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Review #1, by Veritaserum27 

9th December 2014:

I'm so into this story right now and I'm kind of mad because after today, I'm going to be so incredibly busy for the next week and a half that I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get back to it. Grrr.

So I need to start off by saying that I'm a bit confused. But knowing you, there's an explanation down the road and I just need to read until I get to it. However, I'm going to be uncharacteristically impatient and ask my question anyway. What is the deal with the book??! Tenabra threw it into the garbage bin - and now she has it? I went back and re-read to make sure that I didn't miss anything and I can't figure out what is going on. Obviously she has the book. I'm guessing it was in some way enchanted to look like Gilderoy's book, but I don't know how she got it. Hmmm...

Ah - Harry's rough night. I'm glad Rose was with him. And his night isn't getting any better. He's got a dead Auror on his hands and another one who might not make it. Not a good day to be Harry Potter.

There is no honor among thieves and this lot looks like they would sooner hex each other than act as allies. This is good for the Aurors, as the group is not very loyal to each other. This might just be their downfall.

So Kriffin knew a book was missing - I hope this helps the Aurors figure something out. It is a bit off.

So Harry is left again to navigate a minister who is more interested in political gain than in doing the right thing. Ugh. This is gonna get uglier before it gets better.

Oh man, Hermione's panic attack was frightening. That was a good bit of writing - I was gasping for breath and I thought she was having some other major issue. Not that a panic attack is anything to make light of, but it's a bit better than the alternative. Poor Hermione, I can't bear to see her like this. She is so strong, and puts up a good front for her family.

It looks like the New Blood Order wasted no time in getting their message out! Wow! It's only been a few hours.

And what is going on with Percy? I can't even try to figure that man out. He's so stubborn and odd at the same time.

Haha - Hermione on diazepam. Leave it to the magical doctors to mess up the dosage. At least she felt better for a short while.

And the scene with the wands was amazing! I felt so happy for them. You described the feeling of having your matched wand beautifully. It was nice to see that Harry could give them a little bit of comfort after all of their trials.

Oh my. ANOTHER cliffhanger?! The muggle that killed Ginny was a DNA match for the witch at the Ministry. Hmmm... That is so odd - there is definitely more to this mystery as I get deeper into this story!

Awesome job, I didn't see any typos.

♥ Beth

Author's Response: Hiya, yourself! I told you I was going to get all of your reviews answered today. It just took a bit longer than I hoped.

Yeah, I could see how that would be a bit confusing **if you assume that it's the same book**. Perhaps that's not the right assumption. ;)

The dislike that Gamp, Goyle, Nott and the "fancy lads" of the group feel toward Burloch and his mercenary band of common criminals doesn't bode well for the future of the conspiracy, but Lady Tenabra seems perfectly content to pit them against one another for the time being. I wouldn't ever assume that I completely understand her motivations if I was you.

The Minister is much more concerned about his own political gain than doing the right thing here. That's going to continue to be a problem for Harry and the good guys.

I'm glad that the panic attack played well for you. I've never actually had one, so I was guessing a bit on some of the details. Hermione is down, but don't count her out yet.

What's up with Percy? Again, I'll just say that it's a little more than your usual mid-life crisis. Keep an eye on him.

There so much heavy material in this chapter that I really enjoyed writing Hermione all loopy. It gave the chapter just enough levity, I think.

Yes, another cliffhanger I'm afraid. What sort of cruel, uncaring author would do such a thing? Oh, yeah. Us. :p

Thanks again for all the love you've been showering on my story!

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Review #2, by GingeredTea 

1st November 2014:
Here for our review swap! I was sad to see your latest story hasn't been updated, but really glad to come back to this one!

I fumbled for a minute to place myself and had to read the last couple sentences in the prior chapter, but then it all fell into place. As always, you are spot on with your characters actions, even the smallest ones, and I feel like you are doing a great job with how Ron would experience and muddled through his worry/grief/anger.

“What happened to you?” Ron blurted out, unaccustomed to seeing Harry in such a disheveled state. “I thought the house looked bad...”
. This made me laugh. Ron would revert back to his impulsive, no-filter, self in unusual situations. And he hasn't had any sleep, so I'll give him credit there.

I question whether the 'designs' Tenabra mentions are truly the Dark Lord's or if they are truly her own, disguised under a name that held loyalty and sway - a name under which these men once felt powerful and important. Stupid people tend to forget the fire something ended with.

"It’s the same old claptrap that landed him in prison in the first place.”. I never did peg Draco for someone completely stupid. Foolish - absolutely. Clearly, he remembers the way everything ended - then again I don't think being a Death Eater was ever that beneficial to him.

The collide between Hermione's logic and her emotions was perfectly portrayed.

You pulled those wands out of the bag just in time! :D A happy moment in all this chaos and sadness.

Then Susan - ugh. Okay, not her, but boy did she bring the cliffhanger with her! If you've mentioned Stoops before, I can't recall...but I really want to know more!

Thanks for the review swap, Dan! :D

Author's Response: Two weeks?!?! I guess it's high time I was responding to this. :-/

I'm glad you were able to reacquaint yourself with the story quickly. I love getting that feeling when I come back to a story I haven't read in a while.

