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Review #1, by rose4ever 

9th July 2012:
Oh my Word! Is that idiot of a Damien kissing Emilie??? Moron...and what is hat secret? and I am still wondering who was her ex?


Author's Response: Hello :) Haha, who knows, but you'll learn more why in later chapters :) And secrets. The ex shall be revealed in a future chapter :) Thanks for the review and I hope you have a great day :)

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Review #2, by AC_rules 

6th April 2012:
Homgosh. I don't like Damien at all. well, no, actually I don't hate him or anything because he is just a kid and people have these tendencies to hurt each other I think.

Pippa telling Albus her plan... Oh, Pippa. Can't decide whether I'm glad she did or not - I mean, things are about to get interesting, but... still. keep your cards close to your chest, Pippa.

Sorry these reviews are short! I just want to make sure I get through all of this :)


Author's Response: A lot of people don't like Damien, I think it's maybe because they see it from Pippa's eyes and she's a tad biased with the way she narrates the story. Yes, people are growing up and they hurt each other, but that's just the process of growing up. Haha, yes, she kind of messed up a little bit there, but Albus just manages to get underneath the surface. And don't worry about it, I'm loving them! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day. xxx

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Review #3, by TheHeirOfSlytherin 

28th March 2012:
Okay - "One day, I would steal that watch." - What the heck? LOL... I hope she does steal it, just so I can see Albus' reaction. :P

Low blow, Albus, doing that to Pippa... I sense war. I wonder which if them will make it out alive...

Anyway, this is awesome!

*Runs to next chapter*


Author's Response: Haha, she mentioned his watch in chapter two, Pippa never forgets ;) And haha, that would be classic just to see his face.

And Albus has a lot of low blows. And war is coming somewhat. Hmmm, that is the question!

Thank you so much, I am loving reading and responding to your reviews! Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a wonderful day. xx

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Review #4, by CambAngst 

16th March 2012:
Tagging you from the Review the Person Above You thread in the common room.

I'm so pleased to be able to come back to this story. I've missed it since the end of the last reviewing competition, but I've been busy with work and family and trying to get the next chapter of my story banged out. But here I am again.

This chapter started off on a terrific note. I've really come to love Pippa's metaphorical explorations of life, and the first paragraph was one of the best ones yet. It managed to be fairly deep yet well grounded in her unique perspective.

Moving along, the setup of the group's "adventure" was well-written. It reminded me of an over-the-top version of the types of conversations that Harry, Ron and Hermione had circa-Chamber of Secrets. It's funny to see these kids taking themselves pretty seriously, given the much lower gravity of the problems they're facing. I really loved Pippa's suggestion as to how her things could be maintained as a shrine after she was killed. That went so perfectly with her character.

Camouflage shorts and a white tank top??? The image absolutely cracks me up, like one of the female characters in GI Joe or something. And the eye-black is the icing on the cake. With all of this build-up, I was expecting the kids to be sneaking out of the castle to Hogsmeade or something. Searching the castle for Nathan Morgan... so did I mention how funny it is that the kids take themselves so seriously?

And then there's yet another "moment" between Pippa and Albus. I think it says something that Pippa just can't help but give up her secrets around him. Maybe what it says is that he's just good at manipulating other people, but I like to think it's a little more than that. As for the ultimate betrayal she faces, well, I have to admit that I got really impatient and clicked through and read the first few paragraphs of the next chapter. Now I see why you were so interested in readers' reactions to "her" a few chapters back. The cliffhanger was obviously very well written, because, hey, you got me!

I did notice one sentence that needs some TLC:

“Meet us back here in an hour. Don’t wear anything bright, think like a spy and think the colour black! See you then!” He told us before grabbing Fred and running out of the great all like crazy people. - If "He told us" is meant to be a dialog tag then "He" shouldn't be capitalized. Also, I think you meant "great hall".

Otherwise, your writing was up to its usual standard of excellence.

I really, really love this story. I'll be back!

Author's Response: Hey :) I'm so glad that you've come back to the story because I love your reviews and your take on everything, it's always really interesting and makes me think, because people pick up different meanings and see the characters differently to the way I do.

