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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

16th June 2012:
I kind of got emotional reading this chapter and had a few tears in my eyes because it was so overwhelming the connection that they had in the end and then it was cut off. I've been waiting for that moment when they see each other and Narcissa finally realized just what Lucius meant to her because I was going to ask if she does in fact love him or at least care for him more than she lets on because for awhile it just seemed her actions were rather done blindly, more to repay him and to help him and herself. I know she cares for him but I don't think she realized until this chapter how deeply.

Circe was amazing. You descriptions are just always so beautiful but the way you captured her was incredibly eerie and yet there's something about Circe that I am just drawn to.

And then having Narcissa cut her hair! She's vain but not that vain, interesting. Seriously, you keep switching up the fairy tales like I know them and find new meaning, give them a new light where the woman would have been weak now appears strong.

Author's Response: I totally agree - I think that until this point, Narcissa's actions were out of a sense of duty and repayment rather than affection, but she's managed to sort of warp Lucius in her mind enough so that she's been able to love him, and hasn't realized it fully until just now. I'm so glad you felt that way, too. :)

Circe is a compelling character to write. She's not in Potterverse aside from a mention on a Chocolate Frog card, and here in this fairy tale world she brings a different kind of evil villain to the table.

I love fairy tales but my beef is that the damsels in distress are always so helpless and don't try hard enough to save themselves. I see Narcissa as being reluctantly strong - she would rather be comfortably at home and cared for by someone else, but she's not just going to sit around all the time and wait for prince charming to come save her.

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Review #2, by x3CherryWatermelonx3 

1st January 2012:
AH! So excited for the next chapter! :D

Before I leave to go to it though, I must say that the beginning of this chapter was wonderful! I can't wait until Circe is revealed and such.

See you in the next chapter, darling! :)

Author's Response: Circe is one of my favorite characters to write, if only because she's a villain and I love to write villains. :3 Thank you for reading!!

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Review #3, by academica 

30th September 2011:
Hey Sarah :)

I adore your description of Circe. You've really painted her as a dark, heartless villain here. You have really done well with putting some excellent villains into this piece, but Circe is surely your greatest triumph, at least so far. I love the thoughtless way in which she destroys her victims and subsequently revels in their demise. More than that, though, I love the vulnerability you've given to her character, which seems quite paradoxical to her propensity for bloodshed. Every villain must have a weakness if the hero (or in this case, heroine, I think) is to take her down, and the one you've extended to Circe is particularly interesting. She's a great mix of pride and desperate self-preservation.

The development with Narcissa was very interesting as well. I love how you've turned the story of Rapunzel on its head by having her cut her hair, yet another show of her intelligence and practicality. The imagery you used to help Narcissa describe Lucius was really something, and I love that her feelings toward him are still very complex and conflicted. I felt so terrible for her when he broke eye contact and she was yanked away from him. However, I'm sure they'll encounter one another again in the flesh soon, and I anxiously await that meeting. Looking forward to the next chapter! :)


Author's Response: You described Circe in a perfect nutshell: a mix of pride and desperate self-preservation. She's very desperate. And desperate people don't always have the clearest or most rational foresight. So we'll see what happens to this particular villain due to her own flaws. :3

I pondered for a bit what to do about Narcissa's hair, since the Rapunzel story calls for long hair, so I decided to do the opposite and make her cut it. I'm glad you caught that parallel. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Amanda, it's always a pleasure to see your thoughts on my updates. I have no idea when I'll be able to update again - my schedule for the immediate future is somewhat busy. Perhaps in a couple of weeks or so!

Thank you, yet again, for continuing to read Purgatory.

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Review #4, by TenthWeasley 

22nd September 2011:
I just want to take these words, and weave them into a blanket and wrap myself in them and dream of such things. I can guarantee it would be one of the best dreams I'd ever had, but even without that ability, this story is so dreamy and fairy-like it's almost as good! I love the atmosphere you've managed to keep the entire way through - it really adds something to your story. I don't think it'd be half as similar without it, and it's just plain good writing.

I LOVED the romantic bit at the end, of course. :D NARCISSUS FOREVER. ♥ It was very well thought out, and totally believable, as far as one can take this story as fact. (Hee!) I love how you're able to introduce something, though, and keep it just hovering in the very corners of our minds, not forgotten but very much in the background, and then bring it forth with a slam that just turns everything inside out and upside down and every which way but the expected one.

GAH. I LOVE THIS. And I am truly terribly sorry for how long it took me to come around here and give it a proper read. I hope it won't be so long next time, because then my mind can't ever function properly knowing there's an unread Purgatory chapter out there, all lonely and cold.

