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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th March 2015:
James is getting paid! Bink squeaked. Paid. Likewere paying him money. To come out here with you two. Paid. Galleons. Right, Fred?

Real stealth Bink. Honestly.

I loved mommy time and daddy time was okay. It would have been better if James wasnt in such a mood but Avery time was no good.


Javery, what are you doing to me? Shes clearly jealous. Go for Nia and Avery will probably slap him again.

Rawr. Cat fight.

Mistress, I know you wont read my reviews because this story is old and finished but I just have to say Im sick with a cold right now and Ive dedicated my entire day to reading your stories and Im not mad about it. You make me feel better. So, thank you.

Author's Response: What?! I love your reviews and read every single one of them. I check reviews multiple times a day. Pshh. I will also respond to each one. Thank you!!!

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

16th September 2013:
Lol James sneaking out reminds me of us sneaking out to go to Pookies house to watch Excel Saga (which I found on Netflix btw). Poor James, gotta love when you have a plan on what to say and then word vomit hits. Favorite quote for this one is: "You told me not to be mushy and then I ignored you." Sounds like something my mom would say haha

Author's Response: Oh my GOSH I forgot about that.
maybe it's a good thing I forgot about that.

I was the worst.

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Review #3, by AlexFan 

10th June 2013:
Permission to slap Bink and Fred as hard as I possibly can. Is it the thought process of all teenage boys to get laid whenever things go wrong with relationships?

And on my God James, why, why did you have to bring Gaia into this! Why did you have to say all of that stuff! Just leave it at being friends and leave! Now Avery's going to think that she didn't mean anything to him while they were dating and ugh, things are just going wrong!

Author's Response: Ummm ... yeah, that's pretty much it, haha.

Oh, James. Yeah he really has a mouth on him. He is learning to think before he speaks, but it's a hard lesson for him. He doesn't understand his emotions. Poor thing.

Thank you!

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Review #4, by deceptive_serenade 

9th February 2013:

I love your NaNo novel. So good.

This chapter almost made me cry. No lie. James is so sad, so in turn, I'm super sad. I loved it, though. Especially the scenes with his parents. That was so sweet, especially since I'm really close with my parents ♥




Happy news. PLEASE. :D

Love you! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review and the re-post of the original review as you changed pennames! It means a lot to me!

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Review #5, by radicallyali 

8th July 2012:
Is that adult Ginny in the chappie image? Me gusta.

Also I love all Weasley women. So feisty. I love Rosie.

Were bakers hot? Should I bake bread?
Only if youre Peeta Mellark.

Im an expert cuddler
Its official. Im in love with Bink.

I was lying to everyone this year.
James is making me so SAD.

Sometimes Bink and Freddie are terrible influences, as much as they try to be good friends. Oy.

Ginny is the best mom ever.

And suddenly the Captain bid seemed like a far away fairy tale. Because I had something better. A little dark-eyed boy with messy hair like his father. Who stole my heart.

But Dad was going to give me that heres a sideways smile because I feel bad for you look
Because Harry has always been crap at emoting when its NOT ALL CAPS ANGST.

James dont hide your asparagus its so delicious. (Im a vegetable fan sue me).

Dear James, Where are you going, Love Me.

James apparating to Averys could either be a complete disaster, or a good idea. Im not sure which one it is yet.

That I was broken and therefore not going to Quidditch

I bet she has moves,
Oh James please put a sock in it.

James find the letters? What letters? Oh boy.

Author's Response: Yes it is :) Shes lovely!

So glad you caught that Peeta reference.

Bink is so cuddly once you get used to his sleep-talking.

Bink and Freddie are horrible influences. You're being way too nice about them.

How CUTE is that?

James gets that from his father.


James. I can't even. Moves. So funny.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by roxyroxtheworld 

3rd July 2012:
my thoughts are that this chapter was also very sad. im crying cuz james and avery just aren't the same anymore. : ( i want them to go back to being awesome! there acting like there trying to make something work that not gonna and that cuz they cant just be friends... they must be javery : ) ... to bad avery doesnt agree : ( anyway good chapter! n im still hoping they get back together!!! n i love james's mommy time! : ) love this story!!!

Author's Response: It really is sad, but they have been so close for so long I think they can try adn work it out. Thank you so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story :)

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Review #7, by MagicallyClumsie 

24th May 2012:
I love Ginny. She's great.

Oh James, you're such a sod.

Author's Response: She cracks me up. James is such a momma's boy. Thank you!

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Review #8, by Manga_girl 

14th May 2012:
I'm glad James and Avery are friends again. THOUGH WHO ARE THEY KIDDING, THEY ARE MEANT TO BE!!! I love this chapter though. :)

Emma xx

Author's Response: That's definitely a step closer, right? That's good. Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by I<3Padfoot 

24th April 2012:
Loling at 'Grandmum' ! :) xx

Author's Response: She's really the best, isn't she? haha. Thank you so much!

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Review #10, by siriuslyhockey 

10th April 2012:
Ouch, nicely done James. Seriously. That conversation could have been way more effective. lol.

I hope he does take Gaia out.

Author's Response: haha thank you so much! I love me some Gaia.

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Review #11, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 

7th February 2012:
Okay no

Fix this. Because Avery and James need to be together

Author's Response: I'm sorry! I'm horribly cruel to my characters. You learn that about me the longer you read my stories. no one gets out unscathed.


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Review #12, by Ronsgirl29 

25th January 2012:
Oh gosh, James, not very slick with his chat with Avery...

It breaks my heart to see James so upset! (Not that he'd admit he was upset because men don't get upset!) I just love his character, and I hate that all this bad stuff is happening between him and Avery.

I hope James gets to be happy again soon!