Ron has been on a huge emotional roller coaster with Hermione's injuries. All things considered, he's actually holding it together a bit better than he probably should be. He'll have his moments, though.

You *could* be onto something with regard to Lady Tenabra's designs. Time will tell, but I think you're right to be suspicious of anything she says or does.

Draco is far from stupid. He also suffered mightily at the hands of the Dark Lord and he remembers exactly what it was like to be cannon fodder in someone else's war. He has no intention of winding up in that position again, which is why he told Flint to buzz off. Unfortunately for him, that didn't get him completely disentangled from the mess.

Whew! I've never been quite sure how that scene with Hermione reads. I'm glad it worked for you.

The wands were a random idea that came to me as I was writing the chapter before. One of the most fun things about writing in JKR's sandbox is all the little toys and details that she left behind along the way. You can dig them up and toss them into a story anytime you need a bit of a mood change.

Stoops is the muggle who murdered Ginny. So now there's concrete evidence tying him to the blond witch in Magical Records. This just became a lot more personal for our heroes.

This is fun. I'm glad we do it often. Thanks for the swap and thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #3, by whisky dobby 

6th June 2014:
I am addicted to your story.i keep meaning to write a review but then greedily turn to the next chapter.so glad I dont have to wait for you to post them and its already completed. Yoy deserve the reward!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate it. Would love to know more of your thoughts and reactions.

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Review #4, by APerkins 

22nd October 2013:
Lol Diazepam. The pharmacist in me is crying out that Diazepam is valium.. effects are drowsiness, sleepiness, muscle relaxant.
Used to control seizures, induce sleep and.. yes ..occasionally bomb out someone having hysterics.
Giggling and 'floating' are a new twist on it I have to admit! Lol
Love susan and harry together :) great interaction.

Author's Response: It would be just my luck that sooner or later an actual pharmacist would read and review my story. I decided to go with the generic name because -- and this will sound pretty weak with the benefit of hindsight -- I wasn't sure about the Archives rules on using trademarked product names. As though I hadn't already read half a dozen Next Gen romantic comedies where the teenaged characters were sucking down Coke and Pepsi. I have a tendency to let my fear of chapter rejection get the best of me.

I enjoy putting Susan and Harry together, as well. You will see more of it.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #5, by Courtney Dark 

22nd July 2013:
What another amazing chapter!

I don't have much to say for this chapter actually, apart from that I absolutely loved it, you write every single scene and every single character oh so well and that you have a knack for cliffhanger DUN DUN DUN! moments!

The way you write Harry, Hermione and Ron is honestly perfect. Like, I don't think it would be humanely possible for you to do a better job with them. Harry and Hermione are still extremely close, Harry and Ron are still great mates and Ron is still very slightly jealous and awkward when Harry and Hermione get too close, even after all these years. And he still has a love for food!

Poor Hermione:( I can not possibly imagine what she's going through right now, although I have to admit it was kind of amusing (in a horrible sort of way) when the Healer's put her on diazepam.

I loved the family dinner at the end - the entrance of Scorpius and Rose was absolutely perfect, and Octavia is absolutely adorable.


Author's Response: Hello, again!

Ah, my friend the cliffhanger. I'm known for those, I think. ;)

Aww, thanks for saying that about the trio. I'm sure it is possible to do a better job, but I'm really pleased that you think I did well by them. It's very important to the story, I think.

Poor Hermione, indeed. She has a long, difficult road before her. Getting over the mental hurdles will be the first step.

I'm glad you like Rose and Scorpius and their family. You'll definitely be seeing more of them!

Thanks for all the wub and the awesome reviews!

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Review #6, by alicia and anne 

3rd July 2013:
Oh Harry, turning up looking like death. :-( And poor Ron still not sleeping. They need hugs! They've both been getting a lot of hugs from me lately.

I don't think that Theo is going to forget that she killed Flint, I really hope that he gets revenge.

I couldn't help but chuckle at Harry throwing up in the Greengrass's bushes! That's brilliant! I chuckled for a good few minutes at that. Haha.

It's so great that even though he's an adult, Draco is still as stuck up as ever! It's the Draco that we all know and love!

WOO! Hermione is slowly getting better, that's so good!
I really really really love how you write Hermione, Ron and Harry. It's so true to their characters, and you seem to write them so easily! Are you sure that you didn't secretly write the Harry Potter books? *looks at you suspiciously*

I don't particularly like the minister, maybe Percy should over throw him and become minister himself! That would be good, and then he could run the whole wizarding world!

Hermione is happier! That makes me happy. :D Even if it's due to other things, at least she's better. Although now she's not. well. at least she's home.

:O So now they all know!!! Oooo it's getting so good! I can't wait to read more! :D

Author's Response: Harry definitely had a rough night! :) Too many bad memories, too much firewhiskey. Bad combination. Hugs all around!

Theo is in a tough spot, because Flint was his closest ally among the group. One thing you'll notice about the members of the nascent New Blood Order is that trust is not a widely available commodity.

Poor Harry! I think we've all been there. Not apparating, of course, but after a particularly bad car ride in the back seat...

Draco is still pretty snotty, but he and Harry actually come close to agreeing on something here. It's only Daphne, but it's a start.

