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Review #1, by justonemorefic 

19th August 2011:
I love how varied the reactions are to her death. Victoire's regrets, Molly's crying, Lucy's responsibility. And then the slow mending.

Dorky intrusive Scorpius is also the most adorable thing ever. Homg he's just getting more and more adorable. I love it.

Have I mentioned how viciously jealous I am of your characters? They just fit so well. Normal people with normal problems! And you said you had trouble with those! What trouble? I feel like I'm practically hovering over Rose the entire way! Silly Celeste.



Honestly, I just don't have enough words to thank you properly with. So, thank you for always supporting me. It means so much.


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Review #2, by Uganda_my_name 

16th August 2011:
It's still one of my favorites. Is that the last installment, btw? I'd love to read a part 4.

Author's Response: It isn't the last installment! There is a part 4 summarizing where everyone went with their lives and what they ended up doing. :) It'll be up today or tomorrow - I hope you like it!

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Review #3, by faerieall 

16th August 2011:
Celeste. How do you do it?! I'm kind of depressed there's only one part left! But still, I loved this. What I really liked was all of the girls in the chapter - Roxanne (btw, I adored her here) with her bookstore, Lucy with the vivaciousness they lost in Dom, Molly and her fragility, Lily with her gentle youthfulness. I really enjoyed this part as well.

There was a time to live. But this became a summer of sinking further into myself, forgetting it all and crying. I’d never thought much about death or dying. I’d never needed to. I sat by my windowsill and watched the world pass, watched time decay, watched the stars come and go. It was almost deafening to think that outside the window, there were millions of people living to whom Dominique’s death would never pass in their lives as even a thought.

It astounds me time after time how you can write a story that is both incredibly poetic and poignant all at once. You feel the depth of Rose's pain, as a reader. It's just so lovely. Post the next part soon. ♥

Author's Response: No reason to be depressed - the last part is pretty huge! :)

Ooh, wow. I love the little descriptions you've given all the characters - it's so fitting. And I'm glad you liked Roxanne! I was pondering cutting her story out because I didn't know how people would respond, but I'm pretty happy now that I kept it in.

Thank you so much, Nisha. :) Really, this review kind of made my week.

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