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Review #1, by PRAGEETHIYA 

12th September 2017:
I guess one where a younger Ginny and her obsession with Harry would have been a nice addition as well. Loved all the weasleys and your portrayal of them! 😊

Author's Response: That would have been cute! You could do that as a story of your own for sure. :) Thanks so much for coming by to leave kind words on this old story of mine! ♥

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Review #2, by FriendofMolly 

25th November 2012:
It surprises me too that your story is about to end. With each Weasley you have given us a glance at what came before and how it shape their future selves. I really loved how you worked Mr Stuffing into this chapter. He certainly was part of some special times with each one.

Author's Response: True story: I was really quite sad, realizing how close to the end I was when I posted this story. I'm so glad you've enjoyed the journey, though, and I'm so, so happy you've found bits of the future Weasleys in their smaller selves. It really makes me feel great, reading that. :)

Mr. Stuffing probably needs a bit of therapy after everything he's been through -- but then again, he was more well-loved than many, many others bears. I keep looking for more opportunities to include him into other stories, because I'm darn attached to him! ♥ Thank you for your review!

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Review #3, by academica 

15th August 2012:
Only one more chapter?! Oh, no! (Oh, come now, Amanda, use your left-brained mind. Seven Weasley children means seven chapters. Calm down, woman.)

Ginny seems to be the most divisive of the Weasleys. Did you save her for last for a reason, or because she was the toughest to write? :3 Either way, I think you did great - she doesn't have that over-the-top fiery attitude that I see too often, but she does have the kind of spunk I would hope to find in Molly Weasley's long-awaited daughter.

MR. STUFFING! -gasps- Well, Ginny almost sort of deserves being knocked into the pond - almost. I'm glad she got to play, even if she had to hurt a little bit to do it, and again, I love that inventive spirit.

Looking forward to finally getting to the epilogue!


Author's Response: Bahaha, your poor left brain. -pats it- To be fair, it's rarely needed in fan fiction, so there are loads of excuses for not needing it!

I do think that I saved Ginny for last on purpose -- but mainly because, of all the Weasleys, she is by and large my least favorite. :P Writing her here was fun, though, because I mostly don't like the person she is around Harry, and this is before she's even met him, so... I'm really glad you liked it, though! She is very much Molly's daughter, and I like the way you phrased that.

Poor bear! Mr. Stuffing's really been through the mill. ;) Thank you so much for all the reading you've been doing on my page lately, Amanda! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. :) Thank you, and I can't wait to hear your opinions on the epilogue, too! ♥

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Review #4, by charlottetrips 

25th April 2012:
Mr. Stuffing! Oh this bear has actually become my favorite “character” throughout this whole series of snapshots. It’s lovely to think of just one thing carrying on through the family’s growing years, able to bind them together in many different ways. It’s like a good blanket or another toy that gets handed down.

Your Ginny is full of spunk and sass and entirely what one would expect of a girl who grew up with 6 older brothers. I liked how you put in her future career as a Quidditch player with the Harpies in there. (And as an aside, don’t you think “Gwenog” is a horrible name?”)

I’m almost done! :( But I guess I have your other “Growing Up…” story to look forward to!

Author's Response: Mr. Stuffing has quite a following -- I should make a fan club, come to think of it. :P (That might be a bit pretentious, although he's got the face for T-shirts.) I don't quite remember how it came to be that he got to be a recurring character, but I don't think it would have felt right without him!

I'm really glad you like Ginny, too. :) I'm not a huge fan of her, myself, but I did try and do her justice here and I'm glad you seem to agree! And you did pick up on that Harpies allusion, props to you. ;)

'Growing Up Magical' is still hanging about! But no pressure, of course -- you've more then made my week with these. Seriously, thank you so much for doing this! You're fabulous! ♥

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Review #5, by Tonks1247 

11th March 2012:
I can never help but feel bad for Ginny, at least a little bit. She’s the only girl out of an all-boys family, besides her mum, and she’s the youngest. While I’m not even close to being in that predicament [4 sisters and a middle child], I can only imagine that it really sucks! I mean, her brothers never let her play with them and they are always teasing her. It’s evident in the books and in this chapter. She’s just never allowed. But she’s still stubborn as heck to change that, which I really like.