It looks easy? I'm glad that it looks that way, because it's quite a bit harder than it looks. You're now the third person, I think, to accuse me of not being who I say I am. So far, I promised to buy Alyssa a house if I'm actually JKR and I think I promised Izzy her own island or something. Let me know what you want so I can add it to my list of things to buy if I suddenly discover that JKR has multiple personalities and I'm one of them.

The Minister isn't particularly likeable. As far as Percy goes... stay tuned. ;)

Poor Hermione. Her happiness isn't due to anything she's going to be willing to do in the long run. Like I said, she has a long way to go.

Yep, there are no more secrets. Well, except for the ones that *none* of them know. And those will come out eventually. Can't wait to see what you think!


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Review #7, by FredWeasleyIsMyKing 

10th May 2013:
Hi again...

So I thought the first scene in this was really good. You've done a great job of Ron's character so far but I loved him here. First he's shocked at Harry's appearance (hungover Harry bless him) then he's giving all the other aurors evil eyes so they don't question Harry, loyal as always and then he gets angry at Malfoy as he always does in the book and Harry has to reason with him. It was just all the traits of Ron I love.

So Magical Me isn't Lord Voldemorts journal but Lady Tenabra already has it? Or is it really Lord Voldemorts journal? Is she just saying that? You aren't answering any questions, just making more!

Draco and Harry actually connecting slightly! *gasp* The comment about Daphne did make me laugh actually. I kinda feel sorry for her, almost.

Coy Hermione was again a nice more grown up version of Hermione to see. Then the line 'Ronald, if you ever lost your appetite, I would start by checking your pulse' cracked me up. You have such a grasp on the trio's characters, nothing they ever say or do feels out of place.

When they finally told Hermione the truth the her reaction was so heartbreaking bless her! I can't even imagine what it must be like to find out something like that - surely there must be something they can do for her? Or maybe she will invent something herself. The little girl who shouted cripple in her head was strange though - I'm guessing there is more to come from that?

The thing that's happening with Percy also has me kind of confused. He's obviously going through something but I can't decide whether its something that's lingered after what he did to Edwin Stoops or whether something or someone has got to him from the Blood Order. I'm sure you've mentioned ministry contacts which is kind of worrying. Like I said, I have more unanswered questions every chapter I read!!

Okay the flyers are down right scary. Talk about easily getting the wizard world into a panic. I am starting to wonder how much Lady Tenabra really has to do with Lord Voldemort though. It feels like she's using him more because of the fear he managed to create in the last war.

Hermione high is nearly as fun to read as drunk Harry, although considering why they were both in the state they were in, it wasn't actually quite as funny. Still, you have to take the light heart moments when you can. I can just imagine how embarrising it would be to be sat on a levitating chair out the hospital, especially for someone who is so used to being independent like Hermione.

I enjoyed the small bit of Scorpius we got to see in this chapter and I hope we get to see more of that in the future.

The part where Harry gives the wands back to Ron and Hermione was nice to read, especially as Hermione is having such a rough time at the moment. but then you leave us on another der der der moment. Well for the trio at least. We knew that but they didn't. I just want them to figure it out so I can too!

Amazing chapter as always.
Lauren :)

Author's Response: Hi!

I tried really, really hard as I wrote this to keep Ron out of that Second Banana Zone that he seems to fall into in a lot of stories that also feature Harry and Hermione. He's a fully grown, very accomplished wizard in his own right. Yes, he's still loyal to Harry and he's deferential to Harry in a lot of situations because Harry is his boss. But I didn't want him to come across as just the dopey sidekick in this story. You'll have to let me know how I did.

Magical Me was not Voldemort's journal, but Tenabra has another book that she's claiming is it. Did she have it all along? What does it say? Did it actually belong to Voldemort? Questions abound...

Harry and Draco find a bit of common ground here, if in no other way than their general disdain for Daphne. It was fun to write. Don't worry, they'll go right back to sniping at each other soon enough.

Hermione's situation is not good. The healers have other things to try, but they're pretty frustrated at this point. You're correct to pay attention to the little girl shouting "cripple!" It's not just a random occurrence.

Percy hasn't been "right" since Ginny's death. After the revelation that he killed Stoops, you know part of the reason why. But as you say, there *could* be more to it than that...

Poor Hermione is having all kinds of trouble right now. She's obviously mortified when she realizes how loopy she was on the anti-depression meds, and she's too proud to want to live like that. But she plainly has a problem with the wheelchair. We'll see in time where that comes from...

You'll see a great deal more of Scorpius before this is over. He's so much fun to write! In some ways, he becomes my "substitute Ron" for when I feel like writing a goofy, slightly confused male character.

I liked being able to give the wands back to them. It felt really good. But I have a tendency to not let god feelings linger for very long in this story. I'm bad like that. ;)

Ah, you're spoiling me, Lauren! You're spoiling me rotten! Don't feel like you have to stop, though. ;) Thanks so much!