Fantasic story, loving every chapter

Author's Response: Not very slick at all, unfortunately.

And no, of course he's not upset. There was just something in his throat. That made him yell. And him choke up a little. Twig or something.

At least this was rock bottom.

Poor Jamesey-poo :) thank you so much!!

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Review #13, by TisBeFields 

9th December 2011:
this is so good!! i have been reading nonstop and i love the way that you make all the characters seem so real. and james's internal thoughts are hilarious. but i don't like sad james. not. one. bit. don't stop 'cause this is just amazing :)

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I really appreciate it! And I agree. Hilariously optimistic James is way more fun. But he has to grow a little and this is how he's growing unfortunately :) Thanky ou so much!

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Review #14, by Archer 

4th December 2011:
I love this story so much!
Drunk Avery in chapter 41 attacking Nia was one of my favorite parts and the way she's jealous now but trying to hide it!
Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: Haha! I love drunk Avery. She's a rare occurrence, but MAN is it hilarious. haha :) Thank you so much! I promise to update asap!

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Review #15, by Archer 

4th December 2011:
I love this story so much!
Drunk Avery in chapter 41 attacking Nia was one of my favorite parts and the way she's jealous now but trying to hide it!
Update soon please! :)

Author's Response: Haha! I love drunk Avery. She's a rare occurrence, but MAN is it hilarious. haha :) Thank you so much! I promise to update asap!

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Review #16, by Rachelloves 

28th November 2011:
I have just found your story, but I jut had to review. this story is so amazing and you truly are a brilliant writer! (: I can't wait for future chapters(:
Ps. I love Lily and Rose together! They are so funny!
Pps. Sorry for all the smileys(:

Author's Response: I'm so happy you found it!! YAY! And there can NEVER be too many smilies! EVER :) :) :) Right? Am I right? :) Yes.

Thank you!

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Review #17, by ariana588 

22nd November 2011:
AAH! I love your story so much!! 10/10

Author's Response: AAH!! Thank you SO much! I'm so happy you're enjoying it!

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Review #18, by Alicestar71326 

21st November 2011:
WHAT? How could he? He's just, you know, tossing their whole relationship out the freaking window! WHY?
James, you are such an idiot. This whole thing with Avery is gonna get AWKWARD...and it's all his own fault.
Update? Please? With chocolate sauce? And sprinkles? (I love this story as much as I love Ginny. Ginny, you are so unbelievably awesome that I wish you were my mom.)
Can't wait for more!


Author's Response: Hi Eva! James is definitely an idiot. He doesn't realize she still fancies him. He just thinks it's him. Poor boy. And yes, I will update! Right now! I only say that because as I type this the next chapter is actually up :) Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by AlPadfootPotter96 

19th November 2011:
Wow, James. You're unbelievable.
It's going great and everything...then he just has to become a jerk and talk to Avery about other women. Haha, James is just.I don't even know.
Really great chapter - keep writing! :)

Author's Response: James is just stupid. And nervous. And and idiot. haha! thank you so much and I hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #20, by purrsorscratches 

19th November 2011:
hmm. Avery regretting? (mwahaha)
nice to see James grew up!

Author's Response: Uh oh :) She might just be.


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Review #21, by Gal22 

19th November 2011:
1. James is an idiot
2. I love Ginny
3. Bink and Freddie are morons

Aw, poor James... Why must he be so idiotic sometimes??? He really needs to learn to express himself in ways that actually convey what he is feelng, not the complete opposite. I absolutely adore Ginny and James relationship its so close that it really enforces that whole mommas boy ideal :) last, bink and Freddie reall need to develop emotions. Like asap. Can't wait till the next chapter. Might have already asked this but I'm not sure, how long dO you suppose the story will be? Please update soon:D

Author's Response: 1. Yep.
2. Yep.
3. Oh yep.

James is just...he's confused and panicky. He's just an idiot. I feel for him. James is totally a momma's boy. He lurvs her. Thank you so much!

Umm the story right NOW is planned out past 55 chapters. So it's going to be up there. As long as it takes to get the plots tied up I suppose :) But it's a BEAST.

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Review #22, by GinnyMione 

18th November 2011:
Love this story so much! I just want to bang there heads together some times but I love this story any way!

Author's Response: Uh yeah, totally. Me too. All the time, actually :) Thank you so much!

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Review #23, by Didi_Sartat 

17th November 2011:
the wait took soo long! but worth it!!! update soon!!! pair him with haley pleassseee??? i really liked her character, haley as a rebound =D

Author's Response: Sorry about the wait, lol. That's what happens sometimes :) But I like Haley too! She's so much fun! Thanks!

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Review #24, by Twinklestar 

17th November 2011:

I love how you wrote Ginny and Harry. I could see them PERFECTLY! You are magnificient :)

Anyways, I feel for James ): And then seeing Avery and things just not going how he had hoped and it all being awkward and short and blah. love is poopy, James!!

Rose..she is my favorite right now.

Bink is so funny with his jokes! I want him ;)

HALEY STAR WAS MENTIONED!!! man, I'd love to go on a date with James. Although I'd drool the entire time /: Oh well ;P

update soon! :D

xx Haley

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked Ginny and Harry! I was nervous about writing them when I first started this story, but I really love how they turned out!

I love Rose :)

And Bink :)

AND HALEY STAR. Just saying. Be careful what you wish for.


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Review #25, by Loony_Scorpy 

17th November 2011:
Hahaha I loved that line about the bartender having moves! I loved this chapter and the time James spent wath his family, but I hated that he had to go and make up all of that stupid stuff at the end :( haha I can't wait for more, you're such an amazing writer ♥

Author's Response: James has this thing where he just blurts things out without thinking. It's bad for him. Never goes very well. Poor thing :)

Thank you so much!!

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