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Review #1, by Anon 

16th May 2016:
So many of your female characters are ridiculous and one-dimensional.

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Review #2, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap 

4th March 2015:
My Saturday night was spent avoiding Avery again.

I smell doom.

You know, if doom smelled and all.

Uh. I understand why James doesn’t want to tell Avery. On the one hand he has never had that much respect or understanding for Harry so he probably doesn’t realize if he went to his father he could help him again. Second, I guess he thinks Mr. Flynn has power but remember all the info he found out about him? He’s seemingly forgetting about that because it’s obvious he doesn’t. He just knows an in with shady people since he’s shady himself but if everything came to light he would have nothing and Avery and James would be okay and so would their careers. Then there’s the fact Avery wants a father. Yes, I think that’s the biggest issue but Avery trusts James. She just needs to tell her. It’ll hurt but she still has him and everyone else in her life. By not telling Avery he’s killing hurt trust and hurting their friendship AND relationship.

“I got signed by the Arrow’s reserve team,” Meta said simply. “They’ve been calling up players left and right to the Arrows since they’re all injured.



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Review #3, by Jaime88367 

14th September 2013:
Meta's the jerk. How is that girl a Gryffindor? She has the personality of a Slytherin. Convinning, vindictive wench. James should start to realize that anytime he has a set day to tell someone something they're going to find out the day before. It's starting to be a pattern with this kid.

Author's Response: She may be conniving, but she is brave and also has a LOT of pride. That's how she's a Gryffindor, haha.

Yeah, James really needs to realize what happens when you're a Potter.

Chaos. Always chaos.

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Review #4, by Hannah 

9th December 2012:
JAMES is NOT A TOSSER!!! He did the right thing! He only wanted Avery to be happy and she finally was! I know where he was coming from, and he WASN'T being SELFISH!! SO SOD OFF!!

Author's Response: LOL. I happen to agree with you completely.

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Review #5, by radicallyali 

4th July 2012:

I don’t like the title of this chapter. At all. I object.

I just love Lily. I forgot how much I love her.

Avery’s father is a slimy git. But I understand why James is feeling the way he is. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Vernando. Was he in a Lady Gaga music video? I bet he was.

James. Boy you need to think before you speak.

Welp. James really messed things up if Avery is speaking to him like that.

Meta is such a piece I’m so glad she’s leaving.

I know this review is super short for me. But you know they’ll get longer. I just want things to get better between James and Avery but I know things are only going to get worse before they get better. Because it’s James lets be real.

Author's Response: LOOK AT THIS ONE OMG.

Lily is such an amazing character. I imagined her to have a similar role as Albus in this story, but she decided that wasnt good enough and kind of took over.


Vernando totally was.


Thanks so much!

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Review #6, by Lilylunatic 

17th June 2012:
Metas a bitch! I sorta like her and felt sorry for her.until now. Bitch. I hope Javery make up with each other. And I hope James finds a better seeker or something and beat slytherin. Even though I'm in slytherin, but for the purpose of this story

Good job, I'm enjoying this so much!

Author's Response: Lol, well I'm in Hufflepuff, but for the purpose of this story I don't like them all that much :) Thank you!

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Review #7, by MagicallyClumsie 

23rd May 2012:
James is a tosser. That is all.

Author's Response: Yes, yes he is. Many times over.


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Review #8, by Manga_girl 

14th May 2012:
I feel so sorry for James and Avery! Not Meta. My views in Beta have been destroyed. She is horrible! Great chapter!

Author's Response: Im glad they have changed, haha. She's just not a nice person. thank you so much for the review!

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Review #9, by frini19 

5th May 2012:
That was so sad :( i hope they work it out.
Is it bad that I'm still hoping for some Meta/Bink action to happen? Idk why I love them so much but I do. But I don't like that you appear to be hinting Rose and Bink.
great story either way :)

Author's Response: It really is sad. Ah! I put my characters through so much. I really feel for them.