Thank you :) That is one of my favourite starts to a chapter that I have written so far so I'm glad you liked it.

Thank you :) Yes, the characters take their lives rather seriously, and this was a classic example of it. Thank you, even in death, she still wouldn't want people touching her stuff.

Thank you, it created a funny image inside my brain, so I'm glad you found it amusing too. Haha, yes, all that build up, to hunt for a boy that James doesn't like xD

Yes. It does. He is good at manipulating people, but Pippa reveals something when she wants to defend herself also, she and Albus are quite alike. Haha! I'm glad it worked :) And yes, she plays quite a bigger part in the later of the story. Thank you.

Thanks :) I've fixed that. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you have a great day! xxx

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Review #5, by accioHPFF 

20th February 2012:
Hello again!

I've been writing all today, but I read this early this morning. But hey, I still review every day :)

Damien has angered me. Well, if he's doing this to get back at her. He knows how much she upset Pippa, so I think he's being a bit cruel, using this to get back at her because of a small argument, which wasn't exactly her fault.
Well, that is all provided you're talking about who I'm talking a out. I'll find out tomorrow. :P

So Albus discovered Pippa's plan? I can't wait to see what happens there! She did use foul means, and dragging Lily into it wasn't the best thing that she could have done.

Scorpius' interpretation of the dress code was... interesting. I love how you wrote it though, especially his heartache with leaving the hat behind.

Sandwiches. The way Fred said sandwiches, as if to say 'what else?' was funny. I like how his priority with the backpack was his stomach. :P

Can't wait to read more! I'm finally adding this to my favourite stories, as well as making you a favourite author.

Author's Response: Hiya :)

Thank you for all your wonderful reviews, it means a lot to me and always makes my day, so thank you for doing this!

Damien is complicated. You'll learn a lot more about why and he does the things he does in later chapters. There is more reasoning behind everything :)

Yes:) Albus is clever! Yes. She did, but she didn't hurt Lily in anyway. But she still shouldn't have used her, but that is the kind of Person Pippa is. It isn't the best trait she could have that she'd do anything to get what she wants but that's Pippa.

Thank you :) Scorpius loves dressing up :) And he hated leaving his hat behind! He loves that hat :P

Haha! Yeah, I tried to think what they would take, but they can do a lot of things with their wands so a lot of the normal stuff isn't needed. So food it was!

Wow! I'm honoured! Thank you so much! I'm just so happy that you like my story! I'm so happy :) thank you! I hope you like the rest of the story and I hope you have a great day!

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Review #6, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

11th December 2011:
No! How could her brother do that to her! Albus is suck a...dungbomb! Heehee, I have to remember to keep it 12+ so I like to get a bit..err...odd with my colorful language. Anywho! I have twenty minutes of my break left to read the next few chapters. I hope Pippa beats Albus to a pulp or turns him into a shoe!

Author's Response: Damien couldn't help it, I mean, you can't help what you feel or who you fall for. But he explains it a lot better in a later chapter. Haha, that made me giggle. Haha, me too ;) You never know with these two, I have a lot of fun things planned for everyone ;) Thanks so much for the review and I hope you great day!


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Review #7, by MissThomas 

17th September 2011:
Its been a while, but I have finally read this!
I loved it.
I'm guessing Morgan had something to do with Lily? That's why they hate him?
Did Damien kiss Emilie?
Can't wait to read the next chapter.
< 3

Author's Response: YAY! YOU'RE BACK! I MISSED YOU.


I'm so glad you liked this chapter! It was so much fun to write! Maybe ;) Maybe not ;) You'll just have to keep on reading to find out. And maybe! Check the next chapter to find out who he was kissing! Thanks so much for the nice review and I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapters! Have a great day!


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Review #8, by ariellem 

8th September 2011:
Oh dear.

Scorpius found a lot of unuseful (that's not a word is it?) information didn't he?

Even though Pippa used Lily I hope Albus takes it easy on her, Pip's been through a lot these past chapters. I did guess that Damien was dating Rose, but I think he's mainly doing it to get back at Pip.