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Review #8, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

8th January 2013:
I swear every time I get to the end of a chapter, I just want to go "DUN DUN DUN!" And this one would be really loud if I were to do that, but I can't because it's late and people are sleeping. So, know that I'm thinking it and it's loud. :D

I'm both nervous and excited for more of this story - Hermione's in a wheel chair, there's a new dark group set on destroying the world one muggle at a time, Ginny's dead and now there's DNA from the murder investigation coming in. So many things, I don't know what to do with it all!

Except to keep reading, of course... ;)


Author's Response: You're solidly in the part of the story where all of the mysteries are being spun. Reasonably soon, you'll be hitting the more action-filled sections. I hope you don't wake anybody up.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by Illuminate 

19th November 2012:
Hi! Wow, what a monster of a chapter! I mean that in the best possible way! I enjoyed every word.

First of all, the New Blood Order has gone public. Of course, we're not sure exactly how they're planning to execute their plan, though I can be sure it will most likely turn the Wizarding World inside out all over again. And Tenabra is related to the man who killed Ginny? Is that right? Wow! Though I thought he was a Muggle? Perhaps he was a Squib? One thing's for sure though; this just got personal for all three of the Trio and their family.

Hermione found out about her condition. Of course it's devastating for her and Ron, and I think her reaction was perfect; anybody would react that way, and Hermione would definitely start thinking of the positives straight away, but still be effected emotionally.

Nice to see Harry and Draco have a little friendly moment (finally! It only took them sixty-odd years).

And also nice to see Ron and Hermione get their wands back. I can only imagine how nice that must be for them, a little consolation of the sadness surrounding them.

As always, great job!

Author's Response: Hi, there!

An awful lot of small clues come out in this chapter, as well as some pretty substantial character moments.

The New Blood Order have indeed made themselves known, and in a very sinister, calculated way. The man who killed Ginny was indeed a muggle, and Lady Tenabra is claiming to have been related to him. Exactly how and why, remains to be seen.

I'm glad you liked Hermione's reaction. I tried to balance it as best I could, considering her weakened state. She's not able to be quite as rational about things as she usually is.

Harry and Draco don't agree on much, but they can share a momentary chuckle over Daphne's misfortunes. ;)

The wands were an idea that came to me really late in the process of drafting this chapter, so I'm glad you liked them. Keep an eye in Hermione's wand. It becomes important later on...

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #10, by academica 

4th July 2012:
Hey Dan! Here with another requested review :)

I really loved this chapter. I felt like the flow was exceptionally good here, which is quite a feat considering the frequent scene and character transitions in this story. I think I've said this to you before, but it was like I was watching a movie rather than reading a story on a computer screen.

One tiny critique - I would have thought that the deceased Auror's family would have been notified fairly immediately. Even waiting until the next morning feels like a stretch to me, and I know if I was his widow, I'd be seriously upset about that. For Harry to wait even longer seems a little tough for me to believe, considering that the family might have woken up and wondered where their loved one was, why he wasn't back home yet.

I really liked the conversation between Harry and Draco. I thought the progression made sense, and it was nice to see them have a brief moment of levity at Daphne's expense. You kept them sufficiently confrontational without blowing it up to an immature level or making them too friendly. I thought both of them seemed very in-character.

Poor Hermione - I thought her reaction made sense. It felt like she was becoming overwhelmed with her thoughts, and I liked how you drew us into her perspective and let us feel overwhelmed, too. Losing touch with reality after hearing news like that is fairly realistic, I think. I did like how you used the anti-anxiety drugs to add some humor.

The moment when Harry gave Ron and Hermione back their wands was really touching. It might have been my favorite in the whole chapter. Like Harry, I love how just as magic can be used for evil, it can also be used to return good to a situation. I thought that scene was well written.

Yeah, wow, what a twist! I thought the whole presence of the New Blood Order here was very sinister, what with those notes and the reappearance of the Dark Mark. My blood ran just about as cold as Harry's, I think. It all makes me very curious to see what will happen next.

Great job, as always. I hope this is helpful! :)


Author's Response: Hello, again!

The comment about feeling as though you're watching a movie is high praise to me. I really couldn't be happier! :)))

Yeah, I thought a lot about writing in the scene where Harry goes to deliver the news to the murdered Auror's family. In the end, I decided that it would really disrupt the flow of the story. That said, I should probably add a mention of Harry's visit.

The dynamic between Harry and Draco ebbs and flows as the story goes on. Typically, the more of a common interest they have in a situation, the better they get along.

Whew. Some readers like the use of diazepam as a plot device and others find it out of place. I'm glad to count you in the former camp. Hermione is going through a very tough time, understandably so. I wish I could say that things will only get easier for her, but that really wouldn't be a very interesting story, now would it?

The idea to include Ron and Hermione's wands has been around since the very early drafts of the story. Aside from it being rather touching, as you say, Hermione's wand also plays an important role later on. 'Nuff said...

I'm glad my latest plot twist worked for you. So pleased!

Thank you so much for another detailed, insightful review! They're always helpful and I really look forward to them!

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Review #11, by Gin_gin06 

23rd June 2012:
Ello Dan, it's me again! :]

1.) Oh my gosh! Poor Hermione! I could that that being very difficult for her, seeinjg as how she was always doing something-- running to the library, helping Harry, saving House elves ect. ect. You wrote the part really well, and once again made me cry. I loved the part with their wands and when Hermione was drugged. It was awesome.