I also adore her ingenuity. She was faced with a problem, talked with her mum (though not about the exact issue on hand), and figured something out to help her. If I were put in that situation, I don’t think I would have ever thought of George’s toy broom, nor of the teddy bear hidden in my parents closest. I just don’t have the logic for that, like Ginny so clearly does.

Also, I love her struggle to get the broom in the air. She’s so determined to get into the air that she tries everything she can think of, only to end up in the pond. Which made me laugh, because the second the idea popped in her head, I knew she would end up in the pond. Just because it was too good not to happen! I also love how, after Molly helped her out, she questioned her about Mr Stuffing and Ron freaked. I was laughing out loud at the image of Ron hiding behind George as if his bear was about to attack him as a spider again. It was just too hilarious. And probably gave the twins a reason to mock him for the rest of the day!

There were two nitpicky things I caught, that I’m not sure whether a correction is actually needed or not [I hate losing an hour…my brain rejects the idea]:

“There was a comforting sort of smell in here – it was too clean, but there was a pleasant combination of her mother's favourite lavender soap and her father's aftershave. But, now allowing herself to be distracted by this, Ginny forged on, heading for the wardrobe tucked in the corner.” ~The first thing is the use of the word ‘here’ in the first sentence. I was thinking it may work better, sound like the right tense and the right person with the word ‘there,’ but I don’t know for certain. The other thing was in that second sentence, I believe you want that second word to be ‘not’ instead of ‘now.’

Other than those two things, I really did enjoy this chapter! It really was fantastically written and Ginny’s character, I feel, was done expertly in cannon!


Author's Response: I feel a little bad for Ginny, but at the same time, I think she's definitely a girl who can hold her own. :D She's got to be rather strong, with all those boys -- and while as a rule I really don't care for her character all that much, I've got to admit that I've got a grudging amount of respect for her.

You're rather good at predicting how these chapters will go! :P It's largely slapstick, granted, so the action is predictable to some degree. I still love it. :D

Ahh, your corrections. ♥ Thank you for catching those -- I can always use the editing help! One can only find so many mistakes in one's own story, I reckon. Thanks so much for this review -- you're so fabulous! I really appreciate your taking the time to tell me your opinions, and am so grateful for them!

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Review #6, by BKL8008 

8th January 2012:
It would have to be hard being the only girl, yes, and I think you've conveyed that to us pretty accurately here. The whole thing with the toy broom and teddy bear is priceless. The splashdown, Ron's fearful reaction...and little did they know what kind of "monster" they'd be creating in letting Ginny play Quidditch! Perfect.

Author's Response: I like Ginny's spirit, I think -- not a fan of her, either in the books or in the movies, but her attitude is grudgingly admired. :P And of course Mr. Stuffing had to make his traditional reappearance! As a Quaffle, poor bear, and I can't imagine the smell of pond water is very easy to wash away.

They did create a monster, didn't they? Ahh, these reviews just completely put me in an amazing mood. :) I can never tell you how much they meant to me! You're fantastic!

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Review #7, by forsakenphoenix 

26th December 2011:
Aw, Ginny! I love how headstrong she is and determined to prove her brother's wrong, even as young as she is. I really feel sympathy for her, being the youngest girl with six older brothers. But Ginny definitely holds her own. I thought it was really endearing how she wanted to try and prove to her brothers that she could be just as good as them at Quidditch and then using Mr Stuffing for her Quaffle! I knew you couldn't resist tossing him in there one more time. ;) Ron shuddering upon seeing it again was amusing too. Poor kid can't get over that, can he?

I'm glad we got to see some of Molly's anger at the boys for not letting their sister play with them. She can make those boys do anything.

I'm sad this is almost over. It's been wonderful getting these glimpses of the Weasley children's childhood. :)

Author's Response: Some of Ginny's strongest traits worked in her favor in this story, and I'm glad it ended up that way -- as you know, I'm not exactly a big Ginny fan. :P I guess that's why I left her story last! (I definitely couldn't resist throwing Mr. Stuffing in there again, he's such a big part of these!)

Thank you so much, Missy -- really. :3

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Review #8, by lizmusic45 

17th December 2011:
OH GOODY! I love this chapter, so much Ginny, so much fun. People try many different takes on this, but dear god yours was by far the best.
Pat yourself on the back, relish in your great writing, and for heaven sake write more! I have so much love for this story that I almost don't want to read the last chapter because then it's the end, and it makes me sad to read endings to good stories.
Love this chapter, love it so much it hurts.


