kid, but she still gets my back up (and the fact that she's 'engaged' to Scorpius doesn't help, h should be with Bea, right? ;)) "Without hesitation, she replied, "You choose to believe in her over me." BECAUSE HE LOVES BEA, am i rite? And now her face is all tingly from his kiss and I despise her even more.

"Albus!" Bea called, just as he was about to launch himself forward. The momentum had already taken hold, and he belly flopped into the mud." ah3h3h3, I can just see it now. I like to think that he knew there weren't any toads there, and he just did it because he really wanted to jump into some mud. Sounds like Albus to me ;)

"James used to joke that a Kneazle kitten would die every time someone stood in the way of fun, and a tiny part of Albus still believed it; he could never be too certain." AWWW! This boy is too beautiful and cute for words.

'Probably exciting', you have to love the 'Puffs; they always know how to draw in a crowd. Oh and Fred the cr33p, you always knew her never-ending legs would get the better of him in the end. But lolol Fredwatch, I like that. I'd take part in that (but mainly to be with Albus)

"Bea and Scorpius exchanged a look and reluctantly bottled up their argument, storing it for later." I like to think that they have little folders in their brains called 'Scorbea's arguments' that they like to rifle through every now and then to get some amusement from (and fall deeper in love with each other with)

And she has to meet your parents to organise your wedding to her, come on Scorpius, keep up! I will forever be captain of this ship - this is my assumed role and I will never let anyone take it off me. Cool? Cool.

"He opened his mouth and blurted, "My dad died."/Bea and Scorpius gaped at him, but before they could utter a word, he continued, "Well, he did. Once." His mind and mouth moved rapidly in an attempt to explain. "It was getting awkward and I just wanted to say something about my dad too, and... I'm just making things more awkward aren't I?" He coughed, plastering on a crooked smile. "So, how 'bout them Gryffindors, eh?" I. Love. Him. I don't think you understand the depth of my feelings for him right now.

"What if I am, Potterpuff? You gonna duel me?"/Albus puffed out his chest. "I'll write you a strongly worded message." Gina, this boy is too wonderful and hilarious and ditzy for you to have created him. He must be real, and he must be mine. And if he isn't (real that is, he's always mine), I'll be very sad :(

WOOO! This chapter was the bomb with bamf!Albus and the love growing between Scorpius and Bea - although I'm probably just imagining that because I have to ship a pair in every story I read (well, other than ships that involve me, aka Albus + Hannah = fo lyf). I am so sorry again for taking so long to read this, but I am so glad I came back to it. It - you - are brilliant! GINA FTW!

Author's Response: HANNUHH. I've begun writing chapter 20 and I am just like rolling in your reviews. /Rolling./ If I could bathe in them I would, like an air-punching octopus.

IDK WHO IS THE BIGGER SHIPPER, YOU OR JULIA. maybe there are different classes of shippers. Like, cargo shippers, but then maybe also shippers made for speed. Who even knows.

Baw I would totally think Albus is up for a mud bath. Because maybe he does think his complexion needs a little work, eh, eh?

I kind of imagine Fredwatch to be like Baywatch now, but only with the slo mo running, because why not?

Heee, I KIND OF THINK THEY ACTUALLY DO BOTTLE UP THEIR ARGUMENTS FOR LATER. Like, they would totally be stubborn enough to do that. like 20 years later, Bea marches up to him and is like /WE MUST DUEL ABOUT PHYSICS/.

potterpuff is our king ♥
don't be sad D: be delusional before you are sad.


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Review #7, by Bluestreakspirit 

4th June 2012:
Just call me Mrs. Potterpuff.

