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Review #1, by I_am_Luna_Lovegood 

26th November 2016:
That was hilarious, actually. (cricketcricket) Will definitely finish it - just wondering why Archibald was not totally thrilled about Goliath KNOWING something.

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Review #2, by Quidditch_kisses 

8th November 2014:
I have honestly been away from HPFF for 4-5 years (aka college)... kinda clicked on your story by happenstance -- I'm hooked :) I like how you've freshened up my memories of fanfic by creating a whole new character who would fit PERFECTLY into the HP world (that is, sticking purely to the canon of the books)

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Review #3, by Jason is 2 cool 4 scuul 

15th October 2014:
I rrry liked this f=fan-fiction because it showed me how cool harry potter is i'd like to thanks the wrter 4 giving me this chance.
thanks 4 reading thsi my god.

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Review #4, by Shinicha 

3rd September 2014:
awesome! this is going to be fun :)

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Review #5, by HEG 

21st March 2014:
I love this :) it's really good. Very realistic. Good use of speech, description, thoughts and feelings. A good introduction to your OC. keep up the good work!

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Review #6, by AlexFan 

1st January 2014:
I'm here for the 12 Days of Reviewing!

Chapter 1 brings back memories. I remember why I started reading this story and just how much I enjoyed it, in fact, I have the urge to read it again. Archibald manages to make me smile like very few other OCs have.

After reading this story I'm actually beginning to think that some of my teacher's probably have these types of thoughts as well. The thought amuses me but at the same time scares me because what on earth must they think of me?!

By the sounds of it, a class with Dominique and Fred Weasley in it sounds very amusing. That would probably be the only class that I would look forward to because it sounds absolutely hilarious.

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Review #7, by jim 

6th April 2013:
loved it. you could develop the instructor more. gave me flashbacks of being a first year teacher about a hundred years ago.

Author's Response: I actually really love the idea of putting a couple of flashbacks into some of these chapters. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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Review #8, by patronus_charm 

6th April 2013:
Kiana calling from Team Blue! This story keeps on cropping up, so I thought I would check this out :D

I loved Archibald's cynical attitude, it just seems so fitting for a muggle studies teacher. I never really thought about the people who took it or who taught it, but he just provided such a humorous view of it, it almost made me want to take the class myself to see what the eclectic mixture of people would be like.

I can imagine Hugo being a muggle nut, and it seemed fitting that the others would be less responsive. Lockhart had a child? I hope we get to find out what happened to Lockhart senior. And Goyle's child is taking Muggle Studies? It's so weird but fitting at the same time.

I liked the bit about Johnny English, and how the use of Goliath was similar to the fruit related names celebrities decide to torture their children with.

So we do get to find out about Gilderoy. It is a bit of a fall from grace writing books about muggles after supposedly battling werewolves and banshees! I liked that Goliath was a muggle enthusiast it made me laugh, and I can imagine him being friends with Hugo. I did feel a little sorry that he got tied up.

Fred and Dom did interpretive dance? I have to see this happen. I can imagine them being great friends as well.

This was a great first chapter, and I will definitely be coming back :D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hey there Kiana!

Archibald's cynical attitude is really fun to write about (I think cynicism is my writing calling) and I'm really glad that you likkeeed him as he's one of my favourite characters. Plus, I'd be jaded and cynical if I had to sit through the number of lessons about fountain pens as he had.

Yes, you get the big about Lockhart. Baaah.


I'm really glad that you like my little chapter, here, and thank you for stopping by and leaving me a lovely review.

Hoping to see you soon :)


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Review #9, by Alex Webs 

16th March 2013:
u should b a famous writer

Author's Response: THANKS VERY MUCH :)

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Review #10, by alicia and anne 

27th February 2013:
I really thought that I had reviewed this story a lot more then I actually have so I'm leaving my reviews now and rereading your awesome story :D
That was a very entertaining first lesson. No other lesson would have been that fun!
I love that Goliath has been tied to a chair, Archie really can't leave the students alone for a few minutes can he?
I love Fred and Dom's chapter so I can't wait to reread them again :D

Author's Response: Thank you! Reviews are always appreciated, of course. I don't know why he EVER thought leaving them was a remotely good idea, but I don't suppose he had a great deal of choice in the matter. Stil.

Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #11, by Jessica_GinnyizGr8 

26th December 2012:
It is so refreshing to read a Next-Gen fic which has a unique angle. Archibald is an intriguing character- witty and quirky and it is fun to read his point of view. Love his sarcasm. And way you've started writing about Lily and Hugo... their character development looks promising. You've set the stage beautifully for the upcoming chapters. Good job!

Author's Response: Hey there Jessica! I'm really glad that you liked it. I really loved writing how off the wall this story is, so I'm really glad to have received such a positive reception for it too :)

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Review #12, by Tonks1247 

9th December 2012:
Ahahahahahahaha! I was debating between reading Azkaban and this one, as Iím somewhere in the middle of Azkaban and Muggle Studies has been on my Ďto readí list for a while, and I can say Iím quite glad I choose this one. I was definitely in the mood for something light and just a little bit ridiculous, and this story was just fantastic.

Archibald is just a character all his own. His whole thought process is just so easy to see and it really makes him out to be that slightly eccentric Muggle Studies teacher that no one seems to have much concern about. His whole demeanour towards teaching is also entertaining. He doesnít necessarily like children or their attitudes towards Muggle Studies but here he finds himself teaching them. Itís great!

As for his third year class? Oh, heís in for a fun year. Johnny English? Goliath? Franklinstein? Jessie James? Ahahaha, heís got plenty of fun teaching points to go off of here. Plenty of movies and books to readÖplenty of people to make question their parentsí ability to name them. It should be great! Especially with the idea of Fred and Dominique Weasley using interpretive dance to help explain the concepts they go over in Muggle StudiesÖ

Canít wait to come back and read more! This really was fantastic!


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Review #13, by MissMdsty 

7th December 2012:
Review swap tag! Is that even a thing? I'll get back to you on that...

Now the story. This is hilarious! The main character seems like the ind of bored wizard that would teach Muggle studies and I loved how he stereotyped his students in his mind (how very Muggle of him).

Johnny English and Jessie James, that's so funny. It would be priceless to see the kids' faces when they see the movies!

I'll be coming back for more! Good job!

Author's Response: Oh man, I mostly imagine Johnny English to be like really unimpressed and all 'is this guy serious?' if he saw the movie, giving Archie all these weird looks and scathing expressions.


Glad you liked it! :)

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Review #14, by academica 

5th December 2012:
Hey! I'm here for the Holiday Review Swap!

I have been meaning to read this for ages. It just looked so hilarious, and totally out of left field. And I think it's going to make me wish I'd started earlier :)

Love the names. Mostly, I love how awkward Archibald is with them, especially with that bit about Franklinstein... haha. I have a feeling that his word vomit is going to be the star of the show. I also like the little commentary about wizards' horrible choices of names for their children as he went through the roll, and kudos to you for choosing such fantastically awful and cliche names!

The class itself is interesting, too. Pretty standard first day assignment, and of course the next gen kids manage to mess it all up. Hugo is one of my favorites; he seems to have inherited Hermione's curiosity and Ron's common sense, poor kid.

Nice first chapter! I'm sure I'll be back :)


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Review #15, by hedwigs_theme 

4th October 2012:
HI I'm here from the review battle.

You are an amazingly talented writer whose stories always blow me away. Once again, after reading this chapter I'm in awe. You can write so many different genres so well and I loved the humor in this chapter, it's really good :D

You wrote your OC Archibald really well and described his interests and personality very well. I would of liked to see more physical descriptions but that can come in later chapters :)

I also found your characterisation of Lily different. I normally find her to be the more enthusiastic child out of her brothers, cousins etc. but I like how you made her unique!

I loved the Franklinstein bit... How did you come up with that?

You have a really great plot going on so I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Thankyou for providing such a brilliant read.

10/10 and I shall add you as a favourite author :)

Author's Response: Hey there Hedwigs_theme! Thanks for this lovely review! You really are very lovely (those first lines are making me blush quite a lot, so I hope you're happy - we have a very red AC on our hands)

And Awwh, I really do love Archie so I'm glad you like him too. I'll have to add some physical descriptions in at some point, I think, because I'm not sure whether I ever actually do that... hmmm.