2.) Yay, Harry and Draco were bonding.

3.) Rose and Scorpius are so cute.

4.) I hate Lady Tenabra! Evil witch. But smart... scary smart.

5.) Uh oh, what happened between Percy and Audrey? I hope the current distress with the world brings them back together.

6.) I thought the section when all of the new blood order was together was great in a way. It had adifferent tone from the rest of the piece and it was believable. They all were really evil. So good job.


Author's Response: Hello again! So nice to see you back!

Yes, Hermione has difficult times ahead of her. Very difficult, actually. Much more on this to come.

Harry and Draco actually managed a chuckle together at Daphne's expense, which is huge for the two of them. They aren't going to be planning bachelor trips together any time soon, but it's a small step.

I really, really enjoy writing Rose and Scorpius. Again, you'll see them again several times before it's all said and done.

She is very smart and very scary, but not in the same way as Voldemort. He was all about brutality and overt evil. She's much more cunning.

Percy and Audrey are having some problems at this point. Why? You'll soon see.

There is definitely tension within the Blood Order. The Slytherin-Death Eater crowd and the common criminals don't really get along.

Thanks so much for sticking with the story and reviewing! I look forward to every one.

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Review #12, by Jchrissy 

31st May 2012:
I figured out Lady Tenabra!!! The way she went about picking her 'new' name is terrifying, and it has me wondering if there is more between her and Voldemort than simply her need to follow through with blood purity?

Now I'm even more nervous of how far her power reaches, being where she is basically makes her control limitless.

There is a lot more I want to say about her, but don't want to add spoilers to my review. I'll have to make my way to your MTA page later on so I can post my questions there!

You have definitely weaved a tangled web (when first we practice to deceive) sorry, I couldn't help but finishing it ;)!

I think you handled Hermione's actions upon taking the news perfectly. I was nervous you would have her calmly accept it, which would have seemed too easy. I think bringing her into a panic attack is so 'Hermione' and again I am amazed at your ability to make these characters so realistic even after aging them 40-50 years.

The fact that they have made a discovery with the DNA gives me a bit of hope that they are coming closer to figuring this out, but in all honesty now that I know who is really in charge, it seems that they will need to do a lot more than just solve the 'who killed them' mystery. This is definitely going to get sticky... and I am SO excited to see where you take it!!

Author's Response: Well, then. I have to say you're doing well! As to whether she has any particular connection with Voldemort... you'll have to read on. ;)

I love getting questions on my MTA. Look forward to it.

I wanted to try to weave as much into the story as I could, because that's what makes it most fun and interesting to me. I'm glad if other people enjoy it as well.

I didn't want Hermione to have some overly logical, emotionless reaction. Never being able to walk again is a really big deal, even for people with the gift of magic. Her reaction needed to be right, or nothing that follows would make much sense.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are starting to put some of the pieces together. Unfortunately, they keep finding more and more questions. Soon, there will be answers, however.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #13, by shadowcat2 

29th April 2012:
Another brilliant chapter. the hospital scene was heartbreaking. And the way Ron looked away when Harry hugged Hermione was so Ron. i can't help but think who is that Lady. And finally Harry knows. I hope he doesn't break now.
Sorry, my reviews are really short. I absolutely love your story. It's engaging. I keep on wishing I had your plot-development skills. You're an amazing writer.
*rushing off to read the next chapter*.

Author's Response: A lot of secrets were revealed in this chapter, hence the title. Harry obviously had to come clean with Hermione and Ron and in the aftermath of the Blood Order attack, this was a pretty obvious time to get things out in the open.

Harry does know the truth now, at least part of it. But the truth raises even more questions in this case. We'll continue to pursue the answers.

Plot development is mostly just a matter of mapping the story out in broad terms before you start, and then being patient and looking for every opportunity to add color and detail to the central story. I try really hard to make sure that every section of every chapter adds to the central plot in some way.

Thanks so much! You're making my day!

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Review #14, by Pixileanin 

16th April 2012:
The image of Ron playing chess with himself until early morning somehow amuses me to no end. And the Malfoy elf trying to pull Harry away from Draco was also pretty fun.

The scene with Hermione was pretty panicky. I liked how you showed her rational side battling with her emotional reaction to the possible non-recovery. (See? When I can't remember the right word, I just make one up.) I almost felt like she was having one of those forgotten flashbacks and I couldn't decide if it was something that had once happened to her, or if is was the fear of what was to come.

And you've done well with the angst-ridden Harry, who seems to blame himself for all the ill that has befallen him and the people he loves. Hermione needed to know and so did Ron. Things are really piling up for him though. I hope he is still strong enough to stand under the pressure.

Dazzypam is good stuff. Haha! It was nice that Harry had a good surprise for Hermione and Ron after that. They certainly needed it. And then more news from Susan!

You've done a magnificent job in bringing the story to the reader, showing how the villains are affecting the lives of all the characters in a very personal way.

Author's Response: Hello, again!

I imagine Ron to be a brooding insomniac when he's stressed out. It's different compared to the way he's portrayed in the books, as a guy who can sleep through an earthquake, but I needed to change some things about the canon characters and he has more on his mind now with job and family and such. Poor Kriffin was in a touchy situation, and it won't be the last time.

