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Review #1, by MoonyistheBestMarauder 

10th November 2012:
I'm in love with this story! Lucy Weasley's my favorite Weasley kid (which is how I found this). It's so funny, because I just saw Cyrano de Bergerac, so this is all so amazing to me!! Great job! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm pretty fond of Lucy too. Cyrano is amazing, I was glad to get a chance to incorporate some of the story into this :) Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #2, by VampireMaidenPhoenix 

8th August 2012:
Oh, this is such a mess. It is delicious. Very different from Midnight, but of course that's a bit of the point, isn't it? Roxanne is interesting, but I think I'm starting to like her a bit less for some reason. She just seems a bit too full of herself to me and I don't like it. It's less about how Hilarion feels and more about her "perfect" dream. But I dunno, Hill and Perry are being rather idiotic as well, deceiving the poor girl like that. And it's timed so well that Roxy is more focused on proving her cousin wrong than the sudden shift in her "boyfriend's" personality. Smh. Messes like this never turn out well.

I love it!

Author's Response: Ah a double-couple mixed-up romance. Definitely a mess! It is quite different from the Midnight Run stories, but that's the difference in genre really. Roxanne is not as focused on Hilarion as she should be. He's an accessory to her vision of a perfect life, and that's no basis for a relationship. Thank you so much for reviewing, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #3, by justonemorefic 

24th March 2012:
OH NO HILARION YOU ARE TRYING A TRICK THAT WILL NEVER WORK. Nooo it is the plot of doom. Bigger men than you have not succeeded. Using Weasley products to trick a Weasley - that's even worse! Hee Cornish Dan cameo.

HI FRED. Hehe same Weasley smoothness. I love how casual he is with everything. Legal purposes? Oh Merlin, I am completely hoping for shocks.

Ah Dominique. I love how you can describe so much with so little, and at the same time I can tell it's distinctly in Roxanne's opinion. SNORT, Dom and her ~Welcome~, which is immediately shot down. Baww Victoire sounds so lovely. Hee I love grown up next gen, and all the dichotomy between sisters.

OH DOM D: OH DEAR. Divorce bomb! Now I feel bad for Dom. Snerk and yet it's still funny - Roxanne and her take-charge garbage bag! Hah!

Baww Lucy and her frustration and her heart fighting her sense ;A; Your words have sunk into Roxanne's mind. Sooon. Soon all the strings shall be tied correctly. BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH Cyrano plot for the confusion! D: Poor Perry and his book of loneliness. Oh Roxanne. If only you knewww.

Which is why I must speed off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hahaha! It is a trick that will never work. Only Cyrano is smooth enough to pull off the Cyrano plot of doom, and even he couldn't manage it forever. I totally love Cornish Dan the accordionist. I picture him looking quite like a friend of mine who plays the accordion (and is hot, in a tall-dark-and-lanky kind of way).

Ah Fred! I can never resist writing Fred in. He's such a dorky guy, it cracks me up. He's a lot geekier than his sister. She's definitely the cool one there. Have you read Just Another Midnight Run? He's in a few chapters there, with Rose.

Dominique, oh she's a trip to write. She's so pretentious, but when you get down to it, she's still a Weasley. I adored writing her rant about her soon-to-be-ex: "It was so ROMANTIC. We rode in a GONDOLA!" hahaha. She's well rid of ol'Andrew. More of that story is in Weirder Shade of Midnight. He was not a good dude.

Oh Victoire - I do love writing her. It was fun to show her from Lucy's point of view instead of Rose's. Rose is totally buddies with Victoire, oddly enough, but they are very different.

Poor Lucy - she's so upset here. Roxanne needed to hear it though! Thank you for reviewing sweetie!

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Review #4, by Giola 

25th January 2012:
I said I would review, and here I am :D

Ok, well, you already know how much I love this story. I absolutely adore Perry, much more than Hilarion. Perhaps it's just this chapter, but Perry shows amazing friendship towards Hilarion, and selflessness. Part of me wanted him to refuse to help his friend with his date, but of course, he wouldn't, and that's what makes him such an amazing guy.

Lucy is similar in a way, I suppose, though I don't feel as bad for her as I do Perry. For some reason he just appears more pathetic to me, perhaps because of the mention that Hilarion always had women throwing themselves at him, and he didn't. Perhaps it's also because I'm a musician, and am therefore biased to sympathize with him more :p Who knows!