Fantastic chapter, but I've come to expect nothing less. :D Awaiting your next update with bated breath! ♥

Author's Response: I am going to try to not respond to this review with a poem, because your reviews deserve so much more than poems. But forgive me if I ramble or stop making sense because I'm not very coherent this morning. :P

The atmosphere is my favorite thing to write, I think. Mostly because I haven't seen atmosphere like it on HPFF. LOOK AT ME TOOTING MY OWN HORN. Ahem. But to me, if you're writing a fairy tale, it should READ LIKE A FAIRY TALE. So I am very, very, enormously happy that you think it does. And your opinion means absolutely everything to me so now I'm kind of floating.

As of recently, the biggest motivation that makes me pull up my word document and crank out another chapter is the ! moment I get when you say I REMEMBER THAT. Leaving my little trail of bread crumbs, hiding some of them carefully so that they're there, but they don't stand out until I want you to see them, is my favorite part of writing this story. I have several things planned that I think you are going to love, because of your appreciation for such details.


I derno when I shall update next, since I will probably be busy with my of for a while, but I hope to write another chapter soon and get it up. And by soon, I mean that I have absolutely no idea.


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Review #5, by halfbreed 

21st September 2011:

I love this so much (: Your descriptions of Circe are so perfect and sort of remind me of Voldemort. Like... they're both extremely powerful but their arrogance will be their undoing. Or at least that's the impression I get!

Mrs. Macnair is an insane madwoman and general freak of nature. I find her an amazing villain because she's crafted terribly well. She's so believably evil that it's actually quite frightening, but you've stayed far away from the typical bad-guy persona and made her actually human. I think she's just perfect. And I absolutely despise her, the wretched hag.

AND I LOVE NARCISSA. I have always loved her, but you make me love her more and more with every single chapter. She's a survivor; for all the complicated things that have happened to her and all her wonderfully intricate character development, I think that short statement is the truest embodiment of her. You taken book-Narcissa to a whole new fantastic level where she still fits entirely into the world JKR created yet is an undeniable part of this world, fastened completely to every part of it.

I'll tell you, if you don't win that Best AU Dobby, somebody's getting an earful. Though I feel like posting you for that particular nomination yet again will just piss the staff off :P Screw it, I'll nominate you for everything. You'll win one of those blasted awards if it kills me.

Author's Response: I apologize for taking an eternity and a half for responding to your beautiful review. I ended up sitting on reviews for too long due to a case of the lazies, and also because I am so awful at thinking of words to do the review itself justice. It seems that I can never properly convey my appreciation for reviews.

Circe has a lot in common with Voldemort. She overestimates herself, and as you said, arrogance will probably not bode well for her. And Mrs. Macnair, on the other hand, is a completely different type of villain. Her motivations are personal. She thinks about things more, she plans, she plots. She's a bit twisted in the head. It's easy to see WHY she does what she does, but it's like...there is this small part of her that is inherently evil, and Narcissa was just a trigger. She was evil waiting to happen, waiting for an excuse, shall we say.

Narcissa is very much a survivor, and I'm thrilled you see her that way, as that is what I am trying to portray. She is a woman who is strong in some ways and weak in many others, and I'm attempting to show how and why she was worn down, how she got into the situation she ultimately found herself in.

Thank you so much for the Best AU for Dobby support! It means the world to me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep hoping to get it because it would be wonderful to receive that kind of recognition. But I do have five other stories to compete with and all of them are lovely, so who knows. :P

Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #6, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

17th September 2011:
What? Realized what? Ah, cliffhanger! Should I know what she realized? Am I just slow? :)

Wow. Ah, Lucius and Narcissa got to see each other again, really see each other, however short. :) I don't like Circe, are we meant to? I really don't like her. She's... Evil. >.<

This is amazing, as always. I can't wait for the next chapter. :D


Imagine this review is a poke, making you update soon. *poke* ;D

Author's Response: Cliffhangers! I am very fond of them, if you haven't noticed. :D Ahhh, and Circe. No, you're not supposed to like her. She's evil! She's also emotionally and intellectually immature in many ways.

Hee, thanks for the poke. It's lovely to know that you're looking forward to the updates. I'll try to update soon-ish, depending on how much time I have on my hands this week. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #7, by adluvshp 

17th September 2011:
hey!! wow this is by far my favorite chp!! I love the descriptions you narrate! this is amazing!! and circe omg she's evil. but you have written her really well. and the ending of this chp, oh how I am dying to read more! this is superb and brilliant! I love this story!! Narcissa is awesome. you're doing great!! please update more asap!!!



Author's Response: Circe is indeed quite evil. She's similar to Voldemort in the way that both are quite powerful, but they're also overconfident, ignorant, and see themselves as unbreakable. Narcissa is awesome? YAY, CAN I HUG YOU THROUGH THE SCREEN? I will update soon, I promise - probably within a week or so. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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