Hermione's panic attacks do have a source, and I think you've started to pick up on it. It's explained in more detail later on.

Harry will always be the one to blame himself first, at least that's how he's always been. But Ron and Hermione did need to know and now they do.

I thought it was really fun to introduce some muggle elements here and there, and this one was a slam dunk. And you will get much, much more of Susan. Stay tuned...

I'm glad that you're enjoying reading as the story unfolds. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #15, by Elenia 

5th April 2012:
Yes, I'm here again. No, I haven't written my next chapter because you're so evil and keep me hooked to your story...

Anyways, wow, such an excellent chapter once again! I didn't even notice the length of it since it was just amazing! But what I just realised is I should be taking notes of the awesome things I notice during the chapter because now I can't remember everything I wanted to say, I just want to read more d: Oh well, I'll try to remember it all...

I love your Ron! He's such a brilliant character and in character! I think he's a very hard character to write, but you seem to do it so effortlessly. Not that I'm surprised because every single one of your characters are amazing, but it still amazes me.

Loved Hermione's reaction to the news that she might never walk again. I think that was really good and something I picture could happen.

Ooh, the NBO finally announced themselves in public! Can't wait to see what they do next!

Loved the meditated Hermione, she was brilliant (x and also, such a great observation, the fact that there isn't always a perfect spell or potion for everything, but that muggles have some tricks in their sleeves too that work better!

Anyways, amazing chapter. You're such a talented writer and I always enjoy reading this story of yours!

I'll go continue my writing now, or read your next chapter, we'll see which works better for me today d: though I already have a hunch...

Take care!


Author's Response: Welcome back again!

Ron is a very hard character to write. He rarely gets his due in the books and he's very emotional. His reactions are sometimes hard to predict. I'm really glad you like him, because I always feel pretty unsure of myself.

Poor Hermione. Her rational mind is getting over-ruled by her body and emotions. Much more on this coming in the not-too-distant future. And medicated Hermione was just too much fun to write. She's going on a real roller coaster ride in this story. Buckle your seat belts...

Sorry to keep you from your writing, but I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story. Thanks for the awesome reviews. Do come back soon!

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Review #16, by starryskies55 

3rd April 2012:

WHOA! Gamp? As in, Daphne's husband? Evil git.

I'm glad Hermione's home, and I'm glad Harry told her- it wasn't right to keep it from them for so long.

I'm happy that the Malfoys are okay, although they could be a bit more helpful, ya know? Draco? You hearing me? Fool.

And Ron seriously needs some sleep. I'm not even joking now. SLEEP YOU MORON! You'll be no good to Harry or Hermione if you torture yourself.

And my favourite lines to finish:
"Well tell me, missy, is there a spell in that book ta turn horse manure into gold? ‘Cause Flint provided us with none o’ tha latter and a shedload o’ tha former.”
"Now that she’s as big a cow on the outside as she is on the inside"
“Ronald, if you ever lost your appetite, I would start by checking your pulse,”
"Yes, she decided, everything was going to be just fine. So why was she sobbing uncontrollably?" - that was just so touching.

Another amazing chapter, well done :D

Author's Response: Gamp becomes a rather interesting minor character in the story. I hope you like what I've done with him.

Harry felt like he couldn't share the secret with Ron and Hermione until she was stronger, which was probably the correct decision, but it still felt really wrong.

The Malfoys are fine, just a little shaken up. Hopefully the shock will induce Draco to be a bit more cooperative in the future.

And Ron will get some sleep soon, believe me.

I'm glad that you liked my little one-liners. They make the story so much more fun to write.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by Akussa 

9th March 2012:
Hello again, I'm so glad I could tg you once more in such a short time (honestly, I had already half of this chapter anway...).

I really like the developpement here. The conversation between Malfoy and Harry revealed a lot, in my opinion and I thought it was really well executed. Another very strong point of this chapter is how you tackled Hermione's situation. I found it very believable how she reacted and dealt with the news. Trying to be strong and pretend like everything is alright in very much in character for her just like Ron's reaction was very much in character as well. The insecurities come out and you really feel that he wants to make everything better in his bumbly way.

The ending is strange and confusing and I love it! I'm racking my brains, trying to figure out how that can be and so far, I'm stomped. And I need to read the rest right now.

I noticed two little things in this chapter :

"...That was but a small sample of the secrets contained within the Dark Lord’s journal. ..."; you forgot to close the dialogue after this sentence

"...“Tom Riddle probably forgot more about dark magic than the spell breakers will ever know. ..."; this sentence doesn't make a lot of sense to me, I'm not sure if 'forgot' is the right verb in this particular sentence

A brilliant chapter once more and a really great mystery that is getting even more, er, mysterious... Oh, forgot to mention that the Blood order memos gave me the creeps; Kudos! Excelelnt work!

Author's Response: Hello, again!

An awful lot of bombs fall in this chapter, plot-wise. I'm glad that you seemed to have picked up on all of them.

Poor Hermione. Sometimes it's hard to write things like this because I hate seeing bad things happen to good characters. You'll just have to take my word for it that it's all for a good purpose.