Bah, I've always thought Lily II would be quite the... well, quite haughty and cool. Maybe that's just me.

AHHAHA, Franklinstein... there are a lot more o those namey things to come, my friend.

Thanks or being so lovely! Really appreciate it :)


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Review #16, by foxishmarauder 

19th June 2012:
Hi! I absolutley love this story. It was one of the first fics I ever read. I think you're an amazing writer, TAOB made me cry so damn much its unreal! i was wondering if you would be okay if I adapted Muggle Studies into a Radio Drama script for college? It's a non-profit thing and would get no further than my course tutor, I completely understand if you don't want me to.
Once again, you're an amazing writer and thank you for the brilliant stories, and of course giving me inspiration to write a fic myself.

Author's Response: Hey there foxishmarauder! I have a lot of fun writing this story because it's so shiny and what not. And I'm glad you like TAOB too! A Radio Drama script? That's sound fun. Yeah, sure, go for it! I'd love to read it too... are you on the forums? Prehaps you could PM it to me or something?
Thanks for a lovely review! :)

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Review #17, by KatnissMalfoy 

1st June 2012:
You had me at Johnny English and Robert Downey Jr.

Lovely story. It's so funny and just.. so random. I think the names are hilarious.

Johnny English.


Author's Response: Heheh, glad you like it! I've had so much fun writing it it shouldn't be allowed. Thanks for leaving me such a lovely review!

Johnny English sends his love ;)


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Review #18, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

21st May 2012:
I am your 100th review... be happy Helen... be happy!

This is hilarious. I'm not going to lie. I was doubling over in laughter almost because his thoughts are just hilarious! We can sort of tell that he is hip and fairly young to this. He also resigns himself to the fact that the class is probably either going to be bored out of their brains, extremely done or a wierdo.

Hugo is just hilarious and you could have totally seen that coming but wrapping up the Lockhart kid, just pure genius... I laughed so much I don't think you understand!

Domnique and Freddie with the dance! Why you so funny Helen!

I will be back

Author's Response: I am very happy! 100ths reviews are very very very excited and I'm thrilled to have reached this milestone on this story :)

Oh Archie, I loved writing abut him and I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who creases up when reading about his internal monologues, ahha.

Hugoo... love him. And Dom and Freddie are fab too (although not in this chapter much!) Thanks for such a lovely review! And for being my number 100 :D

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Review #19, by NaidatheRavenclaw 

5th May 2012:

So Archibald is pretty awesome. His name is really long though, so Iím just going to refer to him as Archi. Because Bald would be strange :P Can he cook? Hahaha, no worries, Iím not going to obsess over him like my two Jameses.

I think my favorite part of this was all the names. Goliath Lockhart, I thought I was going to die of laughter :P Thatís just epic. Though seriously, who would want to have kids with Lockhart? Heíd be a terrible father. And Franklinstein was just the best. Who wouldnít want to have a nickname of a creepy dead-alive green monster. Except did you know that Frankenstein is actually the doctor, not the monster? So heís actually nicknamed after an insane scientist.

And naturally Hugo is a Muggle nut. Grandad Weasley must be so proud. I was going to be all like WAIT. IPODS DONíT WORK AT HOGWARTS. YOU JUST USED ONE OF MY PET PEEVES. But then you made it go haywire and it was awesome and this is like the first time Iíve read something realistic about iPods at Hogwarts. Iíd miss mine so much if I went there though. What would I do without music? :O

Lovely first chapter! Iím so excited to keep reading! I like this light happy humor. A nice change from your heavier stuff. Out of curiosity, how long is it going to be? Itís pretty epic so far.


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Review #20, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

14th April 2012:
Ah! This story has distracted me from getting ready. I almost choked on my granola as I was reading this. Very funny, AC!

He often found himself sat at his desk wondering why the hell he'd decided to go into teaching of all things - it wasn't even like he was good at it.

I liked this part because it reminds me off all teachers/professors. I had the worst teachers in high school. And I remember during senior year when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, I kept asking my teachers why they decided to teach. And my Spanish teacher she was like 'uh. I thought it was easy and I didn't know what to do with my life,' while my english teacher said something along the lines of 'I hate my life. I hate my students. I hate teaching,' and advised me to not become a teacher because it's a slow and painful death.

