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Review #1, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th March 2015:
I glanced over, vaguely aware of the fire in my eyes. ďStick to what you know, Al.Ē I sat up, ruffling my (soft) hair. ďBy the way, thatís not Quidditch.Ē


My money is still on Lily but if itís Albus then the Code can be forgotten once and for all.

I hope James and Avery donít go back to being just friends. Heís in love with you, girl. Come on! Everyone gets to make one mistake.

James makes several but when it comes to you it was just one.

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Review #2, by Jaime88367 

14th September 2013:
Time to smack Avery and Fred for stupidity.

Author's Response: Yeah, probably.

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Review #3, by MagicallyClumsie 

23rd May 2012:
Abigail is a bitch.

Go Fred for standing up to her. Evn if it was only for a few minutes.

Author's Response: She really is. I'm glad Fred got some gutsies. He just needs to get away from that whole thing.


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Review #4, by Manga_girl 

14th May 2012:
James and Avery need to sort things out! I hope the new seeker is good! I dont know why bu I think Lily should be the new Seeker!

Emma xD

Author's Response: I like the way you think ;)

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Review #5, by roxyroxtheworld 

4th May 2012:
oh i would love you so much if you made abigail fall off something tall!!! when's it gonna happen? soon i hope : ) anyway whats avery mean she doesn't know what her n james are? there like freakin perfect for each other!!! anyway hope she realizes that soon : ) and i love how freddy stood up for james against abigail! but i can't believe he actually had makeup sex with that meanie! oh freddie so needs to find himself a nice worthwhile girl! : ) anyway love this story!!! lol n i love the yolkified parts and the chapter pic! :)

Author's Response: Hahahaha. Oh, Abigail. What a girl, right? She's pretty intense. And mean. Freddie needs to find someone wonderful. Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by siriuslyhockey 

9th April 2012:
"You are a horrible boyfriend! Reevaluate yourself and we'll discuss this later." Haha, I kinda love Abigail. She is ballsy. And a biatch. Poor Fred...Frederick.

Author's Response: I seriously loved Abigail too. She has a crazy temper streak to her. I appreciate that. But seriously. Poor Fred. He needs to get out of that crazy relationship! Thanks!

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Review #7, by ilovegeorgeweasly101 

6th February 2012:
Okay if been reading like a maniac so sorry about the lack of reviews.

1) I have laughed so hard at this story I didn't think it was possible. Laughing is something I need right now so I thank you dearly
2) Abigail can go do weird things to herself. I don't even CARE if their are handcuffs involved

3) I love James and Avery and hope they make up (haven't read this exact chapter yet...)
4) meta is as many you know what's as you can think of. Seriously. I whooped when avery throes a Sunday at her face
5) lily will save the day
6) mr. Flynn can go die

That's all!



P.s. yolkified. Laughed. Like. Crazy. Oh and fix James and Avery!

Author's Response: Hello! Yay! Reading like a maniac can be great, albeit a little dangerous since maniacs have some weird tendencies.so be careful ;)

1. You are so welcome. I hope it made you feel better after whatever happened to make you need laughter. Don't hesitate to message me if you need more laughs. I'm always good for at least one...or at least you will shake your head a few times.
2. hahahahahaha.
3. I hope they do too :)
4. Love that scene! So funny. GO AVERY.
5. Lily is fantastic. She really takes after her mum.
6. You tell him!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the review! I hope you enjoy the rest :)

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Review #8, by adluvshp 

14th September 2011:
hey there!! I started reading this story day before yesterday and have been reading this whenever I get free time! Finally finished all the 39 chps!! and i must say THIS FIC IS AWESOME.

I love it!! totally!! I am dying to read the next chapter!! please update soon!!



Author's Response: Whoa, that's so impressive! I'm so glad you liked it! It has been so much fun to write. It still is every time I open that Word document. Seriously. Anyway, I can't wait to hopefully see what you think of the rest of the story :) Thanks!

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Review #9, by michaelasaurus 

10th September 2011:
Right from the get-go, as soon as i saw the words "seeker tryouts" i was just chanting "LI-LY, LI-LY, LI-LY, LI-LY" inside my hed, and possibly outside, which would sound weired to the people living on either side of my dorm. I REALLY super-mega want Lily to do it, but James' will probably say she's too fragile to do it, Avery, Bink, Paloma and Wesley will make him let her participate, and Fred will be too busy doing laps for shagging the nasty finches-fan.
Seriously, FLAX the Finches! The Finches are the FOXGLOVE worst team, and anyone who supports them is a complete nutter, and should never be socialized with.
FLAX off Abigail.
Anywho!, super glad to see that Avery and James have "spoken" Bink is awesome, and James needs to take a pill.
Wonderful installment!! Kudos are yours!