So Lady Tenabra had a hand in Ginny's murder. Interesting, no?

Thanks for pointing out the typo's. I'll try to get those fixed.

And thanks again for reading and reviewing!


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Review #18, by Occlument 

4th February 2012:
I'm so glad to be back on HPFF with this chapter. CambAngst, you're as brilliant as always.

This chapter seems very well-crafted and fits effortlessly in the plot. I love the high emotion involving Hermione and I think the cliffhanger was just brilliant. I am liking you're portrayal of Draco Malfoy more and more every time. He's not particularly a bad man but neither is he (usually) very pleasant. He seems to have aged and matured convincingly from the arrogant and slightly clueless boy we know from Jo's books without loosing much of his defining personality.

There are a couple of points I need comment about. I think the wizards in this story seem to be using a bit too much muggle technology, like Diazepam and the DNA testing. I know diazepam is explained but I think it would be a little more interesting to be a little creative and give most of the problems wizarding solutions. I realize that this may be difficult sometimes.

My second comment concerns Harry's apparent closeness to Hermione. It's just a feeling but every time I read about Harry pushing over Ron and hugging Hermione or resting her head on his lap, I feel like he's being too intimate with her, like he's crossing some boundary. I would have expected him to be a little more reserved in his approach to hermione but as I said it's just a feeling.

Otherwise, I'm still a fan.

Author's Response: Hi, there! Long time, no see. Nice to have you back.

I always try to walk that thin line with Draco. As Charles Barkley used to say, I am not a role model. And yet he does have some admirable qualities. And he has his better half, who tries hard to keep him on the straight and narrow. I'm glad the portrayal works for you.

I can see how the muggle elements might not work so well for some readers, but I honestly enjoy working them in where they don't seem overly intrusive. I wanted something to lighten Hermione's reaction, so that this chapter didn't turn into a complete angst-fest. I'll never forget a middle school teacher of mine telling a story about taking valium in the aftermath of some very traumatic personal event, and ten minutes later she's cracking jokes about it. It just seemed like a fun way to create a contrast to the graveness of the situation.

And I know that a lot of readers aren't wild about Harry and Hermione's closeness. I actually go out of my way to not have things like this happen when Ron is in the scene. But after over 50 years of friendship, I don't think it makes too much sense to have Harry be stand-offish, especially when Hermione is in pain or very upset. We'll have to agree to disagree on this one.

I'm very glad that you decided to come back and keep reading. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #19, by Ashling586 

7th January 2012:
How dare you leave me hanging with such a cliff hanger. You evil writer you.
Another wonderful chapter to a great story. With each new chapter I get more and more into the story that I just can't help myself but want to read more. I felt that Ron's reactions in this chapter were dead on, as well as Hermione's. My favorite part was Hermione all doped up and ditzy, it was priceless and light hearted.
I was confused about two statements in this chapter though.
"Tom riddle probably forgot more about dark magic than the spell breakers will ever know." I was a little bit confused as to whether you were making the statement that Tom knew some much dark magic that even he couldn't remember how much he knew, or not. Part of me thinks that it would be better as: Tom riddle knew more about dark magic than the spell breakers will ever know.
During the Hospital scene, Ron mentions that his mother "always said that" a good appetite was a good thing. The "said" makes the statement past tense and gives me the impression that she use to say that but no longer does, however I am sure that is not the case since his mother is still alive. You might want to change it to mom always says that.
Overall I am in love with this story and I can't wait to get to reviewing the next chapter.

Author's Response: Ha! Maybe you've noticed by now, but I'm kind of big on cliff-hangers.

The scene with Hermione zonked out on Valium was something that just popped into my head very late in the process of writing this chapter, so I'm really pleased that you liked it. I had all kinds of anxieties about that part, validation not least among them.

"___ has forgotten more about ___ than you'll ever know" is a fairly common American expression for describing a person who's very knowledgeable in some area. I hope I haven't stumbled onto something that just doesn't translate well. But, yes, you got the gist of it.

Again with Molly's wisdom on the importance of a good appetite, I've always heard it used in the past tense, even when the person who's granting the wisdom is still alive. But I could see it being written the other way. Something to think about...

I am so glad that the story is holding your attention! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by sophie_hatter 

9th December 2011:
Ron to the rescue! I'm glad you chose to write from his perspective in the opener, it's always good to see him being so competent and 'in charge'.

The discussion between Harry and Draco plays very nicely, I thought that was pitched really well.

Hermione's collapse on hearing about her condition, and also her struggle to come to terms with the news later in the chapter, were both very well written. It built up in a very convincing way.

My favourite bit, though, was Ron and Hermione's reaction to their wands. This was a lovely touch.

And finally - a cliffhanger! I do love a cliffhanger!

Author's Response: So very nice of you to say!

Harry had a lot of difficult conversations in this chapter. It felt nice to let him do something pleasant like the wands.

I'm starting to feel like every time Susan comes into a scene, there should be a sound effect like in old detective shows: "Bum bum bum"

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

30th November 2011:
GAH! You keep throwing things left and right at me. I really don't know what's going to happen next. First I think I know and then my thought goes right out the window. I felt terrible for Hermione and I actually thought the chapter would end with a good note with the two of them excited about their wands.