Author's Response: Hi! Haha! Yes. He found out the most stupid information he could! Haha, you never know, Albus doesn't take anything lightly! Damien and Rose? Maybe. Maybe it's someone else ;) Haha. Thanks so much for the review and I hope you like the rest of the chapters! Have a great day!


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Review #9, by BrightStar 

7th September 2011:
Hi again!

Another great chapter, and it was brilliant to hear from the larger gang - james and fred as well as scorpius and al... and obviously the lovely cassie!

Whats going on with Lily, eh? Is it to do with morgan?

I love Scorpius' cape and hat. And Im interested in these wedding vows, it will be cool to see the whole family.

I loved the first paragraph, more than anything else because it was Damien who told her these things, and it was really well written too.

What was really impressive was your mix of fun stuff (like the mission) and the serious stuff, too.

And myself and my fiance Al seriously need to talk. Pippa annoying him was one thing, but tricking her into seeing Damien and this. lady is quite another!

I'd hug Pippa right now if I didn't value my life so highly!

Well done AGAIN! And I have absolutely no idea what the "next time" means which makes me all the more interested!

Author's Response: Hiya!

I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I thought it would be fun to get them all together. Maybe! Maybe not. You'll just have to find out! I'm so glad you liked Scorpius cape and hat! Yes! It's going to be really fun! The wedding is a big part of the story!

I'm so glad you liked that part! And that you thought it was well written! That means a lot to me.

Thanks! It's a mixture of a story! I try to balance it.

Haha, yes, you need to tell him to stop being so mean to everyone!

haha, yeah, it's best not to hug her right now!

Thanks so much for the review! It means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy the next chapters!


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Review #10, by alicia and anne 

4th September 2011:
Ok I read that first line as she cut her wrist on grass. And I thought "wow how sharp is that grass?" then I reread it and learnt that I fail at reading really haha.
I really love the description of the scars and how some you can't see, really in depth, I like how you wrote about the scars on her heart. Poor Pippa :-(
Hehe I love how violent and threatening she is! Threatening people with spoons is something that only she can get away with saying :-D
Pippa's dad is just awesome! I love how they talk to each other, and ooo he's going to renew his vows, although according to Pippa's reaction I guess it's not a good thing. Although her outlook on romance and love is interesting and very different.
Pippa really likes organising and having things in an order doesn't she?, I really like that about her. And bless her folding all of Cassie's clothes whilst she’s going through them.
I think with the muck on their faces they're going to be a little obvious hehe. OH MY GOD! Scorpius's outfit is hilarious! I love him!! Where on earth did he get a top hat from? HAHA. He is so cute, can I keep him? Or just be his friend so I can just laugh at all the funny things he does?
Wow I like how you wrote how each of them was trouble. Each have their own problems don't they?
I can just picture them all spying in my head with Scorpius peering around corners and looking through bookshelves quite obviously and people pointing at him and wondering what he was doing because he's probably humming the mission impossible theme hehe. Brilliant!
Oh no! Albus knows! How is he going to react to that? I don't think he'll act too kindly to it. :-O oh Albus knew that was happening!! But who is Damien kissing? Has she been mentioned before? Am I too dense/tired to remember her? Have I missed something?
I can't wait for the next awesome chapter!! :-D

Author's Response: Hi lovely! Haha, you made me go and check if I had a typo :P grass is a bit soft to cut someone but glass is another matter. Thanks so much! I work hard at my openings and I'm glad you thought it was in depth, I try to make it like that but I don't know whether i succeed really.

Exactly! She really doesn't like people. Esp when people accuse her of having something with Al! Like that would ever happen *cough*

I really like writing letters from Pippa's dads! She just hates that she'll have the attention on her and she'll have to be nice. Yes, she does have a rather twisted view of everything romance wise because of HIM.

She loves it! haha, I imagined that scene in my head and I had to put it in! I'm glad you like that part about her.

They're a bit stupid :p None of them were built to be spies. Scorpius has a special box of stuff ^^ haha, or at least he does in my head. You can keep him for a little while, just remember to return him for the next chapter!

Exactly! Not one of them is perfect is what I was trying to say. all of them have flaws.

haha! He'd fail at spying. He is too obvious.