Haha, sorry about the Mink action. They're just not right together. They were perfect for a fling, but as Bink explained, they just didn't work. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #10, by roxyroxtheworld 

4th May 2012:
Aww its sad when avery is mad at james... : ( n i so can't believe she just left james out in the cold after he split his head n fainted. dang i can see why she would be mad at him but dang that was harsh n i sure hope she's not mad at him for too long cuz i love avery/james parts n i want more of em!!! anyway good chapter! and wow i didn't expect meta to really leave when she kept saying she would but i guess she did just have enough hu... anyway can't wait to see who james has be his seeker and just wow love this story!!!

Author's Response: It really was harsh. She was just governed by a lot of emotions. But just to be clear, Avery definitely checked on him and made sure he was okay before leaving. She just didn't take him inside. She wouldn't just bail. Thank you so much! I'm so happy you're liking it!

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Review #11, by siriuslyhockey 

9th April 2012:
I actually feel really bad for James. Avery should be mad at her father and not taking it out on him. At least not so much. Aw well, they will make up...I hope.

Author's Response: Haha, I definitely agree. Poor emotional characters and their complex lives. Way too much drama. Thanks!

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Review #12, by Kira 

18th October 2011:
Well, that's embarrassing, apparently putting 18 O's at the end of "No" isn't allowed in reviews and you're probably thinking I'm crazy or just can't count...or both. Well, it HAD 18 at one point. This review is to clear up all the confusion I've caused and to remind you, once more, how terribly awesome this is. You must write a book, tell me when it gets published, and sign it for me. Yes?

Author's Response: Yeah, it's not, but I'm glad you told me how many there were because now I know how passionate you are :) Thank you so much! And yes. I'm actually working on a novel right now and the main character is based off of James. So I shall do just that for you :)

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Review #13, by BellaFan202 

3rd September 2011:
I was reading the A/N at the beginning and what's 'anon?' Sorry, I'm just kind of confused. :)
Okay, so to the review. This chapter was sooo good. Probably my favorite so far, actually. Usually, the funniest chapter is my favorite, but I have to make an exception because this chapter was GREAT. Seriously. I loved it. My favorite line had to have been, "“I’m going to wait here all night. Just like this. All adorable and such.”" That was great. :)

I *love* Victoria, and I really want a Pygmy Puff. Just sayin'.

Author's Response: It's "anonymous," meaning the person did not list a name or a penname.

I'm so happy you enjoyed this chapter! I really liked writing it. It was a mess of emotions, which always makes for a fabulous chapter. And I totally agree, I need a pygmy puff.

Thank you!

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Review #14, by Frostie1997 

27th August 2011:
Feel sorry for James, great story!!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: You & me both. The poor dear. He has so many things going wrong. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #15, by Twinklestar 

27th August 2011:
“If you’re breaking up with Avery I am going to punch you right in the mouth, James.”

Lily is the bomb. No other words can explain her since she is just incredible.

I feel so bad for Avery, but you write it all so realistic! That is why I love your writing and BTQC and H&S. I feel like it's so real most of the time!

Anyways, awesome job :)

Author's Response: I absolutely love Lily. She not only cracks me up, but she's a serious bamf. She doesn't take crap from anyone. Thank you so much!

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Review #16, by HPsmartone32 

26th August 2011:
jrflds;h;asflakj AHH. UPDATE SOON. IM DYING. this is so good. i love it so much. please please please update soon. i think that avery is being a bit unfair. grrr. MUST READ MORE SOON.

Author's Response: I will I will I will! I agree. I think Avery is being a bit unfair. But I will also challenge that James is being a bit more of an idiot. Both of them are letting their stubborness and unsureness of their relationship push the other away. If that makes sense...? Thanks!

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Review #17, by Hplover 

25th August 2011:
Awesome! Im so totally hooked on this story! Love the explosion in this chapter and can't wait for Avery to forgive James :) update soon please!

Author's Response: Ah, explosions. I have to say I'm quite a fan of them. Probably too much of a fan if we're being honest. So happy you're enjoying it! Thank you SO much for the review!

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Review #18, by xMsFiggx 

23rd August 2011:
More exploding! Well somethings gotta happen to keep things interesting! I feel bad for James but he really should have told her as soon as he found out. And I feel sad for Avery because she is having a tough time and can't talk to her best friend about it. And Meta well that girl is just angry haha I've said that before but I don't really know how else to describe her. Perhaps she needs to get back together with Bink at some time in the future and that maybe will make her happy? But maybe not!