Author's Response: You are not the first to say that! ;D

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Review #8, by peppersweet 

12th May 2012:
omg perfect description of Anjali. I could actually hug you right now if t'weren't for the fact that this is the internet and I'd just end up punching our my computer screen. but, seriously - perfect characterisation. I could see her, in someone else's hands, becoming a bit two-dimensional, but you have made her so realistic and wonderful. Cold rooms did not make cold people, but it certainly did not help that she slept in the cold, breathed it in. Her seven young years here were too precious to spend underneath a swamp but, like too many things in life, there wasn't much of a choice. HAVE A TOM HARDY ON THE HOUSE.

also, I always wondered how the slytherins dealt with living under the lake. I pictured portholes. those kids had to like look at fish and grindylows and mermen and moaning myrtle whilst they were trying to get to sleep. that'd make me evil fo sho.

okay, so, now I ship Anj and Scorp a little little bit but ONLY for the angst and bitter bitter UST. I still think Fred should get in there with Anj imho

there is s much beautiful description in this chapter. I am sitting here flailing a bit because it is all so beautiful and poignant and funny all at once. okay I'm a bit too strong with the fangirling sometimes.

Albus didn't like to be reminded about the incident with the Doxies and the spoons. TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE.

as if albus couldn't get any cuter THERE IS A TOAD ON HIS HEAD

He gently declined Hagrid's plate of scones (something was definitely moving in the jam) - SOCREMLINS! JAMGREMLINS!


Bea's backstory is omgwthbbq awesome. I always wondered what it was like for the muggle kids who were - bam!- shunted into the magical world.

eee and on to the next one ♥

Author's Response: I WILL PUNCH MY SCREEN FOR YOU. srsly for you to say that, the harbormaster herself ♥ it means the world and more. Possibly Mars as well. Also omg I remember really loving that sentence and now I feel like I must fix everything else so that it is up to par. But that is so much ._. if she will not take that Tom Hardy, I shall.



daw I always must remind myself to include more of the muggle-y sort of things in here, which can get lost between the cracks (geddit?) at times.

♥ ♥ double hearts for double rainbows.

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Review #9, by meadowlarks_cries 

24th February 2012:
Trapped at home suffering from mono, without friends (well I have friends they all just happen to be at school), without family (well they're at work), without proper school work to do (just because I'm too lazy), instead I have THIS BEAUTIFUL STORY to keep me company! I am literally crying from laughter. First off Albus, my love! I want to ship Albus with myself because he is such an adorable dork and I am a complete dork and I think we would bond together to form a great relationship of awkwardness and it would be amazing.
I may have also stalked all the reviews for this chapter and saw that there are FEELS coming up soon. Oh GOSH FEELS are so painful sometimes, but I love them. If you can make me laugh like this I fear what your feels will cause me to do.
Basically, in a long winded babbling way I'd just like to say, this chapter, this story is pretty much my crack currently. I anxiously await the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Eee, I'm glad you like it :3 Teehee, Albus is the light of this chapter and the next (which is almost done btw! I'm posting it tomorrow. It's a gargantuan 6k+). BUT YES. LOTS OF FEELS. Feels and action and, well, I realized that this coming chapter is pretty much the crux for the rest of the story. SO I AM EXCITE AND NERVOUS.

♥ i am honored to be your crack.

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Review #10, by zipzin 

17th February 2012:
Excellent as always! I am really loving this fic and I will be watching for some future updates.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I'm going to update tomorrow or Sunday hopefully.

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Review #11, by LittleRiddle 

14th February 2012:
Horah! My lovely! Happiness in the form of a Potterpuff has occoured! "My Dad died...once..."
Can't wait for the next chapter! Maybe, if Anjali is bitchy enough, Scorpius will see how irritating she is and will stop "dating" her. Leave her to Fred, I say!!!
Update soon my love!!! Nag nag nag(; Update update update

Author's Response: Heee, Potterpuff makes all things happy.

LOL! So you're okay with leaving Fred to that? xD Ah well, I have plans for lots of things that i'll be setting up next chapter! Can't wait to see what people think :D

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Review #12, by Happy reviewer! 