Anyway, back on topic, I actually loved Lucy saying something to Roxanne. She's pretty much spot on, as harsh as it was. I love that her feelings for Hilarion made her act like that, what's happening between the four of them is so obvious, but not to them. It's brilliant, and frustrating, and compelling, and completely addictive.

I also loved seeing the dinner scene from a different angle, Lucy and Roxanne are completely different to Rose. Seeing another view of Victoire was also interesting. I must go back and read your Rose stories one day (soon, if you write what you were planning to write and post it after this is done - I wonder if that ramble makes any sense, my bad).

Overall, another brilliant chapter. Your characters are so well formed, they are absolutely clear in my mind. It's quite honestly refreshing to find solid characterisation ;)

I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter :D


Author's Response: Aw thanks for reviewing! :D

Lucy is a bit pathetic, isn't she? So is Perry. Good people, and like a lot of good people, they get stepped on a bit. It was definitely good for Lucy to speak up to Roxanne, who is still totally delusional about Hilarion.

I really enjoyed showing Rose and Victoire from another point of view. Lucy and Roxanne both see Victoire a bit differently than Rose does, and their perspective on Rose was quite fun. She's so flaky! haha.

Thank you so much for reviewing! I'm really glad you enjoyed the chapter :D I need to get my butt moving on the next chapter. If my computer will only stay alive for more than a few weeks at a time!

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Review #5, by daydreamer12 

7th January 2012:
Lucy and Perri REALLY need to talk-they're in the exact same position! They could figure out something to do! I really hope Lucy gets her happy ending-it seems she's been given a bit of the short-end of the stick "talent" wise :( can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: I know right? They should talk, they could both sigh over how stupid Hilarion and Roxanne are being by not seeing them ;) Everyone will get a happy ending - but you'll have to wait and see how. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #6, by choufleur 

6th January 2012:
What a good chapter. It was really nice seeing a couple of other of your characters pop up!
Poor Lucy, I hope she gets to see Hilarion again. Loved the Cyrano de Bergerac idea, and as for a completely different kettle of fish, also grinned at the Bridget Jones reference. Kudos for getting references to two such different things into the same chapter!

Author's Response: Yes! I love more Weasleys. Always a positive thing. Adding more Weasley/Potter cousins to the mix never goes amiss.

Poor Lucy - but she'll hang in there. I had fun throwing in a Bridget Jones bit. Gotta love those books. And I've always loved Cyrano, so I'm really having fun with this idea. It won't go exactly as that play's plot does, of course, but it's definitely inspired by it! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Georgia Weasley 

5th January 2012:
Cyrano! I love that story. I even kinda like Steve Martin's hack job in the terrible 80's movie, Roxanne! You are setting poor Hilarion and Roxanne up for disaster so beautifully. The comments about Lucy hating a liar, and Roxanne despising cheaters, does not bode well for the little plan Hilarion and Perry have put together.
Once again, your characters are so detailed and just come alive. I have a cousin/friend much like Dommie. I love her and hate her in about the same way her cousins do. I adore the scene from Rose's story rewritten from different perspectives here. You've once again created a real world full of dynamic people that are all connected, much like your Unsinkable universe.
I think I would love to see Hugo get his own one shot or story when you finish this. I love your version of him.
Great job, and don't worry about 3 little months. Poor "Enough" readers won't remember a thing by the time I get around to updating. Loved this, as always!~GW

Author's Response: Yes! I had Cyrano quotes on each chapter for a reason ;) I like the French movie version with Gerard Depardieu best, but the hack job Steve Martin one had its moments.

Oh yes, Dominique's husband the liar is definitely setting the stage for some drama here when the boys inevitably get found out. I really enjoyed writing Dominique a bit more in this story than in Weirder Shade. I love how she drops the pretentiousness when she's angry. And it's fun to show someone else's perspective on Rose. Her cousins think she's ridiculous haha.

Hugo should get a one-shot! That's a good idea. I don't know what it would be about. I have plans for another Rose once I finish this story, but it'll be a bit different than the first two stories. Scorpius perspective! Anyway, thanks so much for reviewing! *hugs*

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