Author's Response: I knew you'd like Ginny's chapter! Not that it would be much of a stretch, of course. :D I'm so honored that you enjoyed it, though, knowing your love for her as I do. Admittedly, she is not one of my favorite characters, but I do hope I've done her justice here!

You are too sweet. ♥ Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by shadowcat2 

13th December 2011:
OMG. this is amazing. I have read canon story before and they were all great for one reason or another. But your short story collection was way too special. It was about innocence and childhood of the weasley children and this is something i haven't seen in any of the fanfics i have read;and trust me,i have read a LOT. I was rereading the HP books a few days ago and when i read about the Ron's teddy bear and the broom stick i couldn't help but smile. It's amazing how a few sentences could evolve into something as brilliant as this. Wish this story didn't have to end. But am looking forward to your project. I am pretty sure it will be great!

Author's Response: This review totally made my day -- thank you for leaving it! :3 The fact that mine stands out really means especially a lot to me, because that's something I really try and strive for in my fic, originality.

I'll be getting that project up in a week or so -- be on the lookout for it! Thanks so much for the review! ♥

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Review #10, by sophie_hatter 

7th December 2011:
I've really been enjoying your series on the Weasley children, and I thought Ginny's chapter was great too.

I think you evoke the Burrow beautifully. I have a strong mental image of the place (curse those films:-)), but I thought you nailed it.

I thought your imagery in the opening paragraph was excellent. It put me right into the story, making it a very strong start. I also thought little touches like the description of Ginny's hair and Ron nearly hitting George with his broomstick were a delight - you have a great way with description and it makes your story a lot of fun to read.

Your characterisation of Ginny was also very good. She came across as resourceful, determined and stubborn, just as she should be. I also like the way she came a cropper, but still got a positive outcome. It was cleverly done. I thought your characterisation of her brothers as dismissive, and Ron hanging on to the coat tails of George and Fred was great too.

I did spot a few minor errors:

-I don't think you need to capitalise 'stunned'.
-You have two uses of 'staunchly' to describe dialogue very close together. A different tag in one of the places would change things up.
-When Ginny is trying to persuade her brothers to let her join in by grabbing Fred's broom, you are missing the word 'broom'.
-And it felt a bit odd to describe Ginny has having lots of brothers and sisters. Either Ginny has lots of brothers, or there are lots of Weasley children.

Overall though - great job, and lots of fun to read.

Author's Response: The Weasleys are just so genuinely fun to write -- it's never much of a chore to sit down and actually do it. Too much fun to be considered normal, actually, but there we have it.

Admittedly, I'm not a huge fan of Ginny, and wasn't looking forward to writing her much -- maybe that's why she came last. But I'm very pleased with how it turned out, and I'm glad you seem to feel the same!

I capitalized 'Stunned' to show that it was, in fact, the spell that was being referenced -- that's how it is in the canon books. :) But thank you for pointing out the other errors, the edits are in the queue now! Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by magicmuggle01 

1st December 2011:
Another excellent chapter. I'm a bit sad about it ending, all the short stories have been a pleasure to read and very enjoyable.
I was wondering if you could maybe fit in another chapter about how Ginny discovered the Bat Bogey Hex. I have never read a story yet where that is included. She could discover it by accident when she's underage and maybe experimenting with one of her brothers wands, and using it on one of her brothers. Just an idea. I think that would really round your collection off nicely.
10/10 and I await your update with much eagerness.

Author's Response: I'm a bit sad about it ending, too -- these stories have been carried around with me for nine months! (It's like a child! :D) I don't think I'll be writing anymore of them, however -- every story does have its eventual end, and mine has been reached, loath as I am to admit it.

But if you're curious, I've got another project in the works that will be sort of similar to this, although not quite. I think you'll enjoy it -- and I'd love if you'd check back when it's up!

Thanks for all your reviews, and best wishes to you!

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Review #12, by Toujours Padfoot 

26th November 2011:
"Ginny, stop it," Fred groaned irritably, shouldering his broom and shooting his little sister a look that could have Stunned a troll.

I knew that despite your bias against poor Ginny, you would do her just as much justice as you did to her siblings. This chapter did not disappoint. I found the voice you used for her to be incredibly canon - you portrayed Ginny from the books, undamaged by the hackjob her character got in the films, and it was every bit as Rowling-ish and canon and unbelievably realistic as I expected, just like it could be one of those background tidbits on Pottermore, and I am just so glad that you wrote this story. It is a genius of a story and no one can possibly read it and not fall in love with it.

