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Review #1, by Debra20 

7th February 2013:
This chapter was too sad for it's own sake. The whole story is too sad for it's own sake. Seriously, how do you do it? How can you write different genres so well? Your stories pertaining to different genres are always a wonder to read because you handle each with such care, suck skill that one can't help but feel a bit envious (of the good kind!).

Lily and Moody. This is all I have stuck n my head right now. And the aching feeling that comes with this pairing somewhere in my chest, near where my heart is. I'm much in danger of falling more in love with Moody as Lily is. He's just so perfect! Well, that's delusional of me! No one is perfect of course, but there is something in Moody, so fascinating, that you can't resist his charms. I've always admired men with a strong character and a stronger mind and Moody has both, in equal parts. He has qualities I am unconsciously but actively seeking in a partner, qualities that I couldn't do without so excuse me if sounds ridiculous that I feel such a connection to a fictional character but it's true. Of course, he has faults as well and I'm not denying that, but his qualities are like a magnet...HE in his entirety is a walking magnet!

And Lily! Who would have thought she had such a strong, unbending will? She's such a multi layered character! Every chapter you see different facets of her personality, with each thought she puts forth. I'm glad that she didn't give in to her desire, although that doesn't make me happy. You know those real life moments when you are relieved that someone has done the right thing even if breaks them? When YOU feel miserable for being happy they chose the right path? What is the right path anyway?

Author's Response: I like writing sad stories. :( Even worse, I like reading/watching them. If it doesn't hurt, then it can't be good, right? (Not that I actually believe that last bit, but that's what it feels like sometimes - I just have a stronger emotional connection with characters dealing with things, perhaps because my own life is boringly untroubled). Thank you for the wonderful compliment about my writing! :D I like to think that I can write different genres because I read a lot and watch lots of movies/TV. Humour is still hard to do, though - writing something like this story comes more naturally.

Moody is particularly smoulder-worthy in this chapter, where the intensity of the 1971 scenes is already in place, but he's psychologically stable at this earlier point in time. He's at a peak because he's just finished his training and is ready to put it into practice, and as a bonus, he's already in love with Lily - he's has the last ten years to foster that feeling. It's an ideal moment for them to be together... but it's just a moment. There are no forevers in this story because, no matter what, something always has to end - time always puts an end to it.

Moody is a walking magnet. Yes. I'll go for that. :P

One thing I wanted for Lily from the beginning (but particularly during the second 1971 scene) was that she be a strong character. The only way a person could survive this story is if they are strong - they need that iron will because it's both a story about resistance and acceptance. She has to constantly resist attractions and temptations while she must accept the demands of time and history. That kind of push and pull takes a heavy toll, even on the strong.

Unlike the previous time, though, this 1940s scene allows Lily to leave with less guilt. Even if she stayed with him, it could only be for one night. She's not resisting as much here, so I don't know if there even is a right or wrong path in this instance. It becomes murkier and murkier as the story continues.

Bah, my responses are no longer making sense. Anyway, thank you very much for reading and reviewing this story! I look forwarding to seeing what you think of the coming chapters! ^_^

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Review #2, by BellaCamille 

13th August 2012:
So many questions answered, and so many arise. Geez, this story is well written!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! :D Plotting is somewhat a weakness for me, so this story was me proving that I could write an intricately-structured plot, and I'm really pleased that it worked!

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Review #3, by Lillylover22 

12th May 2012:
This story is just brilliant 10/10 : )

Author's Response: Wow, that's fantastic to hear! Thank you very much! ^_^

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Review #4, by Snapdragons 

28th February 2012:
Okay. This is kind of unacceptable. I have no idea how I ended up falling so far behind on this, but I'm determined to fix this problem today. It feels like the perfect day to sit down and read a slightly dark, beautifully written, time travel piece. Yes. I am excited now. :) So prepare for a bombardment of reviews. :P

But as soon as I opened this chapter, it was lovely - I remembered how much I loved the way you tell this story, and I do. It's a little mysterious, almost old-fashioned. Well, that's not really the right word for it, but bear with me. It feels almost classical - which I mean in a good way, I promise! ah, this is getting longwinded. Suffice to say that the way you tell this story is elegant and gorgeous.