Author's Response: RAWR.

All right. And yeah, a lot of people are going for Lily. She seems like a good fit, doesn't she?

Seriously. You're right about the Finches. Stupid Finches.

Thank you SO much! I shall take the kudos and cherish them forever!

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Review #10, by Rita Skeeter 

9th September 2011:
ugh, abagail.

When i saw your a/n at the top, i was all like, "AAAWWW!!! What a sweetie!!" Thankyou for that! Haha

But as always, this was a fantastic chapter!!

Seeker tryouts should be good- udate soon please!!!


Author's Response: You're so very welcome! Thank YOU for being so dedicated you read in the shower :) Thanks for the review! Can't wait to see what you think of the rest :)

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Review #11, by Gal22 

5th September 2011:
What. NO. You are not allowed to end a chapter this way, I have decided :D this chapter was good but it wasn't my favorite, probably because there is no James/Avery but that's just a possibility... Anyway they really need to make up soon because I'm becoming a bit sad :( please update soon, make James throw out the code(it's entirely pointless), have Avery and James be together again asap, make are Fred breaks up with abigail also asap, and find someone for bink(preferably me because I love him) so yeah, update please :D

P.S. My names Raquel, you know for when you write me in with bink ;)

Author's Response: Shall I go back and edit the chapter and end it a different way? haha. Yes, this part of the story is definitely on the sadder end. I'll keep that in mind for Bink. He's such a great boy. I adore him. Thank you SO much!

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Review #12, by Kerry Cho 

4th September 2011:
I'm so sorry I haven't been review for the last few chapters, only just recently did I have time to read again!

You're a star!

Author's Response: Im so happy you decided to review! It really makes my day :) Thank you SO much! I promise to update as soon as I possibly can!

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Review #13, by busybusybeta 

4th September 2011:
another fantastic chapter. enjoyed james' inner musings, even the not so funny ones.
i don't know what freddie's thinking, staying with abigail. she's awful.
cormic was never that horrendous. egotistical, yes. bitter and vindictive, not so much. why is his daughter such a monster?!
really excited to see what avery figures out, and how try-outs go!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked it! And Freddie isn't thinking with his brain, that's for sure.

I am a firm believer that there are a lot of cases where a child is very unlike their parents. Meta is not a monster. She's not a nice girl and she's not very friendly, but I dont think she's a monster. She has just lived in a shadow so long she's at her tipping point lol.

Thank you SO much!

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Review #14, by ashleym15 

4th September 2011:
yeah, Abilgail really need to fall of her broomstick soon :) poor James. i felt soo sorry for him. I bet Al will become seeker. i cant wait for the next chapter... the celebration sounds intriguing.

Author's Response: Yes, yes she does. She needs to get the heck outa here. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #15, by insanitylaughs 

4th September 2011:
Abigail needs to fall off something tall into a pool full of ravenous sharks on a blood-frenzy.


Author's Response: Wow. If that's not intense, I don't know what is. Though then again, let's take a gander at your penname... haha, only kidding! I'm with you. Abigail is the pits. Thank you!

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Review #16, by Reggie 

4th September 2011:
I can't even comment on the Avery sitch, it makes me so sad... HOWEVER lily for seeker!! Can't imagine the hilariousness this would create.
This story is incredible, all my love and more!

Author's Response: I agree completely. It's a really sad situation to be in. Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the love :)

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Review #17, by Loony_Scorpy 

4th September 2011:
LOVE < 3 I hope things get better for James soon though D': I love Lily, she's so sweet :D I can't wait for your next chapter :D

Author's Response: I hope things get better for him too. He has to go through so much, he doesn't deserve everything to cave in around him. The poor dear. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #18, by xMsFiggx 

3rd September 2011:
Ughhh Abigail!!! What a crazy loon. Fred needs to get rid of her. I hope Avery's decision to figure her and James out leads to them snogging and making up. I really like Lily she's such a cool sister. Hopefully seeker try-outs are promising and they find someone who is really good. Thanks for updating quickly!