Her attitude is very /Ginny/. She's reasonable and logical but also gets a bit ahead of herself at times, and she's definitely got something to prove. She didn't want to be able to play Quidditch because their mother made them let her. She wanted to be able to play Quidditch with them because they accepted her as their equal, and wanted her there. I like that she took the hard route because it shows her spunk and her spirit. It's just so dead-on. So now I'm just bitter that you don't write more Ginny because lots of people who butcher her character and have no business writing her love to write her and you don't like her (woe) so this is just a tease, really. But if I could have it my way you would write novel-length fics about each and every HP person ever and you would give all of them stories and I would root for them and ask for MOAR at the end of every chapter because I am bossy and demanding and I ask for the moon.

MY REVIEWS ARE SO REPETITIVE, ALL I CAN EVER FOCUS ON IS THE FACT THAT YOU GET ALL THE CHARACTERS SO /RIGHT/, but too bad, it's 12:30 a.m. so good luck trying to get a more sensible review out of me.

I cannot wait for the last chapter. It would've been really sad before, and it's still going to be depressing to see it end, but I know what's happening in the future on your author's page so I can swallow this like a grown-up and bide my time nagging you to post other things. :D



The bear sits upon the shelf:
tattered --
but never unloved.
Nose touching toes
and heart touching boy,
he waits to be loved again.

He has seen much
and endured more
but what is so special about him
is that he is always there
waiting to see more
endure more
and always hoping
to be taken down from his perch.

He has been passed from
washed so many times
his original smell
is forever a mystery,
replaced with new
and slightly stranger smells:
pond water
and toddler's spittle.
But he does not mind
for this is his purpose.

Nose to toes,
heart to boy --
to family --
he waits to be loved again.

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Review #13, by deathlyhallowsmaster24 

23rd November 2011:
That was funny! Awesome this is soo cute! Gr8 job!
10/10 Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much to one of my most loyal reviewers! :3 The next chapter is already written and should be in the queue without too much of a delay. And then there's another sort of project coming up that I think you'll like, too, so I hope you get the chance to check that out once it's up! Thank you very much for your consistently lovely reviews!

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Review #14, by Ariana 

23rd November 2011:
No! Don't stop! These are really good, just write more chapters about the same characters but different ages, please! Can you please write one about Arthur and Molly as well? Loving the stories and it's really well written! :)

Author's Response: I am, unfortunately, going to be stopping this story -- I feel it's served its purpose (a Dobby and a Snitch are much more than I could have ever hoped for!). But if you're concerned, I'll let you know that there's a similar sort of thing in the works that I think/hope you'll like just as well. :3 I hope you check it out, once it's up!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! ♥

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Review #15, by AC_rules 

23rd November 2011:
So beautiful and perfect. I literally never want this story to end.

This is the sort of story that fanfiction was made for.


Author's Response: I sort of don't want it to end, either. :( But at the same time, all stories must end sometime -- and there's something coming up very soon that I think you'll enjoy, if you liked this collection. :D Can't say too much here, however!

This review stuns me. Your compliments -- especially seeing as you yourself are such a good author -- they really mean so much to me. I am eternally grateful to you, Helen. ♥

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Review #16, by Jen 

22nd November 2011:
Loved it. As a little sister myself - always trailing after my big brother & his friends, I can really relate to Ginny. You did her credit.

Author's Response: SO glad to hear your opinions -- they are so appreciated. :) I've never had older brothers to relate to, so the fact that YOU can means I did my job right -- and that's intensely gratifying!

Thanks so much, seriously. Your review means a lot. :3

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Review #17, by classicblack 

22nd November 2011:
Ahahahahaha! I loved Ginny's story! It was amazing! :D And I especially loved how much you stuck to canon and had Ginny practising Quidditch when her brothers weren't looking! And that she eventually did become just as good as Fred and George and better than Ron! Well done! 10/10
Awww there's only one chapter left :( I'll miss this story, but I can't wait to read it!
Until next chapter,

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed Ginny's story! She is, admittedly, not my favorite Weasley, but I wanted to do her story justice. :3

There is only one chapter left, but as for missing this story, there's something around the corner that I think you might enjoy, as well. That's all I'll say here, though! Thanks so much for taking the time to review!

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