How silly of me!

I wonder what the 'Blood' is going to do. Because if they're following the Dark Lord's thoughts I'm sure that they're up to something devestating. I hope it doesn't effect Hogwarts! :/

Author's Response: Bob and weave, Rocky, bob and weave!

The New Blood Order is definitely up to no good, but it might not be exactly what you expect.

As far as the wands go... well, I'm going to have fun with those. They're probably my favorite little detail that my brain regurgitated from the books.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by CloakAuror9 

29th October 2011:
The plot moving along. And like I said with the previous chapters this chapter seemed to be a bit slow down as well. It doesn't really matter to me for most of the time but somehow the slowness of your story is making the flow of the whole thing work for me. I am very confused with myself as well.

I noticed that as the story moves along more questions are answered and more mysteries are opened. Which excites me a lot.

Harry and Draco are working fairly well. Although, it would be nice if we got to see more of Draco like the previous chapter.

Overall, the plot is steering in the right direction and I think you deserved an 9/10 for all the effort.

Moving on to the next chapter...
CloakAuror9 xx

Author's Response: The ebb and flow of plot pace is tough to manage when you're writing in a serialized way. I guess some days I feel faster than others. What's going to be really interesting, I think, is to go back some day when the story is complete and see whether I can reconcile all the different phases that I went through in writing it. Or maybe that would just be painful. ;-)

I'm working on ways to incorporate more of the Draco and Astoria Show into the story because people really seem to like it. In my rough sketches of the story arc, she played a much smaller role, but she's just so much fun to write!

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by Remus 

28th October 2011:
Hey! I'm back with your review!

The plot is definitely moving along. Glad to see that. The banter between Draco and Harry is great. Glad that they're able to communicate like grown men instead of the way they used to. I would definitely be glad if you wrote a story or a one-chapter for Draco. He just makes me laugh.

Other than that, I really don't have much to say besides the fact that this is flowing very nicely. I have yet to spot any mistakes such as plot holes. You're doing a great job!


Author's Response: I may have to come back some day and write a little short story or perhaps a one-shot with Draco and Harry, before they got quite so old. It sounds like fun, but I have all I can say grace over between this story and my day job, family, friends, etc.

I'm glad you're still enjoying the story and I really appreciate all the reviews you've written for me. I'll definitely keep requesting. Thanks again!

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Review #24, by ginerva_molly_weasley 

20th October 2011:
Here I am with your requested review.

eCan i first of all say wow. I've not been able to astop reasdfing this story. The chapters flow very well together and the plot is comintg along nicely with a lot of description.

The plot ia very original as not many stories are aboput Harry in later lifebut this is ver5y well written and you have portrayed harry as aging very well. Well done :)

Author's Response: Hi.

I'm glad that I was able to keep you reading all the way through. I appreciate the review. The time period of the story was interesting to me. It gives a chance to tell the story of not just the canon characters but also the Next Gen and how their lives turned out as well.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by Beeezie 

16th October 2011:
Hey, this is Beeezie, here with your review! :)

This was a really interesting chapter, and on the whole, I think that you did a great job with it. The different strains of the overarching plot are moving along quite nicely, and you left us with a bit of a cliffhanger - always a good thing. I went to click the next chapter button so I could see what happened next... and then realized that there was no next chapter yet. That's always a good sign. Plot is definitely your strongest point.

I would say that characterization is your weakest. That's not to say that you write people OoC (or, as OoC as one can when so much time has passed) or even inconsistently - you don't do either.

However, what I think that you're not always very good at is character development - it feels at this point almost as though you're using difficulties that characters had in the series to keep it as canon as possible, but problems people have at the age of 18 are typically not the same problems as they have when they're 75. I mentioned this in an earlier chapter regarding Harry and Draco's continued enmity, and I may have mentioned Ron's jealousy before as well.

The issue of character development came up for me again in this chapter, most notably with Ron's jealousy - yes, Ron could be immature, but after 50 years, two children, and several grandchildren, I'd have hoped that he'd have gotten over whatever jealousy he had before. That he was so possessive that even Harry hugging her made him feel awkward seemed like he'd gotten more immature rather than less, and it also honestly made Ron come off as a little creepy to me. It's acceptable for a teenager to be jealous of his girlfriend's best friend; it's completely unacceptable for a 75-year old man to be jealous of it. It's also quite unrealistic.

Percy is definitely an exception to this. I think that you've done a great job at showing how Percy has evolved and changed as a human being. He's still recognizably Percy, and I can understand where the changes might have come from, but he's a very different man than he was 50 years ago, and that's quite realistic. A lot of the other major characters seem to have changed very little, and that's a huge problem for me.

That's really the only complaint I have about this chapter - again, I thought that the plot was moved along in a very interesting way, and as always, your writing style is strong. I just wish you were pushing a little further with character development.

Author's Response: I suppose that's fair. I have probably kept the trio a little closer to their book characters than might be warranted after almost fifty years. At the same time, I can never get into fics that take the core characters too far out of their original characterization. So I guess my bias is going to be making big changes in characterization (e.g., Percy, Draco, Astoria) in the less central characters.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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