14th February 2012:
Albus Potter should win an award for being the cutest character in existence. He's like a little puppy! He's so cute :). This story is absolutely brilliant- the whacky characters, the funny situations, everything! I love that everyone's so complicated with their own problems separate and tangled. You are an absolutely fantastic writer, and this is by far the best harry potter fanfiction I have ever read, besides your etc. etc. one. You know what would be the icing on the cake, though? Albus/Bea. I don't know why. They're my two favourite characters, and since Scorpius seems to be quite wrapped up with Anjali, and Fred and Bea are teetering enough with their friendship, Albus and Bea is actually the most functional relationship! She just needs to work on that manipulation of hers and he needs a back bone and then they'd be perfect! Like in one of the previous chapters when she was standing up for him and insulting him at the same time. That was hilarious.

Also, all the funny moments, like the pamphlets on Fred watch. I really want to meet James, just because he seems like a funny character. Also, I really like Bea's backstory, because it's not too dramatic, and it's not too typical- it's like you've perfectly converted the stereotypical pressuring chinese family into the wizarding world and somehow made it not stereo-typical at the same time!

I feel awkward now, because this review's kind of overflowing with praise but you totally deserve it :) 10/10!!


Author's Response: This is what happens when I say corgis are an inspiration for Albus 8D

Thank you so so much :3 It's been tough handling a large cast, but I think it's really paid off these last few chapters.

Hee, weirdly enough, Albus/Bea shippers suddenly cropped up in this past chapter. I think they're super adorb in their own way, even though Albus would probably end up being a footstool. I think the most fun part about writing the relationships in Capers is that a lot of the characters care about each other without it being in a romantic sense. And a lot of the romance that gets to be explored later on happens organically as the characters grow and reevaluate themselves.

Also lololol I think you get Bea and Albus' relationship spot on with standing up for him and insulting him at the same time. That is pretty much how I always imagine Bea standing up for him xD

James does make a cameo! :3 And I'm glad you liked the bit on Bea's family - it's actually exactly inspired by the traditionalism of Chinese cultures. It's not a huge deal - I think it's the sort of prejudice that Bea's been exposed to for so long that she doesn't think too much of it - but it's definitely shaped bits of her.

♥ thank you so so much!

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Review #13, by Toujours Padfoot 

13th February 2012:
A fellow Hufflepuff was hosting it this year, and it had been advertised as 'Better than Azkaban!' and 'Probably exciting!'.

lololol Hufflepuffs ♥

"I - yes," Fred stammered, rubbing his eyes. "You can't tell anyone, it's - "


ALBUS I ADORE YOU. Oh my god I need to meet James. By this point he is like an urban legend. Rumor has it around Hogwarts that he once ate six pinecones just because a Slytherin said he wouldn't, and that he can fly without a broom, and that his mother is Voldemort. I must meet him at once.

I love this espionage and the circle of distrust here. Albus has misgivings about Bea and her many ulterior motives, and Bea doesn't trust Scorpius around Albus, and Scorpius doesn't trust anyone, including Trelawney, and Fred doesn't trust Anjali even though he is seduced, and Anjali doesn't trust Bea, and come to think of it, no one probably trusts Bea. I TRUST YOU, BEA.

Scorpius you dirty man, reading other people's mail. It's your own fault if people sniff your hand-baked cupcakes before they eat them. And BAW SCORPIUS you poor delusional, over-compensating thing. Trying so hard to be a good leader ahead of time when you aren't even in charge of the company yet, looking for prodigies while you're still a student at Hogwarts. I just want to hug you and your fanciful flaxen hair.

Bea's dad is a Muggle!


Oh you are so ruuude you are not going to tell us who Cho's baby daddy is. And whoa blood purity issues IT'S NEXT GENERATION, GODS, WHY ISN'T THIS RESOLVED YET. Prejudice woe~

"What if I am, Potterpuff? You gonna duel me?"

Albus puffed out his chest. "I'll write you a strongly worded message."

Albus stole the show in this chapter. I love him. He is the bees knees and I want to find someone to ship him with.