It feels as though this is the moment when both of them are sort of at the halfway point, almost equal in knowledge. Beyond here, he'll be younger, and before this (oh god trying to explain the timeline is impossible haha) Lily was clueless.
He would say them again, one day, to the same girl, the girl who never changed, never seemed to age because she was, in fact, growing younger as he grew older. Knowing less as he knew more. Was this all that we would share? I think it was the confession of love - it's sort of a marker in time for both, and I don't even have the words to describe how it made me feel - sort of melancholy, bittersweet, and beautiful all wrapped up in one.

And such a cryptic ending! I'm sort of excited to see how the beginning will be - and that last line, naturally. Someone else opened the door. Way to leave us hanging! Good thing I'm so far behind I can read the next chapter immediately? :P

Honestly such a gorgeously crafted story - now I'm going to hurry up and finish so I can get to the next chapter. Be back in a few minutes! ;)

Author's Response: Join the club of "forever behind on reviewing" reviewers - my list only ever gets longer, no matter how many stories I review. I totally don't blame you for losing track of this one, and it's a fantastic treat that you've come back to continue reading. Now it's up to me to keep up with this lovely bombardment of reviews! ^_^

Ooh, elegant and gorgeous! *dies of squee* How am I supposed to respond to this?! I can't describe how bubbly happy hearing these compliments makes me. There's definitely an old fashioned atmosphere to this story, and I think it's getting worse as I go along (until the last posted chapter and the one I'm currently working on - they're very different) because of all the Victorian novels I'm reading for school. They're very influential to my writing, I've found, and that influence is perfect for this story, which is very much a Gothic romance. I'm so glad to hear that the style and everything is working out so well! :D

This part of the plot, this and the previous two chapters, are the midpoint of the story, that crucial point where she and he are the same age and are almost equal (keyword: almost). She will always be cursed with the knowledge of his death, which adds a bittersweet note to any romance that they share - she loves him but can never forget the future. Ah, it's so hard to explain - it makes a lot more sense in my head, and hopefully it will make more sense once I've completed the ending.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this chapter! It means a lot to hear that you've enjoyed reading it. ^_^

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Review #5, by justonemorefic 

13th January 2012:
OH MY HEART. He's going to war ;_;

I can't imagine how it must be like to see so many different parts of someone's life, to witness directly how they changed them. She already sees it - This was our brief moment in time, one that would haunt and plague him until the last of days. And like she says, she knows what will happen to him, but she can't ever tell him. She can't even warn him that she comes from the future, and she will know less later.

Their goodbye is the most romantic scene yet ;_; He's so willing to wait for her here, but knowing what happens in the future -- ! My heaaart.

Author's Response: It's just like that moment in all those period romances when the hero, at the worst possible moment, suddenly gets called away to war. It always happens! And it happens here too. :P I guess the only way I can write a "true" romance is to base it on all the classic romances I can think of at any given moment. XD

Lily's ethical position in this story is striking and my only excuse is, again, that she takes after her father in this regard. She will always sacrifice herself, no matter what, and put the greater good ahead of all other concerns - she can't tell him because of the implications of the future that she knows. She could bring down Voldemort before he even has a chance to rise! She could save so many lives, but she knows that history has to take a certain course. Very Doctor Who, actually, except he breaks the rules a lot more often. :P

Less babbling, more thanking. It was incredible to see that you'd reviewed every singe chapter of this story because that's a rare thing these things, and it's a wonderful treat to see your reactions to each chapter. And, of course, having YOU of all people having feelings about this story makes me OMG the whole time I'm responding.

So yes, thank you. I'm especially glad to hear that this was the key romantic scene because ... well... I hoped it would be. The previous one is pretty punchy, but the whole wrongness about it overshadows, whereas here, there's a rightness to it all.

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Review #6, by shadowcat2 

6th November 2011:
Okay, I have read all other reviews. I don't think that I can't actually describe how amazing this story. Time travel stories always confuses me. The fires within was one of my personal favourite and now I fell in love with Out of Time. Time traveling plots are sometimes too complicated for me to understand. But I can't help reading it. Thank you for sharing this mind blowing story with us!

