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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th March 2015:
The words cut me like icy wind. Never had something that horrible come from such a beautiful mouth.


“That’s easy to say when you’re a self-absorbed girl without a real father who won’t play --- Quidditch anyway!”

Double no.

“Your what?” Paloma choked. Come to think of it, Bink and Fred did too. Wesley just made a noise. Probably at the ‘Jordan’ remark.


But forget about that nonsense. WOAH. James blew up and Avery deserved it. She never listened to him at all. If she did she could have found out the truth and not the half-truth. Let her mull that one around for awhile. I thought he was going to cry. Heck, I thought I was going to cry.

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

18th September 2013:
I like the term "soberly-challenged" I've used sober-impaired and coherency-challenged but I liked Bink's lol. That ending was good, they finally went off on each other and the whole things out in the open. Time for the forgiving stuff.

Author's Response: Bink is good at coming up with that kind of stuff.


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Review #3, by deceptive_serenade 

9th February 2013:



I loved this chapter. It made me super sad and close to tears but I absolutely loved it. I was so wrong to dread it. It was amazing. AMAZING, I TELL YOU!

Avery... you know what I call her (and James). I'm not sure why she's pretending like she doesn't care - maybe it's a coping method? I mean, Emily and Al do the same thing. But maybe she was just too guilty or something, because she definitely cares (hence the tears in her eyes :P)... and god, this isn't doing much for their friendship and always being there for each other.

Albus: he's (fine) second hottest to James. And so adorable. It was so cute how proud James was of his little brother. Heck, I bet everyone was proud. I love how he turned it around on Paloma for their mess, I thought that was hilarious.

Mr. Flynn, you have no heart. I hate you. I'm gonna call my dad tonight and tell him that I love him.

The last scene, as you've already heard, is probably my favourite in some weird and twisted sort of way. Don't get me wrong - that was one of the most heartbreaking scenes I've read on here - but it was so... wow. That's not an adjective, but that's how I'm describing it. You just led up to it so well and how James' dreams just went down the toilet and then how Avery was there /again/, especially when he needed her but she wasn't there for /him/. I'm not even sure why she was there. Was she going to tell him something? Either way... wow. Beautifully heartbreaking. That's all I can say.

I feel so bad for James, and a little for Avery now that she knows what actually happened. Oh, hero's complex. Thanks for screwing us over, huh? :P

James, stop ending up in the hospital wing.

Anyway, amazing chapter ♥ loved it so much!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the re-post of the original review as you changed pennames! It means a lot to me!

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Review #4, by roxyroxtheworld 

10th July 2012:
holy crap wow wowie wowie wow. i loved this chapter!!! n wow the fight with james n avery was... wow proly totally what they needed. but holy cow wow n i so love when bink n freddie dress up as girls lol anyway wonder what avery must think after that n so love this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really loved this chapter in an insane chaotic sort of way. Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by radicallyali 

10th July 2012:
Explosion. I’m going to guess its between James and Avery, based on the cliffie and this chapter image.

But she wasn’t Avery.
I’m going to punch someone somewhere because Javery and dklfa;jlfdkahjkgjhgjhjljklsf

“I will always support you, want what you want, and be there for you to talk to. I promise.”
You should see my face right now. It consists of ME BANGING IT INTO A WALL.

I should have stopped.
James should just go live in a sock drawer for all the socks he needs to put in it.

Oh god. Oh god. I hate confrontation. Oh no.

“Better Quidditch player than you’ll ever be,”

Which is why everything went black.
Fudge nuggets.

I was thinking specifically of Avery and Daniel Higs, but hell, anyone was fair game at this point.
Well. This is a disaster waiting to happen if I’ve ever seen one.

“I won’t have to see Avery Flynn again.”

And blow up it did.
Called it.

Even my sister naked was a better topic.
False. He would just hex Wesley.

Of course Albus is also in disguise.

And then got punched in the jaw by an ugly blond bugger.


Attack of the Polyester. Sounds like Manclaw’s worst nightmare.

I’m glad Amy thinks Fred in a dress is funny because I bet DemonSpawn would have shrieked at Freddie’s addled brains.

“Do not let him fondle you.”
No promises.


Author's Response: Yeah whoops on that cliffie. I'm horrible.

I took that line a bit from Friends. "She's not Rachel." "Rachem? What's a RACHEM?"

Yeah James doesn't really understand the whole... stop talking thing.


Avery. Just don't insult Quidditch. Just don't.

LOL. I think the chapter title called it.

ALBUS. I love that.

Omg Manclaw bahhaha

Yeah I love that Amy just loves Fred's quirkiness. It cracks me up.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #6, by Manga_girl 

16th May 2012:
Great chapter! Poor James, I can't believe Mr. Flynn did that to him. Well, I can! xD I think Al and Paloma need to get together straight away though!

Emma xx

Author's Response: Mr. Flynn is a meanieface, to keep it 12+. MEANIEFACE. Thank you so much!