Author's Response: I agree. James should have told her. Avery should understand he's an idiot sometimes. And Meta should just...go away. Oh wait, she is haha. Meta needs to be the best. And while she's at Hogwarts she'll never be the best. Not with James around. She may be a better Seeker than him, but he has the charisma and following, while she has a sulky attitude and a lack of people skills haha. I think she'll be much happier with the Arrows.

Thank you so much for the review!!

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Review #19, by FWHPObsessed 

23rd August 2011:
Ah, I was so excited when I saw that this story had been updated!! But then I had school and a whole day to wait. Then a heap of homework when I got home an all together it took me about an hour to read the whole chapter in little singular bits.
Anyway, James is such an idiot sometimes. He needs to figure stuff out. I never expected Avery to be the ignoring type, but hey; whaddoyou know??
So, when I said you inspired me to write a James story, I originally planned on writing it in his POV, but then I switched into girls (because I hardly ever write guys) and now I've got two different stories going on, sort of directed around James. I'll tell you in a review if I end up putting it on here.
But don't expect anything .. (:
Can't wait for your next chapter!!! I'll be so excited. This is my absoloute FAVOURITE story and I might just die when it finishes. (Like Harry Potter. Cried when it finishes - then I found this site)
- Lix :D
p.s. 10/10 as always
p.p.s. Bink's still my favourite
p.p.p.s. Lily's bloody awesome, best younger sister ever!!

Author's Response: I bet that was terrible, haha. I know when I'm in the middle of reading something and I have to go to work it makes me crazy. Actually, reading Mockingjay while working at a hotel was the WORST. I wouldnt recommend it.

Avery's not really the ignoring type...but I think its just worse because not only is James her new boyfriend that kept something like that from her, but he's her best friend that has been through ALL of this "lack of father" stuff with her. So she's just...sort of in shock...sort of just furious.

Congrats on the James story ideas!! A lot of people would rather write from a girl's POV so I totally understand that. That's why Keep Away is in Jane's POV and not Oliver's. But I found I'd much rather write guys haha. I'd love to check it out if you end up putting it up. Good luck!!

If you cry when this story finishes, please tell me. As sad as it is, the ego boost might be nice :) haha!!

Thank you SO much! Your review is so amazing. I can't wait to see what you think of future chapters. This story is an absolute blast to write...even when James is being a tosser. Which is more often than not.

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Review #20, by busybusybeta 

23rd August 2011:
i laughed so hard at the vernando bit. typical james!
but the rest of the chapter was a bummer. james and aves' first real fight, huh? poor avery, but at the same time, i think james was at least a LITTLE justified in being torn between telling her and letting her have her dad around for a bit. pity she had to find out through that harpies scout. =( especially since he was JUST about to tell her. *sadness*
and then meta getting signed by the arrows...ugh, that girl is a real piece of work. what are they going to do NOW?! O_O
fabulous chapter -- can't wait to see how these issues get resolved!
p.s. just out of curiosity, do you know how far you plan to take this story? i mean, will it go through graduation and their post school lives or something?

Author's Response: I just love creeper names. I'm such a fan.

I completely agree. They are both justified, but not justified at the same time. I love that juxtaposition.

I actually don't know for sure how far I will take the story. Right now, in my head, I'll probably take it to the week after graduation. i know I want it to hit graduation. But probably not too far into summer. If I dont do a sequel (right now I am not planning one), I think I'm going to do a chapter epilogue that jumps into the future a bit. Not sure how far it would be. Those are still little baby ideas.

If you have thoughts on it, feel free to share them though!! :) Thank you!!

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Review #21, by AlPadfootPotter96 

22nd August 2011:
Oh, my.
I keep thinking that Avery overreacted, but...I dunno. I probably would've done the same had someone so close kept that information from me, but what if James did tell Avery beforehand? She probably would've pushed him off and just accused him for being biased against her father.
Eh, what can you do.
I was actually quite surprised with McLaggen's news. I knew she was dying to get out of there, but leaving Gryffindor to die at the final, crucial moment? Wow, that's Slytherin.
Anyway, great chapter. Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: I think what made it worse was that he wasnt just a boyfriend...he is also her best friend. So it sort of counts double. Haha! It is SUCH a Slytherin thing to do. She's definitely a go-getter. Go-getting away from James Potter.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it!