He got a plan. He won't let that one go unknown. It's a cliffhanger :) I didn't say the name on purpose, so don't worry, you haven't missed anything.

thank you so much for your review and your support. it means a hell of a lot to me. Have a great day!

- keely

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Review #11, by Blue Biro 

4th September 2011:
aw, amazing chapter! loved it! :) you rock!

Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter! It means a lot to me! I hope you like the next one and have a great day!


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Review #12, by busybusybeta 

2nd September 2011:
i loved the letter from mr. knott. i really have to wonder how two such sweet parents produced pippa, and furthermore, damien! hahahaha.
scorpius' cape and top hat ensemble pretty much cracked me up. i just busted out laughing.
this whole thing between albus and pippa is really getting ugly. i like it. ;)
refresh my memory please: who is the queen of the devils again?
great chapter; can't wait to see the fallout from this whole damien/devil queen thing, and whether this motley crew actually manages to spy on morgan.

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha! I know, it's weird isn't it? Haha. I'm so glad that made you laugh, I had a lot of fun writing it. Haha! I'm glad you like that it's getting ugly, it's all pretty downhill from here. And that's a cliffhanger ;) And thank you! There is a few more twists involved. I'm so glad you like the chapter! Thanks so much for the review, it means a lot to me.


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Review #13, by explosion 

1st September 2011:
I just read this entire story today, and I've got to say that I'm in love with it. Pippa is such a complex character, and I love her and her flaws very, very much.

I love how you have all of these deeper things in the story that we as the reader don't know about, that of course annoy me, but leave me wanting more at the same time. Like who 'he' is and what Emilie did that was so bad. I think this story is brilliantly thought out in that aspect.I also find Pippa's cleaning obsession very very interesting. I cannot wait to find out more about that.

Honestly I've just got to say that this story is wonderful! Keep on writing you have a huge talent with words.


Author's Response: This was so amazing to receive! It was just what I needed! I'm so glad you like the story. Pippa is a very complex character! She originally wasn't and the story was very light hearted, but I am a firm believer in letting the characters write themselves, so this is how she turned out.

Aw! Thanks! I love adding my little twists and mysteries that are plotted throughout the chapter. I'm so glad it leaves you wanting more those. All these things will eventually be answered. And I'm glad you like the fact that Pippa is obsessed with cleaning. I enjoy writing it into the story.

You're so nice! But thank you very much! I am working slowly on the next chapter! It should be up soon! Thank you again!


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Review #14, by Loony_Scorpy 

29th August 2011:
Loved it! As usual. Amazingness always comes from you :D heh well I can't wait for the next chapter; you've been updating fairly quickly ;D

Author's Response: Heya :) I'm so glad you liked the chapter ;) It means a lot to me. Yes! I'm just addicted to writing this story! And chapter 12 is half written so it should be up soon! Thanks so much for the review and have a great day! xxx

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Review #15, by Lillylover22 

29th August 2011:
oh that was cruel of albus. update when you can because i love your story. 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Yes :) That was quite cruel :( He got back at Pippa really easily. Don't worry, I will! Next chapter is already half written! Thank you so much for the review and have a great day. xxx

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Review #16, by Emandem 

28th August 2011:

Pippa just couldn't keep her mouth shut when it mattered the most, could she? On the bright side, everyone got to see what's going on with Damien, which will bring some sort of reaction. Probably a greater fall-out, because he was kissing the queen of the devils, but this is better than this nobody-knows-what's-up-with-him business that'd been happening lately. So really, I guess we should be thankful to Albus for his little revenge. It's almost scary how he knew that this was going on, obviously unlike everyone else.

I really liked the first paragraph. It shows how much Damien influenced Pippa's outlook on life, making this situation all the more suckish. And this line:

"We thought it would be a good time to celebrate it as neither you nor Damien attended the first time because you didn’t exist." It seems like something Pippa would say, in the way that they explain stuff that is obvious, or something like that. I can't really pinpoint it, but I guess some of her quirks are family-induced.

And this one, too: "I wouldn't touch him even if I had a choice between that and being a pleasant person." Haha, just classic Pippa.