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Review #7, by siriuslyhockey 

10th April 2012:
James sure does seem to be in the hospital wing a lot. And most of the time it is not from playing quidditch. So maybe Harry should start worrying about these other reasons.

I am going to move on to the next chapter because this is getting good.

Author's Response: He really is in the hospital wing far, far too often. This is not the first, nor is it the last time he'll be there. Thanks!

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Review #8, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 

14th February 2012:
It can't be over for them both. It just can't. Please update very soon. Very very soon so it can be okay again. Avery needs James, James needs Avery. And they both need their careers.

10/10 and I promise a longer review in chapter 47 I just don't have time

Clea smith :)

Author's Response: I promise to update very soon! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by ~Accio~ 

7th February 2012:
UPDATEUPDATEUPDATE! i am in love with this story!! you are such an amazing writer and i really want to say thank you :) all i can say is that i hope Avery has a bloomin' good excuse for hexing him in the first place :P so thank you again for the amazing read and please update!! :D (did i mention i want you to update.??) ;) xx

Author's Response: Aw, thank YOU so much for the lovely review! That's so nice of you.

I will certainly update as fast as possible! I promise :) Thank you SO SO SO much! Seriously. Every review makes me want to write more and more!

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Review #10, by IFightDragons 

6th February 2012:
OMG! This So good. I cannot wait for the rest!


Thanks :) I hope you like the rest! Can't wait to see what you think!

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Review #11, by ashleym15 

5th February 2012:
Albus. Is. The. Bomb. nuff said really. i felt soo bad for James in this chapter but really he should just tell his parents and everything would be fixed! but he won't do that... coz he's stubborn. I don't know whether i like Avery anymore but im glad she's finally knows everything. Can't wait to read what she does now! PLease update soon!!!

Author's Response: ALBUS! I love him, haha. You're going to think he's the bomb more in a couple of upcoming chapters.

I really don't like the idea of James being able to go to his parents and just fixing things. I sort of get the idea that when he was young they told him he needed to fix things himself in like small ways and that has manifested in James' head as an adult. I also don't think Harry has that much pull in the Quidditch world as people would assume...and besides, think about how bitter James would be if his daddy went and made sure he was signed? He would hate it even though he loves to play the game.

I hope you warm back up to Avery. She's going through a difficult time. I can't imagine my father walking back into my life only to figure out he's using me for money.

Thank you so much!

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Review #12, by Rosey 

4th February 2012:
this is definately one of my most favourite stories on here, you, my dear author, are a deadset legend! keep up the awesome work, can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: A deadset legend, huh? I can live with that. In fact, yes, I shall put that on a sticky note and stick it on my shirt/forehead so people know ;) Thank you SO much for the review! I really hope you enjoy the rest of the story!

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Review #13, by Gal22 

2nd February 2012:
Is there anything else to say besides :O? This was brilliant. Finally! Cannot wait for the update :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and I hope hope hope you like the rest!

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Review #14, by Didi_Sartat 

31st January 2012:
i didint like avery in this one. however another disguise, nice!

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you didnt like Avery in this chapter. Emotions are taking their toll on her. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by xMsFiggx 

30th January 2012:
:( I don't like them fighting so much and hating each other. I hope things get better!

Author's Response: It's sad and I don't like it either. MAKE IT BETTER. Okay, you know what I mean. Thanks!

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Review #16, by Loony_Scorpy 

29th January 2012:
Uh what? I got teary at the end. That is sooo not me. At least Avery is in the loop now! If a somewhat bash in the face, miscommunicated, loop of insanity. That didn't make sense. My favourite line had to be, "Folding his sweatervests." I just loved that! It made me laugh so hard! I can't wait for more! James seems to spending so much time in the hospital wing lately! And I hope Avery comes around :)

Author's Response: AWWW.

I'm glad Avery is in the loop too. It was hard on James this whole time not really having her know the complete truth. But now everything is out in the open.

Perhaps James needs to set up camp in there? Get some picture frames...books...his own pillows?

Thank you!

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Review #17, by MagicallyClumsie 

28th January 2012:
Oh James, he finally broke. poor him. and Bink finally gets to cross dress!! woo!

p.s. Still wanna marry Freddie, I expected the fact that he's a cross dresser long ago :p

Author's Response: I feel for him. My poor baby. It took a while since he's big on not following rules in terms of emotions, but it happened. I'm glad you expected that about Freddie :) haha. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by GinnyMione 

27th January 2012:
Noo Javery's fallen apart!..even more!

Author's Response: It's SAD. I'm sorry it's SAD!! Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #19, by Reggie 

27th January 2012:
Love it so much.
Every little situation is the perfect balance of emotional and hillarious. A lot of heavy topics in this chapter and they all worked beautifully. Loved Albus' line "Tell me this whole thing isn’t because I haven’t asked you to be my girlfriend?”. Finally we see the Potter courage in him. I am a HUGE fan of the continuing flirtation between Rose and Bink. And Avery finally gets the full story! I have no idea what she's going to make of this or how much of what James said was even understandable but its progress!
I'm so excited to read more! I see that the next chapter is waiting, do you have a certain amount of time between chaters?