Author's Response: A loon is right. I like that word. It's 12+. I really enjoyed writing Seeker try-outs and I hope you enjoy reading them! Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by Twinklestar 

3rd September 2011:
This story can make my day ( and i'm certain many others days ). It always brings a smile to my face. Even if James is going through a lot of problems!

I love the little convo James and Avery had before try-outs. UP UNTIL SHE SAID THEY NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT THEM. Omg, i really didnt like the sound of that.

HOW DARE FREDDIE HAVE MAKE-UP YOU-KNOW-WHAT WITH ABIGIAL. ugh, Fred.I still love him Update asap!!

xx Haley

Author's Response: Poor James. I feel for him. Sometimes. Other times he just brings it upon himself.

Oh, Fred. One day. One day he'll see. Hopefully!

Thank you!

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Review #20, by HPsmartone32 

3rd September 2011:
ahfsadlg;sdkf. poor james. i'll kiss you. love me, james!!! hahah. i hope him and avery get back together soon. i hope she doesnt do something stupid like break up with him. that'd be ridiculous. i wonder if lily will try out for seeker. that'd be funny.
i hope you update soon! i can't wait to see how this all works out.

Author's Response: I will give him a note saying just that ;) I hope you enjoy the rest of the story! I hope it works out...for the sake of your sanity and keyboard vomit, haha :)

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Review #21, by thepeachybumblebee 

3rd September 2011:
Meta's a bad word.
And Avery needs to not be so confusing and talk to James I can't handle no Javery

Author's Response: Why yes, yes she is. Thank you so much! And I don't like a lack of Javery either. We will most definitely have to change this. Thank you!

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Review #22, by holunder 

3rd September 2011:
Hey awesome chapter, even though James is feeling depressed - and I'm kinda depressed as well at the moment - it still made me laugh:)
But did you notice, that you're not only having a food-thing at the moment, but a "we need to talk"-thing? And this "we need to talk"-thing worries me a lot!

Author's Response: Hey you! I love that even if James is in a downer situation, he still finds humor in it. Even if it's small humor levels. I did notice that!! All my characters need to talk. This is not good. Is this saying something about my current life? I'm not sure. Maybe it's saying something about my attitude? Or previous attitude? I think it is...that's deep.

Thank you!!

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Review #23, by MaggieMF 

3rd September 2011:
favorite part:
Abigail kissed his cheek, pleased. "You're eating with me from now on."
I dropped my fork. "Overruled!" I cried.
you're creativity is overwhelming, you say the funniest things.
WHAT HAPPENED TO AL AND PALOMA. they're so cute i might die if they're over. really it could happen. I love lily she is one of my favorite characters, next to fred of course. (: thank goodness that happened to abigail, i would like to set up an interview to be the one to push her off of a tall building or maybe a tall mountain, either or. WE NEED A NEW SEEKER, an amazing one too because if Clint wins i may die. he's so ew. so a celebration for the next chapter sounds really nice. i'm hoping that means good things. so i'm feeling that avery and james will be okay. because she sounded like working things out was a good thing, i hope. The Dobby's: i'm voting for you like it's already decided you're amazing and i hope you get nominated and win. (: i hope work is treating you well, good luck (: xx -Mags

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! Sometimes I honestly have no idea where it comes from. My brain is a mysterious placed filled with odd words.

Technically, they're not...together. So they're definitely not actually over. hahaha.

I will definitely interview you for that position. It's business casual.

Thanks for all the amazing support! I really appreciate all of it. And I so can't wait to see what you think of future chapters. Thank you!

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Review #24, by Hope's Mom 

3rd September 2011:
Wow- Abigail really is awful. When will Freddy let her go? James is a mess. I hope we get to see what his dad replies to his note.Avery really seems to be struggling, too. I hope the search for a new seeker is fruitful. Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: She totally is awful. I can't stand her. Soon! Thank you so much for the review! I appreciate it!

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Review #25, by FWHPObsessed 

3rd September 2011:
Loved it. I almost screamed when I saw you had a new chapter up! It was so quick!! It was brilliant, sad and I'm hating Abigail. When is she going to piss off? Reckon it would be funny if Lily makes Seeker. That'll piss James off. Guess I'll have to wait and see (:

Author's Response: It was super quick! I wrote FAST. Thank you so much! I cant' WAIT to see what you think of the next :) Thanks!

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