Author's Response: Haha, you like my two most confusing stories! That's insane, but your review made me think back to Fires Within and I realized how eerily similar the two stories are - it's like, with this story, I'm rewriting Fires, using a lot of the same style and imagery, but with only two characters rather than... gosh, Fires had a lot more characters involved. *is boggled*

Thank YOU for reading and reviewing this story. Your support is what keeps me going, and it's wonderful that you're enjoying it so much. ^_^

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Review #7, by tydemans 

13th October 2011:
Sweet Merlin, Susan, you can make a cabinet work for you brilliantly! And aw, thanks for the mention. An idea really is only as good as its execution, and you do that well.

I SO meant to get here sooner (Moody alone is so intriguing) but I'm actually glad I read this in one go because that allowed me to truly appreciate your massaging of time in this story. Time travel fics get a bad rap because they are not easy to pull off. The interplay of past and present here is elegant and enviable.

At first I thought Lily herself was in the portrait, but now that doesn't seem right. I can't wait to read their beginning and see how prudent she ends up being. And who, if not herself, might be leaving the notes and orchestrating the whole journey.

The only detail I tripped over was Lily calling herself the first Weasley (not Potter) girl in generations. Beyond that, I actually even found myself scratching my arms at the beginning -- I think it was the plants. :0 I'm now looking at my own potted plants with suspicion. That's a powerful l mood you set.

Congratulations on a multitude of nominations! I hope you did something lovely to celebrate.

Take care!
~ Ty

Author's Response: You deserve huge accolades for the cabinet idea! It's become so central to this story that I can't imagine it having worked out without your brilliant idea to use a vanishing cabinet. :D Thank you for offering your help on TGS for this story - it's meant a lot, as you can see, and it means even more that you like the results. ^_^

The story probably makes more sense in larger chunks than chapter-by-chapter - I find that too when I re-read before working on the next chapter. It's a difficult story to plot out (on paper, at least) because it's moving in two different directions at once - it's like one of those reverse chronology stories, in a lot of ways. I wonder whether one would be able to read it backwards once it's finished, switching the perspective from Lily's to Moody's - it would be fantastic to get into his side of the story!

What I meant was that Lily was the daughter of the first Weasley girl in generations - it may not have come through clearly, so I'll check back and edit that.

lol, those plants! I have my own vine hanging around, and it seems to have the same intentions as a magical plant. :P It's fun to imagine what sort of personality plants of the magical world would have, though it's good to note the plants because they do become more important later on. ;)

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this story! It was a great surprise to see your review, and I really appreciate that you took the time to leave it!

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Review #8, by FWHPObsessed 

10th September 2011:
Publish a novel as beautifully written as this and I will read it as many times as I've read Harry Potter

Author's Response: Gosh, thank you! This is wonderful to hear and I'm just amazed and gratified and so many other things by your words. ^_^

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Review #9, by MajiKat 

10th September 2011:
ah what a terrible cliffhanger! goodness susan, what a chapter! again, the way you write the both of them is just magical. i feel so much for them - for the horrid situation they are in, for lily, who is moving backwards but forwards at the same time, backwards in time but forwards in her feelings and her relationship, which is one of the more genius things about this plot!

i love the mystery - there are so many questions i imagine them both to have, and now, i have them too, especially after that last section. and who or what is leaving her notes?? i will take a guess - it is herself, in the future. i am probably completely wrong and i don't expect you to blab but it intrigues me a lot.

this line: The present, but not the future, not even the past. We were far from finished.

such simple words but so powerful, so effective and so meaningful. the way you deal with the changing and yet unchanging concept of time is fabulous!!

alright, i am dying to know what happens next!

amazing as always! and now i am caught up!!

Kate xx

Author's Response: Thank you again for catching up with this story! It's great to have you along for the ride - I'm still shocked at how many people follow this story, mostly because it's the most obscure ship ever with an entirely upside-down plot. It's very inspiring to have all this wonderful support. ^_^

That's the aspect of the plot I love best because it messes most with the mind - that Lily is going backwards in time, yet going forwards in personal development. She's maturing quickly because of what she's going through, and there will be a price for that, eventually. She has to come to the end, but where will it be? ;)

The best part about writing such a weird timeline is that I can play with verb tenses - I've never been good with verb tenses, so now I can use them interchangeably and have a great excuse for doing so. :P It's hard sometimes, though, to get it all right in my head, especially when Lily discusses the future Moody, who is in her past - the same sentence could have past, future, and present together, and that line you picked out emphasizes my position as author as much as her and Moody's time-crossed relationship.