Gina you are tops ♥

P.S. Anjibus 5evaaa~

Author's Response: Puffs ♥

OMG LOLOLOL that's actually how I intend to write James. It's kind of funny because he's just a huge dork (as I write him in Love/Stats, anyhow). Not super attractive or exceptionally smart, but clever and likable and a born leader. This is sort of the legacy he's left amongst his friends. (p.s. his hair is insured for ten thousand galleons)

WHAT IS WITH ME AND TRUST PROBLEMS :( I WRITE THEM INTO EVERY FIC. but Capers is that it's really the only one that I generally give an optimistic outlook on the subject, what with its friendship floofiness 8D



Woe~~ I feel like it's something that's stuck around the grandparents' generation (veeery common amongst Chinese families). Cho's parents were not pleased with their daughter marrying a muggle.


:3 you are cray.

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Review #14, by Kat 

13th February 2012:
I forgot to mention in the last review, I loved the My Little Centaur thing. xD
Man, everything you write is so great. Whether it's funny, or sad, or angry, it's so entertaining to read. It takes a special kind of author to be able to be good at writing every kind of emotion like that. You paint pictures in my mind that oftentimes make me laugh, and I can't wait for the next chapter(:

Author's Response: I love that bit too xD It's the little silly things that I love most. ♥ and oh my gosh, thank you so so much. I try to write a lot of things, and there is quite a lot of Capers that is bittersweet and even kind of angsty (especially in future chapters), even though it looks so crazy from the beginning. Trying to balance that with the fun is really tough. I'm just glad that people enjoy it ^__^

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Review #15, by WitnesstoitAll 

12th February 2012:

But, I'll refrain if only for a minute. I loved the progression of characterization seen in this chapter. Anjali and Scorpius, the little bit about Bea's dad (even though I already knew that) and of course, Albus. Omg. I love that boy. He's so precious. The things he says. what a walking bag of derpiness. Annd fred hiding in the bush watching anjali... lol. Jame's little meeting on his behalf... WITH PAMPHLETS. Merlin gina if I could have your brain for a day. I'm very anxious to see what happens next especially after reading the preview!

Update soon.

And as promised... THE KEYBOARD SMOOSH



I can just imagine people stalking your past reviews. Normal normal normal KEYBOARD SMASHHH.

I looove that I've gotten to the point in this story where I can sprinkle a little bit of all my characters in and people can learn a little bit more about everyone. I had such trouble setting things up, but now I have soo much fun just being able to write all the things i've been DYING to write! :D


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Review #16, by prettywishes 

9th February 2012:
Oh my gosh, I really just want my own personal Albus because he is just so adorable! I know that he's a bit awkward, and probably said the absolutely worst thing that he could possibly say, but it just makes him so easy to identify. Though it broke my heart a bit when he said something about the cloak being the other thing that made him more special than James.

The action seems to be building though! And the preview was just mean, because it makes me want the chapter 2903583 times more! I'm sure it'll be worth the wait though.

Author's Response: Baww, I love that you felt that way toward him. I think there's always those really nice friends that are too nice to say no. Sometimes we take advantage for little things because we can. Sometimes it's us who's in that position. I was definitely writing him with those people in mind.

♥ I'll definitely try to update soon! ^___^

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Review #17, by shadowcat2 

9th February 2012:
OMG. The description of the Slytherin common room was breathtaking. Seriously, I adore your descriptions. Anjali is such a complex character. Even though she is the perfect Slytherin, I love her. The interaction between Scorpius and Anjali was so flawless. I can't really describe how perfect those two are as a couple. Then I love the banter between Scorpius and Bea. Fred the stalker part was super cool. Scorpius/Anjali, Scorpius/Bea, Fred/Anjali are all amazing pairing. I don't know which one I love more. Last but not the least,Albus. Oh Albus. Isn't he the most adorable little thing? Your Albus is simply precious.