On the unbright side, this chapter had a lot of misspellings. Not like, I couldn't understand anything, but it did turn a little annoying toward the end. Say, here:
"Fred raised an eyebrow at me as he leaned (closure)." That's closer.
"I didn’t have adventure in my bones, I had (cautious)." That's caution, I think.
“I still don’t understand what I’m agreeing (too).” To. Okay, this one's stupid, but I figured that since I'm being telling you about the other ones, I might as well tell you about this one.
"“I might know their name if they (was)n’t so boring(.)” I muttered." That's weren't, and a comma.

Oh, and this one is not about spelling, but this: “You don’t know any secrets Nott.” He told me.
Should be punctuated like this: "You don't know any secrets, Nott," he told me.
This last one is an example for other punctuation stuff.

Sorry if I'm being annoying, I just know that some people like to be told stuff like this so they can fix it. If you don't, then never mind me. I'm going to continue reading no matter how you spell, so yeah.

Author's Response: Hi! Yeah, man, if this was a soap, that would be the ending for the week!

Haha, nope. She wanted a reaction. She got one, but not one that's going to make her life any easier. Maybe. It's a fall out cause people feel betrayed and once you get to talk to him, you'll see why he's been stressed etc. I'm actually portraying his relationship with the she-devil on a friends so I'm excited to see how it will come across. Albus just knows everything. People tend to tell him stuff. And he's a bit of a lurker. Doesn't sleep much etc. Haha. His power is knowledge.

Thank you! I'm so glad you liked that line. The opening for 12, which I have written is one of my favourite openings yet. (Yeah, I put a lot of thoughts into my openings).

Exactly! It's a trait that is passed down through her parents! I'm glad that came across. It's also a Scorpius trait. Always state the obvious.

And I'm glad you thought that was classic Pippa. I had a lot of fun writing it!

I've changed all the ones you've pointed out! Thanks so much for doing that, I appreciate it a lot! I tend to get so caught up writing that the words get a little jumbled when they hit the page, if that makes any sense. I'd rather you'd tell me every time, cause silly mistakes like this can be easily put right and I don't look so stupid :P I'm so glad you'll stick around with me though, that means a lot to me.

Thank you so much for the help and the review! It means a lot to me and I hope you have a great day. Your reviews are always so great to read.


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Review #17, by AlexFan 

28th August 2011:
Who's the she-devil?

Author's Response: Hehe! You'll find out in the next chapter :) Thank you so much for the review and I hope you update soon! xxx

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Review #18, by rich_blonde marauder23 

28th August 2011:
Hi once again!! Ahh, I actually squealed when there was an update! I was too happyyy :D

Well, once again, I loved the chapter (isn't it obvious I always will?). I loved the fun they had in it, and the little adventure they had.

I like how Pippa talks about what Damien used to tell her, and what they used to do when they were young. It's nice :)

The thing that made me really sad was when Pippa, in the beginning of the chapter, said that you shouldn't find that someone who's perfect for you, but the person who you can stand to live with for a hundred years. I mean, it's really sad that she's broken in that way.

Oh, the secrets just keep on coming! I loved the Pippa and Albus moment in the library, and the fact that Albus cared about his siser. It was cute :) I don't know what happened to Lily, but I hope we find out soon!

Albus found out about Pippa's plan! Ah, I have a feeling there will be much more fighting in between them.

Damien is such a mean person :( I know he has things that aren't going too well in his life, but I mean, kissing Emilie (I have a feeling it's her)? That's horrible. I mean, he knew what she did to Pippa, and that's just plain mean.

Ahhh, I really can't take all of these secrets. Damien's, Pippa's, Albus', Lily's, Cassie's! There are just too many, and I can't wrap my head around them. Then there are the letters! You're stressing me out with all of these mysteries!

Well, I hope there is more of Pippa and Albus in the next chapter, and I hope we will uncover some things from all these mysteries. They're making my head spin! :)

But, once again, I really loved the chapter! Can't wait for the next one!! :D

Update soon :)

xxx sofia!

Author's Response: I'm so glad this story makes you happy, it means a lot to me! I'm so glad you liked the chapter, haha, you never know, the story might go in a direction that you would hate :P But I'm glad you liked their adventure.