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Review #22, by Marissa 

22nd August 2011:
Poor boy. I don`t deny that James is a tosser, but everyone may be acting a little too harsh.

I mean, it wasn`t smart of him to keep it from Avery, but he`s a boy, they rarely know when to say things and when to keep quiet. He was only trying to prevent Avery from hurting.

On top of all that, he has to deal with Meta, his father and whether or not he will make a team. :(

Oh no, no more exploding. Actually, I think James needs to explode. He never really ever loses his temper, does he? I think he needs to just let loose?

Can`t wait for the next chapter!


Author's Response: I think you're right. Though the element of surprise is also against him. If he would have gotten to sit her down and explain why he couldnt tell her, etc, I think it would have been less dramatic. The same that happened with the Code dramallamas in a previous chapter. I agree, though, haha. Avery needs to realize James is a bit thick when it comes to hurting people. He doesnt quite understand it yet, mostly because he's used to being blunt as a Captain.

You're right. James completely needs to lose his temper. ;) ;) I like the way you think.


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Review #23, by Loony_Scorpy 

22nd August 2011:
Ahh so I'm in a super hurry so this will be quick! Absolutely loved it even though it was sad D': I think Avery should talk to Lily and it will be all butterflies and rainbows again...or not :P can't wait for your next chapter! :D

Author's Response: It really was sad, wasn't it? I think you're right. Butterflies, rainbows, unicorns, pink fluffy dinosaurs--you name it :) Thanks!! Can't wait to see what you think of the rest!

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Review #24, by Hope's Mom 

22nd August 2011:
Wow- a lot happened in this chapter. Poor Avery - I understand his reluctance but having Avery find out that James didn't tell her about her father when he had the chance would be very painful. Now Meta quits - it should be an interesting final game. Thanks for the update!

Author's Response: Yeah, they are both definitely wrong to an extent in this chapter. Both far too stubborn to come to terms with it. And James too stupid to know how to deal with it. Thank you so much!! :)

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Review #25, by Ali 

22nd August 2011:

You said you think theres gonna be more keyboard vomit this chapter. I have my caps locks button at the ready. Don’t you worry.

But the right thing also involved both of our Quidditch careers destroyed.
Are you trying to make me cry? It might work.

Lily is the most perceptive and mature 13 year old ever. I wanna be like her when I grow up.

But the right thing also involved both of our Quidditch careers destroyed.

Fred omg. He would use handcuffs.


Kajghdskjhgjksdhgjksdhgjdgjhsfhsfg I DO NOT LIKE UPSET AVERY

“James, my father is using me to make back his debt money,”
Well… at least James didn’t have to tell her. But this still isn’t sitting right with me. I don’t even know.

“I knew he wanted those windows, but what a prick he is.”
Yup. There it is. James you are an idiot. Can you hit him upside the head for me? Kthnx


That was when Avery Flynn slapped me across the face.
Uhg I know that James deserves this but I hate this. I don’t want them to fight. Ds;kljgkdljfgklsjkhfghfs.

Fred said he had dibs.
Fred totally has a Ravenclaw monopoly.

Was that James blacking out, or Avery hexing him? I’m thinking the latter.



For making me laugh cry and get really angry all in one chapter.


Author's Response: Lily is my faves. She is hilarious, snarky, and very smart. Smarter than James a lot of times.

Ah, Vernando. I have the best creeper names I must admit.

Yeah, it shouldnt sit right with you. Anything "that easy" should never sit right with you.

I hit him for you btw.

I hate it when James and Avery fight. Mostly because it doesn't happen often. And usually if they disagree it's calm or it's just James being a tool. But this time was different.

Fred should invent the Ravenclaw version of Monopoly. Ravenopoly!

It was actually James blacking out from hitting his head.

:) Thanks so much!!! xoxo

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