So that part, I could sadly relate too.

The sort who collected pencil sharpeners (disregarding the fact that Archibald Penrose himself actually did have a range of novelty pencil sharpeners hidden away in his office Ė but they were novelty pencil sharpeners whereas these crackpots just collect regular pencil sharpeners! You could buy those silly things anywhere you liked! There was nothing novelty about them at all).

I...used to collect pencils...AC, are you inside my head? If I was a teacher this would be me. I am 'Archie.'

It wasn't like any of the students would know who he was: being a muggle studies teacher most students hadn't a clue what he taught or what his name was...and most of the time just seemed to think he was a rather aged student that they hadn't seen around much before. Or a sort of servant.

Okay. I thought this part was hysterical because it's so weird seeing your teacher outside of school sometimes. So, me and my friends used to have a joke of: 'They let her out of the school? But she's supposed to live there!'

It's kind of terrible now that I think about it. Hey, don't get me wrong. I love teachers and school but...children are just awful.

"So you're saying Iím ugly?" Franklin demanded.

"No." Archibald said, feeling quite taken aback.

"You're saying I'm a monster?"

"No," He said hastily, "I was just suggesting that your name reminded me of a muggle book.

^ Favorite part right there! I'm loving this story and it's only chapter one. I wish I had writers block like you. Everything you write is genius.

And I'm glad this story isn't a tear jerker! :D

Author's Response: YAYYY. I'm in such a craycray mood and so I can be all weird and answer this loooverrrly long review with rambles and things.

AHHH. 'I nearly choked on my granola"

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Review #21, by Lillylover22 

11th April 2012:
Wow that was funny. 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! :)

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Review #22, by SerpentineOffering 

21st March 2012:
I loved this! You're an amazing writer! I felt as if I was in the classroom watching all of this unfold! Your description was amazing, and I love the plot so far! Great chapter!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. This story is one of my more ridiculous ones, but I do truly love it :D


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Review #23, by Elenia 

18th March 2012:

Hey! I really liked this story, it's just so clever. Especially all the muggle stuff and the students reactions to them. They all were really good.

I love your description, you manage to set the right mood in everything you write, that's a great thing. And everything just seems to work, the flow, the pacing, everything. You're such a talented writer.

Your characters are great too, especially Archibald. He seemed so real and believable. Everyone else was amazing too. I always like the next-gen characters, you're so free to make them to be whatever you want. I really like your versions of Lily and Hugo.

Nice job! Can't wait to read more! Thanks for the swap (:


Author's Response: Hey there Elenia! I'm glad you like my story. I quite enjoy writing about the silly wizarding folk trying to get their heads around wizard stuff and... ah, so many plunnys for this story! Eee, thank you very very much!

Archibald sends his regards and he's very glad that you believe in him.

He believes in you too.


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Review #24, by watchoutfornargles 

18th March 2012:
This is actually quite interesting, putting the muggle world into Hogwarts. Poor Hugo, he's such a nerd :P My favorite line was "An entire hour of Fred and Dominique Weasley who insisted on making it their mission to explain all muggle culture through the medium of interpretive dance," it made me laugh out loud :)

Author's Response: Hey there watchoutfornargles :)

You've got to love the nerds! Archie and Hugo have so much in trouble - sighs- but I'm glad you're enjoyig it.

Ahha, I love Fred and Dom so much :D


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Review #25, by ariellem 

18th March 2012:
(disregarding the fact that Archibald Penrose himself actually did have a range of novelty pencil sharpeners hidden away in his office Ė but they were novelty pencil sharpeners whereas these crackpots just collect regular pencil sharpeners! You could buy those silly things anywhere you liked! There was nothing novelty about them at all).

Alright, I tried, I tried to copy/paste every bit I found funny, but I couldn't I didn't want to stop reading. It was just too awesome. I might as well copy/paste the whole chapter! What a great idea to do something by a muggle teacher's point of view!

Author's Response: Hhehhhee, every time I read reviews I've gotten for this story it reminds me again and again of all the reasons why I just love writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it, because I most definately definately did :D


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