I forgot about the preview. Next chapter will be amazing. I might end up crying if it's too sad. More potterpuff, please?


Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D I had loads of fun with the description because i hadn't written anything descriptive-y lately. I'm glad you love all those pairings actually, because I've got a little bit of love for everyone in my tangled relationship webs xD And Albus ♥ Albus just brightens everything up. I like to think of him as the Neville of the story heee.

All the Potterpuff! Well, for a good amount anyhow xD

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Review #18, by AC_rules 

9th February 2012:

"I'll write you a strongly worded letter" - that's the sort of thing my family would do in these situations, and I loved the inclusion of it in here. Also, Albus... ahha I just adore him. He's so fabulous - although you totally made me feel really sorry for him with everyone taking advantage of his Puff-ways. Poor guy.

Muggle names are 'unlucky' - nice. I liked that actually.

As usuall this chapter was chocker-block of wit and humour and fabulousness, and it goes without saying that I very much enjoyed it, right? Well, I did. I loved it :)


Author's Response: One should never doubt the power of words and all caps shouting! Albus would probably still be too nice to use caps though.

It's actually something that reminded me a lot of how the older generations seem to believe in things that they don't realize is discriminatory. It's always, it's not good luck or it's not good for the family, or other little veiled ways.

Glad you liked! ♥

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Review #19, by forsakenphoenix 

8th February 2012:
The first part of this chapter is my favorite. Some beautiful descriptions about living in the dungeon, and you actually have me feeling for Anjali, for once. She's such a contradiction sometimes and I love that your characters are so complex. There are a lot of layers that we are slowly uncovering chapter by chapter. It makes for excellent reading. And I actually went 'aww' with her and Scorpius. That NEVER happens.

Oh, Albus. SO MUCH LOVE. I sorta feel bad for him, like Bea is just keeping him around because of the invisibility cloak and all. I'd be peeved if my friend only volunteered to help me collect toads just to get something out of me. Bea is certainly quite manipulative when she wants to be. :( I did giggle at the line about Kneazle kittens dying every time someone stood in the way of fun and poor, poor Al's naivety because he couldn't decide if he believed it or not.

Bahaha, the seminar, Fredwatch, oh my goodness. I just died at that. He's being such a stalker.

I love love love the banter between Bea and Scorpius, and thank you for finally revealing more about Bea's backstory! Al is just...gah, I want to squeeze him so much. I can't wait to read more of him. :)

Also: that preview is KILLING ME. I don't even know what to think. I can't wait!

In case you didn't pick up on it, I loved this update! This is seriously one of my favorite stories ever written and you are fabulous!

Author's Response: Missy! ♥ Descriptions and I are always doing the love/hate dance, but I super enjoyed writing the bit about the Slytherin common room. I saw a few movie stills and the rest just bloomed in my mind.

I LOVE that you say that about Anjali. I have a tough time writing her sometimes, because she's got such an interesting story to her, and there are always reasons for her actions, but she's not one to express it too clearly. Ah, the perpetual mystery woman. And Scorpius :3 the softie side of him that he reserves for her is too sweet sometimes. Guh, all these tangled webs.

AND ALBUS OFC. He is the star of this chapter. And admittedly, I am such a Bea when it comes to my friends. I try not to be, but come around lunch time, I'd be sidling up to people, staring at their lunches. I know what it's like.


For the longest time, I didn't think Bea's family would mean so much for her characterization, but I actually love what it's brought to her. Even if she doesn't think of background consciously when she's working on her invention, it's an undeniable influence on her.

And I can't WAIT to post the next chapter! :D ♥ eee asdfgh your words make me so happy ♥ ♥

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Review #20, by PetrificusTotalus 

8th February 2012:
WHY MUST YOU SPLIT YOUR CHAPTERS?! WHYYY??! Ahem, I very much enjoyed this chapter :) :) I love Albus insane amounts! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

Author's Response: AHH BUT I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE NEXT ONE THEN :D I shall update as soon as I can!