Author's Response: Yes, this chapter was...intense. I think the title fit it well, haha. Al's Gryffindor courage is going to come out a lot more in the coming chapters!

I don't have a certain amount of time, but I like to update one at a time (Hide and Seek and then BTQC) and wait until I'm sure a good amount of people have realized it's up before I update another chapter. It's rare I have a chapter waiting so I take advantage of not having to feel TERRIBLE that I wait too long between updates. I'm trying to stay more on top of it though! Thanks!

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Review #20, by SmileChild 

27th January 2012:
Ah love love love it, I honestly adore this story! Keep up the good work and keep posting. xx

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I'm so happy you're enjoying it so far! I look forward to what you think of the rest :) Thanks!

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Review #21, by busybusybeta 

26th January 2012:
YIKES! so much drama! love, LOVE, LOVE it!
i had to scrape my jaw off the floor when avery hexed james. was she justified? maybe. was it too harsh? definitely.
and i jumped up out of my seat and cheered SO loud for albus in the pub. he just solidifed the fact that no one is a match for the potter men, in ANY facet of life. XD
and FINALLY, the TRUTH behind james' lying to avery is revealed! i can't wait until the next chapter, to see what sort of fallout occurs with this revelation!
brilliant chapter, and i cannot believe how much of a beast you are. you update quickly, and you prewrite MONSTER chapters AGES in advance. *bows on the floor* i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy. i'm not worthy.

Author's Response: So, so much drama. An excess of drama llamas! A bucket full!

Totally agreed. James deserved to get hexed for what he said. Did he deserve it that bad? Not really. But that was Avery Flynn breaking, becoming too overwhelmed for a quiet evening to subdue.

I love Albus! So happy you're enjoying him! He gets some more time in an upcoming chapter that I really enjoyed writing. He's a great secondary :)

Aw, thank you so much! I know before it was taking me a month for each story and even though I'm so busy, I'm trying really hard to get chapters out just because I love writing them so much! I really appreciate all of your reviews! Thank you SO SO SO much!

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Review #22, by Inthenextlife 

25th January 2012:
I'm glad it's all out in the open now. Amy seems pretty badass and good Lord, way to go Al! :D. “What’re you doing here anyway? Don’t you two have homework to do or Prefect rounds or flossing or something?” Good thing he's funny, because God knows his albinoism isn't going to get Bink anywhere in life ;D

Author's Response: Finally, right? haha.

I really love Amy. She's a great character and great for Fred in comparison to the rest of the Ravenclaws he has talked to.

Also, I laughed SO hard when I read that last line. Let me put that into perspective. I am at work. In an office. At a newspaper. Dying laughing. I got some weird looks and made up something James-style about the community home story I am working on. Classy :)

Thank you so much!

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Review #23, by i love harrypotter 143 

25th January 2012:
Omgeezers! I love it! But I am wondering if that was really Avery, because she almost never cries and it says there were tears in her eyes but she could just be really upset by it. And did James tell her before that his Career was on the line or no? Because I can't rember. Also I had tears in my eyes when he was listing the things that they wouldn't do anymore. Then Al punched Wes cause he kissed Paloma which I thought was sooo sweet but then I was like Oooh That had to hurt, cause I like Wes... hes a good kid. I really hope that when James wakes up Avery is there because I don't care if Javery gets back toghther soon (just eventualy) but I really want them to make up and be friends again! Again, I loved the chapter and I adore this story! Update sooon!

Author's Response: I'll give you a spoiler and say that it was actually Avery, but a very different side of Avery. This is her breaking down and everything starting to take its toll on her. She has such a tough exterior and she's starting to crumble without her support system.

And no, he never told anyone about the Quidditch thing. He kept that part to himself in hopes that he could fix it before it actually happened. So that is news to Avery :)

I do love Wes :) I hope he heals up okay!

Thank you so much for the lovely review! I really appreciate it and can't wait to see what you think of the next chap! It's all in the hospital wing.

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Review #24, by Everlasting Faerie Light 

25th January 2012:
OMG!!! i absolutely HATE AVERY'S DAD!!! And that last part was intense! I wonder how Avery's going to take all of this.
I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Eugh, you and me both. What a tossface, don't you think? I think it'll definitely be a roller coaster of the next few chapters. What a mess. Thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #25, by hanna 

25th January 2012:
i started crying at the last bit... come on, how fair is that!? you don't /can't/ end a chapter with the most depressing part! (or well, you kind of can, but... COME ON) :( :( :(
anyways, i love it and i would really like some more ;)

Author's Response: Aww! I'm sorry you cried :( It was really sad. But this was the rock bottom chapter. it has to go uphill, right? Right?

Thank you so much!

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