Now it's time for me to catch up with writing. :P Thanks again!

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Review #10, by SunSation Gal 07 

6th September 2011:
Susan, you have a habit of making me speechless. Cause this chapter was amazing. Good lord do I love this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lee! *glomps* How can I respond to these delicious compliments? It means an incredible amount that you like this story so much. ^_^

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Review #11, by notreallyblonde44 

2nd September 2011:
Oh my goodness gracious. What a killer ending to this chapter!!

Like I've found myself writing too often in reviews lately, I've been reading this story for awhile now and haven't reviewed it yet. Time to change that! What a story indeed!

In the beginning I felt like I was really apprehensive about this story, being that it was time-travel and all, and mostly people use time-travel in ways to hook up Hermione with every other male character in HP-existence. So needless to say, I hesitated to read and review until I knew how the story was going to play out. Also, in hindisght, the writing/diction at the beginning was not as crisp, intense, or practiced/comfortable as it is now.

But I kept reading, because this idea is so worthy and WOW did you blow me away! I can't believe that Moody/Lily II would be one of my favorite, and best-written, pairings ever! Some writers (myself included lol) can't even write pairings between two people in the same room let alone in the same year. Yet you write Moody and Lily II over the course of roughly 100 years and don't miss a beat!

Your writing has not failed to impess me either. This chapter in particular, and the past couple, have been so expertly crafted that gah you have such a talent! You expressed the setting, characters, etc with such an ease it's like you were there and had experienced these things. You portray everything without over-doing it in detail or saying too much. You always say just enough, or even not enough, to keep your readers with you, but always questioning. The weilding of romance, mystery, time-travel, and hunt of angst leave "Out of Time" as bar none of the best works on this site. (I wish I wrote it haha) This story is stunning, compelling, flipping amazing, and really mind-blowing! Thanks for sharing this with us :)

*anticipating the rest of the fic*


Author's Response: Wow! I've taken a while to respond on this because I haven't known what to say. This review was a wonderful surprise to receive and I'm still very shocked about it - mostly because this is a pretty obscure type of story, especially with the ship involved. It means a huge amount that you've been reading and enjoying this story - I never know sometimes whether I'm going too far out there and writing complete rubbish, so it's a great treat to hear from you!

What I wanted to do was take a cliched type of story and play around with its conventions - using a next-gen character and pairing her with a rather random other-era character was the first part, then using something other than a timeturner was the second. The lovely people at TGS helped considerably with these aspects of this story, and a lot of the credit for its originality goes to them. ^_^

It's interesting what you've said about the first chapter's language, and I've been thinking it over - re-reading the whole story (always a pleasure, it's about the only story of mine I can reread without wincing) to try and see if it was intentional or just me taking a while to get myself into Lily's POV. I've imagined it as though Lily has stepped into an old movie, and everything changes, including her. However, I will see what I can do, editing wise. It's important to have a strong first chapter, and now that I'm further along in the character/plot development phase, it may come out better a second time. :)

It's great to hear that the pairing works well. So many times I question it - I guess because it's so random, but that was also a challenge of this story. Lily developed so that she could be an appropriate match for Moody and vice versa, which isn't what I like to do, generally, because it puts the pairing before everything else, but in this case, it's working. The scary part comes when I find myself explaining parts of canon in a way that makes this story canon - like Moody's first actual meeting with Harry in OotP and his later death. ;)

Thank you very much for that compliment! Gosh, I'm more than happy to hear that the story has improved as it's gone along - it's how it should be, and all I have to hope is that I can keep going along the same lines. I've imagined this chapter in particular many times, even while I was still working on chapters 2 and 3, so it has become very vivid in my imagination - it's fantastic how much easier the writing gets as a result. :D

I really don't know what to say about that last bit of your review, though. Too much for my ego to take. :P The next chapter is planned, but not yet written - hopefully that'll change soon. ;) Thanks again!

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