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Review #21, by Anonymous 

7th February 2012:
Brilliant! but why must you break up the chapters : (

I can't wait to see where the story goes (still the beginning yet) but for pairing I think Anjali and James or Albus, Bea and Fred...I get the feeling that she kinda maybe likes Fred, and Malfoy and Rose. Bea and Malfoy are too similar...yea they get into awkward situations but I think 10 years down the road it would be friendship more than anything else. Now Anjali and James would be awesome...the ultimate power couple!

Author's Response: It's a monster D: There's a lot I wanted in that scene and I think I'll need a full chapter to do it justice.

Haha, those are the first times I've ever heard some of those ships! James hasn't even shown up yet xD Poor Albus would be Anjali's footstool. Bea does actually like someone in a sense, but I won't say who; it'll be clear soon enough I think.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #22, by Loony_Scorpy 

6th February 2012:
Oh awkward Al, how I love you. "My dad died. Once." So flipping hilarious. (I know that wasn't the exact line but whatever, I can't remember that far back.) But the next chapter looks like bad things are going to happen D: Should I bring a pillow to cover my eyes? ;) Awesome chapter, and you are still an amazingly amazing author ♥ Yeah. Crappy review for the win.

Author's Response: Teehee, he totally knows how to start a conversation, eh? Must be fun to have at the parties.

NEXT CHAPTER IS FULL OF EXCITEMENT~ bad things maybe BUT EXCITEMENT. AND FEELS? Maybe feels. I'm thinking about adding lots of feels because now I have the space to.

♥ ahhh but I love your review!

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Review #23, by Snapdragons 

6th February 2012:
At the very least, I got plenty of Potterpuff in this one so all is forgiven! And while I don't mind freakishly long chapters... oodles of stuff! YAY. (nag nag nag if it isn't up in two weeks I will throw a tantrum)

Franjali -sniff- Don't sink my ship. D: But oh, I love reading about Anjali. She's so... Slytherin? a bamf? fab? (Side note: when she mentioned the whole thing about tradition, Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof got stuck in my head and now it won't leave. pah.)

Albus was maybe the most adorable thing ever. the 'Puff Principle. Partly because James used to joke that a Kneazle kitten would die every time someone stood in the way of fun - and a tiny part of Albus still believed it. He could never be too certain. I love Puffs! This is too cute. They even have Snap tournaments that are better than Azkaban and probably exciting! SIGN ME UP.

And then Fred is a stalker and FREDWATCH. I literally laughed out loud for that part. With seminars and pamphlets and everything. The first step is admitting you have a problem...

You did not just call man's most elegant explanation of the world as we know it implausible. bahaha this and the reference to Schrodinger's cat was brilliant. as a physics TA, I appreciated Bea sticking up for the subject. :P

Albus is just brilliant at breaking the ice. "My dad died." Or, you know, sort of died, came back to life, and then saved the Wizarding world. Something along those lines. You write him a strongly worded message, Potterpuff. YOU CAN DO IT.

This chapter was so great and ACK that preview! Now I really will nag you about this. There were so many great lines and POTTERPUFF (my favorite) and oh, Bludger, indeed. love love love. ♥

Author's Response: -cannot hold all your nags-

There are too many ships I have to sink some D: But some of them turn into submarines and resurface~ lolol look at me being all mysterious. Also, I always get songs stuck in people's heads, whether intentionally or not. I do not know how. I enjoy this.

Albus is always the most adorable thing. More adorable than pandas even I SAID IT. And you can't beat 'puffs and their parties either. Their Snap tourney will have refreshments that are mostly not flat and crackers that are almost tasty!

Some people take up gambling or whatnot; Fred stalks. Oh Fred.

OMG I HAVE BEEN WAITING TO BREAK OUT MY NERD JOKES. I have like a little list of physics jokes that I can't wait to use. They are literally just sitting in my notes.

I looove you :3 and your review. And your nags ♥

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