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Review #1, by onestop_hpfan18 

29th July 2016:
Carlotta is like a female version of James. I half-expected her to be his opposite, but it's strangely fitting that they're so alike. Her forwardness is obviously turning James on even more. Side note, Freddie is such a git; he doesn't deserve Brie. Great chapter.

Author's Response: I think James (or at least MY James) would be the sort of person to go for somebody similar to him. I don't always buy the "opposites attract" thing; surely a couple needs SOME traits in common? But yeah, this James certainly wouldn't go for someone shy and retiring. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #2, by Aleine 

10th June 2015:
I seriously thought that the girl he ends up liking is shy and innocent...


Author's Response: Haha, definitely not! :)

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Review #3, by TidalDragon 

5th March 2015:
What's really driven this story for me so far are the dynamics. You've done interesting things with each that you've addressed so far and that DEFINITELY carried on with James and Ginny and the references to issues between James and Harry that first appeared in at the end of the chapter with Lily's birthday. I think what I enjoyed about the James and Ginny dynamic (aside from you putting the spunk in Ginny's character that is so often lacking) is their bond over Quidditch and the fact that she knows her son like an open book and tells him how it is. Great.

You also created quite a personality for Carlotta. I'm interested to see how she develops throughout the piece, especially with James seeming to be -gasp- starting to get smitten.

Author's Response: Book!Ginny is one of my biggest peeves with the books. I never used to be a Harry/Ginny fan, but reading other fanfics has actually led me to see the character who JK INTENDED to create with Ginny, as opposed to the character who we actually saw - not that she necessarily got the portrayal WRONG, but that I don't think we saw ENOUGH of Ginny (and her spunk in particular) until she was suddenly shoved in our faces in HBP. But I digress. The point is, my headcanon of Ginny is splurged all over Rails, and her moments with James remain some of my favourite moments to write. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 

14th March 2014:
Oh this chapter was so much fun to read! I'm really liking Carlotta she seems like a fun girl and one that has a personality that will fit with James really well! I can't wait to see more of her and how things will go down between the two of them. And with each passing chapter, I continue feeling really badly for Brie. Freddie is just being really dumb and she is just hurting her with each day. I hope that one of them will finally make a move and that it won't be too late! Honestly there is nothing else that I can tell you but how much I'm loving this story and your characterization! This is really well done and such a gem to read! I'm really glad that I've come by this story to read and review! Great job!


Author's Response: Ooh, that Carlotta's a sassy one, isn't she? I forget how much of a woobie Brie was in these first few chapters; I really did put her through the ringer. Don't worry, she will find happiness in the end, although I won't say how ;) Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #5, by LavenderBlue 

15th February 2014:
James has such a sweet relationship with Ginny. It's lovely to see them have a casual conversation. A Saturday morning breakfast tradition?! Get out of town. It's just too cute. Also, she gives some darn solid advice. Smart Ginny. The loveliness of their relationship almost makes up for this weird tension between him and his dad. But not quite. What is going on there, I wonder?

Poor James. I don't blame him for being upset with the article. The comparisons to his parents are inevitable, but he's of course got to deal with the dreaded Son-Of-Chosen-One complex. It's also a rare glimpse at his vulnerability concerning his game. James might act big-headed, but it's clear he's got some deep-seated issues that aren't going away any time soon.

I love that you touch on the fact that girl Quidditch players don't get it nearly as easy as the guys. And that Ryan recognizes that and clearly cares about Della. Dawrh. It's sweet.

Going to a Muggle nightclub? James, that's living on the wild side. Freddie continues to be stupid. What's new. And I, too, like this Carlotta. Buy your own drinks, gurrrl. Take the initiative. Get to the point. YEAH. It looks like James may have met his match? I kinda hope so, because I quite like this gal. Even though she's a MUGGLE. Gasp! So the real question is, will James put her through the same routine, or is she going to shake things up? Must find out. Am most certainly hooked.

Author's Response: I love James' relationship with Ginny. She never fails to steal a scene. I have a few characters who manage to do that actually...

It must be ridiculously hard to be one of Harry's kids. He's the most famous guy in the wizarding world, and so there must be so much attention on the kids all the time, and this expectation that they'll be just like him. I think it would take a strong mind to be able to handle that.

Oh Ryan, he's such a cutie bear. I really want my own Ryan. Like, really badly.

James is wild. Freddie is stupid. This mantra applies for most of this fic. :) Glad you like Carlotta, she might pop up once or twice as things unfold. Thanks for your reviews!

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Review #6, by ReeBee 

30th December 2013:
Carlotta!! Ah! Amazing! LOVE HER!! The conversation! So sweet! :D

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying, thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by Slide 

18th May 2012:
I can smell the Daddy Issues and I want to know what they are!! And good, wizards using phones. It drives me nuts when I try to figure how it works for them to ignore phones but have little to no magical means of instantaneous communication (so I invent magical instantaneous communication, but would using a mobile kill them??). And then later references to wizarding TV. I like the idea of the war forcing the magical world to 'modernise' a bit was eventually Muggle culture is less stigmatised, but I fear I could write a whole paper on this idea.

Ooh, I like the thoughts about how being a male Quidditch star gets you all the attention but it's different for women. It makes sense, especially as magical society isn't the most progressive out there. It can be tough, being a physically capable and active woman if a man decides he finds it intimidating.

Carlotta is awesome. You go get what you want, girl!

Author's Response: The Weasley clan kind of have to use phones, the Potter branch in particular, for reasons which will become apparent. But yeah, I feel like the wizarding world would perhaps begin to adopt Muggle things but put their own twist on them. James is most definitely not entirely up to speed with Muggle communications though, he doesn't like using them if he doesn't have to!

Indeed. Poor Della and her intimidating figure...

Carlotta is totally James' type of woman. Not afraid to say what she means and get what she wants. :)

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Review #8, by ForTheLoveOfWords 

29th November 2011:
I love Ginny! And question: is James the star of the team? Because from what Della said it kind of sounded like she and Ryan were better, plus he doesn't think he's going to make the national english team. Anyways, I like Carlotta so far! (Well, as I'm now at chapter 8 I like her a lot, but I liked her at chapter 4 too!)

Author's Response: He's one of the stars, and his star will grow brighter and brighter as the story goes on. I think he thinks he'll make the team soon, but he doesn't want to sound big-headed to his family :) I'm glad you like Carlotta! I love her so much, haha. Thanks!

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Review #9, by prongslittleflower 

28th September 2011:
Excellent chapter! I'm really looking forward to reading more about this girl that seems to have James speechless. She's a strong character and I hope she sticks around! Update soon, please. :) Also, I'm glad that you've given James a friend that is a girl and not a 'girlfriend.' It really adds some dynamic to the story and makes James more than just the player that we all know and love. Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: Well for a start I'm glad you like Carlotta *giggles* She'll be sticking around, no worries, there's lots more to come from her. I like that you appreciate Brigid, too :) Thank you so so much for your reviews, they make me want to update straight away! :P Chapter five is written and ready to go, I'll probably post it over the weekend, so keep an eye out! Thanks again :)

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Review #10, by hushpuppy 

27th September 2011:
I thought it would be James/Brigid story and that kept me reading. But it seems now that Carlotta is his love interest. I hope not, but could you let me know if you're going in that direction?

Author's Response: No, it's going to be a James/Carlotta. Though at the moment James is anti-commitment, so it will take a while. Brigid's heart lies well and truly with Freddie; she's basically James' Hermione. Sorry to disappoint you :( Though I hope you continue reading anyway! :)

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