Thank you! I like to show how close they actually were. Plus, it makes sense considering Damien was the core of her world for 11 years.

I know, it is sad times :( But I did enjoyed writing that line! It just came to me and made sense for to be Pippa's beliefs.

There is a lot of secrets! Thank you, it's one of the good things about Albus, he does care about his sister. Oh, you will, eventually. I have all this reasons in my head and I can't wait to tell you them all!

Maybe ;) I did say that things started to go downhill after the somewhat peaceful moment in chapter 10!

Maybe, maybe not ;) I love the fact you're guessing though. It makes me happy!

There is a lot of mysteries i know, but I promise all of them have an answer which will be given. I think I just enjoy them too much, I like not explaining everything straight away. Haha.

All of them are in the next chapter so far, it picks straight up from where this one leaves :)

Thank you so much for the lovely review, it's made my night! Thanks so much and I'll try to update soon, chapter 12 is already half written so it shouldn't take too long!

Thank you again Sofia! (Your name is super pretty by the way) And have a great day!


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Review #19, by Maddie 

28th August 2011:
Woah. I did NOT see that one coming! I'm a little confused though...was "the devil" Morgan or HIM? Either way, interesting... It definately explains a lot! But equally raises a whole load of other questions. And Albus knew, I wonder how he found out. He really is a nosy guy, haha.

Everyone has secrets! I wonder what James was about to let slip. And now Al knows that Pippa used Lily, uh-oh, only terrible things can come from that. He's so cold and twisted...I love it ;) Enigma's always are the best :)

I adore the the imagery you create when you describe what Pippa's feeling and how she views things. You know, there's always atleast a paragraph in every chapter where i just sit back and think "Woah, this girl's got SKILLS." I especially loved basically the whole first paragraph in this one because sadly, it's so true, but the words you used and the whole morose feeling of it was just beautiful (in a morbid but effortless kind of way.) in fact, the whole general feel of the story is intriguing, I mean, exploring the flaws that make us human... Gah, it's what I think ironically makes this story and your writing flawless. Absolutely flawless. Love, love, loved it!

Brilliant chapter again and nice twist! Keep up the amazing work!

~Maddie x

Author's Response: Hello lovely.

I'mma let in you in one a little secret. The devil is a girl. And Albus knows everything, he's so nosey! Plus he likes to have knowledge over others.

Yep, secrets was the theme of this chapter! Haha, you'll find out. Exactly. He's found out and he's not happy. I'm so glad you're liking it so far.

Thank you! I love writing paragraphs like that! And this is a story that I can use them in and it still works. You're so nice! Thank you so much. I'm so glad you like the way I write those and I'm glad they're coming across well and not so boring like. Thanks! That's the whole point of the story, so I don't think it would be the same without the imagery. You've just made my day! Your reviews are amazing and they always put a smile on my face! Chapter 12 is half written so it should be up soon!

Thank you so much.


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Review #20, by Akussa 

28th August 2011:

Such a great chapter! I love how you decided to put all these characters together again, they interact so well together, it's a real pleasure to read.

Pippa was a bit stupid to tell Albus that she set up Lily's date. I mean, what did she expect would happen? She already admited that Albus was a fierce adversary...
Will we ever find out why they hate Nathan so much?
Oh and, I really can't wait to see how the situation with Damien will turn out. This is horrible. Even for a sane and stable person, it must be horrible to see you brother kissing your worst ennemy and the person that has hurt you the most in your life.

Great chapter once again! Good luck with college, and we will await your updates but completly understand if they are longer appart!


Author's Response: Hi lovely! Thank you so much! You're so nice! I'm so glad you thought that, there is a scene in chapter twelve that I've written with all of them and I just love it for the simplicity of it.

Yes. But Pippa hates being ignored when she actually wanted attention. She pushed him for a reaction, unfortunately, she didn't get the greatest one. Yes, you will :) There will be a few hints here and there before all starts making sense.

Characters go crazy! I've already wrote it and it was such a fun scene to write! Exactly. It's going to hurt either way, even if you're normal.

Thank you so much for being so nice! Aw, you're too kind! It all depends on how much work we can get, but you know, procrastinators unite! Haha.

Thank you.


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